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1. Title:Narratives of the Religious Self in Early-Modern Scotland

Author: David George Mullan

FileType: pdf






Brina (5171MilesBooks) Review: Oh, I can't wait for this!!! <3


Emily May Review:
There are only a small handful of books that have affected me in a REALLY personal way. In a way that I always try to put into words and always, ultimately, fail. I have read a lot of books over the years and I've liked many, disliked plenty too, loved and hated a smaller amount... but out of the thousands I've read, there's less than ten - maybe even less than five, now I think about it - that honestly hit me so hard that I would go so far as to say they changed me.

The Handmaid's Tale is a book


Karen❄️ Review: "In the end all the rivers flow into the same sea"

This beautiful story of an Israeli women and Palestinian man, meet in New York and fall in love. There is a time limit on this love affair because the woman is going back to Israel the following May, and due to the fact that she is worried about her family finding out she is in a relationship with an Arab.
I just fell in love with this man named Himli. He gave her his entire self.

I was very invested in these characters and throughout the book I w


Gisela Hafezparast Review: Probably more of a 3.5, but a great story to a new series. The story is based in Gotland, which is a part of Sweden which I had no knowledge of before and which you start to get to know through the events of the story. Good characterisation with characters which can be of further interest for future books. For once, a happily married detective and his co-workers also seem pretty balanced for now. The story and the background to the murders was well explained and although I guessed who the murder


John Review: Ouch! Moved to Singapore from the USA 30 years ago, met a Singapore Girl and drank the Kool Aid. Singapore is somewhere between Nirvana and Utopia, civil society, great education system and FOOD to die for. Sadly, this roman a clef hits close to home and raises the curtain on the behavior of ultra rich Ferrari driving jet setters. But it's hilariously funny and contains a wealth of Hokkien swear words to enrich your vocabulary. When I asked the tai tai for translations I almost got my face slapp


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