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1008001. Economics
1008002. Beautiful chaos chaos theory and metachaotics in recent American fiction
1008003. Electromagnetism
1008004. Sams teach yourself Ruby in 21 days
1008005. Torsors and rational points
1008006. Encyclopaedia Judaica
1008007. Neutron Scattering
1008008. Neutron Scattering
1008009. Walden two
1008010. The algorithm design manual
1008011. Radiowave propagation and antennas for personal communications
1008012. Theory of best approximation and functional analysis
1008013. Mathematical tools for data mining: set theory, partial orders, combinatorics
1008014. L'erreur économique: comment économistes et politiques se trompent et nous trompent
1008015. Basics: 300 exercises and practice routines for the violin, Peters Edition
1008016. Deparametrization and path integral quantization of cosmological models
1008017. The genesis of fluid mechanics, 1640-1780
1008018. Introduction to statistical physics
1008019. Grid computing for developers
1008020. Oxford Dictionary of Idioms
1008021. Global View on the World Economy: A Global Analysis
1008022. In and out of equilibrium 2
1008023. Geometry of the quintic
1008024. Functional and object oriented analysis and design: an integrated methodology
1008025. A computational introduction to number theory and algebra
1008026. A computational introduction to number theory and algebra
1008027. A computational introduction to number theory and algebra
1008028. Multiagent systems: algorithmic, game-theoretic, and logical foundations
1008029. Missile guidance and pursuit: kinematics, dynamics and control
1008030. Big money, little effort: a winning strategy for profitable long-term investment
1008031. At the frontier of particle physics: handbook of QCD: Boris Ioffe festschrift
1008032. Game Graphics Programming
1008033. Data structures and algorithms for game developers
1008034. The world's greatest fake book
1008035. Introduction to wave scattering, localization, and mesoscopic phenomena
1008036. Cardinal Arithmetic
1008037. Invariants of boundary link cobordism
1008038. Mesh parameterization methods and their applications
1008039. Calculus and mechanics on two-point homogenous Riemannian spaces
1008040. Mathematical principles of optical fiber communications
1008041. A dictionary of archaeology
1008042. Keeping Mozart in mind
1008043. Introduction to fluid mechanics
1008044. Applied nonlinear programming
1008045. Thinking about mathematics: the philosophy of mathematics
1008046. Solving PDEs in C++: numerical methods in a unified object-oriented approach
1008047. Arguing well
1008048. A second course in formal languages and automata theory
1008049. Reviews of plasma physics. Vol. 24
1008050. The art of causal conjecture
1008051. Probabilistic expert systems
1008052. Algebraic geometry
1008053. White dwarfs--black holes: an introduction to relativistic astrophysics
1008054. TCP/IP architecture, design and implementation in Linux
1008055. Level set methods: evolving interfaces in geometry, fluid mechanics, computer vision, and materials science
1008056. Algèbre locale, multiplicités
1008057. Matrices: theory and applications
1008058. Noncommutative distributions: unitary representation of gauge groups and algebras
1008059. Monotone iterative techniques for discontinuous nonlinear differential equations
1008060. Geometry of Riemann Surfaces and Teichmüller Spaces
1008061. Theory and applications of sequential nonparametrics
1008062. Non-negative Matrices and Markov Chains
1008063. Crystalline symmetries: an informal mathematical introduction
1008064. Creating Brain-Like Intelligence: From Basic Principles to Complex Intelligent Systems
1008065. The biharmonic equation, Poisson's equation
1008066. Partial differential equations in mechanics
1008067. Seifert and Threlfall, A textbook of topology
1008068. Information systems and data compression
1008069. Mathematicians under the Nazis
1008070. Handbook of applied superconductivity
1008071. Concepts of programming languages
1008072. Human-computer interaction. Fundamentals
1008073. Consciousness and language
1008074. Programming language pragmatics
1008075. Quantum kinematics and dynamics
1008076. Particles, sources, and fields
1008077. Listening awry music and alterity in German culture
1008078. The 1990s
1008079. The 1950s
1008080. The words of mathematics: an etymological dictionary of mathematical terms used in English
1008081. Principles of electrodynamics
1008082. Statistische Mechanik
1008083. Quantenmechanik für Fortgeschrittene (QM II)
1008084. Quantenmechanik.. eine Einfuehrung (QM 1)(7ed., Springer, 2008)(de)(ISBN 97835407367457)
1008085. Prometheus Allgemeine Anatomie und Bewegungssystem
1008086. Mathematische Aspekte der angewandten Informatik (Spektrum, 1994)(de)(ISBN 3860255452)
1008087. Physik mit Bleistift: das analytische Handwerkszeug des Naturwissenschaftlers
1008088. Pseudo-Differential Operators on Manifolds with Singularities
1008089. Boundary value problems and singular pseudo-differential operators
1008090. Treatise on geophysics
1008091. Number theory in science and communication: with applications in cryptography, physics, digital information, computing, and self-similarity
1008092. Embedded Linux: Das Praxisbuch
1008093. Statistical thermodynamics
1008094. Constraint Handling Rules: Current Research Topics
1008095. St. Helenian English: origins, evolution and variation
1008096. Lévy processes in finance: pricing financial derivatives
1008097. Matrix analysis for statistics
1008098. A mathematical introduction to conformal field theory
1008099. Fast algorithms: a multitape Turing machine implementation
1008100. Cardinal spline interpolation
1008101. Theory of harmony
1008102. Theory of harmony
1008103. Structural functions of harmony
1008104. How to get a Second Life: build a successful business and social network inworld
1008105. A Schnittke reader
1008106. Nonarchimedean functional analysis
1008107. Dynamical systems of algebraic origin
1008108. Space and time in contemporary physics: an introduction to the theory of relativity and gravitation
1008109. Über die Reflexion des Lichtes in einer inhomogenen Schicht / Raum und Zeit in der gegenwärtigen Physik: Abteilung I Band 2
1008110. Grenzschicht-Theorie
1008111. Embedding problems in symplectic geometry
1008112. Prime numbers 101: a primer on number theory
1008113. Elements of quantum information
1008114. Herb Schildt's C++ programming cookbook
1008115. P-adic functional analysis: proceedings of the fourth international conference
1008116. Quantum statistical mechanics
1008117. Inventor 2009: Grundlagen und Methodik in zahlreichen Konstruktionsbeispielen
1008118. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis: [including 775 solved problems]
1008119. Introduction to Singular Perturbations
1008120. Variables complexes: cours et problèmes
1008121. Thomas' calculus
1008122. Fundamental & applied aspects of modern physics: Lüderitz 2000: proceedings of the International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Modern Physics: Lüderitz, Namibia, 13-17Author: S H Connell; R Tegen
