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1. Strengthening the role of the backbencher - Revolts

The purpose of this paper is not to offer a series of detailed proposals to. '
strengthen' the role of the backbencher – you will doubtless get plenty of those –
but rather to place current debates in some broad context, and (in passing) to be
mildly sceptical about one or two often-cited proposals. In particular, by placing.

2. Backbenchers and select committees in the British House of Commons

Abstract. The success of the departmentally-related Select Committees
established in 1979 de- pended upon active backbenchers willing to monitor and
if necessary criticize party leaders and policies. Such a notion, however, is
generally held to be inconsistent with party government dynamics associated
with the ...

3. The Role of British Backbenchers in the - SAGE Journals

benchers, the individual members of Parliament who are part of neither the estab
- lishment nor the opposition's shadow government, have, in the view of such
critics, lost their raison d'阾re. Indeed, backbenchers have been likened to a flock
of mind- less sheep, ready to be driven routinely through the division lobbies ...

4. Conservative backbenchers and political influence - Springer Link

1 Introduction: Conservative backbenchers and political influence. Are
backbenchers1 mere 'cannon fodder' for the division lob- bies? In 1990 it seemed
Margaret Thatcher had committed the cardinal error of assuming that her
supremacy in Cabinet was. 'the bottom line', forgetting that she was ultimately
answer- able to the ...

5. Parliamentary Opposition and Government Backbenchers in India

Parliamentary opposition and government backbenchers were institutions that
developed in Britain as integral to the larger complex of the parlia- mentary
system, creating a distinct role for themselves over time. The opposition was an
active interlocutor in the process of government and strove to change
government policy ...

6. Physics for Backbenchers - Amazon S3

way, Backbenchers are smart folks! So, the phrase backbencher here is not used
negatively, but more circumstantially and metaphorically. In any case, the whole
idea of this book is to present physics to students and generally curious minded
readers. If you are not a student anymore but always felt that you missed the ...

7. backbench specialization — a study in - Oxford Academic

SPECIALIZATION" by backbenchers in Parliament has long been accepted as a
truism: with the consequence that "there has been no comprehensive
examination of specialization in the House of. Commons."1 Only recently have
demands for the study of specialization been heard in Britain.8 Yet, whilst British
academics ...


BACKBENCHER. SYMPOSIUM. Elizabeth Vallance. THERE can scarcely be
another group of people about whom the general public is more sceptical than
Members of Parliament. Occasion- ally, in surveys, door-to-door salesmen or
journalists are revealed as believed to be marginally less admirable or

9. Policy Interests of Provincial Backbenchers and the Effects of - jstor

Backbenchers and the Effects of Political Ambition. This article examines the
policy interests of backbenchers in the Ontario and. Nova Scotia legislatures and
tests the hypothesis that the manner in which interests are defined is dependent
upon the nature of political ambition. In both provinces those members who
aspire to ...

10. Evaluate the effectiveness of backbenchers in representing the

Intro. ▷ Define backbenchers. ▷ Talk about the idea that Parliament is
dominated by the government and so normal backbenchers are limited in their
abilities to represent constituents ...

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