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1. Title:Fundamentals of Maxwell's Kinetic Theory of a Simple Monatomic Gas: Treated as a Branch of Rational Mechanics

Author: C. Truesdell and R.G. Muncaster (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Academic Press, Elsevier





Khanh (the meanie) Review: This book is a saccharine sweet fairy tale version of a very real mental illness, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), as well as the very serious issue of bullying, without true emotional depth. It's the equivalent of ordering a black coffee at Starbucks, taking a sip, only to find out that you've been given a caramel mocha instead. It is unrealistic, it is a Disney-fied version of real life, complete with a happy ending.

Real life doesn't work that way. Mental illnesses don't work that way. I k


Mysza Review:
"What if we only had tonight?"

This is part one of a 4 part serial, it is a bit on YA side but with some steam included, nice friends to lovers story and well written. I liked it a lot, must say, definitely a good start.

The story is about Emma and Grayson. Emma is a school nerd, she has been in love with her brother's best friend since forever, but never brave enough to act on it. Grayson is Emma's brother said best friend, he is a popular football star, most wanted and desired guy at school.


Emily May Review: This is one of the cutest feel-good teen romances I have ever read. It has a bit of everything that you want... humour, a likeable protagonist and a completely swoon-worthy guy called Etienne St. Clair. You could fall in love with the name alone, even without the fact that he's sweet, kind, honest and nothing at all like any of the English boys I grew up with. It's a very cute book, a very nice book, neither is a bad thing but if I start mentioning words like 'cute' and 'nice' in a review you ca


Quinn Rollins Review: I've read many similar books, and I sometimes shy away from something so specific (targeting a narrow group of people instead of broader), but this is too outstanding to let pass by. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History is a collection of 40 one-page biographies of amazing African American women. Author/artist Vashti Harrison pulls from every walk of life--literature, politics, pop culture, athletics, science--to give children a chance to see a hero they can relate to. I was most exited t


Kassidy Review: A very beautiful and touching story.


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