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206001. The Culture of an Information Economy: Influences and Impacts in the Republic of Ireland
206002. Data Visualization 2000: Proceedings of the Joint EUROGRAPHICS and IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 29–30, 2000
206003. Data Segmentation and Model Selection for Computer Vision: A Statistical Approach
206004. Pearl 99: Multimedia und Automatisierung Workshop über Realzeitsysteme Fachtagung der GI-Fachgruppe 4.4.2 Echtzeitprogrammierung, PEARL Boppard, 25./26. November 1999
206005. Verbmobil: Foundations of Speech-to-Speech Translation
206006. Keine Angst vor UNIX: Ein Lehrbuch für Einsteiger in UNIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX und andere UNIX-Derivate
206007. Introduction to Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
206008. Discrete Event Systems: Analysis and Control
206009. Unternehmen gründen ist nicht schwer ⋯
206010. Real-Time and Multi-Agent Systems
206011. Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages: Second InternationalWorkshop, PADL 2000 Boston, MA, USA, January 17–18, 2000 Proceedings
206012. Advances in Visual Information Management: Visual Database Systems. IFIP TC2 WG2.6 Fifth Working Conference on Visual Database Systems May 10–12, 2000, Fukuoka, Japan
206013. Dependable Network Computing
206014. Artificial Neural Networks in Biomedicine
206015. Abductive Reasoning and Learning
206016. Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications: IFIP TC8 / WG8.8 Fourth Working Conference on Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications September 20–22, 2000, Bristol, United Kingdom
206017. How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics
206018. Security of Data and Transaction Processing
206019. Essential Visual C++ 6.0 fast : An Introduction to Windows Programming using the Microsoft Foundation Class Library
206020. Data Compression: The Complete Reference
206021. Applied Computational Electromagnetics: State of the Art and Future Trends
206022. User Manual for the Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
206023. Object-Oriented Technology: ECOOP 2000 Workshop Reader ECOOP 2000 Workshops, Panels, and Posters Sophia Antipolis and Cannes, France, June 12–16, 2000 Proceedings
206024. Flood Issues in Contemporary Water Management
206025. The State of the Art in Computational Intelligence: Proceedings of the European Symposium on Computational Intelligence held in Košice, Slovak Republic, August 30-September 1, 2000
206026. Digitale Wasserzeichen: Grundlagen, Verfahren, Anwendungsgebiete
206027. Advances in Probabilistic and Other Parsing Technologies
206028. Coding Theory, Cryptography and Related Areas: Proceedings of an International Conference on Coding Theory, Cryptography and Related Areas, held in Guanajuato, Mexico, in April 1998
206029. Multimedia Systems: Delivering, Generating and Interacting with Multimedia
206030. Data Warehousing 2000: Methoden, Anwendungen, Strategien
206031. Forensic Computing: A Practitioner’s Guide
206032. Non-Functional Requirements in Software Engineering
206033. Logics in Artificial Intelligence: European Workshop, JELIA 2000 Málaga, Spain, September 29 – October 2, 2000 Proceedings
206034. Handbuch zum Internetrecht: Electronic Commerce - Informations-, Kommunikations-und Mediendienste
206035. Operations Research Proceedings 1999: Selected Papers of the Symposium on Operations Research (SOR ’99), Magdeburg, September 1–3, 1999
206036. Virtual Environments 2000: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 1–2, 2000
206037. The Planiverse: Computer Contact with a Two-Dimensional World
206038. Learning Software Organizations: Methodology and Applications. 11th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, SEKE'99 Kaiserslautern, Germany, June 16–19, 1999 Proceedings
206039. Methoden wissensbasierter Systeme: Grundlagen Algorithmen Anwendungen
206040. Datenversorgung komponentenbasierter Informationssysteme
206041. Information Security: Third International Workshop, ISW 2000 Wollongong, Australia, December 20–21, 2000 Proceedings
206042. Managing Interactions in Smart Environments: 1st International Workshop on Managing Interactions in Smart Environments (MANSE’99), Dublin, December 1999
206043. Linguistic Geometry: From Search to Construction
206044. Enabling Technologies for Computational Science: Frameworks, Middleware and Environments
206045. Managing Electronic Services: A Public Sector Perspective
206046. Einführung in die Informatik: Objektorientiert mit Java
206047. Mathematische Grundlagen der Ingenieurinformatik
206048. Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning — IDEAL 2000. Data Mining, Financial Engineering, and Intelligent Agents: Second International Conference Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong, China, December 13–15, 2000 Proceedings
206049. Classification and Information Processing at the Turn of the Millennium: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e.V., University of Bielefeld, March 10–12, 1999
206050. Basic Concepts of Information Technology: ECDL — the European PC standard
206051. Conceptual Flux: Mental Representation, Misrepresentation, and Concept Change
206052. Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems IV: IFIP TC6/WG6.1. Fourth International Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems (FMOODS 2000) September 6–8, 2000, Stanford, California, USA
206053. An Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms
206054. Essential Access 2000 fast: How to create databases using Access 2000
206055. Differential Equations with Maple: An Interactive Approach
206056. Innovations in ART Neural Networks
206057. Information, Organization and Information Systems Design: An Integrated Approach to Information Problems
206058. Information Systems Analysis and Modeling: An Informational Macrodynamics Approach
206059. The Unified Process for Practitioners: Object-Oriented Design, UML and Java
206060. Relationales und objektrelationales SQL: Eine Einführung in die Arbeit mit aktuellen ORACLE-Datenbanken
206061. Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems II: IFIP TC6 WG6.1 Second International Working Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS’99)June 28–July 1, 1999, Helsinki, Finland
206062. World Wide Web: Technische Grundlagen
206063. Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems
206064. KI-99: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 23rd Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence Bonn, Germany, September 13–15, 1999 Proceedings
206065. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1999: 24th International Symposium, MFCS’99 Szklarska Poręba, Poland, September 6–10,1999 Proceedings
206066. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 1999: Algorithmen — Systeme — Anwendungen Proceedings des Workshops am 4. und 5. März 1999 in Heidelberg
206067. Unternehmensweites Datenmanagement: Von der Datenbankadministration bis zum modernen Informationsmanagement
206068. Behavioral Specifications of Businesses and Systems
206069. Partial Evaluation: Practice and Theory DIKU 1998 International Summer School Copenhagen, Denmark, June 29 – July 10, 1998
206070. Inductive Logic Programming: 9th International Workshop, ILP-99 Bled, Slovenia, June 24–27, 1999 Proceedings
206071. Intelligent Agents V: Agents Theories, Architectures, and Languages: 5th International Workshop, ATAL’98 Paris, France, July 4–7, 1998 Proceedings
