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1. Title:Applied Atomic Collision Physics. Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry

Author: H.S.W. Massey (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Academic press





Nancy Review: I remember seeing "the Princess Bride" at the dollar movie at the end of 1987. I loved it completely and wondered why I'd never heard of it. Of course, I was smitten by Westley. I bought the book at the campus bookstore before I graduated the following year. The movie has since become a classic and my children quote it better than I ever did.

The actor playing Westley grew up and wrote a memoir on the making of this epic movie. I do not use epic lightly. Cary Elwes a little known actor who was ju


Kelli Review: I have to start with the author's note, part of which reads "...I tried to create a book that teachers could teach. A book that didn't shy away from the tragedy but instead gave a sense of how citizens expressing our American identity were strong, brave and triumphant over terror." Hmmmm. I would replace instead with also because this book did both of those things. The author deserves accolades for her bravery in tackling this difficult subject.

Explaining September 11th to my children is somethi


Zoë Review: Even though I just finished this book, I already know it's one that will stick with me for years to come. I can't fully express how cathartic this book was. I finally saw parts of myself represented in a novel - the parts that I was ashamed of and pretended didn't exist. This is by far my favorite John Green novel. I can't say much more about this because I'm still sobbing over it. Just read it, please.


Cait (Paper Fury) Review: This was not good and was not bad either. I'm just going to sit here and admit I have no idea how I feel. Like my #1 reaction when I closed it was: "I NEED THE NEXT BOOK." Because holy heck to that cliffhanger. But overall it was really dry and slow and there were way way too many POVs.

L I K E S:
I thought the world was really interesting! Like we have this island and this psycho queen and the royal lie always has three triplets who then have to fight to the death for the throne. NICE.


Adam Dalva Review: Kinetic, trashy, slapdash, and completely addictive. Wolff's prose is uneven but he is very good at keeping the eye moving across the page, and in this he is perhaps helped by the book's failing: this is very padded out with stuff we already know (the long profiles of Kushner, Bannon, and Conway have no revelations in them.) But the gossip is gold, though the depictions of the characters have an unfortunate tendency toward lazy meanness. I don't need a description of Bannon as "on the spectrum,"


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