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80001. The Physics of Star Formation and Early Stellar Evolution
80002. Origin and Evolution of Interplanetary Dust: Proceedings of the 126th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Kyoto, Japan, August 27–30, 1990
80003. Risk and Society: The Interaction of Science, Technology and Public Policy
80004. Tutorials in Motor Neuroscience
80005. Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides in Industrial Waste Gases: Emission, Legislation and Abatement
80006. Competency: A Study of Informal Competency Determinations in Primary Care
80007. Diagnosis of salivary gland disorders
80008. Seismic Anisotropy in the Earth
80009. Licensing Theory and French Parasitic Gaps
80010. Movement and Mimesis: The Idea of Dance in the Sanskritic Tradition
80011. Nineteenth-Century Attitudes: Men of Science
80012. Theoretical and Computational Models for Organic Chemistry
80013. Acquired Aphasia in Children: Acquisition and Breakdown of Language in the Developing Brain
80014. Angular Momentum Evolution of Young Stars
80015. Integrating Eastern Europe into the Global Economy:: Convertibility through a Payments Union
80016. The Global Paleomagnetic Database: Design, Installation and Use with ORACLE
80017. Environmental Protection: Public or Private Choice
80018. Stellar Atmospheres: Beyond Classical Models
80019. Wittgenstein in Florida: Proceedings of the Colloquium on the Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Florida State University, 7–8 August 1989
80020. Foucault’s Strata and Fields: An Investigation into Archaeological and Genealogical Science Studies
80021. Brain Dopaminergic Systems: Imaging with Positron Tomography: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Caen, France within the framework of the European Community Medical and Public Health Research
80022. Fundamentals of Gas Phase Ion Chemistry
80023. Clinical Use of Antibodies: Tumours, infection, infarction, rejection and in the diagnosis of AIDS
80024. The Golden Century of Oil 1950–2050: The Depletion of a Resource
80025. Maximal Myocardial Perfusion as a Measure of the Functional Significance of Coronary Artery Disease: From a Pathoanatomic to a Pathophysiologic Interpretation of the Coronary Arteriogram
80026. Vagueness: An Investigation into Natural Languages and the Sorites Paradox
80027. The Problem of Reductionism in Science: Colloquium of the Swiss Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Zürich, May 18–19, 1990
80028. Erkenntnis Orientated: A Centennial Volume for Rudolf Carnap and Hans Reichenbach
80029. Antithrombotics: Pathophysiological Rationale for Pharmacological Interventions
80030. Recent Advances in the Modeling of Hydrologic Systems
80031. Purpose Clauses: Syntax, Thematics, and Semantics of English Purpose Constructions
80032. Logical Structure and Linguistic Structure: Cross-Linguistic Perspectives
80033. Universal Grammar and American Sign Language: Setting the Null Argument Parameters
80034. The Turning Points of the New Phenomenological Era: Husserl Research — Drawing upon the Full Extent of His Development Book 1 Phenomenology in the World Fifty Years after the Death of Edmund Husserl
80035. Law, Institution and Legal Politics: Fundamental Problems of Legal Theory and Social Philosophy
80036. Observatories in Earth Orbit and Beyond: Proceedings of the 123RD Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.A., April 24–27,1990
80037. Husserlian Phenomenology in a New Key: Intersubjectivity, Ethos, the Societal Sphere, Human Encounter, Pathos Book 2 Phenomenology in the World Fifty Years after the Death of Edmund Husserl
80038. Representation and Derivation in the Theory of Grammar
80039. Inclusion Aspects of Membrane Chemistry
80040. Explanation in the Sciences
80041. The Uses of Antiquity: The Scientific Revolution and the Classical Tradition
80042. Occult Atherosclerotic Disease: Diagnosis, Assessment and Management
80043. The Theory of Cosmic Grains
80044. Social Responses to Large Technical Systems: Control or Anticipation
80045. New Queries in Aesthetics and Metaphysics: Time, Historicity, Art, Culture, Metaphysics, the Transnatural BOOK 4 Phenomenology in the World Fifty Years after the Death of Edmund Husserl
80046. Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation: Proceedings of the 147th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Grenoble, France, June 12–16, 1990
80047. Making Sense of Advance Directives
80048. Comets in the Post-Halley Era: In Part Based on Reviews Presented at the 121st Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Bamberg, Germany, April 24–28, 1989
80049. Glacial Isostasy, Sea-Level and Mantle Rheology
80050. Husserl’s Legacy in Phenomenological Philosophies: New Approaches to Reason, Language, Hermeneutics, the Human Condition. Book 3: Phenomenology in the World Fifty Years after the Death of Edmund Husserl
80051. Reports on Astronomy
80052. Tsunami Hazard: A Practical Guide for Tsunami Hazard Reduction
80053. Ophiolite Genesis and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere: Proceedings of the Ophiolite Conference, held in Muscat, Oman, 7–18 January 1990
80054. Organic Micropollutants in the Aquatic Environment: Proceedings of the Sixth European Symposium, Held in Lisbon, Portugal, May 22–24, 1990
80055. Logic and Ethics
80056. Definitions and Definability: Philosophical Perspectives
80057. Medical Ethics: Evolution, Rights and the Physician
80058. Freedom, Rights and Pornography: A Collection of Papers by Fred R. Berger
80059. Olefin Metathesis and Polymerization Catalysts: Synthesis, Mechanism and Utilization
80060. Competition in Europe: Essays in Honour of Henk W. de Jong
80061. Climate in Human Perspective: A tribute to Helmut E. Landsberg
80062. Anesthesiology and Pain Management
80063. Nuclear Medicine in Gastroenterology
80064. Causation and Prevention of Human Cancer: Proceedings of the 8th Annual Symposium of the European Organization for Cooperation in Cancer Prevention Studies (ECP), Heidelberg, Germany, April 2–3,1990
80065. Venus Aeronomy
80066. Genesis and Development of Plekhanov’s Theory of Knowledge: A Marxist Between Anthropological Materialism and Physiology
80067. Appearance and Sense: Phenomenology as the Fundamental Science and Its Problems
80068. Land Use Changes in Europe: Processes of Change, Environmental Transformations and Future Patterns
80069. MR Imaging of Laryngeal Cancer
80070. Newton’s Physics and the Conceptual Structure of the Scientific Revolution
80071. New Developments in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
80072. Computational Advances in Organic Chemistry: Molecular Structure and Reactivity
80073. Legal Knowledge and Analogy: Fragments of Legal Epistemology, Hermeneutics and Linguistics
80074. Chemical Safety Sheets: working safely with hazardous chemicals
80075. Databases & On-line Data in Astronomy
80076. In Search of Indicators of Sustainable Development
80077. Existence and Explanation: Essays presented in Honor of Karel Lambert
80078. Europe, America, and Technology: Philosophical Perspectives
80079. The Shapes of Knowledge from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
80080. Indian Philosophy of Language: Studies in Selected Issues
80081. Thought and Faith in the Philosophy of Hegel
80082. Microelectrodes: Theory and Applications
80083. Warlpiri Morpho-Syntax: A Lexicalist Approach
80084. Syntactic Variables: Resumptive Pronouns and A′ Binding in Palauan
80085. Views on Phrase Structure
80086. Beyond Reason: Essays on the Philosophy of Paul Feyerabend
80087. Statistical Methods for the Environmental Sciences: A Selection of Papers Presented at the Conference on Environmetrics, held in Cairo, Egypt, April 4–7, 1989
80088. Husserl and the Question of Relativism
80089. Methodological Variance: Essays in Epistemological Ontology and the Methodology of Science
80090. Bioethics Yearbook: Theological Developments in Bioethics: 1988–1990
80091. Philosophical Works of Peter Chaadaev
80092. World Views and Scientific Discipline Formation: Science Studies in the German Democratic Republic Papers from a German-American Summer Institute, 1988
80093. Econometric Modelling of the World Trade in Groundfish
80094. Cosmic Rays, Supernovae and the Interstellar Medium
80095. Neuro-Oncology
80096. Environmental Change in Iceland: Past and Present
80097. Neurotransmitters and Drugs
80098. Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis
80099. Sequential Data in Biological Experiments: An introduction for research workers
80100. The Acari: Reproduction, development and life-history strategies
80101. Histochemical and Immunohistochemical Techniques: Applications to pharmacology and toxicology
80102. Recent Modelling Approaches in Applied Energy Economics
80103. Thrust Tectonics
80104. Oceanic Basalts
80105. Surfactants Applications Directory
80106. Cartesianische Meditationen und Pariser Vorträge
80107. Ideen zu einer Reinen Phänomenologie und Phänomenologischen Philosophie: Phänomenologische Untersuchungen zur Konstitution
80108. MCQs in Applied Basic Sciences: For the Primary FRCS
80109. Biochemistry of Inflammation
80110. Tumours of the Mediastinum
80111. ECAT Assay Procedures A Manual of Laboratory Techniques: European Concerted Action on Thrombosis and Disabilities of the Commission of the European Communities
80112. MRI Atlas of Normal Anatomy
80113. Quality of Life Assessment: Key Issues in the 1990s
80114. Public Education on Diet and Cancer: Proceeding of the 9th Annual Symposium of the European Organization for Cooperation in Cancer Prevention Studies (ECP), Madrid , Spain, October 17–19, 1991
80115. In Situ Hybridization: Medical Applications
80116. Side-Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs 3
80117. Immunology of HIV Infection
80118. Immunology of Gastrointestinal Disease
80119. Capabilities, Allocation and Earnings
80120. Test Policy in Defense: Lessons from the Military for Education, Training, and Employment
80121. Socio-Economics: An Interdisciplinary Approach: Ethics, Institutions, and Markets
80122. Services in Economic Thought: Three Centuries of Debate
80123. Taking Property and Just Compensation: Law and Economics Perspectives of the Takings Issue
80124. The Social Response to Environmental Risk: Policy Formulation in an Age of Uncertainty
80125. The Economics of American Higher Education
80126. Economic Hierarchies, Organization and the Structure of Production
80127. Post-Popperian Methodology of Economics: Recovering Practice
80128. Labor Economics: Problems in Analyzing Labor Markets
80129. Verbs and Diachronic Syntax: A Comparative History of English and French
80130. Birth, Suffering, and Death: Catholic Perspectives at the Edges of Life
80131. Neurotox ’91: Molecular Basis of Drug & Pesticide Action
80132. Whey and Lactose Processing
80133. Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology: Volume 5
80134. The Founders of Evolutionary Genetics: A Centenary Reappraisal
80135. Catalytic Activation of Dioxygen by Metal Complexes
80136. AIDS up to the Year 2000
80137. Bioethics Yearbook: Regional Developments in Bioethics: 1989–1991
80138. Privatizing Eastern Europe: The Role of Markets and Ownership in the Transition
80139. Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance: Physiology, Techniques and Applications
80140. Metal-Ligand Interactions: From Atoms, to Clusters, to Surfaces
80141. The Center, Bulge, and Disk of the Milky Way
80142. The Acquisition of Verb Placement: Functional Categories and V2 Phenomena in Language Acquisition
80143. Empirical Studies in Industrial Organization: Essays in Honor of Leonard W. Weiss
80144. Natural Sinks of CO2 : Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico, 24–27 February 1992
80145. Japanese Syntax and Semantics: Collected Papers
80146. In the Interests of Others: An Essay in Moral Philosophy
80147. Sunspots: Theory and Observations
80148. Astrochemistry of Cosmic Phenomena: Proceedings of the 150th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held at Campos Do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil, August 5-9, 1991
80149. The Essentials of Peritoneal Dialysis
80150. The Meaning of Nouns: Semantic Theory in Classical and Medieval India
80151. Transport and Diffusion in Turbulent Fields: Modeling and Measurement Techniques
80152. Dynamics and Evolution of Minor Bodies with Galactic and Geological Implications: Proceedings of the Conference held in Kyoto, Japan from October 28 to November 1,1991
80153. Die Krisis der Europäischen Wissenschaften und die Transzendentale Phänomenologie: Ergänzungsband Texte aus dem Nachlass 1934—1937
80154. Diabetes and Atherosclerosis
80155. History of Ophthalmology 5: Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis
80156. Anesthesia and the Lung 1992
80157. The Rhyme and Reason of Politics in Early Modern Europe: Collected Essays of Herbert H. Rowen
80158. Advances in Metabolic Mapping Techniques for Brain Imaging of Behavioral and Learning Functions
80159. Between History and Method: Disputes about the Rationality of Science
80160. X-Ray Binaries and Recycled Pulsars
80161. Weather Radar Networking: COST 73 Project / Final Report
80162. Multiple Risk Factors in Cardiovascular Disease
80163. Tourism and the Environment: Regional, Economic and Policy Issues
80164. The Logical Foundations of the Marxian Theory of Value
80165. The Scientific Enterprise: The Bar-Hillel Colloquium: Studies in History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, Volume 4
80166. Theoretical Advancement in Chromatography and Related Separation Techniques
80167. Next Generation Infrared Space Observatory
80168. Socialist Investment Cycles: Analysis in Retrospect
80169. Logic, God and Metaphysics
80170. Fourth Symposium on our Environment: Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Our Environment, held in Singapore, May 21–23, 1990
80171. Tradition and Individuality: Essays
