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1. Title:Introduction to calculus and analysis. Vol.2

Author: Courant R., John F.

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Ting Tong Review: Packed full of quick meditations, yoga poses and breathing techniques that help you become more mindful. Sometimes we neglect to stretch our bodies and carry around with us emotional tension and the body scanning techniques and yoga poses really helped to release this. A couple I particularly liked were mindful walking and mindful eating. This book in essence helps you to slow down and reflect on how you are at that moment in time. It also allows you to consider the present moment and how to act


Elyse Review: Ravensbruck was Hitler's only major concentration camp exclusively for women.
The story is centered around three women....each from 3 different countries: Poland, Germany, and, America. ---( before- during - and after World War II) ---all based on the lives of real women in history. There are actually several plots ... not sure any of them are minor. The storytelling is disturbing, gripping and written veraciously.

Caroline Ferriday's was a wealthy American woman who made it her life's work to he


Fee Review: If you complain about today, you should read about then. You were considered a bitch if you ate with a fork, just for starters. Men might prefer to live back then cause they inherited a whip from their father in-law to whip their spouses when they got out of line. The only person I know today that practices this form of discipline is Snoop Dogg (You gots to control your ho!). Peter was great for many reasons. The russians in this day were like the geico cavemen of their time. Peter was the first


Christopher Anderson Review: This book just didn't keep my interest. The author made some good points, and there was a good amount that translated to things we are doing in my organization. But it was very dry and didn't motivate the way I was hoping.


Pouting Always Review: I haven't read My Name is Lucy Barton but after finishing this I totally want to, also maybe if I would have read it before hand I'd have given this five stars. I really enjoyed the writing style, I actually felt the difference between chapters when the point of view shifted to that of another character which is amazing in my opinion because everyone has a certain writing style and because of that a lot of the characters end up being written similar enough that you don't really feel the shift as


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