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1048001. The theory of linear operators
1048002. Linear Operators and their Spectra
1048003. Function spaces, interpolation theory, and related topics: proceedings of the international conference in honour of Jaak Peetre on his 65th birthday: Lund, Sweden, August 17-22, 2000
1048004. Saks Spaces and Applications to Functional Analysis
1048005. C-star-algebras. Hilbert Spaces
1048006. C-star-algebras. Banach spaces
1048007. C-star-algebras. General theory
1048008. Differential calculus and holomorphy: real and complex analysis in locally convex spaces
1048009. Frames and bases: An introductory course
1048010. Lectures on analysis. Infinite dimensional measures and problem solutions
1048011. Lectures on analysis. Representation theory
1048012. Lectures on analysis. Integration and topological vector spaces
1048013. Boundary values and convolution in ultradistribution spaces
1048014. The Lebesgue integral
1048015. Cstar-algebras and elliptic theory II
1048016. Metric spaces: iteration and application
1048017. Analyse fonctionnelle
1048018. Theorie de la mesure et de l'integration
1048019. Weak convergence of measures: applications in probability
1048020. Harmonic analysis on semigroups
1048021. Lectures in functional analysis and operator theory
1048022. Spectral theory in inner product spaces and applications: 6th workshop on operator theory in Krein spaces
1048023. Introduction to Banach Spaces And Their Geometry
1048024. Foundations of Complex Analysis in Non Locally Convex Spaces: Function Theory Without Convexity Condition
1048025. Operator algebras, operator theory and applications
1048026. Israel Gohberg and friends: On the occasion of his 80th birthday
1048027. Theory of linear operations
1048028. Functional analysis
1048029. Recent advances in operator theory and applications
1048030. Gradient flows: In metric spaces and in the space of probability measures
1048031. Gradient flows in metric spaces and in the space of probability measures
1048032. Sobolev spaces
1048033. Высшая математика в примерах и задачах. Том 3
1048034. Высшая математика в примерах и задачах. Том 2
1048035. Высшая математика в примерах и задачах. Том 1
1048036. Руководство к решению задач по высшей математике, теории вероятностей и математической статистике
1048037. Instructor's solution manual to Thomas' Calculus, parts 1 and 2
1048038. Solution manual, Introduction to Analysis 3ed. (2004)
1048039. Uebungsaufgaben zur Mathematik fuer Ingenieure: Mit Loesungen
1048040. Problems and theorems in analysis I
1048041. Problems in calculus of one variable
1048042. Selected problems in real analysis
1048043. Problems in mathematical analysis 3. Integration
1048044. Problems in mathematical analysis 2. Continuity and differentiation
1048045. Problems in mathematical analysis 1. Real numbers, sequences, series
1048046. Student research projects in calculus
1048047. Übungsbuch zur Analysis 1
1048048. Solved problems in analysis as applied to Gamma, Beta, Legendre, Bessel functions (Dover 1971)
1048049. Problemas de calculo diferencial e integral (2005)
1048050. Geloeste Aufgaben zur Diff. und Integralrechnung II
1048051. Problem book for first year calculus
1048052. Mathematics test practice book
1048053. Matematica practica
1048054. Составление дифференциальных уравнений
1048055. Основы исчисления бесконечно-малых
1048056. Mathematical analysis 1
1048057. Higher math for beginners
1048058. A Course in Mathematics Volume II
1048059. A course in mathematics,: For students of engineering and applied science,
1048060. Advanced calculus
1048061. Mathematik für Ingenieure: Ein anwendungsorientiertes Lehrbuch
1048062. Mathematik für Physiker 2: Basiswissen für das Grundstudium der Experimentalphysik
1048063. Mathematik für Physiker 1: Basiswissen für das Grundstudium der Experimentalphysik
1048064. Analysis by its history
1048065. Analysis 1
1048066. Mathematics for the International Student: International Baccalaureate Mathematics HL Course
1048067. Mathematik kompakt: fuer Ingenieure und Informatiker
1048068. Calculus
1048069. Answer book for Calculus
1048070. Student's guide to Calculus by Marsden and Weinstein
1048071. Student's guide to Calculus by Marsden and Weinstein
1048072. Student's Guide to Calculus I
1048073. Yet another calculus text. A short introduction with infinitesimals
1048074. The calculus of functions of several variables
1048075. Difference equations to differential equations
1048076. A primer of real analysis
1048077. An introduction to multivariable mathematics
1048078. Advanced calculus
1048079. A concrete approach to classical analysis
1048080. Calculus: A modern approach
1048081. Schaum's outline of beginning calculus
1048082. Calculus 3
1048083. Calculus 2
1048084. Calculus I
1048085. Analysis 2
1048086. Analysis 1
1048087. Mathematik zum Studienbeginn
1048088. Calculus for mathematicians, computer scientists, and physicists
1048089. Introduction to mathematical analysis
1048090. Partial derivatives
1048091. Lehrbuch der Analysis
1048092. Mathematical methods: For students of physics and related fields
1048093. A course of pure mathematics
1048094. Calculus: readings from the Mathematics teacher
1048095. Sequences and series
1048096. Mathematical analysis
1048097. Mathematik 1: Lehrbuch fuer Ingenieurwissenschaften
1048098. Multidimensional real analysis. 2 Integration
1048099. Introduction to Calculus and Analysis
1048100. Differential and Integral Calculus
1048101. Differential and Integral Calculus
1048102. Vector Calculus
1048103. Second year calculus: from celestial mechanics to special relativity
1048104. A radical approach to real analysis
1048105. A first course of mathematical analysis
1048106. Calcolo 2
1048107. Calcolo 1
1048108. Analysis II
1048109. Analysis 3
1048110. Курс дифференциальных уравнений
1048111. Лагранжев анализ и квантовая механика
1048112. Многомерные обратные задачи для дифференциальных уравнений
1048113. Вариационный метод в краевых задачах для систем уравнений эллиптического типа
1048114. Задача Коши для линейных уравнений с частными производными гиперболического типа
1048115. Exponentially dichotomous operators and applications
1048116. Problems in Distributions and Partial Differential Equations
1048117. Lectures on differential and integral equations
1048118. A primer on integral equations of the first kind: the problem of deconvolution and unfolding
1048119. Asymptotic solutions of differential equations and their applications
1048120. Equations of mathematical physics
1048121. Nonlinear systems analysis
1048122. The Method of Intrinsic Scaling: A Systematic Approach to Regularity for Degenerate and Singular PDEs
1048123. Comparison and Oscillation Theory of Linear Differential Equations
1048124. Partial differential equations for probabalists [sic]
1048125. Boundary value problems of mathematical physics
1048126. Boundary value problems of mathematical physics
1048127. Algorithmic Lie theory for solving ordinary differential equations
1048128. Branching in the presence of symmetry
1048129. Differential-algebraic systems: Analytical aspects and circuit applications
1048130. Elementary differential equations and operators,
1048131. An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
1048132. Instability in Hamiltonian systems
1048133. Quantized partial differential equations
1048134. Introduction to theory of linear differential equations (1936)
1048135. Handbook of integral equations
1048136. Fractional Differential Equations: An Introduction to Fractional Derivatives, Fractional Differential Equations, to Methods of Their Solution and Some of Their Applications
1048137. The homogenization method: an introduction (1993)
1048138. Improperly Posed Problems in PDEs
1048139. Tangency, flow invariance for differential equations, and optimization problems
1048140. Inequalities for Differential and Integral Equations
1048141. Methods based on the Wiener-Hopf technique for the solution of PDEs
1048142. Notes on Time Decay and Scattering for Some Hyperbolic Problems
1048143. Spectral theory for random and nonautonomous parabolic equations and applications
1048144. Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Eigenvalue Problems
1048145. Ordinary Non-Linear Differential Equations in Engineering and Physical Sciences (OUP 1950, Nag 2007)
1048146. Partial differential equations: modeling, analysis, computation
1048147. Ordinary differential equations in theory and practice
1048148. Recent Topics in Nonlinear PDE III
1048149. The Hopf Bifurcation and Its Applications
1048150. Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations
1048151. An introduction to nonlinear partial differential equations
1048152. Hyperbolic and viscous conservation laws
1048153. Analytical and numerical methods for Volterra equations
1048154. Absolute stability of nonlinear control systems
1048155. Theory of fuzzy differential equations and inclusions
1048156. Attractors for semigroups and evolution equations
1048157. Boundary control of PDEs: a course on backstepping designs
1048158. Initial-boundary value problems and the Navier-Stokes equations
1048159. Nonlinear ordinary differential equations: Problems and solutions
1048160. Operational Methods in Mathematical Physics
1048161. Control theory of partial differential equations
1048162. Selected works
1048163. Selected works
1048164. Lectures on ordinary differential equations
1048165. On the existence of solution of boundary value problems
1048166. Boundary integral equations
1048167. Differential equations for dummies
1048168. Evolutionary games and population dynamics
1048169. Ordinary differential equations
1048170. Elliptic partial differential equations (no TOC)
1048171. Theory of functional differential equations
1048172. Painleve differential equations in the complex plane
1048173. Integrability and nonintegrability of dynamical systems
1048174. Self-dual partial differential systems and their variational principles