1008123. One jump ahead: computer perfection at checkers
1008124. Lehrbuch der Experimentalphysik Bd. 5. Gase, Nanosysteme, Flüssigkeiten
1008125. Harmony & voice leading
1008126. Computational fluid dynamics
1008127. Beginning functional analysis
1008128. Pro Excel Financial Modeling: Building Models for Technology Startups
1008129. Plastic limit analysis of plates, shells, and disks
1008130. Models of computation: exploring the power of computing
1008131. Symmetry: a journey into the patterns of nature
1008132. Branching in the presence of symmetry
1008133. Nausea
1008134. A primer of special relativity
1008135. Managing scientists: leadership strategies in scientific research
1008136. Designing fair curves and surfaces: shape quality in geometric modeling and computer-aided design
1008137. Solvency: models, assessment and regulation
1008138. Technische Mechanik Statik
1008139. Ermüdungsrisse erkennen, sicher beurteilen, vermeiden
1008140. Advanced condensed matter physics
1008141. Practical UML statecharts in C/C++: event-driven programming for embedded systems
1008142. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
1008143. Infrared and Raman spectroscopic imaging
1008144. A half-century of automata theory: celebration and inspiration
1008145. Formal languages
1008146. Here erred Einstein
1008147. Fundamentals of photonics
1008148. Facts, conjectures, and improvements for simulated annealing
1008149. Putin: Russia's choice
1008150. Cooperative and Noncooperative Multi-Level Programming
1008151. Hydrodynamic Limits of the Boltzmann Equation
1008152. Broca's Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science
1008153. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of precalculus
1008154. Theory and problems of precalculus
1008155. Managing your academic career: strategies for success
1008156. Monte Carlo methods for electromagnetics
1008157. Elasticity: theory, applications, and numerics
1008158. Iterative methods for sparse linear systems
1008159. Composing music: a new approach
1008160. Composing for the jazz orchestra
1008161. The forgotten revolution: how science was born in 300 BC and why it had to be reborn
1008162. The concise encyclopedia of western philosophy
1008163. Russisch Wort fuer Wort (2003)(ISBN 383176035)(T)(C)(O)(165s)
1008164. Russisch Wort fuer Wort (2003)(ISBN 383176035)(600dpi)(T)(C)(O)(165s)
1008165. Russisch Wort fuer Wort (2003)(ISBN 383176035)(400dpi)(T)(C)(O)(165s)
1008166. Russian for dummies
1008167. Sceptical essays
1008168. The basic writings of Bertrand Russell, 1903-1959
1008169. Das ABC der Relativitätstheorie
1008170. Authority and the individual
1008171. An essay on the foundations of geometry
1008172. Einführung in die mathematische Philosophie
1008173. Rasse, Evolution und Verhalten
1008174. Formale Methodik des Entwurfs verteilter objektorientierter Systeme
1008175. Formale Methodik des Entwurfs verteilter objektorientierter Systeme
1008176. Virtualization: a beginner's guide
1008177. Mathematical and computational techniques for multilevel adaptive methods
1008178. Словарь культуры XX века
1008179. Ruby on rails power!: the comprehensive guide
1008180. Electro-diffusion of ions
1008181. Polynomial identities in ring theory
1008182. Mathématiques et Technologie (Springer, 2008)(ISBN 0387692126)(O)(586s)
1008183. An introduction to homological algebra
1008184. Komplexe Systeme
1008185. Option Pricing in Fractional Brownian Markets (Springer, 2009)(ISBN 3642003303)
1008186. Thermodynamics and fluctuations far from equilibrium
1008187. Fundamental numerical methods for electrical engineering
1008188. Geometry of Lie groups
1008189. A history of non-euclidean geometry: evolution of the concept of a geometric space
1008190. A history of non-Euclidean geometry: evolution of the concept of a geometric space
1008191. The scanning workshop
1008192. Dynamic learning networks: models and cases in action
1008193. The first computers: history and architectures
1008194. One language, two grammars?: differences between British and American English
1008195. Kinder brauchen Grenzen; Eltern setzen Grenzen; Jan-Uwe Rogge.
1008196. Applied mathematics in integrated navigation systems
1008197. An introduction to sustainable development
1008198. Introduction to computer-intensive methods of data analysis in biology
1008199. Probability and statistics in experimental physics
1008200. Numerical geology: a source guide, glossary and selective bibliography to geological uses of computers and statistics
1008201. Rock'n'roll piano: the complete guide with CD
1008202. Simple comme Ubuntu 8.04 (free web version, 2008)(ISBN 2352091462)(fr)(600dpi)(T)(C)(O)(350s)
1008203. Developing thinking and understanding in young children: an introduction for students
1008204. New Stream Cipher Designs: The eSTREAM Finalists
1008205. Software design for engineers and scientists
1008206. Chemical Physics of Solids and Their Surfaces
1008207. Graph theory and its applications to problems of society
1008208. Statics and dynamics with background mathematics
1008209. Musical signal processing
1008210. An introduction to echo analysis: scattering theory and wave propagation
1008211. The homeschooling option: how to decide when it's right for your family
1008212. From peturbative to constructive renormalization
1008213. Intellectual character: what it is, why it matters, and how to get it
1008214. Object-oriented programming in Eiffel
1008215. Complex vector functional equations
1008216. Inside your calculator: from simple programs to significant insights
1008217. Stochastic simulation
1008218. Pattern recognition and neural networks
1008219. Musical performance: a guide to understanding
1008220. Pocket Adventures Switzerland
1008221. Student solutions manual for Mathematical methods for physics and engineering
1008222. Partielle Differentialgleichungen und ihre Anwendungen auf physikalische Fragen Vorlesungen
1008223. Sams teach yourself Apache 2 in 24 hours
1008224. EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany: Volume 2: Materials Science
1008225. Betriebssysteme: mit zahlreichen Beispielen, Übungsaufgaben und Lösungen
1008226. Semiclassical theory of mesoscopic quantum systems
1008227. Radio wave propagation an introduction for the non-specialist
1008228. Advances in chemical physics. Vol. 142
1008229. A modern introduction to differential equations
1008230. Peirce's scientific metaphysics: the philosophy of chance, law, and evolution
1008231. Markov chains
1008232. Занимательная электроника: начала начал электроники, оборудуем домаш. лаб., резисторы, конденсаторы, транзисторы, микросхемы..., аналоговые и лог. схемы, микроконтроллеры - основа соврем. электроники
1008233. Molecular neuroscience
1008234. Der große Reuter. Springer Universalwörterbuch Medizin, Pharmakologie und Zahnmedizin. Deutsch-Englisch
1008235. Embedded System Design
1008236. Encyclopedia of insects
1008237. Negation in gapping
1008238. A mathematical view of interior-point methods in convex optimization
1008239. Mathematical analysis of viscoelastic flows
1008240. Elementare Zahlentheorie
1008241. The harmony of Bill Evans
1008242. Vorlesungen über Grundlagen der Geometrie
1008243. The SAGE handbook of dyslexia
1008244. Structure in complex networks
1008245. Microprocessors: from assembly language to C using the PIC18Fxx2
1008246. The definitive guide to Plone
1008247. An introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis
1008248. An introduction to continuum mechanics: with applications
1008249. Real little classical fake book (ISBN 0793516684)(1993)
1008250. Combinatorics of train tracks
1008251. Small fatigue cracks: mechanics, mechanisms, and applications: proceedings of the Third Engineering Foundation International Conference, Turtle Bay Hilton, Oahu, Hawaii, December 6-11, 1998
1008252. Partial differential equations
1008253. Personality-guided cognitive-behavioral therapy
1008254. Veggie Works vegan cookbook
1008255. Veggie Works vegan cookbook
1008256. Games and information: an introduction to game theory
1008257. An algebraic approach to non-classical logics
1008258. Rapid application development with Mozilla
1008259. Numerical analysis
1008260. Advances in Natural Language Processing: 6th International Conference, GoTAL 2008 Gothenburg, Sweden, August 25-27, 2008 Proceedings
1008261. Modular forms and functions
1008262. Non-commutative localization in algebra and topology
1008263. Functional data analysis with R and MATLAB
1008264. Problems in analytic number theory
1008265. Wave scattering by small bodies of arbitrary shapes
1008266. Nursing homes: the family's journey
1008267. Handbook of parallel computing: models, algorithms and applications
1008268. Mathematics of finance
1008269. Multi-body dynamics: monitoring and simulation techniques - II; [... papers accepted for the Second International Symposium on Multi-Body Dynamics: Monitoring and Simulation Techniques (MBD-MAuthor: Morteza Ebrahimi; Homer Rahnejat; Robert Whalley
1008270. I hate conflict!: seven steps to resolving differences with anyone in your life
1008271. Logical and relational learning with 10 tables
1008272. Technische Mechanik für Wirtschaftsingenieure
1008273. An introduction to English sentence structure
1008274. Analysing English sentences: a minimalist approach
1008275. Languages for Embedded Systems and their Applications: Selected Contributions on Specification, Design, and Verification from FDL’08
1008276. Nonparametric econometrics: a primer
1008277. Multipole theory in electromagnetism: classical, quantum, and symmetry aspects, with applications
1008278. Fundamentals of fire phenomena
1008279. Prospects in topology: proceedings of a conference in honor of William Browder
1008280. Quantum probability and related topics: proceedings of the 28th conference CIMAT-Guanajuato, Mexico, 2-8 September 2007
1008281. Numerical approximation of partial differential equations
1008282. Quantitative finance: its development, mathematical foundations, and current scope
1008283. Applied computing, computer science, and advanced communication proceedings
1008284. Neutron fluctuations: a treatise on the physics on branching processes
1008285. Turbulence nature and the inverse problem
1008286. Markov decision processes: discrete stochastic dynamic programming
1008287. Electricity and magnetism
1008288. Black hole gravitohydromagnetics
1008289. Frobenius categories versus Brauer blocks: the Grothendieck group of the Frobenius category of a Brauer block
1008290. Anger work: how to express your anger and still be kind
1008291. The theory and technique of electronic music
1008292. Lindenmayer systems, fractals, and plants
1008293. Lindenmayer systems, fractals, and plants
1008294. Programming in Scala
1008295. Professional multicore programming: design and implementation for C++ developers
1008296. Proceedings of the 19th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms (SIAM, 2008)(ISBN 9780898716474)(600dpi)(T)(1295s) CsAl
1008297. International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Ipdps 2003: Proceedings : April 22-26, 2003, Nice, France
1008298. Lie groups and compact groups
1008299. California algebra readiness: concepts, skills, and problem solving
1008300. Programming and customizing the PIC microcontroller
1008301. PICmicro microcontroller pocket reference
1008302. Termodinámica molecular de los equilibrios de fases
1008303. Termodinámica molecular de los equilibrios de fases
1008304. Stochastic equations in infinite dimensions
1008305. Polynomials
1008306. Introduction to C++ programming and graphics
1008307. Fluid dynamics: theory, computation, and numerical simulation
1008308. Handbook of Knots (Справочник по узлам)
1008309. HTML: the complete reference
1008310. Teilchen und Kerne: Eine Einführung in die physikalischen Konzepte
1008311. Orders: Description and Roles
1008312. Orders: Description and Roles in Set Theory, Lattices, Ordered Groups, Topology, Theory of Models and Relations, Combinatorics, Effectiveness, Social Sciences ... Conference Proceedings
1008313. Schaum's outline of fluid mechanics
1008314. Bertrand Russell's ethics
1008315. Bertrand Russell's ethics
1008316. The fabulous Fibonacci numbers
1008317. Pi: A Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number
1008318. Problem-solving strategies for efficient and elegant solutions: a resource for the mathematics teacher
1008319. The art of problem solving: a resource for the mathematics teacher
1008320. Brownian motion and classical potential theory
1008321. Switzerland
1008322. When nationalism began to hate: imagining modern politics in nineteenth century Poland
1008323. Lasertechnik für die Fertigung Grundlagen, Perspektiven und Beispiele für den innovativen Ingenieur
1008324. Asset pricing in discrete time: a complete markets approach
1008325. Arithmetic of higher-dimensional algebraic varieties
1008326. Complete Works of Charles-François Sturm
1008327. Modal logic and process algebra: a bisimulation perspective
1008328. Toward Category-Level Object Recognition
1008329. Методы и алгоритмы компьютерной графики
1008330. The geometry of the group of symplectic diffeomorphism
1008331. Thinking about acting: logical foundations for rational decision making
1008332. Polish and Austrian Mathematical Olympiads, 1981-1995: selected problems with multiple solutions
1008333. Focus On 3D Terrain Programming (Game Development)
1008334. Focus On 3D Terrain Programming (Game Development)
1008335. Das Assembler-Buch: Grundlagen, Einführung und Hochsprachenoptimierung
1008336. Fractional Differential Equations: An Introduction to Fractional Derivatives, Fractional Differential Equations, to Methods of Their Solution and Some of Their Applications
1008337. Wetter, Klima, Klimawandel Wissen für eine Welt im Umbruch
1008338. Silicon VLSI technology: fundamentals, practice, and modeling
1008339. Programming on purpose: essays on software design
1008340. Programming on purpose III: essays on software technology
1008341. Why software sucks-- and what you can do about it
1008342. Numerische Mathematik kompakt (3ed., Vieweg, 2006)(ISBN 3834802778)(de)
1008343. Plastic packaging: interactions with food and pharmaceuticals
1008344. Plastic packaging: interactions with food and pharmaceuticals
1008345. Plane and solid geometry
1008346. A survey of physical theory
1008347. The worst-case scenario book of survival questions
1008348. The worst-case scenario survival handbook
1008349. Algebraic foundations of non-commutative differential geometry and quantum groups
1008350. Bose-Einstein condensation
1008351. Lila: an inquiry into morals
1008352. Extraordinary animals: an encyclopedia of curious and unusual animals
1008353. Free will: a very short introduction
1008354. Words and rules: the ingredients of language
1008355. The stuff of thought: language as a window into human nature
1008356. Near-Rings: The Theory and its Applications
1008357. Algebraic renormalization: perturbative renormalization, symmetries and anomalies
1008358. Petit point: a candid portrait on the aberrations of science
1008359. Perl developer's dictionary
1008360. Lectures on Homotopy Theory
1008361. Affective computing
1008362. Photovoltaik Solarstrahlung und Halbleitereigenschaften, Solarzellenkonzepte und Aufgaben
1008363. Phonétique progressive du français: niveau débutant: avec 400 exercices
1008364. Advanced solid state physics
1008365. Game programming tricks of the trade
1008366. Advanced numerical models for simulating tsunami waves and runup
1008367. Handbook of reliability engineering
1008368. Géométrie et calcul différentiel sur les variétés : Cours, études et exercices pour la maîtrise de mathématiques
1008369. Géométrie et calcul différentiel sur les variétés : Cours, études et exercices pour la maîtrise de mathématiques
1008370. Mechanical System Dynamics
1008371. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - Das Handbuch
1008372. Linux networking clearly explained
1008373. Rational points on algebraic varieties
1008374. Lectures on partial differential equations
1008375. Relativity and the nature of spacetime
1008376. The Cambridge guide to English usage
1008377. Ergodic theory
1008378. Peter Gelling Fraser Brown - Funk & R&B Keyboard Method
1008379. Computer simulation of materials at atomic level
1008380. Brownian movement and molecular reality
1008381. Géométrie algébrique. Une introduction
1008382. Codes and automata
1008383. Mathematical and statistical methods in insurance and finance
1008384. Flight from fallibility: how theory triumphed over experience in the West
1008385. Quantum optics and fundamentals of physics
1008386. Algebra Can Be Fun
1008387. Funktionale Programmierung Sprachdesign und Programmiertechnik; mit 18 Tabellen
1008388. Techniques of differential topology in relativity
1008389. Quantum concepts in space and time
1008390. Advances in verification of time petri nets and timed automata: a temporal logic approach
1008391. Distributed computing: a locality-sensitive approach
1008392. Acoustic and midi orchestration for the contemporary composer
1008393. Objectivism: the philosophy of Ayn Rand
1008394. Surprises in theoretical physics
1008395. Surprises in theoretical physics
1008396. More surprises in theoretical physics
1008397. More surprises in theoretical physics
1008398. Bird of passage: recollections of a physicist
