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1062001. Daniel E. Rosner and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062002. Michael E. Miner and Karen A. Wagner (Eds.)
1062003. Daniel B. Hier, Philip B. Gorelick and Andrea Gellin Shindler (Auth.)
1062004. John L Sullivan and Paula DeRemer Sullivan (Eds.)
1062005. Bhagwan T. Shahani (Eds.)
1062006. George U. Balis, Leon Wurmser and Ellen McDaniel (Eds.)
1062007. Roy L. Wesley and John A. Wanat (Auth.)
1062008. John R. Hughes and William P. Wilson (Eds.)
1062009. Heddie O. Sedano, John J. Sauk and Robert J. Gorlin (Auth.)
1062010. William F. Brown (Auth.)
1062011. Hugh B. McIntyre (Auth.)
1062012. Harvey J. Dworken (Auth.)
1062013. Leon Wurmser and Ellen McDaniel (Eds.)
1062014. David S. Segal, Joel Yager and John L Sullivan (Auth.)
1062015. Wilson B. Brown (Auth.)
1062016. Liang-Shih Fan, Katsumi Tsuchiya and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062017. P Aarne Vesilind, J. Jeffrey Peirce and Ruth F. Weiner (Auth.)
1062018. J.S. Gravenstein (Auth.)
1062019. E.B. Nauman and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062020. John Fay (Auth.)
1062021. Stanley M. Walas and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062022. Shain-dow Kung, Donald D. Bills and Ralph Quatrano (Eds.)
1062023. Lev R. Ginzburg (Eds.)
1062024. T. Kent Kirk and Hou-Min Chang (Eds.)
1062025. David M. Prett, Carlos E. García and Brian L. Ramaker (Auth.)
1062026. George E. Keller and Ralph T. Yang (Eds.)
1062027. Richard S.H. Mah, Howard Brenner, Andreas Acrivos and James E. Bailey (Auth.)
1062028. Elizabeth A. M. Frost (Eds.)
1062029. David M. Prett and Manfred Morari (Auth.)
1062030. Chester S. Ho (Eds.)
1062031. Saran A. Narang (Eds.)
1062032. Michael P. Keating (Auth.)
1062033. Richard H Lyon (Auth.)
1062034. Elwyn R. Miller, Duane E. Ullrey and Austin J. Lewis (Eds.)
1062035. Robert B. Daroff and John P. Conomy (Eds.)
1062036. James M. Edgar, William D. McInerney and Joe A. Mele (Auth.)
1062037. Ronald F. Probstein and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062038. Lloyd L. Lee and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062039. Dan M Bowers (Auth.)
