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1. Title:Ударная армия

Author: Варфоломеев Н.Е.

FileType: pdf






Lisa Staples Review: Don't let the blurb for this book fool you, this is not a sordid taboo story of forbidden love, it is in fact a richly crafted, beautiful love story that will tear your heart out and leave you hanging and impatient for the next installment.

Max Henry has the ability with her writing to put you right in the room with her characters, you hear their voices, see their expressions and feel their pain, at least that is the case for me, and with Desire she secures them in your heart as well.
She truly i


Beth Review: Black Dahlia Red Rose is a book that takes it's place beside many books on this crime that captured America's attention. An unsolved mystery of a Hollywood starlet, this book seeks to solve this decades old crime.

Using recently released FBI files as well as interviews never before heard of, this book makes a credible argument for solving the mystery. As to whether it is true or not - it is hard to say. This book does a good job of capturing the way the Dahlia was demonized in the press for being


Teresa Review: This book is titled as being about Anne Bronte but for anyone who's a fan of the Brontes know that this book is about all of them. That includes their father, aunt, housekeeper, friends and even their dogs. It's happy, sad, full of hope, full of despair and mostly gloom and drear. They'res was not a happy lot.
I learned a lot more about them from this book even though I have read a biography before. It's clear the author loves her subject. The biography I read earlier was very hard going and some


David Yoon Review: It’s hard to rate this confection of a book. It’s thoughtful and warm hearted, exploring issues around love, meaning, art, aspiration and nothingness - perfectly suited for our internet attention spans. It feels like a collection of web comics. Each page is crudely drawn as if with a thick Sharpie and typed by a fat fingered child. I liked it as a physical artifact. It’s a hefty hardback that binds cotton candy content.

PS. Loved the nod to the Giving Tree.


julio Review: this book is a unicorn.

kinky, without resorting to brainlessly lazy stereotypes so typical in an MM pond beslimed with the brackish green muck residual to the gleefully heedless objectification of gay men.

miraculous, really.

funny, and lovely, and sexy—without putting anyone down or depending on shitty caricatures.

a love story, then—like MM should be, maybe—about two nice guys who fall in love, experiment a bit, and learn how to take care of one another.

thoughtful, good-hearted—and technically ac


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