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1. Title:1832-1844

Author: Karen Lynn Davidson (ed.), David J. Whittaker (ed.), Mark Ashurst-McGee (ed.), Richard L. Jensen (ed.)

FileType: epub

Publisher:The Church Historian’s Press




SL Walker Review: Great range of recipes, recommend the belly pork. My only disappointment is that my Mother 'borrowed' it and got it filthy, so she's buying me a new one. I am glad there are no popcorn recipes too.


Adrienne Review: The Grand Complication by Allen Kurzweil was a mixed bag. Alexander Short is a librarian working at a large public library in New York City. One day, while working at the reference desk, he is approached by a man who wants “to steal a moment of his time” and requests a book about secret compartments in old furniture, a topic Alexander is furiously interested in. The two, Short and the patron, Henry Jesson, embark on a quest to find a lost watch to complete Jesson’s collection. The journey is int


Linda Caward Review: First book I've read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The theme of finding yourself after divorcing a cheating husband could be trite, but this book is not...the plot and characters are original and well-developed. I especially appreciated the inter-generational mix and the family emphasis. There are several interesting plot twists which keep your interest throughout the book. Will definitely add this author to my list to read again!


Pouting Always Review: Liat is an Israeli translator who is spending a few months in New York to finish up her master's degree. While waiting to meet a friend at a cafe she meets Hilmi, her friend's Arabic teacher, who her friend sent because he couldn't come. Hilmi is a Palestinian painter and Liat knows it will be complicated but can't help but feel drawn to him. The two begin an affair, one they know is only temporary, but they have trouble reconcile their feelings for one another with their situation. Though their


Nguyễn Đạt Review: “Cư trần lạc đạo thả tuỳ duyên”
Vì là note cho bản thân nên bạn nào tìm review thì không nên đọc :D
Với cụ Khánh, mình chỉ biết miêu tả bằng cụm từ “khâm phục”.
Với “Đội gạo lên chùa” , một bản thơ ca đầy tính nhân văn, lịch sử, văn hoá, và cả triết học được gói gém một cách không hơn không kém.
Với cá nhân, những cuốn sách của Cụ Khánh đến với mình thật đúng thời điểm. Có lẽ những gì con ngta cần nhất, sẽ đến vào đúng lúc nhất?
Tiêng chuông, làng sọ, chú tiểu/anh bộ đội An, anh Xuân, chị Nguyệt


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