1048175. Exact solutions and invariant subspaces of nonlinear PDEs in mechanics and physics
1048176. Principles and techniques of applied mathematics
1048177. Fourier analysis and its applications
1048178. A unified approach to boundary value problems
1048179. Evolution Equations
1048180. Topological degree approach to bifurcation problems
1048181. Electromagnetic wave theory for boundary-value problems: an advanced course on analytical methods
1048182. Families of Curves and the Origins of Partial Differentiation
1048183. Differential equations and applications: proceedings of the Third Scheveningen Conference on Differential Equations, the Netherlands, August 29-September 2, 1977
1048184. Mixed boundary value problems
1048185. Order structure and topological methods in nonlinear PDE. Maximum principles and applications
1048186. Variational methods for strongly indefinite problems
1048187. Introduction to Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations
1048188. Handbook of differential equations: Evolutionary equations
1048189. The Painleve handbook
1048190. An introduction to ordinary differential equations
1048191. Semigroup theory and evolution equations: the second international conference
1048192. Introduction to the Theory of Linear Partial Differential Equations
1048193. Recent advances in nonlinear analysis: proceedings of the International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 20-25 November 2006
1048194. Handbook of differential equations. Stationary PDEs
1048195. Ordinary differential equations
1048196. Spectral Theory and Nonlinear Analysis, Applications to Spatial Ecology. Proc.Madrid,2004
1048197. Singular systems of differential equations
1048198. Dynamics of third-order rational difference equations with open problems and conjectures
1048199. A geometric approach to free boundary problems
1048200. Fully nonlinear elliptic equations
1048201. Method of averaging for differential equations on an infinite interval: theory and applications
1048202. Fourier series and boundary value problems
1048203. Regular points of linear differential equations of the second order
1048204. The hypoelliptic Laplacian and Ray-Singer metrics
1048205. An introduction to invariant imbedding
1048206. Handbook of differential equations. Ordinary differential equations. Vol.4
1048207. Nonlinear Two Point Boundary Value Problems
1048208. Attractors of Evolution Equations
1048209. Partial differential equations with Fourier series and BVP. Student solutions manual
1048210. Ordinary differential equations
1048211. Nonlinear analysis and semilinear elliptic problems
1048212. Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations: With Special Functions, Fourier Series, and Boundary Value Problems
1048213. An introduction to ordinary differential equations
1048214. Solving frontier problems of physics: the decomposition method
1048215. Приложение цепных дробей и их обобщений к вопросам приближенного анализа
1048216. Цепные дроби
1048217. Continued fractions
1048218. The application of continued fractions and their generalizations to problems in approximation theory
1048219. Kettenbrueche
1048220. Continued fractions
1048221. Linear algebra, rational approximation, and orthogonal polynomials
1048222. Continued fractions in statistical applications
1048223. Уравнения свертки в многомерных пространствах
1048224. Ряды экспонент
1048225. Обобщения рядов экспонент
1048226. Принцип Дирихле, конформные отображения и минимальные поверхности
1048227. Lecture notes on complex analysis
1048228. Potential Theory in Modern Function Theory
1048229. Complex analysis
1048230. Variables complexes: cours et problemes
1048231. Topics in complex function theory. Abelian and modular functions of several variables
1048232. Topics in complex function theory. Automorphic and abelian integrals
1048233. Topics in Complex Function Theory, Vol. 1: Elliptic Functions and Uniformization Theory
1048234. Nine introductions in complex analysis, revised edition
1048235. Nine introductions in complex analysis, revised edition
1048236. Function theory on the unit circle: Notes for lectures at a conference at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, June 19-23, 1978
1048237. Fundamentals of complex analysis with applications to engineering and science
1048238. Analytic functions and distributions in physics and engineering
1048239. Quasiconformal mappings and their applications. IWQCMA05
1048240. Complex variables
1048241. Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables (des articles)
1048242. Complex analysis for mathematics and engineering
1048243. Complex analysis for mathematics and engineering
1048244. Lectures on the theory of functions
1048245. Complex variables and the Laplace transform for engineers
1048246. Complex Analysis Joensuu 1987: Proceedings of the XIIIth Rolf Nevanlinna-Colloquium, held in Joensuu, Finland, Aug. 10–13, 1987
1048247. Problems in complex variable theory
1048248. On Riemann's theory of algebraic functions
1048249. An introduction to CR structures
1048250. Introduction to complex analysis in several variables
1048251. An introduction to complex analysis in several variables
1048252. Analytic function theory
1048253. Analytic function theory
1048254. Function theory of one complex variable
1048255. Concise complex analysis
1048256. Lectures on complex approximation
1048257. Theory of functions of a complex variable
1048258. Lectures on Riemann surfaces
1048259. Automorphic Functions 1ST Edition
1048260. Complex variables
1048261. Univalent functions
1048262. Harmonic mappings in the plane
1048263. Elements of The Theory of Functions of A Complex Variable with especial reference to the methods of Riemann
1048264. Schwarz-Christoffel mapping
1048265. Introduction to functions of a complex variable
1048266. Dirichlet's principle, conformal mapping, and minimal surfaces
1048267. Introduction to the theory of functions of a complex variable
1048268. Functions of one complex variable
1048269. Metodi matematici per l'ingegneria(it)
1048270. Complex variables and applications
1048271. Functions of a complex variable: Theory and technique
1048272. Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable.
1048273. Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, 2 Volumes.
1048274. Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
1048275. Several complex variables and integral formulas
1048276. Local analytic geometry
1048277. Ряды Фурье в современном изложении, том 1
1048278. Абстрактный гармонический анализ. Том 1
1048279. Неравенства
1048280. Сингулярные интегралы и дифференциальные свойства функций
1048281. Введение в гармонический анализ на евклидовых пространствах
1048282. Выпуклый анализ: теория и приложения
1048283. Линейные интегральные уравнения
1048284. Функциональный анализ и теория аппроксимации в численном анализе
1048285. Неравенства
1048286. Рациональные приближения постоянной Эйлера и рекуррентные соотношения
1048287. Real analysis: Theory of measure and integration
1048288. Real analysis: Theory of measure and integration
1048289. Potential theory in modern function theory
1048290. Topological methods for set-valued nonlinear analysis
1048291. A concise introduction to the theory of integration
1048292. Methods of approximation theory
1048293. Fourier analysis: an introduction
1048294. Singular integrals and differentiability properties of functions
1048295. Harmonic analysis: real-variable methods, orthogonality, and oscillatory integrals
1048296. Fourier Integrals in Classical Analysis
1048297. Fourier series
1048298. Handbook of analysis and its foundations
1048299. Mean Value Theorems and Functional Equations
1048300. Subharmonic functions
1048301. Introduction to integration
1048302. Recent advances in geometric inequalities
1048303. Calculus of finite differences
1048304. An introduction to the fractional calculus and fractional differential equations
1048305. Graph directed Markov systems: geometry and dynamics of limit sets
1048306. Interpolation processes: Basic theory and applications
1048307. Convex analysis: theory and applications
1048308. Lecons sur les ensembles analytiques
1048309. Analysis
1048310. Advanced real analysis
1048311. Nonstandard analysis, axiomatically
1048312. Selectors
1048313. Scalar and asymptotic scalar derivatives: Theory and applications
1048314. Causal symmetric spaces: Geometry and harmonic analysis
1048315. Causal Symmetric Spaces: Geometry and Harmonic Analysis
1048316. Getting acquainted with fractals
1048317. Classical Fourier analysis
1048318. Frontiers in interpolation and approximation: dedicated to the memory of Ambikeshwar Sharma
1048319. Foundations of Modern Analysis
1048320. Polynomials, roots, and interlacing
1048321. Text-Book of Convergence
1048322. Proceedings of the international conference, difference equations, special functions and orthogonal polynomials:, Munich, Germany, 25-30 July 2005
1048323. An introduction to potential theory
1048324. Mathematics for physicists
1048325. Berkeley problems in mathematics
1048326. A course in modern analysis and its applications
1048327. Analytic solutions of functional equations
1048328. Functional Equations in Applied Sciences
1048329. Calcul Differentiel: I-Calcul differetiel dans les espaces de Banach; II-Equations differentielles
1048330. Microlocal analysis and applications: lectures given at the 2nd session of the Centro internazionale matematico estivo
1048331. Fourier series
1048332. Introduction to inequalities
1048333. Inequalities
1048334. Nonlinear integral operators and applications
1048335. Inequalities and applications: Conference, Noszvaj, Hungary 2007
1048336. Growth theory of subharmonic functions
1048337. Set-valued analysis
1048338. Real variables with basic metric space topology
1048339. Foundations of Analysis Over Surreal Number Fields
1048340. Asymptotic methods in analysis
1048341. Asymptotic approximations of integrals
1048342. The boundary function method for singular perturbation problems
