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956001. Water quality hazards and dispersion of pollutants
956002. Water quality and systems: a guide for facility managers
956003. Water pollution control: a guide to the use of water quality management principles
956004. Water dynamics in plant production
956005. Water contamination emergencies: can we cope?
956006. Water at the surface of the earth
956007. Water and wastewater finance and pricing: a comprehensive guide
956008. Water and the environment: innovation issues in irrigation and drainage
956009. Water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure management
956010. Waste treatment in the process industries
956011. Waste treatment and disposal
956012. Waste materials in construction: putting theory into practice: proceedings of the International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials, WASCON'97, Houthem St. Gerlach, the Netherlands, 4-6 June 1997
956013. Warming the world: economic models of global warming
956014. Metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
956015. Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering Volume 6
956016. Volcanic degassing
956017. Surface and interfacial organometallic chemistry and catalysis
956018. Dendrimer Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses, Properties, Applications
956019. The VLSI handbook
956020. Visual C++ .NET developer's guide
956021. Virtual testing and predictive modeling: for fatigue and fracture mechanics allowables
956022. Video data management and information retrieval
956023. Vibration simulation using MATLAB and ANSYS
956024. Vibration simulation using MATLAB and ANSYS
956025. Vibration: fundamentals and practice
956026. Vibrational spectra: principles and applications with emphasis on optical activity
956027. Vibration with control
956028. Vibration of Axially-Loaded Structures
956029. Very high multiplicity physics workshops: proceedings of the VHM physics workshops, JINR, Dubna, Russia, 17-19 September 2007
956030. Ventilation of Buildings
956031. Ventilation for control of the work environment
956032. Vehicular networks: from theory to practice
956033. Vector control: methods for use by individuals and communities
956034. Vascular embolotherapy: a comprehensive approach
956035. Variational methods in image segmentation: with seven image processing experiments
956036. Valve Amplifiers
956037. Valuation methods and policy making in environmental economics
956038. Vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy
956039. Vacuum technology: practice for scientific instruments
956040. Inorganic and organometallic polymers
956041. Urban forest acoustics
956042. Upscaling multiphase flow in porous media: from pore to core and beyond
956043. Unsteady aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and aeroelasticity of turbomachines
956044. Understanding GPS: principles and applications
956045. Understanding fluorescein angiography = fluoreszeinangiografie verstehen
956046. Understanding automotive electronics
956047. Understanding solids: the science of materials
956048. Underactuated Robotic Hands
956049. Unconventional superconductors: experimental investigation of the order-parameter symmetry
956050. Uncommon therapy: the psychiatric techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D
956051. Ultraviolet light in water and wastewater sanitation
956052. Ultrathin magnetic structures IV: applications of nanomagnetism
956053. Ultrathin magnetic structures ii: measurement techniques and novel magnetic properties
956054. Ultrasonics: data, equations, and their practical uses
956055. Resonant robotic systems
956056. Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation: engineering and biological material characterization
956057. Ultra-high frequency linear fiber optic systems
956058. Ultra-fine grained steels
956059. Ultrafine particles in the atmosphere
956060. Ultra low-power biomedical signal processing: an analog wavelet filter approach for pacemakers
956061. Ubiquitous cardiology: emerging wireless telemedical applications
956062. Two-dimensional optical spectroscopy
956063. Twelve-lead electrocardiography for ACLS providers
956064. Turnaround management
956065. Turbulence And Coherent Structures in Fluids, Plasmas And Nonlinear Medium
956066. Turbomachinery flow physics and dynamic performance
956067. Tunelling [sic] and tunnel mechanics: a rational approach to tunnelling
956068. Tubulin-binding agents: synthetic, structural and mechanistic insights
956069. Tsunami: the underrated hazard
956070. Troubleshooting process plant control
956071. Tropical dairy farming: feeding management for small holder dairy farmers in the humid tropics
956072. Tribology of diamond-like carbon films: fundamentals and applications
956073. Tribological design of machine elements
956074. The geometry of dynamical triangulations
956075. Trends in communication technologies and engineering science
956076. Trends in Drug Research II, Proceedings of the 11th Noordwijkerhout-Camerino Symposium
956077. Trends in colloid and interface science VII
956078. Trauma--an engineering analysis: with medical case studies investigation
956079. Transportation systems planning: methods and applications
956080. Transport phenomena data companion
956081. Transport phenomena and unit operations: a combined approach
956082. Transoesophageal echocardiography in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine
956083. Transmission electron microscopy: a textbook for materials science
956084. Transmission and distribution: electrical engineering
956085. Transition metals in supramolecular chemistry
956086. Transition metal reagents and catalysts: innovations in organic synthesis
956087. Transition metal reagents and catalysts: innovations in organic synthesis
956088. Trading to win: the psychology of mastering the markets
956089. Trace fossil analysis
956090. Topology in ordered phases: proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on TOP 2005, Sapporo, Japan, 7 - 10 March, 2005
956091. Topology control in wireless sensor networks: with a companion simulation tool for teaching and research
956092. Tissue engineering using ceramics and polymers
956093. The magnetocaloric effect and its applications
956094. TiO2 Nanotube Arrays: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
956095. Time-domain computer analysis of nonlinear hybrid systems
956096. Time-domain beamforming and blind source separation: speech input in the car environment
956097. Three-Dimensional Models of Marine and Estuarine Dynamics
956098. IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis of Fracture: proceedings of the IUTAM symposium held in Cambridge, UK, 3-7 September 1995
956099. Thinking: psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgment, and decision making
956100. Thinking fluid dynamics with dolphins
956101. Thin-film crystalline silicon solar cells: physics and technology
956102. Thin-film optical filters
956103. Thin films of soft matter
956104. Thermodynamics of solutions: from gases to pharmaceutics to proteins
956105. Thermochemical data of elements and compounds
956106. Thermal transport for applications in micro/nanomachining
956107. Thermal Remote Sensing in Land Surface Processes
956108. Thermal design of electronic equipment
956109. Thermal data for natural and synthetic fuels
956110. Thermal stress resistance of materials
956111. Thermal analysis of polymers: fundamentals and applications
956112. Therapeutic Strategies in Lipid Disorders
956113. Quick reference neuroscience for rehabilitation professionals: the essential neurologic principles underlying rehabilitation practice
956114. Theory of Program Structures: Schemes, Semantics, Verification
956115. Theory of Bridge Aerodynamics
956116. Theory and approach of information retrievals from electromagnetic scattering and remote sensing
956117. Theory of adaptive fiber composites: from piezoelectric material behavior to dynamics of rotating structures
956118. Theoretical nuclear physics in Italy: proceedings of the 11th Conference on Problems in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Cortona, Italy, 11 - 14 October, 2006
956119. Theoretical and computational acoustics 2005: Hangzhou, China, 19-22 September 2005
956120. The Vienna Development Method: The Meta-Language
956121. The vascular endothelium
956122. The treatment of obsessions
956123. The transform and data compression handbook
956124. The theory of laser materials processing: heat and mass transfer in modern technology
956125. The stripline circulator: theory and practice
956126. The Sound of Silence: Lowest-Noise RIAA Phono-Amps: Designer's Guide
956127. The shaggy steed of physics: mathematical beauty in the physical world
956128. The scientist and engineer's guide to digital signal processing
956129. The science of laboratory diagnosis
956130. The role of the chemist in automotive design
956131. The RF transmission systems handbook
956132. The public relations handbook
956133. The physics of semiconductors: an introduction including devices and nanophysics
956134. The physics of semiconductor microcavities: from fundamentals to nanoscale devices
956135. The physics and modeling of MOSFETS: surface-potential model HiSIM
956136. The Optics problem solver
956137. The ocean engineering handbook
956138. The mechanics of piezoelectric structures
956139. The mechanics of nonlinear systems with internal resonances
956140. The mathematical theory of cosmic strings: cosmic strings in the wire approximation
956141. The management of construction: a project life cycle approach
956142. The illustrated wavelet transform handbook: introductory theory and applications in science, engineering, medicine, and finance
956143. The handbook of patient safety compliance: a practical guide for health care organizations
956144. The haemophilic joints: new perspectives
956145. The great beyond: higher dimensions, parallel universes and the extraordinary search for a theory of everything
956146. Gas turbine engineering handbook
956147. The fundamentals of signal transmission: in line, waveguide, fibre, and free space
956148. The Fourier transform and its applications
956149. The foundations of quantum mechanics: historical analysis and open questions - Cesena 2004; Cesena, Italy, 4 - 9 October 2004
956150. The finite element method for fluid dynamics
956151. The female pelvic floor: function, dysfunction, and management according to the integral theory
956152. The Facts on File encyclopedia of health and medicine
956153. The essence of dielectric waveguides
956154. Control by phosphorylation: general features, specific enzymes (I) part_A
956155. The encyclopedia of grasses for livable landscapes
956156. The dynamics of marine craft: maneuvering and seakeeping
956157. The diabetic foot
956158. The designer's guide to jitter in ring oscillators
956159. The design of innovation: lessons from and for competent genetic algorithms
956160. The crystal as a supramolecular entity
956161. The combined finite-discrete element method
956162. The circuitry of the human spinal cord: its role in motor control and movement disorders
956163. The basics of sociology
956164. The Ayurveda encyclopedia: natural secrets to healing, prevention & longevity
956165. The avionics handbook
956166. The Avid handbook: advanced techniques, strategies, and survival information for Avid editing systems
956167. The ambiguity of teaching to the test: standards, assessment, and educational reform
956168. Haze
956169. The 3G IP multimedia subsystem (IMS): merging the Internet and the cellular worlds
956170. Red Hat Linux X: the complete reference
956171. The water framework directive: ecological and chemical status monitoring
956172. The water environment of cities
956173. The treatment of epilepsy
956174. The science of chocolate
956175. The public image of chemistry
956176. The protein protocols handbook
956177. The new environmental regulation
956178. The NALCO water handbook
956179. The management of water quality and irrigation technologies
956180. The lock-and-key principle: the state of the art--100 years on
956181. The lakes handbook/ 1, Limnology and limnetic ecology
956182. The forests handbook/ 1, An overview of forest science
956183. Food Chemistry Laboratory: A Manual for Experimental Foods
956184. The Impact of Nitrogen Deposition on Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems
956185. The Facts on File biology handbook
956186. The essential handbook of ground-water sampling
956187. The environment as hazard
956188. The Engineer's cost handbook: tools for managing project costs
956189. The encyclopedia of vitamins, minerals, and supplements
956190. The encyclopedia of sleep and sleep disorders
956191. The effects of sterilization methods on plastics and elastomers: the definitive user's guide and databook
956192. The effects of air pollution on the built environment
956193. The effects of air pollution on cultural heritage
956194. The economics of groundwater remediation and protection
956195. The CRC handbook of thermal engineering
956196. The chemistry of phenols
956197. The chemistry of organomagnesium compounds
956198. The chemistry of organic germanium, tin, and lead compounds
956199. The chemistry of organic germanium, tin, and lead compounds
956200. Synthesis of inorganic materials
956201. The chemistry of enamines
956202. The chemistry of dienes and polyenes
956203. The chemistry of dienes and polyenes
956204. The chemical laboratory: its design and operation: a practical guide for planners of industrial, medical, or educational facilities
956205. The analysis of tidal stream power
956206. Textile finishing chemicals: an industrial guide
956207. Handbook of research on text and Web mining techologies
956208. Tetraplegia and paraplegia: a guide for physiotherapists
956209. Testing of concrete in structures
956210. Test pattern generation using Boolean proof engines
956211. Terahertz frequency detection and identification of materials and objects: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Terahertz Frequency Detection and Identification of Materials and Objects, Spiez, Switzerland, 7 - 11 July 2006]
956212. Tensors in image processing and computer vision
956213. Tensile surface structures a practical guide to cable and membrane construction; materials, design, assembly and erection
956214. Tensegrity systems
956215. Tellurite glasses handbook: physical properties and data
956216. Telemetry systems engineering
956217. Radar technology encyclopedia
956218. Technology, design and process innovation in the built environment
956219. Techniques of scientific computing for the energy and environment
