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1. Title:A theory of shopping

Author: Miller, Daniel

FileType: epub

Publisher:Wiley;Polity Press





Jenny Q Review: 3.5 Stars. Great characters, mediocre mystery. Though I really liked Kat and Daniel and the romantic tension between them, I was put out when the murderer was revealed because it turned out the reader never could have figured it out on their own, and that's annoying. Looking forward to book one though.


Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) Review: Another good volume. Series has been cute and pretty good so far.


Melki Review: Since this is Squirrel Appreciation Day . . .

(Yes - it's a REAL THING. Did you think I could make up something as bizarre as that?)

I feel I must object to this author's choice of the noble furry-tailed rodent to play the part of a whiny, petulant brat in her otherwise enjoyable book.

The star of this story is Melvin, a somewhat rotund squirrel who throws massive tantrums whenever things don't go his way.

Over the years, I've come to know many, many squirrels and let me tell you, they are NOT can


Jeffrey Grant Review: This volume is just as enjoyable as the first; a nice mix of action and meaningful character development with some romance built in, and genuine romance not just "action movie relationship" level dalliances.
This volume is a bit more formulaic than the last; the plot developments are easy to anticipate and some of the discussions involve characters agonizing over decisions that you already know the answer to.
Two other things that I didn't mind but might throw some off:
1. The constant first pers


Patrick Brown Review: Spoiler alert: You will get old. You will die. Things will never be like they are right now. And yet, how things are right now will determine how they are in the future. This is so.

The "goon" in the title of this book is time. It opens with a quote from Proust, the poet laureate of memory, about how we cannot recapture the people we were in past the places where we were those people, but rather that those people exist within us, always. And that, it seems to me, is more or less the book, in a nu


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