80172. Innovations in Flotation Technology
80173. Basement Tectonics 9: Australia and Other Regions Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Basement Tectonics, held in Canberra, Australia, July 1990
80174. Restenosis after Intervention with New Mechanical Devices
80175. Quality of Life after Open Heart Surgery
80176. Caring for Mental Health in the Future: Future Scenarios on Mental Health and Mental Health Care in the Netherlands 1990–2010
80177. Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Financial System in an Increasingly Integrated Europe
80178. The Yohkoh (Solar-A) Mission
80179. Phenomenology of Natural Science
80180. Mass Spectrometry in the Biological Sciences: A Tutorial
80181. The Logic of Gersonides: A Translation of Sefer ha-Heqqesh ha-Yashar (The Book of the Correct Syllogism) of Rabbi Levi ben Gershom with Introduction, Commentary, and Analytical Glossary
80182. Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space
80183. Science and Empires: Historical Studies about Scientific Development and European Expansion
80184. National Income and Nature: Externalities, Growth and Steady State
80185. Philosophy of Educational Knowledge: An Introduction to the Foundations of Science of Education, Philosophy of Education and Practical Pedagogics
80186. Progress in Radiopharmacy
80187. Phenomenology and the Formal Sciences
80188. Our Knowledge of God: Essays on Natural and Philosophical Theology
80189. Language Acquisition and Syntactic Theory: A Comparative Analysis of French and English Child Grammars
80190. Stereoscopic acuity in ocular pursuit of moving objects: Dynamic stereoscopy and movement parallax: relevance to road safety and occupational medicine
80191. Seismic Modelling and Pattern Recognition in Oil Exploration
80192. History of Ophthalmology: Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis
80193. The Pedersen Memorial Issue
80194. Morphological and Physical Classification of Galaxies: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Held in Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi, Italy, September 3–7, 1990
80195. Currency Use and Payment Patterns
80196. Yearbook of Morphology 1991
80197. The Galileo Mission
80198. Structure and Evolution of Single and Binary Stars
80199. Philosophy and Conceptual History of Science in Taiwan
80200. Trends in Applied Theoretical Chemistry
80201. Chemical Lectures of H.T. Scheffer
80202. Cardiovascular Imaging by Ultrasound
80203. The Invention of Physical Science: Intersections of Mathematics, Theology and Natural Philosophy Since the Seventeenth Century Essays in Honor of Erwin N. Hiebert
80204. Welt im Widerspruch: Gedanken zu einer Phänomenologie als ethischer Fundamentalphilosophie
80205. Treatise on Ethics (1684)
80206. Astronomical Photometry: A Guide
80207. Digitised Optical Sky Surveys: Proceedings of the Conference on ‘Digitised Optical Sky Surveys’, Held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 18–21 June 1991
80208. Husserl, Heidegger and the Crisis of Philosophical Responsibility
80209. Energetics of Organometallic Species
80210. Emulsions — A Fundamental and Practical Approach
80211. What’s New in Cardiac Imaging?: SPECT, PET, and MRI
80212. Reading Disabilities: Genetic and Neurological Influences
80213. The Stellar Populations of Galaxies: Proceedings of the 149th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Angra Dos Reis, Brazil, August 5–9, 1991
80214. Erwin Schrödinger’s World View: The Dynamics of Knowledge and Reality
80215. Agency in Action: The Practical Rational Agency Machine
80216. The Realm of Interacting Binary Stars
80217. International Weather Radar Networking: Final Seminar of the COST Project 73
80218. Concise Chemical Thermodynamics
80219. A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts
80220. Geophysical Interpretation using Integral Equations
80221. Introduction to Clay Minerals: Chemistry, origins, uses and environmental significance
80222. Mars: The story of the Red Planet
80223. The Perfume Handbook
80224. Caledonian Structures in Britain: South of the Midland Valley
80225. The World Environment 1972–1992: Two decades of challenge
80226. Surfactant Aggregation
80227. Chemistry and Technology of the Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry
80228. Dictionary of Converting
80229. Atlas of Parasitic Pathology
80230. Policy Perspectives on Educational Testing
80231. Paediatric Neoplasia
80232. Biopsy of Bone in Internal Medicine: An Atlas and Sourcebook
80233. Glucagon in Acute Medicine: Pharmacological, clinical and therapeutic implications
80234. Helicobacter pylori Infection: Pathophysiology, Epidemiology and Management
80235. Complement in Health and Disease
80236. Atlas of Liver Pathology
80237. Stabilization and Privatization in Poland: An Economic Evaluation of the Shock Therapy Program
80238. Information and Communication in Economics
80239. Policy Issues in Employment Testing
80240. Productivity Issues in Services at the Micro Level: A Special Issue of the Journal of Productivity Analysis
80241. The Fractured Marketplace for Standardized Testing
80242. Teacher Self-Evaluation: Teachers in Their Own Mirror
80243. Capitalism versus Pragmatic Market Socialism: A General Equilibrium Evaluation
80244. Preferences and Democracy: Villa Colombella Papers
80245. Austrian Economics: Tensions and New Directions
80246. The Environment of Oil
80247. Gas Cleaning at High Temperatures
80248. Supercritical Fluid Extraction and its Use in Chromatographic Sample Preparation
80249. Membranes in Bioprocessing: Theory and Applications
80250. Industrial Electrochemistry
80251. Chemistry and Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Environment
80252. NMR Spectroscopy of Polymers
80253. Applications of Supercritical Fluids in Industrial Analysis
80254. Gold Metallogeny and Exploration
80255. Biomonitoring of Trace Aquatic Contaminants
80256. Infrared Transmission Spectra of Carbonate Minerals
80257. Towards an Integrated Impact Assessment of Climate Change: The MINK Study
80258. Planetary Nebulae: Proceedings of the 155th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Innsbruck, Austria, July 13–17, 1992
80259. Structures and Conformations of Non-Rigid Molecules
80260. Tourism vs Environment: The Case for Coastal Areas
80261. Consciousness, Knowledge, and Truth: Essays in Honour of Jan Srzednicki
80262. Language Learnability and L2 Phonology: The Acquisition of Metrical Parameters
80263. A Linguistic Investigation of Aphasic Chinese Speech
80264. Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviour of Planetary Systems: Proceedings of the Third Alexander von Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics
80265. Contaminated Soil’93: Fourth International KfK/TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 3–7 May 1993, Berlin, Germany
80266. Recent Evolution and Seismicity of the Mediterranean Region
80267. Integrated Soil and Sediment Research: A Basis for Proper Protection: Selected Proceedings of the First European Conference on Integrated Research for Soil and Sediment Protection and Remediation (EUROSOL)
80268. The Passions of Rhetoric: Lessing’s Theory of Argument and the German Enlightenment
80269. Drugs and the Liver: High Risk Patients and Transplantation
80270. Reading Disabilities: Diagnosis and Component Processes
80271. Nuclear Cardiology in Everyday Practice
80272. Semantics and the Lexicon
80273. A System-Wide Analysis of International Consumption Patterns
80274. Main Economic Policy Areas of the EC - After 1992
80275. Physics of Solar and Stellar Coronae: G.S. Vaiana Memorial Symposium: Proceedings of a Conference of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Palermo, Italy, 22–26 June, 1992
80276. Ideas for a Hermeneutic Phenomenology of the Natural Sciences
80277. Chronic Diseases in the year 2005: Scenarios on Chronic Non-Specific Lung Diseases 1990–2005
80278. Allegory Old and New: In Literature, the Fine Arts, Music and Theatre, and Its Continuity in Culture
80279. The Life and Works of J. C. Kapteyn: An Annotated Translation with Preface and Introduction by E. Robert Paul
80280. The Nearest Active Galaxies
80281. Infrared Solar Physics: Proceedings of the 154th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A., March 2–6, 1992
80282. Stellar Jets and Bipolar Outflows: Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (OAC 6), Held at Capri, Italy, September 18–21, 1991
80283. Migration Policies in Europe and the United States
80284. Serotonin: From Cell Biology to Pharmacology and Therapeutics
80285. The European Carbon Tax: An Economic Assessment
80286. Interactions Between Physics and Dynamics of Solar System Bodies: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Symposium held in Pléneuf-Val-André (France) from June 21 to June 28, 1992
80287. Neurohumoral Regulation of Coronary Flow: Role of the Endothelium
80288. Handbook of Democratic Government: Party Government in 20 Democracies (1945–1990)
80289. Philosophy of Technology in Spanish Speaking Countries
80290. Bioethics Yearbook: Theological Developments in Bioethics: 1990–1992
80291. Reason, Life, Culture: Part I Phenomenology in the Baltics
80292. Colour Vision Deficiencies XI: Proceedings of the eleventh Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Sydney, Australia 21–23 June 1991 including the joint IRGCVD-AIC Meeting on Mechanisms of Colour Vision 24 June 1991
80293. Advances in Quantitative Coronary Arteriography
80294. Cerebral Damage Before and After Cardiac Surgery
80295. “Covetous of Truth”: The Life and Work of Thomas White, 1593–1676
80296. Cardiac Output and Regional Flow in Health and Disease
80297. Ophthalmic Echography 13: Proceedings of the 13th SIDUO Congress, Vienna, Austria, 1990
80298. Knowledge and Language: Volume III Metaphor and Knowledge
80299. Knowledge and Language: Volume II Lexical and Conceptual Structure
80300. Knowledge and Language: Volume I From Orwell’s Problem to Plato’s Problem
80301. Dimensional Scaling in Chemical Physics
80302. Is Crohn’s Disease a Mycobacterial Disease?
80303. Metaarchaeology: Reflections by Archaeologists and Philosophers
80304. Nephrology and Urology in the Aged Patient
80305. Atrial Fibrillation, a Treatable Disease?
80306. Edmund Husserls Phänomenologie der Instinkte
80307. Problems of the Hegelian Dialectic: Dialectic Reconstructed as a Logic of Human Reality
80308. Aggregation, Consumption and Trade: Essays in Honor of H.S. Houthakker
80309. The Limits to Certainty
80310. The Aesthetics of Communication: Pragmatics and Beyond
80311. Sophisms in Medieval Logic and Grammar: Acts of the Ninth European Symposium for Medieval Logic and Semantics, held at St Andrews, June 1990
80312. Precision Process Technology: Perspectives for Pollution Prevention
80313. The role of interleukin-2 in the treatment of cancer patients
80314. Merleau-Ponty in Contemporary Perspective
80315. The New Europe: Evolving Economic and Financial Systems in East and West
80316. The Context of Explanation
80317. Environment in Poland: Issues and Solutions
80318. Calcium Antagonists: Pharmacology and Clinical Research
80319. Ischemia-reperfusion in cardiac surgery
80320. The Development of Sex Differences and Similarities in Behavior
80321. Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism
80322. Elementary Reaction Steps in Heterogeneous Catalysis
80323. The Gulf War Aftermath: An Environmental Tragedy
80324. Manifestations of Reason: Life, Historicity, Culture Reason, Life, Culture Part II: Phenomenology in the Adriatic Countries
80325. Über Existenz: Die Ontologie Roman Ingardens
80326. Transition Metal Carbyne Complexes
80327. Women’s Studies of the Christian and Islamic Traditions: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Foremothers
80328. Hegel and Newtonianism
80329. The Comical: A Philosophical Analysis
80330. Nuclear Magnetic Shieldings and Molecular Structure
80331. Test Procedures for the Blood Compatibility of Biomaterials
80332. Democracy and the “Kingdom of God”
80333. Molecular Electrochemistry of Inorganic, Bioinorganic and Organometallic Compounds
80334. Basement Tectonics 8: Characterization and Comparison of Ancient and Mesozoic Continental Margins
80335. Phenomenology: East and West: Essays in Honor of J.N. Mohanty
80336. Anesthesia and the Central Nervous System: Papers presented at the 38th Annual Postgraduate Course in Anesthesiology, February 19–23, 1993
80337. Coupling Processes in the Lower and Middle Atmosphere
80338. Handbook of Immunochemistry
80339. Subsurface Ventilation and Environmental Engineering
80340. The Inaccessible Earth: An integrated view to its structure and composition
80341. Igneous Rocks of South-West England
80342. Quaternary of Scotland
80343. Discontinuity Analysis for Rock Engineering
80344. Glass-Fibre Databook
80345. Quantitative Data File for Ore Minerals
80346. Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: Volume II The Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes
80347. Poucher’s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: Volume 3 Cosmetics
80348. Major Companies of The Far East and Australasia 1993/94: Volume 2: East Asia
80349. Energy Efficiency in Process Technology
80350. European Directory of Hazardous Waste Management 1993/94
80351. European Directory of Contaminated Land Management 1993/94
80352. Immunology of ENT Disorders
80353. Atlas of Correlative Surgical Neuropathology and Imaging
80354. Immunology of the Connective Tissue Diseases
80355. Immunology of Liver Disease
80356. A Handbook for Medical Teachers
80357. The Timing of Toxicological Studies to Support Clinical Trials
80358. Immunology of Neuromuscular Disease
80359. The Relevance of Ethnic Factors in the Clinical Evaluation of Medicines: Proceedings of a Workshop held at The Medical Society of London, UK, 7th and 8th July, 1993
80360. Handbook of Spinal Cord Monitoring: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Spinal Cord Monitoring, London, UK, June 2–5, 1992