1062040. David M. Prett and Carlos E. García (Auth.)
1062041. William F. Martin, John M. Lippitt and Timothy G. Prothero (Auth.)
1062042. Troy E. Fannin and Theodore Grosvenor (Auth.)
1062043. Romine Deming (Eds.)
1062044. Chi Tien and Howard Brenner (Auth.)
1062045. John Sanger (Eds.)
1062046. Michael E. Miner and Karen A. Wagner (Eds.)
1062047. David F. Keren (Auth.)
1062048. Manuel Rodriguez Gomez (Eds.)
1062049. Pasquale F. Finelli (Auth.)
1062050. Frank H. Duffy (Eds.)
1062051. Ralph T. Yang (Auth.)
1062052. Howard F. Rase (Auth.)
1062053. Samuel D. Faust and Osman M. Aly (Auth.)
1062054. David Stager (Auth.)
1062055. David Stager (Auth.)
1062056. Peter McGahan (Auth.)
1062057. S.D. Berkowitz (Auth.)
1062058. David Stager (Auth.)
1062059. William F. Forbes, Jennifer A. Jackson and Arthur S. Kraus (Auth.)
1062060. John W. Ekstedt and Curt T. Griffiths (Auth.)
1062061. G.S. Wratt and H.C. Smith (Auth.)
1062062. Clifford J Studman (Auth.)
1062063. J B. Dent, S R Harrison and K B. Woodford (Auth.)
1062064. Jaa Gardner, a C. Dunkin and L C. Lloyd (Eds.)
1062065. Robert L Reid (Eds.)
1062066. J. G. Drotsky (Auth.)
1062067. Graham Mitchell (Auth.)
1062068. Al Behr, Vi Cherian and TS Mwamwenda (Auth.)
1062069. Lourens Schlebusch (Auth.)
1062070. G. G. Járos and B. J. Meyer (Auth.)
1062071. J. M. M. Brown and G. G. Járos (Auth.)
1062073. Malcolm S. Cresser (Auth.)
1062074. W John Williams (Auth.)
1062075. John R. Flenley (Auth.)
1062076. J. H. D. Eland (Auth.)
1062077. R. E. Smallman (Auth.)
1062078. W. Haresign (Auth.)
1062079. W. Haresign, D.J.A. Cole, W. Haresign and W. Henrichsmeyer (Auth.)
1062080. W. Haresign, D.J.A. Cole, W. Haresign and W. Henrichsmeyer (Auth.)
1062081. William Haresign (Auth.)
1062082. William Haresign and Dyfed Lewis (Auth.)
1062083. William Haresign and Dyfed Lewis (Auth.)
1062084. William Haresign and Dyfed Lewis (Auth.)
1062085. W. G. Richards (Auth.)
1062086. Arun Kumar Sharma and Archana Sharma (Auth.)
1062087. T H Y Tebbutt (Auth.)
1062088. Karl-Erik Thelning (Auth.)
1062089. H. T. Angus (Auth.)
1062090. D.B. Crighton, G.R. Foxcroft and N.B. Haynes (Auth.)
1062091. G. Norton (Auth.)
1062092. M. Woodbine (Auth.)
1062093. J. G. Yates and J. W. Mullin (Auth.)
1062094. E. Cartmell and G. W. A. Fowles (Auth.)
1062095. Ian W. M. Smith (Auth.)
1062096. R. E. Smallman (Auth.)
1062097. R. C. Newell (Eds.)
1062098. A. Hulanicki (Eds.)
1062099. G. D. Birnie (Eds.)
1062100. R. Kreher and T. H. Darmstadt (Eds.)
1062101. W. Wanék and K. Dostál (Eds.)
1062102. D. A. Brown and W. J. Davis (Eds.)
1062103. A. Bruylants, L. Ghosez and H.G. Viehe (Eds.)
1062104. H. Smith (Auth.)
1062105. Henry Swan and Dyfed Lewis (Auth.)
1062106. Y. Marcus and D. G. Howery (Auth.)
1062107. P. Varo (Eds.)
1062108. Henry Swan and Dyfed Lewis (Eds.)
1062109. Sturla Fridriksson (Auth.)
1062110. V. Gutmann (Eds.)
1062111. Th. J. De Boer (Eds.)
1062112. Henry Swan and Dyfed Lewis (Eds.)
1062113. D. E. Jensen, J. R. Hollahan and H. Suhr (Eds.)
1062114. L. C. Cross (Eds.)
1062115. J. L. Monteith and L. E. Mount (Eds.)
1062116. Y. Marcus (Auth.)
1062117. B. Sedlá?ek (Eds.)
1062119. O. Sild (Eds.)
1062121. Colin J. Smithells (Eds.)
1062129. Y. Marcus, A. S. Kertes and E. Yanir (Auth.)
1062130. B. Le Neindre and B. Vodar (Eds.)
1062131. G. J. Moody (Eds.)
1062132. A. J. Peel (Auth.)
1062133. G.V. Dyke (Auth.)
1062134. D. B. Cook (Auth.)
