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1. Title:Нестор Махно, анархист и вождь в воспоминаниях и документах

Author: Андреев А.

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Jack +The Page Runner+ Review: A new Fantasy series that is being compared to the venerated, though highly divisive, Wheel Of Time series? What what! Sign me up please! I actually hadn't even heard about The Shadow Of What Was Lost until I saw it popping up on various feeds and getting pretty decent reviews here on Goodreads, and since my local book club was due for a Fantasy read, I made sure that this was the one we selected. We normally have a 2 week read cycle, but because this was over 700 pages, we decided to give ourse


Desi Cahya Review: Saya kasi bintang tiga, tapi bukan berarti novel ini tidak menarik untuk dibaca. Cuma karena sebenarnya cerita tentang Diandra ini sangat biasa, dan sangat mengingatkan saya dengan film The Devil Wears Prada.
Tentang perjalanan Diandra yang sering berpindah pekerjaan dan akhirnya dia sampai pada titik dimana dia harus benar-benar berpikir tentang apa yang telah dilakukan, termasuk tentang perjalanan cintanya.
Bagian favorit saya, adalah ketika Diandra mengatakan rela diapakan saja demi menebus ke


Phong Nhược Review: 7 năm bóng tối
Tác giả: Jeong You Jeong
Tôi là một con bé giỏi tưởng tượng. Khi đọc hay nghe, bối cảnh mà tôi tưởng tượng ra có liên quan mật thiết đến cảm xúc của tôi lúc đó. Bảy năm bóng tối đem đến cho tôi một màu xám xịt. Màu xám của sự tiêu điều và bất lực, đại diện cho tâm trạng tồi tệ cùng cực của con người. Giống như màu của trời đất khi nhá nhem tối ấy. Tôi rất ghét khoảng thời gian trời nhá nhem, vì lúc đó không khí cứ kiểu cô đặc lại, rất tù túng. Tôi thì lại ghét sự tù túng.


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karen Review: book two of "october is zombie month" was so much better than book one. sooo much better.

i was intrigued by this book, until i read mike reynolds' devastatingly negative review of it, and it got shunted to the mental back burner. but eventually i remembered that i am not as smart as mike reynolds, and i am content with playing with little glass paperweights refracting in the sunlight while giggling, so i read it. and i loved it.

(see, pretty!)

but it's good - i lovingly thumb my nose at the nega


Mti Librarian Review: This book takes a fascinating look at the daily life of Louis XIV, King of France. He apparently really liked ceremonies, pomp and circumstance.

Contains gems such as:
"The Royal Chair-Carriers were honored to empty the royal chamber pot."
"Although it didn't show, doctors would discover, after his death, that Louis's stomach was twice the size of an ordinary one."

Emily's Reading Challenge: Queen


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