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1. Title:From the Atomic Bomb to the Landau Institute: Autobiography. Top Non-Secret

Author: Isaak M. Khalatnikov (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg





Alex ♈ Review: 3.5 stars

Well, it was definitely funny.
Sassy heroine, sometimes a bit childish and immature, but overall a decent girl with hot temper!

I take them in any form, but please not a doormat!

The hero was ok. Poor guy, he didn’t stand any chance against her. LOL.
Liked many of their ‘sparrings’. Some were odd, but some were funny.

No drama, no OM/OW, no silly misunderstandings.

“I love you, you crazy little shit.”


Jen Review: I'm no tea connoisseur, but this story was so flavourful I could imagine myself sitting back enjoying a tea from The Naunnu mountains - perhaps even in a hammock. Hmmm.

Steeped in traditions and superstitions, this is a richly textured story of Li-yan who becomes the only one in the Akha village who is fortunate enough to get an education. But young love intervenes and her path is changed. She is forced to give up her daughter but fortunate enough to be able to leave her at the city's orphanage.


Leticia Review: Brought me to tears towards the end. Each scenario painted a picture of how his life was brought up as a child. As the author bounces from past to present. Not being loved by his mother. Mistreat it by Bruce and Connor. Giving him nightmares of his past. Losing his father. Meeting two friends Colin and Matt. That see him as a brother. Playing with them golf and eating together for lunch or dinner. Everywhere Anthony goes woman melts underneath him. Blake is concern about something he founds out.


Arah-Lynda Review: As the title suggests this is the story of a scandal, that happened some years ago among Britain's elite citizenry. In fact it involves a Junior Minister in the House of Commons, one James Whitehouse. I’m sure we have all met men like James: tall, good looking, suave and charismatic, uncommonly gifted, able to work a room and have most everyone eating from his hands. Yet here he stands before us in a Court of Law accused of one of the most heinous crimes one can commit against another. The burde


Sarah Strauss Review: I thought the book was written pretty well for a fictional character. The book was written for the people that primarily watch ABC Family. It was an easy read for me. I finished this in 3 nights. I just wish more of the book was revealed from Regina's POV. It was nice to read about Kathryn, John, Toby and Bay's real feelings related to the baby switch. I now understand Kathryn's strained relationship with her mother. I'm glad Kathryn is the kind of mother Toby, Bay and Daphne need. It was nice r


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