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Savage Splendor mobi
<div><p><strong>QUEEN OF LOVE</strong><br>As the wife of Tajarez, the mighty King of the Lagonda tribe, beautiful Mara Golden was respected and admired. But was she truly happy? By day she questioned her decision to remain in her husband’s world. By night, when Tajarez crushed her in his strong, muscular arms, taking her body to the highest peaks of rapture, she knew she could never live without him, she could never let him go... </p><p><strong>KING OF PASSION</strong><br>It was with great trepidation that Tajarez allowed Mara a brief visit with her people. What if she decided that she didn’t truly love him? What if she never returned? Anxiously he awaited her homecoming, longing to caress her soft creamy flesh again. But fate had other plans for the lovers when Mara disappeared without a trace!�</p><p>Nothing would stop him from finding his beloved -- nothing could keep them from reuniting in searing <b>SAVAGE SPLENDOR</b>.</p></div>

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