1062135. Z. àterbácek (Eds.)
1062136. P. Pratesi (Eds.)
1062137. P. Krogh (Eds.)
1062138. E. B. Jones (Auth.)
1062139. W. M. Doane (Eds.)
1062140. K. Saarela (Eds.)
1062143. A. B. P. Lever (Eds.)
1062144. W. Diesendorf (Auth.)
1062145. Mitsugi Senda (Eds.)
1062146. E. Wolfendale (Eds.)
1062147. Carl Heck (Auth.)
1062148. J. G. Tweeddale (Auth.)
1062149. J. G. Tweeddale (Auth.)
1062150. C. E. Jowett (Auth.)
1062151. Helfrid Modin and Sten Modin (Auth.)
1062157. R. Rado (Eds.)
1062158. E. J. Wightman (Auth.)
1062159. S. Angus, B. Armstrong and A. L. Gosman (Eds.)
1062160. M. D. Cohen (Eds.)
1062161. G. Charlot, Mme A. Collumeau and M. J. C. Marchon (Auth.)
1062162. J. Heslop-Harrison (Eds.)
1062163. David S. Taylor (Auth.)
1062164. L. A. K. Staveley (Auth.)
1062165. John B. Watkins (Auth.)
1062167. F. G. A. Stone and M. I. Bruce (Eds.)
1062168. R. M. Dagnall and G. F. Kirkbright (Eds.)
1062170. Christopher Earland and David J. Raven (Auth.)
1062171. D. H. Everett and R. H. Ottewill (Eds.)
1062172. S. H. Pinner and W. G. Simpson (Eds.)
1062173. G.M. Boyd (Eds.)
1062174. N. V. Balasubramanian, J. W. Lynn and D. P. Sen Gupta (Auth.)
1062175. H. S. Luker and A. J. Luker (Auth.)
1062176. Philip Steadman and Simon Hodgkinson (Auth.)
1062177. Alan J Brookes and Chris Grech (Auth.)
1062178. Louis Klein (Auth.)
1062179. Louis Klein (Auth.)
1062180. R. A. Lawrie (Eds.)
1062181. Alison Smith (Eds.)
1062182. Alison Smith (Eds.)
1062183. J. S. Rowlinson, F. L. Swinton, J. E. Baldwin, A.D. Buckingham and S. Danishefsky (Auth.)
1062184. E. B. Jones (Auth.)
1062185. Yehia Elmahgary and Asit K. Biswas (Eds.)
1062186. A. R. Bunsell and A. Kelly (Eds.)
1062188. T. Feest (Eds.)
1062189. D. Dowson, C. M. Taylor and M. Godet (Eds.)
1062193. J. R. Erichsen Jones (Auth.)
1062194. H. J. V. Tyrrell and K. R. Harris (Auth.)
1062195. W.J. Roff and J.R. Scott (Auth.)
1062196. Stephen G Rees-Jones (Eds.)
1062197. Derek R. Buckle and Harry Smith (Auth.)
1062198. D. E. Hathway (Auth.)
1062199. Malcolm Woodbine (Auth.)
1062200. J. M. Forbes (Auth.)
1062201. M. J. Kozio? and F. R. Whatley (Auth.)
1062202. E.L. Miller, I.H. Pike and A.J.H. Vanes (Eds.)
1062203. Imao Tamura, Hiroshi Sekine and Tomo Tanaka (Auth.)
1062204. G. H. Gessinger (Auth.)
1062205. John C. Russ, M. Ashby Frs, R. Kiessling and J. Charles (Auth.)
1062206. Burton (Auth.)
1062207. J. Wiseman (Auth.)
1062208. A. Cryer and R. L. R. Van (Eds.)
1062209. Arnold E. Bender (Auth.)
1062210. J. S. Alabaster and R. Steven Lloyd (Auth.)
1062211. S.A. Patin (Auth.)
1062212. D. A. Ledward, A. J. Taylor and R. A. Lawrie (Auth.)
1062213. Hossein Askari, John Thomas Cummings, Michael Glover, Susan Strange and Ladd Hollist (Auth.)
1062214. Ernest W. Colvin, J. E. Baldwin, A.D. Buckingham and S. Danishefsky (Auth.)
1062215. C. Chambers and A. K. Holliday (Auth.)
1062216. Yao-su Hu and François Duchêne (Auth.)
1062217. Jorge I. Domínguez (Eds.)
1062218. W Haresign and D J A. Cole (Eds.)
1062219. P. F. Chapman, F. Roberts, M. Ashby, J. Charles and A. G. Evans (Auth.)
1062220. Penny A. Chaloner (Auth.)
1062221. Roger F. Newton and Stanley M. Roberts (Eds.)
1062222. V. I. Georgievskii, B. N. Annenkov and V. T. Samokhin (Auth.)
1062223. D.J.A. Cole and G. R. Foxcroft (Auth.)
1062224. J. S. McLaren (Auth.)
1062225. AleC. Nove, Hans-Hermann Höhmann and Gertraud Seidenstecher (Eds.)
1062226. John E. Hobbs and K. J. Gregory (Auth.)
