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1. Title:Atomic Force Microscopy in Process Engineering. Introduction to AFM for Improved Processes and Products

Author: W. Richard Bowen and Nidal Hilal (Auth.)

FileType: pdf






Pop Review: just a great series. I'm half way through and am going to be sad probably when I finish the series.


Rod Review: I devoured this book fast - so exciting.

This is the best account that i've come across of a former Muslim very slowly/carefully/stubbornly becoming a Christian. He raised all the same arguments that i've seen presented by Muslims on chat groups and in video's. And he deals with all the truthful answers Christians clearly show.

I was so looking forward to what finally pushed him over the edge and allowed him to leave Islam. But the driving issue was eventually Muhammad and the Quran itself. The ch


William Review: When Reynolds opens his heart, his mind obeys and he produces lovely mini-masterpieces: Enola (here), Turquoise Days, Zima Blue (here) and Weather. Surely his finest works.

Mostly solid collection of stories here, with some true gems.

*** The Real Story
Good solid sci-fi. Familiar but nicely constructed. A good twist or two.

**** Beyond the Aquila Rift
Lovely story with a somewhat predictable but beautifully-realised plot.

***** Enola *****
Exquisite, poignant, wonderful. When Reynolds opens his heart,


Ezela Salazar Review: The God Mind Principles was an intriguing book, and while the teachings venture into the religious realm, the book truly belongs more in the self help or affirmation genre. The book flowed very well, and the authors gave clear and concise guidelines for how to complete the book while getting the most out of their teachings. I was pleasantly surprised at the positivity throughout the various messages. I’ll admit it was confusing to be asked to read the book forwards and backwards... perhaps my mi


Foad Review: “همگان، به هوش باشید: هستی، لذت محض است. اندوه تنها سایه ایست؛ می گذرد و نیست می گردد و تنها هستی باقی می ماند.”

ظاهراً در اواخر قرن نوزدهم، انجمن های سری جادوگری خیلی در انگلستان شایع شده بوده. اونجوری که توی فیلم ها و داستان ها نشون میده، عضویت در این انجمن ها فقط مختص اشراف بوده. از توی همین انجمن ها، کلی دین و آیین بیرون اومده، از جمله آیین "تلما" که توسط آلیستر کراولی بنیان گذاشته شد. آلیستر کراولی یکی از برجسته ترین جادوگران قرون جدیده و مخصوصاً نقش مهمی در معرفی آیین های هند (مثل یوگا) به


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