1048343. Techniques of Asymptotic Analysis
1048344. Asymptotics and Mellin-Barnes integrals
1048345. Perturbation Methods
1048346. Introduction to perturbation techniques
1048347. Perturbations: theory and methods
1048348. Singular perturbations and hysteresis
1048349. Singular perturbations and hysteresis
1048350. Asymptotic approximations
1048351. Saddlepoint approximations with applications
1048352. Analytical and numerical approaches to asymptotic problems in analysis: proceedings of the Conference on Analytical and Numerical approaches to Asymptotic Problems, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, June 9-13, 1980
1048353. Эллиптические функции и алгебраические уравнения
1048354. Курс высшей математики
1048355. Cours de mathematiques superieures
1048356. Cours de mathematiques superieures
1048357. Cours de mathematiques superieures
1048358. Mathematik fuer Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler, Band 1
1048359. Mathematik fuer Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler 3: Vektoranalysis, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung (2008)
1048360. Solutions manual for Advanced engineering mathematics 8ed
1048361. An introduction to nonstandard real analysis
1048362. Treatise on Analysis. Vol. IV
1048363. Topics in mathematical analysis
1048364. Advanced calculus
1048365. Hoehere Mathematik fuer Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure
1048366. Формации конечных групп
1048367. Лекции о симплектических группах
1048368. Лекции по алгебре
1048369. Теорема Абеля в задачах и решениях
1048370. The Theory of Groups
1048371. Finite permutation groups
1048372. Finite groups: A second course on group theory
1048373. Groups and Analysis: The Legacy of Hermann Weyl
1048374. A Course in the Theory of Groups
1048375. Discrete groups
1048376. Introduction to arithmetic groups
1048377. Groups, graphs and trees: An introduction to the geometry of infinite groups
1048378. Combinatorial group theory: Presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations
1048379. Combinatorial group theory
1048380. Subgroup Growth
1048381. Introduction to group theory
1048382. Presentations of groups
1048383. Group theory with applications in chemical physics
1048384. Fundamentals of semigroup theory
1048385. Fundamentals of semigroup theory
1048386. Formal groups and applications
1048387. Classical groups and geometric algebra
1048388. Twelve sporadic groups
1048389. Classical finite transformation semigroups: An introduction
1048390. Algebraic groups and Lie groups with few factors
1048391. Combinatorial group theory: A topological approach
1048392. Buildings
1048393. Topics in combinatorial group theory
1048394. The isomorphism problem in Coxeter groups
1048395. Modern Algebra II
1048396. Modern Algebra I
1048397. An introduction to abstract algebra
1048398. Algebra
1048399. Fields and rings
1048400. Basic Algebra II: Second Edition
1048401. Basic algebra 2
1048402. Basic algebra 1
1048403. Topics in algebra
1048404. Abstract algebra
1048405. Algebra
1048406. Sets and groups
1048407. A radical approach to algebra
1048408. Contemporary abstract algebra
1048409. Algebraic equations: an introduction to the theories of Lagrange and Galois
1048410. Classical algebra: Its nature, origins, and uses
1048411. An introductory course in commutative algebra
1048412. Introduction to Algebra
1048413. Introduction to higher algebra
1048414. Algebra through practice. Rings, fields and modules
1048415. Algebra
1048416. The Algebraic Foundations of Mathematics
1048417. Mathematiques 4 - algebre
1048418. Modern higher algebra
1048419. Lectures on Algebra Volume 1
1048420. Теория спиноров
1048421. Lie algebras: theory and algorithms
1048422. Representations of finite and Lie groups
1048423. Naive Lie theory
1048424. Diagram techniques in group theory
1048425. Elements of the representation theory of associative algebras. Representation-infinite tilted algebras
1048426. Discrete groups, expanding graphs and invariant measures
1048427. The theory of group characters and matrix representations of groups
1048428. Quaternions and rotation sequences: a primer with applications to orbits, aerospace, and virtual reality
1048429. Elements of the Theory of Representations
1048430. An introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras
1048431. Clifford Theory for Group Representations
1048432. Lie groups, physics, and geometry: an introduction
1048433. Symmetries, lie algebras and representations: a graduate course for physicists
1048434. Dictionary on Lie algebras and superalgebras
1048435. Analysis on Lie Groups: An introduction
1048436. Group representation theory
1048437. Group representation theory
1048438. Lie Groups
1048439. The algebraic theory of spinors and Clifford algebras (collected works, vol.2)(no p.206-207)
1048440. Harmonic analysis on finite groups: representation theory, Gelfand pairs and Markov chains
1048441. Classification des groupes algebriques semi-simples: the classification semi-simple algebraic groups
1048442. A survey of Lie groups and Lie algebras with applications and computational methods
1048443. A Survey of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras with Applications and Computational Methods
1048444. Kazhdan's property
1048445. Lectures on Lie groups
1048446. Метаматематика элементарной математики
1048447. Основания теории множеств
1048448. Неклассическая логика
1048449. Математика и семантика. Номинализм как интерпретация математики
1048450. Математическая логика и теория алгоритмов: учебное пособие для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по специальности 050201 ''Математика''
1048451. Математическая логика и теория алгоритмов
1048452. Задачи и упражнения по математической логике и теории алгоритмов
1048453. О математических структурах
1048454. Исследования по формализованным языкам и неклассическим логикам
1048455. Logic and structure
1048456. Handbook of logic and language
1048457. Introduction to the theory of logic
1048458. Memoirs of a proof theorist: Goedel and other logicians
1048459. The liar speaks the truth: A defense of the revision theory of truth
1048460. Wittgenstein's Lectures on the foundations of mathematics, Cambridge, 1939: From the notes of R. G. Bosanquet, Norman Malcolm, Rush Rhees and Yorick Smythies
1048461. Combinatorial set theory
1048462. Essays on Non-Classical Logic
1048463. A Survey of Mathematical Logic.
1048464. The Banach-Tarski paradox
1048465. The theory of semisets
1048466. Sweet reason: A field guide to modern logic
1048467. Ordinal Algebras
1048468. Introduction to logic and to the methodology of the deductive sciences
1048469. Algebra of Proofs
1048470. An Introduction to Gödel's Theorems
1048471. Mathematical logic
1048472. Degrees of Unsolvability
1048473. Mathematical logic and applications. Proc.meeting, Kyoto, 1987
1048474. Intensional mathematics
1048475. Proof theory
1048476. Recursive functionals
1048477. Twenty-five years of constructive type theory. Proceedings of a congress held in Venice, october 1995
1048478. Mathematical Logic In The 20th Century
1048479. Inroduction to mathematical philosophy
1048480. Equivalents of the axiom of choice, II
1048481. Many-valued logics
1048482. Simplified Independence Proofs: Boolean Valued Models of Set Theory
1048483. Linear orderings
1048484. Deducibility and decidability
1048485. On the Metamathematics of Algebra
1048486. Non-standard analysis
1048487. Introduction to model theory and to the metamathematics of algebra
1048488. An algebraic approach to non-classical logics
1048489. Foundations of mathematics and other logical essays
1048490. The ways of paradox and other essays
1048491. Philosophy of logic
1048492. From a logical point of view: 9 logico-philosophical essays
1048493. Mathematics without foundations
1048494. An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic: From If to Is
1048495. A geometry of approximation. Rough set theory: logic, algebra and topology of conceptual patterns
1048496. Likeness to Truth
1048497. Introduction à la logique : Théorie de la démonstration - Cours et exercices corrigés
1048498. Sets and Classes: On the Work by Paul Bernays
1048499. Sentences Undecidable in Formalized Arithmetic
1048500. Constructible sets with applications
1048501. Elementary induction on abstract structures
1048502. A theory of sets
1048503. A theory of sets
1048504. Zermelo’s Axiom of Choice: Its Origins, Development, and Influence
1048505. Intuitionistic Type Theory
1048506. Set theory, logic, and their limitations
1048507. Introduction to higher-order categorical logic
1048508. Proofs and refutations: the logic of mathematical discovery
1048509. Problems in the philosophy of mathematics: Proceedings of International Colloquium in Philosophy of Science London 1965 Vol 3
1048510. Elements of mathematical logic (model theory)
1048511. Applied proof theory: Proof interpretations and their use in mathematics
1048512. Mathematical logic
1048513. Model Theory for Infinitary Logic: Logic with Countable Conjunctions and Finite Quantifiers
1048514. Lukasiewicz's logics and prime numbers
1048515. The axiom of choice
1048516. Intuitionism. An introduction
1048517. Cylindric Algebras, Part II
1048518. Logic for Mathematicians
1048519. The revision theory of truth
1048520. The search for mathematical roots, 1870-1940: logics, set theories and the foundations of mathematics from Cantor through Russell to Godel
1048521. Recursive analysis
1048522. Collected works. Publications 1938-1974
1048523. Collected works. Publications 1929-1936
1048524. The search for certainty: A philosophical account of foundations of mathematics
1048525. The collected papers of Gerhard Gentzen
1048526. Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 8: The Many Valued and Nonmonotonic Turn in Logic
1048527. Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 04: British Logic in the Nineteenth Century
1048528. Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 02: Mediaeval and Renaissance Logic
