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1. Title:The Oxidation of Hydrocarbons in the Liquid Phase

Author: N. M. Emanuel (Eds.)

FileType: pdf





Elizabeth Review: You have to read this book. Not just because it conveys an important message about the sustainability and environmental impact of our foodways. Not just because its "Year in Provence"-style charm makes Appalachia sound as alluring as the French or Italian countryside (no euros required). But mostly because this is beautiful, tightly-strung writing about food and what it means to nourish ourselves. If you've read a certain amount of writing on food you know, sweet and delicious though it may be,


Shelly Blevins-Middleton Review: Say what you need to say

An Uphill Battle is the second book in the Southern Roots series by LK Farlow. This is good ol'boy farmer Drake and sassy southern roots Azalea. These two obviously maddley in love take you on a rollercoaster of what not to do when your in love. Through a series of misunderstanding will these two be able to find their way to each other? No spoilers from me. Loved this book. It had me tearing up at the waiting room of the doctors office, which caused curious looks my way.


j Review: I was going to post a really cool review of this, post-dated from the year 202X, but I couldn't get Goodreads to display my PowerPoint presentation correctly*.

*This is a lie. I did not write a PowerPoint book review because I:
am lazy/am not that clever/don't have PowerPoint. Or is it all three*?

*It is all three.

I loved this book, which is funny because it's basically short stories, and I usually don't have the patience for short stories. But these did me the favor of interlocking nicely in a way


McKenna Quinn Review: This is such a wholesome and cute story! I enjoyed every word of this book, the characters were endearing and very likable/relatable. I would love to see more content in another volume of this story! I would honestly recommend this to anyone its such a cute, fun and easy read!


Sherry Review: Great read

As I said before love erotica each story had me feeling some type of way left you wet and wanting more


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