206072. Neural Networks for Conditional Probability Estimation: Forecasting Beyond Point Predictions
206073. Internet und Intranet: Auf dem Weg zum Electronic Business
206074. High-Integrity System Specification and Design
206075. Large Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling
206076. Foundations of Intelligent Systems: 11th International Symposium, ISMIS’99 Warsaw, Poland, June 8–11, 1999 Proceedings
206077. Knowledge Spaces
206078. Informationsmanagement in der Medizin: Beispiele und Perspektiven
206079. SGML und XML: Anwendungen und Perspektiven
206080. Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic
206081. Discrete Tomography: Foundations, Algorithms, and Applications
206082. Funktionale Programmierung: in OPAL, ML, HASKELL und GOFER
206083. Formal Models of Agents: ESPRIT Project ModelAge Final Workshop Selected Papers
206084. Optical Character Recognition: An Illustrated Guide to the Frontier
206085. The Logic Programming Paradigm: A 25-Year Perspective
206086. Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization: Supplement Volume A
206087. Sequences and their Applications: Proceedings of SETA ’98
206088. Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications
206089. Computing with Words in Information/Intelligent Systems 1: Foundations
206090. User-Centred Design of Systems
206091. Algorithm Engineering and Experimentation: International Workshop ALENEX’99 Baltimore, MD, USA, January 15–16, 1999 Selected Papers
206092. Machine Conversations
206093. Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Discovery
206094. Intelligent Information Agents: Agent-Based Information Discovery and Management on the Internet
206095. Handbook of Tableau Methods
206096. Effektiv Programmieren in C und C++: Eine aktuelle Einführung mit Beispielen aus Mathematik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik
206097. Telecommunications Network Planning
206098. Foundations of Computational Linguistics: Man-Machine Communication in Natural Language
206099. JIT’98 Java-Informations-Tage 1998: Frankfurt/Main, 12./13. November 1998
206100. Photoshop 5: Der sichere Weg zur erfolgreichen Bildbearbeitung
206101. Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
206102. Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing CASC’99: Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, Munich, May 31 – June 4, 1999
206103. Doing Business on the Internet: Opportunities and Pitfalls
206104. Angewandte Kernphysik: Einführung und Übersicht
206105. Digital Convergence: The Information Revolution
206106. Fuzzy Sets, Logics and Reasoning about Knowledge
206107. Dangerous Decisions: Problem Solving in Tomorrow’s World
206108. Mathematisch-strukturelle Grundlagen der Informatik
206109. Semirings and their Applications
206110. Computational Learning Theory: 4th European Conference, EuroCOLT’99 Nordkirchen, Germany, March 29–31, 1999 Proceedings
206111. Program Development by Refinement: Case Studies Using the B Method
206112. Komplexitätstheorie Band I: Grundlagen: Maschinenmodelle, Zeit- und Plazkomplexität, Nichtdeterminismus
206113. Datenbanksysteme in Büro, Technik und Wissenschaft: 8. GI—Fachtagung Freiburg im Breisgau, 1.–3. März 1999
206114. The Renaissance of Legacy Systems: Method Support for Software-System Evolution
206115. Generalized Quantifiers and Computation: 9th European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information ESSLLI’97Workshop Aix-en-Provence, France, August 11–22, 1997 Revised Lectures
206116. Data Visualization ’99: Proceedings of the Joint EUROGRAPHICS and IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization in Vienna, Austria, May 26–28, 1999
206117. Jewels are Forever: Contributions on Theoretical Computer Science in Honor of Arto Salomaa
206118. Computational Models of Speech Pattern Processing
206119. Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: 12th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI’99 Sydney, Australia, December 6–10, 1999 Proceedings
206120. Computers in Building: Proceedings of the CAADfutures’99 Conference. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures held at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA on June 7–8, 1999
206121. State-Space Search: Algorithms, Complexity, Extensions, and Applications
206122. ECSCW ’99: Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 12–16 September 1999, Copenhagen, Denmark
206123. Cooperative Information Agents III: Third International Workshop, CIA’99 Uppsala, Sweden, July 31–August 2, 1999 Proceedings
206124. Adaptive Learning by Genetic Algorithms: Analytical Results and Applications to Economic Models
206125. Formal Specification: Techniques and Applications
206126. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 1999: Proceedings of the International Conference in Innsbruck, Austria, 1999
206127. Program Monitoring and Visualization: An Exploratory Approach
206128. Lectures on Data Security: Modern Cryptology in Theory and Practice
206129. Elektronische Dienstemärkte: Modelle und Mechanismen des Electronic Commerce
206130. Models of Sharing Graphs: A Categorical Semantics of let and letrec
206131. Engineering Applications of Bio-Inspired Artificial Neural Networks: International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN'99 Alicante, Spain, June 2–4, 1999 Proceedings, Volume II
206132. C++ Toolkit for Engineers and Scientists
206133. Softwaretechnik mit Ada 95: Entwicklung großer Systeme
206134. Cognition, Agency and Rationality: Proceedings of the Fifth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science
206135. Rechnergestützte Verfahren in Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie: Neue Techniken zur Informationsvermittlung — Forschung — Lehre — Patientenversorgung — Qualitätssicherung — Internet-Adressen
206136. Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS): 11. ITG/GI-Fachtagung. Darmstadt, 2.-5. März 1999
206137. Computational Logic
206138. Logic, Language and Reasoning: Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay
206139. Translation Engines: Techniques for Machine Translation
206140. Introduction to the Formal Design of Real-Time Systems
206141. Information Security Management & Small Systems Security: IFIP TC11 WG11.1/WG11.2 Seventh Annual Working Conference on Information Security Management & Small Systems Security September 30–October 1, 1999, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
206142. Natural Language Information Retrieval
206143. LINUX für Durchstarter
206144. International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition: Proceedings of ICAPR ’98, 23–25 November 1998, Plymouth, UK
206145. Recursive Functions and Metamathematics: Problems of Completeness and Decidability, Gödel’s Theorems
206146. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: Theory and Applications
206147. Bioinformation: Problemlösungen für die Wissensgesellschaft
206148. Making Robots Smarter: Combining Sensing and Action Through Robot Learning
206149. Virtual Environments ’99: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Vienna, Austria, May 31-June 1, 1999
206150. Optimierungsmethoden: Eine Einführung
206151. Ontologies and Databases: A Special Issue of Distributed and Parallel Databases An International Journal Volume 7, No. 1 (1999)
206152. Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications
206153. Large Scale Linear and Integer Optimization: A Unified Approach
206154. JIT’99: Java-Informations-Tage 1999
206155. Knowledge Representation and Relation Nets
206156. Finite Fields: Theory and Computation: The Meeting Point of Number Theory, Computer Science, Coding Theory and Cryptography
206157. Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques: 13th International Workshop, WADT’98 Lisbon, Portugal, April 2–4, 1998 Selected Papers
206158. Advances in Artificial Life: 5th European Conference, ECAL’99 Lausanne, Switzerland, September 13–17, 1999 Proceedings
206159. Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning: 5th International Conference, LPNMR’ 99 El Paso, Texas, USA, December 2–4, 1999 Proceedings
206160. Erfolgreiche Praxisbeispiele im Online Marketing: Strategien und Erfahrungen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen
206161. Simulated Evolution and Learning: Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning, SEAL’98 Canberra, Australia, November 24–27, 1998 Selected Papers
206162. Fundamentals of Information Systems
206163. Interactive Multimedia Documents: Modeling, Authoring, and Implementation Experiences
206164. Software Prototyping in Data and Knowledge Engineering
206165. Business Knowledge Management: Praxiserfahrungen mit Intranetbasierten Lösungen
206166. Referenzmodellierung: State-of-the-Art und Entwicklungsperspektiven
206167. Multimedia Document Systems in Perspectives
206168. Industrial-Strength Formal Methods in Practice
206169. Self-Organising Neural Networks: Independent Component Analysis and Blind Source Separation
206170. Foundations of Rational Agency
206171. Language Comprehension: A Biological Perspective
206172. Combining Artificial Neural Nets: Ensemble and Modular Multi-Net Systems
206173. Cryptography and Coding: 7th IMA International Conference Cirencester, UK, December 20–22, 1999 Proceedings
206174. Computer Animation and Simulation ’98: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, August 31 — September 1, 1998
206175. Business Object Design and Implementation III: OOPSLA’99 Workshop Proceedings 2 November 1999, Denver, Colorado, USA
206176. Computing and Combinatorics: 5th Annual International Conference, COCOON’99 Tokyo, Japan, July 26–28, 1999 Proceedings
206177. Depth From Defocus: A Real Aperture Imaging Approach
206178. Uncertainty-Based Information: Elements of Generalized Information Theory
206179. Computational Visualization: Graphics, Abstraction and Interactivity
206180. Parallel and Distributed Processing: 11th IPPS/SPDP’99 Workshops Held in Conjunction with the 13th International Parallel Processing Symposium and 10th Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, April 12–16, 1999 Proceedings
206181. Die Informatik AG — Telekooperation
206182. Success in Referential Communication
206183. Mathematical Principles of Fuzzy Logic
206184. Causal Models and Intelligent Data Management
206185. Stochastically-Based Semantic Analysis
206186. Cooperative Buildings. Integrating Information, Organizations, and Architecture: Second International Workshop, CoBuild’99, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, October 1-2, 1999. Proceedings
206187. Operating Systems and Services
206188. Programming for Everyone in Java
206189. Einführung in die Kryptographie
206190. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI’99: Second International Conference, Cambridge, UK, September 19-22, 1999. Proceedings
206191. Conceptual Modeling: Current Issues and Future Directions
206192. Scheduling in Parallel Computing Systems: Fuzzy and Annealing Techniques
206193. Diskrete Mathematik
206194. Integration von Entwicklungssystemen in Ingenieuranwendungen: Substantielle Verbesserung der Entwicklungsprozesse
206195. Machine Vision and Advanced Image Processing in Remote Sensing: Proceedings of Concerted Action MAVIRIC (Machine Vision in Remotely Sensed Image Comprehension)
206196. Algorithmic Learning Theory: 10th International Conference, ALT’99 Tokyo, Japan, December 6–8, 1999 Proceedings
206197. Decision Science and Technology: Reflections on the Contributions of Ward Edwards
206198. Research Directions in Parallel Functional Programming
206199. Computer Animation and Simulation ’99: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Milano, Italy, September 7–8, 1999
206200. Wilde’s WWW: Technical Foundations of the World Wide Web
206201. Dynamic Neural Field Theory for Motion Perception
206202. Educating Professionals for Network-Centric Organisations: IFIP TC3 WG3.4 International Working Conference on Educating Professionals for Network-Centric Organisations August 23–28, 1998, Saitama, Japan
206203. Object-Oriented Computer Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems
206204. Dynamic Worlds: From the Frame Problem to Knowledge Management
206205. Programmieren mit JAVA: Das Lehrbuch zum sicheren Umgang mit Objekten
206206. DataWarehousing and Knowledge Discovery: First International Conference, DaWaK’99 Florence, Italy, August 30 – September 1, 1999 Proceedings
206207. Parameterized Complexity
206208. Visual Representations and Interpretations
206209. FM’99 — Formal Methods: World Congress on Formal Methods in the Development of Computing Systems Toulouse, France, September 20–24, 1999 Proceedings, Volume I
206210. Testing Safety-Related Software: A Practical Handbook
206211. Machine Learning Methods for Ecological Applications
206212. Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik
206213. Finiteness and Regularity in Semigroups and Formal Languages
206214. Descriptive Complexity
206215. Electronic Business Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century
206216. Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing: 11th International Workshop, LCPC’98 Chapel Hill, NC, USA, August 7–9, 1998 Proceedings
206217. Multimedia-Projektmanagement: Von der Idee zum Produkt
206218. Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation: 8th International Workshop, LOPSTR’98 Manchester, UK, June 15–19, 1998 Selected Papers
206219. Open Geometry: OpenGL® + Advanced Geometry
206220. Exploring Abstract Algebra With Mathematica®
206221. Software Agents for Future Communication Systems
206222. Prozeßorientierte betriebliche Informationssysteme: Methoden, Vorgehen und Werkzeuge zu ihrer effizienten Entwicklung
206223. Algorithms for Parallel Processing
206224. Incremental Speech Translation
206225. BIS ’99: 3rd International Conference on Business Information Systems, Poznan, Poland 14–16 April 1999
206226. Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications: First NASA International Conference, QCQC’98 Palm Springs, California, USA February 17–20, 1998 Selected Papers
206227. C Programming: The Essentials for Engineers and Scientists
206228. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of SPIN Model Checking: 5th and 6th International SPIN Workshops Trento, Italy, July 5, 1999 Toulouse, France, September 21 and 24, 1999 Proceedings
206229. Database Security XII: Status and Prospects
206230. Effizientes Informationsmanagement in dezentralen Organisationsstrukturen
206231. Randomization, Approximation, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques: Third International Workshop on Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science, and Second International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems, RANDOM-APPROX’99, Berkeley, CA, USA, August 8-11, 1999.
