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1. Oil and Gas Frequently Asked Questions - North Dakota State

How do we reclaim abandoned severed mineral rights? Can only the surface ...
Shouldn't damage payments to surface owners be higher than they used to be
since land values are worth more than they used to be? .... Quite often the oil and
gas company's (operator) name is not listed as the Lessee on the oil and gas
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2. Biennial Report - North Dakota Department Of Trust Lands

Dec 1, 2015 ... Biennial distributions from the permanent trust funds must be ten percent of the
five-year average value of ... Since statehood in 1889, much of the grant land has
been sold. Beginning in 1939 ..... encouraged federal legislation to authorize the
return of lands and mineral rights to the State of North Dakota.
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3. North Dakota Farmland Values in 1990

Factoring in inflation, farmland owners are losing in the depressed farmland
market . Land values adjusted for infla tion by the Consumer Price Index-Urban (
CPI-U), a widely used measure of the declining value of the dollar, have declined
substantially in North Dakota. The CPI-U (1982-84. = 100) rose from a 1987
annual ...
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4. Oil & Gas Practice Issues in North Dakota - UND School of Law

NORTH DAKOTA. Oil & Gas Practice Issues in. North Dakota ..... often limited.
Several statutes in NDCC give surface owner rights. Refresher – mineral estate
can and often is severed from the surface estate. Chapter 38-11.1, N.D.C.C. “ ...
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5. Charitable Gifts of Mineral Interests - Partnership for Philanthropic

With energy costs increasing over the past decade, the value of mineral interests
has risen ... production in two states, North Dakota (oil) and Pennsylvania (
natural gas), has been particularly impressive (see figures .... As mentioned
earlier, a landowner often will separate the surface rights from the mineral rights.
In addition ...
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6. Mineral and Royalty Deeds - American Association of Professional

Jun 15, 2012 ... estate closings, title issues; acquisition of easements and rights-of-way; real
estate/mineral sales ..... many instances the interests conveyed/reserved from
that of a mineral to royalty and vice versa. .... jurisprudence, it was held that a
royalty interest was an interest in real property because the value.
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7. Oil & Natural Gas Tax Reference

production, including mineral rights and all oil and gas under the ground ..... on
barrel price; all other oil, 8% of gross value. ▫ Escaped oil is ..... Oil Gross
Production Tax 5 % of gross value at the well. N.D. Cent. Code. §57-51-02. Gas
Gross Production Tax. $0.04 per 1,000 cubic feet of gas produced. The rate is
subject to a ...
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8. Industry Update – September 2013

Sep 6, 2013 ... the development of oil, natural gas or minerals, and upheld the SEC's conflict
minerals disclosure ... The Supreme Court of North Dakota rules that the specific
description of the property boundaries in the oil ..... The price to be used in
computing the market value at the mouth of the well shall be the price ...
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9. Rights of the Surface Owner - Uhl, Fitzsimons, Jewett & Burton, PLLC

1. Are the minerals leased or unleased? • 2. What portion of the mineral estate is
held by the Surface Owner? • 3. Who owns severed mineral interest beneath the
property? • How much does each party own, and how fractured is ownership? • 4.
Has drilling and/or production of oil and gas already occurred on the property?
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10. State Taxation of Mineral Deposits and Production - National

gross production tax preferred except when the market price of the mineral is ... 9.
The Net Production Tax. 11. Conclusions ......... .......... 13. State Programs to
Reduce Fiscal Impact of Mineral Development. 14. Montana. 15. North Dakota.
...... imposed on oil or gas leases or rights, nor should any additional value be
added to ...
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