1008399. Bird of passage: recollections of a physicist
1008400. Optik für Ingenieure Grundlagen; mit 28 Tabellen
1008401. Categorical foundations: special topics in order, topology, algebra, and Sheaf theory
1008402. Why men don't listen & women can't read maps
1008403. Mining imperfect data: dealing with contamination and incomplete records
1008404. Activating agents and protecting groups
1008405. Dimension theory of general spaces
1008406. Probabilistic reasoning in intelligent systems: networks of plausible inference
1008407. Blueprint for a sustainable economy
1008408. Developing Embedded Software using DaVinci and OMAP Technology (MC, 2009)(ISBN 1598299786)(O)(159s)
1008409. Sovetsko-germanskie dogovory 1939-1941 godov: tragedii︠a︡ taĭnykh sdelok
1008410. Советско-германские договоры 1939-1941 годов
1008411. Scientific Data Ranking Methods: Theory and Applications
1008412. ML for the working programmer
1008413. Irreligion: a mathematician explains why the arguments for God just don't add up
1008414. Commutative ring theory: proceedings of the II international conference
1008415. Elementary training for musicians
1008416. An introduction to the theory of the Riemann zeta-function
1008417. Computer organization and design: the hardware/software interface
1008418. Prisoners of our thoughts: Viktor Frankl's principles for discovering meaning in life and work
1008419. Electrical power systems technology
1008420. Strength of materials: a unified theory
1008421. Advances in the evolutionary synthesis of intelligent agents
1008422. Statistical mechanics of complex networks
1008423. Infinite crossed products
1008424. Model Checking Software: 16th International SPIN Workshop, Grenoble, France, June 26-28, 2009. Proceedings
1008425. Alexander Graham Bell: making connections
1008426. Stochastic processes
1008427. The tai chi manual: a step-by-step guide to the short yang form
1008428. Harmony: a psychoacoustical approach
1008429. Advances in Information Security and Its Application.. Third International Conference, ISA 2009, Seoul, Korea, June 25-27, 2009
1008430. Economics
1008431. Dealing with depression: a commonsense guide to mood disorders
1008432. Dealing with depression: a commonsense guide to mood disorders
1008433. Charlie Parker omnibook: for C instruments (treble clef)
1008434. Introduction to the quantum theory
1008435. Prescriptions for the mind: a critical view of contemporary psychiatry
1008436. Logic Colloquium: symposium on logic held at Boston, 1972-73
1008437. C Programming for Microcontrollers
1008438. La science des nombres
1008439. Mathematik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler Bd. 3. Vektoranalysis, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung, mathematische Statistik, Fehler- und Ausgleichsrechnung
1008440. 100 years Werner Heisenberg: works and impact
1008441. 100 years Werner Heisenberg: works and impact
1008442. Theory of electromagnetic wave propagation
1008443. Existentialism for dummies
1008444. Classical electricity and magnetism
1008445. SchenkerGUIDE: a brief handbook and website for Schenkerian analysis
1008446. Logistic regression: a primer
1008447. Piano: an encyclopedia
1008448. Adult all-in-one course: lesson, theory, technic
1008449. Studies in Integer Programming
1008450. Physical methods for materials characterisation
1008451. Analyse statistique des données expérimentales
1008452. Physics of star formation in galaxies
1008453. Geometric dynamics: proceedings of the international symposium, held at the Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, July-August 1981
1008454. Climate change, justice and future generations
1008455. Practical Introduction to Computer Architecture
1008456. Inequalities for Differential and Integral Equations
1008457. Your Cubase studio
1008458. MIDI editing in Cubase: skill pack
1008459. Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry: proceedings of the Ferrara meeting in honor of Mario Fiorentini
1008460. Matroid theory
1008461. Composers at work the craft of musical composition 1450-1600
1008462. The new superconductors
1008463. The organ music of Johannes Brahms
1008464. Russia's war
1008465. Numerical computing with IEEE floating point arithmetic: including one theorem, one rule of thumb, and one hundred and one exercises
1008466. C elements of style: the programmers style manual for Elegant C and C++ programs
1008467. Applied mathematical models in human physiology
1008468. Solution of Equations in Euclidean and Banach Spaces
1008469. TCP/IP primer plus
1008470. Introduction To Infinite Series (1897)
1008471. Vector bundles
1008472. The theory of Eisenstein systems
1008473. Solution of partial differential equations on vector and parallel computers
1008474. Iterative solution of nonlinear equations in several variables
1008475. Numerical analysis: a second course
1008476. Quantum optics: including noise reduction, trapped ions, quantum trajectories, and decoherence
1008477. Bullying prevention: creating a positive school climate and developing social competence
1008478. How to Do Everything: Ubuntu
1008479. Approaches to quantum gravity: toward a new understanding of space, time and matter
1008480. Switzerland
1008481. Beautiful security
1008482. Цифровая обработка сигналов
1008483. OpenOffice.org 2.2 - Die Office-Alternative(de)(ISBN 3827242576)(666s)
1008484. OpenOffice.org 2.2 die Office-Alternative; [CD, Office komplett: OpenOffice 2.2]
1008485. On the moduli space of cyclic trigonal Riemann surfaces of genus 4
1008486. Logic, language, information and computation 16th international workshop; proceedings WoLLIC <16. 2009. Tokyo>
1008487. More is different: fifty years of condensed matter physics
1008488. Crystalline cohomology of algebraic stacks and Hyodo-Kato cohomology
1008489. Fast algorithms for structured matrices: theory and applications: AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Fast Algorithms in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering, August 5-Author: Vadim Olshevsky
1008490. Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
1008491. Webdesign mit JavaScript & Ajax
1008492. Intermediate Dynamics for Engineers: A Unified Treatment of Newton-Euler and Lagrangian Mechanics
1008493. Intermediate dynamics for engineers: a unified treatment of Newton-Euler and Lagrangian mechanics
1008494. Observers for Linear Systems
1008495. Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices
1008496. Web 2.0: principles and best practices
1008497. Theorems of Leray-Schauder type and applications
1008498. Geometric Mechanics
1008499. Quasiconformal mappings in the plane
1008500. Quasiconformal mappings in the plane
1008501. Scientific computing with case studies
1008502. Scientific computing with case studies
1008503. Old Icelandic: an introductory course
1008504. Boundary layer climates
1008505. Symplectic Geometry & Mirror Symmetry
1008506. Symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry: proceedings of the 4th KIAS Annual International Conference, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, South Korea, 14-18 August 2000
1008507. Symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry: proceedings of the 4th KIAS Annual International Conference, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, South Korea, 14-18 August 2000
1008508. Quantum invariants: a study of knots, 3-manifolds, and their sets
1008509. Unitary representations of the Poincaré group and relativistic wave equations
1008510. Structural acoustics and vibration: mechanical models, variational formulations and discretization
1008511. Gravitation and spacetime
1008512. Physics for Engineers and Scientists, vol.1, part 1b (3ed., Norton, 2007)(ISBN 0393112071)-o
1008513. Physics for engineers and scientists
1008514. Classical electrodynamics
1008515. Classical electrodynamics
1008516. Applied adaptive statistical methods: tests of significance and confidence intervals
1008517. Tomorrow's math; unsolved problems for the amateur
1008518. Using Russian: a guide to contemporary usage
1008519. Prandtl's essentials of fluid mechanics
1008520. Colloidal Magnetic Fluids: Basics, Development and Application of Ferrofluids
1008521. Living happily ever after: putting reality into your romance
1008522. Geometric methods for quantum field theory: proceedings of the summer school
1008523. Philip's atlas of world history (concise edition)
1008524. Korn shell programming by example
1008525. Vision systems applications
1008526. Vision systems applications
1008527. Solution of Continuous Nonlinear PDEs Through Order Completion
1008528. Selected Papers of Kentaro Yano
1008529. Schnelleinstieg in die Windows PowerShell
1008530. How to develop a perfect memory
1008531. The Gribov theory of quark confinement
1008532. Nuclear weapons: a very short introduction
1008533. The theory of quantum liquids
1008534. Computational techniques for differential equations
1008535. Numerical Modelling: Applications to Marine Systems
1008536. Новый русский лексикон: Русско-английский словарь с пояснениями
1008537. Stupeur et tremblements: roman
1008538. Holomorphic Functions, Domains of Holomorphy and Local Properties
1008539. Paradigms of artificial intelligence programming: case studies in Common Lisp
1008540. An introduction to homological algebra
1008541. eZ Components das Entwickler-Handbuch; [PHP-Anwendungen mit eZ Components entwickeln; Installation, Grundlagen, Praxiseinsatz; Datenbankabstraktion, ORM, Fehlerbehandlung; Feeds, Datenvisua
1008542. eZ Components das Entwickler-Handbuch; [PHP-Anwendungen mit eZ Components entwickeln; Installation, Grundlagen, Praxiseinsatz; Datenbankabstraktion, ORM, Fehlerbehandlung; Feeds, DatenvisuaAuthor: Tobias Schlitt; Kore Nordmann
1008543. The efficient use of energy resources
1008544. Fundamental Counterpoint
1008545. Foundation Studies in Fugue
1008546. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 6
1008547. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 5/1: Quantenmechanik - Grundlagen
1008548. Computer-aided analysis of mechanical systems
1008549. Computer-aided analysis of mechanical systems
1008550. Iterated function systems for real-time image synthesis
1008551. Laser-tissue interactions: fundamentals and applications
1008552. A concise and practical introduction to programming algorithms in Java
1008553. Artificial Immune Systems: Third International Conference, ICARIS 2004, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 13-16, 2004. Proceedings
1008554. Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV: Selected Papers from RANLP 2005
1008555. Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing III: Selected Papers from RANLP 2003
1008556. Foundations of complex systems: nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, information and prediction
1008557. Aspects of rationality: reflections on what it means to be rational and whether we are
1008558. Location theory: a unified approach
1008559. Analyse numérique et équations aux dérivées partielles: cours et problèmes résolus
1008560. The new real book: jazz classics, choice standards, pop-fusion classics: for all instrumentalists and vocalists
1008561. New Larousse encyclopedia of mythology
1008562. Solitons in mathematics and physics
1008563. LINUX assembly language programming
1008564. Machine perception
1008565. Orthogonal polynomials
1008566. Topology '90
1008567. Inside Commodore DOS
1008568. The encyclopedia of integer sequences
1008569. Applied linear regression models
1008570. Copyright's paradox
1008571. Aleksandr Nevskiĭ: kto pobedil v Ledovom poboishche
1008572. The Model theory of groups
1008573. Linux administration handbook
1008574. Recurrent events data analysis for product repairs, disease recurrences, and other applications
1008575. The analysis of means: a graphical method for comparing means, rates and proportions
1008576. Biological physics: energy, information, life
1008577. Stop clutter from stealing your life: discover why you clutter and how you can stop
1008578. Conformal mapping
1008579. Learning Bayesian networks
1008580. Wave propagation in layered anisotropic media: with applications to composites
1008581. Introduction to perturbation techniques
1008582. Software engineering: effective teaching and learning approaches and practices
1008583. Natural genius. The gifts of Asperger's Syndrome ISBN 1843107848-o
1008584. Mathematical methods in image reconstruction
1008585. Mathematical methods in image reconstruction
1008586. The mathematics of computerized tomography
1008587. Submodular Functions and Electrical Networks
1008588. Analysis on real and complex manifolds
1008589. Sequential Approximate Multiobjective Optimization Using Computational Intelligence
1008590. Quantum chaos and quantum dots
1008591. Nonadiabatic transition: concepts, basic theories and applications
1008592. Theory of group representations
1008593. EXCEL + VBA für Maschinenbauer: Programmieren erlernen und Problemstellungen lösen
1008594. Oliver Heaviside: the life, work, and times of an electrical genius of the Victorian age
1008595. High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '08: Transactions of the High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS) 2008
1008596. What does it all mean?: a very short introduction to philosophy
1008597. Algebraic cycles and motives
1008598. Autism spectrum disorders: a handbook for parents and professionals
1008599. Making sense of data II: a practical guide to data visualization, advanced data mining methods, and applications
1008600. Group-based cryptography
1008601. Mathematics in engineering and science
1008602. Foundation mathematics
1008603. The complete idiot's guide to string theory
1008604. Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften
1008605. Music composition for dummies
1008606. Network programming
1008607. Linear complementarity, linear and nonlinear programming
1008608. Control in an information rich world: report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems
1008609. Ordinary differential equations and their solutions (Van Nostrand, 1960)(ISBN 0442055978)
1008610. Discrete convex analysis
1008611. Fundamental fluid mechanics for the practicing engineer
1008612. Perturbations: theory and methods
1008613. Doing psychiatry wrong: a critical and prescriptive look at a faltering profession
1008614. Electronic materials: the oligomer approach
1008615. Real and functional analysis
1008616. Aspects of multivariate statistical theory
1008617. Interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed adolescents
1008618. Mining Amazon Web Services: building applications with the Amazon API
1008619. Logic Symposia, Hakone, 1979, 1980 proceedings of conferences held in Hakone, Japan, March 21-24, 1979 and February 4-7, 1980
1008620. ISILC Logic Conference: proceedings of the International Summer Institute and Logic Colloquium, Kiel, 1974
1008621. Trigonometry: with calculator-based solutions
1008622. Maverick mathematician: the life and science of J.E. Moyal
1008623. Asymptotic models of fields in dilute and densely packed composites
1008624. Sentences Undecidable in Formalized Arithmetic
1008625. Casl Reference Manual: The Complete Documentation of the Common Algebraic Specification Language
1008626. Optimal, predictive, and adaptive control
1008627. AVR: an introductory course
1008628. Teaching with emotional intelligence: a step-by-step guide for higher and further education professionals
1008629. Analysis and stochastics of growth processes and interface models
1008630. Inside Criminal Networks
1008631. Complex manifolds
1008632. Functional analysis: an introduction to Banach space theory
1008633. The people's artist: Prokofiev's Soviet years
1008634. An elementary primer for gauge theory
1008635. The origin of life
1008636. Latin: An Intensive Course
1008637. Optimization software guide
1008638. The New American Roget's college thesaurus in dictionary form
1008639. Fuzzy automata and languages: theory and applications
1008640. Notes on time decay and scattering for some hyperbolic problems
1008641. Classical and advanced theories of thin structures: mechanical and mathematical aspects
1008642. The mathematical theory of knots and braids: an introduction
1008643. Statistical mechanics: an intermediate course
1008644. Survival for a small planet: the sustainable development agenda
1008645. Compiler construction: 18th international conference, CC 2009, held as part of the Joint European Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2009, York, UK, March 22-29, 2009: procAuthor: Oege de Moor; Michael I Schwartzbach''
1008646. Methods and applications of interval analysis
1008647. Lectures on Seiberg-Witten Invariants
1008648. Chaotic vibrations: an introduction for applied scientists and engineers
1008649. Practical ephemeris calculations
1008650. Astronomie mit dem Personal-Computer: mit einer CD-ROM
1008651. Grundlagen der Ephemeridenrechnung (Astro Praxis)
1008652. Stalin: the court of the Red Tsar
1008653. Handbook of Boolean algebras, Volume 1
1008654. The sense of music: semiotic essays
1008655. The musical topic: hunt, military and pastoral
1008656. Modern mathematics in the light of the Fields medals
1008657. Gravitational lensing and microlensing
1008658. Numerical computing with MATLAB
1008659. Innovative cryptography