206232. High-Performance Computing
206233. Java for Practitioners: An Introduction and Reference to Java and Object Orientation
206234. Analytische Informationssysteme: Data Warehouse, On-Line Analytical Processing, Data Mining
206235. Datenbanksysteme: Konzepte und Techniken der Implementierung
206236. UNIX, C und Internet: Moderne Datenverarbeitung in Wissenschaft und Technik
206237. Lexical Semantics and Knowledge Representation in Multilingual Text Generation
206238. Internet Programming Languages: ICCL’98 Workshop Chicago, IL, USA, May 13, 1998 Proceedings
206239. Fuzzy Database Modeling
206240. Processor Architecture: From Dataflow to Superscalar and Beyond
206241. Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems ’99: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Braga, Portugal, June 2–4, 1999
206242. Foundations and Tools for Neural Modeling: International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN’99 Alicante, Spain, June 2–4, 1999 Proceedings, Volume I
206243. Content-Based Access to Multimedia Information: From Technology Trends to State of the Art
206244. Multi-Agent System Engineering: 9th European Workshop on Modelling Autonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World, MAAMAW’99 Valencia, Spain, June 30 – July 2, 1999 Proceedings
206245. Business Computing mit MS-Office und Internet: Eine Einführung an praktischen Beispielen
206246. PEARL 98 Echtzeitsysteme im Netz: Workshop über Realzeitsysteme
206247. Essential Visual J++ 6.0 fast : How to develop Java applications and applets with Visual J++
206248. Large Scale Collaborative Virtual Environments
206249. Consciousness and Intentionality: Models and Modalities of Attribution
206250. Algorithmic Algebra and Number Theory: Selected Papers From a Conference Held at the University of Heidelberg in October 1997
206251. Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods Garching, Germany 1998: Proceedings of the 18th International Workshop on Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods of Statistical Analysis
206252. Informationsmanagement: Modelle, Methoden, Techniken
206253. Neural Nets WIRN VIETRI-98: Proceedings of the 10th Italian Workshop on Neural Nets, Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy, 21–23 May 1998
206254. Performance Evaluation, Prediction and Visualization of Parallel Systems
206255. Übersetzerbau: Techniken, Werkzeuge, Anwendungen
206256. Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises: Networking Industrial Enterprises IFIP TC5 WG5.3 / PRODNET Working Conference on Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE’99) October 27–28, 1999, Porto, Portugal
206257. Diagram Design: A Constructive Theory
206258. Programmieren spielend gelernt mit dem Java-Hamster-Modell
206259. Research and Development in Expert Systems XV: Proceedings of ES98, the Eighteenth Annual International Conference of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Expert Systems, Cambridge, December 1998
206260. Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons
206261. Crisp and Soft Computing with Hypercubical Calculus: New Approaches to Modeling in Cognitive Science and Technology with Parity Logic, Fuzzy Logic, and Evolutionary Computing
206262. Digitale Signatur: Grundlagen, Funktion und Einsatz
206263. Syntactic Wordclass Tagging
206264. Grid Generation and Adaptive Algorithms
206265. Scale-Space Theories in Computer Vision: Second International Conference, Scale-Space’99 Corfu, Greece, September 26–27, 1999 Proceedings
206266. New Information Technologies in Organizational Processes: Field Studies and Theoretical Reflections on the Future of Work
206267. Meta-Heuristics: Advances and Trends in Local Search Paradigms for Optimization
206268. Bounded Queries in Recursion Theory
206269. Electronic Customer Care: Die Anbieter-Kunden-Beziehung im Informationszeitalter
206270. Classification and Data Analysis: Theory and Application Proceedings of the Biannual Meeting of the Classification Group of Società Italiana di Statistica (SIS) Pescara, July 3–4, 1997
206271. Designing Maintainable Software
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206400. The Project Management Paradigm
206401. Data Mining Methods for Knowledge Discovery
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206403. Cortex: Statistics and Geometry of Neuronal Connectivity
206404. Java and Object Orientation: An Introduction
206405. Up and Running with C++
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206422. Scalable High Performance Computing for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
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206425. Using the STL: The C++ Standard Template Library
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206428. The Politics of Usability: A Practical Guide to Designing Usable Systems in Industry
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206438. Designing Communities
206439. Hardware Evolution: Automatic Design of Electronic Circuits in Reconfigurable Hardware by Artificial Evolution
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206463. Proof in VDM: Case Studies
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206468. Cyberworlds
206469. Die Rechenmaschinen von Konrad Zuse
206470. Theorem Proving with the Real Numbers
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206472. Workflow and Process Automation: Concepts and Technology
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206476. Belief Change
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206480. Mobile Agents and Security
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206482. Neural Network Data Analysis Using Simulnet™
206483. Objektorientierte Programmierung in Oberon-2
206484. Exploring Computer Science with Scheme
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206486. Introduction to Vertex Operator Superalgebras and Their Modules
206487. Electronic Commerce and Business Communications
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206491. Concurrent Enterprising: Toward the Concurrent Enterprise in the Era of the Internet and Electronic Commerce
206492. Reasoning with Actual and Potential Contradictions
206493. Wissensmanagement: Schritte zum intelligenten Unternehmen
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206499. Interconnecting Heterogeneous Information Systems
206500. Parallel and Distributed Information Systems
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206504. Knowledge Engineering: Unifying Knowledge Base and Database Design
206505. Nonlinear Analysis of Physiological Data
206506. Correct Systems: Building a Business Process Solution
206507. Transaction Management Support for Cooperative Applications
206508. Prospects for Hardware Foundations: ESPRIT Working Group 8533 NADA — New Hardware Design Methods Survey Chapters
206509. Image Description and Retrieval
206510. Virtual Reality for Industrial Applications
206511. Unternehmensweites Datenmanagement: Von der Datenbankadministration bis zum modernen Informationsmanagement
206512. Kommerzielle Nutzung des Internet: Unterstützung von Marketing, Produktion, Logistik und Querschnittsfunktionen durch Internet, Intranet und kommerzielle Online-Dienste
206513. Refinement Calculus: A Systematic Introduction
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206517. Elimination Methods in Polynomial Computer Algebra
206518. Data Compression: The Complete Reference
206519. Information Processing in Cells and Tissues
206520. Quantentheorie der Information: Zur Naturphilosophie der Theorie der Ur-Alternativen und einer abstrakten Theorie der Information
206521. Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Online Marketing: Die strategischen Perspektiven elektronischer Märkte
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206533. Probabilistic Methods for Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics
206534. Pi: Algorithmen, Computer, Arithmetik
206535. Parallel, Object-Oriented, and Active Knowledge Base Systems
206536. Language Comprehension: A Biological Perspective
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206539. Objektorientiertes Programmieren
206540. Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Debate
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206544. Reanalysis in Sentence Processing
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206548. Internet für Mediziner
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206556. Exploring Textual Data
206557. Learning to Learn
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206562. Fuzzy-Modelle in der Unternehmensplanung
206563. Geometric Modelling: Dagstuhl 1996
206564. Business Process Oriented Implementation of Standard Software: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage Quickly and Efficiently
206565. Active Contours: The Application of Techniques from Graphics, Vision, Control Theory and Statistics to Visual Tracking of Shapes in Motion
206566. Process Technology
206567. Requirements-Engineering systematisch: Modellbildung für softwaregestützte Systeme
206568. Telearbeit: Ein praktischer Wegweiser
206569. Zwei Kulturen: Intuition und Logik in Kunst und Wissenschaft
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206571. Medical Image Databases
206572. Dealing with Complexity: A Neural Networks Approach
206573. Neural Networks: Tricks of the Trade
206574. Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age
206575. DNA Computing: New Computing Paradigms
206576. Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia
206577. Object-Oriented Metamethods
206578. Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen im VLSI-Design: OBDD — Grundlagen und Anwendungen
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206582. Extending Deontic Logic for the Formalisation of Legal Rules
206583. Software-Projektmanagement kompakt: Für Studium und Praxis
206584. Artificial Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms: Proceedings of the International Conference in Norwich, U.K., 1997
206585. Typographie interaktiv!: Ein Leitfaden für gelungenes Screen-Design