1048529. Labelled deductive systems
1048530. What is a Logical System?
1048531. Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 01: Greek, Indian and Arabic Logic
1048532. CAFE: An Industrial Strength Algebraic Formal Method
1048533. Fork Algebras in Algebra, Logic and Computer Science
1048534. The foundations of arithmetic
1048535. Hausdorff gaps and limits
1048536. Foundations of set theory
1048537. Abstract set theory
1048538. Set theory with a universal set: Exploring an untyped universe
1048539. Logic, induction and sets
1048540. Intuitionistic logic, model theory and forcing
1048541. Fundamentals of generalized recursion theory
1048542. The limits of abstraction
1048543. Logic colloquium '88
1048544. Labyrinth of thought: A history of set theory and its role in modern mathematics
1048545. Proc. 2nd Scandinavian Logic Symposium
1048546. Combinatorial set theory: partition relations for cardinals
1048547. Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures: Quantum Structures
1048548. Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures: Quantum Logic
1048549. Andrzej Mostowski and foundational studies
1048550. The propositional logic of Boethius
1048551. Propositional logic of Boethius
1048552. Sets, logic & numbers
1048553. Large Infinitary Languages
1048554. The undecidable: Basic papers on undecidable propositions, unsolvable problems and computable functions
1048555. Combinatory Logic: Volume I
1048556. Foundations of mathematical logic
1048557. Regular algebra and finite machines
1048558. Modal logic: An introduction to its syntax and semantics
1048559. The Foundations of Intuitionistic Mathematics: Especially In Relation to Recursive Functions
1048560. The covering property axiom, CPA: A combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model
1048561. The theory of constructive types
1048562. Axiomatic set theory: impredicative theories of classes
1048563. Mathematical Logic
1048564. Thinking about Godel and Turing: Essays on complexity, 1970-2007
1048565. Meaning and necessity: A study in semantics and modal logic
1048566. A computational logic
1048567. Computability and Logic
1048568. Computability, complexity, logic
1048569. An Introduction to Many-Valued and Fuzzy Logic: Semantics, Algebras, and Derivation Systems
1048570. Mathematical logic for computer science
1048571. A course in mathematical logic
1048572. The liar: An essay on truth and circularity
1048573. Frege's lectures on logic: Carnap's student notes, 1910-1914
1048574. Computable structures and the hyperarithmetical hierarchy
1048575. A Transfinite Type Theory with Type Variables
1048576. Solvable Cases of the Decision Problem
1048577. Handbook of Logic in Computer Science. Volume 5: Logic and Algebraic Methods
1048578. Аналитическая геометрия
1048579. Линейные алгебры
1048580. Учебное пособие по линейной алгебре
1048581. Элементы линейной алгебры и аналитической геометрии
1048582. Конечномерные векторные пространства
1048583. Matrix theory: basic results and techniques
1048584. An introduction to matrices, sets, and groups for science students
1048585. Linear Algebra
1048586. Vector methods applied to diff. geometry, mechanics, and potential theory
1048587. A course in linear algebra with applications
1048588. Matrices and Transformations
1048589. Linear algebra
1048590. Algebre lineaire
1048591. Linear algebra
1048592. Linear algebra
1048593. Super linear algebra
1048594. Topics in matrix analysis
1048595. Matrix analysis
1048596. Linear algebra: An introduction with concurrent examples
1048597. Variational methods for eigenvalue problems: An introduction to the Weinstein method
1048598. Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications
1048599. Applications of the theory of matrices
1048600. Algebre Lineaire Et Geometric Elementaire
1048601. Handbook for matrix computations
1048602. A combinatorial approach to matrix theory and its applications
1048603. Positive definite matrices
1048604. Perturbation Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalues
1048605. Matrix Analysis
1048606. Completely positive matrices
1048607. Introduction to matrix analysis
1048608. Linear Algebra and Linear Models
1048609. Linear algebra and projective geometry
1048610. Special matrices of mathematical physics: stochastic, circulant, and Bell matrices
1048611. Cohomology of groups
1048612. An introduction to homological algebra
1048613. An introduction to homological algebra
1048614. Cohomology of Completions
1048615. Основы диофантовой геометрии
1048616. Введение в теорию дифференцируемых многообразий
1048617. Введение в теорию диофантовых приближений
1048618. Алгебраические числа
1048619. SL2(R)
1048620. An introduction to the theory of algebraic surfaces
1048621. Arithmetic Geometry And Number Theory
1048622. Singular points of plane curves
1048623. Hodge theory and complex algebraic geometry II
1048624. Hodge theory and complex algebraic geometry I
1048625. Modular Forms, a Computational Approach
1048626. Modular forms, a computational approach
1048627. Abelian varieties with complex multiplication and modular functions
1048628. Abelian l-adic representations and elliptic curves
1048629. Quadratic forms with applications to algebraic geometry and topology
1048630. Lectures on curves on an algebraic surface
1048631. Cohomology of Siegel varieties
1048632. Lecture notes on motivic cohomology
1048633. Lectures on the K-functor in algebraic geometry (1969)
1048634. The arithmetic of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
1048635. Singularity theory and an introduction to catastrophe theory
1048636. Isolated singular points on complete intersections
1048637. Геометрия полугруппы Zn. Приложения к комбинаторике, алгебре и дифференциальным уравнениям
1048638. Числовые системы
1048639. Galois groups and fundamental groups
1048640. NN and GA as heuristsics for NP problems 001
1048641. Artificial Neural Networks 001
1048642. An Introduction to Wavelets 001
1048643. Algebra 002
1048644. Proceedings PASCO 1997 (ACM) TOC
1048645. Proceedings ISSAC 2008 (ACM) TOC
1048646. Solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method
1048647. Complex analysis for mathematics and engineering (no title,no TOC) MCc .TOC.html
1048648. Jordan canonical form: Application to differential equations
1048649. Base change for GL(2)
1048650. Introduction to algebraic and abelian functions
1048651. Complex algebraic geometry
1048652. An invitation to noncommutative geometry
1048653. Algebraic varieties
1048654. Abelian integrals
1048655. Moments, monodromy, and perversity: a diophantine perspective
1048656. Rudiments of algebraic geometry
1048657. Surveys in noncommutative geometry: proceedings from the Clay Mathematics Institute Instructional Symposium, held in conjuction with the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Noncommutative Geometry, June 18-29, 2000, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
1048658. EGA 1. Elements de geometrie algebrique
1048659. Feuilletages: etudes geometriques
1048660. Fondements de la geometrie algebrique moderne
1048661. Algebraic geometry
1048662. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Groups
1048663. Arithmetic algebraic geometry
1048664. Automorphic forms, Shimura varieties, and L-functions: proceedings of a conference held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, July 6-16, 1988
1048665. Automorphic forms, Shimura varieties, and L-functions: proceedings of a conference held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, July 6-16, 1988
1048666. Introduction to the theory of algebraic functions of one variable
1048667. Lectures on elliptic curves
1048668. Symplectic 4-Manifolds and Algebraic Surfaces: Lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy September 2–10, 2003
1048669. Lectures on deformations of singularities
1048670. Differential forms on singular varieties: De Rham and Hodge theory simplified
1048671. Algebraic geometry for scientists and engineers
1048672. Basic theorems of partial diff. algebra
1048673. Differential algebra and related topics: proceedings of the International Workshop, Newark Campus of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2-3 November 2000
1048674. An Introduction to Differential Algebra
1048675. Integration of functions of single variable
1048676. Basic category theory
1048677. Categorical foundations: Special topics in order, topology, algebra, and sheaf theory
1048678. Theory of categories
1048679. Categories for the Working Mathematician
1048680. Basic concepts of enriched category theory
1048681. Sketches of an elephant: a topos theory compendium, 2 volume set
1048682. Category theory at work
1048683. Categories, allegories
1048684. Arrows, structures, and functors: the categorical imperative
1048685. Algorithms in invariant theory
1048686. Permutation group algorithms
1048687. Convexity and graph theory: proceedings of the Conference on Convexity and Graph Theory, Israel, March 1981
1048688. Computational commutative algebra 1
1048689. Algebraic structures and operator calculus
1048690. Эйлеровы графы и смежные вопросы
1048691. Теория графов
1048692. Теорема о раскраске карт
1048693. Теория конечных графов
1048694. Основы теории графов
1048695. Graphs, colourings, and the four-colour theorem
1048696. Combinatorial algorithms: an update
1048697. Graphs of Groups on Surfaces: Interactions and Models
1048698. Graph theory with applications
1048699. A course in combinatorial optimization
1048700. Combinatorial mathematics
1048701. Graph theory
1048702. Graph theory and its applications to problems of society
1048703. Map color theorem
1048704. Graphs and their uses
1048705. Fuzzy Graphs and Fuzzy Hypergraphs
1048706. Counting labelled trees
1048707. Algebraic and geometric combinatorics
1048708. Invitation to discrete mathematics
1048709. An invitation to discrete mathematics
1048710. Matching Theory
1048711. Combinatorics on words
1048712. Introduction to combinatorial mathematics
1048713. Algebre commutative: langages geometrique et algebrique