1008660. The doctrine of chances; or, A method of calculating the probabilities of events in play
1008661. Geometric Topology in Dimensions 2 and 3
1008662. Stratosphere troposphere interactions: an introduction
1008663. Numerical methods for image registration
1008664. Modern Fourier analysis
1008665. Euclid's window: the story of geometry from parallel lines to hyperspace
1008666. Solitons: differential equations, symmetries, and infinite dimensional algebras
1008667. Probability and computing: an introduction to randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis
1008668. The art of deception: controlling the human element of security
1008669. The art of deception: controlling the human element of security
1008670. Machine learning
1008671. Foundations for programming languages
1008672. Proper group actions and the Baum-Connes conjecture
1008673. Surviving with wolves: the most extraordinary story of World War II
1008674. An introduction to linear algebra
1008675. Applied computational economics and finance
1008676. Computer sound design: synthesis techniques and programming
1008677. Composing music with computers
1008678. Bioinspired Applications in Artificial and Natural Computation (Springer, 2009)(ISBN 3642022669)(O)(550s)
1008679. The society of mind
1008680. Topology of Foliations: An Introduction
1008681. Recent Topics in Nonlinear PDE IV
1008682. Thermodynamics, combustion and engines
1008683. The quantum vacuum: an introduction to quantum electrodynamics
1008684. Commentary on Standard ML
1008685. Communicating and mobile systems: the [symbol for pi]-calculus
1008686. Elliptic curves
1008687. The Rubato Composer music software: component-based implementation of a functorial concept architecture
1008688. Practical formal software engineering: wanting the software you get
1008689. Analysis of messy data
1008690. Algorithms sequential and parallel: a unified approach
1008691. The complete idiot's guide to music theory
1008692. Geometric combinatorics
1008693. Encyclopedia of Russian history
1008694. Algebraic and geometric topology
1008695. Non-Life Insurance Mathematics: An Introduction with the Poisson Process
1008696. Achieving a sustainable global energy system: identifying possibilities using long-term energy scenarios
1008697. Logic and specification: extending VDM-SL for advanced formal specification
1008698. Single quantum dots: fundamentals, applications, and new concepts
1008699. Matrix and tensor calculus: with applications to mechanics, elasticity, and aeronautics
1008700. Elementary Standard ML
1008701. Particles, bubbles & drops: their motion, heat and mass transfer
1008702. Quick recipes on Symbian OS: mastering C++ smartphone development
1008703. Mathematical aspects of geometric modeling
1008704. Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies: Advanced Lectures
1008705. Encyclopedia of complexity and systems science
1008706. Elements of nuclear physics
1008707. Elements of nuclear physics
1008708. Introduction to Hamiltonian dynamical systems and the N-body problem
1008709. Matrix analysis and applied linear algebra
1008710. The Lanczos and conjugate gradient algorithms: from theory to finite precision computations
1008711. The Lanczos and conjugate gradient algorithms: from theory to finite precision computations
1008712. Risk and asset allocation
1008713. Pat Metheny song book: the complete collection, 167 compositions
1008714. Maximum MIDI: advanced music applications in C++
1008715. Continuous-time finance
1008716. It's about time: understanding Einstein's relativity
1008717. Engineering Mechanics Volume 1, Statics
1008718. Analytical and canonical formalism in physics
1008719. Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Eigenvalue Problems
1008720. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Boolean algebra and switching circuits
1008721. The complete idiot's guide to playing the harmonica
1008722. Hearing Bach's Passions
1008723. Group theory: the application to quantum mechanics
1008724. Random matrices
1008725. Astronomical formulae for calculators
1008726. Fundamentals of acoustical oceanography
1008727. The 10 big lies about America: combating destructive distortions about our nation
1008728. Scenes from the history of real functions
1008729. The survival handbook
1008730. Outdoor survival handbook
1008731. Ultimate guide to wilderness living
1008732. Numerical methods for roots of polynomials 1
1008733. Organic chemistry
1008734. Emotion rituals: a resource for therapists and clients
1008735. Forensic linguistics: advances in forensic stylistics
1008736. Schaum's outline of engineering mechanics
1008737. Unshrink: yourself: other people: business: the world
1008738. Trigonometry
1008739. Trigonometry
1008740. The professional programmers guide to C
1008741. PHP.A.BEGINNERS.GUIDE.Oct.2008.ISBN 0071549013-o
1008742. Understanding dance
1008743. Introduction to symplectic topology
1008744. How to be a complete and utter failure in life, business and everything: 39 1/2 steps to lasting under achievement
1008745. Automated Deduction in Equational Logic and Cubic Curves
1008746. Geometry and topology: manifolds, varieties, and knots
1008747. Analytical geometry of three dimensions
1008748. Personality in adulthood: a five-factor theory perspective
1008749. The theory of rings
1008750. The two-dimensional Ising model
1008751. Multilevel projection methods for partial differential equations
1008752. Multilevel adaptive methods for partial differential equations
1008753. Multigrid methods
1008754. Renormalization methods: a guide for beginners
1008755. Obtaining Generating Functions
1008756. The Oxford companion to the English language
1008757. Flow, Gesture, and Spaces in Free Jazz.. Towards a Theory of Collaboration (Springer, 2009)(ISBN 354092194X)(O)(140s)
1008758. EU digital copyright law and the end-user
1008759. Brownian motion: fluctuations, dynamics, and applications
1008760. Charge and energy transfer dynamics in molecular systems
1008761. The wisdom in feeling: psychological processes in emotional intelligence
1008762. Nonlinear diffusion of electromagnetic fields: with applications to eddy currents and superconductivity
1008763. Stochastic models, estimation and control. Volume 3
1008764. The price is wrong: understanding what makes a price seem fair and the true cost of unfair pricing
1008765. Elements of mathematics for economics and finance
1008766. Professional Linux kernel architecture
1008767. The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods
1008768. Ordinary differential equations in theory and practice
1008769. Partial differential equations: modeling, analysis, computation
1008770. The quantum theory of atoms in molecules: from solid state to DNA and drug design
1008771. Aspects of low dimensional manifolds
1008772. Mathematics for New Speakers of English (Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc, 2005)(ISBN 1562546465)
1008773. Mathematics as problem solving
1008774. Mathematical aspects of string theory
1008775. Quadratic forms in random variables: theory and applications
1008776. Quadratic forms in random variables: theory and applications
1008777. Deep-sky video astronomy
1008778. Multivariate statistical process control with industrial applications
1008779. The pirate's dilemma: how youth culture reinvented capitalism
1008780. Thinking mathematically
1008781. The truth about burnout: how organizations cause personal stress and what to do about it
1008782. The truth about burnout: how organizations cause personal stress and what to do about it
1008783. Handbook of closeness and intimacy
1008784. L'explosion des mathématiques
1008785. The author's toolkit: a step-by-step guide to writing and publishing your book
1008786. Faith in nation: exclusionary origins of nationalism
1008787. Qualitative methods in nonlinear dynamics: novel approaches to Liapunov's matrix functions
1008788. Problems and Solutions for Students
1008789. Grammars and automata for string processing: from mathematics and computer science to biology, and back
1008790. Many-body problems and quantum field theory: an introduction
1008791. Electronic structure: basic theory and practical methods
1008792. Intuitionistic type theory
1008793. Nuclear and particle physics
1008794. Nuclear and particle physics: [an introduction]
1008795. Room-temperature superconductivity (ISBN 1904602274X)(2004)(327s)
1008796. Applied partial differential equations: a visual approach
1008797. Awareness systems: advances in theory, methodology and design
1008798. Inorganic polymers
1008799. Lutheranism, anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion: with an annotated literal translation of the libretto
1008800. Correlation and dependence
1008801. Science in the Third Reich
1008802. Differential Topology
1008803. Quaternionic structures in mathematics and physics: proceedings of the second meeting: Rome, Italy, 6-10 September 1999
1008804. Partial differential equations and applications: collected papers in honor of Carlo Pucci
1008805. Computational Acoustics of Noise Propagation in Fluids - Finite and Boundary Element Methods
1008806. Maple 12 introductory programming guide (ISBN 1897310465)(398s)
1008807. Maple 12 advanced programming guide (ISBN 1897310472)(452s)
1008808. e: the story of a number
1008809. Representations of solvable groups
1008810. Dictionary of gems and gemology
1008811. How to play the harmonica, diatonic or chromatic
1008812. Piano chord dictionary
1008813. Electronic and computer music
1008814. Lectures on the logic of computer programming
1008815. Brief principles of macroeconomics
1008816. Principles of economics
1008817. Differential geometry in array processing
1008818. Connections in classical and quantum field theory
1008819. Connections in classical and quantum field theory
1008820. Connections in classical and quantum field theory
1008821. Connections in classical and quantum field theory
1008822. Nonlinear programming
1008823. Four arguments for the elimination of television
1008824. Crystallization of polymers. Volume 1, Equilibrium concepts
1008825. Handbook of fingerprint recognition
1008826. Soliton management in periodic systems
1008827. The linguistics encyclopedia
1008828. Stochastic calculus of variations in mathematical finance
1008829. A wavelet tour of signal processing the Sparse way
1008830. A wavelet tour of signal processing the Sparse way
1008831. Meteorologie und Klimatologie
1008832. Geometrical and Instrumental Optics
1008833. Making good shape
1008834. Non-linear structures: matrix methods of analysis and design by computers
1008835. D-modules coherents et holonomes
1008836. Plasmonics: fundamentals and applications
1008837. Many-particle physics
1008838. Many-particle physics
1008839. France, 1800-1914: a social history
1008840. France, 1800-1914: a social history
1008841. Visual C++ optimization with assembly code
1008842. The 1960s
1008843. Handbook of emotion, adult development, and aging
1008844. Polyrhythms: the musician's guide
1008845. Stochastic processes: selected papers of Hiroshi Tanaka
1008846. The classifying spaces for surgery and cobordism of manifolds
1008847. A transition to abstract mathematics: mathematical thinking and writing
1008848. The elimination of morality: reflections on utilitarianism and bioethics
1008849. The Arithmetic of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
1008850. The Arithmetic of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
1008851. New Trends on Human–Computer Interaction: Research, Development, New Tools and Methods
1008852. The comedies of Machiavelli
1008853. Dictionary of Mathematics
1008854. Computer solution of large linear systems
1008855. Actuarial theory for dependent risks: measures, orders and models
1008856. The principles of Newtonian and quantum mechanics: the need for Planck's constant, h
1008857. The prince
1008858. Doing without concepts
1008859. Beginner's Arabic script
1008860. Practical industrial safety, risk assessment and shutdown systems for industry
1008861. Algebraic theory of differential equations
1008862. New algorithms, architectures and applications for reconfigurable computing
1008863. System control and rough paths
1008864. 50 activities for emotional intelligence
1008865. Applied atmospheric dynamics
1008866. EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany: Volume 1: Instrumentation and Methods
1008867. Feeling like crap: young people and the meaning of self-esteem
1008868. Physical Acoustics in the Solid State
1008869. Von Zahlen und Größen: dritthalbtausend Jahre Theorie und Praxis 2
1008870. Von Zahlen und Grössen: dritthalbtausend Jahre Theorie und Praxis
1008871. Sinc methods for quadrature and differential equations
1008872. Evolution equations and their applications in physical and life sciences: proceedings of the Bad Herrenalb (Karlsruhe), Germany, conference
1008873. Nuclear Physics
1008874. Effective practices for children with autism: educational and behavioral support interventions that work
1008875. Translation Planes
1008876. L²-invariants: theory and applications to geometry and K-theory
1008877. General relativity: a geometric approach
1008878. Thermodynamik: Die Grundgesetze der Energie- und Stoffumwandlungen
1008879. Subgroup Growth
1008880. Principles of psychoanalytic psychotherapy: a manual for supportive-expressive treatment
1008881. Optimization and Multiobjective Control of Time-Discrete Systems: Dynamic Networks and Multilayered Structures
1008882. Musimathics: the mathematical foundations of music
1008883. Pleasure and meaning in the classical symphony
1008884. Theoretical Mechanics, An Introductory Treatise On The Principles Of Dynamics: With Applications And Numerous Examples (1897)
1008885. An algorithmic theory of numbers, graphs, and convexity
1008886. Photonic crystals: towards nanoscale photonic devices
1008887. Introduction to phonons and electrons
1008888. Challenges for the 21st century: International Conference on Fundamental Sciences: Mathematics and Theoretical Physics: Singapore, 13-17 March 2000
1008889. Quantum statistical properties of radiation
1008890. Quantum statistical properties of radiation
1008891. C, C++
1008892. Mathematik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
1008893. TCP/IP clearly explained
1008894. Antenna handbook
1008895. Antenna handbook
1008896. Поиск и декодирование сложных дискретных сигналов
1008897. Magneto-fluid dynamics: fundamentals and case studies of natural phenomena
1008898. Electromagnetism: principles and applications
1008899. Electromagnetism: Principles and Applications: Solutions Manual
1008900. Spinning flight: dynamics of frisbees, boomerangs, samaras, and skipping stones
1008901. A derivational syntax for information structure
1008902. Wacky word problems: games and activities that make math easy and fun
1008903. Binding and scattering in two-dimensional systems: applications to quantum wires, waveguides, and photonic crystals
1008904. Low dimensional topology
1008905. The k p Method: Electronic Properties of Semiconductors
1008906. Introduction to complex analytic geometry
1008907. Despeckle filtering algorithms and software for ultrasound imaging
1008908. Peers, pirates, and persuasion: rhetoric in the peer-to-peer debates
1008909. An introduction to nonlinear partial differential equations
1008910. Lies my teacher told me: everything your American history textbook got wrong
1008911. Proceedings of the Summer School in Logic, Leeds, 1967 N.A.T.O. Advanced Study Institute, Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
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1008916. Recognition of whiteboard notes: online, offline and combination
1008917. The equation that couldn't be solved: how mathematical genius discovered the language of symmetry
1008918. Living together: a legal guide for unmarried couples
1008919. Axiomatic fuzzy set theory and its applications
1008920. Hyperbolic and viscous conservation laws
1008921. Stability of infinite dimensional stochastic differential equations with applications
1008922. Theory and practice of uncertain programming
1008923. Industrial mathematics: a course in solving real-world problems
1008924. Anatomical terms and their derivation
1008925. Exploring C++: The programmer's introduction to C++
1008926. Optik: mit 125 Aufgaben und vollständigen Lösungen
1008927. Комбинаторика для программистов
1008928. Probabilités: cours et problèmes
1008929. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of discrete mathematics
1008930. Funktionale und Applikative Programmierung: Grundlagen, Sprachen, Implementierungstechniken
1008931. Modern many-particle physics: atomic gases, quantum dots and quantum fluids
1008932. Graph algorithms and applications 5
1008933. Graph algorithms and applications 4
1008934. Graph algorithms and applications 3
1008935. Graph algorithms and applications 2
1008936. The immersed interface method: numerical solutions of PDEs involving interfaces and irregular domains
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1008942. Geometric linear algebra
1008943. Linux for dummies, 8th edition
1008944. Breakup of liquid sheets and jets
1008945. Error control coding: fundamentals and applications
1008946. Montague-Grammatik: die logischen Grundlagen
1008947. An introduction to the classification of amenable C*-algebras
