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1. AB 60 Fact Sheet - DriversEd.com

What are the benefits of obtaining a valid driver license? A driver license allows
you to drive on California roads. You won't be arrested or given a ticket for driving
without a license, and your vehicle won't be impounded. A driver license can be
used as official identification when talking to a police officer. What documents ...
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2. AB 60 - Child Care Law Center

Bill Summary. AB 60 updates statewide child care income guidelines – frozen
since 2007 – by taking into account the increase in state minimum wage and cost
of living in California. This measure also establishes continuous affordable child
care and streamlines reporting requirements, minimizing disruptions for children,
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3. AB 60 info sheet - the County of Santa Clara

AB 60 Driver License. Fact Sheet. Starting January 1st, 2015 AB 60 driver's
licenses became available for Californian residents regardless of immigration
status. Applicants do not need to provide a social security number or proof of
legal presence in order to apply for an AB 60 driver's license. What are the
benefits of AB 60 ...
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4. AB 60 Fact Sheet - California Head Start Association

AB 60 establishes 12-month child care assistance and a graduated phase out
that allows for tapered assistance to families whose income has increased at the
time of re-determination, but still does not exceed the federal income limit of 85%
of State. Median Income (SMI). Existing Law. Title V of the California Code of ...
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5. ab 60 driver's licenses - the California State Library

Rights and Education Network; Univision; Western Center on Law and Poverty;
and public information ... AB 60 licensees. Although nongovernmental
stakeholders shared two instances of potential discrimination by California
businesses, the. Research Bureau found ...... “Fact Sheet: Results of the Notice of
Inquiry on Final.
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6. fact sheet - California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

CDCR Fact Sheet Page 1 fact sheet. For Informational Purposes. (916) 445-4950
. July 15, 2011. 2011 Public Safety Realignment. The cornerstone of California's
solution to reduce overcrowding, costs, and recidivism. Earlier this year,
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Assembly Bill (AB) 109 and AB 117,.
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7. AB 537 Fact Sheet - GSA Network

AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000,
changed California's Education Code by adding actual or perceived ... Look for
information on how to make a complaint ... the CDE is obligated to complete an
investigation within 60 days, and make a decision about whether the school
district has.
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8. AB 60 Driver's License - Immigrant Legal Resource Center

If I had a valid CA driver's license in the past, can I apply for a new one under AB
60? If you applied for a driver's license in the past using only correct information,
there should not be any problem in applying for an AB 60 license. Some people
who are undocumented may have applied for a driver's license before California
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9. AB 19 (Santiago) The California Community College Promise

Mar 10, 2017 ... AB 19 (Santiago). The California Community College Promise. Bill Summary. AB
19 creates the California Community College. (CCC) Promise Program to provide
tuition-free education ... For More Information ... 60% of Tennessee Promise
recipients are first in their family to go to college and 70% are from.
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10. California Foster Care Education Law Fact Sheets

California Foster Care. Education Law. Fact Sheets. Sixth Edition, June 2017.
California Foster Youth Educa. T Force .... with the 2015-16 fiscal year, under AB
854, the FYSC Programs coordinate and ensure that local educational agencies
within its ..... The CDE will then have 60 days to investigate and provide a written
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