206586. Feature Selection for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
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206588. Distributed Applications Engineering: Building New Applications and Managing Legacy Applications with Distributed Technologies
206589. Director 6 und Lingo: Praxiskurs
206590. CALL, Culture and the Language Curriculum
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206592. Information and Process Integration in Enterprises: Rethinking Documents
206593. Games and Full Abstraction for a Functional Metalanguage with Recursive Types
206594. Cooperative Information Agents II Learning, Mobility and Electronic Commerce for Information Discovery on the Internet: Second International Workshop, CIA'98 Paris, France, July 4–7, 1998 Proceedings
206595. Animation und Interaktion im WWW: Mit Shockwave und Flash
206596. Mustererkennung 1998: 20. DAGM-Symposium Stuttgart, 29. September – 1. Oktober 1998
206597. Logical Structures for Representation of Knowledge and Uncertainty
206598. Hydroinformatics Tools for Planning, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Sewer Systems
206599. Fuzzy Logic in Data Modeling: Semantics, Constraints, and Database Design
206600. Digitale Fotografie: Von der Praxis zu den Grundlagen
206601. Geometric Constraint Solving and Applications
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206603. Projects in the Computing Curriculum: Proceedings of the Project 98 Workshop, Sheffield 1998
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206605. Betriebssysteme: Grundlagen und Konzepte
206606. A Network Orange: Logic and Responsibility in the Computer Age
206607. Information Technology for Knowledge Management
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206661. The Art of Analysis
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206699. Fact Proposition Event
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206742. Computational Intelligence for Optimization
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206745. Entzifferte Geheimnisse: Methoden und Maximen der Kryptologie
206746. Human and Machine Perception: Information Fusion
206747. Intelligent Planning: A Decomposition and Abstraction Based Approach
206748. Smalltalk and Object Orientation: An Introduction
206749. Motion-Based Recognition
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206758. Logic of Computation
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206807. Spatial Cognition: Geographic Environments
206808. Musical Temperaments
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206816. Human Competence and Business Development: Emerging Patterns in European Companies
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206820. Cooperative Knowledge Processing: The Key Technology for Intelligent Organizations
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206829. Dateien und Datenbanken: Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung
206830. Operations Research and Discrete Analysis
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206835. Extensional Constructs in Intensional Type Theory
206836. Algebraic Complexity Theory: With the Collaboration of Thomas Lickteig
206837. Organized Activity and its Support by Computer
206838. Integralgleichungen
206839. Die Programmiersprache F
206840. Intelligent Systems and Financial Forecasting
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206850. Multimedia Information Systems
206851. The Ergonomics of Computer Pointing Devices
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206864. Beyond Calculation: The Next Fifty Years of Computing
206865. Developing Business Applications with OpenStep™
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206867. Kasparov versus Deep Blue: computer chess comes of age
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206873. Mathematics of Neural Networks: Models, Algorithms and Applications
206874. The F Language Guide
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206876. LINUX für Durchstarter
206877. Defeasible Deontic Logic
206878. Semantics of Parallelism: Non-Interleaving Representation of Behaviour
206879. Wie Schnecken sich in Schale werfen: Muster tropischer Meeresschnecken als dynamische Systeme
206880. One Jump Ahead: Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers
206881. Integrated Approach to Environmental Data Management Systems
206882. Multimedia Databases in Perspective
206883. A Windows NT™ Guide to the Web: Covering browsers, servers, and related software
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206893. Falling Liquid Films
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206895. Theory, Analysis and Design of RF Interferometric Sensors
206896. Micromagnetics and Recording Materials
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206899. Semiconductor Modeling Techniques
206900. Exploiting Nonlinear Behavior in Structural Dynamics
206901. Application of Bacterial Pigments as Colorant: The Malaysian Perspective
206902. Fluid Effects in Polymers and Polymeric Composites
206903. Biomedical Signals and Sensors I: Linking Physiological Phenomena and Biosignals
206904. Self-Evolvable Systems: Machine Learning in Social Media
206905. Technologies for Medical Sciences
206906. Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiler for Fluid Flow
206907. Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing
206908. Self-Assembly of Nanostructures: The INFN Lectures, Vol. III
206909. Strength of Fibrous Composites
206910. Riveted Lap Joints in Aircraft Fuselage: Design, Analysis and Properties
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206913. Complex Systems and Dependability
206914. Next Generation of Photovoltaics: New Concepts
206915. Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots: Part 4: Other Topologies with Two and Three Degrees of Freedom
206916. Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer: Laminar free Convection of Phase Flows and Models for Heat-Transfer Analysis
206917. Patient-Specific Computational Modeling
206918. Complex Strategic Choices: Applying Systemic Planning for Strategic Decision Making
206919. Terahertz Techniques
206920. Micro and Nano Sulfide Solid Lubrication
206921. Re-engineering of Products and Processes: How to Achieve Global Success in the Changing Marketplace
206922. Passive Methods as a Solution for Improving Indoor Environments
206923. Frontiers in Computer Education
206924. Ultra-Wideband Radio Frequency Identification Systems
206925. Environmental Silicate Nano-Biocomposites
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206938. Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust
206939. Soft Computing in Humanities and Social Sciences
206940. Seismic Design and Assessment of Bridges: Inelastic Methods of Analysis and Case Studies
206941. Optimal Sensor Networks Scheduling in Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems
206942. Interworking of Wireless LANs and Cellular Networks
206943. MIMO Communication for Cellular Networks
206944. Conventional Three-Phase Fixed-Bed Technologies: Analysis and Critique
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206953. Soft Tissue Biomechanical Modeling for Computer Assisted Surgery
206954. Advanced Planning in Supply Chains: Illustrating the Concepts Using an SAP® APO Case Study
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206976. Stochastic Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems
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206978. The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk
206979. Analysis and Synthesis of Delta Operator Systems
206980. Decision-Making for Supply Chain Integration: Supply Chain Integration
206981. Electrochemical Dictionary
206982. Hybrid Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing: Combining Artificial Intelligence and Finite Element Method
206983. Composite Materials: Science and Engineering
206984. Chemical Thermodynamics: An Introduction
206985. Use Cases of Discrete Event Simulation: Appliance and Research
206986. Friction Material Composites: Materials Perspective
206987. Propagation Engineering in Wireless Communications
206988. Error Control for Network-on-Chip Links
206989. PEM Fuel Cells with Bio-Ethanol Processor Systems: A Multidisciplinary Study of Modelling, Simulation, Fault Diagnosis and Advanced Control
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207001. Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture: Impacts on Health
207002. Stereoscopic HDTV: Research at NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories
207003. Advanced Bimanual Manipulation: Results from the DEXMART Project
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207025. Drilling Down: The Gulf Oil Debacle and Our Energy Dilemma
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207028. The Unknown Component Problem: Theory and Applications
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207035. Nano-Antimicrobials: Progress and Prospects
207036. Fractional Order Signal Processing: Introductory Concepts and Applications
207037. Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management: Volume 1
207038. Smart Materials in Structural Health Monitoring, Control and Biomechanics
207039. Energy, Transport, & the Environment: Addressing the Sustainable Mobility Paradigm
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207044. Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications
207045. Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Porous Media: Benchmarks and Examples
207046. Low Power Design with High-Level Power Estimation and Power-Aware Synthesis
207047. Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries
207048. Photophysics of Carbon Nanotubes Interfaced with Organic and Inorganic Materials
207049. Soft Computing Methods for Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Design Problems
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207067. Automation in Warehouse Development
207068. Nanoalloys: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
