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1. Title:Fulfillment im Electronic Commerce: Gestaltungsansätze, Determinanten, Wirkungen

Author: Martin-Matthias Köcher (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Deutscher Universitätsverlag





Michael Review: So so so so so so great.


Christine Review: The book I read from this collection was Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood. It was a nice return to tje world of Aerthe that I'm already familiar with. Blue is running for her life but is unlucky and ends up in the hands of bad men but luckily she's saved by a man who doesn't want to hurt her but instead sell her. They set off together and feelings slowly start to grow between them. Can Blue trust someone from this dangerous new world?


Ariel Review: My first read of the year and it isn't what I was hoping for 3 I decided to jump on this because of my crazy love for Jon Ronson's newest book, So You've Been Publicly Shamed, but I realize now that I underestimated just how much the subject matter of that book contributed to my enjoyment of it. The Psychopath Test has Ronson's humour, similar style, empathetic point of view, and personal life injected into the story, but this research felt meandering. I thought it'd be clearer, earlier in the n


Lizzie Hayes Review: ‘Chord of Evil’ by Sarah Rayne
Published by Severn House, 31 August 2017. ISBN: 978-0727887412 (HB)

We first met Phineas Fox, a professional music researcher, in 'Death Notes'. At that time, he had just moved into a new apartment that had rather stretched him financially, and become aware of his upstairs neighbour Toby who had a penchant for noisy parties, although he seemed a pleasant enough guy, who sensibly always invited Phineas to his parties, thus establishing a reasonable relationship. It w


Anuradha Review: When Anuradha Herur woke up this morning, at the crack of dawn, she was in no way prepared for the absolute dismay she would have to face during the day. As she pulled her long, black hair into a bun, she contemplated the decision she had made the previous night. She had decided, bravely, to read Dan Brown's new treatise on the amalgamation of history and technology, religion and science. As she thumbed through the massive tome, she was, despite her initial trepidation, caught unawares of how cr


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