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454001. The Russian tragedy: the burden of history
454002. Ethnic conflict in the post-Soviet world: case studies and analysis
454003. China: a macro history
454004. Tell it to the dead: stories of a war
454005. Corporatism and comparative politics: the other great ''ism''
454006. Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States: documents, data, and analysis
454007. When economic crises endure
454008. Culture incarnate: native anthropology from Russia
454009. U.S. trade policy and global growth: new directions in the international economy
454010. Politics and justice in Russia: major trials of the post-Stalin era
454011. Democratic legislative institutions: a comparative view
454012. The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina: ethnic conflict and international intervention
454013. The ''children of Perestroika'' come of age: young people of Moscow talk about life in the new Russia
454014. Comparative political systems: policy performance and social change
454015. Masterworks of Asian literature in comparative perspective: a guide for teaching
454016. Asia, case studies in the social sciences: a guide for teaching
454017. Political ideologies: a comparative approach
454018. Fruits of her plume: essays on contemporary Russian woman's culture
454019. Russian traditional culture: religion, gender, and customary law
454020. The ''Children of Perestroika'': Moscow Teenagers Talk About Their Lives and the Future
454021. The Internet resource directory for K-12 teachers and librarians
454022. US government on the Web
454023. Student cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era: a wake-up call
454024. Premiere events: library programs that inspire elementary school patrons
454025. Getting lead-bottomed administrators excited about school library media centers
454026. Technologies for education: a practical guide
454027. Celebrating the earth: stories, experiences, and activities
454028. More social studies through children's literature: an integrated approach
454029. Multicultural folktales: readers theatre for elementary students
454030. Introduction to United States government information sources
454031. More reading connections: bringing parents, teachers, and librarians together
454032. Foundations for effective school library media programs
454033. Creating the early literacy classroom: activities for using technology to empower elementary students
454034. The eagle on the cactus: traditional stories from Mexico
454035. Native Americans today: resources and activities for educators, grades 4-8
454036. More novels and plays: thirty creative teaching guides for grades 6-12
454037. Coretta Scott King Award books: using great literature with children and young adults
454038. Teaching with folk stories of the Hmong: an activity book
454039. Science through children's literature: an integrated approach
454040. 100 most popular children's authors: biographical sketches and bibliographies
454041. Education: a guide to reference and information sources
454042. The humanities: a selective guide to information sources
454043. Technical services today and tomorrow
454044. The enchanted wood and other tales from Finland
454045. More rip-roaring reads for reluctant teen readers
454046. Information sources in science and technology
454047. Science fiction and fantasy reference index, 1992-1995: an international subject and author index to history and criticism
454048. Stepping stones to science: true tales and awesome activities
454049. Literature connections to world history, 7-12: resources to enhance and entice
454050. Literature connections to world history, K-6: resources to enhance and entice
454051. Literature connections to American history, K-6: resources to enhance and entice
454052. Travel the globe: multicultural story times
454053. Four great rivers to cross: Cheyenne history, culture, and traditions
454054. Cultivating a child's imagination through gardening
454055. Notes for serials cataloging
454056. The persona book: curriculum-based enrichment for educators
454057. The reading connection: bringing parents, teachers, and librarians together
454058. The magic egg and other tales from Ukraine
454059. Popular nonfiction authors for children: a biographical and thematic guide
454060. Why ostriches don't fly and other tales from the African bush
454061. Worth a thousand words: an annotated guide to picture books for older readers
454062. The emerging school library media center: historical issues and perspectives
454063. Journalism: a guide to the reference literature
454064. Cataloging Hebrew materials in the online environment: a comparative study of American and Israeli approaches
454065. Power up your library: creating the new elementary school library program
454066. Stagings: short scripts for middle and high school students
454067. Exploring diversity: literature themes and activities for grades 4-8
454068. Chances are: hands-on activities in probability and statistics, grades 3-7
454069. Families in children's literature: a resource guide, grades 4-8
454070. The social sciences: a cross-disciplinary guide to selected sources
454071. United States government directories, 1982-1995
454072. American Indian reference and resource books for children and young adults
454073. Literary maps for young adult literature
454074. The poet tree
454075. Rip-roaring reads for reluctant teen readers
454076. The new men's studies: a selected and annotated interdisciplinary bibliography
454077. Investigating science through bears
454078. Acts of teaching: how to teach writing : a text, a reader, a narrative
454079. Dirk Pitt 19 Treasure of Khan
454080. Poetry, the magic language: children learn to read and write it
454081. Those Remarkable Women of the American Revolution
454082. A historical album of Connecticut
454083. A historical album of New Jersey
454084. Historical Album Massachusetts
454085. Our National Symbols
454086. The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System (Graduate Series in Astronomy)
454087. Işık Bahçeleri
454088. Psychologia współczesna
454089. Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors
454090. Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual, Third Edition (Volume 2)
454091. Austerlitz 1805 (Cassell Military Paperbacks)
454092. Conversation Analysis: Principles, Practices and Applications
454093. Blinde Flecken: Schwarz ermittelt, Kriminalroman
454094. Immunopathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
454095. Modelling Nutrient Digestion and Utilisation in Farm Animals
454097. AID for Immunoglobulin Diversity
454098. Más allá del Estado nacional
454100. The politics of our selves: power, autonomy, and gender in contemporary critical theory
454101. Cancer Immunotherapy Volume 90
454102. Części maszyn
454103. Cell-to-Cell Mapping: A Method of Global Analysis for Nonlinear Systems
454105. Dirk Pitt 20 Arctic Drift
454109. Metody numeryczne
454111. Dirk Pitt 11 Sahara
454113. Der Weg der Könige (Roman)
454114. Le créé et l'incréé : Maxime le confesseur et Thomas d'Aquin : aux sources de la querelle palamienne
454115. Von *hdl* bis *cul8r*: Sprache und Kommunikation in den Neuen Medien (DUDEN: Thema Deutsch, Band 7)
454116. On Bullshit
454117. Dirk Pitt 12 Inca Gold
454118. Our National Monuments
454119. What to Teach Kids About Racial Prejudice: For Parents, Teachers, and Other Caregivers
454120. Communicating: how to confront kids when they're doing wrong : how to encourage kids when they do right
454121. How to stop enabling and start empowering kids
454122. Facilitating a Violence Prevention Support Group For Kids Who Bully
454123. Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips
454124. How to rappel!
454125. Hiking Colorado's Weminuche Wilderness
454126. Camping Arizona
454127. Hiking Northern California
454128. Hiking Utah's Summits
454129. Fishing Maine
454130. Principles of polymer systems, Volume 1
454131. Adventures of a bystander
454132. Friedrich Nietzsche
454133. The future of industrial man
454134. The age of discontinuity: guidelines to our changing society
454135. Still moving: recent Jewish migration in comparative perspective
454136. Media ethics & accountability systems
454137. Warfare since the Second World War
454138. Obeying orders: atrocity, military discipline, & the law of war
454139. The order of learning: essays on the contemporary university
454140. The Schwarzbein principle: the truth about losing weight, being healthy, and feeling younger
454141. The Sai Prophecy
454142. Chicken soup for the Christian soul: 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit
454143. Chicken soup for the soul at work: 101 stories of courage, compassion, and creativity in the workplace
454144. Co-dependence: healing the human condition : the new paradigm for helping professionals and people in recovery
454145. Cy Young: a baseball life
454146. Bill W. and Mr. Wilson: the legend and life of A.A.'s cofounder
454147. Taking history to heart: the power of the past in building social movements
454148. The Dean of American Letters: the late career of William Dean Howells
454149. Suffering soldiers: Revolutionary War veterans, moral sentiment, and political culture in the early republic
454150. Designing a new America: the origins of New Deal planning, 1890-1943
454151. A Primer on Quality in the Analytical Laboratory
454152. Emily Dickinson: monarch of perception
454153. King Philip's War: civil war in New England, 1675-1676
454154. The magic of the many: Josiah Quincy and the rise of mass politics in Boston, 1800-1830
454155. Women and other animals
454156. The portable queen: Elizabeth I and the politics of ceremony
454157. Fugitive red
454158. Politics and performance in contemporary Northern Ireland
454159. English epicures and stoics: ancient legacies in early Stuart culture
454160. Hawthorne's Fuller mystery
454161. Revolutionary lives: Anna Strunsky & William English Walling
454162. Hungry heart: the literary emergence of Julia Ward Howe
454163. And yet, I am here!
454164. Accomplished in all departments of art--Hammatt Billings of Boston, 1818-1874
454165. Epic season: the 1948 American League pennant race
454166. The politics of courtly dancing in early modern England
454167. The crisis of the standing order: clerical intellectuals and cultural authority in Massachusetts, 1780-1833
454168. A true Republican: the life of Paul Revere
454169. Talking back to Emily Dickinson and other essays
454170. Bram Fischer: Afrikaner revolutionary
454171. Gender and sexuality in modern Ireland
454172. Earth and water: encounters in Viet Nam
454173. To do good to my Indian brethren: the writings of Joseph Johnson, 1751-1776
454174. Rousing the nation: radical culture in Depression America
454175. Constructing the Little house: gender, culture, and Laura Ingalls Wilder
454176. Exhibiting contradiction: essays on the art museum in the United States
454177. Cultural Semantics: Keywords of Our Time
454178. A private state: stories
454179. Don't worry about the kids: stories
454180. El Coro: a chorus of Latino and Latina poetry
454181. The tutor'd mind: Indian missionary-writers in antebellum America
454182. Victims and heroes: racial violence in the African American novel
454183. At the site of inside out
454184. The lesbian menace: ideology, identity, and the representation of lesbian life
454185. The women carry river water: poems
454186. A time far past
454187. Anarchy & culture: the aesthetic politics of modernism
454188. The serpent in the cup: temperance in American literature
454189. The farm: life inside a women's prison
454190. Short route to chaos: conscience, community, and the re-constitution of American schooling
454191. Emmanuel Appadocca, or, Blighted life: a tale of the boucaneers
454192. The mystic of Tunja: the writings of Madre Castillo, 1671-1742
454193. Individualism and its discontents: appropriations of Emerson, 1880-1950
454194. John Dee: the politics of reading and writing in the English Renaissance
454195. Perfecting the family: antislavery marriages in nineteenth-century America
454196. Dr. America: the lives of Thomas A. Dooley, 1927-1961
454197. Sobering tales: narratives of alcoholism and recovery
454198. Reading books: essays on the material text and literature in America
454199. Celebrating the fourth: Independence Day and the rites of Nationalism in the Early Republic
454200. Obedient sons: the discourse of youth and generations in American culture, 1630-1860
454201. Restless spirits: ghost stories by American women, 1872-1926
454202. The great lobster war
454203. So ordered: making partner the hard way
454204. Cultures of print: essays in the history of the book
454205. Colt: the making of an American legend
454206. After Frost: an anthology of poetry from New England
454207. Mastery and escape: T.S. Eliot and the dialectic of modernism
454208. The psychology of adversity
454209. Living on the Boott: historical archaeology at the Boott Mills Boardinghouses, Lowell, Massachusetts
454210. Black maps
454211. In a closet hidden: the life and work of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
454212. Love across the color line: the letters of Alice Hanley to Channing Lewis
454213. Where is our responsibility?: unions and economic change in the New England textile industry, 1870-1960
454214. Deep Are the Roots
454215. The Last Selection: A Child's Journey Through the Holocaust
454216. Heterogeneities: race, gender, class, nation, and state
454217. Italian socialism: between politics and history
454218. Inscribing the daily: critical essays on women's diaries
454219. The Viet Nam War the American war: images and representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese exile narratives
454220. An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans
454221. Women of the commonwealth: work, family, and social change in nineteenth-century Massachusetts
454222. Gesù Cristo non è mai esistito
454223. Correspondent Colorings: Melville in the Marketplace
454224. Northeastern Indian lives, 1632-1816
454225. The arduous touch: voices of women in health care
454226. Child abuse, domestic violence, and animal abuse: linking the circles of compassion for prevention and intervention
