За страницами учебника математики 10-11. Арифметика. Алгебра. Геометрия.pdf


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1. Title:За страницами учебника математики 10-11. Арифметика. Алгебра. Геометрия.

Author: Виленкин Н.Я., Шибасов Л.П., Шибасова З.Ф.

FileType: djvu





Debbie Hoffman Review: I realy enjoyed this book. It is more about the immigrant experience in NYC than the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, but a very good read about the immigrant experience. The characters are well formed and keep you reading and wanting to know what happens to Rose, Maureen and Gussela.

I want to read more about the Irish experience of traveling to America, Ellis Island and early 1900s NYC after reading this book, along with more about the fire at the factory. i am going to read "Uprsing"


karen Review:
beatlemania is nothing compared to what i feel for john green right now.

this book was the perfect palate-cleanser between all the dark apocalyptic stuff i have been shoving in my face. i have been reading so much dystopian YA that i forgot there were other options. i bought this ages ago, because i read looking for alaska, and everyone was giving this one high marks, but i kept passing it up in favor of "kids whose school is trying to eat them" and "kids vs. bears" and "kids in a world without


Haji Review: I think this is a great book for early childhood students ages 2-5. This book is about a family that perhaps loves jazz and the whole family sings and dances throughout a portion of the song and the baby always ends with " go man go"They are all singing to put the baby to sleep. The book includes mom, dad, grandma, brother, grandpa, auntie, and cousins. The authors Lisa wheeler and R. Gregory Christie, did a great job sending a positive message in this book on family working together . It also g


Wendy MacKnight Review: I was in love with Vilonia Beebe and her home from page one, so evocative and charming is Gray's writing. Vilonia's family is reeling since Nana's death: Mama's checked out, Daddy is struggling to keep up, older brother Leon can be so annoying. So Vilonia steps up to take care of everyone, sometimes to disastrous results. I'm not giving away many details here because this wonderful book deserves to have its petals unfold to the reader in it's charming voice. This book is a gift; it perfectly ref


Holly Review: I picked this book up awhile ago and just got around to reading it. I'm so glad I did! It's a true story about two tailless pets, Bobbi the dog and Bob Cat the cat, who were left behind in Hurricane Katrina. Miraculously, the two survived months and were finally taken to a shelter where they were placed in separate rooms. As a result of the best friends' protests, the volunteers put them together where they were happy. It was discovered there that Bob Cat was blind - Bobbi had been his seeing-ey


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