956220. Techniques and applications for advanced information privacy and security: emerging organizational, ethical, and human issues
956221. Teaching psychology: a step by step guide
956222. Taylor's cardiovascular diseases: a handbook
956223. Guide to energy management
956224. Solutions manual for Guide to energy management, fifth edition
956225. Taxonomies for the development and verification of digital systems
956226. Target detection by marine radar
956227. Non-viral gene therapy: gene design and delivery
956228. Rescue robotics: DDT project on robots and systems for urban search and rescue
956229. Systems of commercial turbofan engines: an introduction to systems functions
956230. Systems engineering with SDL: developing performance-critical communications systems
956231. Systems analysis and design for advanced modeling methods: best practices
956232. System-Level Modeling and Design Space Exploration for Multiprocessor Embedded System-on-Chip Architectures
956233. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
956234. Synthesis of arithmetic circuits: FPGA, ASIC, and embedded systems
956235. Syntactic pattern recognition for seismic oil exploration
956236. Synchrotron radiation in chemistry and biology/ 2
956237. Introducing AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009
956238. Switchmode RF power amplifiers
956239. Sustainable energy production and consumption: benefits, strategies and environmental costing
956240. Sustainability of rice in the global food system
956241. Suspension acoustics: an introduction to the physics of suspensions
956242. Surfactants Europe: a directory of surface active agents available in Europe
956243. Surfactants and polymers in aqueous solution
956244. Surfactant science and technology
956245. Surface plasmon resonance based sensors
956246. Surface phenomena in fusion welding processes
956247. Surface Modification And Mechanisms: Friction, Stress And Reaction Engineering
956248. Surface enhanced Raman vibrational studies at solid/gas interfaces
956249. Surface charging and points of zero charge
956250. Surface analysis with STM and AFM: experimental and theoretical aspects of image analysis
956251. Surface Operations in Petroleum Production, I
956252. Surface Operations in Petroleum Production, II
956253. Surface Alloys and Alloys Surfaces
956254. Surface and nanomolecular catalysis
956255. Supramolecular organometallic chemistry
956256. Supramolecular technology
956257. Supramolecular control of structure and reactivity
956258. Supramolecular chemistry: fundamentals and applications: advanced textbook
956259. Supported metals in catalysis
956260. Supported catalysts and their applications
956261. Superionic Conductor Physics Proceedings of the 1st International Discussion Meeting on Superionic Conductor Physics Kyoto, Japan, 10-14 September 2003
956262. Superconductivity: fundamentals and applications
956263. The sulfur problem: cleaning up industrial feedstocks
956264. Sudden death in infancy, childhood, and adolescence
956265. Successful service design for telecommunications: a comprehensive guide to design and implementation
956266. Subsurface sediment mobilization
956267. Pedogenesis and soil taxonomy
956268. Structure determination of organic compounds: tables of spectral data
956269. Structure determination of organic compounds: tables of spectral data
956270. Structural steel designer's handbook
956271. Structural steel designer's handbook
956272. Structural optimization
956273. Structural design of polymer composites: EUROCOMP design code and handbook
956274. Structural and stress analysis
956275. Structural analysis: with applications to aerospace structures
956276. Structural renovation in concrete
956277. Structural control for civil and infrastructure engineering: proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on structural control: Paris, France 6-8 July 2000
956278. Strongly correlated systems, coherence and entanglement
956279. Strength of materials: a unified theory
956280. Strategies in regenerative medicine: integrating biology with materials design
956281. Stochastic dynamics of reacting biomolecules
956282. Stirring: theory and practice
956283. Steelwork corrosion control
956284. Steels: metallurgy and applications
956285. Steelwork corrosion control
956286. Steelwork corrosion control
956287. Steel framed structures
956288. Stealing the network: the complete series collector's edition
956289. Statistics applied to clinical trials
956290. Statistical techniques for data analysis
956291. Statistical methods for forecasting
956292. Statistical methods for comparative studies: techniques for bias reduction
956293. Statistical quality control for the food industry
956294. Statistical aspects of the design and analysis of clinical trials
956295. Static timing analysis for nanometer designs: a practical approach
956296. Starch: advances in structure and function
956297. Standardization and Quality Assurance in Fluorescence Measurements I: Techniques
956298. Standard handbook of machine design
956299. Standard handbook of broadcast engineering
956300. Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers
956301. Stability and Convergence of Mechanical Systems with Unilateral Constraints
956302. Stability analysis of nonlinear microwave circuits
956303. The Stability of minerals
956304. Cancer in adolescents and young adults
956305. Sputtering by particle bombardment: experiments and computer calculations from threshold to MeV energies
956306. SPSS explained
956307. Characterization of corrosion products on steel surfaces
956308. Scientific methods in mobile robotics: quantitative analysis of agent behaviour
956309. Perception-based data processing in acoustics: applications to music information retrieval and psychophysiology of hearing
956310. Knowledge representation and the semantics of natural language: with 258 figures, 23 tables and CD-ROM
956311. Theoretical femtosecond physics: atoms and molecules in strong laser fields
956312. Domain Decomposition Methods — Algorithms and Theory
956313. Coordination of large-scale multiagent systems
956314. Modeling Chemical Systems Using Cellular Automata
956315. Statistical tools for finance and insurance
956316. Multiobjective evolutionary algorithms and applications
956317. Make and test projects in engineering design: creativity, engagement and learning
956318. Encyclopaedia of scientific units, weights, and measures: their SI equivalences and origins
956319. Network models and optimization: multiobjective genetic algorithm approach
956320. The sports injuries handbook: diagnosis and management
956321. Sport aerodynamics
956322. Spiny lobster management
956323. Spin Physics in Semiconductors
956324. Spices. Flavor chemistry & antioxidant properities
956325. Speech coding algorithms: foundation and evolution of standardized coders
956326. Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earths in Optical Materials
956327. Spectrophotometry and spectrofluorimetry: a practical approach
956328. Spectral method in multiaxial random fatigue
956329. Spatial representation and reasoning for robot mapping: a shape-based approach
956330. Spatial awareness of autonomous embedded systems
956331. Spacecraft power technologies
956332. Sound synthesis and sampling
956333. Sound and vibrations of positive displacement compressors
956334. Sharing a vision: systems and algorithms for collaboratively-teleoperated robotic cameras
956335. Solid-state photoemission and related methods: theory and experiment
956336. Solid/liquid separation: scale-up of industrial equipment
956337. Soldering in electronics assembly
956338. Solar revolution: the economic transformation of the global energy industry
956339. Solar Image Analysis and Visualization
956340. Solar energy engineering: processes and systems
956341. Soil physics with BASIC: transport models for soil-plant systems
956342. Soil and rock construction materials
956343. Soil liquefaction: a critical state approach
956344. Software product lines: research issues in engineering and management
956345. Soft matter under exogenic impacts
956346. Physics of ionized gases
956347. Smart Sensing and Context: Second European Conference, EuroSSC 2007, Kendal, England, October 23-25, 2007. Proceedings
956348. Smart devices and machines for advanced manufacturing
956349. Smart material systems and MEMS: design and development methodologies
956350. Separation, purification and identification
956351. Small gas engines
956352. Sliding mode control in engineering
956353. Sleep apnea: current diagnosis and treatment
956354. The art & science of JavaScript
956355. Microoptics
956356. Single-molecule optical detection, imaging and spectroscopy
956357. Simulation-based case studies in logistics: education and applied research
956358. Simulation modeling handbook: a practical approach
956359. Simulation techniques in financial risk management
956360. Silurian Reefs of Gotland
956361. Silicon RF power MOSFETS
956362. Silicon Photonics
956363. Silicon carbide microelectromechanical systems for harsh environments
956364. Silicon biochemistry
956365. QuiРњРѓmica general
956366. Molecular analysis of plant adaptation to the environment
956367. Signal treatment and signal analysis in NMR
956368. Signal integrity and radiated emission of high-speed digital systems
956369. Signal analysis: wavelets, filter banks, time-frequency transforms, and applications
956370. Short-range wireless communications: emerging technologies and applications
956371. Shock wave reflection phenomena
956372. Shock wave science and technology reference library
956373. Ship-shaped Offshore Installations: Design, Building, and Operation
956374. Shipping and ports in the twenty-first century: globalisation, technological change and the environment
956375. Functionally graded materials: nonlinear analysis of plates and shells
956376. Hydroclimatology: perspectives and applications
956377. Shape and functional elements of the bulk silicon microtechnique: a manual of wet-etched silicon structures
956378. Peptides: chemistry and biology
956379. Services and business computing solutions with XML: applications for quality management and best processes
956380. Diagnostic techniques in genetics
956381. Serotonin and sleep: molecular, functional and clinical aspects
956382. Separations and reactions in organic supramolecular chemistry
956383. Separation Methods
956384. Sensors and Microsystems: proceedings of the 11th Italian Conference; Lecce, Italy, 8 - 10 February 2006
956385. Sensitivity analysis in linear regression
956386. Ultrafast physical processes in semiconductors
956387. CW Beam Processing of Silicon and Other Semiconductors
956388. Semiconductor optical amplifiers
956389. Semiconductor modeling for simulating signal, power, and electromagnetic integrity
956390. Semiconductor lasers
956391. Semantic mining technologies for multimedia databases
956392. Selling solar: the diffusion of renewable energy in emerging markets
956393. A fragrant introduction to terpenoid chemistry
956394. Selective estrogen receptor modulators: a new brand of multitarget drugs
956395. Selection methods in plant breeding
956396. Seismic Interferometry
956397. Sedimentology and stratigraphy
956398. Sedimentation Models and Quantitative Stratigraphy
956399. Secretory structures of aromatic and medicinal plants: a review and atlas of micrographs
956400. Second-order nonlinear optical characterization techniques: an introduction
956401. Step-growth polymerization process modeling and product design
956402. Seabed fluid flow: the impact on geology, biology and the marine environment
956403. Sea-level changes and their effects
956404. An atlas of back pain
956405. Polymers and the environment
956406. Scientific Computing with MATLAB
956407. Scientific evidence for musculoskeletal, bariatric, and sports nutrition
956408. Science and technology in medicine: an illustrated account based on ninety-nine landmark publications from five centuries
956409. The science of low energy nuclear reaction: a comprehensive compilation of evidence and explanations about cold fusion
956410. Nuclear and radiochemistry: fundamentals and applications
956411. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of feedback and control systems
956412. Scaling limits in statistical mechanics and microstructures in continuum mechanics
956413. Scaling and disordered systems: international workshop and collection of articles honoring Professor Antonio Coniglio on the occasion of his 60th birthday
956414. Satellite technology: principles and applications
956415. Mobile WiMAX: toward broadband wireless metropolitan area networks
956416. Satellite remote sensing for archaeology
956417. Satellite radar interferometry: subsidence monitoring techniques
956418. Satellite communications
956419. Satellite radar interferometry: subsidence monitoring techniques
956420. Satellite aerosol remote sensing over land
956421. SAT-based scalable formal verification solutions
956422. SAS system for elementary statistical analysis
956423. SAS(R) programming by example
956424. Sampling methods, remote sensing and GIS multiresource forest inventory
956425. Safety at work
956426. Safe management of wastes from health-care activities
956427. Synthetic polymers for biotechnology and medicine
956428. Run-to-run control in semiconductor manufacturing
956429. Rules of thumb for chemical engineers: a manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems
956430. Rubber recycling
956431. Root cause analysis: improving performance for bottom-line results
956432. Rotational molding technology
956433. Rotating hydraulics: nonlinear topographic effects in the ocean and atmosphere
956434. Room acoustics
956435. Rocket and spacecraft propulsion: principles, practice and new developments
956436. Rock slope engineering: civil and mining
956437. Rock fractures and fluid flow: contemporary understanding and applications
956438. Robust statistics
956439. Robust industrial control systems: optimal design approach for polynomial systems
956440. Robust Control of Linear Systems Subject to Uncertain Time-Varying Parameters
956441. Robust control for uncertain networked control systems with random delays
956442. Robust regression and outlier detection
956443. Robotics: state of the art and future challenges
956444. Robotics and automation handbook
956445. Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation
956446. Robotic mapping and exploration
956447. Robot Motion and Control: Recent Developments
956448. Road user charging and electronic toll collection
956449. RNA Towards Medicine
956450. Risk-sensitive land use planning towards reduced seismic disaster vulnerability; the case of Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines
