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The Fanged Crown mobi
<div><p>Welcome to the Jungle! </p><p>Tethyrian colonists sent to the jungle island of Chult have vanished and only their celebrated leader has returned. The story he tells of disease and monsters rings false to his enemies--a former mutineer is sent to discover what really happened to the Lost Colony, and what the Hero of Tethyr is hiding. </p><p>The first book in a series designed to showcase the uncivilized areas that iconic to the <strong>Dungeons & Dragons</strong>(R) game, <em>The Fanged Crown</em> is an easy way for unfamiliar readers to pick up the <strong>Forgotten Realms</strong>(R). With plenty of action, intrigue, and adventure, this is a book that will appeal to new readers and familiar readers alike. <em>The Fanged Crown</em> and the rest of the Wilds series may be read in any order.</p></div>

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