80361. The Immunoassay Kit Directory: Part 1 Peptide Hormones June 1994
80362. Mercantilist Economics
80363. Environmental Economics & the Mining Industry
80364. Bureaucracy: Three Paradigms
80365. The State of Interpretation of Keynes
80366. Economics of Agricultural Crop Insurance: Theory and Evidence
80367. Economics And Religion: Are They Distinct?
80368. An International Perspective on Economic Education
80369. Economic Thought and Political Theory
80370. Designing Educational Project and Program Evaluations: A Practical Overview Based on Research and Experience
80371. Imperfections and Behavior in Economic Organizations
80372. Business Cycles: Theory and Empirical Methods
80373. The Mortality Costs of Regulatory Expenditures: A Special Issue of the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
80374. Analytical Chemistry of Synthetic Colorants
80375. Handbook of Biocide and Preservative Use
80376. Biodegradability of Surfactants
80377. Advances in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion
80378. Introduction to Surfactant Analysis
80379. The European Single Market: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Harmonization
80380. Introduction to Industrial Minerals
80381. Understanding the North Sea System
80382. Fluids in the Crust: Equilibrium and transport properties
80383. Surface Coatings: Volume 1 Raw Materials and Their Usage
80384. Hydrometallurgy ’94: Papers presented at the international symposium ‘Hydrometallurgy ’94’ organized by the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy and the Society of Chemical Industry, and held in Cambridge, England, from 11 to 15 July, 1994
80385. Marine Permian of England
80386. The Medieval Warm Period
80387. Progress in quantitative coronary arteriography
80388. Myocardial viability: Detection and clinical relevance
80389. Scripts and Literacy: Reading and Learning to Read Alphabets, Syllabaries and Characters
80390. The Question of Hermeneutics: Essays in Honor of Joseph J. Kockelmans
80391. Chemical Waves and Patterns
80392. Planetary Systems: Formation, Evolution, and Detection: Proceedings of the First International Conference, held in Pasadena, California on December 8–10, 1992
80393. Aspectual Roles and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
80394. Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 1993: Proceedings of the 160th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Belgirate, Italy, June 14–18, 1993
80395. Cultural Economics And Cultural Policies
80396. Genetic factors in coronary heart disease
80397. Kant’s Theory of Natural Science
80398. A History of Women Philosophers: Contemporary Women Philosophers, 1900-Today
80399. Reports on Astronomy
80400. Essay on Liberalism: Looking Left and Right
80401. Evolution of Massive Stars: A Confrontation between Theory and Observation
80402. Nonlinear Phenomena in Stellar Variability
80403. History of Ophthalmology: Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis
80404. Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars: Proceedings of the 162nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, France, October 5–8, 1993
80405. Economic Instruments for Air Pollution Control
80406. The Asian City: Processes of Development, Characteristics and Planning
80407. Europe between East and South
80408. Evaluation of Technology Policy Programmes in Germany
80409. Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases: Why and How to Control?: Proceedings of an International Symposium, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 13–15 December 1993
80410. Road Pricing: Theory, Empirical Assessment and Policy
80411. History of the IAU: The Birth and First Half-Century of the International Astronomical Union
80412. Recent Studies in Geophysical Hazards
80413. Environmental Toxicology, Economics and Institutions: The Atrazine Case Study
80414. Basin Analysis in Petroleum Exploration: A case study from the Békés basin, Hungary
80415. Subduction: Insights from Physical Modeling
80416. The Sun as a Variable Star: Solar and Stellar Irradiance Variations: Proceedings of the 143rd Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in the Clarion Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado, June 20–25, 1993
80417. Trade, Innovation, Environment
80418. Kinematics and Dynamics of Diffuse Astrophysical Media
80419. Galactic Bulges: Proceedings of the 153th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Ghent, Belgium, August 17–22, 1992
80420. Polyoxometalates: From Platonic Solids to Anti-Retroviral Activity
80421. Scientific Progress: A Study Concerning the Nature of the Relation Between Successive Scientific Theories
80422. Jewish Christians and Christian Jews: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
80423. Artifacts, Representations and Social Practice: Essays for Marx Wartofsky
80424. The Arterial System in Hypertension
80425. Allegory Revisited: Ideals of Mankind
80426. Signal Averaged Electrocardiography: Concepts, Methods and Applications
80427. Telecommunications Demand in Theory and Practice
80428. Cardinalism: A Fundamental Approach
80429. Oceanology of China Seas: Volume 2
80430. Technology, Pessimism, and Postmodernism
80431. Oxygenates by Homologation or CO Hydrogenation with Metal Complexes
80432. Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology: A bridge to the 21st century
80433. Ocean Processes in Climate Dynamics: Global and Mediterranean Examples
80434. Cross-National Longitudinal Research on Human Development and Criminal Behavior
80435. Oceanology of China Seas
80436. The Concept of Moral Consensus: The Case of Technological Interventions in Human Reproduction
80437. Economic Incentives and Environmental Policies: Principles and Practice
80438. From the Sacred to the Divine: A New Phenomenological Approach
80439. Continuity and Change in the Development of Russell’s Philosophy
80440. Economic Policies for Sustainable Development
80441. Ethics and the Will: Essays
80442. Geostatistics for the Next Century: An International Forum in Honour of Michel David’s Contribution to Geostatistics, Montreal, 1993
80443. Anesthesiology and Pain Management
80444. The Textbook of Peritoneal Dialysis
80445. Biz Jets: Technology and Market Structure in the Corporate Jet Aircraft Industry
80446. Primary Care and Home Care Scenarios 1990–2005: Scenario report commissioned by the Steering Committee on Future Health Scenarios
80447. The Environment: Towards a Sustainable Future
80448. Death on Hemodialysis: Preventable or Inevitable?
80449. Scientific and Religious Belief
80450. Rejection and Tolerance: Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, 24–26 May 1993
80451. Industrial Policy in Eastern Europe: Governing the Transition
80452. Reaction Dynamics in Clusters and Condensed Phases: Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 17–20, 1993
80453. Stress Echocardiography: Its Role in the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease
80454. Alchemy and Chemistry in the 16th and 17th Centuries
80455. New Directions in Computational Economics
80456. Zygmunt Zawirski: His Life and Work: With Selected Writings on Time, Logic and the Methodology of Science
80457. Managing Environmental Disputes: Network Management as an Alternative
80458. The Nuclei of Normal Galaxies: Lessons from the Galactic Center
80459. Adam Smith and the Philosophy of Law and Economics
80460. Simultaneous Horizontal and Cyclovertical Strabismus Surgery
80461. Sedimentary Organic Matter: Organic facies and palynofacies
80462. The Geological Deformation of Sediments
80463. Clay Mineralogy: Spectroscopic and Chemical Determinative Methods
80464. Quaternary of the Thames
80465. Regulated Chemicals Directory 1994
80466. Proteins and Tumour Markers May 1995: Part 3
80467. Drugs Eicosanoids: Second Messengers. November 1995
80468. Macroeconometrics: Developments, Tensions, and Prospects
80469. Contingent Valuation, Transport Safety and the Value of Life
80470. Public Economics and the Environment in an Imperfect World
80471. The Diversity, Complexity, and Evolution of High Tech Capitalism
80472. Alternatives in Assessment of Achievements, Learning Processes and Prior Knowledge
80473. Institutional Economics and the Theory of Social Value: Essays in Honor of Marc R. Tool
80474. Multi-Output Production and Duality: Theory and Applications
80475. Simulating Workplace Safety Policy
80476. On the Reliability of Economic Models: Essays in the Philosophy of Economics
80477. International Perspectives on Academic Assessment
80478. Equity and Excellence in Educational Testing and Assessment
80479. Industrial Membrane Separation Technology
80480. Chemistry of Waste Minimization
80481. Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion
80482. An Introduction to Industrial Chemistry
80483. Enzymatic Reactions in Organic Media
80484. Chemistry and Technology of Printing and Imaging Systems
80485. Process Analytical Chemistry
80486. British Upper Carboniferous Stratigraphy
80487. Birddog: Philosophy and practice of seismic data quality supervision
80488. Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World: Part Two: Former USSR
80489. Colour Vision Deficiencies XII: Proceedings of the twelfth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Tübingen, Germany July 18–22, 1993
80490. The Economics of Localized Technological Change and Industrial Dynamics
80491. The Radical Choice and Moral Theory: Through Communicative Argumentation to Phenomenological Subjectivity
80492. Authentic School Science: Knowing and Learning in Open-Inquiry Science Laboratories
80493. Radicals on Surfaces
80494. Reducing Breast Cancer Risk in Women
80495. Satisfying Reason: Studies in the Theory of Knowledge
80496. The Illusion of Trust: Toward a Medical Theological Ethics in the Postmodern Age
80497. Contrast Agents in Liver Imaging
80498. Theoretical Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis: Applications of Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Theory
80499. Critical Rationalism, Metaphysics and Science: Essays for Joseph Agassi, Volume I
80500. Science, Mind and Art: Essays on Science and the Humanistic Understanding in Art, Epistemology, Religion and Ethics in Honor of Robert S. Cohen
80501. The Logic of the Living Present: Experience, Ordering, Onto-Poiesis of Culture
80502. The Problem of Rationality in Science and its Philosophy: On Popper vs. Polanyi The Polish Conferences 1988–89
80503. Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals
80504. Perspectives on Ecological Integrity
80505. PET for Drug Development and Evaluation
80506. Using English Words
80507. God, Reason and Religions: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion
80508. Contaminated Soil ’95: Proceedings of the Fifth International FZK/TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil, 30 October–3 November 1995, Maastricht, The Netherlands
80509. Financial Conglomerates: New Rules for New Players?
80510. Frege: Sense and Reference One Hundred Years Later
80511. Defence from Floods and Floodplain Management
80512. Water-Quality Hydrology
80513. Subsurface-Water Hydrology: Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydrology and Water Resources, New Delhi, India, December 1993
80514. Mergers, Markets and Public Policy
80515. The Varieties of Orthographic Knowledge: II: Relationships to Phonology, Reading, and Writing
80516. New Developments in Array Technology and Applications: Proceedings of the 167th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in the Hague, the Netherlands, August 23–27, 1994
80517. Advances in Imaging Techniques in Ischemic Heart Disease
80518. Organoderivatives of Rare Earth Elements
80519. Aqueous Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis
80520. The Pacemaker Clinic of the 90’s: Essentials in Brady-Pacing
80521. The Self in European and North American Culture: Development and Processes
80522. Long-Term Climate Monitoring by the Global Climate Observing System: International Meeting of Experts, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
80523. Pediatric and Obstetrical Anesthesia: Papers presented at the 40th Annual Postgraduate Course in Anesthesiology, February 1995
80524. Composition, Geochemistry and Conversion of Oil Shales
80525. The Kleiner Feldberg Cloud Experiment 1990: EUROTRAC Subproject Ground-Based Cloud Experiment (GCE)
80526. Carbon Dioxide Removal from Coal-Fired Power Plants
80527. Written Expression Disorders
80528. Output Decline in Eastern Europe: Unavoidable, External Influence or Homemade?
80529. Inquiry, Forms, and Substances: A Study in Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemology
80530. Willem Einthoven (1860–1927) Father of electrocardiography: Life and work, ancestors and contemporaries
80531. Population and Family in the Low Countries 1994: Selected Current Issues
80532. Critical Choices and Critical Care: Catholic Perspectives on Allocating Resources in Intensive Care Medicine
80533. Heaven, Earth, and In-Between in the Harmony of Life
80534. On the Nature of Health: An Action-Theoretic Approach
80535. Yearbook of Asymmetric Synthesis 1991
80536. Cytokines in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases: Options for the Modulation of Host Defense
80537. The Clinical Applications of SPET
80538. Membrane Technology: Applications to Industrial Wastewater Treatment
80539. Coronary Bypass Surgery in the Elderly: Ethical, Economical and Quality of Life Aspects
80540. Wolf-Rayet Stars: Binaries, Colliding Winds, Evolution: Proceedings of the 163rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in La Biodola, Elba, Italia, May 2–6, 1994
80541. Organ Shortage: The Solutions: Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, 13–15 June 1994
80542. Bioethics Yearbook: Regional Developments in Bioethics: 1991–1993
80543. Hospital Cost Analysis
80544. Improving the Quality of Life: Recommendations for People with and without Disabilities
80545. The High Latitude Heliosphere: Proceedings of the 28th ESLAB Symposium, 19–21 April 1994, Friedrichshafen, Germany
80546. Science Policy: New Mechanisms for Scientific Collaboration between East and West
80547. Particles and Projections in Irish Syntax
80548. Circumstellar Matter 1994: Proceedings of an International Conference to Celebrate the Centenary of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, held at the Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh, Scotland, 29 August – 2 September, 1994
80549. Gender, Science and Mathematics: Shortening the Shadow
80550. Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope 1820–1831: The Founding of a Colonial Observatory Incorporating a biography of Fearon Fallows
80551. The Synergy Between Dynamics and Reactivity at Clusters and Surfaces
80552. Beta-Blockers in Hypertension and Angina Pectoris: Different Compounds, Different Strategies
80553. History of Ophthalmology: Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis
80554. Pharmacological Control of Calcium and Potassium Homeostasis: Biological, Therapeutical, and Clinical Aspects
80555. Environment, Incentives and the Common Market
80556. Science Policy and Research Management in the Balkan Countries: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Science Policy and Research Management in the Balkan Countries Athens, Greece November 23–25, 1994
80557. Cancer Pain Relief: A Practical Manual
80558. Genesis and Properties of Collapsible Soils
80559. Lifelong Education / Education Permanente
80560. Environmental Options: Accounting for Sustainability
80561. Representational Ideas: From Plato to Patricia Churchland
80562. The New Scholarship on Dewey
80563. Naturally-Produced Organohalogens
80564. Management of Biological Nitrogen Fixation for the Development of More Productive and Sustainable Agricultural Systems: Extended versions of papers presented at the Symposium on Biological Nitrogen Fixation for Sustainable Agriculture at the 15th Congress of Soil Science, Acapulco, Mexico, 1994
80565. Renal Failure: Diagnosis & Treatment
80566. Rifted Ocean-Continent Boundaries
80567. Long-Term Hemodialysis
80568. Ultrasonography in Ophthalmology 14: Proceedings of the 14th SIDUO Congress, Tokyo, Japan 1992
80569. Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography: Viability, Perfusion, Receptors and Cardiomyopathy
80570. The Theory and Practice of Institutional Transplantation: Experiences with the Transfer of Policy Institutions
80571. La philosophie contemporaine / Contemporary philosophy: Chroniques nouvelles / A new survey
80572. Vatican II and Phenomenology: Reflections on the Life-World of the Church
80573. Urinary Tract Infections
80574. Understanding and Prediction: Essays in the Methodology of Social and Behavioral Theories
80575. Ulcer and Non-Ulcer Dyspepsias
80576. Treatise on Basic Philosophy: Ontology I: The Furniture of the World
80577. Semantics II: Interpretation and Truth
80578. Treatise on Basic Philosophy: Semantics I: Sense and Reference
80579. Transzendenz und Differenz: Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Ontologischen Differenz beim Frühen Heidegger
80580. Transistor Physics
80581. Thinking and Doing: The Philosophical Foundations of Institutions
80582. Theoretical Aspects of Heterogeneous Catalysis
80583. The Therapy of Pain
80584. The Logic of the Articles in Traditional Philosophy: A Contribution to the Study of Conceptual Structures
80585. The Legacy of J.C. Kapteyn: Studies on Kapteyn and the Development of Modern Astronomy
80586. The Law on Medicines: Volume 3 Distribution and Selling
80587. The Ichthyoses: Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Clinically Orientated Symposium of The European Society for Dermatological Research
80588. The Great Depression Revisited: Essays on the Economics of the Thirties
80589. The Game of Language: Studies in Game-Theoretical Semantics and Its Applications
80590. Tectonomagnetics and Local Geomagnetic Field Variations: Proceedings of IAGA/IAMAP Joint Assembly August 1977, Seattle, Washington
80591. Surgical Endodontics: A Colour Manual
80592. Studies in Process Philosophy I
80593. Stress: The hidden adversary
80594. Spontaneous Abortion
80595. Social Skills
80596. Side-Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Part Two Studies in Major Organ Systems
80597. Side-Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Part One Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects
80598. Sandstone Depositional Models for Exploration for Fossil Fuels
80599. Rheumatology
80600. Reflection and Action
80601. Reason and the Search for Knowledge: Investigations in the Philosophy of Science
80602. Quantum Theory of Chemical Reactions: II: Solvent Effect, Reaction Mechanisms, Photochemical Processes
80603. Psychosurgery: A Scientific Analysis
80604. The Prostaglandins: Progress in Research
80605. Prolactin: Physiology and Clinical Significance
80606. Principles of Turbomachinery
80607. Principles of Organometallic Chemistry
80608. Primer of Cancer Management
80609. Plant Viruses
80610. Physics of Thermal Gaseous Nebulae: Physical Processes in Gaseous Nebulae
80611. Physician-Assisted Suicide: What are the Issues?
80612. Philosophical Problems of Modern Physics
80613. Philosophical Logic
80614. Phenomenology in Practice and Theory
80615. Petrology of the metamorphic rocks
80616. Patterns and Configurations in Economic Science
80617. Otorhinolaryngology: Including Oral Medicine and Surgery
80618. Osteoporosis: Pathogenesis and Management
80619. Nutation and the Earth’s Rotation
80620. Nuclear Power and Public Policy: The Social and Ethical Problems of Fission Technology
80621. North American Social Report: A Comparative Study of the Quality of Life in Canada and the USA from 1964 to 1974.Vol. 5: Economics, Religion and Morality
80622. Neurology
80623. Nerve-Muscle Interaction
80624. Muscle Contraction
80625. Multiple Sclerosis: A Critical Conspectus
80626. Molecular Virology
80627. Molecular Sieves: Principles of Synthesis and Identification
80628. Models of Discovery: And Other Topics in the Methods of Science
80629. Management Skills
80630. Lipids: A Clinicians’ Guide
80631. Legal Reductionism and Freedom
80632. Justice, Law and Culture
80633. Intelligence and Cognition: Contemporary Frames of Reference
80634. Integrating Scientific Disciplines
80635. Instrumentation and Research Programmes for Small Telescopes: Proceedings of the 118th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2–6 December 1985
80636. Instrumental Reasoning and Systems Methodology: An Epistemology of the Applied and Social Sciences
80637. Insomnia: A Guide for Medical Practitioners
80638. Inquiries and Provocations: Selected Writings 1929–1974
80639. Inflammation: Mechanisms and Treatment: Proceedings of the Fourth International Meeting on Future Trends in Inflammation Organized by the European Biological Research Association and held in London, 18th–22nd February 1980
80640. Immunological Aspects of Cancer
80641. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dermatology
80642. Husserl and Intentionality: A Study of Mind, Meaning, and Language
80643. Hegels Philosophie des subjektiven Geistes / Hegel’s Philosophy of Subjective Spirit: Band I / Volume I
80644. Handbook of Recording Engineering
80645. Handbook of Laboratory Health and Safety Measures
80646. Gastrointestinal Motility: The Integration of Physiological Mechanisms
80647. Gastrointestinal Motility: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility held in Aix-en-Provence, France, September 12–16, 1983
80648. Functions of several variables
80649. Essential Psychology: For Students and Professionals in the Health and Social Services
80650. Essays on Ethics, Social Behavior, and Scientific Explanation
80651. Erste Philosophie (1923/24): Zweiter Teil: Theorie der Phänomenologischen Reduktion
80652. Erste Philosophie (1923/24): Erster Teil: Kritische Ideengeschichte
80653. Epistemology and Psychology of Functions
80654. Engineering Tables and Data
80655. Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach
80656. Endocrinology
80657. Elements of Shipping
80658. Economic Information, Decision, and Prediction: Selected Essays: Volume III
80659. Economic Information, Decision, and Prediction: Selected Essays: Volume II
80660. Economic Information, Decision, and Prediction: Selected Essays: Volume I Part I Economics of Decision
80661. Dwelling, Place and Environment: Towards a Phenomenology of Person and World
80662. Dermatology
80663. Cultural Conceptions of Mental Health and Therapy
80664. Common Dilemmas in Family Medicine
80665. Cognitive Constraints on Communication: Representations and Processes
80666. Clinically Applied Anthropology: Anthropologists in Health Science Settings
80667. Clinical Applications of Cardiovascular Drugs
80668. Chromosomes Today: Proceedings of the Ninth International Chromosome Conference held in Marseille, France, 18–21 June 1986
80669. Chromosomes Today: Volume 8 Proceedings of the Eighth International Chromosome Conference held in Lübeck, West Germnay, 21–24 September 1983
80670. Expenditure on Fixed Assets
80671. Cartesian Theodicy: Descartes’ Quest for Certitude
80672. Cancer Pain
80673. Breast Cancer: Psycho-Social Aspects of Early Detection and Treatment
80674. Basic Notes in Psychiatry
80675. Atmospheric Turbulence and Air Pollution Modelling: A Course held in The Hague, 21–25 September, 1981
80676. Analysis and Metaphysics: Essays in Honor of R. M. Chisholm
80677. Action Theory: Proceedings of the Winnipeg Conference on Human Action, Held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 9–11 May 1975
80678. Algebra of Conscience: A Comparative Analysis of Western and Soviet Ethical Systems
80679. Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress on Mathematical Education: 2000 Makuhari Japan
80680. Science and Modernity: Toward an Integral Theory of Science
80681. Improved Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: COX-2 Enzyme Inhibitors
80682. European Populations: Unity in Diversity
80683. Project planning and income distribution
80684. Pediatric Andrology
80685. Dutch Silver: Embossed Plaquettes Tazze and Dishes from the Renaissance Until the End of the Eighteenth Century
80686. The Stevensweert Kantharos
80687. Japan: From Surrender to Peace
80688. Centennial Year Number
80689. The Idea of Order: Contributions to a Philosophy of Politics
80690. Dutch Silver: Wrought Plate of the Central, Northern and Southern Provinces from the Renaissance until the End of the Eighteenth Century
80691. The Fecundity of Mathematical Methods in Economic Theory
80692. Soviet Scholasticism
80693. The Concept and the Role of the Model in Mathematics and Natural and Social Sciences: Proceedings of the Colloquium sponsored by the Division of Philosophy of Sciences of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Sciences organized at Utrecht, January 1960, by Hans Freudenthal
80694. Freedom and Serfdom: An Anthology of Western Thought
80695. Dutch Silver: Embossed Ecclesiastical and Secular Plate from the Renaissance until the End of the Eighteenth Century
80696. Toward a Science of Man in Society: A Positive Approach to the Integration of Social Knowledge
80697. Migration and Belonging: A Study of Mental Health and Personal Adjustment in Israel
80698. Edmund Husserls ethische Untersuchungen: Dargestellt Anhand Seiner Vorlesungsmanuskripte
80699. Logico-Philosophical Studies
80700. Studies in Social Philosophy
80701. Einführung in den Jugoslawischen Marxismus-Leninismus: Organisation / Bibliographie
80702. Philosophy and Ideology: The Development of Philosophy and Marxism-Leninism in Poland Since the Second World War
80703. Bibliographie der Sowjetischen Philosophie / Bibliography of Soviet Philosophy: Vol. IV: Ergänzungen / Supplement 1947–1960
80704. Soviet Russian Dialectical Materialism: [Diamat]
80705. The Dogmatic Principles of Soviet Philosophy [as of 1958]: Synopsis of the ‘Osnovy Marksistskoj Filosofii’ with complete index
80706. The Spectrum of Social Time
80707. Studies in Recent Philosophy
80708. Phänomenologie und Egologie: Faktisches und transzendentales Ego bei Edmund Husserl
80709. Spirit and Man: An Essay on Being and Value
80710. Two Soviet Studies on Frege
80711. Soviet Philosophy: A General Introduction to Contemporary Soviet Thought
80712. Form and Strategy in Science: Studies Dedicated to Joseph Henry Woodger on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
80713. Husserl und Kant: Eine Untersuchung über Husserls Verhältnis zu Kant und zum Neukantianismus
80714. Pierre Bayle: Tome II Heterodoxie et Rigorisme
80715. Bibliographia Cartesiana: A Critical Guide to the Descartes Literature 1800–1960
80716. Introduction to Solar Terrestrial Relations: Proceedings of the Summer School in Space Physics Held in Alpbach, Austria, July 15–August 10, 1963 and Organized by the European Preparatory Commission for Space Research (COPERS)
80717. The Solar Spectrum: Proceedings of the Symposium held at the University of Utrecht 26–31 August 1963
80718. Short Handbook of Communist Ideology: Synopsis of the ‘Osnovy marksizma-leninizma’ with complete index
80719. Russian Philosophical Terminology / à усская Философская Терминология / Russische Philosophische Terminologie / Terminologie Russe de Philosophie
80720. The Methods of Contemporary Thought: Translated from the German by Peter Caws
80721. Jalons
80722. Jean Chapelain Soixante-Dix-Sept Lettres Inedites a Nicolas Heinsius (1649–1658): Publiees D’Apres le Manuscrit de Leyde Avec Une Introduction et des Notes
80723. The Early Reception of Berkeley’s Immaterialism 1710–1733
80724. L.H. Nicolay (1737–1820) and his Contemporaries: Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire, Gluck, Metastasio, Galiani, D’Escherny, Gessner, Bodmer, Lavater, Wieland, Frederick II, Falconet, W. Robertson, Paul I, Cagliostro, Gellert, Winckelmann, Poinsinet, Lloyd, Sanchez, Masson, and others
80725. Essays on Pierre Bayle and Religious Controversy
80726. Ancient Israel at War 853-586 BC
80727. The Early Type Stars
80728. Radiation Trapped in the Earth’s Magnetic Field: Proceedings of the Advanced Study Institute Held at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway August 16–September 3, 1965
80729. The Communist Ideology in Hungary: Handbook for Basic Research
80730. Metaphysics and Belief
80731. Regulæ ad Directionem Ingenii
80732. Franz Brentano’s Analysis of Truth
80733. Philosophy, Religion, and the Coming World Civilization: Essays in Honor of William Ernest Hocking
80734. Measure of the Moon: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Selenodesy and Lunar Topography held in the University of Manchester, England May 30 – June 4, 1966
80735. Electromagnetic Radiation in Space: Proceedings of the Third ESRO Summer School in Space Physics, Held in Alpbach, Austria, from 19 July to 13 August, 1965
80736. Temporal Modalities in Arabic Logic
80737. E.W. Beth Memorial Colloquium: Logic and Foundations of Science Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré, 19–21 May 1964
80738. The Categories of Dialectical Materialism: Contemporary Soviet Ontology
80739. Ontology and the Logistic Analysis of Language: An Enquiry into the Contemporary Views on Universals
80740. The Logic of Invariable Concomitance in the Tattvacintāmaṇi: Gaṅgeśa’s Anumitinirūpaṇa and Vyāptivāda with Introduction Translation and Commentary
80741. Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1964/1966: In Memory of Norwood Russell Hanson
80742. Rumanian Folk Music: Texts
80743. Rumanian Folk Music: Vocal Melodies
80744. Rumanian Folk Music: Instrumental Melodies
80745. The English Della Cruscans and Their Time, 1783–1828
80746. The Order of Minims in Seventeenth-Century France
80747. Damião de Gois: The Life and Thought of a Portuguese Humanist, 1502–1574
80748. The Works of Jacques-Auguste de Thou
80749. Planetary Nebulae
80750. The Structure of the Quiet Photosphere and the Low Chromosphere: Proceedings of the ‘Bilderberg’ Conference Held Near Arnhem, Holland, April 17–21, 1967
80751. Physics of the Magnetosphere: Based upon the Proceedings of the Conference Held at Boston College June 19–28, 1967
80752. Space Clinical Medicine: A Prospective Look at Medical Problems from Hazards of Space Operations
80753. Polar and Magnetospheric Substorms
80754. S. L. Rubinštejn and the Philosophical Foundations of Soviet Psychology
80755. Grammars for Number Names
80756. The Political Institutions of Modern China
80757. Zur Wesenlehre des psychischen Lebens und Erlebens
80758. Vom Gesichtspunkt der Phänomenologie: Husserl-Studien
80759. Vom Gesichtspunkt der Phänomenologie
80760. Briefe an Roman Ingarden: Mit Erläuterungen und Erinnerungen an Husserl
80761. Peace Among the Willows: The Political Philosophy of Francis Bacon
80762. Aspects of Praematurity and Dysmaturity: Groningen 10–12 May 1967
80763. Human Blood Coagulation: Biochemistry, Clinical Investigation and Therapy
80764. Manned Laboratories in Space: Second International Orbital laboratory Symposium
80765. Highlights of Astronomy: As Presented at the XIIIth General Assembly of the I.A.U. 1967
80766. Practical Work in Elementary Astronomy
80767. Meteorite Research: Proceedings of a Symposium on Meteorite Research Held in Vienna, Austria, 7–13 August 1968
80768. Mass Loss from Stars: Proceedings of the Second Trieste Colloquium on Astrophysics, 12–17 September, 1968
80769. Atmospheric Tides: Thermal and Gravitational
80770. Introduction to Mathematical Models in Market and Opinion Research: With Practical Applications, Computing Procedures, and Estimates of Computing Requirements
80771. Problems of the Logic of Scientific Knowledge
80772. Induction, Acceptance and Rational Belief
80773. The Logic of Abelard
80774. Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1966/1968
80775. Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1966/1968
80776. Main Currents in Contemporary German, British, and American Philosophy
80777. European Economic Community Migrations
80778. Studies in Hegel
80779. Philosophische Analysen zur Kunst der Gegenwart
80780. Church Reform in 18th Century Italy: The Synod of Pistoia, 1786
80781. Literary Figures in French Drama (1784–1834)
80782. Die Grundlage der Wissenschaftslehre in Ihrem Umrisse: Zu Fichtes „Wissenschaftslehren“ von 1794 und 1810
80783. Ischaemic Heart Disease
80784. Diseases of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract: Some Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Fundamental Aspects
80785. Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis: A Series of Advances Volume 1
80786. Paraphrase Grammars
80787. Chinese History and Literature: Collection of Studies
80788. Aspect of Modern Logic
80789. Interstellar Gas Dynamics
80790. Analecta Husserliana: The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research
80791. Periodic Orbits, Stability and Resonances: Proceedings of a Symposium Conducted by the University of São Paulo, the Technical Institute of Aeronautics of São José Dos Campos, and the National Observatory of Rio De Janeiro, at the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil, 4–12 September, 1969
80792. Space Observatories
80793. Recent Advances in Aerospace Medicine: Proceedings XVIII International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine Amsterdam 1969
80794. Nominalistic Systems
80795. Non-Solar X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
80796. Earthquake Displacement Fields and the Rotation of the Earth: A NATO Advanced Study Institute Conference Organized by the Department of Geophysics, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 22 June–28 June 1969
80797. Induction, Physics and Ethics: Proceedings and Discussions of the 1968 Salzburg Colloquium in the Philosophy of Science
80798. Experimental Astronomy
80799. Stellar Rotation: Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, O., U.S.A., September 8–11, 1969
80800. Information and Inference
80801. Ultraviolet Stellar Spectra and Related Ground-Based Observations
80802. Global Effects of Environmental Pollution: A Symposium Organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Held in Dallas, Texas, December 1968
80803. Yugoslav Workers’ Selfmanagement: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Amsterdam, 7–9 January, 1970