1008948. Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences
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1008950. Nuclear physics: principles and applications
1008951. Programmieren mit R
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1008953. A guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 for scientists and engineers
1008954. A chromatic approach to jazz harmony and melody
1008955. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture II: The Second IFIP International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture ... in Information and Communication Technology)
1008956. Introduction to finite fields and their applications
1008957. Neuro-fuzzy control of industrial systems with actuator nonlinearities
1008958. The annotated Alice: Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass
1008959. Computational finance using C and C#
1008960. Modern acoustical techniques for the measurement of mechanical properties
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1008962. Multiprocessor scheduling. Theory and applications (I-Tech, 2007)(ISBN 9783902613028)(445s) CsAl -o
1008963. Spin dynamics: basics of nuclear magnetic resonance
1008964. Tristes tropiques
1008965. TinyOS programming
1008966. Markov chains and mixing times
1008967. The jazz theory book
1008968. Even you can learn statistics: a guide for everyone who has ever been afraid of statistics
1008969. Chaos in dissipativen Systemen
1008970. Chaos in dissipativen Systemen
1008971. Traditional Chinese medicine: the human dimension
1008972. Leçons sur l’intégration et la recherche des fonctions primitives
1008973. Computational methods for astrophysical fluid flow
1008974. Let us C
1008975. Letters of credit: a view of type design
1008976. Astrophysical lasers
1008977. Climate change: observed impacts on planet Earth
1008978. Bach's works for solo violin: style, structure, performance
1008979. Friday's footprint: how society shapes the human mind
1008980. Turbulence in fluids
1008981. Turbulence in fluids
1008982. Large-eddy simulations of turbulence
1008983. Mathematical problems of control theory: an introduction
1008984. Boys adrift: the five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men
1008985. Google Apps Hacks
1008986. Ultrasound and elastic waves: frequently asked questions
1008987. Les Ondelettes en 1989: Séminaire d'Analyse Harmonique, Univ. de Paris-Sud, Orsay
1008988. Les nombres remarquables
1008989. Геральдика
1008990. Лекции лауреатов премии Тюринга 1966-1985
1008991. Vorlesungen über die im umgekehrten Verhältniss des Quadrats der Entfernung wirkenden Kräfte
1008992. Software and patents in Europe
1008993. The calculus, with analytic geometry
1008994. Vibration of shells
1008995. Lehre und Forschung an der ETH Zürich: eine Festschrift zum 150-Jahr-Jubiläum
1008996. Psychology for musicians: understanding and acquiring the skills
1008997. Wave propagation in infinite domains: with applications to structure interaction
1008998. Le français de la communication professionnelle
1008999. The spectra and dynamics of diatomic molecules
1009000. Programming Languages: An Active Learning Approach
1009001. Bayesian nonparametrics via neural networks
1009002. Just enough C/C++ programming
1009003. GIMP für digitale Fotografie, Webdesign und kreative Bildbearbeitung
1009004. GIMP für digitale Fotografie, Webdesign und kreative Bildbearbeitung
1009005. Thermal field theory
1009006. The calculus of variations and functional analysis: with optimal control and applications in mechanics
1009007. The Kurzweil-Henstock integral and its differentials: a unified theory of integration on R and R (superscript n)
1009008. Meditationstechniken für Manager
1009009. Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws and the methematical theory of shock waves
1009010. Functional analysis
1009011. Disease mapping with WinBUGS and MLwiN
1009012. Fundamentals of acoustics
1009013. Inductive logic programming: techniques and applications
1009014. Parallel processing for artificial intelligence 3
1009015. Thiele, pioneer in statistics
1009016. The SIAM 100-digit challenge: a study in high-accuracy numerical computing
1009017. Grundkurs Topologie
1009018. Théorie des fonctions holomorphes de plusieurs variables
1009019. Hasard, nombres aleatoires et methode Monte Carlo
1009020. Grundbegriffe der Mathematik, algebraische Strukturen 1, lineare Algebra und analytische Geometrie, numerische Algebra
1009021. Matrix analysis for scientists and engineers
1009022. Architecting software intensive systems: a practitioner's guide
1009023. Introduction to matrix analytic methods in stochastic modeling
1009024. Think Unix
1009025. Go and Go-Moku: The Oriental Board Games
1009026. Multiplicative inequalities of Carlson type and interpolation
1009027. College algebra: a graphing approach
1009028. History of shit
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1009032. Differential and Riemannian Manifolds
1009033. Sun, earth, and sky
1009034. Lectures on generating functions
1009035. Foundations of Modern Potential Theory (Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften in Einzeldarst Band 180))
1009036. A guide to Monte Carlo simulations in statistical physics
1009037. A guide to Monte Carlo simulations in statistical physics
1009038. Linear differential operators
1009039. Nonlinear physics for beginners: fractals, chaos, solitons, pattern formation, cellular automata, complex systems
1009040. Real-time embedded multithreading using ThreadX / Edward L. Lamie
1009041. Real-time embedded multithreading: using ThreadX and MIPS
1009042. WordPress kompakt: [das Erstellen und Pflegen eines eigenen Weblogs kann so einfach sein]
1009043. Introduction to nuclear engineering
1009044. The psychic Mafia
1009045. Women, fire, and dangerous things: what categories reveal about the mind
1009046. Formal Techniques, Modelling and Analysis of Timed and Fault-Tolerant Systems: Joint International Conferences on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systmes, FORMATS 2004, and Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault -Tolerant Systems, FTRTFT 2004, Grenoble, France, September 22-24, 2004. Proceedings
1009047. Proofs and refutations: the logic of mathematical discovery
1009048. Chance & choice: memorabilia
1009049. Visualization and processing of tensor fields: advances and perspectives
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1009054. Analyse fonctionnelle: exercices corrigés
1009055. An introduction to optical stellar interferometry
1009056. Sams teach yourself SVG in 24 hours
1009057. The physics of rubber elasticity / by L.R.G. Treloar
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1009059. LASL explosive property data
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1009061. Mathematical models of financial derivatives
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1009065. Fundamentals of Functional Analysis
1009066. Handbook of sleep disorders
1009067. Approximation of population processes
1009068. French vocabulary
1009069. Must know French: the 4,000 words that give you the power to communicate
1009070. French grammar drills
1009071. Ebene Geometrie: axiomatische Begründung der euklidischen und nichteuklidischen Geometrie
1009072. Aufbaukurs Mathematik
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1009075. Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation: engineering and biological material characterization
1009076. Classical and quantum nonlinear integrable systems: theory and applications
1009077. Numerische Methoden bei der Untersuchung von Rissen: Bruchmechanische Konzepte, FEM-Analyse, Simulation
1009078. Numerische Beanspruchungsanalyse von Rissen: Finite Elemente in der Bruchmechanik
1009079. Stochastic dynamics: modeling solute transport in porous media
1009080. Quaternions and rotation sequences: a primer with applications to orbits, aerospace, and virtual reality
1009081. Weighted inequalities of Hardy type
1009082. A functional pattern system for object-oriented design
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1009084. Dependency parsing
1009085. Modular Units
1009086. Introduction to Non-Linear Mechanics
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1009088. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of basic mathematics with applications to science and technology
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1009090. Handbook of magnetism and advanced magnetic materials
1009091. Spacetime: foundations of general relativity and differential geometry
1009092. Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling: Essays Dedicated to Hartmut Ehrig on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
1009093. Einführung in die diskrete Finanzmathematik
1009094. Initial-boundary value problems and the Navier-Stokes equations
1009095. Caustics, Catastrophes and Wave Fields
1009096. Grundlagen der Grenzschicht-Meteorologie: Einführung in die Physik der atmosphärischen Grenzschicht und in die Mikrometeorologie
1009097. Die Atmosphäre der Erde: eine Einführung in die Meteorologie
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1009099. Computational science and high performance computing: Russian-German Advanced Research Workshop, Novosibirsk, Russia, September 30 to October 2, 2003
1009100. A primer of real analytic functions
1009101. Explorations in harmonic analysis: with applications to complex function theory and the Heisenberg group
1009102. Complex variables: a physical approach with applications and MATLAB
1009103. A mathematician's survival guide: graduate school and early career development
1009104. The job hunting guide: transitioning from college to career
1009105. Nail the job interview!: 101 dynamite answers to interview questions
1009106. The elements of probability theory and some of its applications
1009107. Damage Mechanics
1009108. Mathematical recreations
1009109. Theory of Computation
1009110. The Scientific Correspondence of H. A. Lorentz: Volume I
1009111. Lineare Algebra
1009112. Behaving badly: aversive behaviors in interpersonal relationships
1009113. Behaving badly: aversive behaviors in interpersonal relationships
1009114. Logic for problem solving
1009115. Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems 15th international conference, TACAS 2009, held as part of the Joint European Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, EAuthor: Stefan Kowalewski; Anna Philippou
1009116. Data mining in finance: advances in relational and hybrid methods
1009117. Mathematical theory of reliability of time dependent systems with practical applications
1009118. Breakthroughs in Statistics: Volume 1: Foundations and Basic Theory
1009119. The client who changed me: stories of therapist personal transformation
1009120. Understanding society through popular music
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1009122. Advanced dynamic-system simulation: model-replication techniques and Monte Carlo simulation
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1009124. Petri Net. Theory and applications (I-Tech, 2008)(ISBN 9783902613127)(542s) CsAl -o
1009125. LATEX 1 Einführung
1009126. The spectral analysis of time series
1009127. Conquer that cube
1009128. The Lanczos method: evolution and application
1009129. The Lanczos method: evolution and application
1009130. Theoretical physics
1009131. Artificial Life Models in Software
1009132. Complex geometry: proceedings of the Osaka international conference
1009133. Encyclopedia of the Blues
1009134. Shafarevich maps and automorphic forms
1009135. Fourier analysis in convex geometry
1009136. Decision making and programming
1009137. 6 habits of highly effective bosses
1009138. C traps and pitfalls
1009139. Programming in Objective-C 2.0
1009140. Random curves: journeys of a mathematician
1009141. [lambda]-rings and the representation theory of the symmetric group
1009142. Selected papers on computer science
1009143. Mariages stables et leurs relations avec d'autres problèmes combinatoires: introduction à l'analyse mathématique des algorithmes
1009144. Quadratic and hermitian forms over rings
1009145. The procrastination workbook: your personalized program for breaking free from the patterns that hold you back
1009146. Advanced algebra
1009147. Stochastic equations through the eye of the physicist basic concepts, exact results and asymptotic approximations
1009148. Viability, Invariance and Applications
1009149. Meteorologie: Eine interdisziplinäre Einführung in die Physik der Atmosphäre
1009150. Numerical solution of SDE through computer experiments
1009151. Riemannian geometry
1009152. Grundkurs Software-Engineering mit UML
1009153. The illustrated maths dictionary
1009154. Стратегия предприятия
1009155. The shock doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism
1009156. Classical planar scattering by Coulombic potentials
1009157. Vorlesungen über die Entwicklung der Mathematik im 19. [neunzehnten] Jahrhundert: Ausg. in e. Bd
1009158. Multivalued fields in condensed matter, electromagnetism, and gravitation
1009159. Algorithm design
1009160. Algorithm design
1009161. Computer software engineering research
1009162. The subgroup structure of the finite classical groups
1009163. Topics in discrete mathematics: dedicated to Jarik Nešetřil on the occasion of his 60th birthday
1009164. Grundkurs Computergrafik mit Java
1009165. Problems in applied mathematics: selections from SIAM review
1009166. Manipulieren, aber richtig: Die acht Gesetze der Menschenbeeinflussung
1009167. Time and thermodynamics
1009168. Particles and the universe
1009169. Particles and the universe
1009170. Light and optics
1009171. Force and motion
1009172. Electricity and magnetism
1009173. Electricity and magnetism
1009174. Van der Waals and molecular sciences
1009175. Mathematics and the historian's craft: the Kenneth O. May lectures
1009176. A probability and statistics companion
1009177. Elementary Korean
1009178. Mathematics of genetic diversity
1009179. Differential equations: linear, nonlinear, ordinary, partial
1009180. An introduction to variational inequalities and their applications
1009181. Group theoretical methods and applications to molecules and crystals
1009182. Learn to Play Go: A Master's Guide to the Ultimate Game, Vol. 1
1009183. Learn to play go. Volume V, the palace of memory
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1009185. Asymptotic properties of solutions of nonautonomous ordinary differential equations
1009186. Non-equilibrium systems and irreversible processes: adventures in applied topology
1009187. Non-equilibrium systems and irreversible processes: adventures in applied topology
1009188. Response surface methodology and related topics
1009189. Memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev
1009190. Foundations of Probability and Physics
1009191. Vzaimodejstvujus̆c̆ie posledovatelṅye processy
1009192. Mathematical foundations of information theory
1009193. Handbook of high-temperature superconductor electronics
1009194. Strange functions in real analysis
1009195. An introduction to the theory of superfluidity
1009196. Probability, econometrics and truth: the methodology of econometrics
1009197. Probability, econometrics and truth: the methodology of econometrics
1009198. Symmetrization & applications
1009199. Symmetrization & applications
1009200. The elements of programming style
1009201. Enzyme Mathematics
1009202. Sex detox: recharge desire, revitalize intimacy, rejuvenate your love life
1009203. The light fantastic: a modern introduction to classical and quantum optics
1009204. Search engine optimization for dummies
1009205. HTML & XHTML: Das umfassende Handbuch
1009206. A history of the Soviet Union from the beginning to the end
1009207. Computational economics
1009208. Ubuntu on a dime: the path to low-cost computing
1009209. Don't spend a dime: the path to low-cost computing
1009210. Short-cut math
1009211. The Russian roots of Nazism: white émigrés and the making of National Socialism, 1917-1945
1009212. Magill's survey of world literature
1009213. The complete idiot's guide to calculus
1009214. Solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method
1009215. Iterative methods for optimization
1009216. Iterative methods for linear and nonlinear equations
1009217. Unix/Linux survival guide
1009218. Bioinformatics: Structure, Function and Applications
1009219. Classical descriptive set theory
1009220. Wavelets: algorithms & applications
1009221. Pitman's measure of closeness: a comparison of statistical estimators
1009222. Geometric topology. Part 2: 1993 Georgia International Topology Conference, August 2-13, 1993, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
1009223. Prescribing the curvature of a Riemannian manifold
1009224. Analytic inequalities
1009225. Heat transfer physics
1009226. Finding groups in data: an introduction to cluster analysis
1009227. Russian phrases for dummies
1009228. Temperley-Lieb recoupling theory and invariants of 3-manifolds
1009229. Knots and physics
1009230. Quantum topology
1009231. Towards mechanized mathematical assistants: 14th symposium, Calculemus 2007, 6th international conference, MKM 2007, Hagenberg, Austria, June 27-30, 2007: proceedings
1009232. The Cambridge history of Judaism
