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456001. The Correspondence of W. E. B. Du Bois: Selections, 1934-1944
456002. The Correspondence of W. E. B. Du Bois: Selections, 1877-1934. v. 2. Selections, 1934-1944. v. 3. Selections, 1944-1963
456003. Coleridge's American disciples: the selected correspondence of James Marsh
456004. Frost: A Time to Talk, Conversations and Indiscretions Recorded by Robert Francis
456005. The Politics of Defeat: Campaigning for Congress
456006. The Symposium of Plato
456007. Race relations in Virginia & miscegenation in the South, 1776-1860
456008. The dialectics of creation: patterns of birth & regeneration in Paradise lost
456009. Erwin Schrödinger: an introduction to his writings
456010. In the presence of nature
456011. Between the flowers
456012. Stands alone, Faces, and other poems
456013. The dead are so disappointing: poems
456014. Voices of a new Chicana o history
456015. Paul Bunyan, last of the frontier demigods
456016. Manchurian legacy: memoirs of a Japanese colonist
456017. Justin Smith Morrill: father of the land-grant colleges
456018. High-tech betrayal: working and organizing on the shop floor
456019. Battle for the soul: Métis children encounter evangelical Protestants at Mackinaw Mission, 1823-1837
456020. A chance for love: the World War II letters of Marian Elizabeth Smith and Lt. Eugene T. Petersen, USMCR
456021. Forging a fateful alliance: Michigan State University and the Vietnam War
456022. Doing feminism: teaching and research in the academy
456023. Jack London's strong truths
456024. Death stalks the Yakama: epidemiological transitions and mortality on the Yakama Indian Reservation, 1888-1964
456025. France in the New World: proceedings of the 22nd annual meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society
456026. Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf: tamánwit ku súkat and traditional Native American narratives from the Columbia Plateau
456027. Cold War rhetoric: strategy, metaphor, and ideology
456028. No time for fear: voices of American military nurses in World War II
456029. Business guide to modern China
456030. Early encounters--Native Americans and Europeans in New England: from the papers of W. Sears Nickerson
456031. After Wounded Knee
456032. French-Canadian literature
456033. Mansfield and Vietnam: a study in rhetorical adaptation
456034. Trials and triumphs: women of the American Civil War
456035. The nuclear freeze campaign: rhetoric and foreign policy in the telepolitical age
456036. Art into life: collected papers from the Kresge Art Museum medieval symposia
456037. Blacks and reds: race and class in conflict, 1919-1990
456038. Into the old Northwest: journeys with Charles H. Titus, 1841-1846
456039. Eisenhower's war of words: rhetoric and leadership
456040. A Black corps d'élite: an Egyptian Sudanese conscript battalion with the French Army in Mexico, 1863-1867, and in subsequent African history
456041. Crete and James: personal letters of Lucretia and James Garfield
456042. The emperor's clothes: a personal viewpoint on politics and administration in the imperial Ethiopian government, 1941-1974
456043. The development of higher education and social change: an Ethiopian experience
456044. Bonds of silk: the human factor in the British administration of the Sudan
456045. Selected works in applied mechanics and mathematics
456046. Human population and the environmental crisis
456047. Oncogenes
456048. Writing and speaking for excellence: a guide for physicians
456049. Midlife women: contemporary issues
456050. Biotechnology: Genetic engineering, mutagenesis, separation technology
456051. Biotechnology: Plant biotechnology, animal cell culture, immunobiotechnology
456052. Grant application writer's handbook: Liane Reif-Lehrer
456053. Plants, genes, and agriculture
456054. Women's health and development: a global challenge
456055. Planning, program development, and evaluation: a handbook for health promotion, aging, and health services, Volume 584
456056. An athlete's guide to agents
456057. Varney's midwifery
456058. Memory bank for chemotherapy
456059. Hospice and palliative care: concepts and practice
456060. Cancer pain management
456061. Suffering
456062. Drug therapy and the elderly
456063. Basic law for the allied health professions
456064. Fundamentals of nursing research
456065. Crisis counseling: a contemporary approach
456066. Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
456067. Writing science through critical thinking
456068. Droid 2: The Missing Manual
456069. Zap! experiments in electricaal currents and fields
456070. Memory systems and pipelined processors
456071. Introduction to computational science and mathematics
456072. Laboratories for parallel computing
456073. The global environment: securing a sustainable future
456074. Safety
456075. An introduction to parallel programming
456076. Computer architecture: pipelined and parallel processor design
456077. Healthy people 2000: national health promotion and disease prevention objectives
456078. Healthy people 2000: national health promotion and disease prevention objectives : full report, with commentary
456079. Golf: Your Turn for Success
456080. 100 years exploring life, 1888-1988: the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole
456081. Silenced angels: the medical, legal, and social aspects of shaken baby syndrome
456082. Functional communication therapy planner
456083. Language Processing
456084. Hearing by eye II: advances in the psychology of speechreading and auditory-visual speech
456085. Superior Memory
456086. Unsolved mysteries of the mind: tutorial essays in cognition
456087. Patterns of philanthropy: charity and society in nineteenth-century Bristol
456088. The Birth of Military Aviation: Britain, 1903-1914
456089. The political economy of health
456090. Angela of Foligno's Memorial
456091. The Heaven Singing I: Music in Early English Religious Drama
456092. A companion to the Gawain-poet
456093. Death and purgatory in Middle English didactic poetry
456094. The history of the Danes, Books 1-9
456095. The green man
456096. The Devil's Rights and the Redemption in the Literature of Medieval England
456097. Prophets abroad: the reception of Continental holy women in late-medieval England
456098. The Old English Soul and body
456099. An Introduction to English Runes
456100. The Dukes of Ormonde, 1610-1745
456101. The Medieval City Under Siege
456102. Bestiary: being an English version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford M.S. Bodley 764 with all the original miniatures reproduced in facsimile
456103. The charters of Duchess Constance of Brittany and her family, 1171-1221
456104. The cartulary of Chatteris Abbey
456105. Myths & legends of the British Isles
456106. The Travel Diaries of Peter Pears, 1936-1978
456107. Hanoverian Britain and empire: essays in memory of Philip Lawson
456108. The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
456109. The sword in the age of chivalry
456110. Bishop Aethelwold: his career and influence
456111. The theatre of death: the ritual management of royal funerals in Renaissance England, 1570-1625
456112. Pragmatic literacy, East and West, 1200-1330
456113. Particular friends: the correspondence of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn
456114. The wars of Edward III: sources and interpretations
456115. The writings of John Evelyn
456116. The Armburgh papers: the Brokholes inheritance in Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, and Essex, c.1417-c.1453 : Chetham's Manuscript Mun. E.6.10 (4)
456117. Reformation and society in Guernsey
456118. Britten and the Far East: Asian influences in the music of Benjamin Britten, Volume 1
456119. The art of warfare in Western Europe during the Middle Ages: from the eighth century to 1340
456120. Cathedral shrines of medieval England
456121. Pilgrimages
456122. The Tudor and Stuart Monarchy: Tudor
456123. The Medieval Siege
456124. Women and mystical experience in the Middle Ages
456125. Seeable signs: the iconography of the seven sacraments, 1350-1544
456126. Political altruism?: solidarity movements in international perspective
456127. Nietzsche's mirror: the world as will to power
456128. The heroes of Treća Gimnazija: a war school in Sarajevo, 1992-1995
456129. Two strategies for Europe: De Gaulle, the United States, and the Atlantic Alliance
456130. All in our places: feminist challenges in elementary school classrooms
456131. Fighting in the Jim Crow Army: black men and women remember World War II
456132. Strong in the struggle: my life as a black labor activist
456133. Data Architecture: From Zen to Reality
456134. Our only star and compass: Locke and the struggle for political rationality
456135. Keeping the faith: a cultural history of the U.S. Supreme Court
456136. Reinventing religions: syncretism and transformation in Africa and the Americas
456137. Dou Donggo justice: conflict and morality in an Indonesian society
456138. Piaget's conception of evolution: beyond Darwin and Lamarck
456139. Hostile takeover: the House Republican Party, 1980-1995
456140. Rethinking ethics in the midst of violence: a feminist approach to freedom
456141. The problem of the criterion
456142. The emergency evacuation of cities: a cross-national historical and geographical study
456143. Opportunities in performing arts careers
456144. How to do business with the Japanese
456145. Doing business with the Japanese
456146. Opportunities in Customer Service Careers
456147. Careers for gourmets & others who relish food
456148. Careers for number crunchers & other quantitative types
456149. Careers for nature lovers & other outdoor types
456150. Careers for foreign language aficionados & other multilingual types
456151. How to choose a college major
456152. Careers for travel buffs & other restless types
456153. Prepare your curriculum vitae
456154. Change Your Career
456155. Opportunities in laser technology careers
456156. Opportunities in landscape architecture, botanical gardens, and arboreta
456157. How to Get Into the Right Dental School
456158. How to Get Into the Right Business School
456159. Great jobs for math majors
456160. Careers in high tech
456161. Careers for introverts and other solitary types
456162. Careers for financial mavens & other money movers
456163. Opportunities in business communication careers
456164. Dodging Downsizing: Proven Strategies for Job Security in Tough Times
456165. Hiring Made Easy
456166. Write on target: the direct marketer's copywriting handbook
456167. Great jobs for art majors
456168. Careers for Computer Buffs & Other Technological Types
456169. Opportunities in library and information science careers
456170. Opportunities in airline careers
456171. Opportunities in training and development careers
456172. Opportunities in retailing careers
456173. Careers for class clowns and other engaging types
456174. Opportunities in science technician careers
456175. Opportunities in museum careers
456176. Opportunities in engineering careers
456177. Opportunities in aerospace careers
456178. Joyce Lain Kennedy's career book
456179. Careers in law
456180. Internship success: real-world, step-by-step advice on getting the most out of internships
456181. Power networking: using the contacts you don't even know you have to succeed in the job you want
456182. The parent's crash course in career planning: helping your college student succeed
456183. College and career success for students with learning disabilities
456184. Careers for fashion plates and other trendsetters
456185. Job Search Secrets
456186. VGM's complete guide to career etiquette: from job search through career advancement
456187. Careers in science
456188. Careers in the environment
456189. Opportunities in computer maintenance careers
456190. Opportunities in sales careers
456191. Opportunities in gerontology and aging services careers
456192. Opportunities in international business careers
456193. Opportunities in public health careers
456194. Opportunities in plumbing and pipe fitting careers
456195. Opportunities in horticulture careers
456196. Opportunities in child care careers
456197. Time for a change: how to change your career : the re-entry & re-career workbook
