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1064001. J.L. Amoros (Auth.)
1064002. Paulo de T. Alvim and T. T. Kozlowski (Eds.)
1064003. Aaron M. Altschul and Harold L. Wilcke (Eds.)
1064004. Aaron M. Altschul and Harold L. Wilcke (Eds.)
1064005. Aaron M. Altschul (Eds.)
1064006. Jane W. Gibson and Richard M. Hodgetts (Auth.)
1064007. Steven Altman, Enzo Valenzi and Richard M. Hodgetts (Auth.)
1064008. J. A. Alonso and N. H. March (Auth.)
1064009. Allen Alper (Eds.)
1064010. Allen Alper (Eds.)
1064011. Allen Alper (Eds.)
1064012. Allen Alper (Eds.)
1064013. Roland C. Aloia and Joan M. Boggs (Eds.)
1064014. Roland C. Aloia and Joan M. Boggs (Eds.)
1064015. Vernon L. Allen (Eds.)
1064016. Ihsan Al-Issa (Eds.)
1064017. Charalambos D. Aliprantis and Owen Burkinshaw (Auth.)
1064018. Owen Aldis (Auth.)
1064019. Anthony Albanese (Eds.)
1064020. Metin Akay (Auth.)
1064021. Paul R. Haddad and Ali N. Akansu (Auth.)
1064022. Solomon Kadis, Alex Ciegler and Samuel J. Ajl (Eds.)
1064023. Solomon Kadis, Alex Ciegler and Samuel J. Ajl (Eds.)
1064024. Solomon Kadis (Auth.)
1064026. Govind Agrawal and Paul F. Liao (Auth.)
1064027. Arthur J. Ahearn (Eds.)
1064028. George Agrios (Auth.)
1064029. Ishwar D. Aggarwal and Grant Lu (Eds.)
1064030. Frederick J Morrison, Catherine Lord and Daniel P. Keating (Eds.)
1064031. Frederick J Morrison, Catherine Lord and Daniel P. Keating (Eds.)
1064032. Frederick J Morrison, Catherine Lord and Daniel P. Keating (Eds.)
1064033. William J. Chandler (Eds.)
1064034. Roger L. Di Silvestro (Eds.)
1064035. Philip M. Weintraub and Tony Yantao Zhang (Eds.)
1064036. Philip M. Weintraub, Kenneth Turnbull, Daniel M. Ketcha and Raymond S. Gross (Eds.)
1064037. Philip M. Weintraub and Kenneth Turnbull (Eds.)
1064038. Martin J. O'Donnell and Louis M. Weiss (Eds.)
1064039. Martin J. O'Donnell and Louis M. Weiss (Eds.)
1064040. L.G. Wade and Martin J. O'Donnell (Eds.)
1064041. R. Bryan Miller and L.G. Wade (Eds.)
1064042. R. Bryan Miller and L.G. Wade (Eds.)
1064043. Hans Zimmer (Eds.)
1064044. Hans Zimmer and Kurt Niedenzu (Eds.)
1064045. Kurt Niedenzu and Hans Zimmer (Eds.)
1064046. Kurt Niedenzu and Hans Zimmer (Eds.)
1064047. James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)
1064048. Robert J. Blanchard and D. Caroline Blanchard (Eds.)
1064049. D. W. Goodwin (Eds.)
1064050. D. W. Goodwin (Eds.)
1064051. Jim Brooks and Dietrich Welte (Eds.)
1064052. Rafael A. Camerini-Dávalos and Harold S. Cole (Eds.)
1064053. Rafael A. Camerini-Dávalos and Harold S. Cole (Eds.)
1064054. Peter L. Auer and David Douglas (Eds.)
1064055. Peter Auer and David Douglas (Eds.)
1064056. Peter Auer (Eds.)
1064057. Peter Auer (Auth.)
1064058. Peter Auer (Auth.)
1064059. Peter W. Hawkes (Eds.)
1064060. Philip C. Kendall (Eds.)
1064061. Philip C. Kendall (Eds.)
1064062. Philip C. Kendall (Eds.)
1064063. Philip C. Kendall (Eds.)
1064064. Philip C. Kendall (Eds.)
1064065. R. Kenedi (Eds.)
1064066. Dawon Kahng (Eds.)
1064067. Dawon Kahng (Eds.)
1064068. Dawon Kahng (Eds.)
1064069. A. P. Malozemoff, J. C. Slonczewski and Raymond Wolfe (Auth.)
1064070. T. Ochiai (Eds.)
1064071. J. W. Martin (Auth.)
1064072. E. A. Guggenheim and L. L. Green (Auth.)
1064073. George H. Schenk and R. J. Magee (Auth.)
1064074. D. H. Borchardt and G. Chandler (Auth.)
1064075. G.J. Pridham and N. Hiller (Auth.)
1064076. T. A. H. Peacocke (Auth.)
1064077. G. W. C. Milner, G. M. Phillips and R. J. Magee (Auth.)
1064078. B. H. Chirgwin, C. Plumpton, W. J. Langford, E. A. Maxwell and C. Plumpton (Auth.)
1064079. Arthur P. Cracknell and D. ter Haar (Auth.)
1064080. A. Pfeiffer (Auth.)
1064081. E. Kay, R Brown, G. Chandler and W. A. Davis (Auth.)
1064082. J. F. Whitfield and N. Hiller (Auth.)
1064083. Petronella Fox (Auth.)
1064084. A. M. P. Brookes and P. Hammond (Auth.)
1064085. T. A. H. Peacocke and J. E. Spice (Auth.)
1064086. Ken Russell and Joan Tooke (Auth.)
1064087. Barrie Jenkins and Peter Mullinger (Auth.)
1064088. Martin P. Bates (Auth.)
1064089. Elvin Karana, Owain Pedgley and Valentina Rognoli (Eds.)
1064090. Christopher M. Riley, Thomas W. Rosanske and Shelley R. Rabel Riley (Auth.)
1064091. Satish Kandlikar, Srinivas Garimella, Dongqing Li, Stephane Colin and Michael R. King (Auth.)
1064092. David Loader (Auth.)
1064093. Albert Lester (Auth.)
1064094. Moorad Choudhry (Auth.)
1064095. Robert D. Christ and Robert L. Wernli, Sr. (Auth.)
1064096. Adrian Biran and Rubén López-Pulido (Auth.)
1064097. Silyn-Roberts, Heather (Auth.)
1064098. David Reay, Ryan McGlen and Peter Kew (Auth.)
1064099. Butler, Don (Auth.)
1064101. Stephen Garrett (Auth.)
1064102. Stanislaw Sieniutycz and Jacek Jezowski (Auth.)
1064103. Ronald DiPippo (Auth.)
1064104. R.E. Smallman and A.H.W. Ngan (Auth.)
1064107. Peter R.N. Childs (Auth.)
1064108. Howard Curtis (Auth.)
1064109. Martin Killcross (Auth.)
1064111. Volker Bertram (Auth.)
1064112. Carlton, John (Auth.)
1064113. Dennis Fitzpatrick (Auth.)
1064114. Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A. Rosen (Eds.)