207069. Combining Experimentation and Theory: A Hommage to Abe Mamdani
207070. Model Predictive Vibration Control: Efficient Constrained MPC Vibration Control for Lightly Damped Mechanical Structures
207071. Cross-Word Modeling for Arabic Speech Recognition
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207075. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 3: Thermal Interactions
207076. Migration on Wings: Aerodynamics and Energetics
207077. Supply Chain Disruptions: Theory and Practice of Managing Risk
207078. Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors: A Key to Define, Analyze and Design Energy Systems Beyond Fossil Fuels
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207084. Software and Network Engineering
207085. Guide to FPGA Implementation of Arithmetic Functions
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207087. Modeling, Learning, and Processing of Text Technological Data Structures
207088. Forensic Speaker Recognition: Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism
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207099. NMR Methods for the Investigation of Structure and Transport
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207135. Lead-Free Piezoelectrics
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207137. Advanced Ceramic Technologies & Products
207138. Predicting Prosody from Text for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
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207157. Electromagnetic Processing of Materials: Materials Processing by Using Electric and Magnetic Functions
207158. Air Navigation Law
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207185. On Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the National Airspace System: Issues, Challenges, Operational Restrictions, Certification, and Recommendations
207186. Scalable Parallel Programming Applied to H.264/AVC Decoding
207187. Computational Biomechanics for Medicine: Deformation and Flow
207188. Feedback Control of MEMS to Atoms
207189. Onboard Computers, Onboard Software and Satellite Operations: An Introduction
207190. Computational Intelligence Techniques for New Product Design
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207192. Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
207193. Advanced Manufacturing Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050
207194. Introduzione ai metodi inversi: Con applicazioni alla geofisica e al telerilevamento
207195. Human Medical Research: Ethical, Legal and Socio-Cultural Aspects
207196. Metal and Alloy Bonding - An Experimental Analysis: Charge Density in Metals and Alloys
207197. Sliding Modes after the First Decade of the 21st Century: State of the Art
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207199. Fuel Cells in the Waste-to-Energy Chain: Distributed Generation Through Non-Conventional Fuels and Fuel Cells
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207201. Power Distribution and Performance Analysis for Wireless Communication Networks
207202. Semiconductor Optics
207203. ICT Innovations 2011
207204. Latest Advances in Robot Kinematics
207205. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
207206. Data-Driven Controller Design: The H2 Approach
207207. Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity: An Introduction
207208. Biomass Conversion: The Interface of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Science
207209. Self-Excited Vibration: Theory, Paradigms, and Research Methods
207210. Coating Substrates and Textiles: A Practical Guide to Coating and Laminating Technologies
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207216. Introduction to the Mechanics of Space Robots
207217. Dynamics and Control of Switched Electronic Systems: Advanced Perspectives for Modeling, Simulation and Control of Power Converters
207218. Education Management, Education Theory and Education Application
207219. The Common Information Model CIM: IEC 61968/61970 and 62325 - A practical introduction to the CIM
207220. Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems Non-fragile H-infinity Filtering
207221. Integrated Frequency Synthesis for Convergent Wireless Solutions
207222. Special Topics in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
207223. Education and Educational Technology
207224. Energy: Production, Conversion, Storage, Conservation, and Coupling
207225. Managing Supply Chain Risk
207226. Modular Neural Networks and Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for Pattern Recognition
207227. Creating New Medical Ontologies for Image Annotation: A Case Study
207228. Technology for Education and Learning
207229. Fundamentals of Digital Manufacturing Science
207230. Future Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
207231. Integrated Filters for Short Range Wireless and Biomedical Applications
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207235. Design Technology for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
207236. Intelligent Adaptation and Personalization Techniques in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
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207244. Possibility Theory and the Risk
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207258. Managing Temperature Effects in Nanoscale Adaptive Systems
207259. Computational Cancer Biology: An Interaction Network Approach
207260. Solar Power Satellites
207261. The Need for an Integrated Regulatory Regime for Aviation and Space: ICAO for Space?
207262. Advances in Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
207263. High-/Mixed-Voltage Analog and RF Circuit Techniques for Nanoscale CMOS
207264. Desalination Concentrate Management
207265. Risk Management Technologies: With Logic and Probabilistic Models
207266. Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms
207267. Phase Interaction in the Metal - Oxide Melts - Gas -System: The Modeling of Structure, Properties and Processes
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207269. Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications
207270. Immersive Multimodal Interactive Presence
207271. Ultra High-Speed CMOS Circuits: Beyond 100 GHz
207272. Microdroplet Technology: Principles and Emerging Applications in Biology and Chemistry
207273. Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems
207274. Integral Biomathics: Tracing the Road to Reality
207275. Decision Policies for Production Networks
207276. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 4: Turbulence, Gas Adsorption and Release, Diesel Fuel Properties
207277. Human Centric Technology and Service in Smart Space: HumanCom 2012
207278. Fibre Optic Communication: Key Devices
207279. Turbulent Impinging Jets into Porous Materials
207280. The Dilemma of Boundaries: Toward a New Concept of Catchment
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207282. Radioactive Waste: Technical and Normative Aspects of its Disposal
207283. Transient and Permanent Error Control for Networks-on-Chip
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207288. Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation
207289. Computational Biomechanics: Theoretical Background and Biological/Biomedical Problems
207290. Adaptive Feed-Forward Control of Low Frequency Interior Noise
207291. Compact Models and Measurement Techniques for High-Speed Interconnects
207292. Electrochemistry of Insertion Materials for Hydrogen and Lithium
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207296. Airbreathing Propulsion: An Introduction
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207298. Towards Modern Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Systems
207299. Manufacturing Outsourcing: A Knowledge Perspective
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207301. Functional Observers for Dynamical Systems
207302. Distributed Decision Making and Control
207303. Challenges and Solutions for Climate Change
207304. Intelligent Tools for Building a Scientific Information Platform
207305. Nanoparticles from the Gasphase: Formation, Structure, Properties
207306. Lighter than Air Robots: Guidance and Control of Autonomous Airships
207307. Information Technology and Agricultural Engineering
207308. Control and Optimization Methods for Electric Smart Grids
207309. Learning in Non-Stationary Environments: Methods and Applications
207310. Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
207311. Fuzzy Evidence in Identification, Forecasting and Diagnosis
207312. Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications 2012
207313. Thermo-Hydrodynamic Design of Fluidized Bed Combustors: Estimating Metal Wastage
207314. Evolutionary Hierarchical Multi-Criteria Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Large-Scale Grid Systems
207315. Classical, Semi-classical and Quantum Noise
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207326. Inverse Analyses with Model Reduction: Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Structural Mechanics
207327. Believable Bots: Can Computers Play Like People?
207328. Continuous-Time Low-Pass Filters for Integrated Wideband Radio Receivers
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207330. Wind Power Plants: Fundamentals, Design, Construction and Operation
207331. Energy Methods in Dynamics
207332. Towards an Advanced Modelling of Complex Economic Phenomena: Pretopological and Topological Uncertainty Research Tools
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207341. Applied Control Systems Design
207342. Group Testing Theory in Network Security: An Advanced Solution
207343. Leading processes to lead companies: Lean Six Sigma: Kaizen Leader & Green Belt Handbook
207344. Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation
207345. Electronic Technology and Civil Procedure: New Paths to Justice from Around the World
207346. Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications
207347. Production Systems and Supply Chain Management in Emerging Countries: Best Practices: Selected papers from the International Conference on Production Research (ICPR)