456198. Great jobs for sociology majors
456199. Great jobs for business majors
456200. Great jobs for history majors
456201. Great jobs for psychology majors
456202. Great jobs for foreign language majors
456203. Job interviews made easy
456204. Resumes Made Easy
456205. Job Hunting Made Easy
456206. Cover letters made easy
456207. Getting a raise made easy
456208. College applications made easy
456209. Choosing a career made easy
456210. Networking Made Easy
456211. Careers for music lovers & other tuneful types
456212. Careers for writers & others who have a way with words
456213. Careers for mystery buffs & other snoops and sleuths
456214. Careers for self-starters and other entrepreneurial types
456215. Careers for the stagestruck & other dramatic types
456216. Power direct marketing: how to make it work for you
456217. Careers in health care
456218. How to get into the right nursing program
456219. Up your grades: proven strategies for academic success
456220. Careers in social and rehabilitation services
456221. Careers in engineering
456222. Career success for people with physical disabilities
456223. Job interviewing for college students
456224. How to Jumpstart a Stalled Career
456225. How to bounce back quickly after losing your job
456226. How to Get a Good Job and Keep It
456227. How to get into the right medical school
456228. Cover letters they don't forget
456229. How to launch your career in TV news
456230. Opportunities in technical writing and communications careers
456231. How to get into the right law school
456232. Careers for courageous people & other adventurous types
456233. Careers for plant lovers and other green thumb types
456234. Careers for night owls & other insomniacs
456235. Careers for shutterbugs & other candid types
456236. Careers for shutterbugs & other candid types
456237. Careers for environmental types and others who respect the earth
456238. Careers for film buffs & other Hollywood types
456239. How to write first-class letters: the handbook for practical letter writing
456240. Opportunities in human resource management careers
456241. Opportunities in nonprofit organization careers
456242. Opportunities in crafts careers
456243. Opportunities in robotics careers
456244. Opportunities in banking careers
456245. Opportunities in visual arts careers
456246. Opportunities in fashion careers
456247. Opportunities in vocational & technical careers
456248. Copywriting by design: bringing ideas to life with words and images
456249. Advertising age handbook of advertising
456250. The product manager's handbook
456251. How to find and cultivate customers through direct marketing
456252. Direct marketing success stories-- and the strategies that built the businesses
456253. Guide to writing for the business press
456254. How to profit through catalog marketing
456255. World's greatest direct mail sales letters
456256. Doing business in Russia
456257. Creating & delivering winning advertising & marketing presentations
456258. Essentials of advertising strategy
456259. Essentials of media planning: a marketing viewpoint
456260. Media planning: a practical guide
456261. Copy chasers on creating business-to-business ads
456262. High visibility: the making and marketing of professionals into celebrities
456263. Cybermarketing: your interactive marketing consultant
456264. Opportunities in nursing assistant careers
456265. Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXII
456266. Winning direct response advertising: from print through interactive media
456267. Opportunities in carpentry careers
456268. High-impact public speaking for business and the professions
456269. Integrated marketing communications
456270. Customer bonding
456271. Between cultures: developing self-identity in a world of diversity
456272. Handbook for memo writing
456273. Selling on the net: the complete guide
456274. Business to business marketing: creating a community of customers
456275. Direct marketing checklists
456276. New product development checklists: proven checklists for developing new products from mission to market
456277. How to write a successful marketing plan: a disciplined and comprehensive approach
456278. Creative strategy in direct marketing
456279. Radio advertising: the authoritative handbook
456280. Public relations in the marketing mix: introducing vulnerability relations
456281. Radio and television commercial
456282. 2,239 tested secrets for direct marketing success
456283. Successful direct marketing methods
456284. Opportunities in Physician Careers
456285. The practical executive and workforce diversity
456286. Careers for extroverts & other gregarious types
456287. Careers for Romantics & Other Dreamy Types
456288. Careers for patriotic types and others who want to serve their country
456289. Careers for kids at heart & others who adore children
456291. Strategic brand communication campaigns
456292. Opportunities in paramedical careers
456293. Create high impact business presentations
456294. Get the most out of sales meetings
456295. Here's How: Approach an Advertising Agency and Walk Away with the Job You Want
456296. Catalog copy that sizzles: all the hints, tips, and tricks of the trade youʼll ever need to write copy that sells
456297. Sales letters that sizzle: all the hooks, lines, and sinkers you'll ever need to close sales
456298. Opportunities in biological science careers
456299. Careers for high-energy people and other go-getters
456300. Careers for cybersurfers and other online types
456301. Careers for good samaritans & other humanitarian types
456302. Careers for legal eagles & other law-and-order types
456303. Careers for talkative types & others with the gift of gab
456304. Careers for perfectionists and other meticulous types
456305. Careers for culture lovers and other artsy types
456306. Opportunities in Holistic Health Care Careers
456307. Opportunities in physical therapy careers
456308. NTC's American business terms dictionary
456309. The focus group research handbook
456310. The complete guide to publicity: maximize visibility for your product, service, or organization
456311. Real life in Castro's Cuba
456312. Mexico in the 1940s: modernity, politics, and corruption
456313. In the absence of Don Porfirio: Francisco León de la Barra and the Mexican Revolution
456314. For la Patria: politics and the armed forces in Latin America
456315. Argentina: the challenges of modernization
456316. Common border, uncommon paths: race, culture, and national identity in U.S.-Mexican relations
456317. Myths, misdeeds, and misunderstandings: the roots of conflict in U.S.-Mexican relations
456318. As if Jesus walked on Earth: Cardenismo, Sonora, and the Mexican Revolution
456319. Interactive Storytelling for Video Games: A Player-Centered Approach to Creating Memorable Characters and Stories
456320. The human tradition in modern Latin America
456321. Slavery and freedom in Delaware, 1639-1865
456322. Polling for democracy: public opinion and political liberalization in Mexico
456323. Women reshaping human rights: how extraordinary activists are changing the world
456324. Biotechnology in Latin America: politics, impacts, and risks
456325. Lives at risk: hostages and victims in American foreign policy
456326. War, diplomacy, and development: the United States and Mexico, 1938-1954
456327. Brazilian mosaic: portraits of a diverse people and culture
456328. Prologue to manifest destiny: Anglo-American relations in the 1840s
456329. With only the will to live: accounts of Americans in Japanese prison camps, 1941-1945
456330. Merchant adventurer: the story of W.R. Grace
456331. Organized labor in Venezuela, 1958-1991: behavior and concerns in a democratic setting
456332. The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics
456333. Disorder and progress: bandits, police, and Mexican development
456334. Building the death railway: the ordeal of American POWs in Burma, 1942-1945
456335. Rituals of rule, rituals of resistance: public celebrations and popular culture in Mexico
456336. The second century: U.S.--Latin American relations since 1889
456337. Patterns of contention in Mexican history
456338. Hope and frustration: interviews with leaders of Mexico's political opposition
456339. B. Traven: a vision of Mexico
456340. The American military tradition: from colonial times to the present
456341. Remembering Pearl Harbor: eyewitness accounts by U.S. military men and women
456342. Violence in Colombia: the contemporary crisis in historical perspective
456343. American, Chinese, and Japanese perspectives on wartime Asia, 1931-1949
456344. U.S. policy toward economic nationalism in Latin America, 1917-1929
456345. Dien Bien Phu and the crisis of Franco-American relations, 1954-1955
456346. Gorbachev and glasnost: viewpoints from the Soviet press
456347. Sino-American relations, 1945-1955: a joint reassessment of a critical decade
456348. The Human tradition in Latin America: The nineteenth century
456349. Dry diplomacy: the United States, Great Britain, and prohibition
456350. John F. Kennedy: person, policy, presidency
456351. Rethinking nuclear strategy
456352. The Mexican Revolution in Puebla, 1908-1913: the Maderista movement and the failure of liberal reform
456353. Woodrow Wilson: a bibliography of his times and presidency
456354. A grand experiment: the constitution at 200 : essays from the Douglass Adair Symposia, Volume 1986
456355. Dwight D. Eisenhower: a bibliography of his times and presidency
456356. Arrogant diplomacy: U.S. policy toward Colombia 1903-1922
456357. The Human tradition in Latin America: the twentieth century
456358. Naval history: the Sixth Symposium of the U.S. Naval Academy, Volume 1983
456359. Conventional defense and total deterrence: assessing NATO's strategic options
456360. The Reagan defense program: an interim assessment
456361. Negotiating world order: the artisanship and architecture of global diplomacy
456362. A City in war: American views on Barcelona and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
456363. International normalcy: the open door peace with the former central powers, 1921-29
456364. Churchill: retreat from Empire
456365. By reason of insanity: essays on psychiatry and the law
456366. Perspectives on terrorism
456367. NATO after thirty years
456368. The autobiography of Du Pont de Nemours
456369. The Chicopee Manufacturing Company, 1823-1915
456370. Bare bones young adult services: tips for public library generalists
456371. The Coretta Scott King awards book, 1970-1999
456372. New steps to service: common-sense advice for the school library media specialist
456373. Scenario planning for libraries
456374. Guide to managing approval plans
456375. Light Moving in Time: Studies in the Visual Aesthetics of Avant-Garde Film
456376. Information literacy standards for student learning
456377. Practical help for new supervisors
456378. Hit list -- frequently challenged books for children
456379. Outstanding books for the college bound: choices for a generation
456380. Guide for written collection policy statements
456381. Special collections in children's literature: an international directory
456382. Guidelines for bibliographic description of reproductions
456383. Putting service into library staff training: a patron-centered guide
456384. The romance readers' advisory: the librarian's guide to love in the stacks
456385. The future of cataloging: insights from the Lubetzky symposium : April 18, 1998, University of California, Los Angeles
456386. Stop talking, start doing!: attracting people of color to the library profession
456387. Being analog: creating tomorrow's libraries
456388. Adaptive technology for the Internet: making electronic resources accessible to all
456389. Family storytime: twenty-four creative programs for all ages
456390. Managing the reference collection
456391. The community networking handbook
456392. The librarian's genealogy notebook: a guide to resources
456393. Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences
456394. Cell-to-Cell Mapping: A Method of Global Analysis for Nonlinear Systems
456395. After the death of literature
456396. Squid Proxy Server 3.1 For Beginner Guide Feb.2011 Uploaded By Husaiman
456397. Heidegger: An Introduction
456398. Step By Step in Esperanto