1064115. David Wild (Eds.)
1064116. Jean Rouquerol, Françoise Rouquerol, Philip Llewellyn, Guillaume Maurin and Kenneth S.W. Sing (Auth.)
1064117. Martin P. Bates (Auth.)
1064118. T.H.G. Megson (Auth.)
1064119. Raphael Tsu (Auth.)
1064120. Simon Judd (Auth.)
1064121. Morgan Jones (Auth.)
1064122. E.L. Houghton, P.W. Carpenter, Steven Collicott and Dan Valentine (Auth.)
1064123. Alf Yarwood (Auth.)
1064124. Robert Triboulet and Paul Siffert (Eds.)
1064126. Joseph Zyss, Paul Kelley and Paul F. Liao (Auth.)
1064127. Mitchel Weissbluth (Auth.)
1064128. Abraham Ulman (Auth.)
1064129. Yoshinori Tanada, Harry K. Kaya, Fernando E. Vega and Harry K. Kaya (Auth.)
1064130. William K. Smith, Jacques Roy and Thomas M. Hinckley (Eds.)
1064131. William K. Smith, Thomas M. Hinckley and Jacques Roy (Eds.)
1064132. Eero Sjostrom (Auth.)
1064133. Ulrich Seeliger (Eds.)
1064134. Stanley R. Sandler and Wolf Karo (Auth.)
1064135. Stanley R. Sandler and Wolf Karo (Auth.)
1064136. Louis H. Rowen (Auth.)
1064138. William B. Motherwell, David Crich, Alan R. Katritzky, O. Meth-Cohn and C. S. Rees (Auth.)
1064139. Julius P. Kreier and John R. Baker (Eds.)
1064140. Felipe Kierzenbaum (Eds.)
1064141. Mary Lou Jones, Steven L. Swartz and Stephen Leatherwood (Eds.)
1064142. P. Hariharan (Auth.)
1064143. Maximo C. Gacula, Jr., Bernard S. Schweigert, Jagbir Singh, John Hawthorn and George F. Stewart (Auth.)
1064144. J. Stanley Cobb and Bruce F. Phillips (Eds.)
1064145. John L. Bradshaw and Jason B. Mattingley (Auth.)
1064146. Ronen Barzel and Alan H. Barr (Auth.)
1064148. Brian K. Hall (Eds.)
1064149. W. John Richardson, Charles R. Greene, Jr., Charles I. Malme and Denis H. Thomson (Auth.)
1064150. Robert J. Sternberg (Eds.)
1064152. Gebhard von Jagow and Arnold Revzin (Eds.)
1064153. N. J. Mackintosh (Eds.)
1064154. Herbert S. Wilf (Auth.)
1064155. Arun K. Varshneya (Auth.)
1064156. Tilak Nagodawithana, Gerald Reed and Steve Taylor (Eds.)
1064157. Helge Granberg and Norman Dye (Auth.)
1064158. K. V.F. Jubb, Peter C. Kennedy and Nigel Palmer (Eds.)
1064159. William Seaman, Jr. (Eds.)
1064160. Stephen Pond and G L Pickard (Auth.)
1064161. Elearn (Auth.)
1064162. Norton J. Lapeyrouse (Auth.)
1064163. E.A. Brandes and G.B. Brook (Eds.)
1064164. Robert A. Schowengerdt (Auth.)
1064165. John Tiratsoo (Auth.)
1064166. Heinz P. Bloch and Fred K. Geitner (Auth.)
1064167. Steven Small, Garrison Cottrell and Michael Tanenhaus (Eds.)
1064168. Janine Gilbert, Dan L. Danielopol and Jack A. Stanford (Eds.)
1064169. D. Kunii, Octave Levenspiel and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1064170. Austin Hughes (Auth.)
1064171. A.J. Wharton (Auth.)
1064172. E.M. Lifshitz and L. P. Pitaevskii (Auth.)
1064173. Maplin (Auth.)
1064175. Stelios Kyriakides and Edmundo Corona (Auth.)
1064176. Elearn (Auth.)
1064177. Edited By, Robert Triboulet and Paul Siffert (Eds.)
1064178. Mohamed Naceur Belgacem and Alessandro Gandini (Eds.)
1064179. J.A. Mwakali and G. Taban-Wani (Eds.)
1064180. Ian Greaves, FRCP, FCEM, FIMC, RCS(Ed), DTM&H, DMCC, DipMedEd, RAMC, and Paul Hunt, MBBS, DipIMC(RCSEd), MCEM, MRCSEd, DMCC, RAMC (Auth.)
1064181. H. Hosono, Y. Mishima, H. Takezoe, K.J.D. MacKenzie, Kenneth MacKenzie, Yoshinao Mishima and Hideo Takezoe (Auth.)
