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New Fictions

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1. 1832-1844 Karen Lynn Davidson (ed.), David J. Whittaker (ed.), Mark Ashurst-McGee (ed.), Richard L. Jensen (ed.) epub The Church Historian’s Press 7140027 English 2012 The Joseph Smith Papers: Histories, vol. 1 [Download]


Betsy Review: Sometimes its easy to forget in the midst of all those picture books about farting dogs, night kitchens, and giant dance parties that initially literature for children had a primary purpose: To instruct. Specifically, to instill in young people a clear-cut sense of right and wrong. Learning to read was all well and good, but what’s the point if you can’t impart some wisdom of the elders along the way? And before you start feeling so superior in your 21st century fancypants, I would remind you th


Erin Review: I ended up liking What Happened more than I thought I would. I thought it would be boring because quite frankly I find Hillary Clinton to be boring. I wasn't though, it was surprisingly entertaining and made me like her a little more. She spends way more time talking about her family, friends, and upbringing, than about the most shocking and upsetting political loss in history. I personally think Hillary Clinton is leading a far more full life than had she been elected. The American people are w


Zoe Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I think I'm done with this series for good. Hannah is the most condescending and unlikeable heroine I can think of.

To start off, the murder was so formulaic and the murderer was obvious from before the book even started. Hannah's mother is dating a man who Hannah has a bad feeling about. As soon as I read that I knew it wouldn't be long before he either committed murder or was murdered himself.

Also, Hannah is just too unlikeable of a character for me to care about what happens to her. In this


Jeffrey Keeten Review:
”The Marble Tombs that rise on high,
Whose Dead in vaulted Arches lye,
Whose Pillars swell with sculptur’d Stones,
Arms, Angels, Epitaphs and Bones,
These (all the poor Remains of States)
Adorn the Rich, or praise the Great;
Who while on Earth in Fame they live,
Are senseless of the Fame they give.”

Thomas Parnell,
A Night-Piece on Death (1721)

Alan Bradley must spend a good deal of time combing the dusty poetic tombs of libraries to find the archaic titles for this book series. Whenever a new Flavia bo


Renée Review: Another solid story from Hassell (was there any doubt?).

The man can write.

His dialogue is so authentic, and not just the slang, which is heavy-handed here, but his overall dialogue. I feel like I would love to have a conversation with any and all of his characters. His writing, as always, is evocative, realistic, and anything but trite/clichéd.

Adrian Bravo and Simeon Boudreaux are rival players who were once friends. After spending a short amount of time together on the same team, they had the


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