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1. Title:Коммерческая арифметика

Author: Паланджянц Л.Ж.

FileType: pdf





Erika Robuck Review: Rarely is a narrative voice so charming, awkward, and hilarious as it is in THE MADWOMAN UPSTAIRS. I laughed out loud through the entire book. Samantha Whipple–Brontë descendant, Oxford student, grieving daughter–is delightfully inept in every possible way. She is all of us at our worst moments, and we root for her and feel for her because of it.

Though it’s hard to imagine, think of this novel as if it were a hilarious and more accessible version of Byatt’s POSSESSION. There is family drama, sch


هاجر الصمد Review:

مقال الكاتبة التونسية رجاء يحياوي عن الرواية

مقال للصجفية مريم ابليل عن الرواية

مقال بعنوان "داعش سردية روائية" للكاتب و الروائي التونسي جمال بوعجاجة
مقال بعنوان " عن حبيبي داعشي" في جريدة الاتحادية نيوز
رآي الكاتبة ياسمين الخطاب في رواية حبيبي داعشي

حوار في جريدة عدن الغد بعنوان "الروائية المصرية هاجر عبد الصمد : سعدتُ بـ(عدن تقرأ) .. وحبيبي داعشي سترى النور قريباً "

مقال في جريدة رأي اليوم بعنوان "
عدن تقرأ رواية “حبيبي داعشي” مع هاجر عبد الصمد"

مقال بعنوان "حبيبي داعشي" في مجلة النمري

رواية #حبيبي_داع


Erwan Review: To authors willing to write science fiction: Please, Pretty please, do consult with scientists when building your plots. Leaving out huge logical mistakes will take out all the fun of reading your books.
Example: 2 tsunami waves colliding do not take out each over. Because waves propagate in all directions at the same time. And so does the energy they carry.
Example: can an atomic detonation create a water vacuum enough to move a glacier shelf 6000 km away? no.


Chad Review: I looked forward to reading this autobiography of the life of a Marine Corps officer and his activist wife. They creatively tell the story of their marriage and his military service with back-and-forth sections and chapters from both of their perspectives. This is highlighted with the inclusion of their correspondence through the segments of time they were separated from each other due to his training and deployments.

The first part of the book is a love story between two starry-eyed lovers. It a


Tammy L Review: Anything for the Billionaire by Alexa Davis
This was a well written story that was an enjoyable read. "I received an advanced copy of this manuscript and am voluntarily leaving an honest review."


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