207348. The Nuclear Environmentalist: Is There a Green Road to Nuclear Energy?
207349. Fault Analysis in Cryptography
207350. Computer- Aided Design in Power Engineering: Application of Software Tools
207351. Smart Sensing Technology for Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring
207352. Computational Plasticity: With Emphasis on the Application of the Unified Strength Theory
207353. Thermodynamics for Chemists, Physicists and Engineers
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207360. Proceedings of the 20th International Meshing Roundtable
207361. Variation Tolerant On-Chip Interconnects
207362. Experience from the DARPA Urban Challenge
207363. Magnetic Particle Imaging: A Novel SPIO Nanoparticle Imaging Technique
207364. Social Foundations of Human Space Exploration
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207366. Rotordynamics of Automotive Turbochargers: Linear and Nonlinear Rotordynamics – Bearing Design – Rotor Balancing
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207368. Atomic Force Microscopy Based Nanorobotics: Modelling, Simulation, Setup Building and Experiments
207369. How to Make Money by Fast Trading: A Guide to Success
207370. Novel Techniques for Dialectal Arabic Speech Recognition
207371. Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks: Protocols, Services and Applications
207372. Reliability, Availability and Serviceability of Networks-on-Chip
207373. Adiabatic Logic: Future Trend and System Level Perspective
207374. Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots I
207375. Combustion Engines Development: Mixture Formation, Combustion, Emissions and Simulation
207376. Unsaturated Soils: Research and Applications: Volume 1
207377. Photons in Natural and Life Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Approach
207378. Localization in Wireless Networks: Foundations and Applications
207379. Fuzzy Semirings with Applications to Automata Theory
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207387. Frontiers in Sensing: From Biology to Engineering
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207670. Control of Integral Processes with Dead Time
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207744. Mathematical Approaches to Polymer Sequence Analysis and Related Problems
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207798. 6th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB 2010). August 1-6, 2010 Singapore: In Conjunction with 14th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME) and 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Biomechanics (APBiomech)
207799. Sustainable Retail Development: New Success Strategies
207800. Finite-element-model Updating Using Computional Intelligence Techniques: Applications to Structural Dynamics
207801. Advances in Intelligent Information Systems
207802. Interactive Collaborative Information Systems
207803. Optical Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications
207804. ICT Innovations 2009
207805. The Physics of Metrology: All about Instruments: From Trundle Wheels to Atomic Clocks
207806. Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 2: Computational Aspects
207807. FIDIC - A Guide for Practitioners
207808. Continuum Damage Mechanics and Numerical Applications
207809. Advanced Computational Methods in Science and Engineering
207810. Handbook of Swarm Intelligence: Concepts, Principles and Applications
207811. Distinguished Figures in Mechanism and Machine Science: Their Contributions and Legacies, Part 2
207812. Management of Weather and Climate Risk in the Energy Industry
207813. Advances in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
207814. Maintenance for Industrial Systems
207815. Trends in Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems: 8th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems
207816. Global Warming: Engineering Solutions
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207818. Hybrid Switching Diffusions: Properties and Applications
207819. High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2009
207820. Neural Networks and Micromechanics
207821. Security in Embedded Devices
207822. Graphs and Algorithms in Communication Networks: Studies in Broadband, Optical, Wireless and Ad Hoc Networks
207823. Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies: Proceedings of the Second KES International Symposium IDT 2010
207824. Incremental Learning for Motion Prediction of Pedestrians and Vehicles
207825. Factory Planning Manual: Situation-Driven Production Facility Planning
207826. Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services
207827. Materials Science with Ion Beams
207828. Linguistic Fuzzy Logic Methods in Social Sciences
207829. A Long View of Research and Practice in Operations Research and Management Science: The Past and the Future
207830. Multi-Wafer Rotating MEMS Machines: Turbines, Generators, and Engines
207831. Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050: Strategic General Report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
207832. Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion
207833. Analog Circuit Design: Smart Data Converters, Filters on Chip, Multimode Transmitters
207834. New Horizons of Applied Scanning Electron Microscopy
207835. Computational Intelligence in Healthcare 4: Advanced Methodologies
207836. Crystallization Modalities in Polymer Melt Processing: Fundamental Aspects of Structure Formation
207837. The g m /I D Methodology, A Sizing Tool for Low-voltage Analog CMOS Circuits: The semi-empirical and compact model approaches
207838. Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems 2010: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems (CISIS’10)
207839. SystemC: From the Ground Up
207840. Quantum Neural Computation
207841. New Trends in Thin Structures: Formulation, Optimization and Coupled Problems
207842. Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures
207843. Towards Hybrid and Adaptive Computing: A Perspective
207844. Project Management for Building Construction: 35 Years of Innovation at Drees & Sommer
207845. Image Processing and Communications Challenges 2
207846. Ambient Intelligence and Future Trends-International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2010)
207847. Soft Computing in Industrial Applications: Algorithms, Integration, and Success Stories
207848. Mechanics and Physics of Precise Vacuum Mechanisms
207849. Advances in Environmental Geotechnics: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Geoenvironmental Engineering in Hangzhou, China, September 8–10, 2009
207850. Gösta Mittag-Leffler: A Man of Conviction
207851. EMC of Analog Integrated Circuits
207852. Uncertainty Approaches for Spatial Data Modeling and Processing: A Decision Support Perspective
207853. Food Chain Security
207854. Integrated Silicon Optoelectronics
207855. Sensors and Microsystems: AISEM 2009 Proceedings
207856. Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008
207857. Conceptual Graphs and Fuzzy Logic: A Fusion for Representing and Reasoning with Linguistic Information
207858. An Introduction to the Boltzmann Equation and Transport Processes in Gases
207859. Nanoparticles in medicine and environment: Inhalation and health effects
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207861. Advances in Machine Learning I: Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Ryszard S.Michalski
207862. Introduction to Modeling and Control of Internal Combustion Engine Systems
207863. Emergence, Analysis and Evolution of Structures: Concepts and Strategies Across Disciplines
207864. Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters: Vulnerability, Preparedness and Mitigation
207865. Nanoneuroscience: Structural and Functional Roles of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton in Health and Disease
207866. Flows of Reactive Fluids
207867. High-Temperature Superconductors
207868. Dielectric Polymer Nanocomposites
207869. Reliability and Safety Engineering
207870. Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy: Ruby Payne-Scott
207871. Multi-state System Reliability Analysis and Optimization for Engineers and Industrial Managers
207872. Applications of Neural Networks in High Assurance Systems
207873. Dynamics of Machinery: Theory and Applications
207874. Finite Element Analysis of Beam-to-Beam Contact
207875. Handbook of Data Compression
207876. Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants
207877. Proceedings of the 36th International MATADOR Conference
207878. Advances in Regenerative Medicine: Role of Nanotechnology, and Engineering Principles: Role of Nanotechnology, and Engineering Principles