1048714. Applications of group theory to combinatorics
1048715. Treewidth: Computations and Approximations
1048716. An atlas of the smaller maps in orientable and nonorientable surfaces
1048717. The Petersen graph
1048718. Domination in graphs: advanced topics
1048719. Graphical enumeration (AP 1973)
1048720. Combinatorial Theory
1048721. Horizons of combinatorics
1048722. Handbook of graph theory
1048723. Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs
1048724. Substitutions in Dynamics, Arithmetics and Combinatorics
1048725. Analytic combinatorics
1048726. Analytic combinatorics
1048727. Combinatorics 79 Part I
1048728. Scale-isometric polytopal graphs in hypercubes and cubic lattices: Polytopes in hypercubes and Zn
1048729. Graph Colouring and Variations
1048730. Elementary number theory, group theory, and Ramanujan graphs
1048731. Analyse combinatoire, tome 2
1048732. Analyse combinatoire, tome 1
1048733. Erdos on graphs: His legacy of unsolved problems
1048734. Chromatic graph theory
1048735. Graphs and digraphs
1048736. Examples and counterexamples in graph theory
1048737. Proofs and confirmations: the story of the alternating sign matrix conjecture
1048738. Graph Theory with Applications
1048739. Graph Theory with Applications
1048740. A walk through combinatorics: An introduction to enumeration and graph theory
1048741. Combinatorics: Set systems, hypergraphs, families of vectors and probabilistic combinatorics
1048742. Algorithmic combinatorics on partial words
1048743. Design theory
1048744. Design theory
1048745. Combinatorics on words: Christoffel words and repetitions in words
1048746. Proofs that really count: the art of combinatorial proof
1048747. Applied combinatorial mathematics
1048748. Map coloring, polyhedra, and the four-color problem
1048749. Combinatorial and geometric structures and their applications
1048750. Digraphs: Theory, algorithms and applications
1048751. Cycles in graphs
1048752. The probabilistic method
1048753. Graphs and applications: an introductory approach
1048754. Combinatorial theory
1048755. Lectures on advances in combinatorics
1048756. Алгебра: кольца, модули и категории
1048757. Алгебра: кольца, модули и категории
1048758. Кольца и модули (Мир 1971)
1048759. Вычисления в алгебре и теории чисел
1048760. Commutative Algebra, Vol. 2
1048761. Commutative Algebra Volume I
1048762. Abstract algebra
1048763. Galois theory
1048764. Axiomatic Set Theory
1048765. Integral closure of ideals, rings, and modules
1048766. Simple Lie algebras over fields of positive characteristic
1048767. Ensembles projectifs et analytiques
1048768. Rings and factorization
1048769. Ring theory
1048770. Ring theory
1048771. Lattices and ordered sets
1048772. Introduction to modern set theory
1048773. Topological Groups
1048774. Associative Algebras
1048775. A first course in abstract algebra
1048776. Ideal theory
1048777. Ideal theory
1048778. Ideal theory
1048779. Notes on lattice theory
1048780. Descriptive Set Theory
1048781. Field and Galois Theory
1048782. Abstract Algebra: A Comprehensive Treatment
1048783. The theory of rings
1048784. Inverse Galois theory
1048785. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of set theory and related topics
1048786. Difference algebra
1048787. Set theory, with an introduction to descriptive set theory
1048788. Set Theory. An Introduction to Independence Proofs
1048789. Theorie axiomatique des ensembles
1048790. Lectures on the icosahedron and the solution of equations of the fifth degree
1048791. Beyond the quartic equation
1048792. Induced Modules Over Group Algebras
1048793. Fields and rings
1048794. The higher infinite: Large cardinals in set theory from their beginnings
1048795. Theory of sets
1048796. Noetherian semigroup algebras (no pp. 10,28,42,53,60)
1048797. Set theory
1048798. Theory of rings
1048799. Introduction to topological groups
1048800. Abstract algebra
1048801. Quadratic mappings and Clifford algebras
1048802. Introduction a la theorie des ensembles
1048803. Introduction to Boolean algebras
1048804. Contemporary abstract algebra
1048805. Field Arithmetic
1048806. Algebra II Ring Theory
1048807. Algebra. Rings, modules and categories
1048808. The joy of sets: Fundamentals of contemporary set theory
1048809. Free ideal rings and localization in general rings
1048810. Representations of algebras: proceedings of the conference held in Sao Paulo
1048811. Set theory for the working mathematician
1048812. Introduction to [lambda]-trees
1048813. Fundamental concepts of algebra
1048814. Sur les fondements de la theorie des ensembles transfinis
1048815. Modules and comodules
1048816. Polytopes, rings, and K-theory
1048817. Grassmann algebra. Exploring applications of extended vector algebra with Mathematica
1048818. Multiplicative ideal theory in commutative algebra: a tribute to the work of Robert Gilmer
1048819. Ring theory
1048820. Quadratic forms and their applications: proceedings of the Conference on Quadratic Forms and Their Applications, July 5-9, 1999, University College Dublin
1048821. Topics in ring theory
1048822. Rings with Minimum Condition
1048823. Set theory and the construction of numbers
1048824. Собрание сочинений. Том 3
1048825. Избранные труды
1048826. Воспоминания о Феликсе Александровиче Березине - основоположнике суперматематики
1048827. Лекции по математике: Перебор и эффективные алгоритмы
1048828. Лекции по математике: Функциональный анализ
1048829. Congruence of Sets and Other Monographs
1048830. Old and new unsolved problems in plane geometry and number theory
1048831. Selected works of Guiseppe Peano
1048832. Mathematics: from the birth of numbers
1048833. The Princeton companion to mathematics (no toc)
1048834. Leonhard Euler
1048835. From Kant to Hilbert: A source book in the foundations of mathematics
1048836. From Kant to Hilbert: A source book in the foundations of mathematics
1048837. Mechanica, tomus 1
1048838. Articles de mathematiques
1048839. Euler: The Master of Us All
1048840. A Panorama of Pure Mathematics (as Seen by N. Bourbaki)
1048841. A Panorama of Pure Mathematics (as Seen by N. Bourbaki)
1048842. Elie Cartan and Albert Einstein: Letters on absolute parallelism, 1929-1932
1048843. What is modern mathematics (1963)
1048844. Challenges for the 21st century: International Conference on Fundamental Sciences, Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Singapore, 13-17 March 2000
1048845. An uneasy alliance: the mathematics research center at the University of Wisconsin 1956-1987
1048846. The millennium prize problems
1048847. Seminaire Bourbaki, 42, 1999-2000 - Exp.865-879
1048848. Seminaire Bourbaki, 41, 1998-1999 - Exp.850-864
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1048850. Seminaire Bourbaki, 39, 1996-1997 - Exp.820-834
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1048863. Seminaire Bourbaki, 26, 1983-1984 - Exp.615-632
1048864. Seminaire Bourbaki, 25, 1982-1983 - Exp.597-614
1048865. Seminaire Bourbaki, 24, 1981-1982 - Exp.579-596
1048866. Commutative algebra
1048867. Mysticism in modern mathematics
1048868. Some vistas of modern mathematics;: Dynamic programming, invariant imbedding, and the mathematical biosciences,
1048869. The development of mathematics (bad pp. 420,444,480,486,493,512,536,548,602)
1048870. Experimental mathematics in action
1048871. Experimental mathematics in action
1048872. Доклады Одесского семинара по дискретной математике
1048873. Доклады Одесского семинара по дискретной математике
1048874. Доклады Одесского семинара по дискретной математике
1048875. Доклады Одесского семинара по дискретной математике
1048876. Доклады Одесского семинара по дискретной математике
1048877. Лингвистические детективы
1048878. Фразеологический словарь русского языка
1048879. Словарь трудных случаев употребления созвучных слов в русском языке
1048880. Словарь трудностей русского языка
1048881. Словарь трудностей русского произношения
1048882. Новый орфоэпический словарь русского языка: произношение. Ударение. Граммат. формы: ок. 40000 слов
1048883. Русское словесное ударение
1048884. Словарь синонимов русского языка: Практ. справ.: Ок. 11 000 синоним. рядов
1048885. Russian - English, English - Russian dictionary on probability, statistics, and combinatorics
1048886. Le francais pour les sciences
1048887. Иллюстрированный словарь французского и русского языка
1048888. Семиотика
1048889. Семантика и теория игр
1048890. Linguistics and the Formal Sciences: The Origins of Generative Grammar
1048891. Formal languages
1048892. Language, thought, and other biological categories: New foundations for realism (no pp. I-VI)
1048893. Describing language
1048894. Так каждый день говорят американцы: Англо-рус. словарь: Около 1700 выражений
1048895. Как читать по-английски математические, химические и другие символы, формулы и сокращения (1966)
1048896. Практическая грамматика английского языка
1048897. Обороты речи английской обзорной научной статьи
1048898. Английская грамматика в пословицах, поговорках, идиомах и изречениях
1048899. Практическая грамматика английского языка
1048900. Практическая грамматика английского языка
1048901. Русско-английский словарь
1048902. Практикум по синхронному переводу с русского языка на английский
1048903. Лексикология английского языка = English Lexicology: учеб. пособие для студентов вузов, обучающихся по пед. специальностям
1048904. 2000 русских, 2000 английских идиом, фразеологизмов и устойчивых словосочетаний: [словарь]
1048905. Англо-русский и русско-английский словарь ложных друзей переводчика
1048906. Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences
1048907. Scientifically speaking: a dictionary of quotations
1048908. Longman phrasal verbs dictionary
1048909. Easier English basic synonyms
1048910. Справочник китаиста: начальный уровень
1048911. Аэробика во рту. Обучение артикуляции
1048912. The quick and dirty guide to learning languages fast
1048913. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
1048914. Расчет и проектирование оптических систем
1048915. Laser Diode Microsystems
1048916. Fiber Optics Sensors