1009233. Introduction to the Special Theory of Relativity
1009234. Realistic rationalism
1009235. Boundary elements: theory and applications
1009236. Hacker disassembling uncovered
1009237. Техника оптимизации программ. Эффективное использование памяти
1009238. Topics in the theory of computation: selected papers of the International Conference on ’’Foundations of Computation Theory’’, FCT ’83, Borgholm, Sweden, August 21-27, 1983’
1009239. The Jacobson Radical of Group Algebras
1009240. Induced Modules Over Group Algebras
1009241. Algebra Gruppen - Ringe - Körper
1009242. Random graphs ’85: based on lectures presented at the 2nd International Seminar on Random Graphs and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, August 5-9, 1985
1009243. Next generation of data mining
1009244. Unification of finite element methods
1009245. Connections: the geometric bridge between art and science
1009246. Beyond measure: a guided tour through nature, myth, and number
1009247. Symposium on Probability Methods in Analysis lectures delivered at a symposium at Loutraki, Greece, 22.5-4.6. 1966
1009248. Modern EMC analysis techniques. Volume I, Time-domain computational schemes
1009249. The man who knew infinity: a life of the genius Ramanujan
1009250. Vistas of special functions
1009251. Effective computational methods for wave propagation
1009252. Dynamic optimization: the calculus of variations and optimal control in economics and management
1009253. Elementary fluid mechanics
1009254. Braid and Knot Theory in Dimension Four
1009255. Theory of generalized inverses over commutative rings
1009256. Theory of generalized inverses over commutative rings
1009257. Managing psychological factors in information systems work: an orientation to emotional intelligence
1009258. Managing psychological factors in information systems work: an orientation to emotional intelligence
1009259. Good cat!: a proven guide to successful litter box use and problem solving
1009260. Programming: the derivation of algorithms
1009261. Algorithms for compiler design
1009262. Material Science (New Age Pub., 2006)(ISBN 8122415288)(657s)
1009263. Fast reliable algorithms for matrices with structure
1009264. Psychophysics beyond sensation: laws and invariants of human cognition
1009265. Functional Analysis and its Applications
1009266. Distributed and parallel systems: in focus: desktop grid computing
1009267. Modern Actuarial Risk Theory: Using R
1009268. Modern actuarial risk theory
1009269. Lecture notes on empirical software engineering
1009270. Transport equations for semiconductors
1009271. Syntactic heads and word formation
1009272. Fundamental Concepts in Biophysics: Volume 1
1009273. Solving the Pell equation
1009274. Scratch programming for teens
1009275. AppleScript studio programming for the absolute beginner
1009276. Postmodern analysis
1009277. Mathematical theory of control: proceedings of the international conference
1009278. Classical dynamics: a contemporary approach
1009279. Stravinsky inside out
1009280. The Heat Kernel and Theta Inversion on SL2(C)
1009281. Posn(R) and Eisenstein Series
1009282. The physics of golf
1009283. Nonlinear ordinary differential equations: problems and solutions: a sourcebook for scientists and engineers
1009284. Complete piano rags
1009285. Flora Nordica
1009286. Evolutionary computation: a unified approach
1009287. GNU/Linux application programming
1009288. Partial evaluation and automatic program generation
1009289. Partial evaluation and automatic program generation
1009290. Financial modeling under non-gaussian distributions
1009291. Algorithms in Bioinformatics: 4th International Workshop, WABI 2004, Bergen, Norway, September 17-21, 2004. Proceedings
1009292. Why we feel: the science of human emotions
1009293. Foundations of diatonic theory: a mathematically based approach to music fundamentals
1009294. Continuous univariate distributions
1009295. Computer methods. Part A
1009296. Binomial models in finance
1009297. Attribute-value logic and the theory of grammar
1009298. Integer programming: facets, subadditivity, and duality for group and semi-group problems
1009299. How to do everything with your Palm handheld
1009300. Statistical design and analysis of experiments
1009301. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
1009302. A history of ancient philosophy: from the beginnings to Augustine
1009303. Least squares support vector machines
1009304. The Billy Joel keyboard book: authentic transcriptions
1009305. Pregnancy for dummies
1009306. Varieties of lattices
1009307. Fuzzy systems in bioinformatics and computational biology
1009308. Multi-objective machine learning
1009309. Finite element analysis of antennas and arrays
1009310. Network and Parallel Computing: IFIP International Conference, NPC 2004, Wuhan, China, October 18-20, 2004. Proceedings
1009311. Algebraic combinatorics and quantum groups
1009312. Stochastic network calculus
1009313. Mathematical modeling and methods of option pricing
1009314. Mathematical modeling and methods of option pricing
1009315. Nuclear principles in engineering
1009316. Programming for the absolute beginner
1009317. DarkBASIC programming for the absolute beginner
1009318. PASCAL user manual and report
1009319. Coloured Petri Nets: Modelling and Validation of Concurrent Systems
1009320. Bayesian networks and decision graphs
1009321. Teaching with the brain in mind
1009322. Axiom: the scientific computation system
1009323. Fundamentals of optics
1009324. The logic of decision
1009325. The axiom of choice
1009326. Two-dimensional wavelets and their relatives
1009327. Jazz: the basics
1009328. How to handle tough situations at work: a manager's guide to over 100 testing situations
1009329. Probability theory: the logic of science
1009330. Popper's Open society after fifty years: the continuing relevance of Karl Popper
1009331. Music composition for dummies
1009332. Forms that work: designing Web forms for usability
1009333. Function spaces, the second conference: proceedings of the conference at Edwardsville
1009334. Learning Java through applications: a graphical approach
1009335. Solid State: Nuclear Methods
1009336. Small area estimation
1009337. Topics in Arithmetical Functions
1009338. Strongly correlated systems, coherence and entanglement
1009339. Proceedings of the XXIII Spanish Relativity Meeting on Reference Frames and Gravitomagnetism: Valladolid, Spain, 6-9 September 2000
1009340. Time series analysis: forecasting and control
1009341. Fart proudly: writings of Benjamin Franklin you never read in school
1009342. Representations of algebraic groups
1009343. Gaussian Hilbert spaces
1009344. Approximative Algorithmen und Nichtapproximierbarkeit
1009345. Simulation and chaotic behavior of [alpha]-stable stochastic processes
1009346. Fundamental groups of compact Kähler manifolds
1009347. The philosophy of quantum mechanics; the interpretations of quantum mechanics in historical perspective.
1009348. History of topology
1009349. Handbook of algebraic topology
1009350. Origins of magnetospheric physics
1009351. Numerical methods: problems and solutions
1009352. Internet-based intelligent information processing systems
1009353. Entanglement, information, and the interpretation of quantum mechanics
1009354. Seifert fibered spaces in 3-manifolds
1009355. Toposaurus: a humorous treasury of toponyms: an entertaining assortment of familiar words and phrases derived from place names--and their colorful origins
1009356. The Earth's Core
1009357. The memory system you can't avoid it, you can't ignore it, you can't fake it
1009358. An introduction to CR structures
1009359. Pseudo differential operators and Markov processes 3. Markov processes and applications
1009360. Handbook of semiconductor technology. Vol. 2
1009361. Handbook of Semiconductor Technology.. Electronic Structure and Properties of Semiconductors (Wiley-Vch, 2000)(ISBN 3527298347)(O)(861s)
1009362. Classical electrodynamics
1009363. Consciousness and the computational mind
1009364. Language, logic, and concepts: essays in memory of John Macnamara
1009365. The theory of numbers
1009366. A Programming Language
1009367. Problems in mathematical statistics
1009368. Problems in mathematical statistics
1009369. Algorithms of informatics, vol.2.. applications (2007)(ISBN 9638759623)
1009370. Algorithms of informatics
1009371. Critical behavior of non-ideal systems
1009372. Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers: with applications to continuum mechanics
1009373. Evolution equations and approximations
1009374. Foundations of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensional spaces
1009375. Intermolecular and surface forces
1009376. Tensors and their applications
1009377. Wave propagation and scattering in random media
1009378. Wave propagation and scattering in random media
1009379. The deliberate dumbing down of America: a chronological paper trail
1009380. Character theory of finite groups
1009381. Smooth dynamical systems
1009382. Übungsbuch Finanzmathematik
1009383. Laser processing of engineering materials: principles, procedure and industrial application
1009384. Generalized Riccati theory and robust control: a Popov function approach
1009385. Metaphysics
1009386. Mathematical optimization and economic theory
1009387. Indisch kochen, leicht gemacht: reizvolle Orig.-Rezepte u. Küchentips
1009388. Time to speak: cognitive and neural prerequisites for time in language
1009389. Internet security professional reference
1009390. Vibration Problems ICOVP 2007: Eighth International Conference, 01-03 February 2007, Shibpur, India
1009391. An introduction to Teichmüller spaces
1009392. Continuum theory proceedings of the special session in honor of Professor Sam B. Nadler, Jr.'s 60th birthday
1009393. Lagrangian quantum field theory in momentum picture free fields
1009394. Sustainable capitalism: a matter of common sense
1009395. Engineering optics
1009396. Algebraic geometry: an introduction to birational geometry of algebraic varieties
1009397. Applied dynamic programming for optimization of dynamical systems
1009398. Embodied Artificial Intelligence: International Seminar, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, July 7-11, 2003. Revised Papers
1009399. Galois groups over Q: proceedings of a workshop held March 23-27, 1987
1009400. Living together: a legal guide for unmarried couples
1009401. Classical and generalized models of elastic rods
1009402. IEEE standard for radix-independent floating-point arithmetic
1009403. Linux client migration cookbook, version 2 a practical planning and implementation guideline
1009404. Fundamentals of applied probability and random processes
1009405. Gender-structured population modeling: mathematical methods, numerics, and simulations
1009406. Algebraic theory of molecules
1009407. Infinite series
1009408. The Language of shape: the role of curvature in condensed matter--physics, chemistry, and biology
1009409. The art of assembly language
1009410. Quark--Gluon plasma 3
1009411. The Steiner Tree Problem
1009412. Programming in Haskell
1009413. Recent progress in general topology. 2
1009414. Logic in computer science: modelling and reasoning about systems
1009415. Lecture notes on Chern-Simons-Witten theory
1009416. Quantum statistical mechanics and Lie group harmonic analysis
1009417. Bridging the Gap to University Mathematics
1009418. Language and number: the emergence of a cognitive system
1009419. Character theory of finite groups
1009420. Finite groups
1009421. Finite groups III
1009422. Beginning XML
1009423. Beginning XML
1009424. Patent searching: tools & techniques
1009425. Pragmatic thinking and learning: refactor your wetware
1009426. Hungary-Israeli Mathematics Competition: the first twelve years: problems, answers, solutions
1009427. Electronic properties of materials
1009428. Elementary algebraic geometry
1009429. A New Introduction to Modal Logic
1009430. Fundamentals of computer science using Java
1009431. The total least squares problem: computational aspects and analysis
1009432. Ubuntu 7.10 Linux unleashed
1009433. Knowledge processing with interval and soft computing
1009434. Robust statistics
1009435. The MIDI manual: a practical guide to MIDI in the project studio
1009436. Solutions Manual for Introduction to Statistical Physics
1009437. Nonlinear output regulation: theory and applications
1009438. PIC microcontroller: an introduction to software and hardware interfacing
1009439. Differential equations & asymptotic theory in mathematical physics: Wuhan University, Hubei, China, 20-29 October 2003
1009440. Lorentz and Poincaré invariance: 100 years of relativity
1009441. Einstein's relativity and beyond: new symmetry approaches
1009442. Random walk, sequential analysis and related topics: a Festschrift in honor of Yuan-Shih Chow
1009443. Selected papers of Chuan-Chih Hsiung
1009444. Algorithmic adventures: from knowledge to magic
1009445. How to Play Bebop - Volume 2
1009446. David Baker's How to Play Bebop 1
1009447. How to Build a Working Digital Computer
1009448. Interpreting probability: controversies and developments in the early twentieth century
1009449. Theory of vortex sound
1009450. How to play the flute
1009451. Axiomatic stable homotopy theory
1009452. The theory of matrices in numerical analysis
1009453. Quarks, baryons and chiral symmetry
1009454. Central European Functional Programming School first summer school, CEFP 2005, Budapest, Hungary, July 4-15, 2005: revised selected lectures
1009455. Ivor Horton's beginning Visual C++ 2008
1009456. Ivor Horton's beginning Java 2, JDK 5 edition
1009457. Beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4 edition
1009458. Java concepts
1009459. Big Java
1009460. Noise-induced transitions (Springer, 1984)(ISBN 3540113592)(O)(330s)
1009461. Topics in matrix analysis
1009462. Geometric symmetry in patterns and tilings
1009463. Handbook of machine vision
1009464. Mathematical theories of populations: demographics, genetics, and epidemics
1009465. Introduction to automata theory, languages, and computation
1009466. Computational statistical mechanics
1009467. Mathematical gems/ 2
1009468. Mathematical chestnuts from around the world
1009469. Nonstandard logics and nonstandard metrics in physics
1009470. Volterra Stieltjes-Integral Equations
1009471. Quantum computing verstehen: Grundlagen - Anwendungen - Perspektiven; [mit Online-Service zum Buch]
1009472. Differential equations for dummies
1009473. Introduction to cardinal arithmetic
1009474. Heat transfer
1009475. California algebra 1: concepts, skills, and problem solving
1009476. California Algebra 2 (MGH Glencoe, 2007)()(O)(1133s)
1009477. How not to say what you mean: a dictionary of euphemisms
1009478. Invitation to contemporary physics
1009479. Time-frequency and time-scale methods: adaptive decompositions, uncertainty principles, and sampling
1009480. Transseries and real differential algebra
1009481. Finite element methods with B-splines
1009482. Neues Lexikon der Rechtsirrtümer: 'Wer auffährt hat Schuld\" und andere juristische Halbwahrheiten
1009483. Model theory
1009484. Basic concepts of probability and statistics
1009485. The science of computer benchmarking
1009486. Unifying theories of programming
1009487. Unifying theories of programming
1009488. Efficient algorithms for MPEG video compression
1009489. Introduction à la mécanique quantique: cours et exercices corrigés
1009490. The bitter road to freedom: a new history of the liberation of Europe
1009491. Relation algebras by games
1009492. The complete idiot's guide to songwriting
1009493. Windows to Linux business desktop migration
1009494. Lambda-calculus and combinators, an introduction
1009495. Molecular modelling for beginners
1009496. Molecular modelling for beginners
1009497. Information systems for sustainable development
1009498. Localization of nilpotent groups and spaces (Amsterdam NH 1975)(ISBN 0720427169)
1009499. Applied mathematics entering the 21st century: invited talks from the ICIAM 2003 Congress
1009500. The Siberian curse: how communist planners left Russia out in the cold
1009501. Phase equilibria, phase diagrams and phase transformations: their thermodynamic basis
1009502. Quantum implications
1009503. Introduction to the theory of integration
1009504. Geometry and the imagination
1009505. Principles of mathematical logic (Chelsea, 1950)(ISBN B000SJHL4G)(T)(185s) MAml
1009506. Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences
1009507. Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms
1009508. MATLAB guide
1009509. Mathematics for the curious
1009510. Opening theory made easy: twenty strategic principles to improve your opening game
1009511. Intuitionism. An introduction
1009512. Infinite dimensional harmonic analysis III proceedings of the third German-Japanese symposium, 15-20 September, 2003, University of Tübingen, Germany
1009513. Music theory for computer musicians
1009514. Real and abstract analysis: a modern treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable
1009515. Beginning python: from novice to professional
1009516. Geometric and Combinatorial Aspects of Commutative Algebra
1009517. Reliable implementation of real number algorithms theory and practice, international seminar Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, January 8-13, 2006 revised papers
