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666001. Feast: Why Humans Share Food
666002. The Literary and Cultural Rhetoric of Victimhood: Western Europe, 1970-2005
666003. The Political Culture of Leadership in the United Arab Emirates
666004. Introduction to Nonparametric Estimation (Springer Series in Statistics)
666005. Value Driven Product Planning and Systems Engineering
666006. Osterreichisches Bankvertragsrecht: Band I: Geschaftsbeziehung (Springers Handbucher der Rechtswissenschaft) (German Edition)
666007. Ham Radio's Technical Culture (Inside Technology)
666008. Control Theory and Systems Biology
666009. Cliffs Notes on Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
666010. Microwave Differential Circuit Design Using Mixed Mode S-Parameters
666011. Symbols: Their Migration and Universality
666012. Betrayals: A Strange Angels Novel
666013. Up Against Foucault: Explorations of Some Tensions Between Foucault and Feminism
666014. Hot Mix Asphalt Construction: Certification and Accreditation Programs (ASTM Special Technical Publication, 1378)
666015. The Golden Skull (A Rick Brant Electronic Science-Adventure Story # 10)
666016. Cultural Studies: Volume 9 Issue 2: Special issue: Toni Morrison and the Curriculum, edited by Warren Crichton and Cameron McCarthy
666017. Visual Digital Culture: Surface Play and Spectacle in New Media Genres (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication)
666018. The Biosphere and Noosphere Reader: Global Environment, Society and Change
666019. Virtual Working: Social and Organisational Dynamics (The Management of Technology and Innovation)
666020. Popular Politics in Nineteenth-Century England (Historical Connections)
666021. Sociology and Politics of Health: A Reader
666022. Globalization and Language Teaching
666023. Geographies of Commodity Chains (Routledge Studies in Human Geography, 10)
666024. Heroin Addiction and 'The British System': Understanding the Problem: Policy and the British System
666025. Models of Political Economy
666026. Japan's International Relations, 2nd Edition (Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies Routledge)
666027. Greek History (Classical Foundations)
666028. Small Players of the Great Game: The settlement of Iran's eastern borderlands and the creation of Afghanistan (Islamic Studies)
666029. Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones
666030. Chechnya: Life in a War-Torn Society (California Series in Public Anthropology, 6)
666031. Race and the Invisible Hand: How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs (George Gund Foundation Book in African American Studies)
666032. Enterprise Application Integration: A Wiley Tech Brief
666033. Seeing Lessons: 14 Life Secrets I've Learned Along the Way
666034. The Psychopath: Emotion and the Brain
666035. Frommer's Toronto 2005 (Frommer's Complete)
666036. Frommer's Bahamas 2005 (Frommer's Complete)
666037. Frommer's Washington D.C. with Kids
666038. Hungarian-British Diplomacy 1938-1941: The Attempt to Maintain Relations
666039. The Anvil of the World
666040. Kinetic Theory of Living Pattern (Developmental and Cell Biology Series)
666041. Norsk fonetikk for utlendinger
666042. Alice in Wonderland (Cliffs Notes)
666043. Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Guide to Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolios, and Maximizing Benefits (Jossey-Bass Business & Management)
666044. You're Not Buying That House Are You?: Everything You May Forget to Do, Ask, or Think About Before Signing on the Dotted Line
666045. Teachers’ Professional Development and the Elementary Mathematics Classroom: Bringing Understandings To Light
666046. Open The Box: About Television (Creative History from East Anglian Sources)
666047. CoolSearch: Keeping Your Organization In Touch and On the Edge...
666048. Cambridge in the 1830s: The Letters of Alexander Chisholm Gooden, 1831-1841 (History of the University of Cambridge)
666049. The Arts Therapies: A Revolution in Healthcare
666050. Public Participation in Sustainability Science: A Handbook
666051. The Gods that Failed: How Blind Faith in Markets Has Cost Us Our Future
666052. علل وأدوية : دراسات في أمراض أمتنا ووسائل الاستشفاء منها مع تصحيح لما وجه إلى التاريخ الإسلامي من أخطاء
666053. Drilled Shafts in Rock Analysis and Design
666054. The China Question: Great Power Rivalry and British Isolation, 1894-1905
666055. The Boundaries of Welfare: European Integration and the New Spatial Politics of Social Solidarity
666056. Dense Molecular Gas around Protostars and in Galactic Nuclei: European Workshop on Astronomical Molecules 2004
666057. Case Studies in Forensic Epidemiology
666058. Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials: A Case Studies Approach
666059. Ad-Hoc Networking Towards Seamless Communications (Signals and Communication Technology)
666060. Strategies, Markets and Governance: Exploring Commercial and Regulatory Agendas
666061. Resource Book on TRIPS and Development
666062. Die Aktie als Bild: Zur Kulturgeschichte von Wertpapieren (Edition Transfer) (German Edition)
666063. Doping in Sports: Biochemical Principles, Effects and Analysis
666064. Separate and Unequal: Black Americans and the US Federal Government
666065. Computational Excursions in Analysis and Number Theory
666066. Research Interviewing: Context and Narrative
666067. Web 2.0 Evolution into The Intelligent Web 3.0: 100 Most Asked Questions on Transformation, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Network Computing, Open Technologies, ... Databases and Intelligent Applications
666068. The Mind's Best Work
666069. Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Computing and Simulink SimPowerSystems Modeling
666070. Remade in America: Transplanting and Transforming Japanese Management Systems (Japan Business and Economics Series)
666071. Neo-slave Narratives: Studies in the Social Logic of a Literary Form (Race and American Culture)
666072. Street Foods: Urban Food and Employment in Developing Countries
666073. Metaethics after Moore
666074. War, State, and Society in England and the Netherlands 1477-1559
666075. Spies in Uniform: British Military and Naval Intelligence on the Eve of the First World War
666076. Putting the ''I'' in IHY: The United Nations Report for the International Heliophysical Year 2007 (Studies in Space Policy, 3)
666077. Affirmative Action and Racial Preference: A Debate (Point Counterpoint)
666078. Imag(in)ing Otherness: Filmic Visions of Living Together (American Academy of Religion Cultural Criticism)
666079. Increasing Faculty Diversity: The Occupational Choices of High-Achieving Minority Students
666080. Sincerity's Shadow : Self-Consciousness in British Romantic and Mid-Twentieth-Century American Poetry
666081. Hotel Andromeda
666082. Noah's Compass
666083. Michael Oakeshott: An Introduction
666084. Medieval Philosophy and the Transcendentals: The Case of Thomas Aquinas (Studien Und Texte Zur Geistesgeschichte Des Mittelalters)
666085. Griechische Staatskunde. Erste Halfte. Allgemeine Darstellung des Griechischen Staates
666086. Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python Language
666087. Digital Sub-Editing and Design (Focal Journalism)
666088. The Insider's Guide to Film Finance
666089. Maritime Archaeology: Australian Approaches (The Springer Series in Underwater Archaeology)
666090. Simulation and Modeling: Current Technologies and Applications
666091. Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max, Third Edition (Autodesk Media and Entertainment Techniques)
666093. Beckett: Waiting for Godot (Landmarks of World Literature)
666094. A Special Relationship: Anglo American Relations from the Cold War to Iraq
666095. A Reference Grammar of Southeastern Tepehuan (Summer Institute of Linguistics and the University of Texas at Arlington Publications in Linguistics)
666096. Under the Radar: Cancer and the Cold War (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine)
666097. Der jugendliche Einstein und Aarau: Einsteins letztes Schuljahr - Relativitat, Brownsche Bewegung, Lichtquanten und Astrophysik (German Edition)
666098. By the Sword and the Cross: The Historical Evolution of the Catholic World Monarchy in Spain and the New World, 1492-1825 (Contributions to the Study of World History)
666099. Couples, Kids, and Family Life (Social Worlds from the Inside Out)
666100. Defeat and Memory: Cultural Histories of Military Defeat Since 1815
666101. American Exceptionalism and U.S. Foreign Policy: Public Diplomacy at the End of the Cold War
666102. Democratization: A Critical Introduction
666103. The Moral Self (Problems of Philosophy Their Past and Present)
666104. Can Institutions Have Responsibilities?: Collective Moral Agency and International Relations (Global Issues)
666105. The Long March to Capitalism: Embourgeoisment, Internationalisation and Industrial Transformation in India
666106. Debating Divorce in Italy: Marriage and the Making of Modern Italians, 1860-1974 (Italian & Italian American Studies)
666107. Japanese Strategic Thought toward Asia (Strategic Thought in Northeast Asia)
666108. Theories of Democratic Network Governance (Language and Globalization)
666109. David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D Guide to Digital SLR Photography
666110. The American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812: People, Politics, and Power (America at War)
666111. Radical Cartesianism: The French Reception of Descartes
666112. Happiness And Greek Ethical Thought (Thoemmes Continuum Studies in Ancient Philosophy)
666113. A Politics of Understanding: The International Thought of Raymond Aron (Political Traditions in Foreign Policy Series)
666114. Making Morality: Pragmatist Reconstruction in Ethical Theory (The Vanderbilt Library of American Philosophy)
666115. Islamic Art, Literature, and Culture (The Islamic World)
666116. L'Amant
666117. Topics on General and Formal Ontology
666118. Quantum Mechanics, Second Edition
666119. There's More to Life Than the Corner Office
666120. Balloons and airships, 1783-1973;: Editor of the English edition Kenneth Munson; (The pocket encyclopaedia of world aircraft in colour)
666121. Electromagnetic Field Theory: A Problem Solving Approach
666122. Happiness Around the World: The paradox of happy peasants and miserable millionaires
666123. Substitution Dynamical Systems - Spectral Analysis