456399. A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life
456400. Delivering Web reference services to young people
456401. Understanding the business of library acquisitions
456402. The systems librarian: designing roles, defining skills
456403. The librarian's guide to homeschooling resources
456404. Madame Audrey's guide to mostly cheap but good reference books for small and rural libraries
456405. Improving online public access catalogs
456406. Fundraising and friend-raising on the Web, Volume 1
456407. Building a special collection of children's literature in your library: identifying, maintaining, and sharing rare or collectible items
456408. Readers' advisory service in the public library
456409. Maxwell's handbook for AACR2R: explaining and illustrating the Anglo-American cataloguing rules and the 1993 amendments
456410. America as story: historical fiction for middle and secondary schools
456411. The ABCs of collaborative change: the manager's guide to library renewal
456412. Planning and implementing technical services workstations
456413. Descriptive statistical techniques for librarians, Volume 139
456414. The best years of their lives: a resource guide for teenagers in crisis
456415. Friends of libraries sourcebook
456416. Intellectual freedom manual
456417. Library buildings, equipment, and the ADA: compliance issues and solutions : proceedings of the LAMA Buildings and Equipment Section Preconference, June 24-25, 1993, New Orleans, Louisiana
456418. Guide to Civil War books: an annotated selection of modern works on the War Between the States
456419. Patron behavior in libraries: a handbook of positive approaches to negative situations
456420. Library fundraising: models for success
456421. Planning additions to academic library buildings: a seamless approach
456422. The copyright primer for librarians and educators
456423. The fair garden and the swarm of beasts: the library and the young adult
456424. The genealogist's handbook: modern methods for researching family history
456425. Guide to preservation in acquisition processing
456426. Against borders: promoting books for a multicultural world
456427. Books, babies, and libraries: serving infants, toddlers, their parents & caregivers
456428. Making peace with conflict: practical skills for conflict transformation
456429. 1-2 Peter, Jude
456430. 101 Devotionals with Children
456431. A Cry from the Clay
456432. Birch Hollow Schoolmarm
456433. Building communities of compassion: Mennonite mutual aid in theory and practice
456434. The Grace Connection: Spiritual Power from the Lord's Prayer
456435. As a Little Child
456436. Harold S. Bender, 1897-1962
456437. Armageddon and the peaceable kingdom
456438. Against the death penalty: Christian and secular arguments against capital punishment
456439. Annie
456440. Just in Time: Stories of God's Extravagance
456441. Dewdrops on Spiderwebs: Connections Made Visible
456442. Meditations for Single Moms
456443. More Little Stories for Little Children: A Worship Resource
456444. A Golden Sunbeam
456445. A Muslim and a Christian in dialogue
456446. With our own eyes
456447. Complete Evangelism: The Luke-Acts Model
456448. Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective
456449. Dead Letters
456450. And a time to die: the pain and love of a journey home with AIDS
456451. Ezekiel
456452. The clashing worlds of economics and faith
456453. Border Crossing: A Spiritual Journey
456454. Whispering Brook Farm
456455. Building on the rock: a biblical vision of being church together from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective
456456. Little Stories for Little Children: A Worship Resource
456457. Woman's work: a guide to growth and self-discovery
456458. Death by Babysitting
456459. The Amish
456460. God's Call to Mission
456461. A Joyous Heart
456462. Making friends with the Bible
456463. Where the Eagles Fly
456464. A winding path
456465. Traces of treasure: quest for God in the commonplace
456466. We Knew Jesus
456467. Disarming the Heart: Toward a Vow of Nonviolence
456468. Anxious for Armageddon: a call to partnership for Middle Eastern and Western Christians
456469. Mennonite peacemaking: from quietism to activism
456470. But Why Don't We Go to War?: Finding Jesus' Path to Peace
456471. Doctrines of the Bible: a brief discussion of the teachings of God's word
456472. Christopher Dock, colonial schoolmaster: the biography and writings of Christopher Dock
456473. Deborah
456474. Beyond This Darkness
456475. Cherish the earth: the environment and Scripture
456476. What on Earth Can You Do?: Making Your Church a Creation Awareness Center
456477. Doors to Lock and Doors to Open: The Discerning People of God
456478. Called to Equip: A Training and Resource Manual for Pastors
456479. Colossians, Philemon
456480. Doing What Comes Spiritually
456481. Vultures and Butterflies: Living the Contradictions
456482. Growing toward peace: stories from teachers and parents about real children learning to live peacefully
456483. Esau
456484. Hagar
456485. We Knew Paul
456486. Life on the Road: The Gospel Basis for a Messianic Lifestyle
456487. Messianic Ethics: Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Church in Response
456488. Mystery at Captain's Cove
456489. Discipleship for all believers: Christian ethics and the kingdom of God
456490. Anabaptism revisited: essays on Anabaptist Mennonite studies in honor of C.J. Dyck
456491. The Trouble with Dreams
456492. Christ and Narcissus: Prayer in a Self-Centered World
456493. Fight the Good Fight
456494. The Christian and jury duty
456495. Going broke: bankruptcy, business ethics, and the Bible
456496. Matthew
456497. Beyond the Golden Hills and other stories
456498. Earth-keepers: environmental perspectives on hunger, poverty, and injustice
456499. What Mennonites Believe
456500. County Road 13
456501. Dancing in the Dark: A Sister Grieves
456502. A Life Apart
456503. World Winds: Meditations from the Blessed of the Earth
456504. Jesus' Clear Call to Justice
456505. The Hard Life of Seymour E. Newton
456506. Enter His Gates: Fitting Worship Together
456507. Helping Resolve Conflict: True Experiences of a Christian Anthropologist
456508. Edge of Dawn
456509. The Deserter
456510. A life for a life?: death penalty on trial
456511. Mystery at the Spanish Castle
456512. Trackless wastes & stars to steer by: Christian identity in a homeless age
456513. Bioethics and the beginning of life: an Anabaptist perspective
456514. Making War and Making Peace: Why Some Christians Fight and Some Don't
456515. Christian theology: an eschatological approach
456516. When kingdoms clash: the Christian and ideologies
456517. Discipling in the church: recovering a ministry of the gospel
456518. The good news of justice: share the Gospel, live justly
456519. Bless me too, my Father: living by choice, not by default
456520. Creating communities of the kingdom: New Testament models of church planting
456521. How Christians made peace with war: early Christian understandings of war
456522. Beginning the Christian Life
456523. Beginnging the Christian Life Pupil
456524. Community for life
456525. Daughters of Jerusalem
456526. Becoming Anabaptist: the origin and significance of sixteenth-century Anabaptism
456527. The Power of Management Innovation: 24 Keys for Accelerating Profitability and Growth (Mighty Managers Series)
456528. It Can Happen Today!: Principles of Church Growth from the Book of Acts
456529. When your child--
456530. Mystery of the secret code
456531. The God of Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel
456532. Believers baptism for children of the church
456533. John Smyth's Congregation: English Separatism, Mennonite Influence, and the Elect Nation
456534. Keeping salvation ethical: Mennonite and Amish atonement theology in the late nineteenth century
456535. The essential Carlstadt: fifteen tracts
456536. The Anabaptist writings of David Joris, 1535-1543
456537. Vision, doctrine, war: Mennonite identity and organization in America, 1890-1930
456538. How to Teach Peace to Children
456539. God dwells with his people: a study of Israel's ancient tabernacle
456540. Mattie Mae
456541. Hazel's people
456542. An Invitation to Faith
456543. Instructions to Beginners in the Christian Life
456544. The complete writings of Menno Simons, c.1496-1561
456545. Land, piety, peoplehood: the establishment of Mennonite communities in America, 1683-1790
456546. The future of NATO's Mediterranean initiative: evolution and next steps
456547. NATO's future: implications for U.S. military capabilities and posture
456548. Principles for determining the Air Force active reserve mix
456549. Staffing at-risk school districts in Texas: problems and prospects
456550. The shape of Korea's future: South Korean attitudes toward unification and long-term security issues
456551. The United States and a rising China: strategic and military implications
456552. Increasing a sense of community in the military: the role of personnel support programs
456553. Defense working capital fund pricing policies: insights from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service
456554. A description of U.S. enlisted personnel promotion systems
456555. Does the Army have a national land use strategy?
456556. Chinese policy toward Russia and the Central Asian Republics
456557. An evaluation of housing options for military families
456558. Technology forces at work: profiles of environmental research and development at Dupont, Intel, Monsanto, and Xerox
456559. Preparing for Korean unification: scenarios & implications
456560. Innovative management in the DARPA high altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicle program: phase II experience
456561. How does Congress approach population and family planning issues?: results of qualitative interviews with legislative directors
456562. The emergence of noopolitik: toward an American information strategy
456563. Lean logistics: high-velocity logistics infrastructure and the C-5 Galaxy
456564. A seminar game to analyze regional governance options for Portugal
456565. Using process redesign to improve DoD's environmental security program: remediation program management
456566. The arsenal ship acquisition process experience: contrasting and common impressions from the contractor teams and joint program office
456567. Issues raised during the Army after next spring wargame
456568. Consolidating active and reserve component training infrastructure
456569. Microworld simulations for command and control training of theater logistics and support staffs: a curriculum strategy
456570. Improving the army planning, programming, budgeting, and execution system (PPBES): the programming phase
456571. Strategic appraisal: the changing role of information in warfare
456572. The changing role of the U.S. military in space
456573. Staffing Army ROTC at colleges and universities: alternatives for reducing the use of active-duty soldiers
456574. Using the force and support costing system: an introductory guide and tutorial
456575. An ounce of prevention, a pound of uncertainty: the cost-effectiveness of school-based drug prevention programs
456576. Approximation Theory IX: Theoretical aspects
456577. The life and thought of Josiah Royce John Clendenning
456578. Lobbying for higher education: how colleges and universities influence federal policy
456579. The Nashville sound: authenticity, commercialization, and country music
456580. Mathematical models in medical and health science
456581. The loyal physician: Roycean ethics and the practice of medicine
456582. Angels and absences: child deaths in the nineteenth century
456583. Genuine individuals and genuine communities: a Roycean public philosophy
456584. Contested social orders and international politics
456585. Reversing course: Carter's foreign policy, domestic politics, and the failure of reform
456586. Speaking of the university: two decades at Vanderbilt
456587. Politics and the human body: assault on dignity
456588. Creating picturesque America: monument to the natural and cultural landscape
456589. Champ Ferguson: Confederate Guerilla
456590. Return to Havana: the decline of Cuban society under Castro
456591. The true country: themes in the fiction of Flannery O'Connor