454227. Albania at war, 1939-1945
454228. The humanities in dispute: a dialogue in letters
454229. CallCenter management by the numbers
454230. Central & Northern Florida
454231. Adventure Guide to the Bahamas
454232. The Secret Caribbean: Hideaways of the Rich & Famous
454233. Cruising Alaska
454234. Adventure Guide to the Sierra Nevada
454235. Romantic Weekends in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, Part 3
454236. Romantic Weekends in Texas
454237. St. Martin & St. Barts Alive!
454238. Orlando and Central Florida: Including Disney World, the Space Coast, Tampa and Daytona
454239. Adventure guide to Canada's Atlantic Provinces
454240. Enchanted Summer: A Romantic Guide to Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard
454241. Romantic Weekends: New England; Coastal Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Coastal Massachusetts, Rhode Island
454242. Adventure guide to Texas
454243. Hawaii
454244. Venezuela Alive
454245. Cruising the Caribbean: A Guide to the Ports of Call
454246. Adventure Guide to Southern California
454247. Adventure guide to the Leeward Islands: Anguilla, St. Martin, St. Barts, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda
454248. Adventure Guide to Georgia
454249. Southcentral Alaska: A Comprehensive Guide to Hiking & Canoeing Trails & Public-Use Cabins
454250. Romantic Weekends Southern California
454251. Romantic Weekends in and Around New York
454252. Adventure Guide to Northern Florida and the Panhandle
454253. Adventure Guide to the Georgia and Carolina Coasts
454254. Adventure guide to the Florida Keys & Everglades National Park
454255. Adventure Guide to Tennessee
454256. New York & New Jersey: A Guide to the State & National Parks
454257. California: A Guide to the State & National Parks
454258. Quiet Places of Massachusetts: Country Rambles, Secluded Beaches, Backroad Excursions, Romantic Retreats
454259. Adventure guide to the high Southwest
454260. Adventure Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains
454261. Virgin Islands alive guide
454262. Mexico by Rail
454263. Sybase ASE 12.5 high availability
454264. Hesitant martyr in the Texas Revolution: James Walker Fannin
454265. Counter Culture Texas
454266. Born Again Texan!: A Newcomer's Guide to Texas
454267. Barbecuing Around Texas
454268. Antiquing in North Texas: A Guide to Antique Shops, Malls, and Flea Markets
454269. Death of a legend: the myth and mystery surrounding the death of Davy Crockett
454270. Good Times in Texas: A Pretty Complete Guide to Where the Fun Is
454271. Puncher Pie and Cowboy Lies
454272. The King Ranch story: truth and myth : a history of the oldest and greatest ranch in Texas
454273. The Alamo story: from early history to current conflicts
454274. Lawmen of the Old West: the good guys
454275. Top Texas chefs: favorite recipes
454276. Fixin' to be Texan
454277. Return of assassin John Wilkes Booth
454278. Bubba speak: Texas folk sayings
454279. The last of the old-time cowboys
454280. Battlefields of Texas
454281. Best tales of Texas ghosts
454282. They Don't Have to Die: Home and Classroom Care for Small Animals
454283. A cowboy of the Pecos
454284. Tales of the Guadalupe Mountains
454285. Pete the python: the further adventures of Mark and Deke
454286. Exotic pets: a veterinary guide for owners
454287. Ghosts Along the Texas Coast
454288. Just Passing Through
454289. The Funny Side of Texas
454290. Texas tales your teacher never told you
454291. Rainy Days in Texas Funbook
454292. Cutthroat: high stakes & killer moves on the electronic frontier
454293. Exploring the Black Hills & Badlands: a guide for hikers, cross-country skiers & mountain bikers
454294. Women of consequence: the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame
454295. Surrender on demand
454296. Ted Turner: it ain't as easy as it looks
454297. Shakespeare's Flowers
454298. Seeing the white buffalo
454299. State parks of the South: America's historic paradise ; a guide to camping, fishing, hiking, & sightseeing
454300. Army wives on the American frontier: living by the bugles
454301. Wolves: A Wildlife Handbook
454302. Guide to the Georgetown Silver Plume historic district
454303. Flyfishing Alaska
454304. Saving our soil: solutions for sustaining earth's vital resource
454305. Hopi pottery symbols
454306. Exploring the Black Hills & Badlands
454307. Rocky Mountain National Park Dayhiker's Guide: A Scenic Guide to 33 Favorite Hikes Including Longs Peak
454308. The Tribal Living Book: 150 Things to Do and Make from Traditional Cultures
454309. Snow caves for fun & survival
454310. A Field guide to rock art symbols of the greater Southwest
454311. Flies for Alaska: a guide to buying & tying
454312. Roads to center place: a cultural atlas of Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi
454313. The xeriscape flower gardener: a waterwise guide for the Rocky Mountain region
454314. Utes, the mountain people
454315. Beyond the loom: keys to understanding early Southwestern weaving
454316. Roadside history of Colorado
454317. Yellow Jacket: a four corners Anasazi ceremonial center
454318. Data mining your website
454319. Networking explained
454320. How to talk to your kids about really important things: for children four to twelve : specific questions and useful things to say
454321. The Upper Class Book 1
454322. On being a therapist
454323. The Christie Harris papers: an inventory of the archive at the University of Calgary Library
454324. With heart and soul: Calgary's Italian community
454325. Biodiversity in Canada: ecology, ideas, and action
454326. Felix Holt, the radical
454327. A feminist I: reflections from academia
454328. Secrecy, or, The ruin on the rock
454329. The rover, or, The banished cavaliers, Part 1
454330. Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law
454331. Memoirs of Emma Courtney
454332. Turning points: decisions shaping the evolution of the international political economy
454333. Memoirs of modern philosophers
454334. The history of Miss Betsy Thoughtless
454335. Zofloya; or, The Moor: a romance of the fifteenth century
454336. Valperga, or, The life and adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca
454337. Dracula
454338. Women's voices, women's power: dialogues of resistance from East Africa
454339. Scientific Thinking
454340. Canadian issues in environmental ethics
454341. Heart and science: a story of the present time
454342. The adventures of Rivella
454343. The Canadian regime
454344. Family boundaries: the invention of normality & dangerousness
454345. Other worlds: society seen through soap opera
454346. Socrates' children: thinking and knowing in the Western tradition
454347. Set in authority
454348. Northanger Abbey
454349. Lodore
454350. The scarlet letter: a romance
454351. The evil genius
454352. Evidence-based otitis media
454353. Development of the gastrointestinal tract, Volume 1
454354. Pediatric gastrointestinal imaging and intervention, Volume 1
454355. Current management in child neurology
454356. Rudolph's brief atlas of the newborn
454357. Tissue adhesives in wound care
454358. Blood clots and strokes: a guide for parents and little folks
454359. Advanced therapy of headache
454360. Imaging of spinal trauma in children: an atlas and text, Volume 1
454361. Pediatric Thromboembolism and Stroke Protocols
454362. Thromboembolic complications during infancy and childhood, Volume 1
454363. Practical pediatric gastroenterology
454364. Conquering rheumatoid arthritis: an illustrated guide to understanding the treatment and control of rheumatoid arthritis
454365. Conquering Depression
454366. Rediscovering justice: awakening world faiths to address world issues : an interfaith conference for youth on the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations
454367. Ebay online auctions
454368. MP3 power! with Winamp
454369. The CDnow story: rags to riches on the Internet
454370. Seasons of change: reflections on a half century at Saint Louis University
454371. Fordham: the early years : a commemoration of the Jesuits' arrival in 1846
454372. Woodleaf Legacy: The Story of a California Gold Rush Town
454373. Aerobics instructor manual: the resource for fitness professionals
454374. JETZT! Die Kraft der Gegenwart: Ein Leitfaden zum spirituellen Erwachen
454375. Pilgrimage explored
454376. Korean women in transition: at home and abroad
454377. The complete guide to the NCO-ER: how to receive and write an excellent report
454378. The five secrets to finding a job: a story of success
454379. Up or out: how to get promoted as the Army draws down
454380. Dynamite tele-search: 101 techniques and tips for getting job leads and interviews
454381. How to get interviews from classified job ads
454382. Resumes for re-entry: a handbook for women
454383. The complete guide to international jobs and careers
454384. Jobs in Washington, DC
454385. The right SF 171 writer: the complete guide to communicating your qualifications to federal employers
454386. The new Relocating spouse's guide to employment: options and strategies in the U.S. and abroad
454387. Graduating to the 9-5 world
454388. The educator's guide to alternative jobs & careers
454389. The expressiveness of the body and the divergence of Greek and Chinese medicine
454390. Punch lines: Berger on boxing
454391. In the realms of the unreal: insane writings
454392. O my land, my friends: the selected letters of Hart Crane
454393. From ghetto to emancipation: historical and contemporary reconsiderations of the Jewish community
454394. From then into now: William Kennedy's Albany novels
454395. The human constitution
454396. Visions of the Grand Staircase-Escalante: examining Utah's newest national monument
454397. The Irish Brigade in the Civil War: the 69th New York and other Irish regiments of the Army of the Potomac
454398. James Longstreet: the man, the soldier, the controversy
454399. Mercedes-Benz parade and staff cars of the Third Reich, 1933-45: an illustrated history
454400. The Military Campaigns of the Wars of the Roses
454401. The Roman war machine
454402. The Gettysburg campaign, June-July 1863
454403. Gettysburg July 1
454404. The second Bull Run campaign, July-August 1862
454405. Civil War firearms: their historical background and tactical use and modern collecting and shooting
454406. In search of Robert E. Lee
454407. The Shiloh campaign: March - April 1862
454408. The fighting kings of Wessex
454409. Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
454410. Ironclads at war: the origin and development of the armored warship, 1854-1891
454411. Hitler's army: the evolution and structure of German forces
454412. The Appomattox campaign: March 29-April 9, 1865
454413. Civil War sea battles: seafights and shipwrecks in the war between the states
454414. MacArthur's New Guinea campaign
454415. Doctor Mudd and the Lincoln assassination
454416. Spotsylvania Campaign: May 7-19, 1864
454417. General John Buford
454418. The first air campaign, August 1914-November 1918
454419. War on two fronts: Shiloh to Gettysburg
454420. Jackson's Valley campaign: November 1861-June 1862
454421. Incident In Mona Passage: A Novel Of The Next War Beneath The Sea
454422. The Vicksburg campaign: April 1862-July 1863
454423. The Antietam campaign: August-September 1862
454424. Rommel's North Africa campaign: September 1940-November 1942
454425. The Petersburg Campaign: June 1864-April 1865
454426. The Little Bighorn campaign, March-September 1876
454427. Hitler's Blitzkrieg campaigns: the invasion and defense of Western Europe, 1939-1940
454428. A Civil War treasury: being a miscellany of arms and artillery, facts and figures, legends and lore, muses and minstrels, personalities and people
454429. The Midway campaign, December 7, 1941-June 6, 1942
454430. The Alamo and the Texas War of Independence, September 30, 1835 to April 21, 1836: heroes, myths, and history
454431. The Atlanta campaign: May-November, 1864
454432. The Other eighteenth century: English women of letters, 1660-1800
454433. The legend of good women
454434. How to profit by forming your own limited liability company
454435. 100 best retirement businesses
454436. Conducting support groups for students affected by chemical dependence: a guide for educators and other professionals
454437. Different like me: a book for teens who worry about their parents use of alcohol drugs
454438. Major film directors of the American and British cinema, Volume 1999
454439. Muted voices: the recovery of democracy in the shaping of technology
454440. Revisioning the British empire in the eighteenth century: essays from twenty-five years of the Lawrence Henry Gipson Institute for Eighteenth-Century Studies
454441. The genesis of Methodism
454442. Created in our image: the miniature body of the doll as subject and object
454443. Breaking new ground: the transgressive poetics of Claudio Rodríguez
454444. Separatism, the allies and the mafia: the struggle for Sicilian independence, 1943-1948
454445. The life and times of Sir Goldsworthy Gurney: gentleman scientist and inventor, 1793-1875
454446. Exiles in Hollywood: major European film directors in America
454447. A Gil Vicente bibliography, 1975-1995: with a supplement for 1940-1975
454448. The films of Frankenheimer: forty years in film
454449. The nightmare of history: the fictions of Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence
454450. A world of crisis and progress: the American YMCA in Japan, 1890-1930
454451. Baptized in the fire of revolution: the American social gospel and the YMCA in China, 1919-1937
454452. B.F. Skinner and behaviorism in American culture
454453. John Wesley and marriage
454454. Toward a dialogue of understandings: Loren Eiseley and the critique of science
454455. Cultural semiotics, Spenser, and the captive woman
454456. Life on a Mexican ranche
454457. Sentenced to remember: my legacy of life in pre-1939 Poland and sixty-eight months of Nazi occupation
454458. Paine, Scripture, and authority: the Age of reason as religious and political idea
454459. Competitiveness and American society
454460. Social responsibility in science, technology, and medicine
454461. Virtue, corruption, and self-interest: political values in the eighteenth century
454462. History of the Abderites
454463. New worlds, new technologies, new issues
454464. Lee de Forest and the fatherhood of radio
454465. The Dublin stage, 1720-1745: a calendar of plays, entertainments, and afterpieces
454466. Science, society, and values: toward a sociology of objectivity
454467. Literature and technology
454468. Economics and politics of Turkish liberalization
454469. Lehigh University: a history of education in engineering, business, and the human condition
454470. Revelation and revolution: basic writings of Thomas Müntzer
454471. Critical perspectives on nonacademic science and engineering
454472. Strategies of expertise in technical controversies: a study of wood energy development
454473. America views China: American images of China then and now
454474. Science at Harvard University: historical perspectives
454475. Beyond history of science: essays in honor of Robert E. Schofield
454476. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline controversy: technology, conservation, and the frontier
454477. From artifact to habitat: studies in the critical engagement of technology
454478. Two Mather biographies: Life and death and Parentator
454479. My life with the printed circuit
454480. In context: history and the history of technology : essays in honor of Melvin Kranzberg
454481. A literary history of New England
454482. Technique, discourse, and consciousness: an introduction to the philosophy of Jacques Ellul
454483. Joseph Wharton: Quaker industrial pioneer
454484. The Seven Points of Alcoholics Anonymous
454485. A river runner's guide to the history of the Grand Canyon