1064182. Robert E. Gawley, Jeffrey Aube
1064183. Koji Kobashi (Auth.)
1064184. Dominique Finon and Atle Midttun (Eds.)
1064185. R. Kandiyoti, A.A. Herod and K.D. Bartle (Auth.)
1064186. Robert M. Williams (Eds.)
1064187. J. Gale and Y. Kaya (Eds.)
1064188. Robert Costanza and Sven Erik Jørgensen (Eds.)
1064189. Xiao-Ling Zhao, Tim Wilkinson and Gregory Hancock (Auth.)
1064190. You-Sheng Wu, Wei-Cheng Cui and Guo-Jun Zhou (Eds.)
1064191. John A. Hudson and John P. Harrison (Auth.)
1064192. Helmuth Nyborg (Eds.)
1064193. George Z. Voyiadjis (Auth.)
1064194. Clara D. Craver and Charles E. Carraher, Jr. (Eds.)
1064195. G. Pályi, C. Zucchi and L. Caglioti (Eds.)
1064196. K.M. Liew, C.M. Wang, Y. Xiang and S. Kitipornchai (Auth.)
1064197. K. van der Hoek, J. Willem Erisman, S. Smeulders and John Robert Wisniewski (Eds.)
1064198. R. Gavasci and S. Zandaryaa (Auth.)
1064199. P. Chartier, G.L. Ferrero, U.M. Henius, S. Hultberg, J. Sachau and M. Wiinblad (Auth.)
1064200. Derek B. Ingham and Iaon Pop (Eds.)
1064201. L. Bartha, E. Lassner, W.-D. Schubert and B. Lux (Eds.)
1064202. C. F. Ibanez, T. Hokfelt, L. Olson, K. Fuxe, H. Jornvall and D. Ottoson (Eds.)
1064203. John M. Wright, Angela Colling, Gerry Bearman
1064204. J. M. Delgado-García, E. Godaux and P.-P. Vidal (Eds.)
1064205. S.C. Guptill and J.L. Morrison (Eds.)
1064206. Klaus Helbig (Eds.)
1064207. J. Denègre (Eds.)
1064208. A. Kelly (Eds.)
1064209. I. Robinson (Eds.)
1064210. J. Wickens and John L. Wallace (Auth.)
1064211. F. Ventriglia (Eds.)
1064212. K. Fuxe, L. F. Agnati and B. Bjelke (Eds.)
1064213. Diego Minciacchi, Marco Molinari and Giorgio Macchi (Eds.)
1064214. Cecilia Gorrel, Susanna Penman, Peter P. Emily and A. T. B. Edney (Auth.)
1064215. W.G. Jones, P. Harnden and I. Appleyard (Eds.)
1064216. C. Carfagna (Eds.)
1064217. Ö.H. Andersson (Eds.)