456592. Translating for King James: being a true copy of the only notes made by a translator of King James's Bible, the Authorized version, as the Final Committee of Review revised the translation of Romans through Revelation at Stationers' Hall in London in 1610-1611
456593. The history of Belle Meade: mansion, plantation, and stud
456594. Frank Lawrence Owsley: historian of the Old South : a memoir
456595. Respiratory distress syndromes: molecules to man
456596. Apocalypse undone: my survival of Japanese imprisonment during World War II
456597. The roots of Walden and the tree of life
456598. The white monk: an essay on Dostoevsky and Melville
456599. Romantic irony in French literature from Diderot to Beckett
456600. Ratio and invention: a study of medieval lyric and narrative
456601. Living in the eternal: a study of George Santayana
456602. Wordsworth's informed reader: structures of experience in his poetry
456603. North for Union: John Appleton's journal of a tour to New England made by President Polk in June and July 1847
456604. Counterknowledge: how we surrendered to conspiracy theories, quack medicine, bogus science and fake history
456605. Dust light, leaves
456606. Architecture of Middle Tennessee: the Historic American Buildings Survey
456607. Tennessee hill folk
456608. The realism of William Dean Howells, 1889-1920
456609. Lieutenant Lee of Beale Street
456610. The flesh and the word: Eliot, Hemingway, Faulkner
456611. The higher realism of Woodrow Wilson, and other essays
456612. Comparative history of Slavic literatures
456613. Caldwell and company: a southern financial empire
456614. Physical order and moral liberty: previously unpublished essays of George Santayana
456615. More plays by rivals of Corneille and Racine
456616. Studies in French-classical tragedy
456617. The Chief Rivals of Corneille and Racine
456618. Frida Kahlo: An Open Life
456619. Mexico Between Hitler and Roosevelt: Mexican Foreign Relations in the Age of Lázaro Cárdenas, 1934-1940
456620. Bloody Valverde: A Civil War Battle on the Rio Grande, February 21, 1862
456621. Begoso cabin: a Pecos country retreat
456622. American Indians in World War I: at home and at war
456623. Trace and Transformation: American Criticism of Photography in the Modernist Period
456624. The suppression of Salt of the earth: how Hollywood, big labor, and politicians blacklisted a movie in Cold War America
456625. Victoria Ocampo: writer, feminist, woman of the world
456626. La Fiesta de Los Tastoanes: Critical Encounters in Mexican Festival Performance
456627. Bone voyage: a journey in forensic anthropology
456628. Death among the fossils
456629. Native American identities: from stereotype to archetype in art and literature
456630. The riddle of Cantinflas: essays on Hispanic popular culture
456631. American Indian population recovery in the twentieth century
456632. The collected stories of Moacyr Scliar
456633. Flight from Chile: voices of exile
456634. Before the great spirit: the many faces of Sioux spirituality
456635. Cláper
456636. Chasing shadows: Indians along the United States-Mexico border, 1876-1911
456637. White man's medicine: government doctors and the Navajo, 1863-1955
456638. Canícula: snapshots of a girlhood en la frontera
456639. Rethinking American Indian history
456640. Limelight: a Greenwich Village photography gallery and coffeehouse in the fiftees : a memoir
456641. Death's deceiver: the life of Joseph P. Machebeuf
456642. Casa Angelica: Arlene's legacy
456643. Hungry lightning: notes of a woman anthropologist in Venezuela
456644. So all is not lost: the poetics of print in Nuevomexicano communities, 1834-1958
456645. Wide ruins: memories from a Navajo trading post
456646. Murder and justice in frontier New Mexico, 1821-1846
456647. The geology of southern New Mexico: a beginner's guide, including El Paso
456648. Religion in Modern New Mexico
456649. Los capitalistas: Hispano merchants and the Santa Fe trade
456650. Lady's Choice: Ethel Waxham's Journals and Letters, 1905-1910
456651. Two lives for Oñate
456652. Protestantism, capitalism, and nature in America
456653. Thomas Jefferson and the changing West: from conquest to conservation
456654. Schoolwomen of the prairies and plains: personal narratives from Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska, 1860s-1920s
456655. Memories of Cíbola: stories from New Mexico villages
456656. Imaginary parents
456657. Pot luck: adventures in archaeology
456658. Wallace Stegner: Man and Writer
456659. Frontier and region: essays in honor of Martin Ridge
456660. The old trail to Santa Fe: collected essays
456661. La Mollie and the king of tears
456662. Shadows over Anáhuac: an ecological interpretation of crisis and development in Central Mexico, 1730-1800
456663. A cowboy writer in New Mexico: the memoirs of John L. Sinclair
456664. Navajo and photography: a critical history of the representation of an American people
456665. Wisdom sits in places: landscape and language among the Western Apache
456666. Digging for dollars: American archaeology and the New Deal
456667. Building and breaking families in the American West
456668. Remaking the agrarian dream: New Deal rural resettlement in the Mountain West
456669. Chicana creativity and criticism: new frontiers in American literature
456670. The countryside in colonial Latin America
456671. A Place in El Paso: A Mexican-American Childhood
456672. Athabaskan language studies: essays in honor of Robert W. Young
456673. The Jeffersonian dream: studies in the history of American land policy and development
456674. Tapestries of hope, threads of love: the arpillera movement in Chile, 1974-1994
456675. A Peaceful and Working People: Manners, Morals, and Class Formation in Northern Mexico
456676. The Spanish borderlands: a chronicle of old Florida and the Southwest
456677. Forgotten people: a study of New Mexicans
456678. The matachines dance: ritual symbolism and interethnic relations in the upper Río Grande Valley
456679. National popular politics in early independent Mexico, 1820-1847
456680. Winning the West for Christ: Sheldon Jackson and Presbyterianism on the Rocky Mountain frontier, 1869-1880
456681. Stone horses: Sallie Gallegos
456682. Barren, wild, and worthless: living in the Chihuahuan Desert
456683. The one-handed pianist and other stories
456684. A dream of light & shadow: portraits of Latin American women writers
456685. Washington Matthews: studies of Navajo culture, 1880-1894
456686. San Francisco in fiction: essays in a regional literature
456687. The conquerors of the New Kingdom of Granada
456688. Andean journeys: migration, ethnogenesis, and the state in colonial Quito
456689. Creations of the rainbow serpent: polychrome ceramic designs from ancient Panama
456690. The road to Santa Fe: the journal and diaries of George Champlin Sibley and others, pertaining to the surveying and marking of a road from the Missouri frontier to the settlements of New Mexico, 1825-1827
456691. Nightway: A History and a History of Documentation of a Navajo Ceremonial
456692. Independence in Spanish America: civil wars, revolutions, and underdevelopment
456693. Quest for the golden circle: the Four Corners and the metropolitan West, 1945-1970
456694. One foot on the Rockies: women and creativity in the modern American West
456695. Zapotec renaissance: ethnic politics and cultural revivalism in southern Mexico
456696. Regional markets and agrarian transformation in Bolivia: Cochabamba, 1539-1960
456697. Nina Otero-Warren of Santa Fe
456698. Mexican American labor, 1790-1990
456699. Dating in exposed and surface contexts
456700. Broken bars: new perspectives from Mexican women writers
456701. Treasure trails of the Southwest
456702. We fed them cactus
456703. Fieldwork among the Maya: reflections on the Harvard Chiapas Project
456704. Apron full of gold: the letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco, 1849-1856
456705. An unsettled country: changing landscapes of the American West
456706. Chiefs, agents & soldiers: conflict on the Navajo frontier, 1868-1882
456707. Forge of progress, crucible of revolt: origins of the Mexican Revolution in La Comarca Lagunera, 1880-1911
456708. Cartooning for suffrage
456709. Nepantla: essays from the land in the middle
456710. Mayordomo: chronicle of an acequia in northern New Mexico
456711. Imperial Panama: commerce and conflict in isthmian America, 1550-1800
456712. History, frontier, and section: three essays
456713. Coercion and market: silver mining in colonial Potosí, 1692-1826
456714. Hidden Scholars: Women Anthropologists and the Native American Southwest
456715. The successor
456716. Language on the job: balancing business needs and employee rights
456717. A History of the Jews in New Mexico
456718. A city at the end of the world
456719. Essays in Twentieth-Century New Mexico History
456720. Letters from the New World: selected correspondence of don Diego de Vargas to his family, 1675-1706
456721. Ruth Hanna McCormick: a life in politics, 1880-1944
456722. Deserts As Dumps?: The Disposal of Hazardous Materials in Arid Ecosystems
456723. Creating the West: historical interpretations, 1890-1990
456724. The Zuni man-woman
456725. Chicano politics: reality and promise, 1940-1990
456726. Growing up with the country: childhood on the far-western frontier
456727. The Gila Wilderness Area: a hiking guide
456728. The jailing of Cecelia Capture
456729. Mabel Dodge Luhan: New Woman, New Worlds
456730. Enchantment and exploitation: the life and hard times of a New Mexico mountain range
456731. Land of Enchantment: Memoirs of Marian Russell Along the Santa Fe Trail
456732. The lost land: the Chicano image of the Southwest
456733. The Southwest
456734. Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the unknown interior of America
456735. The Colorado plateau: a geologic history
456736. Tularosa, last of the frontier West
456737. Firearms, traps & tools of the mountain men
456738. Richard Wetherill: Anasazi
456739. The Spanish borderlands frontier, 1513-1821
456740. Tea of the Sages: The Art of Sencha
456741. Who gets it when you go?: wills, probate, and inheritance taxes for the Hawaii resident
456742. Hirohito and war: imperial tradition and military decision making in prewar Japan
456743. The Filipino piecemeal sugar strike of 1924-1925, Volume 3
456744. The past and the punishments
456745. The voices of Eden: a history of Hawaiian language studies
456746. Religion and Society in T'ang and Sung China
456747. Business basics in Hawaii: secrets of starting your own small business in our state
456748. Conflict in Japan
456749. Brandon's guide to theater in Asia
456750. Enzymes in detergency
456751. Micelles, microemulsions, and monolayers: science and technology
456752. Powdered detergents
456753. Charge transfer complexes in biological systems
456754. Development of biopharmaceutical parenteral dosage forms
456755. Handbook of bolts and bolted joints
456757. Saphenous vein bypass graft disease
456758. Medical management of chronic myelogenous leukemia
456759. Handbook of obesity
456760. Handbook of pharmaceutical granulation technology
456761. Intravenous immunoglobulins in clinical practice
456762. Brain imaging in clinical psychiatry
456763. Self-management of asthma
456764. Reproductive and developmental toxicology
456765. Cosmetic claims substantiation
456766. High-vacuum technology: a practical guide
456767. Safety evaluation of medical devices
456768. Catalysis of organic reactions
456769. Handbook of administrative communication
456770. Industrial applications of microemulsions
456771. Surfactants in solution
456772. Fauna in soil ecosystems: recycling processes, nutrient fluxes, and agricultural production
456773. Jazz
456774. Prediction of polymer properties
456775. Inhalation delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins
456776. Lung growth and development
456777. Public administration and law
456778. Pressure-sensitive adhesives technology
456779. Interferon therapy of multiple sclerosis
456780. Hydrocracking science and technology
456781. Re-engineering the manufacturing system: applying the theory of constraints
456782. Handbook of multiple sclerosis
456783. Parasitic lung diseases
456784. Food lipids and health