956451. Risk of arrhythmia and sudden death
956452. Risk and insurance in construction
956453. Rice genetics: proceedings... ..
956454. Rheology: principles, measurements, and applications
956455. RF/microwave circuit design for wireless applications
956456. RF radiation safety handbook
956457. RF Power Amplifiers
956458. RF imperfections in high-rate wireless systems: impact and digital compensation
956459. Radio-frequency and microwave communication circuits: analysis and design
956460. RF circuit design
956461. The RF and microwave handbook
956462. Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology
956463. Reverse chemical genetics: methods and protocols
956464. Retinal development
956465. Retinal and choroidal angiogenesis
956466. Rethinking implicit memory
956467. Retention and Selectivity in Liquid Chromatography: Prediction, Standardisation and Phase Comparisons
956468. Restoration of contaminated aquifers: petroleum hydrocarbons and organic compounds
956469. Resistance welding: fundamentals and applications
956470. Residual stress measurement and the slitting method
956471. Reservoir simulation: mathematical techniques in oil recovery
956472. Reservoir formation damage: fundamentals, modeling, assessment, and mitigation
956473. Reservoir formation damage: fundamentals, modeling, assessment, and mitigation
956474. Research and development of vaccines and pharmaceuticals from biotechnology: a guide to effective project management, patenting, and product registration
956475. Representations for genetic and evolutionary algorithms
956476. Repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures
956477. Renewables-based technology: sustainability assessment
956478. Renewable energy sources
956479. Renewable energy in power systems
956480. Remote sensing of snow and ice
956481. Remote sensing for sustainable forest management
956482. Remediation hydraulics
956483. Religion, culture and mental health
956484. Reliability-Based Design in Geotechnical Engineering: Computations and Applications
956485. Reliability modeling, analysis and optimization
956486. Reliability and statistics in geotechnical engineering
956487. Reliability, quality, and safety for engineers
956488. Relational management and display of site environmental data
956489. Reinforced concrete design with FRP composites
956490. Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
956491. Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings
956492. Refrigeration systems and applications
956493. Refractive lens surgery: with 11 tables; [DVD-ROM included]
956494. Reflexive polymers and hydrogels: understanding and designing fast responsive polymeric systems
956495. Reflexing interfaces: the complex coevolution of information technology ecosystems
956496. Reflections on water: new approaches to transboundary conflicts and cooperation
956497. Redox systems under nano-space control
956498. Rectal prolapse: diagnosis and clinical management
956499. Reconstruction of chaotic signals with applications to chaos-based communications
956500. Reconstructing Earth: technology and environment in the age of humans
956501. Reconfigurable computing: the theory and practice of FPGA-based computation
956502. Rechargeable batteries applications handbook
956503. Recent developments of electrical drives: best papers from the International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM'04
956504. Recent advances in intelligent control systems
956505. Recent advances in anaesthesia and intensive care. 22
956506. Recent advances in gas separation by microporous ceramic membranes
956507. Recent advances in basic and applied aspects of industrial catalysis: proceedings of 13th National Symposium and Silver Jubilee Symposium of Catalysis of India, Dehradun, India, April 2-4, 1997
956508. Real-time stability assessment in modern power system control centers
956509. Real gas flows with high velocities
956510. Reactivity and transport of heavy metals in soils
956511. Reactive polymers fundamentals and applications: a concise guide to industrial polymers
956512. Reactive Flow Modeling of Hydrothermal Systems
956513. Reactive distillation design and control
956514. Reaction mechanisms in environmental organic chemistry
956515. Arsenic pollution: a global synthesis
956516. Rationale management in software engineering
956517. Rate equations of polymerization reactions
956518. Forensic structural engineering handbook
956519. Rarefied gas dynamics: fundamentals, simulations and micro flows
956520. Rare earth oxide thin films: growth, characterization, and applications
956521. Rapid detection assays for food and water
956522. Rapid prototyping of digital systems
956523. Rapid manufacturing: an industrial revolution for the digital age
956524. Rapid and on-line instrumentation for food quality assurance
956525. Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
956526. Raman spectroscopy for soft matter applications
956527. Raman spectroscopy for chemical analysis
956528. Railroad vehicle dynamics: a computational approach
956529. Physics for medical imaging applications
956530. Radionuclide concentrations in food and the environment
956531. Radioisotope gauges for industrial process measurements
956532. Radio-frequency and microwave communication circuits: analysis and design
956533. Radio network planning and optimisation for UMTS
956534. Radio communication handbook
956535. Radiative processes in atomic physics
956536. Radiation effects and soft errors in integrated circuits and electronic devices
956537. Radiation technology for polymers
956538. Radar technology encyclopedia
956539. Radar techniques using array antennas
956540. MATLAB simulations for radar systems design
956541. Radar systems analysis and design using Matlab
956542. Radar handbook
956543. Radar and laser cross section engineering
956544. Environmental forensics: principles & applications
956545. Method performance studies for speciation analysis
956546. Quantum computing: a short course from theory to experiment
956547. Quantitative seismic interpretation: applying rock physics tools to reduce interpretation risk
956548. Optimization of Chromatographic Selectivity: A Guide to Method Development
956549. For Laboratory Analyses and On-Line Process Control
956550. Quanta, logic and spacetime
956551. QSAR: Hansch analysis and related approaches
956552. QRD-RLS adaptive filtering
956553. Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry of Recent and Fossil Biomaterials: Compendium and Atlas
956554. Sustainable groundwater development
956555. Pyridine and its derivatives
956556. The chemistry of fragrances
956557. Pump users handbook
956558. Pump Users Handbook Life Extension
956559. Pump handbook
956560. Pump user's handbook: life extension
956561. Pulsed power
956562. The psychology of emotion: from everyday life to theory
956563. Psychology in diabetes care
956564. PSpice: a tutorial
956565. Protocols for micropropagation of woody trees and fruits
956566. Protein Interaction Networks: Computational Analysis
956567. Protein engineering in industrial biotechnology
956568. Bioinformatics--from genomes to drugs
956569. Properties Tables Booklet for Thermal Fluids Engineering
956570. Properties of semiconductor alloys: group-IV, III-V and II-VI semiconductors
956571. Propagation handbook for wireless communication system design
956572. Proliferation of the Internet economy: e-commerce for global adoption, resistance, and cultural evolution
956573. Project risk management guidelines: managing risk in large projects and complex procurements
956574. Progress in ultrafast intense laser science 4
956575. Progress in ultrafast intense laser science 1
956576. Progress in nonlinear analysis research
956577. Progress in nano-electro-optics 6. Nano optical probing, manipulation, analysis, and their theoretical bases
956578. Progress in experimental and theoretical studies of clusters
956579. Programming Ruby: the pragmatic programmers' guide; [includes Ruby 1.8]
956580. Analytical Profiles of Drug Substances, Vol. 8
956581. Product safety evaluation handbook
956582. Processing fruits: science and technology
956583. Process selection: from design to manufacture
956584. Process scale liquid chromatography
956585. Process modelling and simulation with finite element methods
956586. Process control engineering
956587. Process scale purification of antibodies
956588. Model form of conditions of contract for process plant: suitable for Reimbursable contracts
956589. Problems and solutions on electromagnetism: major American University Ph.D. qualifying questions and solutions
956590. Problems & solutions in scientific computing: with C++ and Java simulations
956591. Probability and SchroМ€dinger's mechanics
956592. Probability and random processes for electrical and computer engineers
956593. Probability: a graduate course
956594. Probabilistic safety assessment in the chemical and nuclear industries
956595. Principles of terahertz science and technology
956596. The principles of semiconductor laser diodes and amplifiers: analysis and transmission line laser modeling
956597. Principles of laser materials processing
956598. Principles of engineering mechanics
956599. Principles of charged particle acceleration
956600. Principles and practice of clinical bacteriology
956601. Principles and practice of clinical bacteriology
956602. Principles and applications of positron & positronium chemistry
956603. Principles and applications of emulsion polymerization
956604. Principles of polymerization
956605. Principles of occupational health & hygiene: an introduction
956606. Principles of metal manufacturing processes
956607. Principles of mass spectrometry applied to biomolecules
956608. Principles of hyperplasticity: an approach to plasticity theory based on thermodynamic principles
956609. Principles of food, beverage, and labor cost controls
956610. Principles of environmental sciences
956611. Principles of engineering manufacture
956612. Principles of biochemical toxicology
956613. Principles of air quality management
956614. Principles and practice of variable pressure/environmental scanning electron microscopy
956615. Primary retinal detachment: options for repair
956616. Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paints
956617. Pipe drafting and design
956618. Prescribing adult intravenous nutrition
956619. Preparation of compounds labeled with tritium and carbon-14
956620. Telecommunications survival guide
956621. Analog electronics with LabVIEW
956622. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
956623. Predictive functional control: principles and industrial applications
956624. Prediction of turbulent flows
956625. Precast concrete: materials, manufacture, properties, and usage
956626. Precambrian Continental Crust and its Economic Resources
956627. Prebiotics and probiotics science and technology
956628. Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics
956629. Practical stress analysis in engineering design
956630. Practical recording techniques: the step-by-step approach to professional audio recording
956631. Practical railway engineering
956632. Practical radio engineering and telemetry for industry
956633. Practical problems in VLSI physical design automation
956634. Practical power distribution for industry
956635. Practical mathematical optimization: an introduction to basic optimization theory and classical and new gradient-based algorithms
956636. Practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance
956637. Practical heat treating
956638. Practical guide to the low voltage directive
956639. Practical grounding, bonding, shielding and surge protection
956640. Practical fiber optics
956641. Practical embedded controllers: design and troubleshooting with the Motorola 68HC11
956642. Practical digital signal processing for engineers and technicians
956643. Practical data acquisition for instrumentation and control systems
956644. Practical data acquisition for instrumentation and control systems
956645. Practical guidelines for the analysis of seawater
956646. Practical batch process management
956647. Practical aspects of finite element modelling of polymer processing
956648. Practical applications of soft computing in engineering
956649. Power vacuum tubes handbook
956650. Power system relaying
956651. Power system dynamics: stability and control
956652. Power hybrid circuit design and manufacture
956653. The power electronics handbook
956654. Power electronics handbook
956655. Powders and solids: developments in handling and processing technologies
956656. Poultry meat processing
956657. Cosmetics
956658. Potassium Transport: Physiology and Pathophysiology
956659. Positron emission tomography: basic sciences
956660. Serious fun with flexagons: a compendium and guide
956661. Polymers, phosphors, and voltaics for radioisotope microbatteries
956662. Polymeric gene delivery: principles and applications
956663. Polymeric foams: mechanisms and materials
956664. Polymer synthesis: theory and practice: fundamentals, methods, experiments
956665. Polymer solutions: an introduction to physical properties
956666. Polymer modification
956667. Optimization of Chromatographic Selectivity: A Guide to Method Development
956668. Polymer blends handbook
956669. Polymer blends handbook
956670. Pollution prevention through process integration: systematic design tools
956671. Pollination ecology and the rain forest: Sarawak studies
956672. Policy and strategic behaviour in water resource management
956673. Polarized sources and targets: proceedings of the ninth international workshop; Nashville, Indiana, USA, 30 September-4 October, 2001
956674. Polarization Holography
956675. Polarization engineering for LCD projection
956676. Polarization effects in semiconductors: from ab initio theory to device applications
956677. Polarimetric radar imaging: from basics to applications
956678. Pocket atlas of ophthalmology
956679. PNF in practice: an illustrated guide
956680. Plum and Posner's diagnosis of stupor and coma
956681. Selective sentinel lymphadenectomy for human solid cancer
956682. Plastics for Corrosion Inhibition
956683. Plastics and the environment
956684. Plastics additives: an industrial guide
956685. Plastics: Microstructure and engineering applications
956686. Plasticity and signal representation in the auditory system
956687. Plasmids for therapy and vaccination
956688. Processing of metals and alloys
956689. Plasma processes and polymers
956690. The plasma boundary of magnetic fusion devices
956691. Plasma polarization spectroscopy
956692. Plantwide process control
956693. Plants and the chemical elements: biochemistry, uptake, tolerance and toxicity
956694. Plant engineers and managers guide to energy conservation
956695. Plant biopolymer science: food and non-food applications
956696. Planning under pressure: the strategic choice approach
956697. Planning and socioeconomic applications
956698. Planar double-gate transistor: from technology to circuit
956699. PIV and water waves
956700. Piping handbook
956701. Pipeline rules of thumb handbook: quick and accurate solutions to your everyday pipeline problems
956702. Pipeline engineering
956703. Pipeflow Analysis
956704. Pipe drafting and design
956705. Pile design and construction practice
956706. The pigment compendium: a dictionary of historical pigments
956707. PID trajectory tracking control for mechanical systems
956708. PID control for multivariable processes
956709. PID control: new identification and design methods
956710. Physics of multiantenna systems and broadband processing
956711. Physics and modeling of tera-and nano-devices
956712. Physics and applications of semiconductor quantum structures: proceedings of the International Workshop on Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Quantum Structures (Asian Science Seminar), Cheju Island, Korea, October 18-23, 1998
956713. Advanced thermodynamics for engineers
956714. Physics of strength and fracture control: adaptation of engineering materials and structures
956715. Physics of strength and fracture control: adaptation of engineering materials and structures
956716. Physics of photorefraction in polymers
956717. Physics of functional materials
956718. Physics and applications of dilute nitrides
956719. Physics, chemistry, and application of nanostructures: reviews and short notes to Nanomeeting 2003: Minsk, Belarus, 20-23 May 2003
956720. Physics, chemistry and application of nanostructures: review and short notes to Nanomeeting-2001: Minsk, Belarus 22-25 May 2001
