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1. Title:Differential and Integral Calculus [Vol 2]

Author: R. Courant

FileType: pdf






Rosie Review: A few good things to think about but I found a few things off-putting 1) analyzing and explaining her own poetry 2) lots of explaining why she doesn't have kids, just not sure how this relates and seemed defensive 3) I don't begrudge her not having children, but it's hard to feel that someone who doesn't cook (yes she bakes bread), only does laundry for 2, and is a freelance writer is much of an "authority" on domestic drudgery. Only people like she and Barbara Brown Taylor (another with no kids


Sassyreads Review: I fell in love with Colin when i read the Everett Gaming series, and will admit i still claim colin wholeheartedly! With that being said, OH ANTHONY!

I have loved the journey Drew has taken us on to help us understand Anthony on a deeper level and to fall in love with him even more! I won't lie tho, this is a GUTWRENCHING story! (but also where the famous "wink" really comes into play)

When we experience atrocities against us, it leaves it's mark. The horrors can form who we are and who we think


Jessica Higgins Review: A terrific ending to a fantastic trilogy!

Twenty years has passed and we find that time has once again continued to move on. King Juba and Cleopatra Selene have reigned in peace without interference from Augustus Caesar or Tiberius. The ark of the covenant has been safely place in Petra in an abandoned tomb, continually watched over by Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, who are also raising Miriam, the daughter of Caesarian and Hannah, who gave their lives protecting the ark. But evil still lurks by


Sima Reader Review: A very explanatory book which introduces the readers to the basics of the zodiac and understanding the personality of a person from a particular sun sign. It takes you on an astrological excursion which will be interesting as well as enlightening for the readers. A must read book by all means for those who are interested in astrology and a world beyond this world...


julieta Review: La narración siempre me ha parecido un misterio. Cómo empieza? Cuál es el camino entre un, quiero hacer un libro, a un encontrar la línea, el por qué de los personajes, darle vida a cada uno, y los muchos etcéteras que no se me ocurren ahora. En el caso de Herbert el punto de partida es tremendo. Su mamá fue prostituta y se entera de que tiene leucemia.
Dos elementos que muchos no resistirían y seguramente en ficción sería un lugar para empezar y hacer el intento se lanzarse a las alturas narrati


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