80804. Particles and Fields in the Magnetosphere: Proceedings of a Symposium Organized by the Summer Advanced Study Institute, Held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Calif., August 4–15, 1969
80805. Continental Drift, Secular Motion of the Pole, and Rotation of the Earth
80806. Intercorrelated Satellite Observations Related to Solar Events: Proceedings of the Third ESLAB/ESRIN Symposium Held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, September 16–19, 1969
80807. The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy
80808. Philosophical Problems in Logic: Some Recent Developments
80809. Formal Methods: An Introduction to Symbolic Logic and to the Study of Effective Operations in Arithmetic and Logiс
80810. Studies in Soviet Thought
80811. Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1961/1962
80812. Mundus Cognobilis and Mundus Causalis
80813. Aesthetics I
80814. Phenomenology and Ontology
80815. Dialogik der Verrücktheit ein Versuch an den Grenzen der Anthropologie
80816. Germans from the East: A Study of Their Migration, Resettlement and Subsequent Group History, Since 1945
80817. Vernunft und Welt: Zwischen Tradition und anderem Anfang
80818. Montesquieu and the Philosophy of Natural Law
80819. The Sexual Revolution in Modern American Literature
80820. Genetische Phänomenologie und Reduktion: Zur Letztbegründung der Wissenschaft aus der radikalen Skepsis im Denken E. Husserls
80821. Petronius the Artist: Essays on the Satyricon and its Author
80822. Religious Schism in the Russian Aristocracy 1860–1900 Radstockism and Pashkovism
80823. The Expression of Emotion in the Visual Arts: A Philosophical Inquiry
80824. Gerard Van Swieten and His World 1700–1772
80825. Juan Luis Vives
80826. Anthony Collins The Man and His Works
80827. The Structure of Social Inconsistencies: A contribution to a unified theory of play, game, and social action
80828. Guyana: Race and Politics among Africans and East Indians
80829. The Kuomintang-Communist Struggle in China 1922–1949
80830. Simon Stevin: Science in the Netherlands around 1600
80831. Kandidatenaufstellung zur Bundestagswahl 1965: Untersuchungen zur innerparteilichen Willensbildung und zur politischen Führungsauslese
80832. The Moral Philosophy of George Berkeley
80833. Epistemology II
80834. Geschichte und Lebenswelt: Ein Beitrag zur Diskussion von Husserls Spätwerk
80835. L’imagination selon Husserl
80836. Copp’d Hills Towards Heaven Shakespeare and the Classical Polity
80837. Philosophie der Arithmetik: Mit Ergänzenden Texten (1890–1901)
80838. Demythologizing Marxism: A Series of Studies on Marxism
80839. The Problem of Certainty in English Thought 1630–1690
80840. Monopsychism Mysticism Metaconsciousness: Problems of the Soul in the Neoaristotelian and Neoplatonic Tradition
80841. Modern Philosophy of History: Its Origin and Destination
80842. Phénoménologie de L’expérience
80843. Einstein and Aquinas: A Rapprochement
80844. The Cult of Authority: The Political Philosophy of the Saint-Simonians
80845. Saint Thomas and Platonism: A Study of the Plato and Platonici Texts in the Writings of Saint Thomas
80846. The New Materialism
80847. Peirce’s Theory of Abduction
80848. Herodotean Inquiries
80849. Selective Bronchial and Intercostal Arteriography
80850. Physiology and Pathology in the Perinatal Period
80851. Deontic Logic: Introductory and Systematic Readings
80852. PSA 1970: In Memory of Rudolf Carnap Proceedings of the 1970 Biennial Meeting Philosophy of Science Association
80853. Forecasting Models for National Economic Planning
80854. Introduction to the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Pollution
80855. The Upper Atmosphere: Part IV of Solar-Terrestrial Physics/1970 Comprising the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics Held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. 12–19 May 1970
80856. The Magnetosphere: Part III of Solar-Terrestrial Physics/1970 Comprising the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics Held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. 12–19 May 1970
80857. The Interplanetary Medium: Part II of Solar-Terrestrial Physics/1970
80858. Solar-Terrestrial Physics/1970: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics Held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. 12–19 May 1970
80859. The Enviroment of the Earth
80860. Introduction to the Basic Concepts and Problems of Modern Logic
80861. Solar Magnetic Fields
80862. Mesospheric Models and Related Experiments: Proceedings of the Fourth Esrin-Eslab Symposium Held in Frascati, Italy, 6–10 July, 1970
80863. Selected Exercises in Galactic Astronomy
80864. What I Do Not Believe, and Other Essays
80865. Transactions of the International Astronomical Union: Proceedings of the Fourteenth General Assembly Brighton 1970
80866. Highlights of Astronomy: As presented at the XIVth General Assembly of the I.A.U. 1970
80867. Proceedings of the Third International Kant Congress: Held at the University of Rochester, March 30–April 4, 1970
80868. Bergson and Modern Physics: A Reinterpretation and Re-evaluation
80869. The Concepts of Value: Foundations of Value Theory
80870. The Crab Nebula
80871. White Dwarfs
80872. Seismicity of the European Area: Part 2
80873. Structure and Evolution of the Galaxy: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute Held in Athens, September 8–19, 1969
80874. Logical Writings
80875. Logische Schriften: Grosses Logikfragment — Grundgesetze des Sollens
80876. Planetary Atmospheres
80877. Planetary Nebulae
80878. The Legend of Jonah
80879. Sino-Soviet Dialogue on the Problem of War
80880. Burakumin: A Japanese Minority and Education
80881. The Popper-Carnap Controversy
80882. The Philosophy of Georges Bastide: A Study Tracing the Origins and Development of a French Value Philosophy and a French Personalism against the Background of French Idealism
80883. Jean-François Reubell: French Revolutionary, Patriot, and Director (1747–1807)
80884. Die Fundamentalbetrachtung der Phänomenologie: Zum Weltproblem in Der Philosophie Edmund Husserls
80885. Über Das Lachen: Und Studien über den Platonischen Sokrates
80886. Revolution, Idealism and Human Freedom: Schelling Hölderlin and Hegel and the Crisis of Early German Idealism
80887. The Political Thought of Bolivar: Selected Writings
80888. Protophysik: Entwurf einer Philosophie des Schöpferischen. 1. Teil Spezielle Relativitätstheorie
80889. The Freewill Question
80890. The Pulse of the Earth
80891. The Problem of Embodiment: Some Contributions to a Phenomenology of the Body
80892. The Waning of the Renaissance 1640–1740: Studies in the Thought and Poetry of Henry More, John Norris and Isaac Watts
80893. The Application of Cybernetic Analysis to the Study of International Politics
80894. Diplomacy in an Age of Nationalism: Essays in Honor of Lynn Marshall Case
80895. Das Zwischenreich des Dialogs: Sozialphilosophische Untersuchungen in Anschluss an Edmund Husserl
80896. Die Phänomenologie und das Problem der Grundlegung der Ethik: An Hand des Versuchs von Max Scheler
80897. Buddhist Politics: Japan’s Clean Government Party
80898. Reason and World: Between Tradition and Another Beginning
80899. The Scientific Process
80900. Vers une nouvelle philosophie transcendantale: La genèse de la philosophie de Maurice Merleau-Ponty jusqu’ à la Phénoménologie de la perception
80901. Phenomenology and Intersubjectivity: Contemporary Interpretations of the Interpersonal Situation
80902. Contemporary Philosophical Alternatives and the Crisis of Truth: A Critical Study of Positivism, Existentialism and Marxism
80903. Philomathes: Studies and Essays in the Humanities in Memory of Philip Merlan
80904. Metternich’s Projects for Reform in Austria
80905. Motivation and the Moral Sense in Francis Hutcheson’s Ethical Theory
80906. The Phonemes of English: A Phonemic Study of the Vowels and Consonants of Standard English
80907. Ideen zu einer reinen Phänomenologie und phänomenologischen Philosophie: Drittes Buch Die Phänomenologie und die Fundamente der Wissenschaften
80908. The Downfall of Cartesianism 1673–1712: A Study of Epistemological Issues in Late 17th Century Cartesianism
80909. The Logic of Analogy: An Interpretation of St Thomas
80910. Mental and Physical Handicaps in connection with Overripeness Ovopathy
80911. Electrical Stimulation of the Heart in the Study and Treatment of Tachycardias
80912. Metabolic Processes in the Foetus and Newborn Infant: Rotterdam 22–24 October 1970
80913. Essential Medicine
80914. Mineral Processing
80915. Tertiary Frogs from Central Europe
80916. Quantitation in Cardiology
80917. Anaesthesia and Pharmaceutics
80918. Normal and Abnormal Development of Brain and Behaviour
80919. Scientific Procedures: A Contribution Concerning the Methodological Problems of Scientific Concepts and Scientific Explanation
80920. Combinators, λ-Terms and Proof Theory
80921. Faith and the Life of Reason
80922. Some Problems of Development Financing: A Case Study of the Turkish First Five-Year Plan 1963–1967
80923. Philosophy: The Concept and its Manifestations
80924. Introduction to the Theory of the Raman Effect
80925. Sea Floor Spreading and Continental Drift
80926. Earth’s Magnetospheric Processes: Proceedings of a Symposium Organized by the Summer Advanced Study Institute and Ninth ESRO Summer School, Held in Cortina, Italy, August 30-September 10, 1971
80927. Modern Physics and its Philosophy: Selected Papers in the Logic, History and Philosophy of Science
80928. The Structure Underlying Measure Phrase Sentences
80929. Radiation Transport in Spectral Lines
80930. Infrared Detection Techniques for Space Research: Proceedings of the Fifth Eslab/Esrin Symposium Held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, June 8–11, 1971
80931. The Later Husserl and the Idea of Phenomenology: Idealism-Realism, Historicity and Nature Papers and Debate of the International Phenomenological Conference Held at the University of Waterloo, Canada, April 9–14, 1969
80932. Maps of Lunar Hemispheres: Giving the Views of the Lunar Globe from Six Cardinal Directions in Space
80933. Consistency of Foodstuffs
80934. The Motion, Evolution of Orbits, and Origin of Comets
80935. Gravitational N-Body Problem: Proceedings of the Iau Colloquium No. 10 Held in Cambridge, England August 12–15, 1970
80936. Gesammelte Aufsätze: I Das Problem der sozialen Wirklichkeit
80937. Selected Papers/Ausgewählte Schriften
80938. Collected Papers I: The Problem of Social Reality
80939. Gesammelte Aufsätze: II Studien zur soziologischen Theorie
80940. Post and Courier Service in the Diplomacy of Early Modern Europe
80941. Brain Drain/Auszug des Geistes/ Exode des Cerveaux: A Selected Bibliography on Temporary and Permanent Migration of Skilled Workers and High—Level Manpower, 1967–1972
80942. The Mind and the Brain: A Multi-Aspect Interpretation
80943. Complementary Notions: A Critical Study of Berkeley’s Theory of Concepts
80944. Phänomenologie Heute: Festschrift für Ludwig Landgrebe
80945. The Concept of Existence in the Concluding Unscientific Postscript
80946. A Thousand Deadlines: The New York City Press and American Neutrality, 1914–17
80947. Religion and Human Autonomy: Henry Duméry’s Philosophy of Christianity
80948. Hegel on the Soul: A Speculative Anthropology
80949. Knowledge and Value: Essays in Honor of Harold N. Lee
80950. Sinn und Inhalt in der Genetischen Phänomenologie E. Husserls
80951. The Edges of Augustanism: The Aesthetics of Spirituality in Thomas Ken, John Byrom and William Law
80952. Search for Gods
80953. Perspektiven transzendentalphänomenologischer Forschung: Für Ludwig Landgrebe zum 70. Geburtstag von seinen Kölner Schülern
80954. Experience and its Systematization: Studies in Kant
80955. The Effects of Emigration from Yugoslavia and the Problems of Returning Emigrant Workers
80956. Action: An Analysis of the Concept
80957. Peirce’s Epistemology
80958. “Active and Passive Potency” in Thomistic Angelology
80959. Liberty and Community: The Political Philosophy of William Ernest Hocking
80960. Persons in Love: A Study of Max Scheler’s Wesen und Formen der Sympathie
80961. Social Sciences in Management: An Environmental View
80962. Models of Man: A Phenomenological Critique of Some Paradigms in the Human Sciences
80963. Perplexity and Knowledge: An Inquiry into the Structures of Questioning
80964. Pierre Nicole, Jansenist and Humanist: A Study of His Thought
80965. The Political Philosophy of Giambattista Vico: An Introduction to La Scienza Nuova
80966. Jocundus: Biographe de Saint Servais
80967. A Bibliography of Legal Festschriften
80968. Jordan: A Study in Political Development (1921–1965)
80969. Fears and Hopes for European Urbanization: Ten Prospective Papers and Three Evaluations
80970. Wittgensteins Philosophische Grammatik: Entstehung und Perspektiven der Strategie eines radikalen Aufklärers
80971. Problems in the Theory of Knowledge / Problèmes de la Théorie de la Connaissance
80972. Truth and Historicity / Vérité et Historicité
80973. Faith and Objectivity: Fritz Buri and the Hermeneutical Foundations of a Radical Theology
80974. Scientific Method: The Hypothetico-Experimental Laboratory Procedure of the Physical Sciences
80975. Tyssot De Patot and His Work 1655 – 1738
80976. The Speech of Yugoslav Immigrants in San Pedro, California
80977. Theory and Politics/Theorie und Politik: Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag für Carl Joachim Friedrich
80978. Wissenschaft und Geschichte in der Phänomenologie Edmund Husserls
80979. The Ecological Basis of Planning
80980. Bibliography of the Philosophy in the Iberian Colonies of America
80981. The Vale of Tears (Emek Habacha)
80982. An Idealistic Pragmatism: The Development of the Pragmatic Element in the Philosophy of Josiah Royce
80983. Law and Apocalypse: The Moral Thought of Luis De León (1527?–1591)
80984. Phänomenologie der Assoziation: Zu Struktur und Funktion eines Grundprinzips der Passiven Genesis Bei E. Husserl
80985. Infinity in the Presocratics: A Bibliographical and Philosophical Study
80986. Gesammelte Aufsätze III: Studien zur Phänomenologischen Philosophie
80987. The European Pentarchy and the Congress of Verona, 1822
80988. Bertrand Russell’s Philosophy of Language
80989. New Concepts in Echocardiography
80990. Gebräuche und Leistungsfähigkeit des Menschen im Tragen von Lasten: Eine biogeographische Untersuchung
80991. Photography, Electro-Ophthalmology and Echo-Ophthalmology in Ophthalmic Practice
80992. Xth I.S.C.E.R.G. Symposium
80993. Symposium on Light-Coagulation: Argon Laser and Xenon Arc
80994. Quantum Theory of Chemical Reactivity
80995. Modern Topics in Microwave Propagation and Air-Sea Interaction: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Sorrento, Italy, June 5–14, 1973
80996. Reactions on Polymers: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y., U.S.A., July 15–25, 1973
80997. The Methodological Unity of Science
80998. Interstellar Dust and Related Topics
80999. Interstellar Dust and Related Topics
81000. Cosmochemistry: Proceedings of the Symposium on Cosmochemistry, Held at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass., August 14–16, 1972
81001. Logical and Epistemological Studies in Contemporary Physics
81002. Essays in Legal and Moral Philosophy
81003. Space, Time and Geometry
81004. Photon and Particle Interactions with Surfaces in Space: Proceedings of the 6th Eslab Symposium, Held at Noordwijk, the Netherlands, 26–29 September, 1972
81005. Problems of Calibration of Absolute Magnitudes and Temperature of Stars: Held in Geneva, Switzerland, September 12–15, 1972
81006. Atmospheric Thermodynamics
81007. Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmology: Proceedings of the Summer School Held, 14–26 August, 1972 at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta
81008. Studies in Text Grammar
81009. Selected Topics in Physics, Astrophysics and Biophysics: Proceedings of the XIVth Latin American School of Physics, Caracas 10–28 July 1972
