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1. Compulsory Turnout: A Compelling (and Contingent) Case

Politics has published a variety of articles recently on compulsory voting
including Saunders' argument against it. This article argues against Saunders
and makes some general claims. I show that there is a democratic values-based
case for voter compulsion and that the case for compulsory turnout is not '
parasitic' on the ...
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2. Compulsory voting: For and against - Springer Link

quences, for example, that it makes a government legitimate or more democratic.
(Chapter 2). Next, he criticizes deontological claims, such as the duty to vote or
enhanced autonomy through compulsion. In his last chapter (Chapter 4), he
provides an independent argument against compulsory voting: that it produces
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

3. The Case against Compulsory Voting

Jul 28, 2008 ... LUISS Guido Carli, Roma. Facoltà di Scienze Politiche. Dottorato di Ricerca in
Teoria Politica. Voting: A Citizen's Right, or Duty? The Case against Compulsory
Voting. Tesi di dottorato di Jan Rovenský. Tutor: Raffaele De Mucci. Anno
accademico 2007 – 2008. 1 ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

4. Full Participation: A Comparative Study of Compulsory Voting

3 Normative arguments for and against compulsory voting. 40. 4 Compulsory
voting and election campaigns. 59. 5 Compulsory voting and electoral turnout. 79
. 6 Compulsory voting, electoral integrity and democratic legitimacy. 99. 7
Compulsory voting and political outcomes. 118. 8 Conclusion. 136. Appendix:
sources of ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

5. Compulsory voting: a critical perspective - LSE Research Online

THE CASE AGAINST COMPULSION. 1) The Right to Vote. People have a variety
of interests which justify the right to vote. Two, in particular, help to capture the
instrumental and intrinsic interests in political participation. 28 The evidence
suggests that compulsory voting does nothing other than raise turnout – and
there are, ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

6. Compulsory Voting - DigitalCommons@UM Carey Law

The arguments against compulsory voting fall into two broad categories: that it
will result in the wrong people casting votes, or that it infringes on the liberty of
free persons to choose not to participate in political decision-making. These are
essentially normative arguments—there are also instrumental arguments, such
as the ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

7. Is Compulsory Voting Justified? - Public Reason

THE CASE AGAINST COMPULSION. Step One: The Evidence. The connection
between compulsory voting and social democratic politics is more speculative
and uncertain than Lijphart suggests. Those paradigmatic instances of social
democracy – Sweden, Norway (Ringen 2004) and Finland – do not have
compulsory ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

8. Why Compulsory Voting Can Enhance Democracy - Lirias - KU

whether compulsory voting is able to provide a partial solution to these problems.
After analyzing the arguments in favor of and against compulsory voting, I try to
sum up the debate and reach a conclusive stand on the issues at hand. Acta
Politica, 2007, 42, (23–39) r 2007 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd 0001-6810/07 $30.00.
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

9. COMPULSORY VOTING Arguments for Compulsory Voting

the electorate that it should in general turn out to vote. Lastly, if democracy is
government by the people, presumably this includes all people. Then it is every
citizen's responsibility to elect their representatives. Arguments Against
Compulsory Voting. The leading argument against compulsory voting is that it is
not consistent ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

10. Compulsory voting

discussion, to review the arguments for and against compulsory voting used at
the times when it was introduced to the various electoral systems of Australia and
to ascertain how fifty years of experience has dealt with them. Compulsory voting
was introduced to Australia by the Denham Liberal. Government of Queensland ...
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

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