1062227. E. Derbyshire, K.J. Gregory, J.R. Hails and K.J. Gregory (Auth.)
1062228. B. Stonehouse (Auth.)
1062229. Alan Kaye and Arthur Street (Auth.)
1062230. Roy Elliott (Auth.)
1062231. R. V. Williams (Auth.)
1062232. Glenda G Rosenthal and François Duchêne (Auth.)
1062233. Nayland G. Stanley-Wood (Eds.)
1062234. M. H. Unsworth and D. P. Ormrod (Auth.)
1062235. Josef Füllenbach and François Duchêne (Auth.)
1062236. J. A. Clark (Auth.)
1062237. Marcel Locquin and Maurice Langeron (Auth.)
1062238. P.J. Buttery and D.B. Lindsay (Auth.)
1062239. David Allen, Reinhardt Rummel, Wolfgang Wessels and François Duchêne (Auth.)
1062240. D. Atkinson, J.E. Jackson and R.O. Sharples (Auth.)
1062241. W. Bolton (Auth.)
1062242. C. B. Johnson (Auth.)
1062243. R. D. Cannon (Auth.)
1062244. H.-J. Bunge (Auth.)
1062245. Laurence E. Mount (Auth.)
1062246. T.L.J. Lawrence (Auth.)
1062247. F I Woodward and J E Sheehy (Auth.)
1062248. G.L Tomes, D.E. Robertson and R.J. Lightfoot (Eds.)
1062249. J.M.V. Blanshard and J.R. Mitchell (Auth.)
1062250. G.E. Russell (Auth.)
1062251. R. S. Cahn and O. C. Dermer (Auth.)
1062252. J. Michael Hollas (Auth.)
1062253. E.M. Trent (Auth.)
1062254. I. Fayez M. Marai and J.B. Owen (Eds.)
1062255. Mohan Munasinghe (Auth.)
1062256. Michael Talbot-Smith (Auth.)
1062257. F. F. Mazda (Eds.)
1062258. J.J. Moore (Auth.)
1062259. E.M. Trent (Auth.)
1062260. L. Bretherick (Auth.)
1062261. Julian Wiseman and D.J.A. Cole (Eds.)
1062262. S W Amos (Auth.)
1062263. G. W. Lycett and D. Grierson (Eds.)
1062264. M. D. Steven and J. A. Clark (Eds.)
1062265. David Mills (Auth.)
1062266. R.H. Jones and A.R. Dawson (Eds.)
1062267. J. T. Edwards (Eds.)
1062268. G.S.T Armer, J.L. Clarke and F.K. Garas (Eds.)
1062269. W. Haresign and D. J. A. Cole (Auth.)
1062270. W. Haresign and D.J.A. Cole (Eds.)
1062271. Alan Williams (Auth.)
1062272. J. D. Smith (Auth.)
1062275. Ian a S. Edwards, Harry Marsh, Rosa Menendez and Harry Marsh (Auth.)
1062276. Harold H. Schobert (Auth.)
1062277. Bruno Lotter (Auth.)
1062278. Colin J F P Jones and F. G. Bell (Auth.)
1062279. P. D. Osborn (Auth.)
1062280. Dalway J. Swaine (Auth.)
1062281. Charles K. Haswell and Douglas S. de Silva (Auth.)
1062282. John R. Schmidhauser (Eds.)
1062283. D. R. Williams (Auth.)
1062284. R. J. Halley and R. J. Soffe (Eds.)
1062285. L. J. Anthony (Eds.)
1062286. F. F. Mazda (Auth.)
1062287. R.E. Spier and J.B. Griffiths (Eds.)
1062288. Charles Newey and Graham Weaver (Eds.)
1062289. M. B. Pescod and A. Arar (Eds.)
1062290. C. J. Wright (Auth.)
1062291. J. Herriot (Eds.)
1062292. G.W. Brundrett (Auth.)
1062293. A. C. Meigh (Auth.)
1062294. R. J. Mair and D. M. Wood (Auth.)
1062295. Andrew S. Nicholson and John E. Ridd (Eds.)
1062297. D. G. Gorman and W. Kennedy (Auth.)
1062298. K. J. Marsh (Eds.)
1062299. Necdet Teymur, Thomas A. Markus and Tom Woolley (Eds.)
1062300. R. D. Leitch (Auth.)
1062301. R H Mole (Auth.)
1062302. A.J Pretlove (Auth.)
1062303. P.A. Gorry (Auth.)
1062304. M. G. Scroggie and S. W. Amos (Auth.)
1062305. Rudolf Radnai and Edward G. Kingham (Auth.)
1062306. C.V Horie (Auth.)
1062307. Alrick L Smith (Eds.)
1062308. G. F. Weston (Auth.)
1062309. J. Crawford (Auth.)
1062310. C. C. Parker and R. V. Turley (Auth.)
1062311. Guy Petherbridge (Eds.)
1062312. EriC. Oxtoby (Auth.)
1062313. F. G. Bell (Auth.)
1062314. A.R. Lester (Auth.)
1062315. Joanna Wexler (Eds.)