1009518. What is mathematics, really?
1009519. Partial differential equations in fluid dynamics
1009520. Genetic fuzzy systems: evolutionary tuning and learning of fuzzy knowledge bases
1009521. Parallel processing for scientific computing
1009522. Analyse numérique: exercises et problèmes corrigés
1009523. Practical aspects of declarative languages: 7th international symposium, PADL 2005, Long Beach, CA, USA, January 10-11, 2005: proceedings
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1009525. Topics in physical geometry
1009526. Spinors, Clifford and Cayley algebras
1009527. Lie-theoretic ODE numerical analysis, mechanics, and differential systems
1009528. Geometric structures in nonlinear physics
1009529. Geometric computing science: first steps
1009530. Geometric computing science: first steps
1009531. Gauge fields and Cartan-Ehresmann connections
1009532. Energy momentum tensors
1009533. Constrained mechanics and Lie theory
1009534. Cartanian geometry, nonlinear waves, and control theory. Part B
1009535. Physik für Ingenieure
1009536. Taschenbuch der Mathematik und Physik
1009537. The Minder Brain: How Your Brain Keeps You Alive, Protects You from Danger, and Ensures that You Reproduce
1009538. Continued fractions
1009539. Hacker's delight
1009540. Generating families in the restricted three-body problem: quantitative study of bifurcations
1009541. A distributed pi-calculus
1009542. Quantum mechanics of fundamental systems: the quest for beauty and simplicity: Claudio Bunster festschrift
1009543. Fundamentals of college geometry
1009544. Classical control using H [infinity] methods: an introduction to design
1009545. Extending H [superscript infinity symbol] control to nonlinear systems: control of nonlinear systems to achieve performance objectives
1009546. Computational Discrete Mathematics: Advanced Lectures
1009547. Theory of computation: an introduction
1009548. Discrete structures, logic, and computability
1009549. Group theory in quantum mechanics: an introduction to its present usage
1009550. Heidorn-Finanzmathematik in der Bankpraxis (ISBN 383490242X)(ISBN )(de)
1009551. Hacking video game consoles: turn your old video game systems into awesome new portables
1009552. Applying fractals in astronomy
1009553. Optics
1009554. Data abstraction and structures using C++
1009555. Agile software engineering
1009556. Quantum mechanics for chemists
1009557. Gender differences at puberty
1009558. Mobile Java development on Symbian OS: Java ME and DoJa for Smartphones
1009559. Popper, Hayek and the open society
1009560. PX, a computational logic
1009561. Foundations of modern cosmology
1009562. OpenGL game programming
1009563. Three hundred years of gravitation
1009564. The universe in a nutshell
1009565. Gamma: Eulers Konstante, Primzahlstrände und die Riemannsche Vermutung
1009566. Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics
1009567. Sm Electromag Field Energy Sm
1009568. Self-consistent quantum field theory and bosonization for strongly correlated electron systems
1009569. Electromagnetic fields and energy
1009570. Numerical methods for nonlinear engineering models
1009571. Set theory
1009572. Aufgaben zu Technische Mechanik 1–3: Statik, Elastostatik, Kinetik
1009573. Aufgaben zu Technische Mechanik 1-3
1009574. Reconfigurable computing: the theory and practice of FPGA-based computation
1009575. New frontiers in artificial intelligence JSAI 2008 conference and workshops, Asahikawa, Japan, June 11 - 13, 2008; revised selected papers
1009576. A step-by-step approach to using SAS for univariate & multivariate statistics
1009577. Handbook of thermal analysis
1009578. Indefinite-quadratic estimation and control: a unified approach to H² and H [infinity] theories
1009579. Rough computing: theories, technologies, and applications
1009580. Introduction to shape optimization: theory, approximation, and computation
1009581. Why lawyers behave as they do
1009582. Model theory, algebra, and geometry
1009583. Mechanics
1009584. Ordinary differential equations
1009585. Accretion processes in star formation
1009586. Phase transitions in combinatorial optimization problems: basics, algorithms and statistical mechanics
1009587. Combinatorial Designs—A Tribute to Haim Hanani
1009588. Nonhomogeneous matrix products
1009589. A Unitary Calculus for Electronic Orbitals
1009590. A Unitary Calculus for Electronic Orbitals
1009591. F# for scientists
1009592. Handbook of practical logic and automated reasoning
1009593. Licensing digital content: a practical guide for librarians
1009594. Secondary cohomology operations
1009595. Exploring the quantum: atoms, cavities and photons
1009596. Modified Maxwell equations in quantum electrodynamics
1009597. Dojo: using the Dojo JavaScript library to build Ajax applications
1009598. Dojo: using the Dojo JavaScript library to build Ajax applications
1009599. Handbook of Knowledge Representation
1009600. The Martians of Science: five physicists who changed the twentieth century
1009601. The DNA doctor: candid conversations with James D. Watson
1009602. The integration of functions of a single variable
1009603. Lectures on algebraic geometry
1009604. Game programming all in one
1009605. Beginning game programming
1009606. C: A Reference Manual
1009607. Phased array antennas
1009608. Rank-deficient and discrete ill-posed problems: numerical aspects of linear inversion
1009609. Deblurring images: matrices, spectra, and filtering
1009610. Afternotes goes to graduate school: lectures on advanced numerical analysis: a series of lectures on advanced numerical analysis presented at the University of Maryland at College Park and reAuthor: G W Stewart
1009611. Sample survey methods and theory
1009612. Sample survey methods and theory
1009613. Sample survey methods and theory
1009614. Quarks and gluons: a century of particle charges
1009615. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2006 Algorithmen Systeme Anwendungen Proceedings des Workshops vom 19. - 21. März 2006 in Hamburg
1009616. Statistics: a very short introduction
1009617. Handbook of Semiconductor Technology, Volume 2
1009618. Handbook of continued fractions for special functions
1009619. Handbook of Boolean Algebras, Volume Volume 2
1009620. Jordan operator algebras
1009621. Thermodynamics and kinetics for the biological sciences
1009622. Latent roots and latent vectors
1009623. The 1970s
1009624. The federalist
1009625. Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (PH, 1968, 1968)(ISBN 0138271135)(73s)
1009626. 3000 solved problems in physics
1009627. Linear algebra problem book
1009628. I want to be a mathematician: an automathography
1009629. The ultimate guide to great sex
1009630. Programming Clojure
1009631. Figuring out people: design engineering with meta-programs: deepening understanding of people for better rapport, relationships, and influence
1009632. Acoustical imaging, volume 25: [proceedings of International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging, held March 19 - 22, 2000, in Bristol, United Kingdom]
1009633. Acoustical imaging, volume 25: [proceedings of International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging, held March 19 - 22, 2000, in Bristol, United Kingdom]
1009634. Higher algebra: a sequel to Elementary algebra for schools
1009635. How to write a paper
1009636. Cantorian set theory and limitation of size
1009637. Tropical trees and forests: an architectural analysis
1009638. Word XP
1009639. Windows XP
1009640. PowerPoint XP
1009641. Excel 2003
1009642. Molekülphysik und Quantenchemie: Einführung in die experimentellen und theoretischen Grundlagen: mit 43 Tabellen und 133 Aufgaben
1009643. Mechanizing hypothesis formation: mathematical foundations for a general theory
1009644. Kismet hacking
1009645. Complex numbers and geometry
1009646. Automated deduction in multiple-valued logics
1009647. The q, t-Catalan numbers and the space of diagonal harmonics: with an appendix on the combinatorics of Macdonald polynomials
1009648. Symbolic analysis for parallelizing compilers
1009649. Topics in surface modeling
1009650. Origamics: mathematical explorations through paper folding
1009651. Numerical simulations of incompressible flows
1009652. Optik: physikalisch-technische Grundlagen und Anwendungen
1009653. Combinatorial geometry in the plane
1009654. The physics of hockey
1009655. HTML utopia: designing without tables using CSS
1009656. Introduction to chaos: physics and mathematics of chaotic phenomena
1009657. Mathematical models: mechanical vibrations, population dynamics, and traffic flow: an introduction to applied mathematics
1009658. Riemannian Metrics of Constant Mass and Moduli Spaces of Conformal Structures
1009659. Collected Papers of L. D. Landau
1009660. Local quantum physics: fields, particles, algebras
1009661. Oscillation theory of delay differential equations: with applications
1009662. Hydrodynamique physique
1009663. Polygons, polyominoes and polycubes
1009664. Mechanics of the 21st century: proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Warsaw, Poland, 15 - 21 August 2004
1009665. Stopped random walks: limit theorems and applications
1009666. How to write & illustrate a scientific paper
1009667. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of software engineering
1009668. Путеводитель по пакету LaTeX и его графическим расширениям
1009669. Topics in finite elasticity
1009670. An introduction to neural networks
1009671. A conceptual guide to OpenOffice.org 3
1009672. Geometry of Müntz Spaces and Related Questions
1009673. Geometry of Müntz Spaces and Related Questions
1009674. Symmetries and Laplacians: introduction to harmonic analysis, group representations, and applications
1009675. Multiple decision procedures: theory and methodology of selecting and ranking populations
1009676. Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications: International Symposium, ISPA 2003 Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, July 2–4, 2003 Proceedings
1009677. Partial ordering methods in nonlinear problems
1009678. Perspectives in flow control and optimization
1009679. Queueing networks and Markov chains: modeling and performance evaluation with computer science applications
1009680. Practical IDL programming: creating effective data analysis and visualization applications
1009681. Large Random Matrices: Lectures on Macroscopic Asymptotics: École d'Été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXVI ¿ 2006