1064218. P. Kirkwood (Auth.)
1064219. Raymond L. Murray (Auth.)
1064220. A.K. Biswas and W.G. Davenport (Auth.)
1064221. J.A. Hudson (Eds.)
1064222. E. Marsch (Eds.)
1064223. F.A. Williams, A.K. Oppenheim, D.B. Olfe and M. Lapp (Eds.)
1064224. L. Boullart, A. Krijgsman and R. A. Vingerhoeds (Eds.)
1064225. Balazs Gulyas, D. Ottoson and P. E. Roland (Eds.)
1064226. E.M.H. Wellington and J.D. van Elsas (Eds.)
1064227. G. A. Chauvet (Auth.)
1064228. G. A. Chauvet (Auth.)
1064229. G. B. Stefano and Maynard H. Makman (Auth.)
1064230. D. A. Booth (Eds.)
1064231. J. Kien, C.R. McCrohan and W. Winlow (Eds.)
1064232. D.J. Oehlers and M.A. Bradford (Auth.)
1064233. F.W. Getzen, G.T. Hefter and A. Maczynski (Eds.)
1064234. P. Dunn and David Reay (Auth.)
1064235. T.R. Yu and G. L. Ji (Auth.)
1064236. R. Said (Auth.)
1064237. Colin H. Walker and D.R. Livingstone (Eds.)
1064238. Y. Cazals, K. Horner and L. Demany (Eds.)
1064239. Kelvin J. A. Davies (Eds.)
1064240. S. M. A. Burley, M. Coleman and M.E. Arden (Eds.)
1064241. M. Sahoo and P. Pinfold (Eds.)
1064242. R.W. Revie, M. Elboujdaini, E. Ghali, D.L. Piron and V.S. Sastri (Eds.)
1064243. David Bell (Eds.)
1064244. Sami Nair (Eds.)
1064245. Hå. Wiberg, I.D. Petersen and P. Smoker (Eds.)
1064246. Michael Brecher (Auth.)
1064247. A. A. M. Sayigh (Eds.)
1064248. T.E. Gram (Eds.)
1064249. S.Z. Langer, A.M. Galzin and J. Costentin (Eds.)
1064250. C. Minoia and S. Caroli (Eds.)
1064251. J.W. Doerffer (Auth.)
1064252. A. Davenas (Eds.)
1064253. A.J. Dolman and J. van Ettinger (Eds.)
1064254. C.G. Granqvist (Eds.)
1064255. A. R. Michell (Auth.)
1064256. G. B. Marini-Bettòlo (Eds.)
1064257. Patricia Dent (Eds.)
1064258. K. Szego (Eds.)
1064259. P. F. Cooper and B. C. Findlater (Eds.)
1064260. R. Briggs (Eds.)
1064261. P.M. Reynolds (Eds.)
1064262. S.E. File (Eds.)
1064263. R.W. Cahn and E.M. Lifshitz (Eds.)
1064264. P.B. Myerscough (Eds.)
1064265. D.J. Littler (Eds.)
1064266. P.C. Martin (Eds.)
1064267. J. Y. Mann (Auth.)
1064268. M. Rühle, A.G. Evans, J.P. Hirth and Michael F. Ashby (Eds.)
1064269. R. Harrison, N. D. Mortimer and O. B. Smarason (Auth.)
1064270. F.W. Getzen, A. Maczynski and G.T. Hefter (Eds.)
1064271. P.G.T. Fogg (Eds.)
1064272. P. L. Claessens (Eds.)
1064273. J. D. Embury (Eds.)
1064274. Michel Bouchard and Pierre Tremblay (Eds.)
1064275. C. Twigge-Molecey and T. Price (Eds.)
1064276. J. E. Lait and I. V. Samarasekera (Eds.)
1064277. G. R. Purdy (Eds.)
1064278. R. A. Bergman (Eds.)
1064279. B. Marciniec (Eds.)
1064280. J. E. Hall (Eds.)
1064281. R. Zarzycki, A. Chacuk and J.M. Coulson (Auth.)
1064282. J.T. Hanley and D.F. Merriam (Eds.)
1064283. Takamoto Saito (Eds.)
