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1. Title:Курс арифметики. 1 : Арифметика целых чисел

Author: Шапошников Н.А.

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Nebuchadnezzar Review: What is "intelligence"? How does reasoning go wrong? Why do smart people do the dumbest things? How did Dubya get such a high IQ?

Keith Stanovich has the answers in what is the most satisfying work of IQ revisionism I've read. While I agree with many of the criticisms of the psychometric construct of general intelligence (or "g") made by critics such as Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg, I always found their alternative models of multiple intelligences to be too reliant on loose semantics and c


Diane Barnes Review: 1 star for combining books and drinks
1 star for witty drink names
1 star for VERY inventive puns and allusions
1 final star for making me laugh out loud on every page


Derian Review: La biografía de Crowley que se adjunta a este libro es tanto o más larga que el propio "El libro de la Ley", un manifiesto lisérgico que el mismo autor asegura fue dictado por el Diablo. Hay en cada uno de estos puntos prescriptivos de tono profético una potente poesía involuntaria que escapa incluso a las intenciones del autor.


Katie Review: 4.5 stars.
As was the case in The Goldfinch, an enigmatic 17th century Dutch painting is the focus of everything that happens in this novel. In three alternating narratives Smith provides us with a life of the painter, Sara de Vos, a life of its long-time owner, Marty de Groot and a life of the young woman who is called upon to forge it, Ellie Shipley. When the painting is stolen and replaced by a forgery Marty will forge a new identity in order to track down the people responsible for its theft


Bookish Follies Review: Quand j'ai vu ce livre j'ai su tout de suite que c'était lui et pas un autre. Je me le suis achetée directement et deux jours après j'entamais ma lecture. J'étais tellement impatiente de pouvoir enfin découvrir ce livre que je commençais à voir fleurir un peu partout.

Dans cette histoire nous suivons le chemin de deux personnes. Kyle et Coryn. Tout commence quand Kyle à cinq ans, il retrouve sa mère morte dans son lit suite aux coups violents reçu par son mari. Kyle va alors être recueilli par sa


механика физика кратко  Проектирование станочных приспособлений методические указания к выполнению курсовой работы по дисциплине «Технологическая оснастка» для студ. спец. 151001.65, 150206.65 и направ. 150900.(62,68) подготовки бакалавров и магистров , кафедра «Технология машиностроения»  задачи по топологии с решениями  indian national physics olympiad book  Ordem e Progresso  lung cancer causes  Теория автоматического управления. Часть 1  Методические указания к занятиям по курсу \"Судебная медицина\".  jmeter example step by step  oecd principles of corporate governance 2015  
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