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128 very short stories in English language (at most 4 lines) were exhibited in the
gallery space in. The Art Folk ... order to instill moral values. Crucial .... A GOOD
STORY. Tell something with tension. Catch the reader and carry her to the final
climax in a creative way. Gore, 11.03.2009 (Monaco). 10. SURPRISE. She could
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

2. 100 Moral Stories -

Akramulla Syed. Islamic Occasions Network
Dated: Sunday, March 20, 2005. 100 Moral Stories. 1
..... the finishing line. He ran as fast as he could, but he could not catch up with
the tortoise. Slow and steady can win the race. THE ANT AND THE DOVE. One
hot ...
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

3. Short stories from 100 Selected Stories, by O Henry - Universidad

Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and
smiles, ..... 10. O HENRY - 100 SELECTED STORIES. I believed in him. How was
it? 'The men that breed from them they traffic up and down, but cling to their cities'
hem as a child to ... length of a clothes-line without so much as a "Kiss me fut,"
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

4. Selected Short Stories -

prepared short stories of this book make up a con- venient bridge leading the
reader by easy steps from the usual school knowledge of English to an under-
standing of the language normally used ... Page 10 ... The White Line by JoHN
FERGUsoN Io7. Wild Wales I 37. A Modern Don Juan by R. L. TAYLoR I 42.
Village Life ...
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

5. Short Stories For Children - Arvind Gupta

SHORT. STORIES. FOR. CHILDREN. Children's Book Trust, New Delhi .... I
knocked and entered. The captain was stand- ing in the middle of the room.
When he saw me, he came forward and literally swept me off my feet. He was still
smiling when he put me down. 10 ..... The lines deepened on Tanaji's brow. Then
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

6. Using Short Stories in the English Classroom

heroes (e.g. legends), to teach moral principles (e.g. fables and parables) or
simply for ... exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G. K.
Chesterton. Part 1 - Reading and Appreciating Short Stories. History of the Short
Story. 10 ...... Have students practise reading the lines with the literary devices
aloud. 4.
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

7. Learning English through Short Stories

10.The development of positive attitudes should be provided in all learning tasks.
KEY to Activity 1 (True/False Activity about Proposed NSS English Language ...
This module introduces learners to the world of short stories, encouraging them
to read, .... fairy stories often have a moral about distrusting people who appear.
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

8. Short Stories for Children for Spoken English Program - E4Thai

Once the Wind and the Sun had an argument. “I am stronger than you,” said the
Wind. “No, you are not,” said the Sun. Just at that moment they saw a traveler
walking across the road. He was wrapped in a shawl. The Sun and the Wind
agreed that whoever could separate the traveller from his shawl was stronger.
The Wind ...
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

9. Five Short Stories -

considerable number of short stories, some delightful tales for children, and a few
plays complete the list of his more ..... Yonder, behind the Arc de Triomphe, there
was a confused rumbling, a black line approaching .... He was a child of Paris,
sickly and pale, who might have been ten years old, perhaps fifteen; with those.
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

10. Five Shorts Stories Roald Dahl

Introduction to The Landlady p. 10. The Landlady p. 11. Introduction to Lamb to
the Slaughter p. 19. Lamb to the Slaughter p. 20. Introduction to The Hitchhiker p.
28 ... short. Everybody can read it because it is understandable. More precisely, I
enjoyed this story because it holds a moral but also because this story.
Tags:10 lines short stories with moral

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