1009682. The tyranny of pleasure
1009683. Test de connaissance du français: activites d'entrainement
1009684. Groupes quantiques : Introduction au point de vue formel
1009685. Marie Jaëll: the magic touch, piano music by mind training
1009686. Maximize your metabolism: Double your metabolism in 30 days or less!
1009687. Quaternionic and Clifford calculus for physicists and engineers
1009688. Space-time adaptive processing for radar
1009689. Elektrizitätslehre, Optik, Quanten- und Atomphysik, Kernphysik, Elementarteilchen-Physik: mit 21 Tabellen
1009690. Theory and algorithms for cooperative systems
1009691. Online optimization of large scale systems
1009692. The developer's guide to debugging
1009693. Universal algebra
1009694. Math into TeX: a simple introduction to AMS-LaTeX
1009695. General lattice theory
1009696. Languages: From Formal to Natural: Essays Dedicated to Nissim Francez on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
1009697. Asymptotic Behavior of Dynamical and Control Systems under Perturbation and Discretization
1009698. Lectures on QED and QCD: practical calculation and renormalization of one- and multi-loop Feynman diagrams
1009699. Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity
1009700. Google SketchUp: the missing manual
1009701. The Facts on File physics handbook (Facts on File, 2006)(ISBN 0816058806)
1009702. Symbolic computation: applications to scientific computing
1009703. Handbook of graph theory
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1009705. Technische Mechanik: Band 2: Elastostatik
1009706. Technische Mechanik: Band 1: Statik
1009707. Technische Mechanik: Band 1: Statik
1009708. Technische Mechanik 3.. Kinetik (Springer, 2004)(ISBN 3540221670)(300s)
1009709. Technische Mechanik
1009710. Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen Mechanik 1: Statik
1009711. Handbook of Feynman Path Integrals
1009712. Metric Foliations and Curvature
1009713. Metric Foliations and Curvature
1009714. The sharpest cut: the impact of Manfred Padberg and his work
1009715. The electron-phonon interaction in metals
1009716. Robust speech recognition and understanding
1009717. Optimal control and forecasting of complex dynamical systems
1009718. Principles of algebraic geometry
1009719. Introduction to elementary particles
1009720. Freedom from addiction: the secret behind successful addiction busting: a practical handbook
1009721. Dreaming reality: how dreaming keeps us sane or can drive us mad
1009722. Additive and cancellative interacting particle systems
1009723. Evaluating derivatives: principles and techniques of algorithmic differentiation
1009724. Numerical simulation in fluid dynamics: a practical introduction
1009725. Auf der Suche nach Schrödingers Katze: Quantenphysik und Wirklichkeit
1009726. Kalman filtering: theory and practice using MATLAB
1009727. Multilinear algebra
1009728. Connections, curvature and cohomology. Volume 2, Lie groups, principal bundles and characteristic classes
1009729. Connections, curvature and cohomology. Vol. III: Cohomology of principal bundles and homogeneous spaces
1009730. Incompressible flow and the finite element method: advection-diffusion and isothermal laminar flow
1009731. Логика, алгебра и база данных
1009732. Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields
1009733. Beginning Oracle Application express
1009734. The quantum challenge: modern research on the foundations of quantum mechanics
1009735. Russell on religion: selections from the writings of Bertrand Russell
1009736. Advanced engineering mathematics
1009737. Iterative methods for solving linear systems
1009738. Traveling salesman problem (inTech, 2008)(ISBN 9789537619107)(212s)-o
1009739. American Institute of Physics handbook. Section editors: Bruce H. Billings [and others] Coordinating editor: Dwight E. Gray
1009740. Principles of artificial neural networks
1009741. Game console hacking: have fun while voiding you warranty
1009742. Thinking in pictures: and other reports from my life with autism
1009743. Animals in translation: using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior
1009744. Techniques and applications of hyperspectral image analysis
1009745. Spectral methods in quantum field theory
1009746. Quantum Statistics in Optics and Solid-State Physics
1009747. French
1009748. Foundations of Quantization for Probability Distributions
1009749. Foundations of Quantization for Probability Distributions
1009750. Structure of materials: an introduction to crystallography, diffraction and symmetry
1009751. Regular expressions cookbook
1009752. Numerical methods for bifurcations of dynamical equilibria
1009753. Proceedings of the second International Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics, Cotonou, Republic of Benin, 28 October-2 November 2001
1009754. Learning machine translation
1009755. Methods for experimental design: principles and applications for physicists and chemists
1009756. Statistical image processing techniques for noisy images: an application-oriented approach
1009757. Numerical analysis of spectral methods: theory and applications
1009758. Handbook of depression
1009759. Hearing and writing music: professional training for today's musician
1009760. Integrability and nonintegrability of dynamical systems
1009761. Integrability and nonintegrability of dynamical systems
1009762. Patent fundamentals for scientists and engineers
1009763. Four-manifold theory
1009764. The no complaining rule: positive ways to deal with negativity at work
1009765. Infinitesimal Analysis
1009766. Knots in Hellas '98: proceedings of the International Conference on Knot Theory and its Ramifications: European Cultural Centre of Delphi Greece, 7-15 August 1998
1009767. Vorlesungen über Informatik: Band 2: Objektorientiertes Programmieren und Algorithmen
1009768. Vorlesungen über Informatik: Band 1: Grundlagen und funktionales Programmieren
1009769. The depressed child and adolescent
1009770. States of matter
1009771. Introduction to Fourier optics
1009772. Handbook of discrete and computational geometry
1009773. Great solid state physicists of the 20th century
1009774. Quadrupedal locomotion an introduction to the control of four-legged robots
1009775. Imbeddings of three-manifold groups
1009776. Calcul formel: mode d'emploi: exemples en Maple
1009777. Implicit curves and surfaces: mathematics, data structures and algorithms
1009778. Polyominoes: puzzles, patterns, problems, and packings
1009779. A history of numerical analysis from the 16th through the 19th century
1009780. Differential equations with applications in biology, physics, and engineering
1009781. Classical mechanics
1009782. Patent law for scientists and engineers
1009783. Knot insertion and deletion algorithms for B-spline curves and surfaces
1009784. Logics of Time and Computation
1009785. Lectures on the hyperreals: an introduction to nonstandard analysis
1009786. Value distribution of meromorphic functions
1009787. Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications
1009788. Variational methods in partially ordered spaces
1009789. Musical performance: a philosophical study
1009790. Understanding and implementing the finite element method
1009791. Partial differential equations: analytical and numerical methods
1009792. Sams teach yourself Movable Type in 24 hours
1009793. Statistical mechanics: a survival guide
1009794. Handbook of geometric programming using Open Geometry GL
1009795. The genesis of syntactic complexity: diachrony, ontogeny, neuro-cognition, evolution
1009796. Direct methods in the calculus of variations
1009797. Quantum theory of the electron liquid
1009798. Superconductivity
1009799. Algebraic theory of automata
1009800. Engineering dynamics
1009801. Catastrophe theory for scientists and engineers
1009802. Catastrophe theory for scientists and engineers
1009803. The courage to love: principles and practices of self-relations psychotherapy
1009804. Surviving Hitler and Mussolini: daily life in occupied Europe
1009805. Elliptic partial differential equations of second order
1009806. Rationality for mortals: how people cope with uncertainty
1009807. Bauchentscheidungen. Die Intelligenz des Unbewussten und die Macht der Intuition
1009808. The method of moments in electromagnetics
1009809. Elementary geometry of algebraic curves: an undergraduate introduction
1009810. Primes and Programming: Computers and Number Theory
1009811. Calculus know-it-all: beginner to advanced, and everything in between
1009812. Quantification, definiteness, and nominalization
1009813. Group theory from a geometrical viewpoint 26 March - 6 April 1990, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
1009814. The geometry of art and life
1009815. Proceedings of the Sixth SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
1009816. C++ solutions for mathematical problems
1009817. Introduction to logistics systems planning and control
1009818. Molecular computation models: unconventional approaches
1009819. Introduction to Orbital Mechanics (Aerospace Division AD - Proceedings)
1009820. Beyond totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism compared
1009821. Getting it published: a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books
1009822. Essays in Group Theory
1009823. The greatest songs of George Gershwin
1009824. Combinatorial number theory and additive group theory
1009825. Mathematical physics
1009826. Adventures in the world of matrices
1009827. Weak interactions and modern particle theory
1009828. The physics of waves
1009829. Excel: das Sparbuch: Finanzen im Griff
1009830. Separation of variables for partial differential equations an eigenfunction approach
1009831. Service-oriented computing
1009832. Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 4th International Conference, CICLing 2003 Mexico City, Mexico, February 16–22, 2003 Proceedings
1009833. Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 10th International Conference, CICLing 2009, Mexico City, Mexico, March 1-7, 2009. Proceedings
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1009835. Mathematical methods for mechanics: a handbook with MATLAB experiments
1009836. C: an advanced introduction
1009837. Music-inspired harmony search algorithm: theory and applications
1009838. Numerical initial value problems in ordinary differential equations
1009839. The physics of football: discover the science of bone-crunching hits, soaring field goals, and awe-inspiring passes
1009840. Foundations of digital signal processing: theory, algorithms and hardware design
1009841. Transactions on Computational Science V: Special Issue on Cognitive Knowledge Representation
1009842. Probability theory and mathematical statistics for engineers
1009843. Probability theory and mathematical statistics for engineers
1009844. Compressibility, turbulence and high speed flow
1009845. An introduction to statistical thermodynamics
1009846. Analyse de Fourier et applications: exercices corrigés
1009847. Software language engineering first international conference; revised selected papers SLE <1. 2008. Toulouse>
1009848. Interpolating cubic splines
1009849. Where we stand: a surprising look at the real state of our planet
1009850. All the mathematics you missed: but need to know for graduate school
1009851. Making, breaking codes: an introduction to cryptography
1009852. Making, breaking codes: an introduction to cryptography
1009853. 100% mathematical proof
1009854. The funky beat
1009855. The method of equivalence and its applications
1009856. Entertaining mathematical puzzles
1009857. Logic machines and diagrams
1009858. Fractal music, hypercards and more.. mathematical recreations from Sci.Am
1009859. Fads and fallacies in the name of science
1009860. Some points of analysis and their history
1009861. Old church Slavonic: an elementary grammar
1009862. Logic for programming and automated reasoning: 6th International Conference, LPAR'99, Tbilisi, Georgia, September 6-10, 1999: proceedings
1009863. Pirates of the digital millennium: how the intellectual property wars damage our personal freedoms, our jobs, and the world economy
1009864. The art of designing embedded systems
1009865. Thermodynamics in earth and planetary sciences
1009866. CRM: redefining customer relationship management
1009867. My world line; an informal autobiography.
1009868. One, two, three-- infinity: facts and speculations of science
1009869. Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
1009870. Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
1009871. Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
1009872. Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
1009873. Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
1009874. Netflow at Pisa
1009875. Memory and the computational brain: why cognitive science will transform neuroscience
1009876. Intensional and Higher-Order Modal Logic
1009877. Principles of digital communication
1009878. The essential Galileo
1009879. The application of hidden markov models in speech recognition
1009880. Les tables de décision et leurs applications
1009881. OpenGL. Профессиональное программирование трехмерной графики на C++
1009882. Lectures on complex approximation
1009883. Finite Groups '72, Proceedings of the the Gainesville Conference on Finite Groups
1009884. Multivariate observations
1009885. Modélisation et statistique spatiales
1009886. Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming. Volume 5: Logic Programming
1009887. Vybrani prat︠s︡i
1009888. Representation and brain
1009889. Sprites, Elves and Intense Lightning Discharges (Springer, 2006)(ISBN 1402046278)
1009890. Bioinformatics: applications in life and environmental sciences
1009891. Nonlinear partial differential equations in applied science: proceedings of the U.S.-Japan seminar, Tokyo, 1982
1009892. Parallel and distribution simulation systems
1009893. Infinite Abelian groups
1009894. Morality and nationalism
1009895. To have or to be?
1009896. The master book of mathematical recreations
1009897. The art of loving
1009898. The art of loving
1009899. Haben oder Sein
1009900. Die Kunst des Liebens
1009901. Stark effect in a hydrogenic atom or ion: treated by the phase-integral method
1009902. Tools in artificial intelligence (inTech, 2008)(ISBN 9789537619039)(600dpi)(T)(498s)
1009903. Statistical parametric mapping: the analysis of funtional brain images
1009904. Mathematical finance: theory, modeling, implementation
1009905. Advances in LES of complex flows: proceedings of the Euromech Colloquium 412, held in Munich, Germany 4-6 October 2000
1009906. Field arithmetic
1009907. Reconsidering logical positivism
1009908. Smooth four-manifolds and complex surfaces
1009909. Black sun rising
1009910. Foundations of modern analysis
1009911. Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences III: Cell Cycle, Proliferation, and Cancer
1009912. An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
1009913. Fork Algebras in Algebra, Logic and Computer Science
1009914. Categories, allegories
1009915. Vertex operator algebras and the Monster
1009916. Langlands correspondence for loop groups
1009917. Premier cours de linguistique generale (1907): d'après les cahiers d'Albert Riedlinger = Saussure's first course of lectures on general linguistics (1907): from the notebooks of Albert RiedAuthor: Ferdinand de Saussure; Eisuke Komatsu; George Wolf
1009918. Measure theory/ 4, Topological measure spaces
1009919. Measure theory/ 3, Measure algebras
1009920. Measure theory
1009921. Measure Theory: The Irreducible Minimum
1009922. Commutator theory for congruence modular varieties
1009923. Introduction to financial technology
1009924. Topology of 4-manifolds
1009925. Topology of 4-manifolds
1009926. Recreational problems in geometric dissections and how to solve them
1009927. Mathematics Education in Different Cultural Traditions- A Comparative Study of East Asia and the West
1009928. Man's search for meaning
1009929. Methods of mathematical economics: linear and nonlinear programming, fixed-point theorems
1009930. The Data Analysis Handbook
1009931. On bullshit
1009932. Optics in astrophysics
1009933. Advanced sex: explicit positions for explosive lovemaking
1009934. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 6th Edition Just Ask with Registration Card and E--Commerace Card Just Ask 6th Edition Set (Wiley Inc, 2006)(ISBN 0471775878)
1009935. Foundations of intensional semantics
1009936. Oxford Fowler's Modern English Usage Dictionary
1009937. Foundations of GTK+ development
1009938. Foundations of Computational Intelligence Volume 4: Bio-Inspired Data Mining
1009939. Немецкий для чайников (для продолжающих)
1009940. Art of Basic Drawing
1009941. Dynamics and relativity
1009942. The productive programmer
1009943. Symmetry principles in quantum physics
1009944. Calculus of variations
1009945. Differential geometry and topology
1009946. Introduction to partial differential equations
1009947. Angewandte Meteorologie mikrometeorologische Methoden
1009948. Blondie24: playing at the edge of AI
1009949. Calculus: Concepts and applications
1009950. The mind doesn't work that way: the scope and limits of computational psychology
1009952. Finite dimensional convexity and optimization
1009953. Physical methods for materials characterisation
1009954. The new science of intimate relationships
1009955. Privacy-respecting intrusion detection
1009956. Introduction to number theory
1009957. Fundamentals of generalized recursion theory
1009958. Handbook of dynamic system modeling
1009959. Democracy derailed in Russia: the failure of open politics
1009960. The public domain: how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & more
1009961. Fundamentals of patent law: interpretation and scope of protection
1009962. Rock, paper, scissors: game theory in everyday life
1009963. Handbook of temporal reasoning in artificial intelligence
1009964. Intelligence: the eye, the brain, and the computer
1009965. The anatomy of programming languages
1009966. Rational curves and surfaces: applications to CAD
1009967. Numerical methods for problems with moving fronts
1009968. Advanced programming language design
1009969. Advanced programming language design
1009970. Grundlagen der Wirtschaftsinformatik: mit 16 Tabellen
1009971. College algebra
1009972. Classical music why bother?: hearing the world of contemporary culture through a composer's ears
1009973. Financial products: an introduction using mathematics and Excel
1009974. Visualisation for semantic information systems
1009975. Dynamics of internal layers and diffusive interfaces
1009976. Electromagnetic scattering from random media
1009977. The essentials of finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers
1009978. Dynamics and symmetry
1009979. A practical introduction to the simulation of molecular systems
1009980. Online Algorithms: The State of the Art
1009981. Recent trends in algebraic development techniques: 18th international workshop, WADT 2006, La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium, June 1-3, 2006; revised selected papers
1009982. Nonlinear programming: sequential unconstrained minimization techniques
1009983. Was soll das alles? Gedanken eines Physikers
1009984. China since Tiananmen: the politics of transition
1009985. Strange nonchaotic attractors: dynamics between order and chaos in quasiperiodically forced systems
1009986. Mathematik / Albert Fetzer. 1
1009987. The Seven Deadly Sins of Investing: How to Conquer Your Worst Impulses and Save Your Financial Future
1009988. Dictionnaire d'exercices d'analyse: topologie et calcul différentiel
1009989. Notas de Matemática (49): Spectral Theory and Complex Analysis
1009990. GPU gems: programming techniques, tips, and tricks for real-time graphics
1009991. GPU Gems: Programming techniques, tips and tricks for real-time graphics
1009992. Elementary Particles
1009993. Techniques of geometric topology
1009994. Elementary geometry in hyperbolic space
1009995. Self-organization and emergence in life sciences
1009996. Practical theory complete a self-instruction music theory course
1009997. A world to win: a rough guide to a future without global capitalism
1009998. Singular limits in thermodynamics of viscous fluids
1009999. Pseudo-Differential Operators: Quantization and Signals
1010000. From combinatorics to dynamical systems: journées de calcul formel, Strasbourg, March 22-23, 2002
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