456785. Preventing and handling product liability
456786. Pulmonary rehabilitation
456787. Shaft alignment handbook
456788. Novel therapeutic strategies in the treatment of sepsis
456789. Thin films for optical systems
456790. Vesicles
456791. Integrating productivity and quality management
456792. Argonaute Proteins: Methods and Protocols
456793. Metal cutting theory and practice
456794. What every engineer should know about concurrent engineering
456795. Mechanical testing methodology for ceramic design and reliability
456796. Geomicrobiology
456797. Particles on surfaces 4 : detection, adhesion, and removal
456798. Anionic polymerization: principles and practical applications
456799. Integrated management of insects in stored products
456800. Histamine and H1-receptor antagonists in allergic disease
456801. Primary pulmonary hypertension
456802. Treatment of the hospitalized cystic fibrosis patient
456803. Environmental impact on the airways: from injury to repair
456804. Indoor air pollution and health
456805. Using the biological literature: a practical guide
456806. Analytical instrumentation handbook
456807. Practical guide to infrared microspectroscopy
456808. Applied pyrolysis handbook
456809. Handbook of pest management
456810. Fungal disease: biology, immunology, and diagnosis
456811. Detergents in the environment
456812. Handbook of debt management
456813. Electroanalytical chemistry: a series of advances
456814. Pharmacokinetics: regulatory, industrial, academic perspectives
456815. Good laboratory practice regulations
456816. Chemistry and Physics of Carbon: A Series of Advances
456817. Hair and hair care
456818. Hair transplantation
456819. Food antioxidants: technological, toxicological, and health perspectives
456820. Ingredient interactions: effects on food quality
456821. Safety of irradiated foods
456822. Serotonin in antipsychotic treatment: mechanisms and clinical practice
456823. Handbook of antioxidants
456824. Integrated circuit quality and reliability
456825. Lubricant base oil and wax processing
456826. Catalytic hydroprocessing of petroleum and distillates: based on the proceedings of the AIChE Spring National Meeting, Houston, Texas, March 28-April 1, 1993
456827. Handbook of olfaction and gustation, Volume 236
456828. Seed development and germination
456829. Upgrading petroleum residues and heavy oils
456830. Protein functionality in food systems
456831. Visual science and engineering: models and applications
456832. Technological applications of dispersions
456833. Protective clothing systems and materials
456834. Rubber products manufacturing technology
456835. Parenteral quality control: sterility, pyrogen, particulate, and package integrity testing
456836. Handbook of copper compounds and applications
456837. Nitrogen fertilization in the environment
456838. Selenium in the environment
456839. Sulfur in the environment
456840. Soil erosion, conservation, and rehabilitation
456841. Stored-grain ecosystems
456842. Carbon black: science and technology
456843. 3D Cell Culture: Methods and Protocols
456844. Handbook of adhesive technology
456845. Medical management of diabetes mellitus
456846. Epidemiology of lung cancer
456847. Soil biochemistry, Volume 10
456848. Therapy with botulinum toxin
456849. Occupational hearing loss
456850. Food packaging: principles and practice
456851. Vitamin E in health and disease
456852. Personnel management in government: politics and process
456853. Analysis of surfactants
456854. Statistical process control in manufacturing
456855. Expert systems for engineers
456856. Handbook of public information systems
456857. Early diagnosis and therapy in cerebral palsy: a primer on infant developmental problems
456858. Handbook of global legal policy
456859. Peptide and protein drug analysis
456860. Cosmetic regulation in a competitive environment
456861. Solid phase microextraction: a practical guide
456862. Gear noise and vibration
456863. Percutaneous absorption: drugs--cosmetics--mechanisms--methodology
456864. Distributed power generation: planning and evaluation
456865. Allergic skin disease: a multidisciplinary approach
456866. Cancer in the elderly
456867. Polymer-surfactant systems
456868. Regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms
456869. Comorbidity in affective disorders
456870. Pediatric asthma
456871. Novel surfactants: preparation, applications, and biodegradability
456872. Medical device packaging handbook
456873. Allergens and allergen immunotherapy
456874. Immunotherapy in asthma
456875. Carbon fibers
456876. Pulmonary edema
456877. Acute coronary syndromes
456878. Encyclopedia of corrosion technology
456879. Handbook of public finance
456880. RNAi and Plant Gene Function Analysis: Methods and Protocols
456881. Care management of skin diseases: life quality and economic impact
456882. Inflammatory mechanisms in asthma
456883. Handbook of organization theory and management: the philosophical approach
456884. Pharmaceutical project management
456885. Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma
456886. Molecular chaperones in the life cycle of proteins: structure, function, and mode of action
456887. Practical Critical Care in Cardiology
456888. Asthma and immunological diseases in pregnancy and early infancy
456889. Growth and mineral nutrition of field crops
456890. Chemical fungal taxonomy
456891. Structure-performance relationships in surfactants
456892. New generation vaccines
456893. Advances in Chromatography, Volume 40
456894. Introduction to analytical gas chromatography
456895. Super science projects about light and optics
456896. Super science projects about animals and their habitats
456897. Super science projects about oceans
456898. Everything You Need to Know About Deafness
456899. Everything You Need to Know When a Brother Or Sister Is Autistic
456900. Everything you need to know when someone you know has leukemia
456901. Video Game Designer
456902. Weather and Natural Forces
456903. Web entrepreneur
456904. Everything You Need to Know about Public Speaking
456905. Everything you need to know about mehndi, temporary tattoos, and other temporary body art
456906. Understanding Sports and Eating Disorders
456907. Get Involved!: A Girl's Guide to Volunteering
456908. Coping with ulcers, heartburn, and stress-related stomach disorders
456909. Coping with stuttering
456910. Careers in the fashion industry
456911. Drug interactions: protecting yourself from dangerous drug, medication, and food combinations
456912. Ritalin: its use and abuse
456913. Exploring Careers in Accounting
456914. Guides for an age of confusion: studies in the thinking of Avraham Y. Kook and Mordecai M. Kaplan
456915. Sword and Olive Branch: Oliver Otis Howard
456916. Railroad ferries of the Hudson: and stories of a deckhand
456917. When giants ruled: the story of Park Row, New York's great newspaper street
456918. The Malbone Street Wreck
456919. Judicial retirement laws of the fifty states and the District of Columbia
456920. The King's Ranger: Thomas Brown and the American Revolution on the Southern Frontier
456921. Airwaves: a collection of radio editorials from the Golden Apple
456922. The global emerging market in transition: articles, forecasts, and studies, 1973-1998
456923. The limits of dissent: Clement L. Vallandigham & the Civil War
456924. Affairs of party: the political culture of Northern Democrats in the mid-nineteenth century
456925. Carl Schurz, a biography
456926. Inside out: the radical transformation of Russian foreign trade, 1992-1997
456927. Melting pot soldiers: the Union's ethnic regiments
456928. Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth: the Civil War letters of Colonel Patrick R. Guiney, Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
456929. An open courtroom: cameras in New York courts
456930. Life along the Hudson
456931. The young Hamilton: a biography
456932. Hugo Black: a biography
456933. Knowing other-wise: philosophy at the threshold of spirituality
456934. Silent Music: The Science of Meditation
456935. Abraham Lincoln, constitutionalism, and equal rights in the Civil War era
456936. Around Manhattan Island and other maritime tales of New York
456937. Making sure we are true to our founders: the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1970-95
456938. Causes and conflicts: the centennial history of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1870-1970
456939. Random harvest
456940. The Man Who Rode the Tiger: The Life and Times of Judge Samuel Seabury
456941. Reason, experience, and God: John E. Smith in dialogue
456942. Both and: reading Kierkegaard : from irony to edification
456943. Unitas--building healing communities for children
456944. The Hudson through the years
456945. Maverick's Progress: An Autobiography
456946. Through a glass darkly: essays in the religious imagination
456947. Experience and God
456948. Under the sidewalks of New York: the story of the greatest subway system in the world
456949. On desperate seas: a biography of Gilbert Stuart
456950. The New Deal and the problem of monopoly: a study in economic ambivalence
456951. The story of the 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion
456952. The forged feature: toward a poetics of uncertainty : new and selected essays
456953. Images of conversion in St. Augustine's Confessions
456954. America and the Americans in 1833-4, by an emigrant
456955. Language, metaphysics, and death
456956. The Irish brigade and its campaigns
456957. Peirce and contemporary thought: philosophical inquiries
456958. Power for sanity: selected editorials of William Cullen Bryant, 1829-1861
456959. John Singleton Copley
456960. Astorian adventure: the journal of Alfred Seton, 1811-1815
456961. An Irishman in the Iron Brigade: the Civil War memoirs of James P. Sullivan, Sergt., Company K, 6th Wisconsin volunteers
456962. Scheming papists and Lutheran fools: five Reformation satires
456963. The autobiography of St. Ignatius Loyola, with related documents
456964. Hail to Thee Okoboji U!: A Humor Anthology on Higher Education
456965. Doctors on Horseback: Pioneers of American Medicine
456966. Steamboats come true: American inventors in action
456967. States Dyckman: American Loyalist
456968. A reading of Hegel's Phenomenology of spirit
456969. Soundings in St. Augustine's imagination
456970. The Italian presence in American art, 1860-1920
456971. Re--Joyce'n Beckett
456972. The Church and social reform: the policies of Patriarch Athanasios of Constantinople
456973. Worthwhile places: correspondence of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Horace M. Albright
456974. Government ethics reform for the 1990s: the collected reports of the New York State Commission on Government Integrity
456975. The medieval heritage of Mexico, Volume 1
456976. Israel Potter: his fifty years of exile
456977. The New York subway: its construction and equipment
456978. Practical knowledge
456979. In the midst of wars: an American's mission to Southeast Asia
456980. Frontiers of Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Studies in American Philosophy and Poetry
456981. The Catskills: an illustrated historical guide with gazetteer
456982. The standard Doyle company: Christopher Morley on Sherlock Holmes
456983. The eyes of faith
456984. Morgan Library ghost stories
456985. Cash, tokens, and transfers: a history of urban mass transit in North America
456986. Christopher Morley's Philadelphia
456987. Memoirs of chaplain life: three years with the Irish Brigade in the Army of the Potomac
456988. The Italian presence in American art, 1760-1860
456989. Over and back: the history of ferryboats in New York Harbor
456990. The Human and the Holy: The Spirituality of Abraham Joshua Heschel
456991. We Are All Close : Conversations With Israeli Writers
456992. Sherlock Holmes by gas-lamp: highlights from the first four decades of the Baker Street journal
456993. Joseph Stella
456994. Christopher Morley's New York
456995. The Universe as journey: conversations with W. Norris Clarke, S.J.
456996. Hudson River in Literature: An Anthology
456997. Coleridge and Christian doctrine
456998. Christian humanism and the Reformation: selected writings of Erasmus, with his life by Beatus Rhenanus and a biographical sketch by the editor
