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1. The Latest Myths and Facts on Global Warming - Environmental

Oct 7, 2004 ... MYTH #9: Models cannot predict the climate many years in advance. 11. MYTH #
10: Models have many flaws that make them useless in predicting climate 11.
MYTH #11: The growth of emissions in the IPCC scenarios is unrealistically high.
11. MYTH #12: We can't trust global warming predictions since ...
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2. Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming? - Environmental

We do not know enough about the climate system to attribute the present global
warming to any specific cause. The Facts. It is true that the Earth's climate has ...
The Facts. The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) refers to a relatively warm period
lasting from about the 10th to the. 14th century.2 However, the initial evidence for
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3. impacts by degree -…

to climate change over centuries and millennia from near term emissions should
be read as assuming .... 5–10% less rainfall per degree in Mediterranean, SW
North America, southern Africa dry seasons. • 5–10% more rainfall per ..... the fact
that earth's “climate sensitivity”—the amount the world is expected to warm by ...
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4. NRDC: The Cost of Climate Change, fact sheet (pdf)

Phoenix, AZ. Bangkok, Thailand. +12. Miami, FL. No comparable city. +10. San
Juan, PR. No comparable city. +7. Source: IPCC, 2007; http://www.worldclimate.
com; authors' calculations. Global warming could cost the. United States more
than $1.9 trillion each year in hurricane damages, real estate losses, energy
costs, ...
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5. NRDC: Climate Change, Water, and Risk: Current Water Demands

the Midwest and South—particularly Florida—are found to face. Climate Change,
Water, and Risk: Current Water. Demands Are Not Sustainable. Water. Facts .... 4
Susceptibility to drought: Summer deficit is greater than 10 inches, and this water
requirement must be met through stored surface water, groundwater ...
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6. Fact Sheet (PDF - NRDC

Facts. Climate and Your Health: Addressing the Most Serious. Health Effects of
Climate Change. Science shows that climate change will affect human health
across the world. From diminished air quality and degradation of food and water
supplies to increasing levels of allergens and catastrophic weather events, we
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7. NRDC: The Cost of Climate Change, report (pdf)

The Cost of Climate Change: What We'll Pay if Global Warming Continues
Unchecked v. Hurricane Damages. Real Estate Losses. Energy-Sector Costs.
Water Costs. SUBTOTAL FOR. FOUR IMPACT*. In billions of 2006 dollars. 2025.
2050. 2075. 2100. $10. $43. $142. $422. $34. $80. $173. $360. $28. $47. $82.
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8. Chapter Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for

This Synthesis Report is based on the reports of the three Working Groups of the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ... Where appropriate, findings are
also formulated as statements of fact with- ... likely 66–100%, about as likely as
not 33–66%, unlikely 0–33%, very unlikely 0–10%, exceptionally unlikely 0–1%.
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9. Fossil Fuels & Global Warming -

Wildlife Refuge. BROKEN PROMISE #10. Fossil Fuels & Global Warming. Brad
Meiklejohn. Oil development interests insist that because “fossil fuels will
continue to provide the majority of the world's growing need for energy for
decades to come,”1 the continued development of new oil and gas resources is
critical.2 In fact, ...
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10. Climate Change Facts - Friends of the Earth

From the Met Office 'Warming – climate change: the facts' http://www.metoffice. The rise in global
surface temperature has averaged more than 0.15 °C per decade since the mid-
1970s. Central England temperatures have increased by 1. °C since the 1970s.
The 10 ...
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