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1. Title:A Course in Phonetics

Author: Peter Ladefoged

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Thomson Wadsworth




Chris Review: Nice little return to the world of Night Angel. I will say that though it's a prequel to the main series, one should avoid reading it first. It goes into background information that would spoil key parts to the books.

That said, it would also be confusing to a Weeks novice. The terms, history, relics, and organizations in the story are not explained here, as they are so well in the series. In fact, it has been awhile since I read the books, so I felt a little lost with some of it. Most of it came


Brenda Review: As a long time Reacher Creature, I went into this book blind. My only expectation was that Reacher would get himself into a situation, and he did. This is a good one. Very enjoyable.


Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ Review: 4-4.5 cute stars

I had so much fun while I was reading it.It was sweet,cute, lighthearting and sexy.The book keep my interest throughout and I was intrigued with the concept of a fake marriage contract.

Roomies has it all, steamy moments,lovable characters,and an intense and full of emotions romance.Calvin is a swoon worthy hero,I adored him and I fell for him hard.Holland is funny and cute.I could easily relate with her.They try to deny the connection both are feeling but this can't be for long.


Brian Review: I can't make any more excuses to myself of why I haven't written a review of this book until now. It's because I'm really fucking pissed at Renata Adler.

Speedboat and Pitch Dark are two of the best works of fiction I've read in the past five years. I'm certain that Adler's collected essays are amazing. And yes, one day I'll read them. But right now I want to stew in my selfish indignation that she hasn't written another book of fiction in thirty years! It's just too frustrating to me. I want mor


Jilly Review: It's time for me to say what everyone else who read this is thinking: What the hell, Anne Bishop? Four books and not even a kiss? You're a sadistic woman!

I mean, come on! I'm all for the slow-build of a romance, but this is going too far! We need to start a petition or something!

Oh, but Meg's so innocent and Simon's a wolf. I don't care! They are totally in love - get to it!

The other problem I had with this book was that there were too many POVs. I want more of what's going on in the Courtyard a


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