456999. Irish Green and Union Blue: The Civil War Letters of Peter Welsh, Color Sergeant, 28th Massachusetts
457000. William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha: ''a kind of keystone in the universe''
457001. George Washington
457002. Teilhard's vision of the past: the making of a method
457003. Privacy, a vanishing value?
457004. The letters of William Cullen Bryant, Volume 5
457005. The Letters of William Cullen Bryant: 1858-1864
457006. The Letters of William Cullen Bryant: Volume III, 1849-1857
457007. The letters of William Cullen Bryant, Volume 2
457008. Alienation: plight of modern man?
457009. Hegel's idea of philosophy with a new translation of Hegel's Introduction to the history of philosophy
457010. The tradition of natural law: a philosopher's reflections
457011. Empire and antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874
457012. Cuba between empires, 1878-1902
457013. I sing for I cannot be silent: the feminization of American hymnody, 1870-1920
457014. The president's call: executive leadership from FDR to George Bush
457015. Peasants and communists: politics and ideology in the Yugoslav countryside, 1941-1953
457016. Between nation and state: Serbian politics in Croatia before the First World War
457017. Negotiating democracy: transitions from authoritarian rule
457018. Jupiter
457019. Mercury and Venus
457020. The Sun
457021. Brontë's Wuthering heights: Cliffs notes
457022. Skinner's Walden two: Cliffs notes ...
457023. Cliffs notes on Stowe's Uncle Tom's cabin
457024. Fielding's Tom Jones: Cliffs notes
457025. Achebe's Things fall apart
457026. Tartuffe, The misanthrope, and The bourgeois gentleman
457027. The sun also rises: notes
457028. A Separate Peace, Notes
457029. The return of the native: notes
457030. The prince: notes
457031. Cliffs notes on Dickens' Oliver Twist
457032. Cliffs notes on mythology
457033. Cather's My Antonia (Cliff Notes)
457034. Cliffs notes on Defoe's Moll Flanders
457035. The jungle
457036. The Joy Luck Club: notes ...
457037. Brontë'a Jane Eyre: Cliffs notes
457038. Heart of darkness & The secret sharer: notes
457039. Gulliver's travels: notes
457040. The great Gatsby: notes
457041. Great expectations: notes
457042. The grapes of wrath: notes
457043. Cliffs notes on Shelley's Frankenstein
457044. Fahrenheit 451
457045. The faerie queene: notes
457046. Ethan Frome: notes
457047. Emerson's essays: notes
457048. Cliffs notes on Stoker's Dracula
457049. Cliffs notes on Cervantes' Don Quixote
457050. Don Juan, Notes
457051. Death of a salesman: notes
457052. The Count of Monte Cristo: notes
457053. The brothers Karamazov: notes
457054. Black like me: notes
457055. Beowulf: notes
457056. Cliffs Notes on Lewis' Babbitt
457057. As I lay dying: Cliff's notes
457058. The Aeneid: notes
457059. Absalom, Absalom!: Cliffs notes
457060. Shakespeare's Tragedies
457061. Richard III: notes
457062. Shakespeare's Henry V: notes
457063. King Henry IV, part 2: notes ..., Part 2
457064. Cliffsnotes Shakespeare's Comedies
457065. Developing Uganda
457066. The African experience with higher education
457067. Jua kali Kenya: change & development in an informal economy, 1970-95
457068. Custodians of the land: ecology & culture in the history of Tanzania
457069. Ecology control & economic development in East African history: the case of Tanganyika 1850-1950
457070. Religion & politics in East Africa: the period since independence
457071. Education in the development of Tanzania 1919-90
457072. Man's soul: an introductory essay in philosophical psychology
457073. Liquor and labor in Southern Africa
457074. An African American in South Africa: the travel notes of Ralph J. Bunche, 28 September 1937-1 January 1938
457075. Changing Uganda: the dilemmas of structural adjustment & revolutionary change
457076. Bazhanov and the damnation of Stalin
457077. Uganda now: between decay & development
457078. Slaves, spices, & ivory in Zanzibar: integration of an East African commercial empire into the world economy, 1770-1873
457079. Food and agriculture in Bulgaria: the challenge of preparing for EU accession, Volumes 23-481
457080. Trends in private investment in developing countries: statistics for 1970-98
457081. Ecuador gender review: issues and recommendations
457082. India: reducing poverty, accelerating development
457083. Agricultural support policies in transition economies, Volumes 23-470
457084. Food safety issues in the developing world, Volumes 23-469
457085. Russian views of the transition in the rural sector: structures, policy outcomes, and adaptive responses
457086. Costa Rica: forest strategy and the evolution of land use
457087. Indonesia: the challenges of World Bank involvement in forests
457088. India: alleviating poverty through forest development
457089. Liquefied natural gas in China: options for markets, institutions, and finance, Parts 63-414
457090. Achievements and challenges of fiscal decentralization: lessons from Mexico
457091. Urban poor perceptions of violence and exclusion in Colombia
457092. Securing our future in a global economy
457093. Managing disaster risk in emerging economies
457094. The road to stability and prosperity in South Eastern Europe: a regional strategy paper
457095. Procurement of works, Page 964
457096. Rural development, natural resources, and the environment: lessons of experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
457097. Procurement of goods
457098. Intellectual property rights and economic development, Parts 63-412
457099. Groundwater in rural development: facing the challenges of supply and resource sustainability, Volumes 23-463
457100. Evaluation and poverty reduction: proceedings from a World Bank conference
457101. El Salvador: post-conflict reconstruction : country case evaluation
457102. Uganda: post-conflict reconstruction
457103. Bosnia and Herzegovina: post-conflict reconstruction
457104. Social assessment and agricultural reform in Central Asia and Turkey, Volumes 23-461
457105. Municipal solid waste incineration: requirements for a successful project, Volumes 23-462
457106. Albania: filling the vulnerability gap, Volumes 23-460
457107. Ukraine--review of farm restructuring experiences, Volumes 23-459
457108. Population and the World Bank: adapting to change, Page 831
457109. Making the transition work for women in Europe and Central Asia, Parts 63-411
457110. Marketing a country: promotion as a tool for attracting foreign investment
457111. The private sector and power generation in China, Parts 63-406
457112. Costa Rica, a pension reform strategy
457113. Hungary: modernizing the subnational government system
457114. Higher education in developing countries: peril and promise
457115. Integrated coastal zone management of coral reefs: decision support modeling, Volume 1
457116. Strategic decisionmaking in cabinet government: institutional underpinnings and obstacles, Part 294
457117. Sample form of evaluation report: selection of consultants
457118. The impact of the Euro on Latin America
457119. Hungary: on the road to the European Union
457120. Groundwater: legal and policy perspectives : proceedings of a World Bank seminar
457121. Poland: complying with EU environmental legislation
457122. Foreign investment and restructuring: the evidence from Hungary, Volumes 23-453
457123. Changing perceptions and altered reality: emerging economies in the 1990s, Page 428
457124. Transferring irrigation management to farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India, Volumes 23-449
457125. Optimization and Stability Problems in Continuum Mechanics: Lectures Presented at the Symposium on Optimization and Stability Problems in Continuum ... August 24, 1971 (Lecture Notes in Physics)
457126. Accelerating China's rural transformation
457127. Economic development and environmental sustainability: policies and principles for a durable equilibrium
457128. Early childhood counts: a programming guide on early childhood care for development
457129. Gender-related legal reform and access to economic resources in Eastern Africa, Parts 63-405
457130. East Asia: recovery and beyond
457131. Economic reform and environmental performance in transition economies, Volumes 23-446
457132. Evaluating water institutions and water sector performance, Volumes 23-447
457133. Education sector strategy
457134. Estonia: implementing the EU accession agenda
457135. Adjustments after speculative attacks in Latin America and Asia: a tale of two regions?
457136. Case studies in participatory irrigation management, Page 273
457137. Developing towns and cities: lessons from Brazil and Philippines, Part 489
457138. Health care in Uganda: selected issues, Parts 63-404
457139. Ghana: gender analysis and policymaking for development, Parts 63-403
457140. Agricultural incentives in Sub-Saharan Africa: policy challenges, Volumes 23-444
457141. Primary securities markets: cross country findings, Part 63
457142. Beyond the center: decentralizing the State
457143. Annual World Bank Conference on Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1998: banks and capital markets : sound financial systems for the 21st century : proceedings of a conference held in San Salvador, El Salvador
457144. Hungary: foreign trade issues in the context of accession to the EU, Volumes 23-441
457145. Overcoming obstacles to liberalization of the telecom sector in Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Hungary: an overwiew of key policy concerns and potential initiatives to facilitate the transition process, Volumes 23-440
457146. Financial integration, vulnerabilities to crisis, and EU accession in five central European countries, Volumes 23-439
457147. Czech Republic: capital market review
457148. Economic research on the determinants of immigration: lessons for the European Union, Volumes 23-438
457149. Food and agriculture in the Czech Republic: from a ''Velvet'' transition to the challenges of EU accession, Volumes 23-437
457150. Legal impediments to effective rural land relations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: a comparative perspective
457151. EU investment grants review, Volumes 23-435
457152. Intellectual property rights in agriculture: the World Bank's role in assisting borrower and member countries
457153. Can Africa claim the 21st century?
457154. Peru: improving health care for the poor
457155. Managing disaster risk in Mexico: Market Incentives for Mitigation Investment, Part 611
457156. Labor market flexibility in 13 Latin American countries and the United States
457157. Do investment regulations compromise pension fund performance?: evidence from Latin America
457158. Privatization of the power and natural gas industries in Hungary and Kazakhstan, Volumes 23-451
457159. Partners for development: new roles for governments and private sector in the Middle East and North Africa
457160. Forest management in Nepal: economics and ecology, Volumes 23-445
457161. Moldova--poverty assessment
457162. Trends in private investment in developing countries: statistics for 1970-97, Part 63
457163. 1998 Annual Review of Development Effectiveness
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457165. Slovenia: Main report
457166. Health expenditures, services, and outcomes in Africa: basic data and cross-national comparisons, 1990-1996, Volume 434
457167. Court performance around the world: a comparative perspective, Volumes 23-430
457168. An environmental study of artisanal, small, and medium mining in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, Volumes 23-429
457169. Investing in biodiversity: a review of Indonesiaʼs Integrated Conservation and Development Projects
457170. Analyzing banking risk: a framework for assessing corporate governance and financial risk management
457171. Bangladesh: from counting the poor to making the poor count
457172. Economic growth with equity: Ukrainian perspectives, Parts 63-407
457173. Economic growth with equity: which strategy for Ukraine?, Parts 63-408
457174. Information systems for government fiscal management
457175. Assessing development effectiveness: evaluation in the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation
457176. Poverty reduction and the World Bank: progress in fiscal 1998, Page 879
457177. Violence in Colombia: building sustainable peace and social capital
457178. Global Development Finance 1999: Country Tables and Analysis and Summary Tables
457179. MIGA and foreign direct investment: evaluating developmental impacts
457180. Doing better business through effective public consultation and disclosure: a good practice manual
457181. Hard lessons: primary schools, community, and social capital in Nigeria, Volumes 23-420
457182. Source water quality for aquaculture: a guide for assessment
457183. Land reform and farm restructuring in Moldova: progress and prospects, Parts 63-398
457184. School enrollment decline in Sub-Saharan Africa: beyond the supply constraint, Parts 63-395
457185. Cours d'eaux internationaux : renforcer la coopération et gérer les différends : actes du séminaire de la Banque mondiale
457186. Philippines: from crisis to opportunity : country assistance review
457187. Bangladesh: progress through partnership : country assistance review
457188. Rebuilding the Mozambique economy: assessment of a development partnership
457189. The World Bank's experience with post-conflict reconstruction
457190. India: the dairy revolution : the impact of dairy development in India and the World Bank's contribution
457191. A framework for the design and implementation of competition law and policy
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457193. Beyond the Washington consensus: institutions matter
457194. Annual World Bank Conference on Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: proceedings of a conference held in ...
