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<div><p>To Liam Daniels, Mandi Lee is his beloved goddess. Sexy, beautiful, and kind, Mandi has held Liam’s heart and soul hostage even before he went through puberty. Unfortunately for Liam, Mandi has always seen him as little brother, being five years his senior. </p> <p>Despite their age difference, in Liam’s book, it’ll always be her. His devotion to Mandi doesn’t change even when he discovers a dark side to her, and the secrets she guards. Together, they’ll have secrets of their own, as their bodies entwine in her bedroom, when the husband’s away at work... </p> <p>Imagine «The Great Gatsby» and [insert Sexy Hot Romance Novel Title here] had a baby. This is what you’ll get... <br> <em><br> Book 1 of 5. Can stand alone. Books 2-5 coming in 2016. Stay tuned!</em> </p> <p><strong>Readers, please take note: </strong>This is not a usual Kat Lieu title. It is darker, deeper, and way sexier. Not recommended for readers under the age of 17. This is a quick two-hour read for fast readers...</p> <p>**</p></div> Genre : New Adult Q : R Formats : EPUB Edit : e

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