454486. To kill an eagle: Indian views on the death of Crazy Horse
454487. Silver queen, the fabulous story of Baby Doe Tabor
454488. The Furtwängler record
454489. Constanze Mozart: after the Requiem
454490. Growth patterns in vascular plants
454491. Plants and people of the Golden Triangle: ethnobotany of the hill tribes of northern Thailand
454492. Practical protein electrophoresis for genetic research
454493. Advances in cognition, education, and deafness
454494. Gallaudet survival guide to signing
454495. How to survive hearing loss
454496. The week the world heard Gallaudet
454497. A place of their own: creating the deaf community in America
454498. Lessons in laughter: the autobiography of a deaf actor
454499. The Day We Met Cindy
454500. My signing book of numbers
454501. Belonging
454502. My First Book of Sign
454503. I can sign my ABCs
454504. Angels and Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature
454505. In the line of duty: reflections of a Texas Ranger private
454506. Covering the campus: the history of The chronicle of higher education, 1966-1993
454507. A book lover in Texas
454508. Fresh ink: behind the scenes at a major metropolitan newspaper
454509. The 56th Evac. Hospital: letters of a WWII army doctor
454510. Texas Folklore Society: 1943-1971
454511. Legendary ladies of Texas, Issue 53
454512. A woman's odyssey: journals, 1976-1992
454513. Singin' Texas
454514. Catch rope: the long arm of the cowboy
454515. Corners of Texas
454516. Star of destiny: the private life of Sam and Margaret Houston
454517. Waiting in line at the drugstore: and other writings of James Thomas Jackson
454518. From slave to statesman: the legacy of Joshua Houston, servant to Sam Houston
454519. A Promise to Catie
454520. When I was just your age
454521. Larry McMurtry and the West: an ambivalent relationship
454522. This place of memory: a Texas perspective : a collection
454523. 1941: Texas goes to war
454524. The LH7 Ranch in the city's shadow: from longhorns to the Salt Grass Trail
454525. Black cinema treasures: lost and found
454526. MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS (DK Eyewitness Books)
454527. Simple versions of disaster
454528. Gilbert Onderdonk: the nurseryman of Mission Valley, pioneer horticulturist
454529. The Texas legacy of Katherine Anne Porter
454530. The cowgirls
454531. In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex
454532. Popsicle Fish: Tales of Fathering
454533. Beautiful Again: Restoring Your Image and Enhancing Body Changes
454534. Addiction: the high-low trap
454535. The Composers: A Hystery of Music
454536. A Working Musician's Joke Book
454537. How to Stay Awake During: During Anybody's Second Movement
454538. I Wanna Be Sedated: Pop Music in the Seventies
454539. A reader's guide to Edwardian literature
454540. Civilization and oppressión
454541. Visions in the night: Jungian and ancient dream interpretation
454542. Now or Neverland: Peter Pan and the myth of eternal youth : a psychological perspective on a cultural icon
454543. Divine tempest: the hurricane as a psychic phenomenon
454544. Psyche in scripture: the idea of the chosen people and other essays
454545. The mystery of the coniunctio: alchemical image of individuation
454546. The Mysterium lectures: a journey through C.G. Jung's Mysterium coniunctionis
454547. Coming to age: the croning years and late-life transformation
454548. Chicken Little: the inside story : a Jungian romance
454549. The middle passage: from misery to meaning in midlife
454550. A strategy for a loss of faith: Jung's proposal
454551. Getting to know you: the inside out of relationship
454552. The secret lore of gardening: patterns of male intimacy
454553. Saturday's child: encounters with the dark gods
454554. Castration and male rage: the phallic wound
454555. Dear Gladys: the survival papers
454556. The Cassandra complex: living with disbelief : a modern perspective on hysteria
454557. Personality types: Jung's model of typology
454558. The Bible and the psyche: individuation symbolism in the Old Testament
454559. Encounter with the self: a Jungian commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job
454560. The creation of consciousness: Jung's myth for modern man
454561. Addiction to perfection: the still unravished bride : a psychological study
454562. Rape and ritual: a psychological study
454563. C.G. Jung and Paul Tillich: the psyche as sacrament
454564. Descent to the Goddess: a way of initiation for women
454565. Alchemy: an introduction to the symbolism and the psychology
454566. Dear Chris: letters on the life of faith
454567. Letters by lamplight: a woman's view of everyday life in South Texas, 1873-1883
454568. Guided with a steady hand: the cultural landscape of a rural Texas park
454569. Toward benevolent neutrality: church, state, and the Supreme Court, Volume 1
454570. Proboscidean and Paleoindian interactions
454571. Should the children pray?: a historical, judicial, and political examination of public school prayer
454572. Contemporary essays on Greek ideas: the Kilgore festschrift
454573. Vegetative compatibility responses in plants
454574. The poet Robert Browning and his kinsfolk
454575. Religion and the state: essays in honor of Leo Pfeffer
454576. American bypaths: essays in honor of E. Hudson Long
454577. Desdemona's fire: poems
454578. Adam of Ifé: Black women in praise of Black men : poems
454579. No matter where you travel, you still be Black: poems
454580. Youth programs: promoting quality services
454581. Research about leisure: past, present and future
454582. Recreation programming: designing leisure experiences
454583. Just Call Me Minnie: My Six Decades in Baseball
454584. Bitter Roses: An Inside Look at the Washington Huskies' Turbulent Year
454585. Marge Schott: unleashed
454586. Lou Boudreau: Covering All the Bases
454587. Against the world: a behind-the-scenes look at the Portland Trail Blazers' chase for the NBA championship
454588. Problem solving in recreation and parks
454589. Take charge!: a ''how to'' approach for solving everybody problems
454590. Influencing human behavior: theory and application in recreation, tourism, and natural resources management
454591. Bob Wills: hubbin' it
454592. My Husband, Jimmie Rodgers
454593. Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity
454594. History of the College for the Deaf, 1857-1907
454595. Dictionary of Architecture and Construction, 4th edition
454596. Total communication: structure and strategy
454597. The Knickerbocker tradition: Washington Irving's New York
454598. Across Arctic America: Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition
454599. Essays on the Ethnography of the Aleuts at the End of the Eighteenth and the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
454600. Journals of the priest Ioann Veniaminov in Alaska, 1823 to 1836
454601. The great Russian navigator, A.I. Chirikov
454602. The aurora watcher's handbook
454603. The Khlebnikov archive: unpublished journal (1800-1837) and travel notes (1820, 1822, and 1824)
454604. Bering's voyages: the reports from Russia
454605. Tlingit Indians of Alaska
454606. Holmberg's ethnographic sketches
454607. Farthest North college president: Charles E. Bunnell and the early history of the University of Alaska
454608. Energy Alaska
454609. Edward Lewis Bob Bartlett of Alaska: a life in politics
454610. Alaska's constitutional convention, Volume 1956
454611. Blazing Alaska's Trails
454612. Omnipotent government: the rise of the total state and total war
454613. The exploitation theory of socialism-communism: the idea that all unearned income (rent, interest, and profit) involves economic injustice : an extract
454614. Value and price: an extract
454615. Oral language across the curriculum
454616. Key issues in bilingualism and bilingual education
454617. The role of the first language in foreign language learning
454618. Talk and social organisation
454619. Introspection in second language research
454620. Raising children bilingually: the pre-school years
454621. The Interdisciplinary study of urban bilingualism in Brussels
454622. Code-mixing and code choice: a Hong Kong case study
454623. Age in second language acquisition
454624. Bilingual and multicultural education: Canadian perspectives
454625. Communicative competence approaches to language proficiency assessment: research and application
454626. Bilingualism or not: the education of minorities
454627. Language attitudes among Arabic-French bilinguals in Morocco
454628. Ophiolites and their modern oceanic analogues
454629. Phosphorite research and development
454630. The Cadomian orogeny
454631. A guide to careers in physical anthropology
454632. Making space: merging theory and practice in adult education
454633. Situating college English: lessons from an American university
454634. Legal information: how to find it, how to use it
454635. The multicultural cookbook for students
454636. Immunocytochemical methods and protocols
454637. Cytomegalovirus protocols
454638. Signaling networks and cell cycle control: the molecular basis of cancer and other diseases
454639. Modern hematology: biology and clinical management
454640. Plant hormone protocols
454641. Integrin protocols
454642. Flow cytometry protocols
454643. Hepatitis C protocols
454644. Embracing the fear: learning to manage anxiety and panic attacks
454645. The cat at the door: and other stories to live by
454646. Does your program measure up?: an addiction professional's guide for evaluating treatment effectiveness
454647. Working the 12 Steps
454648. Hazelden, a spiritual odyssey
454649. Not-God: a history of Alcoholics Anonymous
454650. Walden
454651. The best of Robert Service
454652. Exploring Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book
454653. Forests: a fact-filled coloring book
454654. Baby games: the joyful guide to child's play from birth to three years
454655. The diabetic's brand name food exchange handbook
454656. Best tales of the Yukon
454657. The Velveteen Rabbit Or, How Toys Become Real
454658. Rural rescue and emergency care
454659. The triumph & tragedy of Lyndon Johnson: the White House years
454660. Perpetual war for perpetual peace
454661. The American campaign: U.S. presidential campaigns and the national vote
454662. Sematech: saving the U.S. semiconductor industry
454663. My fellow Texans: governors of Texas in the 20th century
454664. HEJ, Texas goodbye Sweden: a Swedish boy in early Texas
454665. The Mustang Professor: The Story of J. Frank Dobie
454666. Carrier down: the story of the sinking of the U.S.S. Princeton (CVL-23)
454667. Last man out
454668. The immortal 32: thirty-two men from Gonzales answered the plea from the Alamo
454669. Achieving global information networking
454670. Understanding networking technology: concepts, terms, and trends
454671. Computer telephony integration
454672. Pulse code modulation systems design
454673. Telecommunications department management
454674. Introduction to information-based high-tech services
454675. Cell planning for wireless communications
454676. Intelligent transportation systems architectures
454677. Decision making for technology executives: using multiple perspectives to improved performance
454678. Metadata management for information control and business success
454679. Le débat des semences: Solutions pour les lois nationales régissant le contrôle des ressources génétiques et des innovations biologiques
454680. Soutenir la démocratie : le programme Afrique du Sud-Canada de bon gouvernement
454681. Managing the monster: urban waste and governance in Africa
454682. Échec à la pauvreté : les besoins humains, la science et la technologie
454683. An assault on poverty: basic human needs, science and technology
454684. Faire campagne en ville : l'agriculture urbaine en Afrique de l'Est
454685. Measuring the impact of information on development
454686. Cities feeding people: an examination of urban agriculture in east Africa
454687. Lore: capturing traditional environmental knowledge
454688. A fragile revolution: consumers and psychiatric survivors confront the power of the mental health system
454689. Circles of time: aboriginal land rights and resistance in Ontario
454690. A cross-cultural dialogue on health care ethics
454691. Early modern concepts for a late modern world: Althusius on community and federalism
454692. The career of a revolutionary, 1754-1807
454693. Race, Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada: Historical Case Studies
454694. Narrative in the feminine: Daphne Marlatt and Nicole Brossard
454695. Leaving the Cave: Evolutionary Naturalism in Social-Scientific Thought
454696. Animal Welfare and Human Values
454697. The writing of Yehuda Amichai: a thematic approach
454698. The resource room: a guide for special educators
454699. Criminal gods and demon devotees: essays on the guardians of popular Hinduism
454700. The Marawanid restoration: the caliphate of 'Abd al-Malik
454701. Labor divided: race and ethnicity in United States labor struggles, 1835-1960
454702. Chuang-tzu for spiritual transformation: an analysis of the inner chapters
454703. City executives: leadership roles, work characteristics, and time management
454704. A workbook in redesigning public services
454705. Education, modernity, and fractured meaning: toward a process theory of teaching and learning
454706. From tank town to high tech: the clash of community and industrial cycles
454707. Essays in ancient Greek philosophy, Volume 3
454708. The Russian hero in modern Chinese fiction
454709. Academic rebels in Chile: the role of philosophy in higher education and politics
454710. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 13: The Conquest of Iraq, Southwestern Persia, and Egypt. The Middle Years of ‘Umar’s Caliphate, A.D. 636-642; A.H. 15-21
454711. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 34: Incipient Decline. The Caliphates of Al-Wathiq, Al-Mutawakkil, and al-Muntasir, A. D. 841-863; A.H. 227-248
454712. Defending a way of life: an American community in the nineteenth century
454713. From menarche to menopause: reproductive lives of peasant women in two cultures
454714. The Catholic Church and social change in Nicaragua
454715. Women, work, and divorce
454716. The History of al-Ṭabarī, Vol. 20: The Collapse of Sufyanid Authority and the Coming of the Marwanids: The Caliphates of Mu‘awiyah II and Marwan I and the Beginning of The Caliphate of ‘Abd al-Malik A.D. 683-685/A.H. 64-66
454717. Spirituality and society: postmodern visions
454718. The politics of interpretation: alterity and ideology in Old Yiddish studies
454719. The goddesses' mirror: visions of the divine from East and West
454720. Development of class structure in eastern Europe: Poland & her southern neighbors
454721. Tapta Mārga: asceticism and initiation in Vedic India
454722. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 26: The Waning of the Umayyad Caliphate. Prelude to Revolution, A.D. 738-745; A.H. 121-127
454723. The organization and planning of adult education
454724. Sod ha-Shabbat
454725. Informal lectures on formal semantics
454726. The politics of provocation: participation and protest in Israel
454727. Perspectives on ecosystem management for the Great Lakes: a reader
454728. Hindu ethics: purity, abortion, and euthanasia
454729. Philosophy in Process: Vol. 11
454730. Juvenile correctional reform: two decades of policy and procedural change
454731. Persistence and flexibility: anthropological perspectives on the American Jewish experience
454732. Imaginal memory and the place of Hiroshima
454733. The political economy of regulation: the case of insurance
454734. High tech, low tech, no tech: recent industrial and occupational change in the South
454735. The History of al-Ṭabarī, Vol. 23: The Zenith of the Marwanid House: The Last Years of ‘Abd al-Malik and The Caliphate of al-Walid A.D. 700-715/A.H. 81-96