1048917. Photonic polymer systems: fundamentals, methods, and applications
1048918. Detection of Low-Level Optical Signals: Photodetectors, Focal Plane Arrays and Systems
1048919. Fiber Optic Essentials
1048920. Practical holography
1048921. Optoelectronics
1048922. Nanophotonics
1048923. Photonics and lasers: An introduction
1048924. Engineering Optics With Matlab
1048925. Fundamentals of optoelectronics
1048926. Fundamentals of optoelectronics
1048927. Fundamentals of optical waveguides
1048928. Principles of Nanophotonics
1048929. Laser-tissue interactions: fundamentals and applications
1048930. Thin-film optical filters
1048931. Photonic devices
1048932. Laser Resonators and Beam Propagation: Fundamentals, Advanced Concepts and Applications
1048933. Optical fibre devices
1048934. Photonic Glasses
1048935. Photonic Glasses
1048936. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
1048937. Photon-based Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology
1048938. Tunable laser optics
1048939. Foundations for guided-wave optics
1048940. Quantum dots
1048941. Medizinische Physik 3: Medizinische Laserphysik
1048942. Метод конечных элементов в расчетах тепловых двигателей
1048943. Строительная механика конструкций космической техники
1048944. Несущая способность и расчеты деталей машин на прочность
1048945. Механика стержней. Ч.2. Динамика
1048946. Механика стержней. Ч.1. Статика
1048947. Основы теории упругости и пластичности
1048948. Теория и расчет гибких упругих стержней
1048949. Основы прикладной теории колебаний и удара
1048950. Строительная механика летательных аппаратов
1048951. Расчеты деталей машин и конструкций на прочность и долговечность
1048952. Висячие системы повышенной жесткости
1048953. Висячие покрытия производственных зданий
1048954. Виброметрия. Измерение вибрации и ударов. Общая теория, методы и приборы
1048955. Сопротивление материалов
1048956. Неклассические проблемы механики разрушения: В 4 т. / Т. 2 Хрупкое разрушение материалов с начальными напряжениями
1048957. Нелинейные задачи динамики машин
1048958. Сварные конструкции. Механика разрушения и критерии работоспособности
1048959. Основы строительной механики машин (нет с.135)
1048960. Механика тонкостенных конструкций. Статика
1048961. Руководство к решению задач по сопротивлению материалов (нет с.15-16)
1048962. Строительная механика. Тонкостенные пространственные системы
1048963. Vibration of axially loaded structures
1048964. Nonlinear fracture mechanics for engineers
1048965. Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics
1048966. Mechanical Behavior of Materials
1048967. Advanced Fracture Mechanics
1048968. Mechanics of materials: a modern integration of mechanics and materials in structural design
1048969. The Linear Theory of Elasticity
1048970. Energy and the environment
1048971. The Practical Use of Fracture Mechanics
1048972. Cracks and Fracture
1048973. Friction Science and Technology: From Concepts to Applications
1048974. Scaling of Structural Strength
1048975. Fracture mechanics: fundamentals and applications
1048976. Как освоить радиоэлектронику с нуля
1048977. Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures in Antenna Engineering
1048978. Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
1048979. Computational Electronics (Morgan 2006)
1048980. Mathematical principles of optical fiber communications
1048981. High-speed heterostructure devices: from device concepts to circuit modeling
1048982. Nano: The Essentials
1048983. Smart CMOS image sensors and applications
1048984. The science of radio
1048985. Semiconductor Device Physics and Design
1048986. Nanotechnology applications to telecommunications and networking
1048987. Next generation photovoltaics: high efficiency through full spectrum utilization
1048988. Magneto-resistive and spin valve heads: fundamentals and applications
1048989. Nanoscale transistors: Device Physics, Modeling and Simulation
1048990. Self-assembly and nanotechnology: a force balance approach
1048991. Analog and digital filters; design and realization
1048992. Nanotechnology: An Introduction to Nanostructuring
1048993. Student Manual for The Art of Electronics
1048994. Low temperature electronics: physics, devices, circuits, and applications
1048995. Solar Power Your Home For Dummies
1048996. Computational electromagnetics for RF and microwave engineering
1048997. Fundamentals of Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion
1048998. Авиация
1048999. Аэрокосмические средства и технологии для точного земледелия (2008)
1049000. Аэрогидромеханика плохообтекаемых конструкций
1049001. Тонкая несущая поверхность в дозвуковом потоке газа
1049002. Airplane design, vol.8 and errata (1990)
1049003. Воспоминания о создании авиакосмической и атомной техники из алюминиевых сплавов
1049004. Как работает радиолокатор
1049005. Чудесные станки
1049006. Повесть о машине
1049007. Рассказы о том, что тебя окружает
1049008. Вероятностный анализ безопасности атомных станций
1049009. Гидропривод и гидропневмоавтоматика
1049010. Машина, ее прошлое настоящее и будущее
1049011. Творчество как точная наука. Теория решения изобретательских задач
1049012. Найти идею: введение в ТРИЗ - теорию решения изобретательских задач
1049013. Energy and exergy currents
1049014. The mathematics of natural catastrophes
1049015. Technisches Freihandzeichnen. Lehr- und Uebungsbuch
1049016. Smart material systems: model development
1049017. CAM design handbook
1049018. Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea
1049019. Simplified TRIZ: New problem solving applications for engineers
1049020. Technisches Zeichnen
1049021. Standard handbook of engineering calculations
1049022. Ultrasonics: methods and applications
1049023. Quantum computing: a short course from theory to experiment
1049024. Problems and Solutions in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information
1049025. Quantum cellular automata: theory, experimentation and prospects
1049026. Classical and quantum computation
1049027. Lectures on Quantum Information
1049028. Introduction to Quantum Computers
1049029. Entangled world: the fascination of quantum information and computation
1049030. Искусство программирования на С (2001)
1049031. Основные концепции языков программирования
1049032. Стандарты программирования на C++
1049033. Языки программирования. Разработка и реализация
1049034. Объектно-ориентированное программирование для начинающих
1049035. От Си к Си++
1049036. Design and Implementation of Programming Languages: Proceedings of a DoD Sponsored Workshop Ithaca, October 1976
1049037. History of programming languages
1049038. Data structures and problem solving using C++
1049039. Concepts of programming languages
1049040. LISP in small pieces
1049041. C Programming Language
1049042. OCaml for scientists
1049043. Starting Out with C++: Early Objects
1049044. Prolog programming in depth
1049045. Fortran 90-95 for scientists and engineers. Files for the book and errata
1049046. Fortran 95,2003 for scientists and engineers
1049047. Fortran 90/95 for scientists and engineers
1049048. History of programming languages II
1049049. The Fortran 2003 handbook: the complete syntax, features and procedures
1049050. Proceedings of the third ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of programming languages
1049051. Машины Тьюринга и рекурсивные функции
1049052. Computational Complexity: A Quantitative Perspective
1049053. Branching programs and binary decision diagrams: theory and applications
1049054. Computing in systems described by equations
1049055. Lectures on the logic of computer programming
1049056. Pairwise independence and derandomization
1049057. Handbook of computability theory
1049058. Computational complexity: A conceptual perspective
1049059. Computability and unsolvability
1049060. Cellular automata
1049061. A course in formal languages, automata and groups
1049062. Theories of Computational Complexity
1049063. Information and Randomness: An Algorithmic Perspective
1049064. Average-case complexity
1049065. Устойчивость решающих функций в задачах распознавания образов и анализа разнотипной информации
1049066. Прикладные методы анализа данных и знаний
1049067. Представление и обработка изображений. Рекурсивный подход
1049068. Computer vision
1049069. Pattern recognition techniques, technology and applications
1049070. Biometric inverse problems
1049071. Microscope image processing
1049072. Multidimensional signal, image, and video processing and coding
1049073. Image Analysis, Random Fields and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods: A Mathematical Introduction
1049074. Emission tomography. The fundamentals of PET and SPECT
1049075. Fundamentals of Digital Imaging
1049076. Pattern recognition
1049077. Visual Perception and Robotic Manipulation: 3D Object Recognition, Tracking and Hand-Eye Coordination
1049078. Scene reconstruction, pose estimation and tracking
1049079. Variational methods in imaging
1049080. Computing brain activity maps from fMRI time-series images
1049081. Recognizing Planar Objects Using Invariant Image Features
1049082. Biomedical image analysis
1049083. 3D shape: Its unique place in visual perception
1049084. Vision systems: segmentation and pattern recognition
1049085. Vision systems. Applications
1049086. Mathematical methods in image reconstruction
1049087. The mathematics of computerized tomography
1049088. Pattern recognition in medical imaging
1049089. Binary digital image processing: a discrete approach
1049090. Introduction to color imaging science
1049091. Topological Algorithms for Digital Image Processing
1049092. Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Image Analysis
1049093. Real-time image and video processing: from research to reality
1049094. Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice
1049095. Principles of computerized tomographic imaging
1049096. Fundamentals of digital image processing
1049097. Practical handbook on image processing for scientific and technical applications
