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Author: E.R. Kolchin (Eds.)

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Publisher:Academic Press, Elsevier




Debbie Review: Warning: I love being part of the crowd, and the crowd is mostly all gushy about this book. But seriously, I wish I had walked away from it. I really wanted to like it, I really did.

This was the longest book of my life!!! 610 (Kindle) pages that felt like 1,000. I would be reading along and thinking, oh, I’m a little bored, let’s see how far I’ve gotten….and I’d look down at the bottom of my Kindle page and see that the progress bar hadn’t moved an iota!!! 17 percent, really? I’ve read all that,


reneeNaDaBomb Review: Heaven SentI

I read this book once again before reading The Reunion. Just needed to catch up on the captivating story and everything flowed from there. Now that the main characters are fresh in my mind, it's time for book 2. Great job and good writing skills. This one is a book club addition.


Pamela Mingle Review:
Julie Anne Peters has the truest YA voice I know, and with IT’S OUR PROM (SO DEAL WITH IT) she proves it once again. Told from the point of view of two characters, Azure and Luke, the premise of the story is the planning of an alternative, more inclusive prom. Every problem imaginable, and then some, arises. Reluctant participants. Lack of money. Disapproval of parents and teachers. Disagreement over themes, venues, and activities. A disastrous change in faculty advisors.

But the prom planning i


Mohammed Arabey Review: A ‘Readymade’ Novel..

Creative overall.. but with a very ordinary plot..
Could’ve used the Conspiracy Theories & Mind-blowing twists here in much better -faster- plot.

The Duchamp Code
A young girl became a ‘ready-made’ thief due to her sad, lonely childhood.
Mysterious 1920s-style parties for selective teens..
..some mysteriously disappear after..
...or back with ‘lost’ behavior..
Then our young protagonist “heroine?!” finds herself amidst all that..all by chance..

Discovering that she has been wat


Stephen Review: I liked this book a lot. Due to the uncomfortable nature of the story told, I'll probably never read it again, but I'm glad that I did read it once. I saw it as the story of one not very likeable boy growing up in a soon to be war torn region and his eventual struggle for redemption.

I was quite surprised to see how popular some of the negative reviews of this book were and I'd like to comment on a few of the comments they contained.

One condemnatory critic said "This is the sort of book White A


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