454736. Murder, mayhem, pillage and plunder: the history of Lebanon in the 18th and 19th centuries
454737. Reason and justice
454738. Muḥammad at Mecca
454739. Evelyn Underhill: modern guide to the ancient quest for the holy
454740. Mythos and logos in the thought of Carl Jung: the theory of the collective unconscious in scientific perspective
454741. The last years of the Prophet
454742. Shiʻism: doctrines, thought, and spirituality
454743. Islam in practice: religious beliefs in a Persian village
454744. Convention, translation, and understanding: philosophical problems in the comparative study of culture
454745. UAW politics in the cold war era
454746. The case for commitment to teacher growth: research on teacher evaluation
454747. Moral analysis: foundations, guides, and applications
454748. The Experience of Hinduism: essays on religion in Maharashtra
454749. The last Maharani of Gwalior: an autobiography
454750. Feminist dialogics: a theory of failed community
454751. New Orleans dockworkers: race, labor, and unionism, 1892-1923
454752. Ethnicity and assimilation
454753. When Jews and Christians meet
454754. Order and might
454755. Society, state, and urbanism: Ibn Khaldun's sociological thought
454756. Plato's theory of explanation: a study of the cosmological account in the Timaeus
454757. Choice and morality in anthropological perspective: essays in honor of Derek Freeman
454758. New York State in the year 2000
454759. Mantra
454760. Understanding mantras
454761. Passionate women, passive men: suicide in Yiddish literature
454762. The managerial imperative and the practice of leadership in schools
454763. The worth of women's work: a qualitative synthesis
454764. France under recession, 1981-1986
454765. Business elites and urban development: case studies and critical perspectives
454766. American automobile workers, 1900-1933
454767. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 25: The End of Expansion. The Caliphate of Hisham A.D. 724-758; A.H. 105-120
454768. Work orientation and job performance: the cultural basis of teaching rewards and incentives
454769. Paul Elmer More: literary criticism as the history of ideas
454770. Pushing the limits: the female administrative aspirant
454771. Victorian childhood: themes and variations
454772. Multivariate exploratory data analysis: a perspective on exploratory factor analysis
454773. Sean O'Faolain's Irish vision
454774. Spinoza and moral freedom
454775. Communities on the way: rebuilding local economies in the United States and Canada
454776. An integrated theory of autosegmental processes
454777. Like all the nations?: the life and legacy of Judah L. Magnes
454778. Culture and context in Sudan: the process of market incorporation in Dar Masalit
454779. Vico and Joyce
454780. Society and family strategy: Erie County, New York, 1850-1920
454781. Jnāneshvari: Bhāvārthadipikā
454782. Women and language in transition
454783. New Essays in Metaphysics
454784. Idioms of inquiry: critique and renewal in political science
454785. Expert witnesses: criminologists in the courtroom
454786. Approaches to administrative training in education
454787. Israeli mythogynies: women in contemporary Hebrew fiction
454788. Religion and radical empiricism
454789. Making cancer policy
454790. The heart of history: individuality in evolution
454791. Wittgenstein: from mysticism to ordinary language : a study of Viennese positivism and the thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein
454792. The logic of unity: the discovery of zero and emptiness in Prajñāpāramitā thought
454793. Drama in the People's Republic of China
454794. Tradition, interpretation, and science: political theory in the American academy
454795. Human rights and human diversity: an essay in the philosophy of human rights
454796. Dream life, wake life: the human condition through dreams
454797. Teaching writing: pedagogy, gender, and equity
454798. Teacher burnout in the public schools: structural causes and consequences for children
454799. The foundation of the community
454800. Person and polis: Max Scheler's personalism as political theory
454801. Gandhi and non-violence
454802. Modern midrash: the retelling of traditional Jewish narratives by twentieth-century Hebrew writers
454803. Open country, Iowa: rural women, tradition and change
454804. A realistic theory of science
454805. Under construction: work and alienation in the building trades
454806. Death and the disinterested spectator: an inquiry into the nature of philosophy
454807. Religion and philosophy in Germany: a fragment
454808. The social production of technical work: the case of British engineers
454809. The American sublime
454810. Nuclear weapons, the balance of terror, the quest for peace
454811. Egypt, the stalled society
454812. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 4: The Ancient Kingdoms
454813. Reindustrializing New York State: strategies, implications, challenges
454814. Life and labor: dimensions of American working-class history
454815. The Life of the transcendental ego: essays in honor of William Earle
454816. Wildlife, wild death: land use and survival in eastern Africa
454817. The real is not the rational
454818. Apocalyptic messianism and contemporary Jewish-American poetry
454819. The philosophy of the middle way: Mūlamadhyamakakārikā
454820. Samadhi: self development in Zen, swordsmanship, and psychotherapy
454821. Consequences of phenomenology
454822. Black consciousness in South Africa: the dialectics of ideological resistance to white supremacy
454823. The importances of the past: a meditation on the authority of tradition
454824. Powers of imagining, Ignatius de Loyola: a philosophical hermeneutic of imagining through the collected works of Ignatius de Loyola with a translation of these works
454825. Care and commitment: foster parent adoption decisions
454826. The Origins and diversity of axial age civilizations
454827. Crisis and covenant: the Holocaust in American Jewish fiction
454828. Philosophy in Process, Volume 7, Part 2
454829. Woman abuse: facts replacing myths
454830. Women, religion, and social change
454831. The Reunification of the ʻAbbāsid Caliphate
454832. Teaching the educable mentally retarded
454833. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 37: The Abbasid Recovery,The War Against The Zanj, A.D. 879-893; A.H. 266-279
454834. Organization in a changing environment: unionization of welfare employees
454835. A user's guide to community entry for the severely handicapped
454836. A workbook in program design for public managers
454837. The search for social peace: reform legislation in France, 1890-1914
454838. Conditions of music
454839. Prediction in criminology
454840. Existential and ontological dimensions of time in Heidegger and Dōgen
454841. Critical resource management: a control perspective
454842. Stress-- and strategies for lifestyle management
454843. Job pay for job worth: designing, managing, and involving employees in an equitable job classification system
454844. The public manager: contemporary challenges and responsibilities
454845. Street smarts: new ideas for small companies
454846. The color encyclopedia of ornamental grasses: sedges, rushes, restios, cat-tails, and selected bamboos
454847. Herbs in bloom: a guide to growing herbs as ornamental plants
454848. Wild orchids across North America: a botanical travelogue
454849. Lewisias
454850. Anthropic Bias: Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy (Studies in Philosophy)
454851. Myxomycetes: A Handbook of Slime Molds
454852. The world of catasetums
454853. Penstemons
454854. Native Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Southeast: Landscaping Uses and Identification
454855. My garden in summer
454856. Hollies: the genus Ilex
454857. Production of pot roses
454858. My garden in spring
454859. Kalmia: mountain laurel and related species
454860. Plants from test tubes: an introduction to micropropagation
454861. Pomona's harvest: an illustrated chronicle of antiquarian fruit literature
454862. Gladiolus in tropical Africa: systematics, biology & evolution
454863. The Siberian iris
454864. A history of the orchid
454865. The year in trees: superb woody plants for four-season gardens
454866. Vandas and Ascocendas and their combinations with other genera
454867. Thyme on My Hands
454868. Trees and Shrubs for Pacific Northwest Gardens
454869. The Hosta Book
454870. Purpleleaf plums
454871. Temperate-zone pomology: physiology and culture
454872. Creative flower arranging: floral design for home and flower show
454873. The woody Iridaceae: Nivenia, Klattia, and Witsenia : systematics, biology & evolution
454874. Specialty cut flowers: the production of annuals, perennials, bulbs, and woody plants for fresh and dried cut flowers
454875. Cataclysms on the Columbia: a layman's guide to the features produced by the catastrophic Bretz floods in the Pacific Northwest
454876. The Role of horticulture in human well-being and social development: a national symposium, 19-21 April 1990, Arlington, Virginia
454877. Iris of China
454878. The slipper orchids
454879. Community stability in forest-based economies: proceedings of a conference in Portland, Oregon, November 16-18, 1987
454880. Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest coast
454881. Electrical transformers and power equipment
454882. Variable speed drive fundamentals
454883. Indoor air quality case studies reference guide
454884. User's guide to natural gas technologies
454885. Handbook of energy audits
454886. Guide to purchasing electricity and gas
454887. Building owner's and manager's guide: optimizing facility performance
454888. Energy & environmental visions for the new millennium
454889. Slashing utility costs handbook
454890. Power quality solutions: case studies for troubleshooters
454891. Performance contracting: expanding horizons
454892. Industrial forecast, 1998-2000
454893. Policy evolution: energy conservation to energy efficiency : a series of speeches from the Energy Efficiency Forums
454894. Financing energy projects deskbook
454895. Cogeneration & small power production manual
454896. Utility and independent power: concept for a new millennium
454897. Boiler plant and distribution system optimization manual
454898. Simple solutions to energy calculations
454899. Computerized building energy simulation handbook
454900. Analyzing field measurements: air conditioning & heating
454901. Chemical treatment for cooling water
454902. Cogeneration management reference guide
454903. The wheeling and transmission manual
454904. Competitive energy management & environmental technologies
454905. Energy & pollution control opportunities to the year 2000
454906. Compressed air systems: a guidebook on energy and cost savings
454907. Energy conservation in existing buildings deskbook
454908. Lighting efficiency applications
454909. International load management: methods and practices
454910. Skill-biased technological change: evidence from a firm-level survey
454911. When is transition over?
454912. The economics of the great depression
454913. Legal U.S. Immigration: influences on gender, age, and skill composition
454914. Permanent job loss and the U.S. system of financing unemployment insurance
454915. The costs of worker dislocation
454916. Wage flexibility and unemployment dynamics in regional labor markets
454917. Labor unions and the economic performance of firms
454918. Labor-management cooperation: new partnerships or going in circles?
454919. Back to work: testing reemployment services for displaced workers
454920. Exercise for older adults: ACE's guide for fitness professionals
454921. Serious tennis
454922. Hiking Minnesota
454923. Your personal trainer
454924. Coaching cross country successfully
454925. Hiking Illinois
454926. Hiking Wisconsin
454927. Psychologia twórczości
454928. How to Stay Young and Healthy in a Toxic World
454929. Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats
454930. Herbs for Chronic Fatigue
454931. Arthritis be gone!: a doctor's Rx for easy, safe, inexpensive--and effective--treatments for your arthritis pain
454932. Herbs for the heart: herbs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase circulation, prevent clotting, and enhance heart heath
454933. Herbs to relieve headaches
454934. My healing from breast cancer
454935. Getting the Best Out of Your Juicer
454936. The book of practical aromatherapy: including theory and recipes for everyday use
454937. Flow Design for Embedded Systems
454938. The Political Economy of Special-Purpose Government
454939. Spanish in Four Continents: Studies in Language Contact and Bilingualism
454940. Health care ethics: a theological analysis
454941. Expert advice for policy choice: analysis and discourse
454942. After development: transformation of the Korean presidency and bureaucracy
454943. Memos to the governor: an introduction to state budgeting
454944. The origins of moral theology in the United States: three different approaches
454945. Careers in international affairs
454946. Love, Human and Divine: The Heart of Christian Ethics
454947. From many, one: readings in American political and social thought
454948. Globalization and decentralization: institutional contexts, policy issues, and intergovernmental relations in Japan and the United States
454949. Aquinas and Empowerment: Classical Ethics for Ordinary Lives
454950. How does a policy mean?: interpreting policy and organizational actions
454951. Religion in public life: a dilemma for democracy
454952. War and its discontents: pacifism and quietism in the Abrahamic traditions
454953. Preventing prenatal harm: should the state intervene
454954. The Crisis of Care: Affirming and Restoring Caring Practices in the Helping Professions
454955. Greater good: the case for proportionalism
454956. Practical decision making in health care ethics: cases and concepts
454957. Practical Realism and Moral Psychology
454958. American book publishing record, Volume 44
454959. Reforming the health care market: an interpretive economic history
454960. The ethics of our climate: hermeneutics and ethical theory
454961. Competence to consent
454962. Health care reform: a human rights approach
454963. Ethics of health care: an introductory textbook
454964. Moral demands and personal obligations
454965. Higher education as a moral enterprise
454966. Place me with your Son: Ignatian spirituality in everyday life
454967. Towards a society that serves its people: the intellectual contribution of El Salvador's murdered Jesuits
454968. Saints of the liturgical year: brief biographies
454969. The Bicentennial History of Georgetown University: From academy to university, 1789-1889
454970. General linguistics
454971. Language acquisition after puberty
454972. Issues and theory in romance linguistics: selected papers from the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages XXIII, April 1-4, 1993
454973. Linguistics and the education of language teachers: ethnolinguistic, psycholinguistic, and sociolinguistic aspects
454974. Linguistics and language pedagogy: the state of the art
454975. American Spanish pronunciation: theoretical and applied perspectives
454976. Faulkner: masks and metaphors
454977. Somebody always singing you
454978. Outside the southern myth
454979. The feminist poetry movement
454980. Roosevelt's blues: African-American blues and gospel songs on FDR
454981. Reading Faulkner: The sound and the fury
454982. Sidelines activist: Charles S. Johnson and the struggle for civil rights
454983. Remaking Dixie: the impact of World War II on the American South
454984. Wiregrass country
454985. Seminole burning: a story of racial vengeance
454986. Faulkner and gender
454987. Sentenced to death: the American novel and capital punishment
454988. Understanding Alzheimer's disease