81010. Electron Emission Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the NATO Summer Institute held at the University of Gent, August 28–September 7, 1972
81011. The Propositional Logic of Avicenna: A Translation from al-Shifāʾ: al-Qiyās with Introduction, Commentary and Glossary
81012. Philosophical Problems of Space and Time
81013. Man and His Mind-Changers: Highlights of the 30th International Congress on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Amsterdam, September 4–9, 1972
81014. The Scientific World of Copernicus: On the Occasion of the 500th Anniversary of his Birth 1473–1973
81015. Extended Atmospheres and Circumstellar Matter in Spectroscopic Binary Systems
81016. Recent Advances in Dynamical Astronomy: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute in Dynamical Astronomy Held in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, August 9–21, 1972
81017. Dynamic Meteorology: Lectures Delivered at the Summer School of Space Physics of the Centre National D’Etudes Spatiales, Held at Lannion, France, 7 August–12 September 1970
81018. Theoretical Concepts and Hypothetico-Inductive Inference
81019. Variable Stars in Globular Clusters and in Related Systems: Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium No. 21 Held at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada August 29–31, 1972
81020. Transactions of the International Astronomical Union Volume XVA: Reports on Astronomy
81021. X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
81022. Dynamic Aspects of Conformation Changes in Biological Macromolecules: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Société de Chimie Physique Orléans, 19–22 September 1972
81023. The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices: (Kitāb fī ma ’rifat al-ḥiyal al-handasiyya)
81024. Science, Decision and Value: Proceedings of the Fifth University of Western Ontario Philosophy Colloquium, 1969
81025. Semantics of Natural Language
81026. Prolegomena to a Critical Grammar
81027. The Light of the Night Sky
81028. Conceptual Change
81029. Physics and Chemistry of Upper Atmosphere: Proceedings of a Symposium Organized by the Summer Advanced Study Institute, Held at the University of Orléans, France, July 31 — August 11, 1972
81030. Introduction to the Physics of Stellar Interiors
81031. Trends in Soviet Theoretical Linguistics
81032. Contemporary Research in the Foundations and Philosophy of Quantum Theory: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
81033. Studies in Formal Historical Linguistics
81034. Turbulent Diffusion in the Environment
81035. Empiricism and Sociology
81036. Method, Model and Matter
81037. Exact Philosophy: Problems, Tools, and Goals
81038. Wolf-Rayet and High-Temperature Stars
81039. Approaches to Natural Language: Proceedings of the 1970 Stanford Workshop on Grammar and Semantics
81040. Generative Grammar in Europe
81041. Constellations and Conjectures
81042. Salvation from Despair: A Reappraisal of Spinoza’s Philosophy
81043. The Ideological Origins of the Batavian Revolution: History and Politics in the Dutch Republic 1747–1800
81044. Discord in Zion: The Puritan Divines and the Puritan Revolution 1640–1660
81045. Guevara, a Forgotten Renaissance Author
81046. Education and Division of Labour: Middle- and Long-Term Prospectives in European Technical and Vocational Education
81047. Maritain’s Ontology of the Work of Art
81048. Management and Economic Development: The Case of Taiwan
81049. Die Idee der Phänomenologie: Fünf Vorlesungen
81050. Zur Phänomenologie der Intersubjektivität: Texte aus dem Nachlass Dritter Teil: 1929–1935
81051. Zur Phänomenologie der Intersubjektivität: Texte aus dem Nachlass Zweiter Teil: 1921–1928
81052. Zur Phänomenologie der Intersubjektivität: Texte aus dem Nachlass Erster Teil: 1905–1920
81053. A Bibliography of George Berkeley: With Inventory of Berkeley’s Manuscript Remains
81054. Dewey and his Influence: Essays in Honor of George Estes Barton
81055. Physics at Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Leiden: Philosophy and the New Science in the University
81056. The Comedian as the Letter D: Erasmus Darwin’s Comic Materialism
81057. Self and Symbolism in the Poetry of Michelangelo, John Donne and Agrippa D’Aubigne
81058. The Diaspora Dimension
81059. Francis Hutcheson: An Inquiry Concerning Beauty, Order, Harmony, Design
81060. Wittgenstein’s Language
81061. Diderot’s Politics: A Study of the Evolution of Diderot’s Political Thought After the Encyclopédie
81062. Thomas Reid’s Lectures on the Fine Arts: Transcribed from the Original Manuscript, with an Introduction and Notes
81063. Heidegger and Jaspers on Nietzsche: A Critical Examination of Heidegger’s and Jaspers’ Interpretations of Nietzsche
81064. Phänomenologie Des Naturrechts: Aus Dem Niederländischen Übertragen von Reinhold Kühn
81065. The Social Philosophy of Adam Smith
81066. “Moral Order” and the Criminal Law: Reform Efforts in the United States and West Germany
81067. The Language of the Parker Chronicle: Volume II: Word-Formation and Syntax
81068. The Legacy of Hegel: Proceedings of the Marquette Hegel Symposium 1970
81069. ABHB Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries: Volume 1: Publications of 1970
81070. The Concept of Discrimination in International Law: With Special Reference to Human Rights
81071. The Unknown Urban Realm: Methodology and Results of a Content Analysis of the Papers presented at the Congress “Citizen and City in the Year 2000”
81072. Access to Education: New Possibilities
81073. Human Sciences and the Problem of Values / Les Sciences Humaines et le Problème des Valeurs
81074. Recent Perspectives in American Philosophy
81075. Explanation: New Directions in Philosophy
81076. Individual Orientation in Education
81077. An Existential Approach to God: A Study of Gabriel Marcel
81078. Speaking of Art
81079. A Critique of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Ontology
81080. The Social Dynamics of George H. Mead
81081. Bismarck and the Guelph Problem 1866–1890: A Study in Particularist Opposition to National Unity
81082. Aquila
81083. The Governance of ROME
81084. Guide for Translating Husserl
81085. Our Cultural Agony
81086. Kausalität und Motivation: Untersuchungen zum Verhältnis von Perspektivität und Objektivität in der Phänomenologie Edmund Husserls
81087. The Essence of Manifestation
81088. Facets of Eros: Phenomenological Essays
81089. Die Dialektik der Phänomenologie I: Husserl über Pfänder
81090. Die Hauptprobleme der Platonischen Philosophie: Heidelberger Vorlesungen 1969
81091. Aquinas’ Proofs for God’s Existence: St. Thomas Aquinas on: “The Per Accidens Necessarily Implies the Per Se”
81092. Phenomenology: Continuation and Criticism: Essays in Memory of Dorion Cairns
81093. Possible Futures of European Education: Numerical and System’s Forecasts
81094. The Idea of Phenomenology
81095. Inside the Great Mirror: A Critical Examination of the Philosophy of Russell, Wittgenstein, and their Followers
81096. Exercise Testing and Training in Coronary Heart Disease
81097. The Physics of Glassy Polymers
81098. Essential Physiology
81099. Essential Obstetrics: A guide to important principles for nurses and laboratory technicians for midwives and obstetric nurses
81100. An Introduction to Human Physiology
81101. Essential Cardiology
81102. The Intraocular Implant Lens Development and Results with Special Reference to the Binkhorst Lens: Proefschrift
81103. XIth I.S.C.E.R.G. Symposium
81104. The Nicomachean Ethics
81105. Linguistic Representation
81106. The Method of Analysis: Its Geometrical Origin and Its General Significance
81107. Kant’s Theory of Knowledge: Selected Papers from the Third International Kant Congress
81108. Essays in Philosophy and Its History
81109. The Concept of Probability in Psychological Experiments
81110. Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis: A Series of Advances
81111. Cosmochemical Evolution and the Origins of Life: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the Origin of Life and the First Meeting of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, Barcelona, June 25–28, 1973 Volume II: Contributed Papers
81112. “Vpered!” 1873–1877: From the Archives of Valerian Nikolaevich Smirnov
81113. Geodynamics of Iceland and the North Atlantic Area: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Reykjavik, Iceland, 1–7 July, 1974
81114. Continuum Mechanics Aspects of Geodynamics and Rock Fracture Mechanics: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Reykjavik, Iceland, 11—20 August, 1974
81115. Galactic Radio Astronomy
81116. Introduction to Geochemistry
81117. Developments in the Methodology of Social Science
81118. Coronal Disturbances
81119. The Concepts of Criticism
81120. Structuralism: Moscow-Prague-Paris
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81266. The Changing Global Environment
81267. Non-Archimedean Utility Theory
81268. Rubber Chemicals
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81279. Rumanian Folk Music: Carols and Christmas Songs (Colinde)
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81295. Organising the Propaganda Instrument: The British Experience
81296. Imaginative Participation: The Career of an Organizing Concept in a Multidisciplinary Context
81297. The Stages of Human Life: A Biography of Entire Man
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81299. Claude Fleury (1640–1723) as an Educational Historiographer and Thinker
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81303. Montesquieu’s Idea of Justice
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81306. Kritik der Grundlagen des Zeitalters
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81311. The Massacre of St. Bartholomew: Reappraisals and Documents
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81313. Moral Rightness
81314. Symbol and Interpretation
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81337. Optical and Electrical Properties
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81350. Health, Medicine, Society
81351. Knowledge and Error: Sketches on the Psychology of Enquiry
81352. Philosophical Papers and Letters
81353. Pocket Atlas of Skeletal Age
81354. High Risk Pregnancy and Child
81355. Liver Diseases in Infancy and Childhood
81356. Light microscopic techniques in biology and medicine
81357. Die Welt des Menschen-Die Welt der Philosophie: Festschrift für Jan Patočka
81358. Dependency or Interdependency in Old Age
81359. Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology
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81361. On Identity: A Study in Genetic Phenomenology
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81363. Studies in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard
81364. “Force of Order and Methods ...” An American View into the Dutch Directed Society
81365. Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics
81366. Language and the Phenomenological Reductions of Edmund Husserl
81367. Phenomenology and the Metaphysics of Presence: An Essay in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl
81368. Studies in Process Philosophy II
81369. The Management of Change in Government
81370. Aquila
81371. Liebe und Person: Max Schelers Versuch Eines „Phänomenologischen” Personalismus
81372. Intentionalität als Verantwortung: Geschichtsteleologie und Teleologie der Intentionalität bei Husserl
81373. A Medievalist in the Eighteenth Century: Le Grand d’Aussy and the Fabliaux ou Contes
81374. Determinism and Freewill: Anthony Collins’ A Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Human Liberty
81375. Consciousness and Reality: Hegel’s Philosophy of Subjectivity
81376. Preliminary Objections: Related to the Jurisdiction of the United Nations Political Organs
81377. Britain and the Netherlands: Volume V Some Political Mythologies
81378. Myth and Metaphysics
81379. The Nation in the History of Marxian Thought: The Concept of Nations with History and Nations without History
81380. Elements of Social and Political Philosophy
81381. Philosophy, History and Politics: Studies in Contemporary English Philosophy of History
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81385. From Mass to Universal Education: The Experience of the State of California and its Relevance to European Education in the Year 2000
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81402. Highlights of Astronomy: Part I as Presented at the XVIth General Assembly 1976
81403. Illustrated Glossary for Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
81404. Human Action and Its Explanation: A Study on the Philosophical Foundations of Psychology
81405. Inference, Method and Decision: Towards a Bayesian Philosophy of Science
81406. Religion and Scientific Method
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81419. Unity of Science
81420. The Social Production of Scientific Knowledge
81421. Correspondence Principle and Growth of Science
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81426. Modern Uses of Multiple-Valued Logic
81427. Belief and Probability
81428. Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Economic Theory: Proceedings of a Conference Organized by the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria July 3–5, 1974
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81430. Structural Chemistry of Layer-Type Phases
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81435. Collected Papers on Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and History of Philosophy: Volume I
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81437. Methodology of History
81438. Methodology of Sociological Research: General Problems
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81440. Bone Marrow Transplantation and Other Treatment after Radiation Injury: A review prepared for the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General Research, Science and Education (Biology-Medical Research)
81441. Formal and Transcendental Logic
81442. Varieties of Marxism
81443. Haemostatic Drugs: A critical appraisal
81444. Echocardiology: with Doppler applications and Real time imaging
81445. Boston Colloquium on Cardiac Pacing
81446. Theory and Practice: An Essay in Human Intentionalities
81447. Towards a Rational Philosophical Anthropology
81448. Malabsorption in Coeliac Sprue
81449. Regulation of Haemoglobin Synthesis
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81453. Formale und Transzendentale Logik: Versuch Einer Kritik der Logischen Vernunft
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81455. The Economics of A.R.J. Turgot
81456. Current Concepts in Parenteral Nutrition
81457. Pictures and their Use in Communication: A Philosophical Essay
81458. Readings on Edmund Husserl’s Logical Investigations
81459. Atlas pratique de scintigraphie cardiaque / Practical atlas of cardiac scintigraphy
81460. Body Fat and Physical Fitness: Body Composition and Lipid Metabolism in Different Regimes of Physical Activity
81461. Speech Act Phenomenology
81462. Tsereteli — A Democrat in the Russian Revolution: A Political Biography
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81464. Rhetoric and Philosophy in Conflict: An Historical Survey
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81466. Adaptive Knowing: Epistemology from a Realistic Standpoint
81467. Government and Rural Development in East Africa: Essays on Political Penetration
81468. Theologia Cartesiana: L’explication physique de l’Eucharistie chez Descartes et dom Desgabets
81469. The Dynamics of Euro-African Co-operation: Being an Analysis and Exposition of Institutional, Legal and Socio-Economic Aspects of Association/Co-operation with the European Economic Community
81470. Hornbostel Opera Omnia: Bibliographien / Bibliographies
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81495. Early Intervention in Psychotic Disorders
