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The Dead Yard: A Novel epub
<p>  McKinty’s literate, expertly crafted third crime novel, the sequel to Dead I Well May Be (2003), confirms his place as one of his generation’s leading talents. Five years after taking down a powerful Irish mobster, Belfast-born mercenary Michael Forsythe has a new identity and the chance at a new life, courtesy of the FBI. Unfortunately, while vacationing in Spain, Forsythe’s thrown into prison after a soccer match between the Irish and the Brits turns violent. Forsythe faces extradition to Mexico, where he’s a wanted man, unless he cuts a deal with a gorgeous British intelligence agent, Samantha Caudwell, to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell called the Sons of Cuchulainn. Based outside Boston and led by a pair of fanatic ex-IRA members, the SOC vows to ignore the IRA’s current cease-fire and to attack British targets in the States. Once again, Forsythe goes undercover, entering a shadowy world of subterfuge and deception. McKinty possesses a talent for pace and plot structure that belies his years. Dennis Lehane fans will definitely be pleased. </p> </div> </div> </div> <div class=’’bookitem
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