454989. Grotowski's objective drama research
454990. In close harmony: the story of the Louvin Brothers
454991. Lavish self-divisions: the novels of Joyce Carol Oates
454992. Reading Faulkner: Sanctuary : glossary and commentary
454993. Witness to injustice
454994. The wildlife garden: planning backyard habitats
454995. Still following Percy, Volume 1995
454996. Resistance and reformation in nineteenth-century African-American literature: Brown, Wilson, Jacobs, Delany, Douglass, and Harper
454997. Nitty gritty: a white editor in black journalism
454998. Feminine Sense in Southern Memoir: Smith, Glasgow, Welty, Hellman, Porter, and Hurston
454999. G. Ruger Donoho: a painter's path
455000. Great Smoky Mountains folklife
455001. Reading Faulkner: The unvanquished : glossary and commentary
455002. Shim
455003. Batboys and the world of baseball
455004. Multiparty politics in Mississippi, 1877-1902
455005. Hawthorne's narrative strategies
455006. Ellen S. Woodward: New Deal advocate for women
455007. Southern Cooking to Remember
455008. Native land: Mississippi, 1540-1798
455009. Ozark country
455010. Groucho and W.C. Fields: Huckster comedians
455011. Dance marathons: performing American culture of the 1920s and 1930s
455012. A writer's eye: collected book reviews
455013. Fiction of the home place: Jewett, Cather, Glasgow, Porter, Welty, and Naylor
455014. Letters from Forest Place: a plantation family's correspondence, 1846-1881
455015. The fruits of integration: Black middle-class ideology and culture, 1960-1990
455016. Upper Cumberland country
455017. Oil in the Deep South: a history of the oil business in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida : 1859-1945
455018. Vietnam and the southern imagination
455019. The Florida Negro: a Federal Writers' Project legacy
455020. The courting of Marcus Dupree
455021. The uncollected stories of Mary Wilkins Freeman
455022. A web of relationship: women in the short stories of Mary Wilkins Freeman
455023. Metapop: self-referentiality in contemporary American popular culture
455024. Flannery O'Connor: an introduction
455025. Shelby Foote, novelist and historian
455026. The heart of the story: Eudora Welty's short fiction
455027. Born in the U.S.A.: the myth of America in popular music from Colonial times to the present
455028. Feminist Alternatives: Irony and Fantasy in the Contemporary Novel by Women
455029. Odd-egg editor
455030. The years of our friendship: Robert Lowell and Allen Tate
455031. Richard Wright: books and writers
455032. Black cloud, white cloud
455033. The Welty collection: a guide to the Eudora Welty manuscripts and documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History
455034. The Lytle-Tate letters: the correspondence of Andrew Lytle and Allen Tate
455035. Presbyterian missionary attitudes toward American Indians, 1837-1893
455037. Jews in early Mississippi
455038. Mountain record of Zen talks
455039. Helpers at birds' nests: a worldwide survey of cooperative breeding and related behavior
455040. Ladie Borlase's receiptes booke
455041. The Good Doctor
455042. The show and the gaze of theatre: a European perspective
455043. The sun still shone: professors talk about retirement
455044. Railroads in the heartland: steam and traction in the golden age of postcards
455045. Podstawy Biologii Komórki
455046. Cultural difference & the literary text: pluralism & the limits of authenticity in North American literatures
455047. The homeless of Ironweed: blossoms on the crag
455048. History, power, and identity: ethnogenesis in the Americas, 1492-1992
455049. Textual and theatrical Shakespeare: questions of evidence
455050. A lucky American childhood
455051. Circling back: chronicle of a Texas river valley
455052. Mapping American Culture
455053. Voices cast out to talk us in: poems
455054. Journey into personhood
455055. Walt Whitman: the centennial essays
455056. Genes and human self-knowledge: historical and philosophical reflections on modern genetics
455057. A country so full of game: the story of wildlife in Iowa
455058. Love's answer: poems
455059. In primary light: poems
455060. Where love leaves us
455061. Happiness
455062. Invisible darkness: Jean Toomer & Nella Larsen
455063. Avant-garde jazz musicians: performing ''out there''
455064. A shared life: poems
455065. Provincial Inca: archaeological and ethnohistorical assessment of the impact of the Inca state
455066. Fly in the buttermilk: the life story of Cecil Reed
455067. Ambiguity and gender in the new novel of Brazil and Spanish America: a comparative assessment
455068. For Love of the World: Essays on Nature Writers
455069. My body to you
455070. Great Lakes lumber on the Great Plains: the Laird, Norton Lumber Company in South Dakota
455071. Sunflower facing the sun: poems
455072. Ética
455073. Prairies, forests, and wetlands: the restoration of natural landscape communities in Iowa
455074. A prairie populist: the memoirs of Luna Kellie
455075. Citrus, strategy, and class: the politics of development in Southern Belize
455076. The Continuing presence of Walt Whitman: the life after the life
455077. Negative poetics
455078. Melodramatic formations: American theatre and society, 1820-1870
455079. Black Eagle Child: the Facepaint narratives
455080. Writing at risk: interviews in Paris with uncommon writers
455081. Nineteenth century home architecture of Iowa City
455082. The ant generator
455083. Rediscovering the New World: inter-American literature in a comparative context
455084. Recalcitrance, Faulkner, and the professors: a critical fiction
455085. Bearing the bad news: contemporary American literature and culture
455086. Little bit know something: stories in a language of anthropology
455087. 'The twisted mind'': madness in Herman Melville's fiction
455088. The University of Iowa in the twentieth century: an institutional history
455089. Lent, the slow fast
455090. Line of fall
455091. Hewing to experience: essays and reviews on recent American poetry and poetics, nature and culture
455092. Tennyson's characters: strange faces, other minds
455093. Signs in culture: Roland Barthes today
455094. On the bowery: confronting homelessness in American society
455095. Aviation's golden age: portraits from the 1920s and 1930s
455096. Hints and disguises: Marianne Moore and her contemporaries
455097. A secret to be burried: the diary and life of Emily Hawley Gillespie, 1858-1888
455098. The Venus tree
455099. Skepticism & ideology: Shelley's political prose and its philosophical context from Bacon to Marx
455100. A Place of sense: essays in search of the Midwest
455101. A Ruth Suckow omnibus
455102. Cardinal points: poems
455103. May days
455104. Life and death at Paloma: society and mortuary practices in a preceramic Peruvian village
455105. Callachaca: style and status in an Inca community
455106. Fruit of the month
455107. Eminent domain
455108. A naturalist amid tropical splendor
455109. Shapes of culture
455110. Troubled mirror: a study of Yeats's The tower
455111. The warrior's gift
455112. On the modernist long poem
455113. Passionate doubts: designs of interpretation in contemporary American fiction
455114. Old wives' tales
455115. The Hamlet vocation of Coleridge and Wordsworth
455116. Iowa place names of Indian origin
455117. The phototropic woman
455118. Windows on the world: the information process in a changing society, 1900-1920
455119. Impossible appetites: nine stories
455120. Herbert Hoover--the Great War and its aftermath, 1914-23
455121. A nest of hooks
455122. The black velvet girl
455123. Harry Belten and the Mendelssohn violin concerto
455124. The Midland: a venture in literary regionalism
455125. Eye on the wild: a story about Ansel Adams
455126. Space challenger: the story of Guion Bluford : an authorized biography
455127. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Betting on Horses
455129. Real Time: Preparing for the Age of the Never Satisfied Customer
455130. eBrands: building an Internet business at breakneck speed
455131. Mission critical: realizing the promise of enterprise systems
455132. Rembrandts in the attic: unlocking the hidden value of patents
455133. Give and take: a candid account of corporate philanthropy
455134. Net worth: shaping markets when customers make the rules
455135. Breaking through: the making of minority executives in corporate America
455136. Wellsprings of knowledge: building and sustaining the sources of innovation
455137. Managing across borders: the transnational solution
455138. Real options: managing strategic investment in an uncertain world
455139. Franchise organizations
455140. Leveraging the new infrastructure: how market leaders capitalize on information technology
455141. Competing in the third wave: the ten key management issues of the information age
455142. Invented here: maximizing your organization's internal growth and profitability
455143. Do lunch or be lunch: the power of predictability in creating your future
455144. Navigating change: how CEOs, top teams, and boards steer transformation
455145. Competing on the edge: strategy as structured chaos
455146. The quest for loyalty: creating value through partnership
455147. Succeeding generations: realizing the dream of families in business
455148. The world in 2020: power, culture, and prosperity
455149. Competing in the age of digital convergence
455150. Technology fountainheads: the management challenge of R&D consortia
455151. The Internet strategy handbook: lessons from the new frontier of business
455152. Human resource champions: the next agenda for adding value and delivering results
455153. Competitive advantage through people: unleashing the power of the work force
455154. Managerial excellence: McKinsey award winners from the Harvard business review, 1980-1994
455155. Hidden champions: lessons from 500 of the world's best unknown companies
455156. The development factory: unlocking the potential of process innovation
455157. From promise to performance: a journey of transformation at SmithKline Beecham
455158. Team talk: the power of language in team dynamics
455159. The engine that could: seventy-five years of values-driven change at Cummins Engine Company
455160. TRW: pioneering technology and innovation since 1900
455161. Every manager's guide to information technology: a glossary of key terms and concepts for today's business leader
455162. Derivatives: a comprehensive resource for options, futures, interest rate swaps, and mortgage securities
455163. Generation to generation: life cycles of the family business
455164. Simplicity wins: how Germany's mid-sized industrial companies succeed
455165. Differences that work: organizational excellence through diversity
455166. Concurrent marketing: integrating product, sales, and service
455167. Leadership and the Quest for Integrity
455168. Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology
455169. Seeking customers
455170. Accounting for success: a history of Price Waterhouse in America, 1890-1990
455171. The knowledge link: how firms compete through strategic alliances
455172. The dynamics of taking charge
455173. Killing Cynthia Ann
455174. Border conflict: Villistas, Carrancistas, and the Punitive Expedition, 1915-1920
455175. Billy Rose presents-- Casa Mañana
455176. Sweetie Ladd's Historic Fort Worth
455177. Alamo Heights
455178. Practical Astronomy with your Calculator or Spreadsheet, 4th Edition
455179. Where the creosote blooms: a memoir
455180. High John the Conqueror
455181. My life in the old Army: the reminiscences of Abner Doubleday : from the collections of the New-York Historical Society
455182. The Treasure in the Tiny Blue Tin
455183. Sun Tzu: The Art of War for Managers
455184. Jerry Flemmons' more Texas siftings: another bold and uncommon celebration of the Lone Star State
455185. Black frontiersman: the memoirs of Henry O. Flipper, first Black graduate of West Point
455186. Standard of the West: the Justin story
455187. Texas on Stamps
455188. To die on your feet: the life, times, and writings of Práxedis G. Guerrero
455189. Fort Worth: a frontier triumph
455190. Force Without Fanfare: The Autobiography of K. M. Van Zandt
455191. Lorenzo de Zavala: the pragmatic idealist
455192. The fort that became a city: an illustrated reconstruction of Fort Worth, Texas, 1849-1853
455193. In an arid land: thirteen stories of Texas
455194. Memoirs of an obscure professor and other essays
455195. Warriors and maidens: short stories
455196. Beyond the Frontier: Writers, Western Regionalism, and a Sense of Place
455197. The geology of the parks, monuments, and wildlands of southern Utah
455198. Highpoints of the United States: a guide to the fifty state summits
455199. It's about time: a history of archaeological dating in North America
455200. Singing stone: a natural history of the Escalante Canyons
455201. Hogup Cave: Anthropological Papers Number 93
455202. Prehistoric lifeways in the Great Basin wetlands: bioarchaeological reconstruction and interpretation
455203. Reconstructing ancient Maya diet
455204. Vampiro: the vampire bat in fact and fantasy
455205. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values Vol. 20
455206. The Casas Grandes world
455207. Julian Steward and the Great Basin: the making of an anthropologist
455208. When we say we're home: a quartet of place and memory
455209. I, the song: classical poetry of native North America
455210. High In Utah
455211. Green ink: an introduction to environmental journalism
455212. To Yosemite and beyond: writings from the years 1863 to 1875
455213. Dead giveaways: indigenous testaments of colonial Mesoamerica and the Andes
455214. Pottery and people: a dynamic interaction
455215. Surviving adversity: the Sinagua of Lizard Man Village
455216. Newberry Crater: a ten-thousand-year record of human occupation and environmental change in the basin-plateau borderlands
455217. Man corn: cannibalism and violence in the Prehistoric American Southwest
455218. Tanner Lectures
455219. Coyote in the maze: tracking Edward Abbey in a world of words
455220. A classification of North American biotic communities
455221. Pottery ethnoarchaeology in the Central Maya Highlands
455222. The kiss of death: Chaga's disease in the Americas
455223. Reclaiming the native home of hope: community, ecology, and the American West
455224. White goats, white lies: the misuse of science in Olympic National Park
455225. On being poor in Utah
455226. Battle for the wilderness
455227. Islamic legal orthodoxy: twelver Shiite responses to the Sunni legal system
455228. Ants and Orioles: showing the art of Pima poetry
455229. Black pioneers: images of the Black experience on the North American frontier
455230. Canyoneering 3: Loop Hikes in Utah's Escalante
455231. The mountain chant: a Navajo ceremony
455232. Utah: The Struggle for Statehood
455233. Meeting the tree of life: a teachers' path
455234. Explorers, traders, and slavers: forging the old Spanish Trail, 1678-1850
455235. The Códice de Santa María Asunción: facsimile and commentary : households and lands in sixteenth-century Tepetlaoztoc
455236. The rabbit on the face of the moon: mythology in the mesoamerican tradition
455237. Paradise paved: the challenge of growth in the new West
455238. Western lore and language: a dictionary for enthusiasts of the American West
455239. Road On Which We Came: A History of the Western Shoshone
455240. Head and face masks in Navaho ceremonialism
455241. Behavioral archaeology: first principles
455242. The archaeology of Navajo origins
455243. Bandelier: the life and adventures of Adolph Bandelier
455244. Coming through the swamp: the nature writings of Gene Stratton Porter
455245. As you pass by: architectural musings on Salt Lake City : a collection of columns and sketches from the Salt Lake Tribune
455246. Lost in the Yellowstone: Truman Everts's thirty-seven days of peril
455247. Expanding archaeology