666124. Japan: A Concise History, 4th edition
666125. Blue Veins and Kinky Hair: Naming and Color Consciousness in African America
666126. April Blood: Florence and the Plot against the Medici
666127. Macro-Micro Theory on Multifield Coupling Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials
666128. What Spacetime Explains: Metaphysical Essays on Space and Time
666129. The Lighter Side of Mathematics: Proceedings of the Eugene Strens Memorial Conference on Recreational Mathematics and its History (MAA Spectrum Series)
666130. Using Expressive Arts to Work With the Mind, Body and Emotions: Theory and Practice
666131. Acts of God: The Unnatural History of Natural Disasters in America
666132. Words, Semigroups, Transductions
666133. Smoke on the Water (Gammalaw 1)
666134. Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures
666135. Railways, Urban Development and Town Planning in Britain: 1948-2008 (Transport and Mobility Series)
666136. Modules and Comodules (Trends in Mathematics)
666137. Phenomenology, Logic, and the Philosophy of Mathematics
666138. The Thermodynamic Machinery of Life (The Frontiers Collection)
666139. Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes
666140. La communaute desoeuvree
666141. Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time: Warrior (Bk. 3)
666142. OSHA Regulations and Guidelines: A Guide for Health Care Providers
666143. Narrative Development in Adolescence: Creating the Storied Self
666144. Imaging Pelvic Floor Disorders, 2nd Revised Edition (Medical Radiology Diagnostic Imaging)
666145. Diseases of the Inner Ear: A Clinical, Radiologic and Pathologic Atlas
666146. Methods of Nonlinear Analysis: Applications to Differential Equations (Birkhauser Advanced Texts Basler Lehrbucher)
666147. Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Security Issues)
666148. Toward a Native American Critical Theory
666149. Measure, Integral and Probability
666150. Autobiography: I Wonder As I Wander (Collected Works of Langston Hughes, Vol 14)
666151. Das verlorene Symbol
666152. Die beiden Glaubensbekenntnisse des Islam in Thora, Evangelium und Koran
666153. Making Men Moral: Civil Liberties and Public Morality (Clarendon Paperbacks)
666154. Geeta Mata
666155. The Mystery of the Temple
666156. The CMS Silicon Strip Tracker: Concept, Production, and Commissioning
666158. The Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing
666161. Pedagogy and Human Movement: Theory, Practice, Research (International Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport)
666162. An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics (Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language)
666163. Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations, Third Edition
666164. Homo Sociologicus, 16. Auflage
666165. Exodus from Empire: The Fall of America's Empire and the Rise of the Global Community
666166. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Personal Firewalls (Absolute Beginner's Guide)
666167. A Grammar of Qiang: With Annotated Texts and Glossary (Mouton Grammar Library)
666168. How to Do Everything Palm Pre
666169. Eingebettete Funksysteme: Vergleich von standardisierten und proprietaren Verfahren
666170. Advances in Organic Chemistry, 50 (Advances in Inorganic Chemistry)
666174. Engine City (The Engines of Light, Book 3)
666175. The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Challa (Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics)
666176. The Fast Carriers
666177. Horn and Crescent: Cultural Change and Traditional Islam on the East African Coast, 800-1900 (African Studies)
666178. Cool Thing: The Best New Gay Fiction from Young American Writers
666179. Discourse and Grammar in Australian Languages (Studies in Language Companion Series)
666180. Internet Networks: Wired, Wireless, and Optical Technologies (Devices, Circuits, and Systems)
666181. Health Care Turning Point: Why Single Payer Won't Work
666182. Multiple Wh-Fronting (Linguistik Aktuell Linguistics Today)
666183. Locality, Mobility, and ''Nation'': Periurban Colonialism in Togo's Eweland, 1900-1960 (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora)
666184. Taiwan: Nation-State or Province?, 5th Edition
666185. Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising
666186. Afterlife: A Divine Comedy
666187. Commercial Contracts: Drafting Techniques and Precedents (Thorogood Reports)
666188. Cognitive Technologies and the Pragmatics of Cognition (Benjamins Current Topics)
666189. Successful Competitive Tendering (Thorogood Special Briefing)
666190. Information Design: An Introduction (Document Design Companion Series, V. 3)
666191. Frommer's 500 Extraordinary Islands (500 Places)
666192. The Culture and Commerce of the American Short Story
666193. Good Housekeeping The Great Christmas Cookie Swap Cookbook: 60 Large-Batch Recipes to Bake and Share
666194. Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4
666195. Nikon D700 Digital Field Guide
666196. Albert Einstein: Maker of Universes
666197. Kompendium semantische Netze: Konzepte, Technologie, Modellierung
666198. Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces (Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services)
666199. Ubungsbuch zur Finanzmathematik: Aufgaben, Testklausuren und Losungen
666200. A History of the Church in the Middle Ages
666201. A Cognitive Approach to Performance Appraisal (People and Organizations)
666202. After the Science Wars
666203. Teaching Music in Secondary Schools: A Reader (Ou Flexible Pgce Series)
666204. Growth and Development in the Global Political Economy: Modes and Social Structures of Accumulation (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)
666205. Russia: A State of Uncertainty (Postcommunist States and Nations)
666206. U.X.L - French and Indian War
666207. Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas
666208. Swimsuit
666209. Triazoles: 1,2,3 (The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Volume 39)
666210. Ιστορία της ελληνικής λογοτεχνίας και η πρόσληψή της στους δύστηνους καιρούς (1941-1944) History of Modern Greek Literature Vol. 3
666211. A Practical Guide to Mentoring, Coaching and Peer-networking: Teacher Professional Development in Schools and Colleges
666212. Private Cities: Global and Local Perspectives (Routledge Studies in Human Geography)
666213. Mediaeval Islamic Historiography and Political Legitimacy (Routledge Studies in the History of Iran and Turkey)
666214. Law and Legalization in Transnational Relations (Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics)
666215. Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
666216. Pierre Bayle's Cartesian Metaphysics: Rediscovering Early Modern Philosophy (Routledge Studies in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy)
666217. Kwame Nkrumah's Politico-Cultural Thought and Politics: An African-Centered Paradigm for the Second Phase of the African Revolution (African Studies-History, Politics, Economics and Culture)
666218. Writing the City: Urban Visions and Literary Modernism
666219. The Present Politics of the Past: Indigenous Legal Activism and Resistance to (Neo)Liberal Governmentality (Indigenous Peoples and Politics)
666220. The Other Orpheus: A Poetics of Modern Homosexuality (Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory)
666221. Art Therapy: An Introduction, 2nd edition
666222. Contesting the Iron Fist: Advocacy Networks and Police Violence in Democratic Argentina and Chile (Latin American Studies-Social Sciences & Law)
666223. The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
666224. Germans in Post War Britain: An Enemy Embrace (British Politics and Society)
666225. Nameless: Understanding Learning Disability
666226. Forgiveness and the Healing Process: A Central Therapeutic Concern
666227. Inventing the Industrial Revolution: The English Patent System, 1660-1800
666228. Werterelevanz von Patentinformationen im Kontext der Rechnungslegung (Unternehmensfuhrung und Controlling) German
666229. Instrumental Teaching in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain)
666230. Global Distributed Applications With Windows DNA (Artech House Computing Library)
666231. Cross-Examinations of Law and Literature: Cooper, Hawthorne, Stowe, and Melville
666232. The Projection of Britain: British Overseas Publicity and Propaganda 1919-1939
666233. Political Realism in International Theory
666234. Rethinking the Scientific Revolution
666235. Anne Conway: The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy
666236. In the Presence of English: Media and European Youth (Language Policy)
666237. Vorticity and Incompressible Flow
666238. Pieties and Gender (International Studies in Religion and Society)
666239. Bold Science: Seven Scientists Who Are Changing Our World
666240. Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools, Second Edition: The Behavior Education Program (The Guilford Practical Intervention in Schools Series)
666241. Controversies in Lung Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Basic and Clinical Oncology)
666242. Women and Authority in Early Modern Spain: The Peasants of Galicia
666243. Prescribing in Diabetes
666244. Adams' The Education of Henry Adams (Cliffs Notes)
666245. Biological Science And Biotechnology in Russia: Controlling Diseases And Enchancing Security
666246. The Air Raid Warden Was a Spy: And Other Tales from Home-Front America in World War II
666247. How to Mentor in the Midst of Change, Second Edition
666248. The Diabetic Kidney (Contemporary Diabetes)
666249. Einführung in die moderne Strafrechtsgeschichte
666250. Spiderwebs and Silk: Tracing Evolution from Molecules to Genes to Phenotypes
666251. Beautiful TV: The Art and Argument of Ally McBeal
666252. Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams (The Fairy Chronicles)
666253. The 2002 Official Patient's Sourcebook on Hypoglycemia: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age
666254. Essentials of Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Essentials Series)
666255. Soil and Environmental Analysis: Physical Methods, Second Edition, Revised, and Expanded (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment)
666256. The Wow Climax: Tracing the Emotional Impact of Popular Culture
666257. Chromosomal Instability and Aging: Basic Science and Clinical Implications
666258. Positively Responsible: How Business Can Save the Planet