956721. Physicochemical hydrodynamics: an introduction
956722. Physical testing of rubber
956723. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum Computation: Sydney, Australia, 16-19 January 2001
956724. Physical limitations of semiconductor devices
956725. Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, Second Edition
956726. Photosynthesis and the environment
956727. Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications II: Survey of Applications
956728. Photons and nonlinear optics
956729. Photonic crystals: towards nanoscale photonic devices
956730. Photonic crystals: physics and technology
956731. Photo-induced metastability in amorphous semiconductors
956732. Photocatalysis: science and technology
956733. Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - New Series / Molecules and Radicals Part 1
956734. Phosphorous Heterocycles I
956735. Phase-modulated optical communication systems
956736. Phased array antennas
956737. Pharmacology and therapeutics of cough
956738. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation
956739. Pharmacokinetic profiling in drug research: biological, physicochemical, and computational strategies
956740. Pharmaceutical packaging technology
956741. Pharmaceutical perspectives of nucleic acid-based therapeutics
956742. Pharmaceutical manufacturing encyclopedia
956743. Pharmaceutical applications of Raman spectroscopy
956744. Phacoemulsification
956745. Marine Interfaces Ecohydrodynamics
956746. Petroleum geology of the South Caspian Basin
956747. Petroleum geology of Africa: new themes and developing technologies
956748. Petroleum Engineering Handbook. Emerging and Peripheral Technologies
956749. Petroleum Engineering Handbook. Drilling Engineering
956750. Petroleum engineering handbook 1-Facilities and Construction Engineering
956751. Pesticide, veterinary and other residues in food
956752. Pesticide, veterinary and other residues in food
956753. Perspectives on LHC physics
956754. Perspectives in quantum Hall effects: novel quantum liquids in low-dimensional semiconductor structures
956755. Personality and intellectual competence
956756. Personal Recovery and Mental Illness: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
956757. Percolation theory for flow in porous media
956758. Spinors and space-time. Spinor and twistor methods in space-time geometry
956759. Sports cardiology casebook
956760. Petroleum engineering handbook, Indexes and Standards
956761. Petroleum engineering handbook, Production Operations Engineering
956762. Pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, genetics with 26 tables
956763. Pediatric neuropathology: a text-atlas
956764. PC audio editing: for broadcast, desktop, and CD audio production
956765. Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication: Theory and Experiments
956766. Data modeling for metrology and testing in measurement science
956767. Pasta and semolina technology
956768. Passive and active network measurement: 8th international conference, PAM 2007, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, April 5-6, 2007: proceedings
956769. Parts selection and management
956770. Particles, bubbles & drops: their motion, heat and mass transfer
956771. Particles, bubbles & drops: their motion, heat and mass transfer
956772. Particle image velocimetry: a practical guide
956773. Particle image velocimetry: new developments and recent applications
956774. Particle deposition and aggregation: measurement, modelling, and simulation
956775. Illustrated sourcebook of mechanical components
956776. Parameter Setting in Evolutionary Algorithms
956777. Parallel coordinates: visual multidimensional geometry and its applications
956778. Palliative Care
956779. Paleoradiology: imaging mummies and fossils
956780. Paleoecology of Quaternary Drylands
956781. Paediatric audiological medicine
956782. Packed towers: in processing and environmental technology
956783. Oxides and oxide films
956784. Oxidation and antioxidants in organic chemistry and biology
956785. Oxford handbook of clinical haematology
956786. Otolaryngology: basic science and clinical review
956787. OA, Inflammation and Degradation: A Continuum - Volume 70 Biomedical and Health Research
956788. OSS design patterns: a pattern approach to the design of telecommunications management systems
956789. Oscillators simplified, with 61 projects
956790. Data mining and diagnosing IC fails
956791. Organosilicon chemistry II: from molecules to materials
956792. Organosilicon chemistry: from molecules to materials
956793. Metal Promoted Selectivity in Organic Synthesis
956794. Organizational and technological implications of cognitive machines: designing future information management systems
956795. Organic semiconductors in sensor applications
956796. Organic light-emitting devices: synthesis, properties, and applications
956797. Organic Synthesis, Reactions and Mechanisms
956798. Organic spectroscopic analysis
956799. Organic reactions
956800. Organic reaction mechanisms: a step by step approach
956801. Organic indoor air pollutants: occurrence, measurement, evaluation
956802. Organic and inorganic nanostructures
956803. Ordered porous nanostructures and applications
956804. Order, disorder and criticality: advanced problems of phase transition theory / Vol. 2
956805. Oral delivery of macromolecular drugs: barriers, strategies and future trends
956806. Opto-mechatronic systems handbook: techniques and applications
956807. Optimization of Chromatographic Selectivity: A Guide to Method Development
956808. Optimization of chemical processes
956809. Optimised radar processors
956810. Optimal observation for cyber-physical systems: a fisher-information-matrix-based approach
956811. Optimal control, stabilization and nonsmooth analysis
956812. Optical sources, detectors, and systems: fundamentals and applications
956813. Optical Properties of Photonic Crystals
956814. Optical methods and data processing in heat and fluid flow
956815. Optical fiber transmission systems
956816. Optical electronics
956817. Operations management for competitive advantage
956818. OPC unified architecture
956819. Op Amps: design, applications, and troubleshooting
956820. Op Amps: design, applications, and troubleshooting
956821. One-dimensional nanostructures Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology
956822. Old-Growth Forests: Function, Fate and Value
956823. Oil Shale
956824. Oil extraction and analysis: critical issues and comparative studies
956825. Oil, water and climate: an introduction
956826. Odour Prevention and Control of Organic Sludge and Livestock
956827. Ocular traumatology
956828. Ocean wave energy: current status and future prepectives [i.e. perspectives]
956829. Marine Interfaces Ecohydrodynamics
956830. The ocean engineering handbook
956831. The ocean engineering handbook
956832. The ocean engineering handbook
956833. Obstetrics and gynaecology: an illustrated colour text
956834. Obstetric ultrasound: how, why, and when
956835. Nutritional anemia
956836. The Maillard reaction: chemistry, biochemistry, and implications
956837. Membrane Technology: in the Chemical Industry
956838. Numerical techniques in electromagnetics
956839. Numerical modelling in damage mechanics
956840. Numerical modeling of water waves
956841. Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering: Applications in MATLAB
956842. Numerical methods for scientists and engineers
956843. Numerical ocean circulation modeling
956844. Numerical modeling of water waves
956845. Nuclear engineering handbook
956846. Nuclear condensed matter physics with synchrotron radiation: basic principles, methodology and applications
956847. Nuclear chemical engineering
956848. Peter Norton's complete guide to Windows NT 4 Workstation
956849. Neuroscience for neurologists
956850. Novel approaches to improving high temperature corrosion resistance
956851. Non-well-founded sets
956852. Nonstandard methods in stochastic analysis and mathematical physics
956853. Non-radioactive labelling: a practical introduction
956854. Nonlinear stochastic operator equations
956855. Nonlinear statistical models
956856. Nonlinear signal processing: a statistical approach
956857. Nonlinear optimization with financial applications
956858. Nonlinear microwave circuit design
956859. Nonlinear dynamics of production systems
956860. Nonlinear dynamics of piecewise constant systems and implementation of piecewise constant arguments
956861. Nonlinear dynamics in physiology: a state-space approach
956862. Nonlinear Analysis and Synthesis Techniques for Aircraft Control
956863. Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle
956864. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos with applications to to hydrodynamics and hydrological modelling
956865. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the production of entropy: life, earth, and beyond
956866. Non-equilibrium dynamics of semiconductors and nanostructures
956867. Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in semiconductors: proceedings of the 14th international conference, July 25-29, 2005, Chicago, USA
956868. Non-Equilibrium Reacting Gas Flows: Kinetic Theory of Transport and Relaxation Processes
956869. Nonblocking electronic and photonic switching fabrics
956870. Non-accelerator particle physics
956871. Noise reduction in speech processing
956872. Noise of polyphase electric motors
956873. RF power amplifiers
956874. Nitrates and nitrites in food and water
956875. Sedimentary processes, environments, and basins: a tribute to Peter Friend
956876. Next generation photovoltaics: high efficiency through full spectrum utilization
956877. Newnes television and video engineer's pocket book
956878. Newnes electrical power engineer's handbook
956879. Newnes electrical pocket book
956880. New Trends in Hera Physics 2005: proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop [2 - 7 October 2005 at Ringberg Castle]
956881. New superconductors: from granular to high Tc
956882. New methodologies and techniques for a sustainable organic chemistry
956883. New directions in wireless communications research
956884. New directions and applications in control theory
956885. New carbon based materials for electrochemical energy storage systems: batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells
956886. Neutron applications in earth, energy and environmental sciences
956887. Neutrino oscillations: present status and future plans
956888. Neuroscience: a mathematical primer
956889. Mri and trials of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis
956890. Neural organization: structure, function, and dynamics
956891. Networks: design and management
956892. Networks and devices using planar transmission lines
956893. Networks and devices using planar transmission lines
956894. Network Processors: Architecture, Programming, and Implementation
956895. Network design: principles and applications
956896. Neonatal pain: suffering, pain, and risk of brain damage in the fetus and newborn
956897. Near-Earth laser communications
956898. Nature-inspired informatics for intelligent applications and knowledge discovery: implications in business, science, and engineering
956899. Natural Language Communication with Computers
956900. Natural gas conversion IV: proceedings of the 4th International Natural Gas Conversion Symposium, Kruger Park, South Africa, November 19-23, 1995
956901. Natural fibers, biopolymers, and biocomposites
956902. Nanoscience and nanotechnology: environmental and health impacts
956903. Nanoscale devices - fundamentals and applications
956904. Nanoscale materials in chemistry
956905. Nanoscale devices: fabrication, functionalization, and accessibility from the macroscopic world
956906. Nanoscale characterization of surfaces and interfaces
956907. Nanoscale assembly: chemical techniques
956908. Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
956909. Nanoparticles and nanostructured films: preparation, characterization and applications
956910. Radio design in nanometer technologies
956911. Nanomaterials: synthesis, properties, and applications
956912. Nanomaterials for application in medicine and biology
956913. Nanofibers and nanotechnology in textiles
956914. Nanofabrication towards biomedical applications: techniques, tools, applications, and impact
956915. Nanoelectromechanics in engineering and biology
956916. Nanocrystalline apatite-based biomaterials
956917. Nanocomposite thin films and coatings: processing, properties and performance
956918. Nano-CMOS design for manufacturability: robust circuit and physical design for sub-65 nm technology nodes
956919. Nanobiotechnology & nanobiosciences
956920. Nanochromatography and nanocapillary electrophoresis: pharmaceutical and environmental analyses
956921. Mechanisms and mechanical devices sourcebook
956922. Common eye diseases and their management
956923. Municipal stormwater management
956924. Municipal stormwater management
956925. Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues
956926. Multiwavelength optical networks: architectures, design, and control
956927. Multi-wave mixing processes: from ultrafast polarization beats to electromagnetically induced transparency
956928. Multivariate density estimation: theory, practice, and visualization
956929. Multi-sensor image fusion and its applications
956930. Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems: An Edition of the Selected Papers from the IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems 2008
956931. Multirate filtering for digital signal processing: MATLAB applications
956932. Multiple comparison procedures
956933. Multiplatform e-learning systems and technologies: mobile devices for ubiquitous ICT-based education
956934. Multi-objective optimization: techniques and applications in chemical engineering / editor Gade Pandu Rangaiah
956935. Multimedia data mining: a systematic introduction to concepts and theory
956936. Multidimensional scaling
956937. Multicarrier communications
956938. Multi-agent systems for traffic and transportation engineering
956939. Modelling and Reasoning with Vague Concepts
956940. Multi-agent systems: simulation and applications
956941. MRI atlas of MS Lesions
956942. MR imaging in white matter diseases of the brain and spinal cord
956943. Movement disorder emergencies: diagnosis and treatment
956944. MOSFET modeling for circuit analysis and design
956945. Applied industrial energy and environmental management
956946. Molecular computation models: unconventional approaches
956947. Molecular photonics: fundamentals and practical aspects
956948. Molecular electronics: commercial insights, chemistry, devices, architecture, and programming
956949. Molecular biology of the parathyroid
956950. Molecular biology in plant pathogenesis and disease management
956951. Modern wiring practice: design and installation
956952. Modern Trends in Geomechanics
956953. Modern trends in chemical reaction dynamics: experiment and theory
956954. Modern testing techniques for structural systems: dynamics and control
956955. Biophysical Chemistry - Part 2 Techniques for the study of biological structure and funktion
956956. Hydrolytic enzymes
956957. Modern physical metallurgy and materials engineering: science, process, applications
956958. Modern experimental stress analysis: completing the solution of partially specified problems
956959. Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles: fundamentals, theory, and design
956960. Modern developments in X-ray and neutron optics
956961. Modern control design with MATLAB and SIMULINK
956962. Modern batteries: an introduction to electrochemical power sources
956963. Modern textile characterization methods
956964. Modern polymer spectroscopy
956965. Modern plastics handbook
956966. Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles: fundamentals, theory, and design
956967. Models in spatial analysis
956968. Modelling Stochastic Fibrous Materials with Mathematica®
956969. Modelling in mechanical engineering and mechatronics: towards autonomous intelligent software models
956970. Modelling and estimation strategies for fault diagnosis of non-linear systems: from analytical to soft computing approaches
956971. Modelling of powder die compaction
956972. Modeling solid oxide fuel cells: methods, procedures and techniques
956973. Modeling of photonic devices
956974. Modeling and computation of boundary-layer flows: laminar, turbulent and transitional boundary layers in incompressible and compressible flows
