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 Created from Animals: The Moral Implications of Darwinism
Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa Claus
The African Liberation Reader, Volume 2: The National Liberation Movements
Handbook of Dough Fermentations (Food Science and Technology)
Myths of the Underworld Journey: Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' Gold Tablets
بیماری فون ویلبراند چيست؟,: von Willebrand disease
Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary
Cuentos Africanos
Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica, Book I: A Commentary (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca Classica Batava Supplementum)
La carte et le territoire
Monster Manual: A 4th Edition Core Rulebook (D&d Core Rulebook) (Dungeons & Dragons)
Proposal Planning & Writing
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy Volume 1 Issue 1
Lectures on Advances in Combinatorics
Back to the Basics of Teaching and Learning: Thinking the World Together
Pink Floyd: The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster (Guitar Reference)
The Cassini-Huygens Mission: Orbiter Remote Sensing Investigations (Space Science Reviews)
Les Kubrawiya entre sunnisme et shiisme aux huitieme et neuvieme siecles de l'Hegire

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How To Lose The Weight And Keep It Off
Lose Weight Forever: 50 Habits Of Naturally Thin People
How To Lose 15 Pounds In 15 Days: Lose Weight, Look good, & Feel good
The Hacker's Diet. How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition
Indoor Gardening Tips (Hydrophonics) 
 How to grow a Tomato and 115 ways to Prepare it For The Tab
 Norman F. Johnson, Charles A. Triplehorn - Borror and DeLong’s Introduction to the Study of Insects
Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Dieter Klingermann - Manual de ?tiin?? politic?
Brian P. McLaughlin, Hilary Kornblith (eds.) - Goldman and His Critics
Kathy Steele, Suzette Boon, Onno van der Hart - Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: A Practical, Integrative Approach
coll. - Tutto storia: schemi riassuntivi, quadri di approfondimento
Richard W. Sears, Kathleen M. Chard - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Paul R. Niven, Ben Lamorte - Objectives and Key Results: Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs
Ken Nguyen, Xuan Guo, Yi Pan - Multiple Biological Sequence Alignment: Scoring Functions, Algorithms and Evaluation
Mona Ben Chouikha - Organizational Design for Knowledge Management
Andrew Sizer, Chandrika Balachandar, Nibedan Biswas, Richard Foon, Anthony Griffiths, Sheena Hodgett, Banchhita Sahu, Martyn Underwood - Part 2 MRCOG: Single Best Answer Questions
Allan Gotthelf, Gregory Salmieri - A Companion to Ayn Rand
Magnus Rueping, Dixit Parmar, Erli Sugiono - Asymmetric Bronsted Acid Catalysis
Yongliang Zhang, Larry J. Paxton - Auroral Dynamics and Space Weather
Gérald Bronner - Belief and Misbelief Asymmetry on the Internet
Yoram (Jerry) Wind, Catharine Findiesen Hays - Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints
Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - Zen und wir
Sheridan Gilley, Brian Stanley - The Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 8: World Christianities, c.1815-c.1914
Kate Fleet, Suraiya N. Faroqhi, Reşat Kasaba - The Cambridge History of Turkey, Volume 4: Turkey in the Modern World
Graeme Barker, Candice Goucher - The Cambridge World History, Volume 2: A World with Agriculture, 12,000 BCE–500 CE
Da alegria no Leste Europeu e na Europa Ocidental e outros ensaios
 Georg Morgenstierne - Indo-Iranian Frontier Languages 2: Wakhi
Georg Morgenstierne - Indo-Iranian Frontier Languages 2: Yidgha-Munji
Georg Morgenstierne - Indo-Iranian Frontier Languages 2: Sanglechi-Ishkashimi
Britton A. - Scott. Catalan Dictionary & Phrasebook
Donald G. Kyle; Robert B. Fairbanks; Richard Crepeau - Baseball in America and America in baseball
Alcantara, Luiz Paulo de (ed.) - Mathematical logic and formal systems : a collection of papers in honor of professor Newton C. A. da Costa
Vincent F. Hendricks, Hannes Leitgeb (eds.) - Philosophy of Mathematics : 5 questions
Kropp Dakubu, Mary Esther - Collected language notes on Dagaare grammar
Christian-Smith, Juliet; Cooley, Heather; Gleick, Peter H. - A twenty-first century US water policy
Amber Rose Dunai - Dreams and Visions in Medieval Literature
Jessica Barr - Willing to know God : dreamers and visionaries in the later Middle Ages
L.G. Wade, Jr. - Quimica Organica
L.G. Wade, Jr. - Quimica Organica
Rachael Victoria Matthews - The Mystical Utterance and the Metaphorical Mode in the Writings of Marguerite d’Oingt and Marguerite Porete
Brigit Clare McGuire - Flesh Made Word: Women’s Speech in Medieval English Virgin Martyr Legends
William Storm - The Creation of Heaven in the Middle Ages
Macklin Smith - Piers Plowman and the Tradition of the Medieval Life of Christ
Sharon Marie Kaye - William of Ockham’s Theory of Conscience
Alison R. Bjerke - William of Ockham and the Opening of Phenomenology
Elizabeth Christiane Karger - A Study of William of Ockham’s Modal Logic
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