666259. Neuromuscular Junctions in Drosophila
666260. Transcription Factors: A Practical Approach, 2nd edition
666261. Photo-Electronic Image Devices, Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium
666262. Dynamics of Cell Division (Frontiers in Molecular Biology)
666263. Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees
666264. Nothing to Admire: The Politics of Poetic Satire from Dryden to Merrill
666265. Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Volume 001
666266. Organic Photochromic and Thermochromic Compounds: Volume 1: Photochromic Families (Topics in Applied Chemistry)
666267. Evaluation of Chemical Events at Army Chemical Agent Disposal Facilities
666268. Mendel in the Kitchen: A Scientist's View of Genetically Modified Foods
666269. German Modernism: Music and the Arts (California Studies in 20th-Century Music)
666270. Reputation Marketing
666271. Sovereignty
666272. Flying High: How JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman Beats the Competition... Even in the World's Most Turbulent Industry
666273. The Elusive Transformation: Science, Technology, and the Evolution of International Politics
666274. Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics 2001: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data
666275. How to Win in Small Claims Court in New York, 2E (Legal Survival Guides)
666276. Endocrine Oncology (Contemporary Endocrinology)
666277. Surviving Hollywood: Your Ticket to Success
666278. Management of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Current Clinical Urology)
666279. Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Radar (Artech House Radar Library)
666280. Annals of Cases on Information Technology (Cases on Information Technology Series)
666281. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Gun Nosed Phantoms (WarbirdTech)
666282. Liaisons intermoleculaires
666283. Communicating with Vulnerable Children
666284. The Epic Battles for Ticonderoga, 1758
666285. Land of Dreams: Greek And Latin Studies in Honour of A.H.M. Kessels
666287. La grande illusion : Comment la selection naturelle a cree l'idee de Dieu
666288. Fighting ships and prisons;: The Mediterranean galleys of France in the age of Louis XIV
666289. Marijuana (Junior Drug Awareness)
666290. Business Process Reengineering for the Use of Distance Learning at Bell Canada
666291. A Top-Down Approach to Risk Management and Internal Control-Issue #4: Relying on Ongoing Monitoring to Test Controls Performance, to Reduce the Scope of Separate Testing
666292. The Sand Tray (Thinkers)
666293. The First Time Effect: The Impact of Study Abroad on College Student Intellectual Development
666294. International Collaborations in Behavioral and Social Sciences Research: Report of a Workshop
666295. Topics in current chemistry, 242, Immobilized Catalysts: Solid Phases, Immobilization and Applications
666296. Frightened Fred
666297. JMP 8 Introductory Guide, Second Edition
666298. Nursing Care Plans: Guidelines for Individualizing Client Care Across the Life Span, 8th Edition
666299. Beyond the Shadow of the Senators : The Untold Story of the Homestead Grays and the Integration of Baseball
666300. The Maytrees: A Novel
666301. Inhuman Conditions: On Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights
666302. Familial Mediterranean Fever - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers
666303. Visuality and Identity: Sinophone Articulations across the Pacific (Asia Pacific Modern)
666304. Minding the Gaps: Integrating Poverty Reduction Strategies and Budgets for Domestic Accountability
666305. Uncertainties in Fatal Cancer Risk Estimates Used in Radiation Protection: Recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (N C R P Report)
666306. The Absence of God in Modernist Literature
666307. Iran's Foreign Policy: From Khatami to Ahmadinejad
666308. It's Not What You Sign, It's How You Sign It: Politeness in American Sign Language
666309. Belonging Too Well: Portraits of Identity in Cynthia Ozick's Fiction (S U N Y Series in Modern Jewish Literature and Culture)
666310. Advertising Cultures
666311. Semiclassical Analysis, Witten Laplacians, and Statistical Mechanics (Series on Partial Differential Equations and Applications, 1)
666312. No Hand to Hold & No Legs to Dance on
666313. Grievous Sin (The Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus Series - Book 06 - 1993)
666314. Catalogue of Death: A Miss Zukas Mystery
666315. Direct Action: A Covert War Thriller
666316. Ammie, Come Home
666317. Turning Toward the World: The Pivotal Years (The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 4: 1960-1963)
666318. Shear Deformable Beams and Plates
666320. French Demystified: A Self - Teaching Guide
666321. Chasing The Hunter's Dream: 1,001 of the World's Best Duck Marshes, Deer Runs, Elk Meadows, Pheasant Fields, Bear Woods, Safaris, and Extraordinary Hunts
666322. Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere: Theory, Experiments, and Applications
666323. Lung Biology in Health & Disease Volume 186 Pleural Disease
666325. Molecular Neurobiology: Endocrine Approaches
666326. Good Man Hunting
666327. Accidental Logics: The Dynamics of Change in the Health Care Arena in the United States, Britain, and Canada
666328. Enzymes in the Environment (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment)
666329. Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Biomedical Applications (Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-like Elements)
666330. The Anatomy of an International Monetary Regime: The Classical Gold Standard, 1880-1914
666331. Gender Justice, Development, and Rights (Oxford Studies in Democratization)
666332. A Retrospective on the Classical Gold Standard, 1821-1931 (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report)
666333. Opposing Europe?: The Comparative Party Politics of Euroscepticism Volume 1: Case Studies and Country Surveys
666334. Failure of the Middle East Peace Process: A Comparative Analysis of Peace Implementation in Israel Palestine, Northern Ireland and South Africa
666335. Military Transformation and Modern Warfare: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Security Issues)
666336. Cycle Representations of Markov Processes (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
666337. Linear Programming 1: Introduction (Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering)
666338. Molecular Approach to Solids
666339. The Silent Service: Seawolf Class
666340. Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences (Methodos Series, vol.3)
666341. Tips and Tidbits for the Horse Lover (Howell Equestrian Library)
666342. Colorimetry: Understanding the CIE System
666343. Art of the Gawain-poet: New Edition
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666345. The Democratic Party Heads North, 1877-1962
666346. Kierkegaard: A Biography
666347. An Introduction to International Relations: Australian Perspectives
666348. Families Across Cultures: A 30-Nation Psychological Study
666349. Understand Amplifiers
666350. Black Newspapers and America's War for Democracy, 1914-1920
666351. Managing Multicultural Lives: Asian American Professionals and the Challenge of Multiple Identities
666352. Empire of the Islamic World (Great Empires of the Past)
666353. The Week the World Stood Still: Inside the Secret Cuban Missile Crisis (Stanford Nuclear Age Series)
666354. A Weed by Any Other Name: The Virtues of a Messy Lawn, or Learning to Love the Plants We Don't Plant
666355. Patterson for Alabama: The Life and Career of John Patterson
666356. Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice
666357. Molecular Basis of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
666358. Mark Twain and the Spiritual Crisis of His Age (Amer Lit Realism & Naturalism)
666359. Review of the Research Strategy for Biomass-Derived Transportation Fuels (Tcrp Report,)
666360. Beauty's Appeal: Measure and Excess
666362. The Ganges Water Diversion: Environmental Effects and Implications (Water Science and Technology Library)
666363. Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child's Financial Future
666364. Outlines of Psychology
666365. Changing Course: American Curriculum Reform in the 20th Century (Reflective History, 8)
666366. The Rough Guide to Peru 6 (Rough Guide Travel Guides)
666367. Leggy Centipedes (No Backbone! the World of Invertebrates)
666368. Encyclopedia of Cold War Politics (Facts on File Library of World History)
666369. Social Psychology: Handbook of Basic Principles, 2nd edition
666370. Confessions of an economic hit man
666371. Eye of the Whale: Epic Passage From Baja To Siberia
666372. Conquering Eating Disorders: How Family Communication Heals
666373. Free and Moving Boundaries: Analysis, Simulation and Control
666374. Kitchen Table Sustainability: Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability
666375. Africa Yearbook: Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2007
666376. Duchamp's Transformers
666377. Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted
666378. Everlasting Kiss
666379. Ekonomist na tajnom zadatku
666380. The Religion of India: The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism
666381. Penser la vie psychique
666382. Next to Me: Luck, Leadership and Living with Parkinson's
666383. Guide to Popular U. S. Government Documents
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666385. Mathematical Events of the Twentieth Century
666386. Kipper's Snowy Day
666387. 消化器癌 (MDアンダーソン癌センターに学ぶ癌診療)
666388. The Structure of Rare-Earth Metal Surfaces
666389. Les nouveautes de Lightroom 2.0
666390. VBA Professional Projects
666391. Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Sorbents And Sensors
666392. 無限次元空間の測度 下―不変測度  紀伊國屋数学叢書 13
666393. 量子力学30講 (物理学30講シリーズ)
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666395. Statistical Yearbook Of Latin America And The Caribbean 2003: Population Estimates And Projections 1950-2050 (Anuario Estadistico De America Latina Y El ... for Latin America and the Caribbean)
666396. Biocomputing 2002
666397. Panzers of the Ardennes Offensive 1944-45 (Armor at War 7042)
666398. King: The Social Archaeology of a Late Mississippian Town in Northwestern Georgia
666399. Dreamfall
666400. Supported Literacy for Adolescents: Transforming Teaching and Content Learning for the 21st Century (Jossey-Bass Teacher)
