Интеллектуальные системы на основе нечеткой логики и мягких арифметических операций.pdf


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1. Title:Интеллектуальные системы на основе нечеткой логики и мягких арифметических операций

Author: Емельянов С.Г., Титов B.C., Бобырь М.В.

FileType: djvu





Amber Review: I couldn't finish this book. The goat scene... Not cool.


Renée Review: Another solid story from Hassell (was there any doubt?).

The man can write.

His dialogue is so authentic, and not just the slang, which is heavy-handed here, but his overall dialogue. I feel like I would love to have a conversation with any and all of his characters. His writing, as always, is evocative, realistic, and anything but trite/clichéd.

Adrian Bravo and Simeon Boudreaux are rival players who were once friends. After spending a short amount of time together on the same team, they had the


Lisa Review: I really enjoyed this little book about cows...there is also a bit about sheep, hens and pigs.
Living in the Countryside as I do I really appreciate this insight into the behaviour of farm animals. Cows usually freak me out just staring and following me when our paths cross but now I realise there is meaning behind those stares! I might have to go about with an apple in my pocket on future walks! On a more serious note, this is how farming should be and I fully endorse this farm and will continue


Kron Review: Alas, after loving the first of this series, I was let down by this story. It progressed slowly and jumped around. The plot didn't start coming together until halfway through the book which made the first half a slog. I enjoyed the end. It had me on the edge of my seat and I remembered what I liked about Kerner's writing. Unfortunately, the slow beginning turned off my attention.

I would have liked more Lanen. Way more.

For some of the character's, their point of view became a retelling of scene


Deborah Review: Dear Ms. Wilson,

This five star rating is becoming a theme with you and I, and your books. I can't seem to not love them. They are each amazing, I can't put them down, they make my butterflies race in my tummy, I laugh, cry and happy sigh... a lot! Here is my issue Ms. Wilson, I NEED you to write faster. I'm not trying to be selfish or interfere in your life. But if you continue down the road of hitting home run after home run in your writing then I, like any good coach will be expecting them mo


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