956975. Modeling and characterization of RF and microwave power FETs
956976. Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonlinear Engineering Dynamical Systems: State-of-the-Art, Perspectives and Applications
956977. Modeling of chemical kinetics and reactor design
956978. Model reduction and coarse-graining approaches for multiscale phenomena
956979. Model driven engineering and ontology development
956980. Mobile satellite communication networks
956981. Mobile radio network design in the VHF and UHF bands: a practical approach
956982. Mobile peer-to-peer computing for next generation distributed environments: advancing conceptual and algorithmic applications
956983. Mobile Internet: enabling technologies and services
956984. Mitochondrial medicine: diseases, diagnosis and therapy
956985. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery
956986. Mine wastes: characterization, treatment and environmental impacts
956987. Mind, meaning, and mental disorder: the nature of causal explanation in psychology and psychiatry
956988. Mid-infrared Semiconductor Optoelectronics
956989. Middleware for network eccentric and mobile applications
956990. Middle ear surgery with 9 tables; [DVD-video included]
956991. Microwaves in organic synthesis
956992. Microwave-assisted synthesis of heterocycles
956993. Microwave photonics: devices and applications
956994. Microwave devices, circuits and subsystems for communications engineering
956995. Micro-turbine generators
956996. Microstructured polymer optical fibres
956997. Microsoft Windows scripting self-paced learning guide
956998. Microscopy of semiconducting materials: proceedings of the 14th conference, April 11-14, 2005, Oxford, UK
956999. Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer
957000. Micromixers: fundamentals, design and fabrication
957001. Micromanufacturing and nanotechnology
957002. Microengineering aerospace systems
957003. Microelectronic packaging
957004. Microelectronic applications of chemical mechanical planarization
957005. Microeconomic theory
957006. Microbiologically safe foods
957007. Microarrays for the neurosciences: an essential guide
957008. Methods of bosonic and fermionic path integrals representations: continuum random geometry in quantum field theory
957009. Congenital Heart Disease: Molecular Diagnostics
957010. Methods in microarray normalization
957011. Methods and applications for advancing distance education technologies: international issues and solutions
957012. The evidence-based practice: methods, models, and tools for mental health professionals
957013. Protein structure determination
957014. Biomedical applications of mass spectrometry
957015. Methods of biochemcial analysis
957016. Methods for the study of marine benthos
957017. Methane conversion: proceedings of a symposium on the production of fuels and chemicals from natural gas, Auckland, April 27-30, 1987
957018. Meteorological measurement systems
957019. Meteorological fluid dynamics: asymptotic modelling, stability, and chaotic atmospheric motion
957020. Meteorological and air quality models for urban areas
957021. Metal-polymer nanocomposites
957022. Metal speciation and contamination of soil
957023. Metal forming: mechanics and metallurgy
957024. Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids
957025. Metal casting: appropriate technology in the small foundry
957026. Mesoscale/Synoptic Coherent structures in Geophysical Turbulence
957027. MEMS: design and fabrication
957028. Structural and stress analysis
957029. Meeting challenges with geologic maps
957030. Medical statistics at a glance
957031. Medical retina
957032. Medical microbiology for the new curriculum: a case-based approach
957033. Medical microbiology
957034. Medical imaging: principles, detectors, and electronics
957035. World Medical Association Medical Ethics Manual
957036. Medical and psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and disability
957037. Medical physics and biomedical engineering
957038. Mechanosensing and mechanochemical transduction in extracellular matrix: biological, chemical, engineering, and physiological aspects
957039. Mechanisms of insulin action
957040. Mechanisms of DNA tumor virus transformation
957041. Mechanisms of polyreactions-polymer characterization
957042. Mechanisms of atmospheric oxidation of the alkanes
957043. Mechanical vibrations: active and passive control
957044. Mechanical tests for bituminous mixes: characterization, design, and quality control
957045. Mechanical engineering systems
957046. Mechanical behavior of materials
957047. Measuring methane production from ruminants
957048. Measurement systems and sensors
957049. Measurement error models
957050. Measured tones: the interplay of physics and music
957051. Spread spectrum communications handbook
957052. Introduction to operations research
957053. TAB electronics guide to understanding electricity and electronics
957054. Particulate gravity currents
957055. Matrix analysis for statistics
957056. MATLAB simulations for radar systems design
957057. MATLAB Guide
957058. Mathematics of modality
957059. Mathematics manual for water and wastewater treatment plant operators
957060. Mathematical principles of optical fiber communications
957061. Mathematical methods for physics and engineering
957062. Mathematical Control Theory and Finance
957063. Mathematical biology: an introduction with Maple and Matlab
957064. Materials selection in mechanical design
957065. Materials fundamentals of gate dielectrics
957066. Materials science of membranes for gas and vapor separation
957067. Strained-Layer Superlattices: Materials Science and Technology
957068. Materials matter: toward a sustainable materials policy
957069. Material properties under intensive dynamic loading
957070. Mastering statistical process control: a handbook for performance improvement using cases
957071. Mastering calculations in linear and nonlinear mechanics
957072. Mastering Autocad 2010 And Autocad Lt 2010
957073. Mastering AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009
957074. Mass transfer: principles and applications
957075. Mass spectrometry of polymers
957076. Mass spectrometry in biophysics: conformation and dynamics of biomolecules
957077. Masonry wall construction
957078. Marine surface films: chemical characteristics, influence on air-sea interactions and remote sensing
957079. Manufacturing Processes 2: Grinding, Honing, Lapping
957080. Load and resistance factor design: manual of steel construction
957081. Manual of Benirschke and Kaufmann's Pathology of the human placenta
957082. Manual of ready-mixed concrete
957083. Mankind and the oceans
957084. Mangrove management and conservation: present and future
957085. Managing pharmacy practice: principles, strategies, and systems
957086. Magnetohydrodynamics: historical evolution and trends
957087. Magnetohydrodynamic waves in geospace: the theory of ULF waves and their interaction with energetic particles in the solar-terrestrial environment
957088. Magnetism: a synchrotron radiation approach
957089. Magnetic resonance force microscopy and a single-spin measurement
957090. Magnetic fields: a comprehensive theoretical treatise for practical use
957091. Magnetic Bearings: Theory, Design, and Application to Rotating Machinery
957092. Magnetic Nanostructures
957093. Macular degeneration
957094. Machining technology: machine tools and operations
957095. Machining dynamics: frequency response to improved productivity
957096. Machining: fundamentals and recent advances
957097. Machinery's handbook: a reference book for the mechanical engineer, designer, manufacturing engineer, draftsman toolmaker and machinist
957098. Machine Tools for High Performance Machining
957099. Handbook of software reliability engineering
957100. Lumped elements for RF and microwave circuits
957101. Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology: Volume 1: Molecular Toxicology
957102. Information technology for managers
957103. LTE for 4G Mobile Broadband: Air Interface Technologies and Performance
957104. Low-power processors and systems on chips
957105. Low-angle radar land clutter: measurements and empirical models
957106. Low pressure plasmas and microstructuring technology
957107. Low Power Design Essentials
957108. Low temperatures and cold molecules
957109. Measuring immunity: basic biology and clinical assessment
957110. Long-term perspective in coastal zone development: multifunctional coastal protection zones
957111. Logistics engineering handbook
957112. Localization algorithms and strategies for wireless sensor networks
957113. Workshop on Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors: physics, design and safety; 25 February - 28 March 2002
957114. Living rivers: trends and challenges in science and management
957115. Liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and systems: conventional and hermetic design
957116. Liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and systems: conventional and hermetic design
957117. Liquid Gold: The Story Of Liquid Crystal Displays and the Creation of an Industry
957118. Climate change: an integrated perspective
957119. Lingual orthodontics
957120. Linear water waves: a mathematical approach
957121. Linear time-invariant systems
957122. Linear statistical models
957123. Linear models: the theory and application of analysis of variance
957124. Linear circuit design handbook
957125. Linear and nonlinear multivariable feedback control: a classical approach
957126. Linear robust control
957127. Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection
957128. Lighting technology: a guide for television, film, and theatre
957129. Lighting control-technology and applications
957130. Light-emitting diodes
957131. Lifts, elevators, escalators and moving walkways/travelators
957132. Introductory quantum mechanics
957133. Name reactions for homologations part 2
957134. Name reactions for homologations part 1
957135. Principles of radiation interaction in matter and detection
957136. Lepton and photon interactions at high energies: proceedings of the XXII International Symposium, Sweden 30 June-5 July 2005
957137. Lectures on non-equilibrium theory of condensed matter
957138. Lecture notes on obstetrics and gynaecology
957139. MATLAB student version: learning MATLAB version 5.3 (release 11)
957140. Learning landscape ecology: a practical guide to concepts and techniques
957141. Lead hazard evaluation and control in buildings
957142. Molecular Approach to Solids
957143. Laundry detergents
957144. Latent variable models: an introduction to factor, path, and structural equation analysis
957145. CURED I - LENT Late Effects of Cancer Treatment on Normal Tissues
957146. Lasers in the preservation of cultural heritage: principles and applications
957147. Laser Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the XVIII International Conference: ICOLS 2007: Telluride, Colorado, USA, 24-29 June 2007
957148. Laser scanning for the environmental sciences
957149. Laser resonators and beam propagation: fundamentals, advanced concepts and applications
957150. Laser spectroscopy: basic concepts and instrumentation
957151. Large scale structure and dynamics of complex networks: from information technology to finance and natural science
957152. Large-eddy simulations of turbulence
957153. Large-scale biomedical science: exploring strategies for future research
957154. Laparoscopic surgery of the abdomen
957155. Language Hierarchies and Interfaces: International Summer School
957156. Land development handbook: planning, engineering, and surveying
957157. Lake pollution research progress
957158. Spectrochemical analysis by atomic absorption and emission
957159. Label-free biosensors: techniques and applications
957160. Color space and its divisions: color order from antiquity to the present
957161. Kosher food production
957162. Visual media coding and transmission
957163. An introduction to mechanics
957164. Prions: food and drug safety
957165. Kinetics of water-rock interaction
957166. Kinetics of phase transitions
957167. Kinetic modeling of reactions in foods
957168. Towards synthesis of micro-/nano-systems: the 11th International Conference on Precision Engineering (ICPE) August 16-18, 2006, Tokyo, Japan
957169. Killer lymphocytes
957170. Key topics in obstetrics and gynaecology
957171. State-Space Models of Lumped and Distributed Systems
957172. Kalman filtering: theory and practice using MATLAB
957173. Kalman filtering and neural networks
957174. Alzheimer: 100 years and beyond
957175. Joint replacement technology, New Developments
957176. Wind energy explained: theory, design and application
957177. Building type basics for research laboratories
957178. Large-scale regional water resources planning: the North Atlantic regional study
957179. JavaScript programmer's reference
957180. Applied regression analysis: a research tool
957181. Robust adaptive beamforming / edited by Jian Li and Petre Stoica
957182. Superconductivity
957183. IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Analysis of Fracture: proceedings of the IUTAM symposium held in Cambridge, UK, 3-7 September 1995
957184. IUTAM Symposium on Chaotic Dynamics and Control of Systems and Processes in Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Rome, Italy, 8-13 June 2003
957185. Human blood plasma proteins: structure and function
957186. Ionosphere and applied aspects of radio communication and radar
957187. Ionizing radiation detectors for medical imaging
957188. Organic Reactions, Vol. 71
957189. Inverse modeling of the ocean and atmosphere
957190. Inverse engineering handbook
957191. Inverse heat transfer: fundamentals and applications
957192. Intruder alarms
957193. Introduction to thermal systems engineering: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer
957194. An introduction to the principles of medical imaging
957195. An introduction to the mathematical theory of vibrations of elastic plates
957196. Introduction to power electronics
957197. Introduction to plasma physics
957198. Introduction to optimum design
957199. Introduction to nonextensive statistical mechanics: approaching a complex world
957200. Introduction to medical electronics applications
957201. Introduction to fluorescence sensing
957202. Introduction to experimental particle physics
957203. Introduction to electrical power systems
957204. Introduction to electric circuits
957205. Introduction to digital audio coding and standards
957206. An Introduction to Computational Micromechanics: Corrected Second Printing
957207. An introduction to surface analysis by XPS and AES
957208. Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice
957209. Introduction to phonons and electrons
957210. Introduction to particle technology
957211. Introduction to chemical engineering thermodynamics
957212. Introduction to biomaterials
957213. Interventional ultrasound in obstetrics, gynaecology, and the breast
957214. Intersubband transitions in quantum wells/ 2
957215. Intermodulation distortion in microwave and wireless circuits
957216. Intermediate dynamics: a linear algebraic approach
957217. Interfacial transport phenomena
957218. Intelligent vehicle technologies: theory and applications
957219. Intelligent transportation systems: new principles and architectures
957220. Intelligent technical systems
957221. Intelligent systems and signal processing in power engineering: with 36 tables
957222. Intelligent systems: modeling, optimization, and control
957223. Intelligent robots and systems: selections of the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 1994, IROS 94, Munich, Germany, 12-16 September 1994
957224. Intelligent macromolecules for smart devices: from materials synthesis to device applications
957225. Intelligent data analysis: an introduction
957226. Intelligent control systems using soft computing methodologies
957227. Combinatorial Network Theory
957228. Intelligent computational paradigms in earthquake engineering
957229. Integrating microelectronics into gas distribution
957230. Integrating advanced computer-aided design, manufacturing, and numerical control: principles and implementations
957231. Integrated ring resonators: the compendium
957232. Integrated optics: theory and technology
957233. Integrated molecular and cellular biophysics
957234. Integrated cytology of cerebrospinal fluid
957235. Integrated Construction Information
957236. Integrated circuit packaging, assembly, and interconnections
957237. Integrated circuit design for high-speed frequency synthesis