666401. Genetics, Second Edition
666402. Music and Memory: An Introduction
666403. Balancing the Federal Budget: Eating the Seed Corn or Trimming the Herds?
666404. Fundamentals of Pipe Flow
666405. Des dispositifs pulsionnels
666406. Urban Modernity: Cultural Innovation in the Second Industrial Revolution
666407. The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story
666408. Designing Capable and Reliable Products
666409. French Queer Cinema. Nick Rees-Roberts
666410. Terrorism and Homeland Security: An Introduction with Applications (The Butterworth-Heinemann Homeland Security Series)
666411. Work, Race, and the Emergence of Radical Right Corporatism in Imperial Germany (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany)
666412. Managers of Innovation: Insights into Making Innovation Happen (Management, Organizations and Business)
666413. Bioinformatics: A Biologist's Guide to Biocomputing and the Internet
666414. Recursive Partitioning and Applications
666415. Job Interviews For Dummies, 3rd edition (For Dummies (Career Education))
666416. Occupational Therapy and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
666417. Educational Research: Why 'What works' doesn't work
666418. Sacred Buildings (Design Manuals)
666419. Flex 2 Developer's Guide
666420. Responsible Research: A Guide For Coordinator's
666421. Emergency Radiology
666422. Insight in Psychotherapy
666423. The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Suicide Assessment And Management
666424. Statistics and Reality: Concepts and Measurements of Migration in Europe (Amsterdam University Press - IMISCOE Reports)
666425. Die Klerikalen - Die Reise zum klerikalen Planeten GERMAN
666426. Home-Based Economic Activities and Caribbean Urban Livelihoods
666427. Durability of Building Sealants (Rilem Proceedings, 36)
666428. The Better Angel: Walt Whitman in the Civil War
666429. Multiple Sclerosis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
666430. Sudafed: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References
666431. West German Industry and the Challenge of the Nazi Past, 1945-1955
666432. Excel 2003 Just the Steps For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech))
666433. A Research Agenda for Geographic Information Science (Section E--Nutritional Disorders)
666434. Poverty, International Migration and Asylum (Studies in Development Economics and Policy)
666435. The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Web Hosting Services
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666437. Church and State: Australia's Imaginary Wall (Briefings)
666438. Beyond Nostalgia: Reshaping Australian Education (Australian Education Review No. 44)
666439. Empty Bed Blues
666440. Gendered Talk at Work: Constructing Gender Identity Through Workplace Discourse (Language and Social Change)
666441. Red Spikes
666442. Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
666443. Bird Flu (Everything You Need to Know)
666444. Things a Killer Would Know: The True Story of Leonard Fraser
666445. The Executioner Always Chops Twice: Ghastly Blunders on the Scaffold (Summersdale Humour)
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666447. Constitutionalism, Multilevel Trade Governance And Social Regulation (Studies in International Trade Law)
666448. Fighting Terror: Ethical Dilemmas
666449. A Cultural History of Madrid: Modernism and the Urban Spectacle
666450. Marine Scientific Research: The Operation And Status of Research Vessels And Other Platforms in International Law (Publications on Ocean Development)
666451. Spatial Disparities in Human Development: Perspectives from Asia
666452. Feeding During Late Infancy And Early Childhood: Impact on Health (Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series: Pediatric Program)
666453. Migraine and Other Headaches (Aan Press Quality of Life Guide)
666454. Business, Integrity, and Peace: Beyond Geopolitical and Disciplinary Boundaries (Business, Value Creation, and Society)
666455. The Archaeology of Political Structure: Settlement Analysis in a Classic Maya Polity (New Studies in Archaeology)
666456. The Politics of Retirement in Britain, 1878-1948
666457. Subverting Scotland's Past: Scottish Whig Historians and the Creation of an Anglo-British Identity 1689-1830
666458. Money and the Morality of Exchange
666459. Enterprise and History: Essays in Honour of Charles Wilson
666460. Family and the Law in Eighteenth-Century Fiction: The Public Conscience in the Private Sphere
666461. Struggling for Self-Reliance: Four Case Studies of Australian Regional Force Projection in the late 1980s and the 1990s (Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 171)
666462. Psychoanalysis and the Sciences
666463. L.A. Noir: The City as Character
666464. Agricultural Expansion and Tropical Deforestation: International Trade, Poverty and Land Use
666465. How to Create a Magical Relationship: The 3 Simple Ideas that Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life
666466. Solid State NMR Spectroscopy for Biopolymers: Principles and Applications
666467. Ricoeur's Critical Theory
666468. Turquoise Lament (Travis McGee Mysteries 15)
666469. Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas (Abradale Books)
666470. Orion Authority - The Team
666471. Sportpsychologie
666472. Understanding exposure: How to shoot great photographs with a film or digital camera
666473. The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash (Essential Guide To...)
666474. Rice Genetics (Rice Genetics Collection Vol. 2
666475. Sustainable Development in Practice: Sustainomics Methodology and Applications (Munasinghe Institute for Development (Mind) Series on Growth and Sustainable Development)
666476. Chasing Tail
666477. VDI Heat Atlas
666478. Microbes: Applications and Effects
666479. El Dolor de La Histeria Spanish
666480. Positioning Theory: Moral Contexts of International Action
666481. Le dernier troyen, Tome 3 : Les Lotophages
666482. The Origin of Philosophy
666483. Suffering Witness: The Quandry of Responsibility After the Irreparable
666484. Plunkett's Energy Industry Almanac 2009: Energy Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading Companies
666485. Climate Change and Crop Production (CABI Climate Change Series)
666486. Das Wissen der Leute: Bioethik, Alltag und Macht im Internet
666487. Vegetation Ecology
666488. Issues in the Economics of Immigration, Second Edition
666489. Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Petrology
666490. WTO Negotiations and Agricultural Trade Liberalization: The Effect of Developed Countries' Policies on Developing Countries (Cabi Publishing)
666491. The Ten-day MBA : A Step-by-step Guide to Mastering the Skills Taught in America's Top Business Schools, Revised Edition
666492. The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice
666493. Crocodiles
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666495. Beginning ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010
666496. Surface Magnetism: Correlation of Structural, Electronic and Chemical Properties with Magnetic Behavior
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666502. Figs: The Genus Ficus
666503. Scientific Discourse: Multiliteracy in the Classroom (Continuum Discourse)
666504. How Religion Works: Towards a New Cognitive Science of Religion
666505. Emissions Trading and Business
666506. Conversation and Brain Damage
666507. East Asian Regionalism
666508. Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau: Interactive Art Research
666509. Reader's Guide to the History of Science (Reader's guide series)
666510. Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip
666511. Poetik
666512. In Search of Cinema: Writings on International Film Art
666513. The Glass Key (Vintage Crime Black Lizard)
666514. Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume 2
666515. 101 Most Powerful Verses in the Bible (101 Most Powerful Series)
666516. TailSpin (FBI Series)
666517. Polettos Kochschule
666518. I Want Two Birthdays
666519. Globalizing de Gaulle: International Perspectives on French Foreign Policies, 1958-1969 (The Harvard Cold War Studies)
666520. The Foundations of Statistics: A Simulation-based Approach
666521. Think Again: Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy (Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers Series)
666522. O Cacador De Pipas
666523. Self-Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition: A Complete Cirriculum of Study for Both the Solitary Magician and the Working Magical Group (Llewellyn's Golden Dawn Series)
666524. Recipes from Historic California: A Restaurant Guide and Cookbook (Recipes from Historic...)
666525. Nazarene Jewish Christianity: From the End of the New Testament Period Until Its Disappearance in the Fourth Century (Studia Post-Biblica)
666526. So That Our Voices are Heard: Forest Use and Changing Gender Roles of Dene Women in Hay River, Northwest Territories
666527. A Spadeful of Spacetime
666528. Top 10 Venice (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
666529. The Ultimate Journey
666530. Intellectual Property, Biogenetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge
666531. Time Compression Trading: Exploiting Multiple Time Frames in Zero Sum Markets (Wiley Trading)
666532. Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service
666533. Dinler Tarihi
666534. Challenges for Sustainable Biomass Utilisation: Proceedings of the Chilean-German Biociclo Workshop
666535. Frontiers of Fear: Tigers and People in the Malay World, 1600-1950 (Yale Agrarian Studies)
666536. Water Hyacinth in Africa: A Survey of Problems and Solutions
666537. Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information, 2nd Edition
666538. Philo und das Neue Testament : wechselseitige Wahrnehmungen : 1. International Symposium zum Corpus Judaeo-Hellenisticum (WUNT)
666539. The Quest (The Egyptian Novels)
666540. Neue Verfahren zur Modellierung nichtlinearer thermodynamischer Prozesse in einem Druckbehalter mit siedendem Wasser-Dam German