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81502. Scientific and Technical Means of Distinguishing Between Natural and Other Outbreaks of Disease
81503. Making Sense of Mathematics Teacher Education
81504. Prophecy: The History of an Idea in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
81505. The Invisible Origins of Legal Positivism: A Re-Reading of a Tradition
81506. Through the Models of Writing
81507. Assessment in Science: A Guide to Professional Development and Classroom Practice
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81536. Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Cardiac Contractile Force
81537. Scoring Performance Assessments Based on Judgements: Generalizability Theory
81538. Evolutionary Economics: Program and Scope
81539. IS-LM and Modern Macroeconomics
81540. Portable Technologies: Science Learning in Context
81541. Science Communication in Theory and Practice
81542. GIS for Emergency Preparedness and Health Risk Reduction
81543. Mine Water: Hydrology, Pollution, Remediation
81544. Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy: Volume III
81545. Features, Categories and the Syntax of A-Positions: Cross-Linguistic Variation in the Germanic Languages
81546. Teacher Thinking, Beliefs and Knowledge in Higher Education
81547. Passionate Deliberation: Emotion, Temperance, and the Care Ethic in Clinical Moral Deliberation
81548. Speech Acts, Mind, and Social Reality: Discussions with John R. Searle
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81552. The German Perfect: Its semantic composition and its interactions with temporal adverbials
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81554. The Creative Matrix of the Origins: Dynamisms, Forces and the Shaping of Life
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81557. Environmental Aspects of Converting CW Facilities to Peaceful Purposes
81558. Emotions and Choice from Boethius to Descartes
81559. Public Health Risk Assessment for Human Exposure to Chemicals
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81571. Myths and Shibboleths in Nephrology
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81577. Improved Understanding of Past Climatic Variability from Early Daily European Instrumental Sources
81578. Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Steps
81579. Future Cities: Dynamics and Sustainability
81580. New Directions for Research in L2 Writing
81581. Storage and Computation in the Language Faculty
81582. Themes in Arabic and Hebrew Syntax
81583. Origins and Directions of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Early Studies of the “Nonspecific” Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
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81586. Deposit and Geoenvironmental Models for Resource Exploitation and Environmental Security
81587. Pragmatist Ethics for a Technological Culture
81588. The Acquisition of Spanish Morphosyntax: The L1/L2 Connection
81589. Rescuing Reason: A Critique of Anti-Rationalist Views of Science and Knowledge
81590. Syllables in Tashlhiyt Berber and in Moroccan Arabic
81591. The Universality of Subjective Wellbeing Indicators: A Multi-disciplinary and Multi-national Perspective
81592. Mutating Concepts, Evolving Disciplines: Genetics, Medicine, and Society
81593. Rich and Poor: Disparities, Perceptions, Concomitants
81594. Innovative Approaches to the On-Site Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites
81595. The Future of Small Telescopes in the New Millennium
81596. Global Instability: Uncertainty and new visions in political economy
81597. The Genesis Mission
81598. Philosophy and Neuroscience: A Ruthlessly Reductive Account
81599. Search Theory and Unemployment
81600. Physics of the Solar System: Dynamics and Evolution, Space Physics, and Spacetime Structure
81601. Learning-in-Community: Reflections on Practice
81602. The Navajo Sound System
81603. Optimality Theory and Language Change
81604. Molecular and Structural Archaeology: Cosmetic and Therapeutic Chemicals
81605. Second Language Teaching: A View from the Right Side of the Brain
81606. Social Studies of Science and Technology: Looking Back, Ahead
81607. Role of Interfaces in Environmental Protection
81608. Defining an Identity: The Evolution of Science Education as a Field of Research
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81611. Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Systems for Early Career Learning
81612. The Utilization of Bioremediation to Reduce Soil Contamination: Problems and Solutions
81613. Green Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids
81614. Science and Politics of Foreign Aid: Swedish Environmental Support to the Baltic States
81615. The Structure of Coordination: Conjunction and Agreement Phenomena in Spanish and Other Languages
81616. Discovering Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science
81617. Global Atmospheric Change and its Impact on Regional Air Quality
81618. Novel Metathesis Chemistry: Well-Defined Initiator Systems for Specialty Chemical Synthesis, Tailored Polymers and Advanced Material Applications
81619. Solid State Astrochemistry
81620. Non-Projecting Words: A Case Study of Swedish Particles
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81622. Researching Visual Arts Education in Museums and Galleries: An International Reader
81623. Terrorism: A Philosophical Analysis
81624. Data Assimilation for the Earth System
81625. North African Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Systems
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81627. Equal Rites, Unequal Outcomes: Women in American Research Universities
81628. Comparative Studies in Phenomenology
81629. Physical Fluid Dynamics
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81633. Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation
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81642. Marxist Ethical Theory in the Soviet Union
81643. Substance and Attribute: A Study in Ontology
81644. Quantum Logic
81645. Japanese Phenomenology: Phenomenology as the Trans-cultural Philosophical Approach
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81653. Double Stars
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81669. Foundations and Applications of Decision Theory: Volume I Theoretical Foundations
81670. The Book of Ingenious Devices: (Kitāb al-Ḥiyal)
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81672. Dynamics of Close Binary Systems
81673. Semiotics in Poland 1984–1969
81674. Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Languages
81675. Physical Theory as Logico-Operational Structure
81676. The Foundations of Aesthetics
81677. Ionospheric Techniques and Phenomena
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81680. Clinical Aspects of Albumin
81681. The Isolated Heart-Lung Preparation
81682. Modelle der Materialistischen Dialektik: Beiträge der Bochumer Dialektik-Arbeitsgemeinschaft
81683. The Essentials in Hemodialysis
81684. The Essentials in Cardiac Pacing
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81686. L’Europe et ses Populations
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81688. The Conduction System of the Heart: Structure, Function and Clinical Implications
81689. To Pace or not to Pace: Controversial Subjects in Cardiac Pacing
81690. Jenseits von Sein und Zeit: Eine Einführung in Emmanuel Levinas’ Philosophie
81691. Amiens and Munich: Comparisons in Appeasement
81692. The Sinus Node: Structure, Function, and Clinical Relevance
81693. Continuity and Anachronism: Parliamentary and Constitutional Development in Whig Historiography and in the Anti-Whig Reaction Between 1890 and 1930
81694. Transport decisions in an age of uncertainty: Proceedings of the third World Conference on Transport Research Rotterdam, 26 – 28 April, 1977
81695. Kant’s Second Critique and the Problem of Transcendental Arguments
81696. Crosscurrents in Phenomenology
81697. Schutz’s Theory of Relevance: A Phenomenological Critique
81698. Phenomenology and The Social Science: A Dialogue
81699. The Development of Husserl’s Thought
81700. Alexius Meinong: On Objects of Higher Order and Husserl’s Phenomenology
81701. Marxism and the Question of the Asiatic Mode of Production
81702. Radiologic Exploration of Impotence
81703. Acta Historiae Neerlandicae: Studies on the History of the Netherlands X
81704. Britain and the Netherlands: VolumeVI War and Society Paper Delivered to the Sixth Anglo-Dutch Historical Conference
81705. The Pythia’s Drunken Song: Thomas Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus and the Style Problem in German Idealist Philosophy
81706. The Phenomenology of Moods in Kierkegaard
81707. The Philosophy of John Dewey: A Critical Exposition of His Method, Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge
81708. Antiquity Forgot: Essays on Shakespeare, Bacon and Rembrandt
81709. The Supplément to the Encyclopédie
81710. Developments in Polymer Characterisation—1
81711. Essential Intensive Care
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81725. The Intoxication of Power: An Analysis of Civil Religion in Relation to Ideology
81726. Transformational Syntax and Model Theoretic Semantics: A Case Study in Modern Irish
81727. Justification and Knowledge: New Studies in Epistemology
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81730. The New Rhetoric and the Humanities: Essays on Rhetoric and its Applications
81731. Body, Mind, and Method: Essays in Honor of Virgil C. Aldrich
81732. An Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics: The Formation and the Evolution of Matter in the Universe
81733. Introduction to Advanced Astrophysics
81734. Language of the Stars: A Discourse on the Theory of the Light Changes of Eclipsing Variables
81735. Retribution, Justice, and Therapy: Essays in the Philosophy of Law
81736. Pragmatics, Truth, and Language
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81738. Mass Loss and Evolution of O-Type Stars
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81742. The Teleologies in Husserlian Phenomenology: The Irreducible Element in Man. Part III ‘Telos’ as the Pivotal Factor of Contextual Phenomenology
81743. The Philosophical Foundations of Soviet Aesthetics: Theories and Controversies in the Post-War Years
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81745. Counter-Movements in the Sciences: The Sociology of the Alternatives to Big Science
81746. Intercalated Layered Materials
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81749. Hans Reichenbach: Logical Empiricist
81750. Introduction to Solar Radio Astronomy and Radio Physics
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81752. Patrick Suppes
81753. Philosophy in Geography
81754. Treatise on Basic Philosophy: Ontology II: A World of Systems
81755. Sociobiology: Sense or Nonsense?
81756. Response Models for Detection of Change
81757. Between Ideology and Utopia: The Politics and Philosophy of August Cieszkowski
81758. Reality and Experience: Four Philosophical Essays
81759. Optically Active Polymers
81760. Juan Luis Vives Against the Pseudodialecticians: A Humanist Attack on Medieval Logic
81761. Electrons and Phonons in Layered Crystal Structures
81762. Time and the Earth’s Rotation
81763. Philosophy of History and Action: Papers Presented at the First Jerusalem Philosophical Encounter December 1974
81764. Atlas of Photomicrographs of the Surface Structures of Lunar Regolith Particles / АТЛАС МИКà ОФОТОГà АФИЙ ПОВЕà ХНОСТИ ЧАСТИЦ ЛУННОГО à ЕГОЛИТА
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81767. Polish Essays in the Methodology of the Social Sciences
81768. Selected Papers of Léon Rosenfeld
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81771. Fundamentals of Cardiac Pacing
81772. The Future of Beef Production in the European Community: A Seminar in the EEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Beef Production and Land Use, organised by M. Bonsembiante and P. Susmel. With J.C. Bowman as conference chairman, at Abano Terme, Italy, November 13–17, 1978
81773. Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis
81774. Echocardiology
81775. Jus et Societas: Essays in Tribute to Wolfgang Friedmann
81776. Nutrition and Metabolism of the Fetus and Infant: Rotterdam 11–13 October 1978
81777. The Standard Biphasic-Contrast Examination of the Stomach and Duodenum: Method, Results, and Radiological Atlas
81778. Changes in the Field of Transport Studies: Essays on the Progress of Theory in Relation to Policy Making
81779. Pain in Shoulder and Arm: An Integrated View
81780. Radiology of Haemophilic Arthropathies
81781. La Bagarre: Galiani’s “Lost” Parody
81782. The Low Countries History Yearbook 1978: Acta Historiae Neerlandicae XI
81783. A Critical Study of Condillac’s Traité des Systèmes
81784. A Short History of the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam
81785. Dramatizations of Social Change: Herman Heijermans’ Plays as Compared with Selected Dramas by Ibsen, Hauptmann and Chekhov
81786. The Cuno Government and Reparations 1922–1923: Politics and Economics
81787. Practice and Realization: Studies in Kant’s Moral Philosophy
81788. Assumptions of Grand Logics
81789. The Diplomacy of Partition: Britain, France and the Creation of Nigeria, 1890–1898
81790. Transcendence and Hermeneutics: An Interpretation of the Philosophy of Karl Jaspers
81791. Ethica Dialectica: A Study of Ethical Oppositions
81792. Aufsätze und Rezensionen (1890–1910)
81793. Economics Social Institutions: Insights from the Conferences on Analysis & Ideology
81794. Inhabiting the earth as a finite world: An examination of the prospects of providing housing in a finite world in which prosperity is fairly shared, natural resources are not depleted, and the environment is protected
81795. Economies of Scale, Transport Costs and Location
81796. Project Set Strategies
81797. Ethnic minorities in urban areas: A case study of racially changing cummunities
81798. The political economy of the educational process
81799. Urban residential location models
81800. The Role of Systems Methodology in Social Science Research
81801. Exploratory and explanatory statistical analysis of spatial data
81802. Techniques in Mineral Exploration
81803. Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods—1
81804. Poems from the Medical World: A Falcon House Anthology
81805. Inherited Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism: Monograph based upon Proceedings of the Sixteenth Symposium of The Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
81806. Glucagon in Gastroenterology
81807. Visual Electrodiagnosis in Systemic Diseases: Proceedings of the 17th I.S.C.E.V. Symposium Erfurt, June 5–10, 1979
81808. The Cornea in Normal Condition and in Groenouw’s Macular Dystrophy
81809. Colorectal Cancer
81810. IFS: Conditionals, Belief, Decision, Chance and Time
81811. Strategies for the Search for Life in the Universe: A Joint Session of Commissions 16, 40, and 44, Held in Montreal, Canada, During the IAU General Assembly, 15 and 16 August, 1979
81812. Oort and the Universe: A Sketch of Oort’s Research and Person
81813. Interactions of Energy and Climate: Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Münster, Germany, March 3–6, 1980
81814. The Social Process of Scientific Investigation
81815. Keith Lehrer
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81817. Solar and Interplanetary Dynamics
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81822. Mixed-Valence Compounds: Theory and Applications in Chemistry, Physics, Geology, and Biology
81823. Today’s Priorities in Mental Health: Children and Families — Needs, Rights and Action
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81826. Advances in European Geothermal Research: Proceedings of the Second International Seminar on the Results of EC Geothermal Energy Research, held in Strasbourg, 4–6 March 1980
