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New Fictions

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Sandra Gagnon Review: too Much ce livre court mais oh tellement bon...Je vais lire ses autres livres à cet auteure wow.....J'ai adoré


Jason Koivu Review: 1000 BOOKS READ!!!

Okay, maybe it's not an exact 1000. Some of the books I've added to my GR read list are not even books. On the other hand, I know I've forgotten some of the books I read as a kid, so maybe it evens out in the end, and GR's count is probably as accurate as it's going to get. Therefore, let the good times roll!

Oh my goodness, that was fun. Okay, back to business.

I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America after Twenty Years Away is a very long title. It rambles a


Ava Review: This is a book of wisdom. I was ashamed when I read this. Taught me virtues I've forgotten to practise in my conscience.

Well written story. Sadly it was a short one.



TammyJo Eckhart Review: We had so much fun reading this book together. The "little leaders" are adorable looking yet their clothing, their facial expressions, their postures, the objects they hold and interact with, and their environments were both realistic and symbolic. Sometimes before I read the one page biographical essay I'd ask "What do you think this person did based on what you see?" and my audience almost always guessed correctly we learned as we read.

The text is lively to read and with the help of an adult,


Carmen de la Rosa Review: Amo este universo y estaba tan feliz de estar en él una vez más. La nueva pandilla es bastante divertida y va a interesarle en el futuro libro. Pero este libro sigue siendo el primer libro de una nueva serie y aunque la trama fue un poco lenta, debido a la necesidad de descubrir todos estos nuevos personajes pero todavía lo disfrute.

Como siempre, el desarrollo de los personajes en esta serie es fenomenal. Todos los personajes tienen voces tan distintas y sus propias personalidades en las que pod


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