457195. Evolution of agricultural services in Sub-Saharan Africa: trends and prospects, Parts 63-390
457196. Corporations' use of the Internet in developing countries, Part 63
457197. Organizing knowledge for environmentally and socially sustainable development: proceedings of a concurrent meeting of the fifth annual World Bank Conference on Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development, partnerships for global ecosystem management, science, economics and law : cosponsored by UNESCO and the World Bank and held at the World Bank, Washington, D.C., October 9-10, 1997
457198. Social assistance in Albania: decentralization and targeted transfers
457199. China: a strategy for international assistance to accelerate renewable energy development, Parts 63-388
457200. Successful conversion to unleaded gasoline in Thailand, Volumes 23-410
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457202. Commercial management and financing of roads, Volumes 23-409
457203. Soil fertility management in sub-Saharan Africa, Volumes 23-408
457204. Strategic management for government agencies: an institutional approach for developing and transition economies, Parts 63-386
457205. Trends in Private Investment in Developing Countries: Statistics for 1970-96
457206. Case-by-case privatization in the Russian Federation: lessons from international experience, Parts 63-385
457207. West Bank and Gaza: medium-term development strategy for the health sector
457208. Financial vulnerability, spillover effects, and contagion: lessons from the Asian crises for Latin America
457209. Improving women's health in Pakistan
457210. Poverty lines in theory and practice
457211. Social funds and reaching the poor: experiences and future directions : proceedings from an international workshop organized by the World Bank ... et al.
457212. Implementing the Ethiopian national policy for women: institutional and regulatory issues
457213. World Bank group assistance for minerals sector development and reform in member countries, Volumes 23-405
457214. The case-by-case approach to privatization: techniques and examples, Volumes 23-403
457215. The impact of drought on Sub-Saharan African economies: a preliminary examination, Volumes 23-401
457216. How businesses see government: responses from private sector surveys in 69 countries, Part 63
457217. The role of the private sector in education in Vietnam: evidence from the Vietnam Living Standards Survey
457218. Setting priorities for environmental management: an application to the mining sector in Bolivia, Volumes 23-398
457219. Concessions for infrastructure: a guide to their design and award, Volumes 23-399
457220. Competitiveness and employment: a framework for rural development in Poland, Parts 63-383
457221. Household welfare and Vietnam's transition
457222. Public expenditure reform under adjustment lending: lessons from World Bank experiences, Parts 63-382
457223. Phasing out lead from gasoline: worldwide experience and policy implications, Volumes 23-397
457224. Satisfying urban thirst: water supply augmentation and pricing policy in Hyderabad City, India, Volumes 23-395
457225. Can the poor influence policy?: participatory poverty assessments in the developing world, Page 823
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457229. World Bank Economic Review, Volume 12
457230. World Bank Economic Review, Volume 12
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457232. Chronic illness and retirement in Jamaica
457233. China engaged: integration with the global economy
457234. Old age security: pension reform in China
457235. Empowering small enterprises in Zimbabwe, Parts 63-379
457236. The pharmaceutical industry in India and Hungary: policies, institutions, and technological development, Volumes 23-392
457237. Planning the management, operation, and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems: a guide for the preparation of strategies and manuals
457238. A planner's guide for selecting clean-coal technologies for power plants, Volumes 23-387
457239. Voices of the poor: poverty and social capital in Tanzania
457240. Investments to improve the energy efficiency of existing residential buildings in countries of the former Soviet Union
457241. The business of education: a look at Kenya's private education sector, Part 63
457242. Competition policy and MERCOSUR, Volumes 23-385
457243. Choices for efficient private provision of infrastructure in East Asia, Page 961
457244. Financing health care: issues and options for China
457245. At China's table: food security options, Volume 113
457246. Clear water, blue skies: China's environment in the new century
457247. Governance and regulation of power pools and system operators: an international comparison
457248. South Asia's integration into the world economy
457249. Mobilizing domestic capital markets for infrastructure financing: international experience and lessons for China, Parts 63-377
457250. Urban air quality management strategy in Asia: Greater Mumbai report, Volumes 23-381
457251. Urban air quality management strategy in Asia: Jakarta report, Volumes 23-379
457252. Urban air quality management strategy in Asia: Kathmandu Valley report, Volumes 23-378
457253. Clean fuels for Asia: technical options for moving toward unleaded gasoline and low-sulfur diesel, Volumes 23-377
457254. Large dams: learning from the past looking at the future : workshop proceedings, Gland, Switzerland, April 11-12, 1997, Part 166
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457256. Vietnam: education financing
457257. China: higher education reform
457258. A poverty profile of Cambodia, Parts 63-373
457259. Design of social funds: participation, demand orientation, and local organizational capacity, Parts 63-375
457260. Macroeconomic reform in China: laying the foundation for a socialist market economy
457261. Vehicular air pollution: experiences from seven Latin American urban centers, Volumes 23-373
457262. Sri Lanka's rubber industry: succeeding in the global market, Parts 63-370
457263. Sri Lanka's tea industry: succeeding in the global market, Parts 63-368
457264. Tax reform in developing countries, Volume 235
457265. Land degradation in Tanzania: perception from the village, Volumes 23-370
457266. India: sustaining rapid economic growth
457267. Easing barriers to movement of plant varieties for agricultural development, Parts 63-367
457268. Rural well-being: from vision to action
457269. The long march: a reform agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean in the next decade
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457271. Mainstreaming gender in World Bank lending: an update
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457273. Everyone's miracle?: revisiting poverty and inequality in East Asia
457274. Belarus: prices, markets, and enterprise reform
457275. Advancing sustainable development: the World Bank and Agenda 21
457276. India: achievements and challenges in reducing poverty
457277. Verdopple deine Dates
457278. Wastewater treatment in Latin America: old and new options
457279. Review of early childhood policy and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Volumes 23-367
457280. Rural development: from vision to action
457281. Fiscal management in adjustment lending
457282. MIGA: the standard-setter
457283. Five years after Rio: innovations in environmental policy
457284. Expanding the measure of wealth: indicators of environmentally sustainable development
457285. Options for rural telecommunications development, Volumes 23-359
457286. Prospects and challenges for the Caribbean
457287. Intensified systems of farming in the tropics and subtropics, Parts 63-364
457288. Investing in pastoralism: sustainable natural resource use in arid Africa and the Middle East
457289. Fostering sustainable development: the sector investment program
457290. The regulation of non-bank financial institutions: the United States, the European Union, and other countries
457291. Model living standards measurement study survey questionnaire for the countries of the former Soviet Union
457292. Genomy
457293. Decentralization of education: legal issues
457294. Decentralization of education: demand-side financing, Part 292
457295. Bosnia and Herzegovina: from recovery to sustainable growth
457296. Policies on imports from economies in transition: two case studies
457297. Phasing out lead from gasoline in Central and Eastern Europe: health issues, feasibility, and policies, Page 536
457298. Paddy irrigation and water management in Southeast Asia
457299. China: power sector regulation in a socialist market economy, Parts 63-361
457300. Trends in education access and financing during the transition in Central and Eastern Europe, Volumes 23-361
457301. Colombia: paving the way for a results-oriented public sector
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457303. Reforming agriculture: the World Bank goes to market
457304. The legal framework for water users' associations: a comparative study, Volumes 23-360
457305. Evaluation results for ..., Volume 1
457306. Russia: forest policy during transition
457307. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: health sector study
457308. The demand for oil products in developing countries, Parts 63-359
457309. China's non-bank financial institutions: trust and investment companies, Parts 63-358
457310. Agricultural extension and research: achievements and problems in national systems
457311. Trends in private investment in developing countries: statistics for 1970-95, Part 63
457312. Urban poverty and violence in Jamaica
457313. Currency boards and external shocks: how much pain, how much gain?
457314. Poverty comparisons and household survey design
457315. Financial market fragmentation and reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa, Volumes 23-356
457316. Saving across the world: puzzles and policies, Parts 63-354
457317. Household Responses to Poverty and Vulnerability: Confronting Crisis in Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia
457318. Household Responses to Poverty and Vulnerability: Confronting Crisis in Commonwealth, Metro Manila, the Philippines
457319. Household Responses to Poverty and Vulnerability: Confronting crisis in Cisne Dos, Guayaquil, Ecuador
457320. Primary education in India, Page 952
457321. India: five years of stabilization and reform and the challenges ahead
457322. Who benefits from public education spending in Malawi?: results from the recent education reform, Parts 63-350
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457325. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, Business Ethics (Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management) (Volume 2)
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457327. Counting the full cost: parental and community financing of education in East Asia
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457329. Health reform in Africa: lessons from Sierre Leone, Parts 63-347
457330. Facilitating foreign participation in privatization
457331. The role of government and the private sector in fighting poverty, Volumes 23-346
457332. Livable cities for the 21st century
457333. Decentralization of education: teacher management, Part 292
457334. Structural aspects of manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from a seven country enterprise survey, Parts 63-346
457335. Rural energy and development: improving energy supplies for two billion people
457336. A survey of health reform in Central Asia, Volumes 23-344
457337. Poverty in Russia: public policy and private responses
457338. The economics of involuntary resettlement: questions and challenges
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457341. Unconditional demand for health care in Côte d'Ivoire: does selection on health status matter?
457342. The financing of pension systems in Central and Eastern Europe: an overview of major trends and their determinants, 1990-1993, Volumes 23-339