666541. Countering Terrorism: Can We Meet the Threat of Global Violence?
666542. Magnetization Oscillations and Waves
666543. The Care of Wounds: A Guide for Nurses 3rd Edition
666544. Homemade Guns and Homemade Ammo
666545. The Opiate Receptors
666546. The Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing Is a Way of Thinking
666547. Aerosmith - Big Ones: Transcribed Scores
666548. Media Audiences: Television, Meaning, and Emotion
666549. Lohnt sich Mobilität? Einkommensperspektiven in internen und externen Arbeitsmärkten in den ersten Berufsjahren
666550. Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook
666551. Word Meaning and Montague Grammar: The Semantics of Verbs and Times in Generative Semantics and in Montague's PTQ
666552. Το μικρό μου λεξικό 3, εικονογραφημένο λεξικό
666553. Kalte Herzen: Roman
666554. Book of Tokens-Tarot Meditations
666555. The Authoritarian Personality
666556. Eating Out En Francais: More Than 2,000 Food and Wine Terms in English and French Plus Mini-phrasebook and Guide to Wine Regions (English and French Edition)
666557. Algorithmics: Theory and Practice
666559. Kat ubojica
666560. The Revolution of Everyday Life
666561. The Security of Energy Supply and the Contribution of Nuclear Energy
666562. Oil & Gas Financial Journal - December 2010
666563. Network Dynamics in Emerging Regions of Europe
666564. Worth Dying For
666565. The Cunning of History
666566. For Christmas Forever (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
666567. The Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe
666568. Tom Cruise: Der Star und die Scientology-Verschworung
666569. Millenarian Rebels: The Writings of Os Cangaceiros, Volume Two
666570. Τα παιδιά δεν θέλουν ψυχολόγο, oι γονείς θέλουν
666571. Education in Sierra Leone: Present Challenges, Future Opportunities (Africa Human Development Series)
666572. A Linguistic Geography of Africa
666573. The Druid of Shannara (The Heritage of Shannara)
666574. The Boy on the Beach: Building Community through Play
666575. Siege Weapons of the Far East (2): AD 960-1644 (New Vanguard 44)
666576. Blood on My Hands (Wish You Were Dead Trilogy (Hardback))
666577. Isaiah Berlin: A Life
666578. Der Ritterspiegel
666579. Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains: A New Approach to Paleoseismology
666580. The Geology of Fluvial Deposits: Sedimentary Facies, Basin Analysis, and Petroleum Geology
666581. The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution
666582. The Road Out of Debt: Bankruptcy and Other Solutions to Your Financial Problems
666583. Life with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB): Etiology, Diagnosis, Multidisciplinary Care and Therapy
666584. The Lord of History
666585. Panama Fever: The Epic Story of the Building of the Panama Canal (Vintage)
666586. The Boardgame Remix Kit
666587. Theoretical Surface Science: A Microscopic Perspective
666588. Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications, Second Edition
666589. BNF for Children 2009 (British National Formulary for Children)
666590. Wohnsitzverlagerung nach Osterreich und in die Schweiz: Eine Analyse aus erbschaft- und einkommensteuerlicher Sicht
666591. Eye of the Labyrinth (The Second Sons Trilogy, Book 2)
666592. Living Donor Organ Transplantation
666593. Evangelio de Jesucristo Segun San Mateo
666594. Essential Guide to Blood Groups
666595. A New History of the Sermon: the Nineteenth Century
666596. Children's Theater: A Paradigm, Primer, and Resource
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666598. Bloodring (Rogue Mage, Book 1)
666599. Words without Meaning
666600. Đơn vị hành chính, dân số và lao động
666601. Future Shock
666602. Superstring Theory: Volume 2, Loop Amplitudes, Anomalies and Phenomenology
666603. Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies
666604. Homeric Moments: Clues to Delight in Reading the Odyssey and the Iliad
666605. Gebrauchsanweisung fur Salzburg und das Salzburger Land
666606. Catalyst (A Tale of the Barque Cats, Book 1)
666607. Holding the Dream (The Dream Trilogy, Book 2)
666608. Modernizing the North Korean System: Objectives, Method, and Application
666609. 中国法制通史(第十卷)
666610. Jaco Pastorius: The Greatest Jazz-Fusion Bass Player (Bass Recorded Versions with TAB)
666611. Welt im Wandel: Strategien zur Bewaltigung globaler Umweltrisiken (German Edition)
666612. Story of King David: Genre and Interpretation (JSOT Supplement)
666613. Begutachtung psychischer Störungen
666614. Laboratory Medicine Education in Medical Schools: Guidelines for Courses on the Effective Use of Clinical Laboratory Tests
666615. My Shit Life So Far
666616. Pluralism
666617. Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems: SOPC Edition
666618. La Resurreccion Maya
666619. تحليل مهندسي مدار
666620. Aap Kay Masail Aur Unka Hal Volume 7
666621. Crystallography Made Crystal Clear, Third Edition: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science)
666622. Η διαλεκτική του συγκεκριμένου
666623. World's Hardest Puzzles
666624. Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills - A Course for Nonnative Speakers of English
666625. 中西诗比较鉴赏与翻译理论
666626. Memory
666627. Moses: Heroic Man, Man of God (JSOT Supplement Series)
666628. From Confrontation to Cooperation: The Takeover of the National People's (East German) Army by the Bundeswehr (Praeger Studies in Diplomacy and Strategic Thought)
666629. Augustine's Confessions: Communicative Purpose and Audience (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, V. 71)
666630. Three Seconds
666631. Succubus on Top - Ihr Kuss ist todlich
666632. NetSuite For Dummies
666633. Nationalism and Social Theory
666634. The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis (Organic Chemistry Series of Drug Synthesis) (Volume 7)
666635. Flood Risk Assessment and Management: How to Specify Hydrological Loads, Their Consequences and Uncertainties
666636. أزمة العقل العربي : مناظرة
666637. Seeds of the Kingdom: Utopian Communities in the Americas
666638. The Dead Girls' Dance (Morganville Vampires) Paperback
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666640. Nature Magazine (Vol 466 Number 7303 8 July 2010)
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666642. The Classical Theory of Fields, Fourth Edition: Volume 2 (Course of Theoretical Physics Series)
666643. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Biology and Treatment
666644. Mathematics and Logic
666645. One Hundred Years of Solitude
666646. The Physiology of the Joints: The Trunk and the Vertebral Column, Volume 3 (Trunk & Vertebral Column)
666647. The Lost Gate (Mithermages series, #1)
666648. Mortar and Murder (A Do-It-Yourself Mystery)
666649. Map of Bones
666650. Global Democracy and its Difficulties (Challenges of Globalisation)
666651. The Modern Kleinian Approach to Psychoanalytic Technique: Clinical Illustrations
666652. Die Besiedlung Agyptens wahrend des Mittleren Reiches, Bd. 2: Unteragypten und die angrenzenden Gebiete
666653. Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology
666654. Japanese Particle Workbook
666655. Learn Japanese the Fast and Fun Way
666656. Turn in the South
666657. The Politics of Paul Robeson's Othello (Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies)
666658. Ockham's Theory of Terms: Part I of the Summa Logicae
666659. Онтолошки триптих: онтолошки огледи из српске историје
666660. L'uomo che credeva di non avere piu tempo
666661. Das Ende der Weltwirtschaft und ihre Zukunft
666662. Dignaga on the Interpretation of Signs (Studies of Classical India; v. 9)
666663. Thomas Middleton, Renaissance Dramatist
666664. Tatarska pustinja
666665. Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: How to Develop, Motivate and Get the Best from Your Staff
666666. Ahab Agonistes: The Rise and Fall of the Omri Dynasty (Library of Hebrew Bible - Old Testament Studies)
666667. Introduction to Action Research: Social Research for Social Change
666668. Relating to the Text: Interdisciplinary and Form-Critical Insights on the Bible (JSOT Supplement)
666669. Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning
666670. Governance: Systemic Foundation and Framework (Contributions to Management Science)
666671. A History of the Crusades, Volume III: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
666672. Beyond Structural Listening?: Postmodern Modes of Hearing
666673. Boiotia and the Boiotian League, 432-371 B.C.
666674. Mathematical Byways in Ayling, Beeling, and Ceiling (Recreations in Mathematics)
666675. Essays on Capital and Interest: An Austrian Perspective
666676. Gone, But Not Forgotten
666677. The Kill Clause
666678. Patriotic Holidays of the United States: An Introduction to the History, Symbols, and Traditions Behind The Major Holidays And Days Of Observance
666679. Great Interview!: Master the Art of Self-Confidence (You're Hired! (Learning Express))
666680. Wilt on High
666681. Strategic Procurement: Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage
666682. Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy
666683. Secret Behind Our Trials
666684. Globalization of Water: Sharing the Planet's Freshwater Resources
666685. Mafalda 7 (Spanish Edition)
666686. Shahid Dr Alimohammadi - persian
666687. Quarterly Journal of Economics 2009 Vol.124 No.2
666688. Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Declarative Problem Solving
666689. Pirate Freedom (Sci Fi Essential Books)
666690. La edad media
666691. El suplicio de las moscas
666692. G Protein-coupled Receptors: Molecular Pharmacology From Academic Concept to Pharmaceutical Research
666693. Enochian Vision Magick: An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley
666694. Principianti
666695. Cellulite: Pathophysiology and Treatment, 2nd Edition (Basic and Clinical Dermatology)
666696. The Slavery Conventions: The Travaux Preparatoires of the 1926 League of Nations Convention and the 1956 United Nations Convention (The Travaux Preparatoires of Multilateral Treaties, 1)
666697. Vollständige Systeme modaler und intuitionistischer Logik
666698. Legal Aspects of the Cyprus Problem: Annan Plan and EU Accession (Nijhoff Law Specials, 67)
666699. White Feminists and Contemporary Maternity: Purging Matrophobia
666700. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (American Academy of Neurology)
666701. Mitoloji Sozlugu
666702. جشن سده (نشریه انجمن ایرانشناسی ش.۲): ۱۳۲۴
666703. Beating the Open Games
666704. Investing in Emerging Markets
666705. ICTS Science-Biology 105 Teacher Certification, 2nd Edition (XAM ICTS)
666706. The Darkness of God: Negativity in Christian Mysticism
666707. Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists
666708. The Gay Science: With a Prelude in German Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs (Clearscan)
666709. Protect Your Child from Bullying: Expert Advice to Help You Recognize, Prevent, and Stop Bullying Before Your Child Gets Hurt
666710. Lilavati of Bhaskaracarya
666711. Management and Services
666712. Webdesign für Studium und Beruf: Webseiten planen, gestalten und umsetzen
666713. Wildes Scorpio. 16. Roman der Saga von Dray Prescot
666714. The Specter of Salem: Remembering the Witch Trials in Nineteenth-Century America
666715. Higher Education, Policy, and the Global Competition Phenomenon (International and Development Education)
666716. Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis (Latin language edition)
666717. Les Idees et les ages
666718. Science and Civilisation in China: Volume 4, Physics and Physical Technology; Part 1, Physics
666719. Project Physics: Test Booklet 4: Light
666720. Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System 2nd Edition
666721. A Probability Path
666722. Stata 10 User's Guide
666723. Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences
666724. Mary and Jody in the Movies (Lucky Foot Stables)
666725. The Library PR Handbook: High-impact Communications
666726. Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity
666727. New Information Technology and Participation in Europe 2000
666728. In Story-land
666729. Ο Λύκος της Στέπας
666730. Antigen Retrieval Immunohistochemistry Based Research and Diagnostics
666731. Jacob's Room
666732. China's Economy and the Maoist Strategy
666733. The 2009-2014 World Outlook for PC Casual Games
666734. Tales of Faith: Religion As Political Performance in Central Africa (Jordan Lectures in Comparative Religion)
666735. Progress-Driven Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Finance and Regulatory Issues
666736. Starting with Sartre
666737. International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables: Early and Ware Potatoes - Pommes de terre de primeur et pommes de terre de conservation
666738. iOS 4 Programming Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apps
666739. Among the Night People
666740. Working for Yourself: An Entrepreneur's Guide to the Basics
