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1. Title:Food Tourism: A Practical Marketing Guide

Author: John Stanley, Linda Stanley

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Drew Shiel Review: absolute banger


Lisa Review: When I see that some people have given this book five stars, I start to question my own sanity. For me, the book had wonderful potential when I took it off the shelf and the Booker Award sticker only reinforced my impression that this would be a great read: WRONG. Wonderful words strung together does not a good story make. The narrator is completely two-dimensional as written and I was unable to connect with her or her perspective in any way. Yes, I understand the woman's "beloved" brother fell


Christi Snow Review: My Review:
This is the first of a new series from Dawn Sullivan...although it seems to be an offshoot of her other RARE series. (I haven't read that series, but had no issues understanding the world or characters, so it works fine if you haven't read that one either.)

This series is centered around the town/village/settlement of White River. In this village, Josie is the doctor and is a wolf shifter. While out running as a wolf, she comes across a kidnapped bear shifter child and rescues him. Tha


Jr Bacdayan Review: This broke my heart, then broke my heart a little more every time. Why did I continue? Habit, I guess. It’s damn well written even if not really a dazzling ball of a time. I always read through the pages no matter how upsetting because something better might happen, or something else. I guess in this case it paid off because, if you’re reading this, then I’ve written a review. I promised myself I’m going to write something worthwhile, but honestly I feel like this won’t live up to the sincerity,


Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Review: 3.75 stars, maybe? Wow, this was kind of an odd, dark urban fantasy meets fairy tale type of novel. Alice has a messed up life, living with her mom Ella on the edge of homelessness, constantly moving from place to place, bad luck dogging their steps wherever they go. And they never speak about Ella's mother Althea, a very reclusive author of a mysterious, nearly impossible to find collection of dark and bloody fairy tales, who lives in a grand, nearly impossible to find estate called the Hazel W


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