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1. Title:Contributions to Algebra. A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Ellis Kolchin

Author: Hyman Bass, Phyllis J. Cassidy, Jerald Kovacic

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Elsevier Inc, Academic Press




Sophie Review: This book called out to me.

I was doing my rounds at our store (I wish I was kidding), and there it was. Obviously I had seen it before, but suddenly I thought, I think I want to read this, and read the prologue. I was 99% sure at that point, and then a customer asked me about ten minutes later whether I had read it, and that sealed the deal.

So now I've read it, and it was really, really good. I'm not that into thrillers, in general, and this had the same weakness all thrillers have for me, whi


Sue Review: I'm a huge fan of Fixer Upper, so I was looking forward to reading Chip and Jo's memoir more than I care to admit. Unfortunately, I found it neither uplifting nor inspiring - nor even particularly interesting. And sadly, it tarnished for me their Fixer Upper image as a couple - not sure I'm going to enjoy watching the show nearly as much as I used to.

It's not that the book reveals heinous deep-dark secrets from their past; quite frankly, the book is largely a fluff piece, barely touching upon so


Himanshu Review: Fast pacing but if u are a keen observer you will surely guestimate who can be the culprit. Goes at length on the ebiz terminology and their inner working but many of these has no direct impact on the story. Become so boring in between that u ate not even bothered about what will happen next.
A d no crime branch in indian police knows this much about insider trading and what not. This is work of ed wig of cbi so even that is falsely narrated and shown. Will recommend the boom as a refresher cours


Daniel Clausen Review: This book is about the Battle of Thermopylae in ancient Greece, where 300 Spartans fought to the death. The main character of the book is a slave who is captured by the Spartans. Even though he is a slave of the Spartans, he begins to admire their bravery and courage.

During the course of the book, we see the slave’s hometown get destroyed, we find out how he becomes a slave, and why he admires the Spartans’ courage. We also see the slave become a warrior who fights next to the Spartans. This wa


Lou Review:
A girl who’s traveled the land, her mind filled with people, sights and words, with sins and redemption. She’s only 15 and has killed many the rule is kill or be killed. A desolate land of death and zombies, she did not choose this destiny. Amongst the contagious spreading of zombies, she hides from many in the shadows and is well equipped to fight twice her size equipped with her Gurkha knife. This story is written well, a story so bleak about death and survival and love has some beautifully w


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