666741. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters
666742. Statistical feature selection : with applications in life science
666743. Understanding Autism For Dummies
666744. Our Lady of the Flowers
666745. Kant’s ’Metaphysics of Morals’: A Critical Guide
666746. Brown Skin, White Masks
666747. The digital transformation of the Swedish graphic industry
666748. The Bishop (Patrick Bowers Files Series #4)
666749. The War Between Mentalism and Behaviorism: On the Accessibility of Mental Processes (Scientific Psychology Series)
666750. Text, Speech and Dialogue: 12th International Conference, TSD 2009, Pilsen, Czech Republic, September 13-17, 2009. Proceedings
666751. Миросозерцание Вл. С. Соловьева. В двух томах. Том 2
666752. The Psychopath's Bible: For the Extreme Individual
666753. О Хрущевском Псевдокоммунизме И Его Всемирно-Историческом Уроке
666754. Die Teufelsbibel
666755. Grid Resource Management: On-demand Provisioning, Advance Reservation, and Capacity Planning of Grid Resources
666756. Unconventional Computation: 9th International Conference, US 2010, Tokyo, Japan, June 21-25, 2010. Proceedings
666757. Prodigal Daughter  
666758. Managing Conflict in Organizations: Third Edition
666759. Sacrament
666760. Ring (Xeelee 4)
666761. Demystifying the myths of ageing
666762. Destabilizing the Hollywood Musical: Music, Masculinity and Mayhem
666763. The Middle-Earth Quiz Book
666764. University Coeducation in the Victorian Era: Inclusion in the United States and the United Kingdom
666765. The Thermodynamics of Soil Solution
666766. Cinq etudes du materialisme historique
666767. PISA Top of the Class: High Performers in Science in PISA 2006
666768. Algebra y Geometria
666769. Myth and Thought Among the Greeks
666770. Antologia Poetica 1927-1986 Edicion bilingue (spanish french)
666771. Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness
666772. Omon Ra
666773. Information Security Theory and Practice. Smart Devices, Pervasive Systems, and Ubiquitous Networks: Third IFIP WG 11.2 International Workshop, WISTP 2009 ... Computer Science Security and Cryptology)
666774. Liber HVHI - Magick of the Adversary 666 Edition
666775. Bach: The Goldberg Variations
666776. Nationalist Exclusion and Ethnic Conflict: Shadows of Modernity
666777. The Beaver Hills Country: A History of Land and Life (Au Press)
666778. NGOs and Organizational Change: Discourse, Reporting, and Learning
666779. The Rending of Virginia: A History (Appalachian Echoes)
666780. 日本新教育秘史 2 小原國芳全集 ; 42 Kuniyoshi Obara Japan two new education anecdote complete works; 42
666781. Burn Rate
666783. Commodities, energy and finance
666784. Reflections on the Regulation of European Securities Markets
666785. La pratique de la terreur au nom de la democratie
666786. Parlons luxembourgeois : langue et culture linguistique d'un petit pays au coeur de l'Europe
666787. Parlons soso : langue et culture du peuple de la Guinee maritime
666788. Plants Of The Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska
666789. Homo sacer
666790. Authentic Dialogue With Persons Who Are Developmentally Disabled: Sad without Tears
666791. 101 Colors and Shapes Activities (101 Activities)
666792. The Crossroads of Time
666793. Pleasure Prolonged (Avon Red)
666794. Under Pressure: Rescuing Our Children from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting
666795. The Anatomists
666796. The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful, and (HIV) Positive
666797. The Gospel of Matthew and Its Readers: A Historical Introduction to the First Gospel
666798. Cells of the Nervous System (Gray Matter)
666799. This Old Souse
666800. Black Lies, White Lies: The Truth According to Tony Brown
666801. Bullying, Rejection, & Peer Victimization: A Social Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective
666802. Globalization And Human Rights (The New Global Society)
666803. McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Educators
666804. Adversity, Stress, and Psychopathology
666805. Meditations on First Philosophy: with Selections from the Objections and Replies (Oxford World's Classics)
666806. People, Plants and Genes: The Story of Crops and Humanity
666807. God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited
666808. Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: Multinationals' Role in Growth and Globalization
666809. The Guardian of Every Other Right, Third Edition: A Constitutional History of Property Rights (Bicentennial Essays on the Bill of Rights)
666810. The Emerging Spatial Mind
666811. A History of Sociology in Britain: Science, Literature, and Society
666812. Turbo Code Applications: a Journey from a Paper to realization
666813. Making Your Film for Less Outside the U. S.
666814. Sexuality and Its Queer Discontents in Middle English Literature (The New Middle Ages)
666815. Seeking Higher Ground: The Hurricane Katrina Crisis, Race, and Public Policy Reader (Critical Black Studies)
666816. The Politics of BSE
666817. Mind Design and Minimal Syntax
666818. Human Work Interaction Design: Designing for Human Work: The first IFIP TC 13.6 WG Conference: Designing for Human Work, February 13-15, 2006, Madeira, ... in Information and Communication Technology)
666819. Bonding in Microsystem Technology (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics)
666820. Handbook of Materials Modeling
666821. More Than Guided Reading: Finding the Right Instructional Mix, K-3
666822. Arthropod Diversity and Conservation (Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation)
666823. Portraits of Influential Chinese Educators (Cerc Studies in Comparative Education)
666824. Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change (Urban and Industrial Environments)
666825. Baroness Elsa: Gender, Dada, and Everyday Modernity--A Cultural Biography
666826. Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy
666827. America's Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade?
666828. Production System Models of Learning and Development (Computational Models of Cognition and Perception)
666829. The Minimum Dwelling
666830. Biological Emergences: Evolution by Natural Experiment (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
666831. Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman's Words: Writings and Interviews (Writing Art)
666832. Juan Ponce De Leon (Great Hispanic Heritage)
666833. Tcl Tk, Second Edition : A Developer's Guide (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Software Engineering and Programming)
666834. Absolute OpenBSD: UNIX for the Practical Paranoid
666835. Africa's Challenge To International Relations Theory (International Political Economy)
666836. Social Theory, Power and Practice
666837. The 9mm Machine Pistol (Home Workshop Guns For Defense & Resistance)
666838. Divisions and Solidarities: Gender, Class and Employment in Latin America
666839. The Challenges of Labour: Central and Western Europe 1917-1920
666840. Feminist Review: Journal,Issue 49
666841. Managing Migration: Civic Stratification and Migrants Rights
666842. Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases
666843. The German Historical School: The Historical and Ethical Approach to Economics (Routledge Studies in the History Ofeconomics)
666844. Introduction to the Anatomy and Physiology of Children
666845. Financial Governance in East Asia: Policy Dialogues, Surveillance and Cooperation (Routledgecurzon Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia)
666846. Developmental Dilemmas: Land Reform and Institutional Change in China
666847. Fascist Modernities: Italy, 1922-1945 (Studies on the History of Society and Culture, 42) (Paperback)
666848. Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life
666849. Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and ''Subject-To'' Deals : Powerful Strategies for Getting More When You Sell, and Paying Less When You Buy
666850. Evolving Health The Origins of Illness and How the Modern World is Making Us Sick
666851. The Passionate Collector: Eighty Years in the World of Art
666852. Native American and Chicano a Literature of the American Southwest: Intersections of Indigenous Literatures (Indigenous Peoples and Politics)
666853. The Essential Handbook of Social Anxiety for Clinicians
666854. The Nasdaq Trader's Toolkit
666855. Post-Cold War Identity Politics: Northern and Baltic Experiences: Northern and Baltic Experiences (Cass Series--Nationalism and Ethnicity)
666856. Handbook For Clinical Investigators
666857. Creating Web Sites Bible, Second Edition
666858. The Pauline Churches: A Socio-Historical Study of Institutionalization in the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
666859. Rupert Of Hentzau
666860. The God Engines
666861. Pleasure Piers of Great Britain: v. 1 (Heritage Trail Explores)
666862. Domestic Policy and Ideology: Presidents and the American State, 1964-1987
666863. New Essays on The Awakening (The American Novel)
666864. Computational, Geometric, and Process Perspectives on Facial Cognition: Contexts and Challenges (Scientific Psychology Series)
666865. Genre in the Classroom: Multiple Perspectives
666866. At Risk in America: The Health and Health Care Needs of Vulnerable Populations in the United States
666867. Learning by Doing: A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning and Other Educational Experiences
666868. The ROI of Human Capital: Measuring the Economic Value of Employee Performance
666869. Great Powers and Outlaw States: Unequal Sovereigns in the International Legal Order
666870. A Methodology for Determining Air Force Deployment Requirements (Supporting Air and Space Expeditionary Forces)
666871. Interpharm Master Keyword Guide: 21 CFR Regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, 2002-2003 Edition
666872. The Killing Trap: Genocide in the Twentieth Century
666873. Clifford Algebras and the Classical Groups
666874. The Embedding (Science Fiction)
666875. Norms and the Law
666876. The Regulation of Cyberspace: Control in the Online Environment (Glasshouse)
666877. Dealing With Interests, Values And Knowledge In Managing Risk (Radioactive Waste Management)
666878. Citizenship in Modern Britain
666879. Law and the Public Dimension of Health
666880. Financing Strategies for Water and Environmental Infrastructure (Environmental Finance)
666881. Meaning Change in Grammaticalization: An Enquiry into Semantic Reanalysis
666882. Ecology and Evolution of Flowers
666883. An Essay on Names and Truths
666884. Papervision3D Essentials
666885. Singular Points of Plane Curves
666886. Riemannian Manifolds : An Introduction to Curvature
666887. Geschäftserfolg in China: Strategien für den größten Markt der Welt
666888. Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis
666889. Density Functional Theory I: Functionals and Effective Potentials (Topics in Current Chemistry, Volume 180)
666890. Maritime Archaeology and Social Relations: British Action in the Southern Hemisphere (The Springer Series in Underwater Archaeology)
666891. The Cambridge Introduction to Walt Whitman (Cambridge Introductions to Literature)
666892. The Rise of Supernatural Fiction, 1762-1800
666893. Physical Analysis for Tribology
666894. Rules, Reputation and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination
666895. Life Markets: Trading Mortality and Longevity Risk with Life Settlements and Linked Securities (Wiley Finance)
666896. No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment
666897. Engineering Complex Systems With Models and Objects
666898. Writing a Biomedical Research Paper: A Guide to Structure and Style
666899. Education After Dewey
666900. Analisis de datos multivariantes
666901. Transactions on Computational Systems Biology XII: Special Issue on Modeling Methodologies
666902. Release Your Pain: Resolving Repetitive Strain Injuries with Active Release Techniques
666903. The Civic Minimum: On the Rights and Obligations of Economic Citizenship (Oxford Political Theory)
666904. Electronic Business: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (4-Volumes)
666905. The 2000-2005 World Outlook for Olive Oil (Strategic Planning Series)
666906. The Project Manager's Toolkit (Computer Weekly Professional)
666907. Jack the Ripper and the London Press
666908. Caught in the Crossfire: Revolution, Repression, and the Rational Peasant
666909. Urbanism in the Preindustrial World: Cross-Cultural Approaches
666910. Geochronology: Linking the Isotope Record With Petrology And Textures (Geological Society Special Publication)
666911. The Middle Parana River: Limnology of a Subtropical Wetland
666912. Mikhail Bakhtin and Walter Benjamin: Experience and Form
666913. Educational Work of Women's Organizations, 1890-1960
666914. Modernity and the Nation in Mexican Representations of Masculinity: From Sensuality to Bloodshed (New Concepts in Latino American Cultures)
