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Angel: Reversed epub
<div><p>When Detective John Stonebrook’s friends hire a male stripper for his fortieth birthday party, his life takes a strange turn. For the stripper is Finn, a vibrant, <br>headstrong Angel who has accidentally been bound as the Guardian Angel of a serial killer, possibly the same killer who murdered John’s wife and daughter. <br>As John battles his unexpected feelings for this young and beautiful male, and as Finn struggles to protect a man who may be a murderer, they are hounded by creatures of the dark, who seek to drag both Angel and detective down to the horror of the Beneath. </p><p>Read all the book in the A:R Earth series! </p><p>Book 1: Angel: Reversed <br>Book 2: Angel: Redeemed <br>Book 3: Angel: Released</p><p>**</p></div>

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