1064284. C. Brook and P.D. Hanstead (Eds.)
1064285. M.S. Yalin (Auth.)
1064286. P. Auger and George J. Klir (Auth.)
1064287. G L Pickard and W. J. Emery (Auth.)
1064288. W. S. B. Paterson (Auth.)
1064289. E. Pungor (Eds.)
1064290. L. G. Napolitano (Eds.)
1064291. A. Bianconi and A. Marcelli (Eds.)
1064292. J. E. Mottershead (Eds.)
1064293. Farouk Shakib (Eds.)
1064294. B. Hill (Auth.)
1064295. J. B. Ellis (Eds.)
1064296. Hamid Mostaghaci (Eds.)
1064297. B. Closset (Eds.)
1064298. Michael L. Jaeck (Eds.)
1064299. G. S. Dobby and S. R. Rao (Eds.)
1064300. L.W. Anderson, D.W. Ryan and B.J. Shapiro (Eds.)
1064301. W.A. Scott, R. Scott and Michael Argyle (Auth.)
1064302. H. Oosthoek (Eds.)
1064303. Anthony Heath (Auth.)
1064304. G. Gaal and D.F. Merriam (Eds.)
1064305. L. Dresen and H. Rüter (Auth.)
1064306. J.G. Osteryoung, M.M. Schreiner, C. Guminski and Z. Galus (Eds.)
1064307. A.K. Noor and D.L. Dwoyer (Eds.)
1064308. K. Miya (Eds.)
1064309. George J. Klir (Eds.)
1064310. B. Balko (Eds.)
1064311. Minoru Taya and Richard J. Arsenault (Auth.)
1064312. W.E. Gardner (Eds.)
1064313. G. Kampis (Auth.)
1064314. J. R. Bourne, W. Regenass and W. Richarz (Eds.)
1064315. George J. Klir (Eds.)
1064316. Masataka Tanaka (Eds.)
1064317. Alan H. Luther (Eds.)
1064318. T. Panswad, C. Polprasert and K. Yamamoto (Eds.)
1064319. Peter W. Barlow (Eds.)
1064320. Itamar Bodek, Warren J. Lyman, William F. Reehl and David H. Rosenblatt (Eds.)
1064321. Jurgen T. Rehm, Volker Gadenne and Michael Argyle (Auth.)
1064323. R. Williamson (Eds.)
1064324. Hellmut Schütte (Eds.)
1064325. L.M. Bloomingdale and J.M. Swanson (Eds.)
1064326. J. McLeod and A. Cropley (Auth.)
1064327. A. J. Plumpton (Eds.)
1064328. G. N. Rassam (Eds.)
1064330. J B. Sykes and I. M. Khalatnikov (Auth.)
1064331. C. G. Bernhard (Auth.)
1064332. The Open University (Auth.)
1064333. Joan Brown and Gerry Bearman (Auth.)
1064334. J. Shah and G.J. Iafrate (Eds.)
1064335. J. D. Embury and G. R. Purdy (Eds.)
1064336. Shen Yuan (Eds.)
1064337. Prabir Basu and Jean François Large (Eds.)
1064338. J. M. Farley and R. W. Nichols (Eds.)
1064339. Derrick Morris (Eds.)
1064340. D.P. Atherton and P. Borne (Eds.)
1064341. D. R. Lane (Eds.)
1064342. J. W. Hadden (Eds.)
1064343. C.L. Ownby and G.V. Odell (Eds.)
1064344. J.J. Jonas (Eds.)
1064345. Christian Bickert (Eds.)
1064346. D.S. Wilkinson (Eds.)
1064347. W.T. Thompson (Eds.)
1064348. H. Lawrence Clever (Eds.)
1064349. A. Niku-Lari and B. L. Mordike (Eds.)
1064350. Chu-Kun Kuo, Zu-Xiang Lin and Dong-Sheng Yan (Auth.)
1064351. R.S. Salter, D.M. Wyslouzil and G.W. McDonald (Eds.)
1064352. D. W. Macmillan (Eds.)
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