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1. Title:Системы счисления и арифметика ЭВМ: учебное пособие

Author: Бурдинский И.Н.

FileType: pdf





elissa Review: I LOVE THIS BOOK! I've said to a few people that if I wasn't married, I'd have to marry this book. :) I read the 400 page ARC in a less-than-24-hour time period (so quickly that it was never even on my "currently reading" shelf), which I've only done before with HP books, and I've just officially put the first book on my 2008 favorites shelf. I feel pretty safe in saying that if this isn't still my favorite book of the year when next January rolls around, that I'll eat a hat. As soon as I finish


Teresa Review: Entertaining prequel novella in the Kathleen Turner series, before she even appears in scene. The two brothers having a funny, very disastrous weekend in Vegas, with a drunken wedding to a stranger, arms, the mob and all kinds of bad-ass mayhem in The Hangover style. Ah, and being banned from the MGM casino for life!


Kai Review: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”

There are so many chapters and characters and details that make this book special. Here are some of my favourites:
1. S.P.E.W.
2. Hermione in every scene ever
3. The house elves and the kitchen scenes (I'm honestly so in love with the kitchens. Every time they tickle the pear in the portrait I get all excited)
4. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons
5. The Yule Ball and the fact that Harry thinks Hermione i


Sara B. Review: Quite of few poems really resonated. Beautiful.


Lata Review: Really liked this, except for some of the stuff that happened close to the end, which felt a little melodramatic. Also, I know this story is fiction/historical fiction, but it has a fantastical element, Fox, the fox spirit, so I'm thinking that this is borderline fantasy, too.
There's some really painful stuff in this story; Jialing, a mixed race girl is taken in by the Yang family after her mother disappears. Jialing has the companionship and protection of Fox, so her nights are occasionally liv


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