455248. The natural history of a mountain year: four seasons in the Wasatch range
455249. Fishes of Utah: a natural history
455250. Canyoneering 2: Technical Loop Hikes in Southern Utah
455251. Rio del Norte: people of the Upper Rio Grande from earliest times to the Pueblo revolt
455252. I Am Looking to the North for My Life: Sitting Bull 1876 - 1881
455253. Biotic communities: southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico
455254. Reading the voice: Native American oral poetry on the page
455255. God's unruly friends: dervish groups in the Islamic later middle period, 1200-1550
455256. Accidental archaeologist: memoirs of Jesse D. Jennings
455257. Turquoise Ridge and late prehistoric residential mobility in the desert Mogollon region
455258. Mamluk Economics: A Study and Translation of al-Maqrīzī's Ighāthah
455259. Utah history encyclopedia
455260. The Wellsprings of wisdom: a study of Abū Yaʻqūb al-Sijistānī's Kitāb al-Yanābīʻ : including a complete English translation with commentary and notes on the Arabic text
455261. American Indian English
455262. Mortuary practices and skeletal remains at Teotihuacán
455263. Pilgrims to the wild: Everett Ruess, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Clarence King, Mary Austin
455264. The Main Ridge community at Lost City: Virgin Anasazi architecture, ceramics, and burials
455265. The Seljuks of Anatolia: their history and culture according to local Muslim sources
455266. The open spaces: incidents of nights and days under the blue sky
455267. Drum and stethoscope: integrating ethnomedicine and biomedicine in Bolivia
455268. Canyoneering: the San Rafael Swell
455269. Seeking awareness in American nature writing: Henry Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez
455270. Itzá Maya texts with a grammatical overview
455271. The search for God's law: Islamic jurisprudence in the writings of Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidī
455272. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Volume 10
455273. Willard Z. Park's ethnographic notes on the Northern Paiute of western Nevada, 1933-1940, Volume 1
455274. The sea of precious virtues
455275. Utah: a people's history
455276. Thelma D. Sullivan's compendium of Nahuatl grammar
455277. If we had a boat: Green River explorers, adventurers, and runners
455278. The human body and ideology: concepts of the ancient Nahuas, Volume 1
455279. Final year excavations at the Evans Mound site
455280. Basin Plateau Aboriginal Sociopolitical Groups
455281. Universe and creed
455282. Is Mark's Gospel a life of Jesus?: the question of genre
455283. Moral absolutes: Catholic tradition, current trends, and the truth
455284. The Christian understanding of freedom and the history of freedom in the Modern Era: the meeting and confrontation between Christianity and the Modern Era in a postmodern situation
455285. Nova et vetera: the theology of tradition in American Catholicism
455286. Revelation and violence: a study in contextualization
455287. From vision to legislation: from the council to a code of laws
455288. The theology and setting of discipleship in the gospel of Mark
455289. Method in theology: an organon for our time
455290. A theology of ''uncreated energies''
455291. Doctrinal Pluralism
455292. Quodlibetal questions on free will
455293. Treatise on the intellect and the intelligible: (tractatus de intellectu et intelligibili)
455294. Practical geometry
455295. Imagination and metaphysics in St. Augustine
455296. Questions on the soul
455297. The Book of causes
455298. Ars versificatoria, Issues 22-23
455299. Outlines of formal logic
455300. Metaphysics and culture
455301. The nature of philosophical inquiry
455302. The reality of the historical past
455303. How philosophy begins
455304. The gift--creation
455305. Rhyme and reason: St. Thomas and modes of discourse
455306. St. Thomas and historicity
455307. The Catholic university and the faith
455308. The problem of evil
455309. Aquinas to Whitehead: seven centuries of metaphysics of religion
455310. Man as infinite spirit
455311. The great warpath: British military sites from Albany to Crown Point
455312. 'A good poor man's wife'': being a chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and her family in nineteenth-century New England
455313. Zionism and religion
455314. The waters between: a novel of the dawn land
455315. Jewish history and Jewish memory: essays in honor of Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi
455316. The way to the salt marsh: a John Hay reader
455317. The nature of Vermont: introduction and guide to a New England environment
455318. The Puritan tradition in America, 1620-1730
455319. A child's garden of grammar
455320. Talking back: images of Jewish women in American popular culture
455321. Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music
455322. Judgment Hill
455323. The country of the pointed firs and other stories, Volume 1997, Part 2
455324. Julie, or, The new Heloise: Letters of Two Lovers Who Live in a Small Town at the Foot of the Alps
455325. Apology for want
455326. After King Philip's War: presence and persistence in Indian New England
455327. Gender and fascism in modern France
455328. A wild, rank place: one year on Cape Cod
455329. Vichy: an ever-present past
455330. Life in the cold: an introduction to winter ecology
455331. Telling the barn swallow: poets on the poetry of Maxine Kumin
455332. Field guide to New England barns and farm buildings
455333. In the valley of the shadow: an elegy to Lancaster County
455334. Novemberfest
455335. The saints of modern art: the ascetic ideal in contemporary painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, literature, and philosophy
455336. Holmes and Frankfurter: their correspondence, 1912-1934
455337. Boon Island: including contemporary accounts of the wreck of the Nottingham Galley
455338. Perfiles filosófico-políticos
455339. Musical design in Sophoclean theater
455340. The Puritan experiment: New England society from Bradford to Edwards
455341. Romantic women writers: voices and countervoices
455342. The Dogs of March
455343. Wharton's New England: seven stories and Ethan Frome
455344. The Zionist ideology
455345. Live free or die
455346. Céline and the politics of difference
455347. The landscape of community: a history of communal forests in New England
455348. Water witches
455349. The Amish struggle with modernity
455350. The Quotable moose: a contemporary Maine reader
455351. The original Vermonters: native inhabitants, past and present
455352. Unfinished business: the railroad in American life
455353. Sisters of fortune: being the true story of how three motherless sisters saved their home in New England and raised their younger brother while their father went fortune hunting in the California Gold Rush
455354. The book of looms: a history of the handloom from ancient times to the present
455355. Mad boys
455356. The place names of the White Mountains
455357. Natural high
455358. Working with your woodland: a landowner's guide
455359. Poems for a small planet: contemporary American nature poetry
455360. The Unfeigned word: fifteen years of New England review
455361. A Documentary history of Communism in Russia: from Lenin to Gorbachev
455362. Taking root: the origins of the Canadian Jewish community
455363. North Country captives: selected narratives of Indian captivity from Vermont and New Hampshire
455364. Amateur Sugar Maker
455365. The Americanization of the Synagogue, 1820-1870
455366. Samuel Bronfman: the life and times of Seagram's Mr. Sam
455367. Still Life
455368. Latin American women and the search for social justice
455369. The Japanese iris
455370. The Trial of Charles I: a documentary history
455371. Sarah Orne Jewett, an American Persephone
455372. Vera Brittain & Winifred Holtby: a working partnership
455373. The Bread Loaf Anthology of Contemporary American Essays
455374. The Healing Web: Social Networks and Human Survival
455375. Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics (Cognitive Linguistics in Practice)
455376. Stark decency: German prisoners of war in a New England village
455377. Witness to the young republic: a yankee's journal, 1828-1870
455378. The lobster gangs of Maine
455379. My mother's sin and other stories
455380. A reader's delight
455381. Shaker communities, Shaker lives
455382. The new book of forms: a handbook of poetics
455383. The captain's best mate: the journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the whaler Addison, 1856-1860
455384. The French-Canadian heritage in New England
455385. Wings in the sea: the humpback whale
455386. Bogs of the Northeast
455387. Musical design in Aeschylean theater
455388. Shaker Textile Arts
455389. The mind of the founder: sources of the political thought of James Madison
455390. MIAs: a reference handbook
455391. Indoor pollution: a reference handbook
455392. Borodino (Cassell Military Paperbacks)
455393. Recycling in America: a reference handbook
455394. Religion in the schools: a reference handbook
455395. Militias in America: a reference handbook
455396. United States immigration: a reference handbook
455397. Welfare reform: a reference handbook
455398. Violence and the media: a reference handbook
455399. Crime in America: a reference handbook
455400. Native American issues: a reference handbook
455401. Violent children: a reference handbook
455402. The religious right: a reference handbook
455403. Children's rights: a reference handbook
455404. Domestic violence: a reference handbook
455405. Organized crime: a reference handbook
455406. Gay and lesbian rights: a reference handbook
455407. The cowboy encyclopedia
455408. Agricultural crisis in America: a reference handbook
455409. Animal rights: a reference handbook
455410. Wilderness preservation: a reference handbook
455411. Rape in America: a reference handbook
455412. American homelessness: a reference handbook
455413. The Cyberspace Handbook (Media Practice)
455414. Gun control: a reference handbook
455415. Childhood sexual abuse: a reference handbook
455416. Water quality and availability: a reference handbook
455417. Environmental hazards: marine pollution
455418. Dictionary of Celtic mythology
455419. Environmental hazards: toxic waste and hazardous material : a reference handbook
455420. Public schooling in America: a reference handbook
455421. World hunger: a reference handbook
455422. Environmental hazards: radioactive materials and wastes : a reference handbook
455423. In God's country: the patriot movement and the Pacific Northwest
455424. Edge of tomorrow: an Arctic year
455425. Choosing justice: the recruitment of state and federal judges
455426. Five centuries of veterinary medicine: a short-title catalog of the Washington State University Veterinary History Collection
455427. A foot in the door: the reminiscences of Lucile McDonald
455428. Grand Coulee: harnessing a dream
455429. Over the Rim: the Parley P. Pratt exploring expedition to Southern Utah, 1849-50
455430. Out of the black patch: the autobiography of Effie Marquess Carmack, folk musician, artist, and writer
455431. Sagwitch: Shoshone chieftain, Mormon elder, 1822-1887
455432. Following tradition: folklore in the discourse of American culture
455433. Usable pasts: traditions and group expressions in North America
455434. Winter quarters: the 1846-1848 life writings of Mary Haskin Parker Richards
455435. Worth their salt: notable but often unnoted women of Utah
455436. Stories to gather all those lost
455437. The June rise: the apocryphal letters of Joseph Antoine Janis
455438. Great Basin Kingdom revisited: contemporary perspectives
455439. Creative Ethnicity
455440. Folk groups and folklore genres: an introduction
455441. The rise of the biggest little city: an encyclopedic history of Reno gaming, 1931-1981
455442. The maverick spirit: building the new Nevada
455443. The roar and the silence: a history of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode
455444. The players: the men who made Las Vegas
455445. Witnesses to the struggle: imaging the 1930s California labor movement
455446. Comstock women: the making of a mining community
455447. Mammals of Nevada
455448. Decline of the nation state
455449. The other California: the great central valley in life and letters
455450. Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy
455451. The jazz exiles: American musicians abroad
455452. Solitude: art and symbolism in the National Basque Monument
455453. Wilderness tapestry: an eclectic approach to preservation
455454. George Wingfield: owner and operator of Nevada
455455. Rough-water man: Elwyn Blake's Colorado River expeditions
455456. Geology of the Great Basin
455457. Birds of the Great Basin: a natural history
455458. The Basques, the Franco years and beyond
455459. New Jewish voices: plays produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre
455460. A theory of harmony
455461. Invisible politics: Black political behavior
455462. Uncle Sam's family: issues in and perspectives on American demographic history
455463. Abortion policy: an evaluation of the consequences for maternal and infant health
455464. Between civil wars: the caliphate of Muʻāwiyah
455465. Gleanings in Europe, the Rhine
455466. Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
455467. Contracting out for human services: economic, political, and organizational perspectives
455468. Legislating bureaucratic change: the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
455469. The History of al-Ṭabarī, Vol. 27: The ʻAbbāsid revolution A.D. 743-750/A.H. 126-132
455470. The crisis of the ʻAbbāsid Caliphate
455471. The History of al-Ṭabarī: An Annotated Translation, Volume 38: The Return of the Caliphate to Baghdad, The Caliphates of Al-Mu tadid, Al-Muktafi and Al-Muqtadir, A.D 892-915; A.H. 279-302
455472. Democratic theories and the Constitution
455473. Economic aid and American policy toward Egypt, 1955-1981
455474. Heart of a family
455475. French feminism in the nineteenth century
455476. The emergence of Whitehead's metaphysics, 1925-1929
455477. Self-esteem and meaning: a life-historical investigation
455478. Ancient wisdom and modern science
455479. The whistling hunters: field studies of the Asiatic wild dog (Cuon alpinus)
455480. Philosophy in Process, Volume 9
455481. Education in the Third Reich: a study of race and history in Nazi textbooks
455482. Stories
455483. Creativity in American philosophy
455484. Campaigns against corporal punishment: prisoners, sailors, women, and children in antebellum America
455485. The deerslayer, or, The first war-path
455486. The remaking of Pittsburgh: class and culture in an industrializing city 1877-1919
455487. Women in the ancient world: the Arethusa papers
455488. Art and its significance: an anthology of aesthetic theory
455489. Buddhism and American thinkers
455490. Abandoned children: foundlings and child welfare in nineteenth-century France
455491. The impact of publicity on corporate offenders
455492. Islam and the search for social order in modern Egypt: a biography of Muhammad Husayn Haykal
455493. Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767
455494. Work and lifecourse in Japan
455495. Experience as art: aesthetics in everyday life
455496. Women, men, and the international division of labor
455497. Changing social science: critical theory and other critical perspectives
455498. The tao and the daimon: segments of a religious inquiry
455499. Einleitung in die Mengenlehre: Eine gemeinverständliche Einführung in das Reich der unendlichen Grossen
455500. The Christology of Hegel
455501. Technology and social complexity
455502. Women's education in the Third World: comparative perspectives
455503. Cognitive Semantics: Meaning and Cognition
455504. Islam and the West: the Moriscos, a cultural and social history
