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1. Step 1: Create a Twitter account. 1. Go to, enter your

Step 1: Create a Twitter account. 1. Go to, enter your name, email,
and create a password under the “New to Twitter?” box. 2. On the next screen
you will get to choose your Twitter username (often referred to as your “Twitter
handle”). This is an important step in the registration process and one where you
will ...
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2. How to Create and Use a Twitter Account - CHSS Office of Distance

Many of your students already have a twitter account and use it regularly, so it's a
good place to engage them. This tutorial will set you up with an account, explain
how to use it, and give suggestions for bringing twitter into your class. 1. Go to and click “Sign up.” 2. Enter your name, email, a new password,
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3. Twitter Tutorial - Queens Library

Twit/Tweeple/Tweeps: Nicknames for people who use Twitter. Retweet: A way to
share another user's tweet with your own followers. @ Message: A way to
mention or publicly message another Twitter individual. Mention: This is when
someone @ messages your Twitter account. DM/Direct Message: A way to
privately ...
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4. Twitter Checklist Create A Twitter Account - Wayne Reaves

Twitter Checklist. You should have a few things in place before you begin
creating your Twitter account. •. Email Address - Make sure the account you
choose is active and one that you will check frequently. Twitter may send you
important information or updates about your profile to the email address you
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5. How to start create a Twitter account: Account Basics - 3CMA

Twitter is a free micro-blogging site that allows users to send updates in 140
characters or less. These updates or “tweets” can be sent and read from text
messages, Facebook, instant messaging and other applications. How to start
create a Twitter account: • Go to and click on “Sign up now”. • Fill
out the ...
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6. How to Create a Twitter Account for your Conference - Society of St

Step 5: Choose your username. • It must be fewer than 15 characters long. If the
name that you have chosen is invalid or unavailable, you'll be informed about it. •
Once you have chosen an acceptable name, you'll see that it is available to you.
Step 6: Decide whether you want to always be signed in to Twitter on the ...
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7. How to Get Updates on Your Phone Without a Twitter Account (Fast

Want to get updates from @Twitter but don't want to create a Twitter account? No
problem! Use fast follow to receive Twitter updates without having to sign up or
add your phone to a Twitter account. To get started: •. Send Follow [username] to
your Twitter shortcode and you will start receiving Tweets from that user on your ...
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8. Creating an Account • Choose your Twitter “handle” (your username

Creating an Account. • Choose your Twitter “handle” (your username) and
account name (which can be your real name). For example, my username is @*U
/DNHV/DG, while my account name is Caitie Nigrelli. o There are character limits
for both your username and your real name. User names are limited to 15
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9. InfluenceTracker: Rating the impact of a Twitter account - arXiv

InfluenceTracker: Rating the impact of a Twitter account. Gerasimos Razis,
Ioannis Anagnostopoulos. Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics Dpt.,
University of Thessaly. {razis, janag} Abstract. We describe a
methodology of rating the influence of a Twitter ac- count in this famous
microblogging service.
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10. Icons and Symbols on the Twitter App In this - Digital Charlotte

Click the search icon to search Twitter for certain tweets or other users. • To write
a tweet or message, click on the icon that looks like a feathered pen. • If you have
more than one Twitter account, you can use the accounts icon that looks like two
people to add more than one account to use on your. Twitter App.
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