1049098. Multiple view geometry in computer vision
1049099. Deblurring images: matrices, spectra, and filtering
1049100. Interactive Video: algorithms and technologies
1049101. Mathematics and computation in imaging science and information processing
1049102. Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies: Visualization of biological molecules
1049103. Electron tomography: methods for three-dimensional visualization of structures in the cell
1049104. Machine vision: theory, algorithms, practicalities
1049105. Motion-free super-resolution
1049106. Image processing and analysis: variational, PDE, wavelet, and stochastic methods
1049107. Stereo vision
1049108. Computer vision beyond the visible spectrum
1049109. An Introduction to Mathematics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging
1049110. Delac, Grgic, Bartlett Recent advances in face recognition
1049111. Introduction to Coding Theory
1049112. Space-time coding
1049113. Fundamentals of information theory and coding design
1049114. Error control coding: from theory to practice
1049115. Trellis and turbo coding
1049116. Modern coding theory
1049117. Information theory and reliable communication
1049118. Codes on Euclidean spheres
1049119. The modern algebra of information retrieval
1049120. From philosophy to program size
1049121. Algorithmic information theory
1049122. Algebraic codes for data transmission
1049123. Algebraic codes for data transmission
1049124. Foundations of coding: theory and applications of error-correcting codes
1049125. Introduction to artificial neural systems
1049126. Principles of Artificial Neural Networks
1049127. Algebraic theory of automata networks: an introduction
1049128. Discrete mathematics of neural networks: selected topics
1049129. Дискретная математика: учебник для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по специальностям направлений подготовки ''Информатика и вычислительная техника'', ''Информационные системы'', ''Информационная безопасность''
1049130. Mathematik fuer Informatiker: Band 2: Analysis und Statistik
1049131. Mathematik für Informatiker: Band 1: Diskrete Mathematik und Lineare Algebra
1049132. Mathematik fuer Informatiker. Diskrete Mathematik (no p.292)
1049133. Logic functions and equations: examples and exercises
1049134. Mathematical tools for data mining: set theory, partial orders, combinatorics
1049135. Mathematische Aspekte der angewandten Informatik
1049136. Discrete mathematics lecture notes
1049137. Notes on discrete mathematics
1049138. Mathematics for computer science
1049139. Discrete Mathematics Using Latin Squares
1049140. Discrete mathematics demystified
1049141. Discrete mathematics with applications
1049142. Logic in computer science: modelling and reasoning about systems
1049143. Discrete mathematics for computing
1049144. Applied algebra for the computer sciences
1049145. Axiomatic concensus theory in group choice and biomathematics
1049146. Synchronization and linearity: An algebra for discrete event systems
1049147. Automata theory with modern applications
1049148. Discrete mathematics with algorithms
1049149. Fundamental approach to discrete mathematics
1049150. Основы современной криптографии
1049151. Криптографические методы защиты информации: учеб. пособие для студентов вузов, обучающихся по специальностям: 201000
1049152. Introduction to cryptography with coding theory
1049153. Advances in coding theory and crytography
1049154. RSA and public-key cryptography
1049155. Codes: The guide to secrecy from ancient to modern times
1049156. Protecting Information: From Classical Error Correction to Quantum Cryptography
1049157. Coding theory: a first course
1049158. An introduction to mathematical cryptography
1049159. Making, breaking codes: an introduction to cryptography
1049160. Cryptanalysis: a study of cyphers and their solution
1049161. Military cryptanalysis, parts 1,2,3,4 (1996)
1049162. Stream Ciphers and Number Theory
1049163. Handbook of elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography
1049164. Introduction to cryptography
1049165. Algebraic Codes on Lines, Planes, and Curves
1049166. Codes: An introduction to information communication and cryptography
1049167. Elementary number theory, cryptography and codes
1049168. Компьютерная геометрия и алгоритмы машинной графики: Геометр. основы компьютер. графики: Аффин. и проект. преобразования: Мат. модели поверхностей и объектов: Геометр. задачи визуализации: Учеб. пособие
1049169. Computational geometry: algorithms and applications
1049170. Ray Shooting, Depth Orders and Hidden Surface Removal
1049171. Subdivision methods for geometric design: a constructive approach
1049172. Mathematical optimization in computer graphics and vision
1049173. Towards Dynamic Randomized Algorithms in Computational Geometry
1049174. Fundamentals of computer graphics
1049175. Subdivision surfaces
1049176. New Trends in Discrete and Computational Geometry
1049177. Iterated function systems for real-time image synthesis
1049178. LEDA - A platform for Combinatorial and Geometric Computing
1049179. Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Image Analysis
1049180. Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Image Analysis
1049181. Pyramid algorithms: a dynamic programming approach to curves and surfaces
1049182. Introduction to geometric computing
1049183. Generalized Voronoi diagram: A geometry-based approach to computational intelligence
1049184. Geometric methods and applications for computer science and engineering
1049185. Geometric algebra for computer science: an object-oriented approach to geometry
1049186. Einführung in die Kryptographie
1049187. Numerical geometry of non-rigid shapes
1049188. An introduction to computer graphics and creative 3-D environments
1049189. Computational Geometry-Methods, Algorithms and Applications: International Workshop on Computational Geometry CG'91 Bern, Switzerland, March 21–22, 1991 Proceedings
1049190. Mathematical Problems in Image Processing: Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations
1049191. Real-time rendering
1049192. Элементы компьютерной алгебры: учебное пособие
1049193. Компьютерная алгебра: Символьные и алгебраические вычисления
1049194. Continuous symmetries, Lie algebras, differential equations, and computer algebra
1049195. Computer algebra 2006: latest advances in symbolic algorithms: proceedings of the Waterloo Workshop in Computer Algebra 2006, Ontario, Canada, 10-12 April 2006
1049196. Symbolic computation: applications to scientific computing
1049197. Evaluating derivatives: principles and techniques of algorithmic differentiation
1049198. Evaluating derivatives: principles and techniques of algorithmic differentiation
1049199. Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation: 7th International Conference, AISC 2004, Linz, Austria, September 22-24, 2004. Proceedings
1049200. A Course in Mathematical Biology: Quantitative Modeling
1049201. Bioinformatics - from genomes to therapies
1049202. Probabilistic modeling in bioinformatics and medical informatics
1049203. Алгоритмы и программы. Решение олимпиадных задач
1049204. Автоматическая обработка данных. Язык ЛИСП и его реализация
1049205. Математические модели и методы в параллельных процессах
1049206. Вычислительная математика и структура алгоритмов: 10 лекций о том, почему трудно решать задачи на вычислительных системах параллельной архитектуры и что надо знать дополнительно, чтобы успешно преодолевать эти трудности
1049207. Структура и интерпретация компьютерных программ
1049208. Information Retrieval
1049209. Systematic programming: an introduction
1049210. Algorithms + data structures=programs
1049211. Programming language processors in Java: compilers and interpreters
1049212. Mining sequential patterns from large data sets
1049213. Concepts, techniques, and models of computer programming
1049214. Data structures and network algorithms
1049215. Simulated annealing
1049216. An introduction to parallel and vector scientific computing
1049217. Programming for mathematicians
1049218. Fast algorithms: a multitape Turing machine implementation
1049219. Introduction to data compression
1049220. Introduction to data compression
1049221. Explicit substitutions in rewriting systems - tutorial and survey
1049222. Recursion via Pascal
1049223. Proc. 8th workshop on algorithm engineering
1049224. Fundamentals of speech recognition
1049225. Design of Hashing Algorithms
1049226. Distributed computing: a locality-sensitive approach
1049227. Problems on Algorithms
1049228. Residue number systems: Theory and implementation
1049229. Purely functional data structures
1049230. Combinatorial algorithms for computers and calculators
1049231. Combinatorial algorithms for computers and calculators
1049232. Handbook of applied algorithms: solving scientific, engineering, and practical problems
1049233. Proc. 10th workshop on algorithm engineering, 5th workshop on analytic algorithmics and combinatorics
1049234. Algebraic and Structural Automata Theory
1049235. Digital logic testing and simulation
1049236. Algorithms and Data Structures: The Basic Toolbox
1049237. Grammars With Context Conditions and Their Applications
1049238. Lectures on the logic of computer programming
1049239. Abstraction and specification in program development
1049240. Multiprocessor scheduling. Theory and applications
1049241. The anatomy of a compiler
1049242. A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization
1049243. Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering
1049244. Computer arithmetic and validity: Theory, implementation, and applications
1049245. Advances in evolutionary algorithms
1049246. Petri Net. Theory and applications
1049247. Proc. 12th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms (SIAM 2001)
1049248. Encyclopedia of algorithms
1049249. Grammars and parsing
1049250. Design and Analysis of Randomized Algorithms: Introduction to Design Paradigms
1049251. Algebraic automata theory
1049252. OpenMP: Eine Einführung in die parallele Programmierung mit C/C++