455505. Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: The Case of the Jacobites in an Age of Transition
455506. The quest for wholeness
455507. Notes and sources for folksongs of the Catskills
455508. Folk songs of the Catskills
455509. The emergence of industrial America: strategic factors in American economic growth since 1870
455510. Farm and factory: the Jesuits and the development of agrarian capitalism in colonial Quito, 1600-1767
455511. Running in the red: the political dynamics of urban fiscal stress
455512. A theory of art: inexhaustibility by contrast
455513. The philosophers of Greece
455514. Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook
455515. Contemporary Islam and the challenge of history
455516. The Ecole normale supérieure and the Third Republic
455517. A voice that spoke for justice: the life and times of Stephen S. Wise
455518. Aristotle, the collected papers of Joseph Owens
455519. Class, politics, and early industrial capitalism: a study of mid-nineteenth century Toulouse, France
455520. Religion as art: an interpretation
455521. Société et culture de la France contemporaine: Contemporary French culture and society
455522. Israeli humor: the content and structure of the chizbat of the Palmah
455523. A Shiʻite anthology
455524. The Pathfinder, Or the Inland Sea
455525. Kingdoms
455526. Islamic messianism: the idea of Mahdī in twelver Shīʻism
455527. The Impact of the Fifth Republic on France
455528. The Fifth Republic at twenty
455529. Islam and the Medieval West: aspects of intercultural relations : papers presented at the ninth annual conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, Volume 2
455530. Religion and politics in contemporary Iran: clergy-state relations in the Pahlavī period
455531. The Hajj today: a survey of the contemporary Makkah pilgrimage
455532. The Old English homily and its backgrounds
455533. In time of storm: revolution, civil war, and the ethnolinguistic issue in Finland
455534. Low-key politics: local-level leadership & change in the Middle East
455535. E. L. Godkin: a biography
455536. The red and the white: a history of wine in France and Italy in the nineteenth century
455537. Xenophon the Athenian: the problem of the individual and the society of the polis
455538. Civilian control of the military: theory and cases from developing countries
455539. Diplomat of the Americas: a biography of William I. Buchanan (1852-1909)
455540. Abraham Lincoln and American political religion
455541. Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: 1921-1941: Elder statesman
455542. Christian religion in the Soviet Union: a sociological study
455543. The lord of the panther-skin
455544. Change in Tunisia: studies in the social sciences
455545. Arabic logic: Ibn al-Ṭayyib's commentary on Porphyry's Eisagoge
455546. Humanism and the church fathers: Ambrogio Traversari (1386-1439) and Christian antiquity in the Italian Renaissance
455547. Letters of Louis D. Brandeis, Vol. 4, 1916-1921: Mr. Justice Brandeis
455548. Patterns of political leadership: Egypt, Israel, Lebanon
455549. Petrarch, Laura, and the Triumphs
455550. The gaucho Martín Fierro
455551. Islamic historiography: the histories of Masʻūdī
455552. Meaning in comedy: studies in Elizabethan romantic comedy
455553. The Role of woman in the Middle Ages: papers of the sixth annual conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 6-7 May 1972
455554. The Making of National Labor Relations Board: A Study in Economics, Politics, and the Law; Volume I 1933-1937, Volume 1; Volumes 1933-1937
455555. Guido da Pisa's Expositiones et glose super Comediam Dantis
455556. The law of the Near & Middle East: readings, cases, & materials
455557. Musical allusions in the works of James Joyce: early poetry through Ulysses
455558. Love theory in later Ḥanbalite Islam
455559. The Meaning of courtly love
455560. Design and aesthetics in wood
455561. Averroës' three short commentaries on Aristotle's ''Topics,'' ''Rhetoric,'' and ''Poetics''
455562. Whitehead's organic philosophy of science
455563. Radicalism in Mediterranean France: its rise and decline, 1848-1914
455564. Improving Safety Culture: A Practical Guide
455565. Letters of Louis D. Brandeis, Volume 2
455566. The Medieval drama
455567. The Igbo-Igala borderland: religion & social control in indigenous African colonialism
455568. The money machines: the breakdown and reform of governmental and party finance in the North, 1860-1920
455569. The opposition press of the Federalist period
455570. Doctrine and poetry: Augustine's influence on old English poetry
455571. Theatre, the search for style: master directors on style, Chekhov to kabuki to musical comedy
455572. In those days: a diplomat remembers
455573. Science-fiction: the Gernsback years : a complete coverage of the genre magazines ... from 1926 through 1936
455574. Containing coexistence: America, Russia, and the ''Finnish Solution''
455575. The passing of Starr Faithfull
455576. Melville's muse: literary creation & the forms of philosophical fiction
455577. The passion of meter: a study of Wordsworth's metrical art
455578. The diplomacy of pragmatism: Britain and the formation of NATO, 1942-1949
455579. Translation as text
455580. Word like a bell: John Keats, music and the romantic poet
455581. Liberalism and American identity
455582. Louis Rorimer: a man of style
455583. American influence in Greece, 1917-1929
455584. Using divorce mediation: save your money & your sanity
455585. The living together: a legal guide for unmarried couples
455586. The California Landlord's Law Book: Rights and Responsibilities
455587. The trademark registration kit
455588. Get a Life: You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well
455589. Fight your ticket-- and win!
455590. Nolo's will book
455591. The partnership book: how to write a partnership agreement
455592. Japanese women writers: twentieth century short fiction
455593. An anthology of Russian folk epics
455594. The peoples of the USSR: an ethnographic handbook
455595. Russian folk belief
455596. Coaching cheerleading successfully
455597. Mobile WiMAX: A Systems Approach to Understanding IEEE 802.16m Radio Access Technology
455598. Exercising through your pregnancy
455599. Coaching football successfully
455600. Library building projects: tips for survival
455601. An author a month (for dimes)
455602. Who's afraid-- ?: facing children's fears with folktales
455603. Late achievers: famous people who succeeded late in life
455604. Integrating aerospace science into the curriculum, K-12
455605. Children's authors speak
455606. Social studies readers theatre for children: scripts and script development
455607. An author a month: for pennies
455608. Literature: a student's guide to research and writing
455609. History: a student's guide to research and writing
455610. Charismatic Christianity as a global culture
455611. The slaveholders' dilemma: freedom and progress in southern conservative thought, 1820-1860
455612. Understanding Ingeborg Bachmann, Volume 1
455613. The lure of Neptune: German-Soviet naval collaboration and ambitions, 1919-1941
455614. Gate of hell: campaign for Charleston Harbor, 1863
455615. A South Carolina chronology, 1497-1992
455616. The presidency and the rhetoric of foreign crisis
455617. John, the son of Zebedee: the life of a legend
455618. Understanding Peter Weiss
455619. God and the natural world: religion and science in antebellum America
455620. Ambivalent churchmen and Evangelical churchwomen: the religion of the Episcopal elite in North Carolina, 1800-1860
455621. Consolatory rhetoric: grief, symbol, and ritual in the Greco-Roman era
455622. Women without men: female bonding and the American novel of the 1980s
455623. Understanding Iris Murdoch
455624. 'When I can read my title clear'': literacy, slavery, and religion in the antebellum South
455625. Understanding Ursula K. Le Guin
455626. Politics at the periphery: third parties in two-party America
455627. Negotiating the new ocean regime, Volume 1992
455628. Counterpoint to Trafalgar: the Anglo-Russian invasion of Naples, 1805-1806
455629. Religion and personal autonomy: the third disestablishment in America
455630. Understanding E.L. Doctorow
455631. The context of human discourse: a configurational criticism of rhetoric
455632. Understanding the Beats
455633. Reflection and action: essays on the Bildungsroman
455634. The Fortunes of German writers in America: studies in literary reception
455635. The Confederacy as a revolutionary experience
455636. Understanding Heinrich Böll
455637. A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter
455638. Human services for older adults: concepts and skills
455639. The U.S. Marine Corps in crisis: Ribbon Creek and recruit training
455640. Charleston in the age of the Pinckneys
455641. Concordance to the letters of Emily Dickinson
455642. Points, pithouses, and pioneers: tracing Durango's archaeological past
455643. Nesting doll
455644. The American Cockerell: a naturalist's life, 1866-1948
455645. Vranesh's Colorado water law
455646. Forest fragmentation in the southern Rocky Mountains
455647. Colorado givers: a history of philanthropic heroes
455648. The San Luis Valley: land of the six-armed cross
455649. Westward the immigrants: Italian adventurers and colonists in an expanding America
455650. This Blue Hollow: Estes Park, The Early Years, 1859-1915
455651. Massacre at Cheyenne Hole: Lieutenant Austin Henely and the Sappa Creek controversy
455652. Reservations
455653. An international sourcebook of automobile dependence in cities, 1960-1990
455654. Palma Cathedral
455655. Out of the frying pan: reflections of a Japanese American
455656. Natural History of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin
455657. The calling
455658. Neurobehavioral Anatomy
455659. Americans view their Dust Bowl experience
455660. Sleeping with Pancho Villa
455661. From Yorktown to Valmy: the transformation of the French Army in an age of revolution
455662. Freedom in my soul
455663. Eternal people
455664. October revolution
455665. Digging the Days of the Dead: a reading of Mexico's días de muertos
455666. Innocents on the ice: a memoir of Antarctic exploration, 1957
455667. The thicket daybreak: poems
455668. The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, 1877-1900
455669. Firearms of the American West, 1803-1865
455670. Writers on the range
455671. The Meade solution
455672. Tribal government today: politics on Montana Indian reservations
455673. When the dogs ate candles: a time in El Salvador
455674. Twixt will and will not: the dilemma of Measure for measure
455675. Into the desert
455676. Emerging democracy in late Imperial Russia: case studies on local self-government (the Zemstvos), State Duma elections, the Tsarist government, and the State Council before and during World War I
455677. A Chinaman's chance: the Chinese on the Rocky Mountain mining frontier
455678. The Chiricahua Apache prisoners of war: Fort Sill, 1894-1914
455679. Of bison and man: from the annals of a bison yesterday to a refreshing outcome from human involvement with America's most valiant of beasts
455680. Journey with children: the autobiography of a teacher
455681. O'Keeffe and Me: A Treasured Friendship
455682. Colorado byways: a guide through scenic and historic landscapes
455683. Tamoanchan, Tlalocan: places of mist
455684. Exploring Colorado state parks
455685. Colorado profiles: men and women who shaped the centennial state
455686. This chosen place: finding Shangri-La on the 4UR
455687. They came to play: a photographic history of Colorado baseball
455688. Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms
455689. American women in World War I: they also served
455690. Riches and regrets: betting on gambling in two Colorado mountain towns
455691. The city and the saloon: Denver, 1858-1916
455692. To the Pacific
455693. Wyoming: a source book
455694. Dearest Phylabe: letters from wartime England
455695. A brotherhood of arms: Brazil-United States military relations, 1945-1977
455696. Unconquerable rebel: Robert W. Wilcox and Hawaiian politics, 1880-1903
455697. A boyhood in the dust bowl, 1926-1934
455698. The loyal opposition: Americans in North Vietnam, 1965-1972
455699. Along ancient trails: the Mallet expedition of 1739
455700. The explorer's guide to Death Valley National Park
455701. Enos Mills: citizen of nature
455702. Twin city tales: a hermeneutical reassessment of Tula and Chichén Itzá
455703. Utopia and history in Mexico: The first chronicles of Mexican civilization (1520-1569)
455704. Life and death in the Templo Mayor
455705. Beyond winning: memoir of a women's soccer coach
455706. A tale of two towns: a mining and a farming community in the 1890s
455707. The Yellowstone story: a history of our first national park, Volume 1
455708. Colorado flora: Western slope
455709. Colorado flora: Eastern slope
455710. Food, energy, and society
455711. A harvest of reluctant souls: the memorial of Fray Alonso de Benavides, 1630
455712. Constructing a collective memory of the Holocaust: a life history of two brothers' survival
455713. The geysers of Yellowstone
455714. Tom Patterson: Colorado crusader for change
455715. The Incas
455716. Lord Lyndhurst: the flexible Tory
455717. Our guerrillas, our sidewalks: a journey into the violence of Colombia
455718. Real life: ten stories of aging
455719. Spain and the Plains: myths and realities of Spanish exploration and settlement on the Great Plains
455720. For a child's sake: history of the Children's Hospital, Denver, Colorado, 1910-1990
455721. The hookmen
455722. Colorado: A History of the Centennial State
455723. Rain forest into desert: adventures in Australia's tropical North
455724. Days of anger, days of hope: a memoir of the League of American writers, 1937-1942
455725. Between the lines: international short stories of war
455726. The march to victory: a guide to World War II battles and battlefields from London to the Rhine
455727. Folk management in the world's fisheries: lessons for modern fisheries management
455728. Arrested rivers
455729. Origins of liberal dictatorship in Central America: Guatemala, 1865-1873
455730. Developmental defects of the axial skeleton in paleopathology
455731. Behind the door of delusion
455732. Hominid culture in primate perspective
455733. Trials and triumphs: a Colorado portrait of the Great Depression, with FSA photographs
455734. Pinero: a theatrical life
455735. A Society to Match the Scenery: Personal Visions of the Future of the American West
455736. Cowboy life: reconstructing an American myth
455737. Colorado: the place of nature, the nature of place
455738. Warriors at work: how Guinea was really set free
455739. The last water hole in the west: the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
455740. The Novel in the Americas
455741. Under fire with the Tenth U.S. Cavalry
455742. An illustrated guide to the mountain stream insects of Colorado
455743. Americans interpret the Parthenon: the progression of Greek revival architecture from the East Coast to Oregon, 1800-1860
455744. Reformers, corporations, and the electorate: an analysis of Arizona's age of reform
455745. Ice age hunters of the Rockies
455746. Denver: Mining Camp to Metropolis
455747. Waiting for the dawn: Mircea Eliade in perspective
455748. Choice against choice: constructing a policy-assessing sociology for social development
455749. Henry M. Porter: Rocky Mountain empire builder
455750. Persist and publish: helpful hints for academic writing and publishing
455751. Forgetting and Marguerite Duras
455752. Organizational co-dependence: causes and cures
455753. Prisoner of the Emperor: an American POW in World War II
455754. Colorado: a history in photographs
455755. State violence and ethnicity
455756. The Colorado General Assembly
455757. Fighting two sides: Kenyan chiefs and politicians, 1918-1940
455758. Stranger in their midst
