За страницами учебника математики Арифметика. Алгебра. Геометрия Книга. для учащихся 10—11 классов.pdf


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1. Title:За страницами учебника математики Арифметика. Алгебра. Геометрия Книга. для учащихся 10—11 классов.

Author: Н. Я. Виленкин, Л. П. Шибасов, 3.Ф. Шибасова

FileType: djvu





Arielle Walker Review: I really should have liked this more, I just... didn't.

"Liked" is the wrong word - these poems should have captured me, bewildered me in all the right ways, dazed me with clever wordplay and broken my heart in all the heartbreaking rawness of it all.

They didn't.

Instead (and this is awful), I kept imagining this:

(Which is when Gayle read her poems on Bob's Burgers and it made a mockery of bad poetry readings)

And this, Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals isn't even bad poetry, exactly, it just..


Emily May Review:
Did her insides match her outsides? Was the way my life dripped off me like water, barely leaving a mark, normal?

Okay, so this was not a book for me. I really wish I hadn’t received an arc of The Hazel Wood and had instead waited for more reviews to roll in first.

The blurb makes it sound exactly like the kind of dark fairy tale goodness I love, but if someone had - more accurately - explained that this is a book about a girl called Alice who gets sent to Wonderland the Hinterland where she me


Laura Review: 4.5 stars. A librarian who met her recently told me that Laurie R. King is a "true intellectual," and after reading this third book in the Mary Russell series, I have to agree. Her books read like classics. They are books to savor and to thoroughly enjoy. I truly enjoyed this installment, and will definitely be continuing with the series. It didn't earn a five from me because it lacks the emotional power of my recent fives. However, it's extremely well-written, intelligent, and I love Russell an


F.T. Bradley Review: Treasure Hunters is a book written for kids, not adults--and that is something James Patterson is known for. The premise is a bit of a stretch, but only for us adults. I can see kids, especially those into all things pirate and treasure hunting, loving this book. The pacing is brisk, the writing tight, and there's plenty of character voice to make the story come to life.

A great book for your very reluctant middle-grade readers: it's fun, has illustrations, lots of dialogue--the pages turn quick


BookPlugJai Review: 5


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