1062316. Michel Pereyre, Jean-Paul Quintard and Alain Rahm (Auth.)
1062317. VASTA (Auth.)
1062318. A.B. Gill (Auth.)
1062319. Kent J Voorhees (Eds.)
1062320. L Hamill and F G Bell (Auth.)
1062321. George Steele (Auth.)
1062322. S. John Teague (Auth.)
1062323. Bruce Hunt (Auth.)
1062324. Charles Hamilton (Auth.)
1062325. G. Genta (Auth.)
1062326. A. C. Thompson (Auth.)
1062327. Alexander E. Farn and Peter G Read (Auth.)
1062328. P N Peapell and J A. Belk (Auth.)
1062329. Michael Neidle (Eds.)
1062330. G W E Milligan and G T Houlsby (Auth.)
1062331. James J. Sharp and Peter G Sawden (Auth.)
1062332. J. Shields (Auth.)
1062333. T. J. Kotas (Auth.)
1062334. R S Sharpe, J West and D S Dean (Eds.)
1062335. Peter D Osborn (Auth.)
1062336. W B. Rowe (Auth.)
1062337. Michael Neidle (Auth.)
1062338. D.A. Taylor (Auth.)
1062339. D. H. Bacon (Auth.)
1062340. R. G. Scurlock and C. A. Bailey (Eds.)
1062341. R A. Ashen (Auth.)
1062342. I.G.C. Dryden (Eds.)
1062343. B.E Noltingk (Eds.)
1062344. B.E Noltingk (Eds.)
1062345. W. Schofield (Auth.)
1062346. W. Schofield (Auth.)
1062347. D. Dowson, C.M. Taylor and M. Godet (Eds.)
1062348. L S Blake (Eds.)
1062349. V. E. Carter (Eds.)
1062350. G. J. Sonnenberg (Auth.)
1062351. Peter G Read (Auth.)
1062352. Ian Kampel (Auth.)
1062353. J.T. Boyle and J. Spence (Auth.)
1062354. C. B. Wilby (Auth.)
1062355. F. G. Bell (Auth.)
1062356. A. B. Grove and R. W. Cresswell (Eds.)
1062357. Philip Walker (Auth.)
1062358. C. A. Brebbia and A. J. Ferrante (Auth.)
1062359. F. W. David and H. Nolle (Auth.)
1062360. C. T. Wilbur, D. A. Wight and Marine Propulsion (Auth.)
1062361. J. K. Dennis and T. E. Such (Auth.)
1062362. David W. Smith, J. Crawford and P. S. Moore (Auth.)
1062363. M J Iremonger (Auth.)
1062364. P D Smith (Auth.)
1062365. W. H. Dennis (Auth.)
1062366. S W Amos (Auth.)
1062367. Vladimir Hubka (Auth.)
1062368. Minoo H Patel (Auth.)
1062369. W. Bolton (Auth.)
1062370. Mostafa Kamal Tolba (Auth.)
1062371. Alison Smith (Eds.)
1062372. G. V. Hoad, J. R. Lenton and M. B. Jackson (Auth.)
1062373. Don Goodsell (Auth.)
1062374. Alan Weatherall (Auth.)
1062375. J. A. Brydson (Auth.)
1062376. Philip C. Garnsworthy (Auth.)
1062377. B. J. Chalmers (Eds.)
1062378. R E Vears (Auth.)
1062379. L N Jeary (Auth.)
1062380. J.O. Bird and A.J.C. May (Auth.)
1062381. D. A. Taylor (Auth.)
1062382. J. J. Moore, E. A. Boyce and M. J. Brooks (Auth.)
1062383. Roy D Cullum (Auth.)
1062384. J. Crawford (Auth.)
1062385. Stanley L. Lyons (Auth.)
1062386. F. Porges (Auth.)
1062387. G.O. Watson (Auth.)
1062388. Hans Ludwig Von Cube, Fritz Steimle and E. G. A. Goodall (Auth.)
1062389. G. H. Olsen (Auth.)
1062390. E. A. Parr (Eds.)
1062391. A. M. Ball (Auth.)
1062392. Ian R. Sinclair (Auth.)
1062393. D. E. Dickie and Douglas Short (Auth.)
1062394. J. Carvill (Auth.)
1062395. James H. Milton and Roy M. Leach (Auth.)
1062396. C.A. Brebbia and S. Walker (Auth.)
1062397. Eskild Tjalve (Auth.)
1062398. S. C. McBirnie (Auth.)
1062399. Ronald K. McLaughlin, R. Craig McLean and W. John Bonthron (Auth.)
1062400. John E Johnston (Auth.)
1062401. AleC. Leggatt (Auth.)
1062402. F. G. Bell (Auth.)
1062403. R. M. Marston (Auth.)
1062404. C. A. Brebbia and S. Walker (Auth.)
1062405. W. Muckle and D A. Taylor (Auth.)
1062406. R. M. Marston (Auth.)
1062407. H. W. Moorshead, R. Adron Harris and J. Perry (Auth.)
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