1049253. Algorithms on strings, trees, and sequences: computer science and computational biology
1049254. The science of programming
1049255. Programming Methodology: A Collection of Articles by Members of IFIP WG2.3
1049256. Travelling salesman problem
1049257. Algebraic theory of automata
1049258. Introduction to the theory of finite-state machines
1049259. Logic and automata: History and perspectives
1049260. Proceedings of the 14th Annual Acm-Siam Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
1049261. How to think about algorithms
1049262. Steiner tree problems in computer communication networks
1049263. A discipline of programming
1049264. Introduction to algorithms. Instructor’s manual
1049265. Mathematical Software: Proceedings of the First International Congress of Mathematical Software Beijing, China 17-19 August 2002
1049266. New Developments in Parsing Technology
1049267. Understanding search engines: mathematical modeling and text retrieval
1049268. Mathematical Go: Chilling gets the last point (1994)
1049269. Advances in greedy algorithms
1049270. Compiler Construction
1049271. Applications on advanced architecture computers
1049272. Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and 1st workshop on Combinatorics
1049273. Process algebra for parallel and distributed processing
1049274. The Design of Well-Structured and Correct Programs
1049275. The theory of parsing, translation, and compiling
1049276. The theory of parsing, translation, and compiling
1049277. Proc. 18th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms (SIAM 2007)
1049278. Structure and interpretation of computer programs
1049279. Proceedings of the 17th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms
1049280. Proceedings of the 16th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms
1049281. Proceedings of the 15th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms
1049282. Proceedings of the 12th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
1049283. Искусственный интеллект. Модели и методы: Справочник
1049284. Искусственный интеллект: Системы общения и экспертные системы: Справочник
1049285. Принципы искусственного интеллекта
1049286. Искусственный интеллект: Программные и аппаратные средства: Справочник
1049287. Теория решения задач
1049288. Understanding computers and cognition
1049289. Probabilistic expert systems
1049290. Computational Intelligence: methods and techniques
1049291. Applied artificial intelligence: proceedings of the 7th International FLINS Conference, Genova, Italy, 29-31 August 2006
1049292. Speech recognition. Technologies and applications
1049293. Representation discovery using harmonic analysis
1049294. Vyyavlenie e'kspertnyx znanij
1049295. What should be computed to understand and model brain function?: from robotics, soft computing, biology and neuroscience to cognitive philosophy
1049296. Speech synthesis and recognition
1049297. Computational linguistics: an introduction
1049298. Robust speech recognition and understanding
1049299. Data mining in medical and biological research
1049300. Problem solving: methods, programming, and future concepts
1049301. Advances in Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms: IEEE/Nagoya-University World Wisepersons Workshop Nagoya, Japan, August 9–10, 1994 Selected Papers
1049302. The elements of statistical learning: Data mining, inference, and prediction
1049303. Prolog programming for artificial intelligence
1049304. Natural Language Communication with Computers
1049305. Interactive Theorem Proving and Program Development: Coq'Art: The Calculus of Inductive Constructions
1049306. Introduction to machine learning
1049307. Computing natural language
1049308. Компьютерная лингвистика для всех Мифы. Алгоритмы. Язык
1049309. Topology via logic
1049310. Theoretische Informatik - kurz gefasst
1049311. Schaum's outline of principles of computer science
1049312. The theory of mathematical machines
1049313. The supermen: the story of Seymour Cray and the supercomputer
1049314. ENIAC, the triumphs and tragedies of the world's first computer
1049315. When computers were human
1049316. Engines of logic
1049317. Giant brains, or Machines that think
1049318. IBM's early computers
1049319. Bootstrapping: Douglas Engelbart, Coevolution, and origins of personal computing (Stanford 2000)
1049320. A history of algorithms: from the pebble to the microchip
1049321. John von Neumann and the origins of modern computing
1049322. John von Neumann and the origins of modern computing
1049323. Domains and Lambda-calculi
1049324. Encyclopedia of computational chemistry
1049325. Nanomaterials: Design and Simulation
1049326. Металловедение циркония
1049327. Ionic compounds: applications of chemistry to mineralogy
1049328. Physical chemistry: Instant Notes
1049329. Ferrocenes
1049330. Filters and Filtration Handbook
1049331. Chemistry and Light
1049332. Crystals: growth, morphology, and perfection
1049333. Finely Dispersed Particles: Micro-, Nano-, and Atto-Engineering
1049334. A primer for sampling solids, liquids, and gases: based on the seven sampling errors of Pierre Gy
1049335. Molecular energetics: condensed-phase thermochemical techniques
1049336. Molecular energetics: condensed-phase thermochemical techniques
1049337. A chemist's guide to valence bond theory
1049338. Electro-diffusion of ions
1049339. Alloy physics: a comprehensive reference
1049340. Chemical dynamics in condensed phases: relaxation, transfer and reactions in condensed molecular systems
1049341. Chemical bonding at surfaces and interfaces
1049342. Ion Implantation and Synthesis of Materials
1049343. Physical Chemistry
1049344. Shape in chemistry: an introduction to molecular shape and topology
1049345. Raman spectroscopy for chemical analysis
1049346. Concise Encyclopedia of the Structure of Materials
1049347. The chemistry and physics of coatings
1049348. Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology: Force Balance Approach (Wiley 2008)
1049349. A beginner's guide to mass spectral interpretation
1049350. Chemical Thermodynamics: Basic Concepts and Methods
1049351. X-Ray Diffraction by Macromolecules
1049352. Chemical Reactor Modeling: Multiphase Reactive Flows
1049353. Chemistry: a self-teaching guide
1049354. Materials science: An intermediate text
1049355. The Nature of Solids
1049356. Bonds between atoms
1049357. Weygand/Hilgetag preparative organic chemistry
1049358. Bioconjugate Techniques
1049359. Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius
1049360. Grundlagen der organischen Chemie
1049361. Handbook on the physics and chemistry of rare earths, vol 30
1049362. Combustion
1049363. Combustion
1049364. The physics and chemistry of materials
1049365. Physics of Functional Materials
1049366. Computational methods for mass spectrometry proteomics
1049367. Chemical Dynamics in Extreme Environments
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1049380. Color Atlas of Neurology
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1049396. Многопозиционная радиолокация
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1049431. Ректификация спирта
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1049454. Математика в СССР за 30 лет (1917-1947)
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1049456. Дополнительные главы математического анализа
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1049459. Обобщение метода отражений в теории дифракций
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1049461. Математическая теория распространения воля в средах с памятью
1049462. Элементарные функции
1049463. Развитие дефектов при конечных деформациях. Компьютерное и физическое моделирование
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1049474. Численные методы и математическое моделирование
1049475. Оптические измерения
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1049482. Комментарии по вопросу применимости специальной теории относительности для инерциальных систем отсче
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1049485. Операционнные системы
1049486. Обратная теорема (алгоритмические и эвристические процессы мышления)
1049487. Линейные операторы и теория приближений
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1049501. Практические занятия по высшей математике. Кратные и криволинейные интегралы
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1049506. Основы теории поверхности
1049507. Основы теории поверхности
1049508. Диффузионные процессы и их траектории
1049509. Интегральные устройства СВЧ телекоммуникационных систем
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1049514. Конструктивные принципы древнерусского календаря
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1049521. n-лиевы структуры, порожденные вронскианами
1049522. n-Лиево свойство якобиана как условие вполне интегрируемости
1049523. Геометрия и Марсельеза
1049524. Проблемы дифракции и распространения волн
1049525. Сверхдальнее распространение коротких радиоволн
1049526. Задача Коши для гиперболических уравнений
1049527. Устойчивость крупномасштабной механической системы с качением при структурных изменениях
1049528. Представления группы вращений и сферические функции
1049529. Сборник задач по уравнениям математической физики
1049530. Фнзико-хнмнческие основы прочности бетона н роль технологии в ее обеспечения
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1049533. Анатомия центральной нервной системы
1049534. Матричные игры
1049535. Вычислительные процессы с теплицевыми матрицами
1049536. Эффект Мессбауэра
1049537. Управление отходами на региональном уровне
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1049540. Комбинаторное программирование
1049541. Акустика океанской среды
1049542. Основы теории меры
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1049998. [Article] A two-component model for counts of infectious diseases
1049999. On the Moon: The Apollo Journals
1050000. Analytical Techniques for Atmospheric Measurement
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