207879. Subwavelength and Nanometer Diameter Optical Fibers
207880. Efficient Test Methodologies for High-Speed Serial Links
207881. Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave
207882. Uncertainty Theory: A Branch of Mathematics for Modeling Human Uncertainty
207883. Agent-Based Evolutionary Search
207884. Zinc Oxide: From Fundamental Properties Towards Novel Applications
207885. Hierarchical Voronoi Graphs: Spatial Representation and Reasoning for Mobile Robots
207886. Singular Problems in Shell Theory: Computing and Asymptotics
207887. Optical Absorption of Impurities and Defects in SemiconductingCrystals: 1. Hydrogen-like Centres
207888. Grid Generation Methods
207889. Advances in Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems: 8th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems (PAAMS 2010)
207890. Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications, 5th International Workshop (SOCO 2010)
207891. Sensitivity Analysis for Neural Networks
207892. Advances in Bioinformatics: 4th International Workshop on Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2010 (IWPACBB 2010)
207893. European Energy Markets Observatory: 2008 and Winter 2008/2009 Data Set Eleventh Edition, November 2009
207894. Physical Asset Management
207895. Intelligent Control Systems with LabVIEW™
207896. Electrochemistry for the Environment
207897. Micromechanisms of Fracture and Fatigue: In a Multiscale Context
207898. Holistic Engineering Education: Beyond Technology
207899. Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping
207900. Quantifying and Exploring the Gap Between FPGAs and ASICs: Measuring and Exploring
207901. Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence: 7th International Symposium
207902. Quantitative Logic and Soft Computing 2010: Volume 2
207903. Principles of Lasers
207904. Globalization 2.0: A Roadmap to the Future from Leading Minds
207905. Applied Time Series Analysis and Innovative Computing
207906. 17th International Conference on Biomagnetism Advances in Biomagnetism – Biomag2010: March 28 – April 1, 2010 Dubrovnik, Croatia
207907. Multiobjective Shape Design in Electricity and Magnetism
207908. Smart Cameras
207909. Tree-Structure based Hybrid Computational Intelligence: Theoretical Foundations and Applications
207910. Advanced Techniques in Web Intelligence - I
207911. Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple¿
207912. Nonlinear Vibration with Control: For Flexible and Adaptive Structures
207913. Units of Measurement: Past, Present and Future. International System of Units
207914. Science & Technology on Bio-hylic and Biomass Resources in China: A Roadmap to 2050
207915. Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Targeting and Processing Methods for Theranostics
207916. Securing Wireless Communications at the Physical Layer
207917. Neural Network-Based State Estimation of Nonlinear Systems: Application to Fault Detection and Isolation
207918. Nanodiamonds: Applications in Biology and Nanoscale Medicine
207919. Paradise Regained: The Regreening of Earth
207920. Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1: Analytic Methods
207921. Strain Effect in Semiconductors: Theory and Device Applications
207922. Antifreeze Solutions in Home Fire Sprinkler Systems
207923. Prandtl-Essentials of Fluid Mechanics
207924. Small Satellite Missions for Earth Observation: New Developments and Trends
207925. Semi-solid Processing of Alloys
207926. Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis
207927. WIG Craft and Ekranoplan: Ground Effect Craft Technology
207928. Innovations in Defence Support Systems – 1
207929. Thin Film Metal-Oxides: Fundamentals and Applications in Electronics and Energy
207930. Brain-Computer Interfaces: Revolutionizing Human-Computer Interaction
207931. Mining of Data with Complex Structures
207932. Reliability Engineering: Theory and Practice
207933. Irreversible Electroporation
207934. Modern Fluid Dynamics: Basic Theory and Selected Applications in Macro- and Micro-Fluidics
207935. Femtosecond Laser Filamentation
207936. Design and Verification of Microprocessor Systems for High-Assurance Applications
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207938. Nuclear Power and Energy Security
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207940. My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET)
207941. Hydrogel Sensors and Actuators: Engineering and Technology
207942. Biorefineries: For Biomass Upgrading Facilities
207943. Sicurezza del Trasporto Aereo
207944. Advances in Intelligent Information and Database Systems
207945. 3-Dimensional VLSI: A 2.5-Dimensional Integration Scheme
207946. Four Short Courses on Harmonic Analysis: Wavelets, Frames, Time-Frequency Methods, and Applications to Signal and Image Analysis
207947. Recent Advances in Mechatronics
207948. Principles of Inventory Management: When You Are Down to Four, Order More
207949. Space Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050
207950. Markovian Demand Inventory Models
207951. Models in Hardware Testing: Lecture Notes of the Forum in Honor of Christian Landrault
207952. Fuzzy Optimization: Recent Advances and Applications
207953. Computer and Information Science 2010
207954. Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals: Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
207955. Cellular Nanoscale Sensory Wave Computing
207956. C Compilers for ASIPs: Automatic Compiler Generation with LISA
207957. Advances in Design Methods from Modeling Languages for Embedded Systems and SoC’s: Selected Contributions on Specification, Design, and Verification from FDL 2009
207958. The Astronaut's Cookbook: Tales, Recipes, and More
207959. Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics
207960. Advances in Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing
207961. Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
207962. On and Off-Chip Crosstalk Avoidance in VLSI Design
207963. Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing
207964. Intelligent Automation and Computer Engineering
207965. An Analytical Approach to Optical Burst Switched Networks
207966. Computational Surgery and Dual Training
207967. The Great Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008: A Photographic Atlas of Surface Rupture and Related Disaster
207968. High Spectral Density Optical Communication Technologies
207969. Technology of Quantum Devices
207970. Fuzzy Information and Engineering 2010: Volume I
207971. Potentials and Trends in Biomimetics
207972. The Design Guidelines Collaborative Framework: A Design for Multi-X Method for Product Development
207973. Advances in Machine Learning II: Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Ryszard S.Michalski
207974. Mastication Robots: Biological Inspiration to Implementation
207975. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamentals and Applications
207976. Design Rules for Actuators in Active Mechanical Systems
207977. Applied Plasticity, Second Edition
207978. Advanced Topics in System and Signal Theory: A Mathematical Approach
207979. Minimizing and Exploiting Leakage in VLSI Design
207980. Evolutionary Algorithms and Chaotic Systems
207981. Combining Soft Computing and Statistical Methods in Data Analysis
207982. Optimization for Decision Making: Linear and Quadratic Models
207983. Robotics
207984. Geometric Optics: Theory and Design of Astronomical Optical Systems Using Mathematica®
207985. Modern Theory of Gratings: Resonant Scattering: Analysis Techniques and Phenomena
207986. Agent and Multi-agent Technology for Internet and Enterprise Systems
207987. Modeling and Simulation in Scilab/Scicos with ScicosLab 4.4
207988. Strength Analysis in Geomechanics
207989. Service Robotics and Mechatronics: Selected Papers of the International Conference on Machine Automation ICMA2008
207990. Network-on-Chip Architectures: A Holistic Design Exploration
207991. Evaluating Measurement Accuracy: A Practical Approach
207992. Smart Information and Knowledge Management: Advances, Challenges, and Critical Issues
207993. Implantable Neural Prostheses 2: Techniques and Engineering Approaches
207994. The Physics of Semiconductors: An Introduction Including Nanophysics and Applications
207995. Three Dimensional Integrated Circuit Design: EDA, Design and Microarchitectures
207996. Innovation through Knowledge Transfer
207997. Risks in Technological Systems
207998. Metamaterials: Theory, Design, and Applications
207999. Power-Aware Testing and Test Strategies for Low Power Devices
208000. Medical Image Reconstruction: A Conceptual Tutorial
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