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1. The Hat Trilogy - Teachers' Guide

Jon Klassen's hat trilogy —I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not ... Jon Klassen's Hat
Trilogy Teachers' Guide • • page 2 .... friends? How do you
know? What specific illustrations show that the turtles are friends? QUESTIONS
FOR ALL THREE BOOKS. 1. While reading each book, have students make ...
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2. Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen Make a Book: A Transcript

Mac: Hello, Jon! Jon: Hello Mac! Mac: Today instead of wasting time talking on
gchat we are being productive talking on gchat, answering some questions from
Candlewick about our new book, Sam and. Dave Dig a Hole. Jon: Ok! Mac: Here
is their first question for us: How did you come up with the idea for Sam and Dave
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3. Jon Klassen - Scottish Book Trust

stories, hand them over to a partner who can do the illustrations for your story!
Alternatively, you could look at the illustrations above and come up with speech
bubbles to show what the characters might be saying to each other. Undertake a
research activity to find five Jon Klassen facts and five books he has either written
or ...
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4. Meet illustrator Karen Klassen - Owlkids Books

What makes a good friend? Loyalty, openness, self-awareness, and a good
sense of humor. If you weren't an author or illustrator, what job would you have? I
would be a pastry chef. What children's books have caught your attention lately? I
love looking at anything Jon Klassen has done, plus his last name is terrific.
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5. Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen

Triangle is going to play a sneaky trick on square. Help him find his way to
Square's house. Page 2. Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen. Illustrations © 2017 Jon
Klassen from Triangle by Mac Barnett 9781406376678. Hardback •
£12.99. Can you count how many triangles are in this picture? Get your pencils
and add ...
Tags:How Does Jon Klassen Illustrator

6. The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen. Little

atmosphere and depth, Klassen captures the essence of Snicket's story." —The
Horn Book (starred review). Author Website
Illustrator Website Discussion Questions. Before: 1.
What are some places you are scared of? 2. What makes that place so scary? 3.
Tags:How Does Jon Klassen Illustrator

7. Classroom Ideas - Scholastic Australia

The author/illustrator. • The publisher. • The blurb. What do you think the story
might be about from hearing the title only? Do your ideas change after seeing the
cover? Write your own story using the title We Found a. Hat. Exploring the Book.
Jon Klassen uses both words and illustrations to tell stories and in some
instances, ...
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8. Jon Klassen's Hat Trilogy Activity Kit

We Found a Hat. Jon Klassen's turtles found a tall white hat. What kind of hat
does your turtle find? Draw your own turtle and hat below. Drawing Activity.
Illustrations copyright ?2016 by Jon Klassen ...
Tags:How Does Jon Klassen Illustrator

9. Visual Literacy notes Title: Sam & Dave Dig A Hole Illustrator

Title: Sam & Dave Dig A Hole. Illustrator: Jon Klassen. Author: Mac Barnett.
Publisher: Walker Books. First look. Whatever age they are, share the book with
the whole group by reading it aloud to them. Give an uninterrupted read, without
making comments and holding it up so that everyone can see the pictures as they
listen ...
Tags:How Does Jon Klassen Illustrator

10. I Want My Hat Back

by Jon Klassen. A classic repetitive tale told completely in dialogue, this delightful
tale plays out in simple illustrations filled with visual humor that will have kids of
all ages thrilled to be in on the joke. Before: Introduce the book and tell the
children a little bit about it. Follow that with a comment or question that is related
to the ...
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