81827. Modern Logic — A Survey: Historical, Philosophical and Mathematical Aspects of Modern Logic and its Applications
81828. Perceptual Knowledge: An Analytical and Historical Study
81829. Theory Change, Ancient Axiomatics, and Galileo’s Methodology: Proceedings of the 1978 Pisa Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science Volume I
81830. Hydrogen as an Energy Vector: Proceedings of the International Seminar, held in Brussels, 12–14 February 1980
81831. Bioenergetics and Thermodynamics: Model Systems: Synthetic and Natural Chelates and Macrocycles as Models for Biological and Pharmaceutical Studies
81832. Rationality in Science: Studies in the Foundations of Science and Ethics
81833. The Brightest Stars
81834. Horizons of Quantum Chemistry: Proceedings of the Third International Congress of Quantum Chemistry Held at Kyoto, Japan, October 29 - November 3, 1979
81835. Radio Recombination Lines: Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 24–25, 1979
81836. Reminiscences of Los Alamos 1943–1945
81837. Concept Formation in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
81838. Galileo and the Art of Reasoning: Rhetorical Foundations of Logic and Scientific Method
81839. Philosophy and Grammar: Papers on the Occasion of the Quincentennial of Uppsala University
81840. Justice, Law, and Argument: Essays on Moral and Legal Reasoning
81841. Bifurcation Phenomena in Mathematical Physics and Related Topics: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Cargèse, Corsica, France, June 24–July 7, 1979
81842. North American Social Report: A Comparative Study of the Quality of Life in Canada and the USA from 1964 to 1974
81843. Gravity, Particles, and Astrophysics: A Review of Modern Theories of Gravity and G-variability, and their Relation to Elementary Particle Physics and Astrophysics
81844. Semiclassical Methods in Molecular Scattering and Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the NATO ASI held in Cambridge, England, in September 1979
81845. Peter of Ailly: Concepts and Insolubles: An Annotated Translation
81846. Time, Causality, and the Quantum Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of Science Volume Two Time in a Quantized Universe
81847. Peano: Life and Works of Giuseppe Peano
81848. Empiricism, Logic and Mathematics: Philosophical Papers
81849. Astrophysics from Spacelab
81850. Experiment, Theory, Practice: Articles and Addresses
81851. North American Social Report: A Comparative Study of the Quality of Life in Canada and the USA from 1964 to 1974. Volume I: Foundations, Population, and Health
81852. Mental Illness: Law and Public Policy
81853. The Oceanic Feeling: The Origins of Religious Sentiment in Ancient India
81854. Topics in Conditional Logic
81855. Speech Act Theory and Pragmatics
81856. Skepticism, Justification, and Explanation
81857. Politics as Rational Action: Essays in Public Choice and Policy Analysis
81858. Outline of a Nominalist Theory of Propositions: An Essay in the Theory of Meaning and in the Philosophy of Logic
81859. Topics in the Formal Methodology of Empirical Sciences
81860. Sanskrit and Indian Studies: Essays in Honour of Daniel H.H. Ingalls
81861. Italian Studies in the Philosophy of Science
81862. Time, Causality, and the Quantum Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Vol. 1: Essay on the Causal Theory of Time
81863. Federalism: History and Current Significance of a Form of Government
81864. Metastasis: Clinical and Experimental Aspects
81865. Neuro-Oncology: Clinical and Experimental Aspects Proceedings of the International Symposium on Neuro-Oncology ,Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, October 25–27, 1979
81866. Prostaglandins, Prostacyclin, and Thromboxanes Measurement: A Workshop Symposium on Prostaglandins, prostacyclin and thromboxanes measurement: methodological problems and clinical prospects, Nivelles, Belgium, November 15–16, 1979. Sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities, as advised by the Committee on Medical and Public Health Research
81867. Concerning Natural Experimental Philosophie: Meric Casaubon and the Royal Society
81868. Synthetic Substrates in Clinical Blood Coagulation Assays
81869. Ukrainian Nationalism in the Post-Stalin Era: Myth, Symbols and Ideology in Soviet Nationalities Policy
81870. Thallium-201 and Technetium-99m-Pyrophosphate Myocardial Imaging in the Coronary Care Unit
81871. East European Transport Regions and Modes
81872. The Social Evolution of Indonesia: The Asiatic Mode of Production and Its Legacy
81873. Epidemiology of Arterial Blood Pressure
81874. The Slow Inward Current and Cardiac Arrhythmias
81875. Prostatic Carcinoma: Biology and Diagnosis
81876. The Emergence of Russian Constitutionalism 1900–1904: The Relationship Between Social Mobilization and Political Group Formation in Pre-revolutionary Russia
81877. Issues in the Design and Evaluation of Medical Trials
81878. Methods in Angiology: A Physical-Technical Introduction Written for Clinicians by Physicians
81879. Regulation of Male Fertility
81880. Medicated Intrauterine Devices: Physiological and Clinical Aspects
81881. Wilhelm Dilthey: A Hermeneutic Approach to the Study of History and Culture
81882. Cancer Treatment Research
81883. A Handbook of International Economic Institutions
81884. Can Planning Replace Politics?: The Israeli Experience
81885. Dutch Studies: Volume 4 Studies in Dutch Phonology
81886. Biology of the Ovary
81887. Surgery of the Male Reproductive Tract
81888. Between People and Statistics: Essays on Modern Indonesian History Presented to P. Creutzberg
81889. Monitoring Environmental Materials and Specimen Banking: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Berlin (West), 23–28 October 1978
81890. Descended and Cryptorchid Testis
81891. Positive Liberty: An Essay in Normative Political Philosophy
81892. Sudden Death
81893. Twenty-Five Years of Educational Practice and Theory 1955–1979: International Review of Education Jubilee Volume
81894. Post-Incunabula en Hun Uitgevers in de Lage Landen/Post-Incunabula and Their Publishers in the Low Countries
81895. Genetic Origins of Tumor Cells
81896. Logic and Philosophy / Logique et Philosophie
81897. Homologous Artificial Insemination (AIH)
81898. Atlas of Human Anatomy: Volume I Osteology · Arthrology and Syndesmology Myology
81899. Diagnostic Ultrasound: Text and Cases
81900. Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary
81901. A History of Six Ideas: An Essay in Aesthetics
81902. Brain Metastasis
81903. Cardiac Dynamics
81904. Mononuclear Phagocytes: Functional Aspects
81905. The Philosopher in Plato’s Statesman
81906. Medical X-Ray Techniques in Diagnostic Radiology
81907. Musings on the Meno
81908. Phantasie, Bildbewusstsein, Erinnerung: Zur Phänomenologie der Anschaulichen Vergegenwärtigungen Texte aus dem Nachlass (1898–1925)
81909. Hindustani Music in the 20th Century
81910. Oral Disease
81911. Law and Economics: An Institutional Perspective
81912. Personal Income Distribution: A Multicapability Theory
81913. On the Road for Work: Migratory Workers on the East Coast of the United States
81914. Energy Policy Modeling: United States and Canadian Experiences: Volume II Integrative Energy Policy Models
81915. Energy Policy Modeling: United States and Canadian Experiences: Volume I Specialized Energy Policy Models
81916. Administered Politics: Elite Political Culture in Sweden
81917. Population Growth and Urban Systems Development: A Case Study
81918. Economic—Environmental—Energy Interactions: Modeling and Policy Analysis
81919. Institutional Economics: Contributions to the Development of Holistic Economics Essays in Honor of Allan G. Gruchy
81920. Allocation of Industry in the Andean Common Market
81921. Food and Health: Science and Technology
81922. Standard Operating Procedures In Vitro Toxicology
81923. Basic Resuscitation and Primary Care
81924. Hormones and the Brain
81925. Biochemistry of Schizophrenia and Addiction: In Search of a Common Factor
81926. Prevention of Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
81927. Databook on Geriatrics
81928. Pregnancy Hypertension: Proceedings of the First Congress of the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy, held at University College, Dublin, on 27–29 September 1978
81929. Platelet Transfusion
81930. Radiographic Photography and Imaging Processes
81931. Atlas of Renal Pathology
81932. The Cornea in Measles
81933. Pharmacological Denervation and Glaucoma: A Clinical Trial Report with Guanethidine and Adrenaline in One Eye Drop
81934. Superficial Keratitis
81935. Third International Conference on Myopia Copenhagen, August 24–27, 1980
81936. Ultrasonography in Ophthalmology: Proceedings of the 8th SIDUO Congress
81937. Visual Pathways: Electrophysiology and Pathology
81938. Proceedings of the Conference on Subretinal Space, Jerusalem, October 14–19, 1979
81939. Fourth International Visual Field Symposium Bristol, April 13–16,1980
81940. Food-Climate Interactions: Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Berlin (West), December 9–12, 1980
81941. Energy from Biomass: Proceedings of the EC Contractors’ Meeting held in Copenhagen, 23–24 June 1981
81942. Scientific Knowledge: Causation, Explanation, and Corroboration
81943. Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy: A book based on the lectures given and the discussions that took place at the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc,Montpellier, France, July 17–31,1980
81944. Tephra Studies: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute ”Tephra Studies as a Tool in Quaternary Research”, held in Laugarvatn and Reykjavík, Iceland, June 18–29, 1980
81945. Investigating the Universe: Papers presented to Zdeněk Kopal on the occasion of his retirement, September 1981
81946. Identification of Seismic Sources — Earthquake or Underground Explosion: Proceedings of the NATO Advance Study Institute held at Voksenåsen, Oslo, Norway, September 8–18, 1980
81947. Comets and the Origin of Life: Proceedings of the Fifth College Park Colloquium on Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, U.S.A., October 29th to 31st, 1980
81948. Emission and Scattering Techniques: Studies of Inorganic Molecules, Solids, and Surfaces
81949. The Unhappy Consciousness: The Poetic Plight of Samuel Beckett An Inquiry at the Intersection of Phenomenology and Literature
81950. Rational Consensus in Science and Society: A Philosophical and Mathematical Study
81951. Scientific Materialism
81952. Climatic Variations and Variability: Facts and Theories: NATO Advanced Study Institute First Course of the International School of Climatology, Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, March 9–21, 1980
81953. Fast Reactions in Energetic Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Preveza, Greece, July 6 – 9, 1980
81954. Atmospheric Thermodynamics
81955. Characterization, Treatment and Use of Sewage Sludge: Proceedings of the Second European Symposium held in Vienna, October 21–23, 1980
81956. Copper in Animal Wastes and Sewage Sludge: Proceedings of the EEC Workshop organised by the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), Station d’Agronomie, Bordeaux, France, and held at Bordeaux, October 8–10, 1980
81957. Effects of Mass Loss on Stellar Evolution: IAU Colloquium no. 59 Held in Miramare, Trieste, Italy, September 15–19, 1980
81958. Environment, Transportation, and Housing
81959. Marxism and Alternatives: Towards the Conceptual Interaction Among Soviet Philosophy, Neo-Thomism, Pragmatism, and Phenomenology
81960. Physical Processes in Red Giants: Proceedings of the Second Workshop, Held at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Advanced School of Astronomy, in Erice, Sicily, Italy, September 3–13, 1980
81961. Photometric and Spectroscopic Binary Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Maratea, Italy, June 1–14, 1980
81962. New Studies in Deontic Logic: Norms, Actions, and the Foundations of Ethics
81963. Pictures, Images, and Conceptual Change: An Analysis of Wilfrid Sellars’ Philosophy of Science
81964. Solar Phenomena in Stars and Stellar Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Bonas, France, August 25–September 5, 1980
81965. Origin of Cosmic Rays
81966. Computational Theoretical Organic Chemistry: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Menton, France, June 29-July 13, 1980
81967. Creating a Dialectical Social Science: Concepts, Methods, and Models
81968. Papers on Syntax
81969. The Building of British Social Anthropology: W.H.R. Rivers and his Cambridge Disciples in The Development of Kinship Studies, 1898–1931
81970. Scientific Philosophy Today: Essays in Honor of Mario Bunge
81971. X-Ray Astronomy with the Einstein Satellite: Proceedings of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society Meeting on X-Ray Astronomy held at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., January 28–30, 1980
81972. Reference Coordinate Systems for Earth Dynamics: Proceedings of the 56th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Warsaw, Poland, September 8–12, 1980
81973. Crossing the Boundaries in Linguistics: Studies Presented to Manfred Bierwisch
81974. Stellar Paths: Photographic Astrometry with Long-Focus Instruments
81975. Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Kollekolle, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 18–29, 1980
81976. Leibniz’s Metaphysics of Nature: A Group of Essays
81977. Is Science Sexist?: And Other Problems in the Biomedical Sciences
81978. Relation Between Laboratory and Space Plasmas: Proceedings of the International Workshop held at Gakushi-Kaikan (University Alumni Association) Tokyo, Japan, April 14–15, 1980
81979. Sciences and Cultures: Anthropological and Historical Studies of the Sciences
81980. ULF Pulsations in the Magnetosphere: Reviews from the Special Sessions on Geomagnetic Pulsations at XVII General Assembly of the International Union for Geodesy and Geophysics, Canberra, 1979, December
81981. Origin of Life: Proceedings of the Third ISSOL Meeting and the Sixth ICOL Meeting, Jerusalem, June 22–27, 1980
81982. Exploration of the Polar Upper Atmosphere: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Lillehammer, Norway, May 5–16, 1980
81983. Epistemological and Social Problems of the Sciences in the Early Nineteenth Century
81984. Analytical Philosophy of Technology
81985. The Law-Medicine Relation: A Philosophical Exploration: Proceedings of the Eighth Trans-Disciplinary Symposium on Philosophy and Medicine Held at Farmington, Connecticut, November 9–11, 1978
81986. Prelude to Galileo: Essays on Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Sources of Galileo’s Thought
81987. Foundations for a Scientific Analysis of Value
81988. Philosophy in Economics: Papers Deriving from and Related to a Workshop on Testability and Explanation in Economics held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1979
81989. Mao Tse-Tung’s Theory of Dialectic
81990. The Berlin Phenomenology/Die Berliner Phänomenologie
81991. Aspects of Philosophical Logic: Some Logical Forays into Central Notions of Linguistics and Philosophy
81992. Low and Intermediate Energy Kaon-Nucleon Physics: Proceedings of the Workshop held at the Institute of Physics of the University of Rome, March 24–28, 1980
81993. The Relevance of Social Science for Medicine
81994. Ambiguities in Intensional Contexts
81995. Cosmic Plasma
81996. Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis
81997. The Great Chain of Being and Italian Phenomenology
81998. Problems of Semantics: A Contribution to the Analysis of the Language Science
81999. Dutch-Asiatic Trade 1620 – 1740
82000. Tome 1 Philosophie du langage, Logique philosophique / Volume 1 Philosophy of language, Philosophical logic
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