666915. Death 24x a Second: Stillness and the Moving Image
666916. Legal Theory
666917. Discovering Language: The Structure of Modern English (Perspectives on the English Language)
666918. The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Second Edition (Studies in Contemporary History)
666919. Women, Gender and Enlightenment
666920. The Social Thought of Zygmunt Bauman
666921. Japan as a Low-Crime Nation
666922. Globalization, Women, and Health in the 21st Century
666923. Civil Society and Democracy in Latin America
666924. Unrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture: What Have You Done to My Heart?
666925. Rethinking the New Left: An Interpretative History
666926. New Ethnicities and Language Use (Language and Globalization)
666927. Inequality, Poverty and Well-being (Studies in Development Economics and Policy)
666928. Diaspora, Politics, and Globalization
666929. Handbook of Research on Scalable Computing Technologies (2-Volumes)
666930. Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume VI: Art and Its Uses: The Visual Image and Modern Jewish Society (Vol 6)
666931. Strong Hermeneutics: Contingency and Moral Identity
666932. Unmanned Space Missions (An Explorer's Guide to the Universe)
666933. 3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2006: Biomed 2006, 11-14 December 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (IFMBE Proceedings)
666934. Museums After Modernism (New Interventions in Art History)
666935. I Didn't Work This Hard Just to Get Married: Successful Single Black Women Speak Out
666936. Digital Printing of Textiles (Woodhead Publishing in Textiles)
666937. Contemporary Perspectives In Critical And Social Philosophy (Social and Critical Theory: a Critical Horizons Book Series)
666938. Philodemus and the New Testament World (Supplements to Novum Testamentum)
666939. Virtual Learning Communities (Society for Research Into Higher Education)
666940. MacBook All-in-One For Dummies
666941. Imponderable but Not Inevitable: Warfare in the 20th Century (Praeger Security International)
666942. Method and Appraisal in Economics
666943. WordPress 24-Hour Trainer: Watch, Read, and Learn How to Create and Customize WordPress Sites (Book only)
666944. TOP CAREERS FOR Economics Graduates
666945. Computational Homology (Applied Mathematical Sciences)
666946. Basic Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
666947. Spying on Science: Western Intelligence in Divided Germany 1945-1961
666948. A Brief History of Ancient Astrology (Brief Histories of the Ancient World)
666949. Veterinary Pharmacovigilance: Adverse Reactions to Veterinary Medicinal Products
666950. Harvard Dictionary of Music: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
666951. Toward Combined Arms Warfare: A Survey of 20Th-Century Tactics, Doctrine, and Organization
666952. Mathematics for Computer Scientists
666953. Beyond Regionalism? (The International Political Economy of New Regionalisms)
666954. Pro Ubuntu Server Administration
666955. A Discipline of Programming (Prentice-Hall Series in Automatic Computation)
666956. The Terminal Man
666957. Object-Oriented Design with UML and Java
666958. The Theory and Practice of Islamic Terrorism: An Anthology
666959. The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Allied Health Professionals: What you need to Know about Health Care and the Allied Health Professions in the United States
666960. Indian Feminisms: Law Patriarchies and Feminism in India
666961. Chinese in Eastern Europe and Russia: A Middleman Minority in a Transnational Era (Chinese Worlds)
666962. The Steamboat Era: A History of Fulton's Folly on American Rivers, 1807-1860
666963. The Gods of Riverworld (Riverworld Saga, No 5)
666964. Entanglement, Information, and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
666965. Dirty Tricks
666966. Isaac Asimov's Robots In Time: Marauder (Bk. 2)
666967. Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores (Encyclopedias of the Natural World)
666968. Science, Values and Politics in Max Weber's Methodology
666969. Allergic Diseases in Children: The Sciences, the Superstition and the Stories
666970. Wetlands and Natural Resource Management (Ecological Studies, 190)
666971. Interworld
666972. Cooperative Control of Dynamical Systems: Applications to Autonomous Vehicles
666973. Michel Foucault (Core Cultural Theorists)
666974. The Legal Framework of the European Union (The Legal Framework Series)
666975. Always Liza to Me: A Memoir for My Silent Sister
666976. Communicating with One Another: Toward a Psychology of Spontaneous Spoken Discourse
666977. The European Union and Turkish Accession: Human Rights and the Kurds
666978. In speechless ecstasy : expression and interpretation of mystical experience in classical Syriac and Sufi literature
666979. Biblical Humanism and Scholasticism in the Age of Erasmus (Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, V. 9)
666980. Some Answers from the Mother (Volume 16 of Collected Works of the Mother)
666981. Zim: A Baseball Life
666982. African Pastoralism: Conflict, Institutions and Government
666983. Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, Book 3)
666984. Life Explained (An Odile Jacob Book)
666990. Clinical Engineering Handbook (Biomedical Engineering)
666991. Time-Frequency Analysis
666992. Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Processes of Fractured Media: Mathematical and Experimental Studies
666993. The Immortality Option
666994. Lean Manufacturing: Tools, Techniques, and How to Use Them (APICS Series on Resource Management)
666997. C# et .Net : Versions 1 a 4
666998. Leviathan and the Air-Pump
666999. Universal Citation Guide
667000. Teambuilding That Gets Results: Essential Plans and Activities for Creating Effective Teams (Quick Start Your Business)
