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1. Free Energy - Imperial College London

You briefly met free energy last year, largely in the context of thermodynamics of
macroscopic systems. For macroscopic systems in which only PV work is relevant
, the quantities U, T, S, P, V ,. H (enthalpy), F (Helmholtz free energy), G (Gibbs
free energy) and Ni (particle number of species i) are functions of state, in that
their ...
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2. The free-energy principle: a rough guide to the brain?

This article reviews a free-energy formulation that advances Helmholtz's agenda
to find principles of brain function based on conservation laws and neuronal
energy. It rests on advances in statistical physics, theor- etical biology and
machine learning to explain a remark- able range of facts about brain structure
and function ...
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3. Free-energy and the brain - Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging

Sep 5, 2007 ... are just one emergent property of systems that conform to a free-energy principle.
The free-energy considered here represents a bound on the surprise inherent in
any exchange with the environment, under expectations encoded by its state or
configura- tion. A system can minimise free-energy by changing ...
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4. Why passive diffusion happens – free energy considerations

Why passive diffusion happens – free energy considerations. Spontaneous
movement. Experimentally it can be shown that if equal volumes of water and an
aqueous solution are separated by a partially permeable membrane, solute
particles (molecules or ions) move through the membrane until their
concentration is the ...
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5. Free Energy Calculation in MD Simulation

dA = w rev. (reversible, const N V T) eq (22.9) McQuarrie & Simon. ○ Gibbs free
energy. G = U + PV – TS + Σ μ i. N i. = H – TS + Σ μ i. N i. dG = w. nonPV. (
reversible, const N P T) eq (22.16) McQuarrie & Simon. U internal energy. P
Pressure μ i. Chemical potential. V Volume. T Temperature. S Entropy. dS = dq/
T S = k. B.
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6. The free-energy principle: a unified brain theory?

Jan 13, 2010 ... Despite the wealth of empirical data in neuroscience, there are relatively few
global theories about how the brain works. A recently proposed free-energy
principle for adaptive systems tries to provide a unified account of action,
perception and learning. Although this prin- ciple has been portrayed as a ...
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7. 5.1 Free Energy as Available Work - Physics

5.1 Free Energy as Available Work. In Section 1.6 I defined the enthalpy of a
system as its energy plus the work needed to make room for it, in an environment
with constant pressure P: H ≡ U + PV. (5.1). This is the total energy you would
need, to create the system out of nothing and put it in such an environment. (
Since the ...
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8. A Practical Guide to 'Free-Energy' Devices

Author: Patrick J. Kelly. Version: 32.7 Release date: 23 January 2018. This eBook
has more than 400 bookmarks to speed up your access to any section of interest.
The contents of this eBook is only about 5% of the information on the http:www. web site. 1 ...
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9. On Free Energy and Internal Combustion Engine Cycles - arXiv

On Free Energy and Internal Combustion Engine Cycles. William D Harris. 548
43rd Street Apt A. Oakland, CA 94609 Abstract: The
performance of one type of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cycle is analyzed
within the framework of thermodynamic free energies. ICE performance is
different ...
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10. Heat and free energy of formation of carbon dioxide, and of the

Rossini and Ralph S. Jessup. ABSTRACT. There are reviewed the existing data
on the entropies of oxygen, carbon diox- ide, graphite, and diamond, and those
on the ...
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