957238. Integrated approaches in information technology and web engineering: advancing organizational knowledge sharing
957239. Integrated water management: practical experiences and case studies
957240. Integrated urban water management: arid and semi-arid regions
957241. Integrated strategies for drug discovery using mass spectrometry
957242. Instrumentation and sensors for the food industry
957243. Instrumental liquid chromatography: a practical manual on high-performance liquid chromatographic methods
957244. Institutional transformation through best practices in virtual campus development: advancing E-learning policies
957245. Insect Species Conservation
957246. Inorganic mass spectrometry: principles and applications
957247. Innovative algorithms and techniques in automation, Iindustrial electronics and telecommunications
957248. Innovations in Hybrid Intelligent Systems
957249. Methods and tools for co-operative and integrated design
957250. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy: methods and applications
957251. Infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds
957252. Information communication technology standardization for e-business sectors: integrating supply and demand factors
957253. Information communication technologies and globalization of retailing applications
957254. Brewing: science and practice
957255. Industrial servo control systems: fundamentals and applications
957256. Industrial process sensors
957257. Industrial machinery repair: best maintenance practices pocket guide
957258. Industrial burners handbook
957259. Industrial brazing practice
957260. Industrial applications of lasers
957261. Industrial safety and health for goods and materials services
957262. Industrial robots programming: building applications for the factories of the future
957263. Industrial catalysis: A Practical Approach
957264. Industrial burners handbook
957265. The induction machine handbook
957266. Indoor air quality: a comprehensive reference book
957267. Indoor air quality control techniques: radon, formaldehyde, combustion products
957268. In situ remediation engineering
957269. Impurities in semiconductors: solubility, migration, and interactions
957270. Impurities in semiconductors: solubility, migration, and interactions
957271. Improving the thermal processing of foods
957272. Improvement in the quality of delivery of electrical energy using power electronics systems
957273. Improved signal and image interpolation in biomedical applications: the case of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
957274. Implantable neural prostheses 1: devices and applications
957275. Impacts of point polluters on terrestrial biota: comparative analysis of 18 contaminated areas
957276. Immunotoxicology strategies for pharmaceutical safety assessment
957277. Imaging with synthetic aperture radar
957278. Imaging of parasitic diseases: with 28 tables
957279. Imaging of orthopedic sports injuries
957280. Imaging of orbital and visual pathway pathology
957281. Imaging spectrometry, a tool for environmental observations
957282. Image sensors and signal processing for digital still cameras
957283. Image processing with MATLAB: applications in medicine and biology
957284. Image pattern recognition: synthesis and analysis in biometrics
957285. Image and video compression for multimedia engineering: fundamentals, algorithms, and standards
957286. Image analysis: applications in materials engineering
957287. Illustrated dictionary of immunology
957288. III-nitride: semiconductor materials
957289. III-nitride devices and nanoengineering
957290. Igneous and metamorphic petrology
957291. Identification of Defects in Semiconductors
957292. Identification of continuous-time models from sampled data
957293. Wireless communication and mobile commerce
957294. Hypersonic airbreathing propulsion
957295. Hygiene in food processing
957296. Hydroinformatics: data integrative approaches in computation, analysis, and modeling
957297. Hydrogen-selective silica membranes for use in membrane steam reforming
957298. Hydrogenation methods
957299. Hydrogen in Semiconductors
957300. Hydrogen as a fuel: learning from nature
957301. Hydrodynamics around cylindrical strucures
957302. Hydraulic structures
957303. Hydraulic fluids
957304. Hybrid dynamical systems: controller and sensor switching problems
957305. Human language and our reptilian brain: the subcortical bases of speech, syntax, and thought
957306. Beer: quality, safety and nutritional aspects
957307. Practical high-performance liquid chromatography
957308. Hot cracking phenomena in welds: with 46 tables
957309. Saponins
957310. Hormones and brain plasticity
957311. Hormone therapy in breast and prostate cancer
957312. Horizontal and vertical drilling
957313. Microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications
957314. Homogeneous polynomial forms for robustness analysis of uncertain systems
957315. Holography for the new millennium
957316. Hydraulic fluids
957317. History and examination at a glance
957318. History of the European Association for Haematopathology
957319. Histopathology specimens: clinical, pathological and laboratory aspects
957320. Hirschsprung's disease and allied disorders with 49 tables
957321. Hilbert Space Operators in Quantum Physics Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
957322. Highway Meteorology
957323. Highway Meteorology
957324. Highway engineering handbook: building and rehabilitating the infrastructure
957325. Highway pollution
957326. High-throughput lead optimization in drug discovery
957327. High-Temperature Measurements of Materials
957328. High-strain zones: structure and physical properties
957329. High-speed VLSI interconnections
957330. High-rise security and fire life safety
957331. High-performance construction materials: science and applications
957332. High-order modulation for optical fiber transmission
957333. High-level synthesis: from algorithm to digital circuit
957334. High-grade gliomas: diagnosis and treatment
957335. High-field electrodynamics
957336. Higher-Order Components for Grid Programming: Making Grids More Usable
957337. Higher-order finite element methods
957338. High-efficient low-cost photovoltaics: recent developments
957339. High voltage engineering
957340. High resolution X-ray diffractometry and topography
957341. High performance computing on vector systems 2007
957342. High frequency techniques: an introduction to RF and microwave engineering
957343. High Energy Physics: proceedings of the Fifth Latin American Symposium; Lima, Peru, 12 - 17 July, 2004
957344. Proceedings of the the Third Workshop on Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-Ray Experiments: Cividale del Fiuli, Italy, 30 May - 1 June 2005
957345. High voltage engineering: fundamentals
957346. High temperature properties and thermal decomposition of inorganic salts with oxyanions
957347. High temperature air combustion: from energy conservation to pollution reduction
957348. High temperature air combustion: from energy conservation to pollution reduction
957349. Metal clusters in chemistry
957350. Hepatology: principles and practice: history, morphology, biochemistry, diagnostics, clinic, therapy
957351. Hepatology: principles and practice: history, morphology, biochemistry, diagnostics, clinic, therapy
957352. Hepatocellular cancer: diagnosis and treatment
957353. Hemodiafiltration
957354. Heating ventilation and air conditioning
957355. Heating ventilation and air conditioning
957356. Heart failure: a clinician's guide to ambulatory diagnosis and treatment
957357. Head Injury: A Multidisciplinary Approach
957358. HDPE geomembranes in geotechnics: with 124 figures and 56 tables
957359. HD radio implementation: the field guide for facility conversion
957360. HCCI and CAI engines for the automotive industry
957361. Hazardous chemicals handbook
957362. Hazardous and radioactive waste treatment technologies handbook
957363. Automotive diagnostic fault codes techbook
957364. Harris' shock and vibration handbook
957365. Harper's illustrated biochemistry
957366. Modern plastics handbook
957367. Harmonic analysis and rational approximation: their roles in signals, control and dynamical systems
957368. Haptics for teleoperated surgical robotic systems
957369. Handwriting identification: facts and fundamentals
957370. Handbook of environmental degradation of materials
957371. Handbook on dementia caregiving: evidence-based interventions in family caregivers
957372. Handbook on brand and experience management
957373. Handbook on advancements in smart antenna technologies for wireless networks
957374. Handbook of texture analysis
957375. The CRC handbook of solid state electrochemistry
957376. Handbook of small electric motors
957377. Handbook of sensor networks: compact wireless and wired sensing systems
957378. Handbook of research on telecommunications planning and management for business
957379. Handbook of research on multi-agent systems: semantics and dynamics of organizational models
957380. Handbook of research in mobile business: technical, methodological and social perspectives
957381. Handbook of RAFT polymerization
957382. Handbook of psychology
957383. Handbook of psychology
957384. Handbook of psychology
957385. Handbook of psychology
957386. Handbook of psychology
957387. Handbook of psychology
957388. Handbook of psychology
957389. Handbook of psychology
957390. Handbook of psychology
957391. Handbook of psychology
957392. Handbook of psychology
957393. Handbook of psychology
957394. Handbook of psychiatric drugs
957395. Handbook of pediatric retinal disease
957396. Handbook of pediatric neuro-ophthalmology
957397. Handbook of particle physics
957398. Handbook of optical metrology: principles and applications
957399. The handbook of optical communication networks
957400. Handbook of neuroprosthetic methods
957401. Handbook of neural network signal processing
957402. Handbook of multisensor data fusion
957403. Handbook of mold, tool and die repair welding
957404. Methods, Volume 1, Handbook of Microscopy: Applications in Materials Science, Solid-State Physics and Chemistry
957405. Methods, Volume 1, Handbook of Microscopy: Applications in Materials Science, Solid-State Physics and Chemistry
957406. Handbook of linear partial differential equations for engineers and scientists
957407. Handbook of integral equations
957408. Handbook of holographic interferometry: optical and digital methods
957409. Handbook of fractional-horsepower drives
957410. The handbook of formulas and tables for signal processing
957411. The handbook of formulas and tables for signal processing
957412. Handbook of fibre rope technology
957413. Handbook of environmental health and safety
957414. Handbook of emerging communications technologies: the next decade
957415. Handbook of emerging communications technologies: the next decade
957416. Handbook of conversation design for instructional applications
957417. The handbook of contraception: a guide for practical management
957418. Handbook of computer vision algorithms in image algebra
957419. Handbook of computational intelligence in manufacturing and production management
957420. Handbook of cardiac anatomy, physiology, and devices
957421. Guidance as to restrictions on exposures to time varyingelectromagnetic fields and the 1988 recommendations of theInternational Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee
957422. Guidance as to restrictions on exposures to time varyingelectromagnetic fields and the 1988 recommendations of theInternational Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee
957423. Handbook of air conditioning and refrigeration
957424. Handbook of advanced cancer care
957425. The handbook of ad hoc wireless networks
957426. Handbook of preventive interventions for adults
957427. Handbook of personology and psychopathology
957428. Handbook of material weathering
957429. The IOMA handbook of logistics and inventory management
957430. Handbook of couples therapy
957431. Handbook of epidemiology: with 165 figures and 180 tables
957432. Handbook of wood chemistry and wood composites
957433. Handbook of weather, climate, and water: atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, and societal impacts
957434. Handbook of water and wastewater treatment plant operations
957435. Handbook of water and wastewater treatment plant operations
957436. Handbook of surface and nanometrology
957437. Handbook of soil analysis: mineralogical, organic and inorganic methods
957438. Handbook of size exclusion chromatography
957439. Handbook of research on e-transformation and human resources management technologies: organizational outcomes and challenges
957440. Handbook of remote biometrics: for surveillance and security
957441. Handbook of plastics testing and failure analysis
957442. Handbook of photovoltaic science and engineering
957443. Handbook of photosynthesis
957444. Handbook of photochemistry
957445. Handbook of photochemistry
957446. Handbook of petroleum processing
957447. Handbook of nutraceuticals and functional foods
957448. Handbook of nanoscience, engineering, and technology
957449. Handbook of micro/nanotribology
957450. Handbook of micro/nanotribology
957451. Handbook of micro/nanotribology
957452. Handbook of materials behavior models
957453. Handbook of Manufacturing and Supply Systems Design: from strategy formulation to system operation
957454. Handbook of maintenance management and engineering
957455. Handbook of food analysis instruments
957456. Clay's handbook of environmental health
957457. Handbook of environmental degradation of materials
957458. Handbook of environmental analysis: chemical pollutants in air, water, soil, and solid wastes
957459. Handbook of Elemental Speciation II Species in the Environment Food Medicine and Occupational H
957460. Handbook of ecological indicators for assessment of ecosystem health
957461. Handbook of corrosion engineering
957462. Handbook of corrosion engineering
957463. Handbook of thermoplastic polyesters: homopolymers, copolymers, blends, and composites
957464. Handbook of civil engineering calculations
957465. Handbook of chemical and biological sensors
957466. Handbook of Biomineralization - Medical and Clinical Aspects
957467. Handbook of analytical techniques
957468. Handbook of air pollution from internal combustion engines: pollutant formation and control
957469. Hall effect devices
957470. Hadron models and related new energy issues
957471. HACCP
957472. A history of Scottish medicine: themes and influences
957473. Guidelines for implementing process safety management systems
957474. Guidelines for process equipment reliability data with data tables
957475. Guide to energy management
957476. GSM: switching, services, and protocols
957477. GSM – Architecture, Protocols and Services
957478. Planning and installing bioenergy systems: a guide for installers, architects, and engineers
957479. Groundwater Resources Assessment
957480. Groundwater treatment technology
957481. Groundwater Monitoring Handbook for Coal and Oil Shale Development
957482. Groundwater: modelling, management and contamination
957483. Groundwater Discharge Tests: Simulation and Analysis
957484. Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Ground
957485. Ground penetrating radar in sediments
957486. Multimedia database retrieval: a human-centered approach
957487. Green chemistry metrics: measuring and monitoring sustainable processes
957488. Graph theory and combinatorial optimization
957489. Grammars with context conditions and their applications
957490. Optimization of Chromatographic Selectivity: A Guide to Method Development
957491. Governing lethal behavior in autonomous robots
957492. Glycopeptides and glycoproteins: synthesis, structure, and application
957493. Gluten-free cereal products and beverages
957494. The gluten proteins
957495. Glissonean pedicle transection method for hepatic resection [DVD-Video included]
957496. GIS applications for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems
957497. Giant vesicles
957498. Geosynthetics in civil and environmental engineering: Geosynthetics Asia 2008: proceedings of the 4th Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics in Shanghai, China
957499. Geomembranes: identification and performance testing: report of Technical Committee 103-MGH, Mechanical and Hydraulic Testing of Geomembranes, RILEM, (the International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures)
