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1. Title:A Guidebook for Integrated Ecological Assessments

Author: Mark E. Jensen, Patrick S. Bourgeron (auth.), Mark E. Jensen, Patrick S. Bourgeron (eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag New York




Sammy C Review: I wish I had actually cooked anything from this! As it is, I almost drooled on the book. everything looked so delicious!


Emma Review: This was a nice surprise. Having watched (and mostly enjoyed) the entire series, I was afraid this book would be a bit boring because it'd be old news to me, but no, it's cleverly done and clearly aimed at fans of the show. Which means, you're in familiar territory but you get to hear new anecdotes about your beloved characters. Also, kudos to whoever actually wrote this, I really heard everything in Kathryn Kennish's voice!


Ayşenur Mutluel Review: "Adil Ceza'nın diyeceği gibi, adını koyamadığımız her şeyin fakiri olduğumuz o kadar doğru ki."

Kitap ne 1 puanı ne 5 tam puanı hak ediyor. Bende tam ikisinin ortası 3 puan veriyorum. Okumaya başladığımdan beri kafam da ya ben bu kitaba 3 puan veririm deyip durdum. NEDEN? Çünkü kitap garipliklerle dolu. Bunu hem iyi anlamda hem kötü anlamda söylüyorum. Hayatımda bu kadar hem “evlatlarının arasında en zeki olan benimdir” diye böbürlenip hem de daha olduğu kişiyi bilmeyen bir karakter okumadım. Y


Bill Review: A Letter of Mary is the 3rd book in the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes mystery series by Laurie R. King. I have to say that I continue to have mixed feelings about the series. The concept in itself, Russell who started off being mentored by Holmes is now his wife and works cases with him. Holmes, himself, is basically retired from detective work and they live on a piec of land in Sussex where Holmes raises bees and Russell works on a degree at Oxford while also spending time with her husband.


Book Loving Fairy-Blog Review: I had the pleasure of reading Delicate Scars in an ARC in exchanged for a honest review.

I am giving this book 4 stars because the way the writer was able to keep you so enthralled in these two characters.

The way this author not only brought these two together, but how the same thing that brought them together could be the object that tears them apart. This was my first time reading a book by Alta Hensley, and it will not be my last book that I read of hers. What I loved most about this story w


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