457343. Suppliers to multinationals: linkage programs to strenghten local companies in developing countries
457344. Privatizing Africa's infrastructure: promise and challenge, Volumes 23-337
457345. Economic integration and trade liberalization in Southern Africa: is there a role for South Africa?
457346. The privatization challenge: a strategic, legal, and institutional analysis of international experience
457347. Monitoring the learning outcomes of education systems
457348. State, community, and local development in Nigeria, Volumes 23-336
457349. Measuring the Burden of Disease and the Cost-effectiveness of Health Interventions: A Case Study in Guinea, Issue 333
457350. Developing the nonfarm sector in Bangladesh: lessons from other Asian countries, Parts 63-340
457351. Enterprise restructuring and economic policy in Russia
457352. Decentralization of education: community financing, Part 36
457353. Decentralization of education: politics and consensus, Part 36
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457797. Public management reform and innovation: research, theory, and application
457798. The west and central Florida expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
457799. The east Florida expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
457800. The Lower Mississippi Valley expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
457801. The Confederados: Old South Immigrants in Brazil
457802. State building and conflict resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994
457803. The Chippewa landscape of Louise Erdrich
457804. The Georgia and South Carolina expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
457805. Cattle in the cotton fields: a history of cattle raising in Alabama
457806. Flowing through time: a history of the lower Chattahoochee River
457807. Theatre in the Antebellum South, Volume 2
457808. A thousand kisses: a grandmother's Holocaust letters
457809. The Making of Sacagawea: A Euro-American Legend
457810. Alabama Baptists: Southern Baptists in the heart of Dixie
457811. Doing rhetorical history: concepts and cases
457812. Creating the American state: the moral reformers and the modern administrative world they made
457813. Lift every voice: African American oratory, 1787-1900
457814. Selma, Lord, Selma: girlhood memories of the civil-rights days
457815. The reminiscences of George Strother Gaines: pioneer and statesman of early Alabama and Mississippi, 1805-1843
457816. The Qumran Sectaries and the Karaites
457817. Putting ''loafing streams'' to work: the building of Lay, Mitchell, Martin, and Jordan Dams, 1910-1929
457818. Contradiction and conflict: the popular church in Nicaragua
457819. Southern parties and elections: studies in regional political change
457820. The Confederate Navy in Europe
457821. Standing before the shouting mob: Lenoir Chambers and Virginia's massive resistance to public-school integration
457822. A-train: memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman
457823. John Archibald Campbell, Southern moderate, 1811-1889
457824. A rogue's paradise: crime and punishment in Antebellum Florida, 1821-1861
457825. Raphael Semmes: the philosophical mariner
457826. Ernest Hemingway: the Oak Park legacy
457827. The Moundville expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
457828. The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Southeast
457829. Looking for Clark Gable and other 20th-century pursuits: collected writings
457830. Taking Christianity to China: Alabama missionaries in the middle kingdom, 1850-1950
457831. The cultural prison: discourse, prisoners, and punishment
457832. Island No. 10: struggle for the Mississippi Valley
457833. The quality of mercy: Southern Baptists and social Christianity, 1890-1920
457834. The Face in the Window and Other Alabama Ghostlore
457835. Of caves and shell mounds
457836. Rumors of change: essays of five decades
457837. Traces behind the Esmeraldas shore: prehistory of the Santiago-Cayapas Region, Ecuador
457838. A new deal for southeastern archaeology
457839. Seeing Historic Alabama: Fifteen Guided Tours
457840. Managing diversity in organizations
457841. Walking on water and other stories
457842. Party politics in Alabama from 1850 through 1860
457843. The Creek War of 1813 and 1814
457844. Rivers of history: life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama
457845. The journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878
457846. Martin Buber's formative years: from German culture to Jewish renewal, 1897-1909
457847. Being a boy again: autobiography and the American boy book
457848. Crossing the deadly ground: United States Army tactics, 1865-1899
457849. Alabama's state & local governments
457850. Forth to the mighty conflict: Alabama and World War II
457851. Henry Darwin Rogers, 1808-1866: American geologist
457852. Debt, investment, slaves: credit relations in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1825-1885
457853. Tongues of Flame
457854. Popular Trials: Rhetoric, Mass Media, and the Law
457855. Reconstructing argumentative discourse
457856. The rape of the text: reading and misreading Pope's Essay on man
457857. John Steinbeck: the years of greatness, 1936-1939
457858. Alabama Trails
457859. Voices from Alabama: a twentieth-century mosaic
457860. Letters from Alabama, (U.S.): chiefly relating to natural history
457861. The style of Hawthorne's gaze: regarding subjectivity
457862. Edmund Burke and the discourse of virtue
457863. Extensions of the Burkeian system
457864. Ancient chiefdoms of the Tombigbee
457865. Early pottery in the Southeast: tradition and innovation in cooking technology
457866. The Holocaust odyssey of Daniel Bennahmias, Sonderkommando
457867. Selling the dream: the Gulf American Corporation and the building of Cape Coral, Florida
457868. Slavery in Alabama
457869. Simon Baruch: rebel in the ranks of medicine, 1840-1921
457870. They live on the land: life in an open-country southern community
457871. Hemingway's neglected short fiction: new perspectives
457872. The enormous vogue of things Mexican: cultural relations between the United States and Mexico, 1920-1935
457873. Bourbon Democracy in Alabama, 1874-1890
457874. The third door: the autobiography of an American Negro woman
457875. Exploring Federalism
457876. The Confederacy's fighting chaplain: Father John B. Bannon
457877. The politics and economics of privatization: the case of wastewater treatment
457878. The new woman in Alabama: social reforms, and suffrage, 1890-1920
457879. Cotton-patch schoolhouse
457880. Alabama: one big front porch
457881. Dog and Gun: A Few Loose Chapters on Shooting, Among Which Will Be Found Some Anecdotes and Incidents
457882. Life and death in the ancient city of Teotihuacan: a modern paleodemographic synthesis
457883. Ḥabad: the Hasidism of R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady
457884. The Scalawag in Alabama Politics, 1865-1881
457885. School reform in the Deep South: a critical appraisal
457886. AIDS and the public work force: local government preparedness in managing the epidemic
457887. Fitzgerald's craft of short fiction: the collected stories, 1920-1935
457888. The land was theirs: Jewish farmers in the Garden State
457889. Braxton Bragg and Confederate defeat, Volume 2
457890. John Steinbeck as propagandist: The moon is down goes to war
457891. Indians of the southeastern United States in the late 20th century
457892. La Chanson de Jerusalem: Volume 6 of the Old French Crusade Cycle, Volume 6
457893. Confederate Arkansas: The People and Policies of a Frontier State in Wartime
457894. Holding bureaucrats accountable: politicians and professionals in St. Louis
457895. Outside the Magic Circle: The Autobiography of Virginia Foster Durr
457896. Moundville's economy
457897. Statistics in dialectology
457898. Argumentation theory and the rhetoric of assent
457899. It's Always Three O'Clock
457900. Kentucky
457901. Cannoneers in Gray: The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee, 1861-1865
457902. Rowdy Tales from Early Alabama: The Humor of John Gorman Barr
457903. Encounters with American ethnic cultures
457904. Justice Hugo Black and modern America
457905. Lamar archaeology: Mississippian chiefdoms in the deep South
457906. Running city hall: municipal administration in America
457907. The reach and grasp of policy analysis: comparative views of the craft
457908. The Old French crusade cycle: La geste du Chevalier au cygne ; edited by Edmond A. Emplaincourt, Volume 9
457909. Physician to the World: The Life of General William C. Gorgas
457910. The conscience of a lawyer: Clifford J. Durr and American civil liberties, 1899-1975
457911. Language in exile: three hundred years of Jamaican Creole
457912. Poisonous plants and venomous animals of Alabama and adjoining states
457913. The Disappearing South?: studies in regional change and continuity
457914. A theory of argumentation
457915. Poor But Proud: Alabama's Poor Whites
457916. Fort Toulouse: the French outpost at the Alabamas on the Coosa
457917. Hard-core delinquents: reaching out through the Miami experiment
457918. Voices in exile: Jamaican texts of the 18th and 19th centuries
457919. Jeffrey Introduces 13 More Southern Ghosts
457920. 13 Mississippi Ghosts and Jeffrey
457921. 13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey
457922. 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey
457923. Alabama: A Documentary History to 1900
457924. Comparing public bureaucracies: problems of theory and method
457925. From Civil War to civil rights--Alabama, 1860-1960: an anthology from the Alabama review
457926. McIntosh and Weatherford, Creek Indian leaders
457927. The politics of the Peace Corps & VISTA
457928. Nathaniel Southgate Shaler and the culture of American science
457929. The Old French crusade cycle: The Jerusalem continuations ; part 2 : la Prise d'Acre, La mort Godefroi and la Chanson des Rois Baudouin
457930. Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: South Carolina scientist in the Civil War era
457931. The Juárez myth in Mexico
457932. President Johnson's war on poverty: rhetoric and history
457933. The little man's big friend: James E. Folsom in Alabama politics, 1946-1958
457934. Structure and process in southeastern archaeology
457935. The clay sleeps: an ethnoarchaeological study of three African potters
457936. Haciendo pueblo: the development of a Guadalajaran suburb
457937. Wildflowers of Alabama and Adjoining States
457938. From that terrible field: Civil War letters of James M. Williams, Twenty-First Alabama Infantry Volunteers
457939. Les Chétifs
457940. The Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage
457941. Balkan tragedy: chaos and dissolution after the Cold War
457942. Regional integration: the West European experience
457943. Taxation in an integrating world
457944. Product standards for internationally integrated goods markets
457945. How China opened its door: the political success of the PRC's foreign trade and investment reforms
457946. Competition policies for an integrated world economy
457947. Brookings papers on education policy, 1999
457948. Cascade of arms: managing conventional weapons proliferation
457949. Leadership abroad begins at home: U.S. foreign economic policy after the Cold War
457950. Techno-nationalism and techno-globalism: conflict and cooperation
457951. A communications cornucopia: Markle Foundation essays on information policy
457952. Financial regulation in the global economy
457953. A vision for the world economy: openness, diversity, and cohesion
457954. Regionalism, multilateralism, and deeper integration
457955. Trade policies and developing nations
457956. How much do national borders matter?
457957. Developing nations and the politics of global integration
457958. Financial integration, corporate governance, and the performance of multinational companies
457959. International monetary arrangements for the 21st century
457960. Labor markets and integrating national economies
457961. Cambodia reborn?: the transition to democracy and development
457962. Environment and resource policies for the world economy
457963. International coordination of national stabilization policies
457964. Reforming planned economies in an integrating world economy
457965. Fortress America: gated communities in the United States
457966. Beyond tradeoffs: market reforms and equitable growth in Latin America
457967. Safety and you
457968. A Yeats dictionary: persons and places in the poetry of William Butler Yeats
457969. Writing Irish: selected interviews with Irish writers from the Irish literary supplement
457970. Great women in the sport of kings: America's top women jockeys tell their stories
457971. Children of Addiction: Research, Health, and Public Policy Issues
457972. The art of revitalization: improving conditions in distressed inner-city neighborhoods
457973. Interracial justice: conflict and reconciliation in post-civil rights America
457974. Does the law morally bind the poor? or, What good's the Constitution when you can't afford a loaf of bread?
457975. Gendered community: Rousseau, sex, and politics
457976. Busting the Mob: United States v. Cosa Nostra
457977. Who Will Care for Us?: Aging and Long-Term Care in a Multicultural America
457978. Power etiquette: what you don't know can kill your career
457979. Your workplace rights and how to make the most of them: an employee's guide
457980. Leadership development: programs and practices, future directions, examples and models : a report
457981. Retention management: strategies, practices, trends : a report
457982. Building a fair pay program: a step-by-step guide
457983. Writing effective policies and procedures: a step-by-step resource for clear communication
457984. Looking into Windows NT: a before-you-leap guide to Microsoft's network solution
457985. How to negotiate anything with anyone anywhere around the world
457986. The first-time trainer: a step-by-step quick guide for managers, supervisors, and new training professionals
457987. Corporate executions: the ugly truth about layoffs--how corporate greed is shattering lives, companies, and communities
457988. Personal magnetism: discover your own charisma and learn to charm, inspire, and influence others
457989. Sales negotiation skills that sell
457990. The time trap
457991. The perfect interview: how to get the job you really want
457992. Make yourself memorable: winning stategies to help you make a great impression on your boss, your co-workers, your customers--and everyone else!
457993. Now hiring!: finding & keeping good help for your entry-wage jobs
457994. Wisdom for earthlings: how to make better choices and take action in your life and in your work
457995. Ninety-six great interview questions to ask before you hire
457996. Knock your socks off answers: solving customer nightmares & soothing nightmare customers
457997. The global speaker: an English speaker's guide to making presentations around the world
457998. Managing information overload
457999. How to manage stress for success
458000. Essentials of total quality management
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