957500. Geomatic Method for the Analysis of Data in the Earth Sciences
957501. Geological hazards: their assessment, avoidance, and mitigation
957502. Geographic data mining and knowledge discovery
957503. Soft computing for hybrid intelligent systems
957504. Geochemistry of Sedimentary Carbonates
957505. Geochemical processes: conceptual models for reactive transport in soil and groundwater
957506. Geochemical and hydrological reactivity of heavy metals in soils
957507. Genomic signal processing and statistics
957508. Genome Instability in Cancer Development
957509. Genetics and genomics of the Triticeae
957510. Genetic algorithms in molecular modeling
957511. Genetic algorithms for applied CAD problems
957512. Genetic algorithms and fuzzy multiobjective optimization
957513. Generating hardware assertion checkers: for hardware verification, emulation, post-fabrication debugging and on-line monitoring
957514. Generalized Sturmians and atomic spectra
957515. Generalized Phase Contrast
957516. General concepts in integrated pest and disease management
957517. Gauge field theories
957518. Gaseous electronics: theory and practice
957519. Gas well deliquification
957520. Gas turbine performance
957521. Gas turbine handbook: principles and practices
957522. Gas turbine engineering handbook
957523. Garbage and recycling
957524. Games-based learning advancements for multi-sensory human computer interfaces: techniques and effective practices
957525. Vibrational intensities
957526. Cochlear implants: fundamentals and applications
957527. G protein-coupled receptors in drug discovery
957528. Fuzzy neural network theory and application
957529. Fuzzy neural intelligent systems: mathematical foundation and the applications in engineering
957530. Fuzzy logic with engineering applications
957531. Fundamentals of shock wave propagation in solids
957532. Fundamentals of semiconductor physics and devices
957533. Fundamentals of robotics: linking perception to action
957534. Fundamentals of robotic mechanical systems: theory, methods, and algorithms
957535. Fundamentals of risk analysis and risk management
957536. Fundamentals of probability and statistics for engineers
957537. Fundamentals of Ocean Dynamics
957538. Fundamentals of laser dynamics
957539. Fundamentals of electric propulsion: ion and Hall thrusters
957540. Fundamentals of computational geoscience: numerical methods and algorithms
957541. Fundamentals of ceramic powder processing and synthesis
957542. Fundamentals and applications of ultrasonic waves
957543. Fundamentals and applications of ultrasonic waves
957544. Fundamentals and applications of biophotonics in dentistry
957545. Fundamentals of spun yarn technology
957546. Fundamentals of inorganic membrane science and technology
957547. Enhanced oil recovery. 2, Processes and operations
957548. Fundamentals of electroanalytical chemistry
957549. Fundamentals of biochemical engineering
957550. Fundamentals of basin and petroleum systems modeling
957551. Fundamentals of air pollution
957552. Fundamental interactions: proceedings of the Twentieth Lake Louise Winter Institute, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, 20-26 February, 2005
957553. Functional ultrastructure: an atlas of tissue biology and pathology
957554. Functional Analysis and Linear Control Theory
957555. Functional group chemistry
957556. Functional dairy products
957557. Adaptive techniques for mixed signal system on chip
957558. Fuel cell technology handbook
957559. Fuel Cell Technologies: state and perspectives: proceedings of the NATO advanced research Workshop on Fuel Cell technologies: state and perspectives
957560. Fuel cell technology handbook
957561. Fruit and vegetables: harvesting, handling, and storage
957562. From melanocytes to melanoma: the progression to malignancy
957563. From headwaters to the ocean: hydrological changes and watershed management
957564. From birth to five years: children's developmental progress
957565. Friction & flow stress in forming & cutting
957566. Free-radical-induced DNA damage and its repair: a chemical perspective
957567. Free-convective heat transfer: with many photographs of flows and heat exchange
957568. A framework for complex system development
957569. A framework for complex system development
957570. Fragmentation of rings and shells: the legacy of N.F. Mott
957571. Fracture mechanics: fundamentals and applications
957572. Fracture mechanics: with an introduction to micromechanics
957573. Fractal speech processing
957574. Foundations for guided-wave optics
957575. Foundation design and construction
957576. Food plant sanitation: design, maintenance, and good manufacturing practices
957577. Food safety handbook
957578. Food process modelling
957579. Food preservation techniques
957580. Food plant engineering systems
957581. Food physics: physical properties - measurement and application
957582. Food Chemistry
957583. Food authenticity and traceability
957584. Fog and boundary layer clouds: fog visibility and forecasting
957585. Focal liver lesions: detection, characterization, ablation
957586. Fluid power circuits and controls: fundamentals and applications
957587. Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery
957588. Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery
957589. Fluid flow, heat transfer and boiling in micro-channels
957590. Fluid transport in nanoporous materials: proceedings of the NATO advanced study institute, held in La Colle sur Loup, France, 16-28 June 2003
957591. Fluid mechanics of flow metering
957592. Fluid Mechanics for Petroleum Engineers
957593. Fluid machinery: performance, analysis, and design
957594. Fluid flow measurement: a practical guide to accurate flow measurement
957595. Fluid dynamics and dynamos in astrophysics and geophysics: reviews emerging from the Durham Symposium on Astrophysical Fluid Mechanics, July 29 to August 8, 2002
957596. Fluid catalytic cracking handbook: design, operation, and troubleshooting of FCC facilities
957597. Flow Injection Analysis: A Practical Guide
957598. Flow and transport processes with complex obstructions: applications to cities, vegetative canopies, and industry; [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Flow and Transport Processes in Complex Obstructed Geometries: from Cities and Vegetative Canopies to Engineering Problems, Kyiv, Ukraine, 4 - 15 May 2004]
957599. Flood risk management: hazards, vulnerability and mitigation measures: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Flood Risk Management - Hazards, Vulnerability and Mitigation Measures, Ostrov, Czech Republic, 6 - 10 October 2004]
957600. Flexible AC transmission systems: modelling and control
957601. Flexible AC transmission systems: modelling and control
957602. Flat-rolled steel processes: advanced technologies
957603. Flame retardant polymer nanocomposites
957604. Tree transgenesis: recent developments
957605. Food flavours: biology and chemistry
957606. Fire investigation
957607. Finite elements in plasticity: theory and practice
957608. The finite element method/ 3, Fluid dynamics
957609. Finite element analysis: thermomechanics of solids
957610. Financial risk taking: an introduction to the psychology of trading and behavioural finance
957611. Film processing
957612. Fighter Combat - Tactics and Maneuvering
957613. Field theory: a path integral approach
957614. Field confirmation testing for suspicious substances
957615. One-dimensional metals: physics and materials science
957616. Fiber optic sensors
957617. Fiber based dispersion compensation
957618. Few-Cycle Laser Pulse Generation and Its Applications
957619. Few-body problems in physics: proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference
957620. Ferrous Materials: Steel and Cast Iron
957621. Ferroelectrics in Microwave Devices, Circuits and Systems: Physics, Modeling, Fabrication and Measurements
957622. Metallomesogens: synthesis, properties, and applications
957623. Ferro- and antiferroelectricity: order/disorder versus displacive
957624. Inborn metabolic diseases: diagnosis and treatment
957625. Feedback amplifier principles
957626. Fault-tolerant control systems: design and practical applications
957627. Fatigue in composites: science and technology of the fatigue response of fibre-reinforced plastics
957628. Fatigue in composites: science and technology of the fatigue response of fibre-reinforced plastics
957629. Fate and transport of heavy metals in the Vadose Zone
957630. Fast motions in biomechanics and robotics: optimization and feedback control
957631. Essential DC/DC converters
957632. Facts, conjectures, and improvements for simulated annealing
957633. The effect of temperature and other factors on plastics and elastomers
957634. Facility Location: Concepts, Models, Algorithms and Case Studies
957635. Fabrication of SiGe HBT BiCMOS technology
957636. Extreme values in finance, telecommunications, and the environment
957637. Extreme ocean waves
957638. Extended surface heat transfer
957639. Explosion resistant building structures design, analysis, and case studies
957640. Explosion protection: electrical apparatus and systems for chemical plants, oil and gas industry, coal mining
957641. Exploring environmental issues: an integrated approach
957642. Experimental robotics
957643. Experimental design for formulation
957644. Handbook of Molecular-Genetic Techniques for Brain and Behavior Research
957645. Experimental design: a chemometric approach
957646. Exercise-induced acute renal failure: acute renal failure with severe loin pain and patchy renal ischemia after anaerobic exercise
957647. Excimer laser technology
957648. Excavations and foundations in soft soils
957649. Evolving methods for macromolecular crystallography: the structural path to the understanding of the mechanisms of action of CBRN agents: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Evolving Methods for Macromolecular Crystallography: the Structural Path to the Understanding of the Mechanisms of Action of CBRN Agents, Erice, Italy, 19 - 28 May 2005]
957650. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization: theoretical advances and applications
957651. Evolutionary ecology: concepts and case studies
957652. Evidence based cardiology
957653. Evidence-based neurology: management of neurological disorders
957654. Essentials of psychological testing
957655. Essentials of diagnostic breast pathology: a practical approach
957656. Essentials of Cognitive Radio
957657. Essentials of child psychopathology
957658. Essentials of apoptosis: a guide for basic and clinical research
957659. Essentials of food sanitation
957660. Introductory functional analysis with applications
957661. Epidural analgesia in acute pain management
957662. Environmentally conscious manufacturing
957663. Environmentally-friendly food processing
957664. Environmental science theory: concepts and methods in a one-world, problem-oriented paradigm
957665. Environmental management in construction: a quantitative approach
957666. Environmental sampling for trace analysis
957667. Environmental Planning for Site Development: a Manual for Sustainable Local Planning and Design
957668. Environmental noise barriers: a guide to their acoustic and visual design
957669. Environmental monitoring
957670. Environmental modelling: finding simplicity in complexity
957671. Environmental Management Plans Demystified: A Guide to ISO14001
957672. Environmental hazards: assessing risk and reducing disaster
957673. Environmental forensics: principles & applications
957674. Environmental encyclopedia: N-Z
957675. Environmental control in petroleum engineering
957676. Bacteria in biology, biotechnology, and medicine
957677. Environmental aspects of construction with waste materials: proceeding[s] of the International Conference on Environmental Implications of Construction Materials and Technology Developments, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 1-3 June 1994
957678. Environmental chemistry
957679. Environmental chemistry. A review of the literature published up to mid-1980
957680. Enterprise governance and enterprise engineering
957681. Engineering-Sewerage
957682. Engineering vibration analysis with application to control systems
957683. Engineering computations: international journal for computer-aided engineering and software. Vol. 22, No. 5/6, Engineering structures: nonclinical analysis optimal design and identification
957684. Engineering project management: the IPQMS method and case histories
957685. Engineering optimization: theory and practice
957686. Engineering noise control: theory and practice
957687. Engineering mathematics
957688. Engineering heat transfer
957689. A practical guide to engineering failure investigation
957690. Engineering electromagnetics: applications
957691. Engineering economic analysis
957692. Systems approach to engineering design
957693. Engineering and food for the 21st century
957694. Engineering analysis of smart material systems
957695. Engineering risk analysis of water pollution: probabilities and fuzzy sets
957696. Engineering project management: the IPQMS method and case histories
957697. Engineering Mechanics Volume 2, Stresses Strains Displacements
957698. Engineering geology for underground rocks
957699. Engineering damage mechanics: ductile, creep, fatigue and brittle failures
957700. The welding of aluminium and its alloys
957701. Engineered concrete: mix design and test methods
957702. Energy Scalable Radio Design: for Pulsed UWB Communication and Ranging
957703. Energy in the 21st century
957704. Energy efficient microwave systems: materials processing technologies for avionic, mobility and environmental applications
957705. Energy at the crossroads: global perspectives and uncertainties
957706. Encyclopedic handbook of integrated optics
957707. Tribology of miniature systems
957708. Encyclopedia of parasitology
957709. Encyclopedia of distance learning
957710. Encyclopedia and handbook of process capability indices: a comprehensive exposition of quality control measures
957711. Encyclopedia of environmental microbiology
957712. Enclosure fire dynamics
957713. Emotions in organizational behavior
957714. Emerging methods, technologies, and process management in software engineering
957715. Emerging issues on HPV infections: from science to practice
957716. Emerging actuator technologies: a micromechatronic approach
957717. Emergency Neuroradiology
957718. Emergency medicine
957719. Emergency radiology: imaging and intervention
957720. Emergency department handbook: children and adolescents with mental health problems
957721. Emergencies in urology
957722. Embedded software development with C
957723. Embedded computer vision
957724. Embedded computer systems: architectures, modeling, and simulation 8th international workshop, Samos 2008, Samos, Greece, July 21 - 24, 2008; proceedings
957725. Methods of Cell Separation
957726. Prostaglandins and related substances
957727. Practical power systems protection
957728. Manual gearbox design
957729. Synthetic polypeptides as antigens
957730. Stereochemistry
957731. The ocean engineering handbook
957732. Elements of the p block
957733. Elements of propulsion: gas turbines and rockets
957734. Elements of Computation Theory
957735. Elements of chemical reaction engineering
957736. Elementary differential equations and boundary value problems
957737. Elements of propulsion: gas turbines and rockets
957738. Electrophoresis a survey of techniques and applications: Part B: Applications
957739. Electrons and Phonons in Semiconductor Multilayers
957740. Radiation effects on and dose enhancement of electronic materials
957741. Electronics process technology: production modelling, simulation and optimisation
957742. Electronics calculations data handbook
957743. The electronic packaging handbook
957744. Electronic device architectures for the nano-CMOS era: from ultimate CMOS scaling to beyond CMOS devices
957745. Electronic and vibronic spectra of transition metal complexes I
957746. Electronegativity
957747. Electron scattering for nuclear and nucleon structure
957748. Electron Nuclear Double Resonance of Transition Metal Complexes with Organic Ligands
957749. Electron micrographs of clay minerals
957750. Optimization of Chromatographic Selectivity: A Guide to Method Development
957751. Electromechanical design handbook
957752. Electromagnetism: principles and applications
957753. Electromagnetics explained: a handbook for wireless/RF, EMC, and high-speed electronics
957754. Electromagnetics explained: a handbook for wireless/RF, EMC, and high-speed electronics