455759. Alfred Sutro: a man with a heart
455760. The Ceramic legacy of Anna O. Shepard
455761. Eating up the Santa Fe Trail
455762. Impatient armies of the poor: the story of collective action of the unemployed, 1808-1942
455763. Boomtown blues: Colorado oil shale, 1885-1985
455764. Fighting soldier: the AEF in 1918
455765. Wapiti Wilderness
455766. Moving Media Storage Technologies: Applications & Workflows for Video and Media Server Platforms
455767. Nursing: the philosophy and science of caring
455768. Rocky Mountain National Park: a history
455769. Crucible for conservation: the creation of Grand Teton National Park
455770. The autobiography of Harry S. Truman
455771. The Northwest Salmon Crisis: A Documentary History
455772. The Tillamook: a created forest comes of age
455773. Waters of Oregon: a source book on Oregon's water and water management
455774. Atlas of the Pacific Northwest
455775. Wood works: the life and writings of Charles Erskine Scott Wood
455776. An annotated bibliography of Oregon bird literature published before 1935
455777. Atlas of Oregon wildlife: distribution, habitat, and natural history
455778. Pacific Northwest Women, 1815-1925: Lives, Memories, & Writings
455779. The public trust and the First Americans
455780. Emily Dickinson: daughter of prophecy
455781. Planets in peril: a critical study of C.S. Lewis's ransom trilogy
455782. The blues detective: a study of African American detective fiction
455783. Dayneford's library: American homosexual writing, 1900-1913
455784. Decadence and the making of modernism
455785. The best of what we are: reflections on the Nicaraguan revolution
455786. The changing landscape of labor: American workers and workplaces
455787. The postal confessions
455788. Genteel Pagan: The Double Life of Charles Warren Stoddard
455789. After the future: the paradoxes of postmodernism and contemporary Russian culture
455790. Heidegger's political thinking
455791. In the master's eye: representations of women, Blacks, and poor whites in antebellum Southern literature
455792. I am because we are: readings in Black philosophy
455793. New migrants in the marketplace: Boston's ethnic entrepreneurs
455794. Becoming Wordsworthian: a performative aesthetics
455795. Busted: a Vietnam veteran in Nixon's America
455796. What's left?: radical politics in the postcommunist era
455797. The Stowe debate: rhetorical strategies in Uncle Tom's cabin
455798. Ambiguous empowerment: the work narratives of women school superintendents
455799. The White Logic: Alcoholism and Gender in American Modernist Fiction
455800. Ethnicity on parade: inventing the Norwegian American through celebration
455801. Reconfigured spheres: feminist explorations of literary space
455802. Court and culture in Renaissance Scotland: Sir David Lindsay of the Mount
455803. Diaries to an English professor: pain and growth in the classroom
455804. Baby, let me follow you down: the illustrated story of the Cambridge folk years
455805. The Atlantic monthly, 1857-1909: Yankee humanism at high tide and ebb
455806. Imagining Niagara: the meaning and making of Niagara Falls
455807. A better place to live: reshaping the American suburb
455808. The education of Mrs. Henry Adams
455809. Defending diversity: contemporary philosophical perspectives on pluralism and multiculturalism
455810. C.L.R. James: his intellectual legacies
455811. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Information Science and Statistics)
455812. Poplore: folk and pop in American culture
455813. The Public trust doctrine and the management of America's coasts
455814. Mobility and migration: East Anglican founders of New England, 1629-1640
455815. The politics of unease in the plays of John Fletcher
455816. The mutilating God: authorship and authority in the narrative of conversion
455817. Coded Encounters: Writing, Gender, and Ethnicity in Colonial Latin America
455818. The Ecological city: preserving and restoring urban biodiversity
455819. Future imperfect: the mixed blessings of technology in America
455820. Supernatural forces: belief, difference, and power in contemporary works by ethnic women
455821. Meeting Freud's family
455822. Alma mater: design and experience in the women's colleges from their nineteenth-century beginnings to the 1930s
455823. The last good man
455824. Intellectuals in exile
455825. Whatever possessed the president?: academic experts and presidential policy, 1960-1988
455826. Fictions of the past: Hawthorne & Melville
455828. Brotherly love: murder and the politics of prejudice in nineteenth-century Rhode Island
455829. Lost country
455830. Traditions and reminiscences of Concord, Massachusetts, 1779-1878
455831. Strained sisterhood: gender and class in the Boston female anti-slavery society
455832. Rhetorical republic: governing representations in American politics
455833. Brutal choreographies: oppositional strategies and narrative design in the novels of Margaret Atwood
455834. From skisport to skiing: one hundred years of an American sport, 1840-1940
455835. Child in amber
455836. Working-class women in the academy: laborers in the knowledge factory
455837. Political thought and the American judiciary
455838. Homelessness: New England & beyond
455839. Law and liberty in early New England: criminal justice and due process, 1620-1692
455840. Cather, canon, and the politics of reading
455841. The past in ruins: tradition and the critique of modernity
455842. Late fire, late snow: new and uncollected poems
455843. Cast by means of figures: Herman Melville's rhetorical development
455844. Toward a genealogy of individualism
455845. Wanting only to be heard
455846. Reading Shakespeare's characters: rhetoric, ethics, and identity
455847. Fundamentalism in comparative perspective
455848. Founding farms: portraits of five Massachusetts family farms
455849. Myth and history in Caribbean fiction: Alejo Carpentier, Wilson Harris, and Edouard Glissant
455850. The home plot: women, writing & domestic ritual
455851. Clambake: a history and celebration of an American tradition
455852. A tradition of subversion: the prose poem in English from Wilde to Ashbery
455853. Planning the city upon a hill: Boston since 1630
455854. The Jamaïcan stage, 1655-1900: profile of a colonial theatre
455855. When this cruel war is over: the Civil War letters of Charles Harvey Brewster
455856. The heart is an instrument: portraits in journalism
455857. Meet your neighbors: New England portraits, painters, & society, 1790-1850
455858. A Neat plain modern stile: Philip Hooker and his contemporaries, 1796-1836
455859. Fearless wives and frightened shrews: the construction of the witch in early modern Germany
455860. On our own ground: the complete writings of William Apess, a Pequot
455861. Claude McKay: a black poet's struggle for identity
455862. The long view: essays on the discipline of hope and poetic craft
455863. Showing our colors: Afro-German women speak out
455864. An independent woman: the autobiography of Edith Guerrier
455865. Cotton & capital: Boston businessmen and antislavery reform, 1854-1868
455866. Political discourse in exile: Karl Marx and the Jewish question
455867. On the altar of freedom: a black soldier's Civil War letters from the front
455868. Wilbur's poetry: music in a scattering time
455869. Vulgarity and authenticity: dimensions of otherness in the world of Jean-Paul Sartre
455870. Gestures of healing: anxiety & the modern novel
455871. Writing war: fiction, gender, and memory
455872. Out of bounds: male writers and gender(ed) criticism
455873. Caribbean women writers: essays from the first international conference
455874. The minimal family
455875. Lvov ghetto diary
455876. Lord of attention: Gerald Stanley Lee & the crowd metaphor in industrializing America
455877. Sea of lentils
455878. The Unity of the Odyssey
455879. Rogues, vagabonds, & sturdy beggars: a new gallery of Tudor and early Stuart rogue literature exposing the lives, times, and cozening tricks of the Elizabethan underworld
455880. Contemporary women writers in Italy: a modern renaissance
455881. Children and play in the Holocaust: games among the shadows
455882. The exemplary presidency: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the American political tradition
455883. Reading The waste land: modernism and the limits of interpretation
455884. The Renaissance Englishwoman in print: counterbalancing the canon
455885. The Afro-American novel and its tradition
455886. Black writers redefine the struggle: a tribute to James Baldwin : proceedings of a conference at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, April 22-23, 1988 featuring Chinua Achebe ... et al.
455887. What is art history?
455888. The Mask of fiction: essays on W.D. Howells
455889. When the Eiffel Tower was new: French visions of progress at the Centennial of the Revolution
455890. Droid X: The Missing Manual
455891. The Far East comes near: autobiographical accounts of Southeast Asian students in America
455892. Red cottage
455893. Continental humanist poetics: studies in Erasmus, Castiglione, Marguerite de Navarre, Rabelais, and Cervantes
455894. The black presence in the era of the American Revolution
455895. The interpretation of pictures
455896. Tapestries of life: women's work, women's consciousness, and the meaning of daily experience
455897. The desperate politics of postmodernism
455898. Hermeneutics: Questions and Prospects
455899. Public and private in Vergil's Aeneid
455900. The Truman Nelson reader
455901. A Good deal: selected short stories from The Massachusetts review
455902. Breaking boundaries: Latina writing and critical readings
455903. Body blows: poems new and selected
455904. As others read us: international perspectives on American literature
455905. Building domestic liberty: Charlotte Perkins Gilman's architectural feminism
455906. The Authority of experience: essays in feminist criticism
455907. V. S. Naipaul: a materialist reading
455908. Women of academe: outsiders in the sacred grove
455909. Black mosaic: essays in Afro-American history and historiography
455910. Sidney in retrospect: selections from English literary renaissance
455911. Renaissance historicism: selections from English literary renaissance
455912. Wittgenstein's city
455913. American worlds since Emerson
455914. Black Yankees: the development of an Afro-American subculture in eighteenth-century New England
455915. John Berryman and the thirties: a memoir
455916. Shakespeare & the denial of death
455917. Women and the ideal society: Plato's Republic and modern myths of gender
455918. Time, the familiar stranger
455919. Fugitive dreams: an anthology of Dutch Colonial literature
455920. Bertolucci's dream loom: a psychoanalytic study of cinema
455921. Gifts of power: the writings of Rebecca Jackson, black visionary, Shaker eldress
455922. Art and concept: a philosophical study
455923. Artwriting
455924. Congress and the nuclear freeze: an inside look at the politics of a mass movement
455925. The burial-places of memory: epic underworlds in Vergil, Dante, and Milton
455926. The politics of fear: Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate
455927. Environmental policy in the USSR
455928. Our decentralized literature: cultural mediations in selected Jewish and Southern writers
455929. American gardens of the nineteenth century: ''for comfort and affluence''
455930. Duties, pleasures, and conflicts: essays in struggle
455931. Clockwork garden: on the mechanistic reduction of living things
455932. Wood, Brick and Stone: The North American Settlement Landscape : Barns and Farm Structures
455933. Sex in Middlesex: popular mores in a Massachusetts county, 1649-1699
455934. Kaplan GMAT Premier Program, 2009 (Book Only)
455935. Archibald MacLeish: reflections
455936. Before and after the fall: contrasting modes in Paradise lost
455937. In search of the person: philosophical explorations in cognitive science
455938. Between philosophy and politics: the alienation of political theory
455939. Witchcraft, magic, and religion in 17th-century Massachusetts
455940. Time and reality in American philosophy
455941. Georg Lukács and Thomas Mann
455942. Humanist poetics: thought, rhetoric, and fiction in sixteenth-century England
455943. Harold Bloom: the rhetoric of Romantic vision
455944. Affirming limits: essays on mortality, choice, and poetic form
455945. Dickinson, strategies of limitation, Volume 3
455946. American studies in black and white: selected essays, 1949-1989
455947. Bridging three worlds: Hungarian-Jewish Americans, 1848-1914
455948. Long live the strong: a history of rural society in the Apennine Mountains
455949. D.H. Lawrence and tradition
455950. A ''strange sapience'': the creative imagination of D.H. Lawrence
455951. The Orwell mystique: a study in male ideology
455952. Creating Rosie the Riveter: class, gender, and propaganda during World War II
455953. Abortion, moral and legal perspectives
455954. Emily Dickinson and the problem of others
455955. Religion, society, and utopia in nineteenth-century America
455956. Citizen participation in science policy
455957. Language, form, and inquiry: Arthur F. Bentley's philosophy of social science
455958. Shay's Rebellion: The Making of an Agrarian Insurrection
455959. Propaganda and aesthetics: the literary politics of African-American magazines in the twentieth century
455960. Thoreau's seasons
455961. The Secret Cause: A Discussion of Tragedy
455962. Our fiery trial: Abraham Lincoln, John Brown, and the Civil War era
455963. Daughters of the covenant: portraits of six Jewish women
455964. Mother of the Blues: A Study of Ma Rainey
455965. Ever-expanding horizons: the dual informational sources of human evolution
455966. Values and assumptions in American labor law
455967. The wilderness and the city: American classical philosophy as a moral quest
455968. Mirror of the Indies: a history of Dutch colonial literature
455969. Woman's legacy: essays on race, sex, and class in American history
455970. Yeats at songs and choruses
455971. The acts of our being: a reflection on agency and responsibility
455972. American profile, 1900-1909
455973. Freud on Schreber: psychoanalytic theory and the critical act
455974. Black English and the mass media
455975. Readings from the new book on nature: physics and metaphysics in the modern novel
455976. Mark Twain and ''Life on the Mississippi''
455977. The poison tree: selected writings of Rumphius on the natural history of the Indies
455978. Act & quality: a theory of literary meaning and humanistic understanding
455979. Truth and reality in Marx and Hegel: a reassessment
455980. Philosophy of Logic: An Anthology (Blackwell Philosophy Antologies)
455981. Prayers for dark people
455982. The comedy of language: studies in modern comic literature
455983. Black drama of the Federal theatre era: beyond the formal horizons
455984. Thoreau in the human community
455985. Salvation and the perfect society: the eternal quest
455986. The fragile thread: the meaning of form in Faulkner's novels
455987. Faulkner's narrative poetics: style as vision
455988. How the rural poor got power: narrative of a grass-roots organizer
455989. The whispered meanings: selected essays of Simon O. Lesser
455990. Society and power: five New England towns, 1800-1860
455991. Close relationships: perspectives on the meaning of intimacy
455992. Van Wyck Brooks: in search of American culture
455993. Shakespeare's mediated world
455994. Metaform
455995. The people and the faith of the Bible
455996. The Massachusetts constitution of 1780: a social compact
455997. The bureaucratization of socialism
455998. From the ashes of disgrace: a journal from Germany, 1945-1955
455999. Against racism: unpublished essays, papers, addresses, 1887-1961
456000. The Correspondence of W.E.B. Du Bois: Selections, 1944-1963
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