667001. Mixed Analog-Digital Vlsi Device and Technology
667002. The Book of Frank Herbert
667003. The 25 Sales Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales Today!
667004. Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex
667005. The Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period
667006. Lateral Epicondylitis: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References
667007. Windows Home Server Users Guide (Expert's Voice)
667008. 20 Questions...Answered: Informative Stories on Topics of Interest to the Modern Student-Book 2
667009. Modifying Lipids for Use in Food
667010. Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies from the Sweet Science
667011. Traditions of Controversy (Controversies, Volume 4)
667012. Taboo in Advertising
667013. Voicing in Dutch: (De)voicing — Phonology, Phonetics, and Psycholinguistics
667014. Conversation Analysis: Studies from the First Generation
667015. Excel 2010 Simplified
667016. Autologous Bone Plugs Fusion: Treatment for Lumbar Instability: 3E Criteria Technical Operative Notes The Functioning of the Oh's Screw
667017. Challenges in Acute Geriatric Care
667018. Psychiatry and Behavioral Science: An Introduction and Study Guide for Medical Students
667019. Wann wohin reisen?, 3. Auflage
667020. Statistical Physics, Part 2, 3rd edition (Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 09)
667021. British Writers, Volume 3
667022. Urinary Tract Infections (Infectiology, Vol. 1)
667023. Principles of Lasers
667024. Joomla!-Templates: Design und Implementierung
667025. Democracy, Minorities and International Law
667026. Approaching the Possible: The World of Stargate SG-1
667027. Maori (Descriptive Grammars)
667028. Special Educational Needs
667029. American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture
667030. Politics of Development Co-operation: NGO's, Gender and Partnership in Kenya (Routledge Studies in Development and Society, 4)
667031. Population, Economic Growth, and Agriculture in Less Developed Countries (Routledge Studies in Development Economics, 23)
667032. Science Fiction and Organization
667033. Public Relations Handbook (Media Practice)
667034. Council Housing and Culture (Planning, History, and the Environment Series)
667035. The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis (International Library of Psychology)
667036. Reservoir Geomechanics
667037. Nonprofit Essentials: Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers
667038. Practical Tech for Your Business: Using Today's Technology to Make Your Business More Efficient, Creative and Flexible
667039. Kiplinger's Practical Guide to Your Money: Keep More of It, Make It Grow, Enjoy It, Protect It, Pass It on
667040. Consumption Takes Time: Implications for Economic Theory (Graz Schumpeter Lectures, 4)
667041. When Women Kill: Questions of Agency and Subjectivity (Transformations)
667042. Practice of Geriatrics, Fourth Edition
667043. Graphic Symbols for Process Displays Ansi Isa-S5.5 (Standards & Practices for Instrumentation & Control)
667045. Advances in Management Accounting, Volume 12 (Advances in Management Accounting)
667046. Ice Storm
667047. Η Περί Θεού αυταπάτη
667048. Jungle Island
667049. Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness
667050. The World Bank and Urban Development: From Projects to Policy (Routledge Studies in Development and Society)
667051. The Handbook of Restorative Justice: A Global Perspective (Routledge International Handbooks)
667052. India's Nuclear Bomb and National Security (Routledge Advances in Asia-Pacific Business)
667053. Economic Analysis of Terrorism (Routledge Studies in Defence and Peace Economics)
667054. Transnational Migration and Work in Asia (Routledge City University of Hong Kong Southeast Asian Studies)
667055. How to Manage Spelling Succesfully
667056. Terrorism Versus Democracy: The Liberal State Response (Cass Series: Political Violence)
667057. Intellectual Capital Accounting: Practices in a Developing Country (Routledge Studies in Accounting)
667058. Strategic Positioning in Voluntary and Charitable Organizations (Routledge Studies in the Management of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations)
667059. Terrorism Today (Cass Series on Political Violence)
667060. Hearts in Atlantis
667061. The Frankfurt School Revisited: And Other Essays on Politics and Society
667062. Uneven Development and Regionalism: State, Territory and Class in Southern Europe (Croom Helm Series in Geography and Environment)
667063. The Problem with Boys' Education : Beyond the Backlash
667064. How to Judge a Horoscope (Vol 2)
667065. English Seigniorial Agriculture, 1250-1450
667066. The Spinners and Weavers of Auffay: Rural Industry and the Sexual Division of Labor in a French Village
667067. Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Ten-Volume Set, Second Edition
667068. Living Electronic Music
667069. Is This a Private Fight or Can Anybody Join? : The Spread of Interstate War
667070. South East Asia in the World-Economy (Geography of the World-Economy)
667071. Interactions of Thought and Language in Old English Poetry
667072. Minangkabau Social Formations: Indonesian Peasants and the World-Economy
667073. Josephus' Description of the Essenes Illustrated by the Dead Sea Scrolls (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
667074. Law of Business Contracts in India (Law and Criminal Justice System)
667075. The Successor: A Novel
667076. Check Your Vocabulary for English for the IELTS Examination: A Workbook for Students (Check Your Vocabulary Workbooks)
667077. Nuclear Proliferation and International Security (Routledge Global Security Studies)
667078. The Memory Program
667079. Application of Stress-Wave Theory to Piles: Quality Assurance on Land and Offshore Piling
667080. Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy
667081. The Industrious Revolution: Consumer Behavior and the Household Economy, 1650 to the Present
667082. The Idea of Freedom in Asia and Africa (The Making of Modern Freedom)
667083. Physical Relativity: Space-time Structure from a Dynamical Perspective
667084. Ulpian: Pioneer of Human Rights
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667086. Helse machines: Verhalen (Meulenhoff editie) (Dutch Edition)
667087. Hierarchien in Gehirn, Geist und Verhalten: Ein Prinzip neuraler und mentaler Funktion
667088. Who's Buying at Restaurants And Carry-outs
667089. Social Research Methods (SAGE Course Companions)
667090. The Top Performer's Guide to Attitude
667091. Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics 2007: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data
667092. Methodological Issues in AIDS Behavioral Research (Aids Prevention and Mental Health)
667093. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Binswanger's Disease
667094. The Private Trustee in Victorian England
667095. GMAT CAT (Computer-Adaptive Graduate Management Admission Test) (Cliffs Test Prep)
667096. Complete Idiot's Guide to the Kama Sutra
667097. Fundamentals of Plasma Chemistry
667098. Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy
667099. Carboxylation and Decarboxylation, (Nonoxidative) Isomerization, 3rd Edition
667100. Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do
667101. Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles: Seventh Report
667102. Then Came You
667103. Career Development and Counseling : Putting Theory and Research to Work
667104. Under a Velvet Cloak (Incarnations of Immortality, Book 8)
667105. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Peripheral Neuropathy: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age
667106. Humanism and Education in Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Tradition and Innovation in Latin Schools from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century
667107. El Ojo De La Mente
667108. Biosciences on the Internet: A Student's Guide
667109. Inside the American Couple: New Thinking, New Challenges
667110. MCSE: Windows 2000 Migration Exam Notes
667111. Do Community Colleges Respond to Local Needs?: Evidence from California
667112. Techniques and Applications of Digital Watermarking and Content Protection
667113. Photographic Lighting Simplified
667114. Torture and the Ticking Bomb (Blackwell Public Philosophy Series)
667115. Doubting Darwin?: Creationist Designs on Evolution (Blackwell Public Philosophy Series)
667116. Institutions, Sustainability, and Natural Resources: Institutions for Sustainable Forest Management (Sustainability, Economics, and Natural Resources)
667117. The Future of Learning: Issues and Prospects
667118. Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development)
667119. Policing Public Transportation: An Environmental and Procedural Evaluation of Bus Stops (Criminal Justice)
667120. False Enchantment
667121. Optimized Bayesian Dynamic Advising: Theory and Algorithms (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing)
667122. Management Development (Training & Development)
667123. Liberal Professions and Illiberal Politics: Hungary from the Habsburgs to the Holocaust
667124. The Facts On File Algebra Handbook (Facts on File Science Library)
667126. 7-keto Dhea: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References
667127. Hierarchy, Unity, and Imitation: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Power Dynamics in Paul's Letter to the Philippians (SBL Academia Biblica, No. 24)
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667129. Pygmalion (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)
667130. Audit Committee Trends and Tools: A Time for Change
667131. In the Presence of English: Media and European Youth (Language Policy)
667132. From Lambton to Longbourn
667133. Implementing Resolution 1540: The Role of Regional Organizations
667134. The Unwelcome Neighbour: Turkey's Kurdish Policy (Culture and Society in Western and Central Asia)
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667877. The Nature of True Minds
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667907. Unleashing India's Innovation: Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
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667921. And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor with CDROM
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667923. Off the Record: A Novel
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667957. Realer Than Reel: Global Directions in Documentary
667958. The Changing World of Gay Men
667959. Jonathan Edwards: Colonial Religious Leader (Colonial Leaders)
667960. Overconfidence and War: The Havoc and Glory of Positive Illusions
667961. Keeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israel Defense Forces
667962. Saving Sterling Forest: The Epic Struggle to Preserve New York's Highlands
667963. Stories of the Eight-year Study: Reexamining Secondary Education in America
667964. Achieving Inventory Accuracy: A Guide to Sustainable Class a Excellence in 120 Days
667965. This Man's Army: A Soldier's Story from the Frontlines of the War on Terrorism
667966. 新 運動の生理科学
667967. Trade Facilitation in Selected Landlocked Countries in Asia (Studies in Trade and Investment)
667968. Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and it's Implications (Shofar Supplements in Jewish Studies)
667969. Papa Jethro (Jewish Identity)
667970. Der Vertrag von Lissabon: Vom Verfassungsvertrag zur Änderung der bestehenden Verträge - Einführung mit Synopse und Übersichten
667971. The Good Fight: Why Liberals---and Only Liberals---Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again
667972. Long Term Durability of Structural Materials
667973. A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language
667974. Mechanisms of Leukocyte Activation
667975. Break the Bipolar Cycle: A Day-by-Day Guide to Living with Bipolar Disorder
667976. Network Processor Design, Volume 3 : Issues and Practices, Volume 3 (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design)
667977. The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Change (and Loving Your Life More)
667978. Solid-Supported Combinatorial and Parallel Synthesis of Small-Molecular-Weight Compound Libraries (Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry)
667979. Jazz: The American Theme Song
667980. Pausanias: Travel and Memory in Roman Greece
667981. A Language of Our Own: The Genesis of Michif, the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Metis (Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics, 10)
667982. Visions of Jesus: Direct Encounters from the New Testament to Today
667983. Beyond Minimalism: Beckett's Late Style in the Theater
667984. The Emotional Construction of Morals
667985. The Antimafia
667986. Hasidism On The Margin: Reconciliation, Antinomianism, And Messianism In Izbica Radzin Hasidism (Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies)
667987. Mental Health and Inequality
667988. Edgewalkers: People and Organizations That Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground
667989. In War and Peace: My Life in Science and Technology
667990. Gene Therapy (Health and Medical Issues Today)
667991. Coal Flotation and Fine Coal Utilization
667992. Information Technology and Educational Management in the Knowledge Society : IFIP TC3 WG3.7, 6th International Working Conference on Information Technology ... Federation for Information Processing)
667993. Spitsbergen Push Moraines
667994. Handbook of Multibiometrics (International Series on Biometrics)
667995. Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks: A Cross-Layer Design Perspective (Signals and Communication Technology)
667996. Three Days to Never
667997. NMR Spectroscopy and its Application to Biomedical Research
667998. Catalyst Design for Tailor-Made Polyolefins: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Catalyst Design for Tailor-Made Polyolefins, Kanazawa, Ja
667999. The Odyssey (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)
668000. Media Rules!: Mastering Today's Technology to Connect With and Keep Your Audience
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