957755. Electromagnetics explained: a handbook for wireless/RF, EMC, and high-speed electronics
957756. Electromagnetic modeling of composite metallic and dielectric structures
957757. Electromagnetic fields in mechatronics, electrical and electronic engineering: proceedings of ISEF'05
957758. Electrochemistry
957759. Electrochemistry III
957760. Electrochemistry
957761. Electrochemistry
957762. Electrochemical methods in archaeometry, conservation and restoration
957763. Electroceramic-based MEMS: fabrication-technology and applications
957764. Flow Injection Analysis: A Practical Guide
957765. Electricity for the entertainment electrician & technician
957766. Electrical properties of materials
957767. Electrical power equipment maintenance and testing
957768. Electrical power cable engineering
957769. Electrical power cable engineering
957770. Electrical installation work
957771. Electrical engineer's reference book
957772. Electrical power cable engineering
957773. Electric power transformer engineering
957774. Electric power systems: analysis and control
957775. Electric power system basics: for the nonelectrical professional
957776. Electric power substations engineering
957777. The electric power engineering handbook
957778. Electric power distribution handbook
957779. Electric power distribution handbook
957780. Process scale liquid chromatography
957781. Electric machinery
957782. E-learning technologies and evidence-based assessment approaches
957783. Elastoplasticity theory
957784. Elasticity and plasticity of large deformations: an introduction
957785. Efficient management of wastewater: its treatment and reuse in water-scarce countries
957786. Effective field approach to phase transitions and some applications to ferroelectrics
957787. Effect of mechanical and physical properties on fabric hand
957788. EEG signal processing
957789. The science of sugar confectionery
957790. Educating children with autism
957791. Ecotoxicological testing of marine and freshwater ecosystems: emerging techniques, trends, and strategies
957792. Ecosystems of disturbed ground
957793. Ecosystem management: adaptive, community-based conservation
957794. Economic evaluations in exploration
957795. Ecology and management of a forested landscape: fifty years on the Savannah River Site
957796. Ecohydrology: vegetation function, water and resource management
957797. ECCOMAS Multidisciplinary Jubilee Symposium: new computational challenges in materials, structures and fluids
957798. E-business and telecommunication networks
957799. Introduction to the physical metallurgy of welding
957800. Earthquakes - simulations, sources and tsunamis: Fifth ACES International Workshop, Maui, 2006
957801. Earthquake source asymmetry, structural media and rotation effects
957802. Earthquake protection
957803. Earthquake monitoring and seismic hazard mitigation in Balkan countries: proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop on earthquake monitoring and seismic hazard mitigation in Balkan countries, 11-18 september 2005, Borovetz, Bulgaria
957804. Earthquake engineering: from engineering seismology to performance-based engineering
957805. Earthquake early warning systems
957806. Earthquake engineering for structural design
957807. Earth sciences and mathematics
957808. Early detection and management of mental disorders
957809. Early cancer of the gastrointestinal tract: endoscopy, pathology, and treatment
957810. Dynamics in Logistics: First International Conference, LDIC 2007, Bremen, Germany, August 2007, Proceedings
957811. Advanced structural dynamics and active control of structures
957812. Dynamics of surfaces and reaction kinetics in heterogeneous catalysis: proceedings of the international symposium, Antwerp, Belgium, September 15-17, 1997
957813. Dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers
957814. Dynamics of cellular motility
957815. Dynamic offset compensated CMOS amplifiers
957816. Dynamic fracture mechanics
957817. Dynamic taxonomies and faceted search: theory, practice, and experience
957818. Dust explosions in the process industries
957819. Drug interactions in infectious diseases
957820. Metal clusters in chemistry
957821. Conical intersections: electronic structure, dynamics & spectroscopy
957822. Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering
957823. Novel NMR and EPR techniques
957824. DNA conformation and transcription
957825. DNA fingerprinting in plants: principles, methods, and applications
957826. DMT: the spirit molecule: a doctor's revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences
957827. Distributed computing in sensor systems: third IEEE international conference, DCOSS 2007, Santa Fe, NM, USA, June 18-20, 2007: proceedings
957828. Distributed autonomous robotic systems 8
957829. Distributed intelligent systems: a coordination perspective
957830. Distant speech recognition
957831. Dissecting the molecular anatomy of tissue
957832. Dispersed manufacturing networks: challenges for research and practice
957833. Disorders of the respiratory tract: common challenges in primary care
957834. Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB
957835. Discover signal processing: an interactive guide for engineers
957836. Discontinuous Systems: Lyapunov Analysis and Robust Synthesis under Uncertainty Conditions
957837. Directional statistics
957838. Dimensioning and tolerancing handbook
957839. Dimensioning and tolerancing handbook
957840. Digital Television Systems
957841. Oscilloscopes: how to use them, how they work
957842. Digital speech: coding for low bit rate communication systems
957843. Digital simulations for improving education: learning through artificial teaching environments
957844. Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays
957845. Digital rights management for e-commerce systems
957846. Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions
957847. Digital alias-free signal processing
957848. Digital transmission engineering
957849. Electronic devices and amplifier circuits with MATLAB applications
957850. Diffusion processes in advanced technological materials
957851. Differential ion mobility spectrometry: nonlinear ion transport and fundamentals of FAIMS
957852. Differential Evolution: A Handbook for Global Permutation-Based Combinatorial Optimization
957853. Dielectric Resonators
957854. Dielectric Resonator Antennas
957855. Grain boundaries and interfacial phenomena in electronic ceramics
957856. Dielectric films for advanced microelectronics
957857. Dielectric phenomena in solids: with emphasis on physical concepts of electronic processes
957858. Dictionary of computer and Internet terms
957859. Dictionary of environmental economics
957860. Diagrammatics: lectures on selected problems in condensed matter theory
957861. Diagnostic ultrasound: imaging and blood flow measurements
957862. Growing up with lung disease: the lung in transition to adult life
957863. Diagnosis and fault-tolerant control
957864. Diabetic cardiology
957865. Soil Erosion
957866. Determination of organic compounds in soils, sediments, and sludges
957867. Detection theory: applications and digital signal processing
957868. Detection theory: a user's guide
957869. Designing complex web information systems: integrating evolutionary process engineering
957870. Design of wood structures ASD
957871. Design of rotating electrical machines
957872. Design of high-speed communication circuits / editor, Ramesh Harjani
957873. Design and optimization of thermal systems
957874. Design and modeling for computer experiments
957875. Design and implementation of data mining tools
957876. Design and development of medical electronic instrumentation: a practical perspective of the design, construction, and test of medical devices
957877. Design and construction: building in value
957878. Design aids for EC2: design of concrete structures: design aids for ENV 1992-1-1, Eurocode 2, part 1
957879. Design, measurement and management of large-scale IP networks: bridging the gap between theory and practice
957880. Design and performance of 3G wireless networks and wireless LANs
957881. Design of distillation column control systems
957882. Design formulas for plastics engineers
957883. Dental computing and applications: advanced techniques for clinical dentistry
957884. Density functional theory: a practical introduction
957885. Demolition and reuse of concrete and masonry: guidelines for demolition and reuse of concrete and masonry: proceedings of the Third international RILEM symposium on demolition and reuse of concrete and masonry held in Odense, Denmark, 24-27 October 1993
957886. Delivery and controlled release of bioactives in foods and nutraceuticals
957887. Defects in solids
957888. Dean's handbook of organic chemistry
957889. DC power system design for telecommunications
957890. Numerical methods and modeling for chemical engineers
957891. Handbook of research methods in experimental psychology
957892. Data compression
957893. Data collection and analysis
957894. Data and computer communications: networking and internetworking
957895. Data mining and medical knowledge management: cases and applications
957896. Dangerous pollutants (xenobiotics) in urban water cycle
957897. Damage and Interfacial Debonding in Composites
957898. Numerical partial differential equations for environmental scientists and engineers: a first practical course
957899. Teaching psychology: a step by step guide
957900. Cyclic Compounds
957901. Cyberspace security and defense: research issues. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Cyberspace Security and Defense, NATO Advanced Research Workshop
957902. The chemistry of metal CVD
957903. CVD diamond for electronic devices and sensors
957904. Cutting tool technology: industrial handbook
957905. Current research progress of optical networks
957906. Current research in head and neck cancer: molecular pathways, novel therapeutic targets, and prognostic factors
957907. Psychiatry
957908. The cure for all diseases: with many case histories of diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and others showing that all of these can be simply investigated and cured
957909. Cultural competence in health care
957910. Crystallization of organic compounds: an industrial perspective
957911. Crystallization
957912. Crystalline cellulose and cellulose derivatives: characterization and structures
957913. Crystal growth technology: with 45 tables
957914. Crystal growth technology
957915. Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems-- CHES 2005: 7th international workshop, Edinburgh, UK, August 29-September 1, 2005: proceedings
957916. Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2003: 5th International Workshop, Cologne, Germany, September 8–10, 2003. Proceedings
957917. Crop post-harvest: science and technology
957918. Crib death: sudden inexplained death of infants: the pathologist's viewpoint
957919. Creep and Fracture of Ice
957920. MATLAB simulations for radar systems design
957921. Intelligent control systems using soft computing methodologies
957922. Handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics
957923. Artificial intelligence and soft computing: behavioral and cognitive modeling of the human brain
957924. Advanced thermodynamics engineering
957925. CRC materials science and engineering handbook
957926. The CRC handbook of thermal engineering
957927. The CRC handbook of modern telecommunications
957928. The CRC handbook of modern telecommunications
957929. CRC handbook of engineering tables
957930. Signal processing noise
957931. Propagation handbook for wireless communication system design
957932. Forensic investigation of clandestine laboratories
957933. Neural network control of nonlinear discrete-time systems
957934. Fuel cell technology handbook
957935. Bridge engineering handbook
957936. CRC materials science and engineering handbook
957937. CRC materials science and engineering handbook
957938. CRC materials science and engineering handbook
957939. Craniofacial sutures: development, diseases and treatment: 10 tables
957940. Counseling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice: skills, strategies, and techniques
957941. Cosmetic and toiletry formulations
957942. Trihalomethane reduction in drinking water: technologies, costs, effectiveness, monitoring, compliance
957943. Corrosion and protection
957944. Coronary heart disease in clinical practice
957945. Cornea and external eye disease
957946. Copper, Molybdenum, and Vanadium in biological systems
957947. Coplanar waveguide circuits, components, and systems
957948. Introduction to logic
957949. Cooperative wireless communications
957950. Cooperative extensions of the Bayesian game
957951. Cooperative communications and networking
957952. Controlled structures with electromechanical and fiber-optical sensors
957953. Control theory
957954. Control theory in physics and other fields of science: concepts, tools, and applications
957955. Control systems for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
957956. Control of uncertain systems--modelling, approximation, and design: a workshop on the occasion of Keith Glover's 60th birthday
957957. Control of ships and underwater vehicles: design for underactuated and nonlinear marine systems
957958. Control of nonlinear and hybrid process systems: designs for uncertainty, constraints and time-delays
957959. Control of color imaging systems: analysis and design
957960. Control of chaos in nonlinear circuits and systems
957961. Control design techniques in power electronics devices
957962. Control and observer design for nonlinear finite and infinite dimensional systems
957963. Continuous computing technologies for enhancing business continuity
957964. Continental reactivation and reworking
957965. Contemporary research in e-branding
957966. Contemporary clinical psychology
957967. Contaminated sediments: lectures on environmental aspects of particle-associated chemicals in aquatic systems
957968. Construction scheduling, cost optimization, and management: a new model based on neurocomputing and object technologies
957969. Construction materials: their nature and behaviour
957970. Construction - Craft to Industry
957971. Constitutional environmental rights
957972. Conserving and valuing ecosystem services and biodiversity: economic, institutional and social challenges
957973. Congenital and perinatal infections: a concise guide to diagnosis
957974. Confocal scanning optical microscopy and related imaging systems
957975. Deploying Windows 2000 with support tools
957976. Concrete mix design, quality control, and specification
957977. Concrete construction engineering handbook
957978. Concentrator photovoltaics
957979. Computing Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering Part 2: International Symposium, Versailles, December 17–21, 1973
957980. Computing Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering Part 1: International Symposium, Versailles, December 17–21, 1973
957981. Computing in systems described by equations
957982. Computing in nonlinear media and automata collectives
957983. Computers in the human interaction loop
957984. Computer-mediated communication for linguistics and literacy: technology and natural language education
957985. Computer-aided modeling of reactive systems
957986. Computer telephony integration
957987. Computer systems validation: quality assurance, risk management and regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies
957988. Computer simulations in condensed matter systems: from materials to chemical biology
957989. Computer modeling in bioengineering: theoretical background, examples and software
957990. Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems: a 5-volume set
957991. Computational welding mechanics
957992. Computational physics, FORTRAN version
957993. Computational Methods for Multiphase Flow
957994. Computational mathematics: models, methods, and analysis with MATLAB and MPI
957995. Computational intelligence in telecommunications networks
957996. Computational intelligence in medical imaging: techniques and applications
957997. Computational Intelligence in Integrated Airline Scheduling
957998. Computational intelligence for missing data imputation, estimation and management: knowledge optimization techniques
957999. Computational Intelligence: Collaboration, Fusion and Emergence
958000. Engineering Evolutionary Intelligent Systems
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